My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group 
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Hi all,
Sorry this chapter has taken so long to get out.  I've been fighting a real bad cold the last couple weeks and have not been able to get back into the story.  Hopefully the next chapter won't take quite as long.

Last Time:

"Have you heard any movement from Lance and Marc?"  Justin asked.

"Only someone taking a long shower." Howie said.

Justin laughed, shaking his head.


"They are not taking a shower."

"What do you mean?"

"Lance and Marc tend to be very vocal when they are making love.  So they do a lot of it in the shower, using the sound of the water to hide their moans."

"You sure?"

Nodding Justin said, "One time they went to bed and the rest of us were watching a movie.  We could hear the shower running.  All of a sudden Lance called out Marc's name and several other things that left little to the imagination."

"They were getting it on in the shower?"

"It seems to be their favorite place."

Howie was grinning as he left Justin's room.  "I'll get changed, thanks for the loan of the clothes."

Howie and Justin were waiting in the living room when they came out of their room.  Howie and Justin were grinning at them, Marc wondered what was up.

"How was your shower?"  a grinning Howie asked with bobbing eyebrows.

Lance and Marc looked at each other as their blush rose.

Chapter 39

"See, I told you," Justin said as he nudged Howie.

"What are we going to do about Big Mouth?" Lance said indicating Justin.

"I'll have to think about that one," Marc said eyeing Justin.

There was a knock at the door.  "Hi, come in," Lance said as he stepped back letting the others in.

Howie rose to greet the newcomers.  Britney went right to Howie and pulled him into a big hug. "Hey kiddo, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing better."

Joey approached with a big grin.  "Welcome to our tour," pulling Howie into a hug.

"Thanks, Joey," Howie said with his face pressed against Joey's chest.

"Don't crush him, Joe," JC said as he rescued Howie from Joey's clutches.  "Sorry about that.  This big lug gets carried away sometimes.  It's good to see you, Howie."

"Thanks," Howie said while casting a fleeting glance at Chris.

Chris approached with eyes downcast.  "Hi," Chris said nervously.

"Hi yourself.  It's been a while."  Howie said with a slight smile.

"Ah, . . . . can we talk?"  Chris asked.

"Sure," Howie answered.  Looking around he said, "How about the balcony?"

"Sure," Chris answered nervously.

The two walked out onto the balcony closing the door behind them.  Howie leaned against the railing while Chris stayed by the door.

Marc was watching the balcony.  Lance leaned in, "What do you think is going on?"

"I'm not sure.  But it must be something big to get Chris out on the balcony," Marc said with concern.

"They were friends once," Lance said.  "Before *Nsync, Chris and Howie were close.  They worked together in several shows around Orlando."

"I didn't know that," Marc said his eyes never leaving the two out on the balcony.

"It was their friendship that brought us to Lou.  The Backstreet Boys had made it big in Europe.  When they returned to the states, Chris and Howie got together to talk over old times and Chris told him about the group he was putting together.  I hadn't even joined at that point.  The sound was still a little rough; they were still trying to find their sound."

"And a call to a voice coach looking for a bass," Marc said with a sheepish smile.  "Hooked the guys up with this very cute guy from Laurel, Mississippi."

With a tilt of his head Lance smiled and said, "Yeah, that's what happened." 

"And the rest is history," Marc said as he saw Howie approach Chris.  Marc tensed as Howie grabbed Chris pulling him into a hug.

Lance saw Marc tense up.  Looking out he saw Howie and Chris in an embrace.  Leaning into Marc, Lance said, "Relax; Howie won't throw Chris off the balcony."

"How did you know?"  Marc said in wonder.

Lance smiled but didn't say anything.  He didn't want to admit he had the same thoughts.

Out on the Balcony:

Howie walked out on the balcony and stopped when he got to the railing.  Chris slid the door shut and leaned against it keeping his eyes on the balcony deck.  Turning and leaning against the rail Howie studied Chris in silence.

"Ah, I owe you an apology," Chris started out.  "My attitude toward you and your group has been out of line.  I'm sorry for the way I've been acting."

"Chris, we were friends at one time," Howie said.  "What went wrong?"

"I think I got caught up in the media hype.  As we started playing bigger venues, I guess we got bigger heads.  We started to believe the hype.  We were just as good as you guys. And we were going to make it as big as you guys have. . . . . . . . .  Then, when you guys broke away from Lou and went with Jive, everything got nasty.  We were reading your interviews, seeing what you guys were saying about us."

"Chris, we never said any of those things," Howie said.  "It was press releases sent out by our new management hitting back at the stuff coming from you guys.  But after reading what you guys were saying we kind of joined in on the attack."

"Howie, we didn't say any of that stuff either.  It was all coming from Lou's office," Chris said looking at Howie for the first time.  "But today, a good friend of mine told me to take my head out of my ass, and see what is really going on."

"Yeah, I have a friend like that also," Howie said with a slight smile.  "It's amazing how he can see through all the shit and make us see the truth."

"And like it or not the only thing going on between our two groups is we need to stop listening to our media people.  They are fighting a battle between our management groups not us.  My friend pointed out that we need each other.  We play off each other and I don't think either band would be where we are today if it wasn't for that play,"Chris said.  "I guess we are lucky to have a friend like Marc,"

"I've just realized how much of a friend Marc is," Howie said.

"Howie, we've known each other for years.  And this last year I've missed our friendship," Chris declared.  "If you can forgive me. . . .  I'd like to be friends."

Howie walked up to Chris, pulling him into a hug.  "I've missed you too, Chris.  And I do want to be friends."

"So am I forgiven?"

"Yeah, you're forgiven," Howie said as he patted Chris on the back. 

Breaking the embrace they turned to go back inside.  They both noticed Marc watching them with a large grin.  Giving them a wink, Marc turned his attention back to Lance.

As Chris and Howie stepped back into the room Joey looked up.  "Is there a problem?" 

Chris looked at Howie shaking his head, "No.  No problem.  Are we ready to get going?"

"We're waiting on one more," Marc said.

"Who?"  JC asked.

Before Marc could answer there was a knock at the door.  Joey being close to the door answered it.  "Steve!"

"Hi bro, ready to go?"

"You coming with us?"  Joey asked.

"Marc invited me." Steve said with a grin.

Clapping his hands together Marc said, "Now we are ready to go."

Waiting for them at the side entrance of the hotel were two black limousines and eight bodyguards. 

"Shit!"  Chris exclaimed seeing the bodyguards.

"What's wrong?"  Marc asked.

"Do we have to take them," Chris said pointing at the security staff.

"No, we don't," Marc said. "But if we don't we must stay at the hotel."

"Why?  We've gone out before without them."

"That was when there were the six of us," Marc pointed out.  "I was able to keep an eye on you without much problem.  But I now have Brit and Howie to think about and we are going to a club that has two levels."

"Yeah, I can see that could be a problem," Chris said. 

"And tonight I'm not going to be your security; I still haven't figured how I managed to get that job, too.  Tonight I want to have a big juicy steak with all the timmings, go out dancing and forget until tomorrow that I work for you guys and just have a good time."

"You mean you are going to let us have red meat?"  Joey asked.

"Yeah, tonight I'm also not your babysitter either.  Tonight you guys can eat what you want, drink what you want.  Except you two," Marc said speaking to Britney and Justin.

"But. . ."  Justin started to protest.

"No buts!  I said no drinking."

"I thought you were taking the night off," Justin said under his breath.

Marc put his arm around Justin's shoulder and leaned in.  "Remember Brit is rooming with her mom.  Would you like to explain to her why she is smelling liquor on her breath and yours?"

"No.  Not really."

"Come on," Marc said.  "I'm hungry for a nice bloody steak."

The group split into two, Lance, Marc, Justin, Britney and Steve took the first limo while the others climbed into the second.

"Thinks for inviting me tonight," Steve said.

"I must admit there is two reasons I invited you along," Marc said.  "One is I wanted to get to know you and the second is I was hoping to find out some juicy tidbits about your brother." 

"Oh, some ammunition."

"Yep, where other would I find the truly embarrassing stories about Joey than from his brother."

The limos took the group to one of Kansas Cities famous barbecue restaurants.  A private room had been set up for the group.  Two long tables were set.  Brit, Howie, Steve, Marc and *Nsync took the table farthest from the door leaving the other table empty. 

Looking over at the bodyguards standing against the wall Marc sighed.  "Gentlemen please.  Take a seat and order your meal."

"We can't.  We're working," Marty said.

"Well, as assistant tour manager I regret to say you all are fired.  Now that you no longer work for us please sit down and enjoy a meal on me."

Lance smiled up at Marc amused at how Marc managed to get eight mountain size men to do what he wanted.

"And gentleman, if you clean your plates like good little boys I may consider rehiring you all."

All eight body guards were shaking their heads while they took seats. 

JC leaned in and asked, "Do you know how much those guys are going to eat?"

"No.  But I think we will find out," Marc said.

"Who's going to pay for this meal?"  Chris asked.

"I thought I'd charge it off to Lou, but figured I'd get fired if I did," Marc said.  "But I have a better idea, I'm just going to write it off as a business expense."

Getting to his feet Marc tapped his spoon to the side of his water glass getting everyone's attention.  "Before we order we have a little business to take care of first.  I would like to call to order the first meeting of the Marc Newman fan club."

Groans came from Chris and Joey.

"Tonight we are here to elect officers.  And, as much as this is my fan club I don't think it would be appropriate for me to be named as an officer.  I'm now opening the floor for nominations for President.  Do I hear any nominations?"

Justin raised his hand, "I nominate Lance for President."

"Do I have a second?"  Marc asked.

Howie raised his hand seconding the nomination.

"We have a second from Howie.  Are there any other nominations?"

Marc looked around the room and saw there were none.  "Since there are no other nominations we will vote by show of hands.  All those in favor of Lance for President signify by raising their right hand."

All hands went up.  "Lance is elected by acclamation," Marc said with a grin. "Now do we have a nomination for Vice President?"

"I nominate Sweet D for V P," Chris said.

"I second that," JC quickly said.

"All in favor raise your hand," Marc said.  All hands went up.  "Sweet D is elected V P.  Now do we have a nomination for secretary?"

"I nominate Brit," Justin said.

"I second that," Ed, one of the bodyguards said quickly.

"All in favor raise your hand."  All hands went up including both of Justin's. 

Marc laughed, "Brit has been elected by an overwarming margin.  And for our final officer, may I have nominations for Sergeant at Arms."

"I nominate Marty, because he has the biggest arms in the room," Joey called out.

"I second that," one of the other guards called out. 

Without asking all hands went up.

"Marty has also been elected Sergeant at Arms," Marc said with a chuckle.  "I would like to congratulate the newly elected officers of the Marc Newman fan club.  As President and CEO of Phoenix Entertainment, I offer an invitation for you all to join them in an congratulatory dinner on me." 

Everyone settled into a good meal, conversation was plentiful.  Marc and Steve got into a discussion about his job and eventually Joey.

JC seemed to have something on his mind all through the meal.  When he excused himself to go to the restroom, Lance followed.  JC was standing at the urinal when Lance came in.  "Lance," JC said with a nod.

"Josh is there something wrong?"

JC zipped up and turned to Lance.  "Yeah, I just don't feel right letting Marc pick up the bill for tonight.  There are sixteen of us tonight.  The bill will be close to a grand."

"With tip it came to $1,158.00," Lance said.  "I saw the charge slip when Marc signed it."

"Damn!  He can't afford that."

"Josh, he can afford it.  Remember when he said Phoenix Entertainment was picking up the tab?  Phoenix Entertainment is a real company, Marc's company."

"What?  What do you mean?"

"Marc has a head on his shoulders.  And it turns out he's as good a businessman as he is a musician.  He has his own publishing company back home.  He owns the rights to his music and his publishing company prints the scores for his symphonies.  In the last few weeks over thirty symphonies have bought the rights to play his music.  That's close to a quarter million dollars in sales.    Not bad for a company who's only expense is the cost of printing and lawyer fees for handling the contracts.  And the company's main asset is Marc himself, his creativity is what he has to sell and promote."

"I guess you don't have to worry about Marc being after your money," Josh pointed out.

"No.  Money won't be a problem," Lance agreed.   "Come on before they leave without us."

Arriving at the club everyone went to the upper club to check out the rock scene.  Looking around the room Joey nudged Marc.  "Looks like most of our crew found out about this place."
Most of the *Nsync staff could be seen out on the dance floor.

"What are we waiting for," Marc shouted heading out onto the dance floor.  The others followed as he started dancing with some of the *Nsync's dancers.

Everyone fanned out onto the dance floor.   Though they were at different parts of the dance floor Lance and Marc kept eye contact, always facing each other.  Anyone observing the dance floor would never make any connection between the two unless they caught Marc giving Lance a wink and Lance's reaction of a bigger smile. 

After nearly an hour of dancing Marc went in search of something to quench his thirst.  Noticing two of their security guards hovering over several tables.  "Hey, Randy, is this the safe zone tonight?"

"You got it Marc.  We're also holding tables for you on the lower level."

"Great.  I'll check that out later."

A waiter approached, "Can I get you anything to drink sir?"

Glancing onto the dance floor he saw Lance making his way towards him Marc said.  "Why don't you bring us a couple pitchers of beer and a pitcher of coke.  My friends will be coming off the dance floor soon."

"Did you order me something?"  Lance asked.

"Sure did."

One by one the others made their way off the dance floor.  "What's to drink?"   Joey asked.

"Beer and soda," Marc said as he poured himself another glass of beer.  "If you want something stronger the waiter can get it for you."

"No beer is fine," Joey said pouring himself a glass.

Justin and Britney came up hand in hand.  "See I told you we'd find all the old fogies here," Justin said with a grin.

Marc looked up at Justin, "The night is still young.  We'll see if you kids can keep up." 

Some time later Marc excused himself to use the restroom.  "Scoop, what's with Marc tonight?  Josh asked.  "I don't think I've ever seen him have more that a couple beers." 

"He just wants to have fun.  With everything we have been throwing at him, he deserves a little crazy time."

As Marc was returning to the group the music in the club changed to a Latin beat.  Before he could reach the table Beth grabbed his arm and pulled onto the dance floor.

"Looks like we've lost Marc for a while," Chris said looking onto the dance floor.  All attention went to the dance floor where Beth and Marc was quickly becoming the center of attention.

Britney stood next to Lance as they watched the dance floor.  Hooking her arm in Lance's
leaning close, "Hey, Lance.  Are you all right with this?"  Brit asked indicating the dancers on the floor.

"What?  Beth and Marc dancing? . . . .  Yeah, I'm all right.  But."

"But you wish you could be the one dancing with him?"  Brit quizzed.

Lance gave a slight smile, "We have our time dancing together.  But nothing like he's doing out there."

They watched Marc a while longer.  "Lance, how long has Marc been dancing?"

"He took dance classes as part of his physical therapy after waking from his coma."

"That's what?  Three years ago?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Hun, that is a bunch of crap!"


"That boy has moves that comes from only years of training," Brit said.  "I'd say at least ten years or more.  Probably a strong background in ballet and modern jazz and definitely in ballroom." 

Lance watched Marc dance.`God he moves so easily.  Could Brit be right?  Could his dance ability come from years of training? . . .   What about his other talents?    Are they because of years of hard work that he doesn't remember?  I need to mention this to him, if he has had special training maybe that could be another piece to the puzzle of Marc Newman.'

Coming back off the dance floor Marc was looking for something to drink.  Going to the table he found Justin sitting alone with a glass of beer in front of him.  Pouring himself a glass, Marc sat next to Justin.  "Hey, Just, why are you sitting alone?"

"Brit had to go to the restroom," Justin said waiting for Marc to say something about the beer.

Marc quickly downed his drink as Lance and the others came off the dance floor.   Lance gave Marc a questioning look when he saw Justin and his beer.  Marc gave Lance a little shrug.  "Is everyone ready to check out the other club?"  Marc asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready for something different," Joey said as he reached for the glass of beer sitting in front of Justin and quickly downed it.

The shocked expression of Justin's face was almost too much for Marc to handle.  Turning quickly he and Lance headed down to the other club all the while trying to stifle a laugh.

"You know he was waiting for you to say something to him about the beer," Lance said softly.

"I know."

"You're not going to say anything?"

"No," shaking his head.  "If he really wants to drink, he will."

"Doesn't it bother you?"  Lance asked.

"Tonight, it's not my job to baby-sit you guys.  In the morning I may feel different.  Right now I don't care what he does.  I just want to have some fun," Marc said as he and Lance headed out to join the line dancers.

Most of the others made their way onto the dance floor, only Howie and Joey stood off to the side watching.  Joey was pointing to the dancers as he talked to Howie.  A little while later Howie and Joey ventured onto the dance floor.  After a false start Howie, managed to fall into step with everyone else.  Slowly the strain of concentration was replaced with a growing smile as he got into the dance.

"Joey, it's getting late," JC shouted over the music. "We need to get everyone together so we can leave."

"K, who are we missing?"  Joey asked.

"Marc's the only one still out onto the dance floor."

"I'll get him," Joey said as he made his way toward Marc.  Leaning into Marc, Joey told him it was time to go.

Guiding Marc to their waiting friends, Joe noticed Marc was not too steady on his feet.  Several of the others also noticed.  Leaning into Lance, Chris said.  "I think someone may have had too good a time tonight."

Lance had been watching Marc's unsteady approach.  "Yeah, I'm afraid so."

"I don't think we have ever seen him like this before," Chris said.  "Are you going to be able to handle him tonight?"

"Yeah, if I can get him into bed before he passes out I can handle him," Lance said with a slight edge to his voice.

"You guys partied out all ready?"  Marc asked with a big grin as he swayed.

"Come on buddy, you wore us out," Joey said.  "Let's head back to the hotel."

Marc managed to enter the hotel suite under his own power but Lance and Justin stayed close at hand.

"That was fun," Marc said as he swayed. 

"We all had a good time," Justin said as he gave Marc a hug.  "I'm beat, see you in the morning."

"Night, kid."

"I'm heading to bed, too," Howie said giving Marc a hug.

"Is it all right with Justin?"  Marc asked with a frown.

"No, silly.  I'm going to my bed and Justin is going to his bed," Howie said with a laugh.

"Oh, ok.  Good night Howie," Marc said as the blush rose in his cheeks.

Taking Marc by the arm Lance led him toward the bedroom.  "Come on it's time for all party animals to head to bed."

Lance closed the door as Marc stood in the middle of their room.  "I had a great time," Marc said with a goofy grin.

"I bet," Lance said as he started to unbutton Marc's shirt.  "How do you feel?"

"Ok. . . .  Why?"

"You Love, have a snoot full.  I've never seen you drink as much as you did tonight."

"I am not drunk," Marc said a little indignant.  "I'm just. . . . tingly."

"Tingly?  Is that all?"

"And very relaxed," Marc said.

"So you are still up to a little fooling around?"  Lance asked as he continued to undress Marc.

"Always," Marc said as he tried to help Lance off with his shirt.

"Don't," Lance said as he brushed Marc's hands away.  "Just stand there and don't move."

"Ok," Marc said as he lowered his hands to his side.

"Marc.  Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, James."

"Sit down on the bed," Lance said.  Marc sat on the edge of the bed, watching Lance with interest.  Lance knelt in front of Marc removing his shoes and socks.  "Stand up," Lance said as he stood himself.  Unbuckling Marc's belt he pulled it off him and tossed it on the bed.  Reaching down he lowered the zipper and unhooked Marc's pants letting them drop to the floor.  Reaching for the waistband on Marc's briefs he pulled them down.  Kneeling before Marc Lance lifted first one then the other foot and removed Marc's clothes. 

Looking up Lance saw Marc watching him.  Marc's musky sent drew Lance's attention to his rapidly swelling penis.  Lance smiled as Marc's cock continued to rise toward Marc's hard six-pack.  Standing, Lance looked Marc in the eye.  "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you, James."

"And you know that I love you?"  Lance asked.  Marc nodded.

"Then I want you to do everything I tell you to do."

"Sure," Marc said wondering just what Lance had in mind.

"Lay down on the bed.  But not all the way up."

Marc laid down. "How is this?"

"A little higher," Lance said as he started to remove his clothes.  "That's fine right there."

Marc watched Lance undress.  He smiled as Lance's semi hard cock came into view.

"Now I want you to put your arms above your head and close your eyes."  Marc did as told raising his arms above his head wondering what Lance had in mind.

Lance removed the belt from his pants and picked the one he took off of Marc.  Climbing onto the bed he took the first belt and bound Marc's hands together.  Marc did not open his eyes or try to prevent Lance from binding his hands together.  Lance noticed Marc had a slight smile.  Taking the other belt he looped it between Marc's bound hands and over the headboard pulling Marc's hands high above his head.

Lying fully on top of Marc, Lance whispered in his ear, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," Marc said softly.

Leaning in Lance started nibbling on Marc's ear soliciting a low moan from Marc.  Working down Marc's neck, Lance sucked and nibbled his way to the top of Marc's collarbone.  Moving across the collarbone, Lance made his way back up to Marc's other ear. 

Lance lightly brushed lips with Marc.  Marc's head came up trying to make a deeper contact but Lance pulled back.  Marc's eyes shot open giving a questioning look. 

Lance smiled down as he sat up straddling Marc's hips, trapping Marc hard member between them.    Leaning down Lance took Marc's twin pectoral mounds in his hands, kneading them roughly, causing Marc to moan more. 

Moving his hands up Marc's arms, Lance felt the tight cords of muscles strain under his touch.  Marc's breathing became ragged under Lance's touch.  Lance could feel Marc's engorged member pulse under him and a increasing dampness. 

Sliding lower Lance attacked Marc's nipples sucking and chewing on each one making Marc writhe under him.  "Oh, God. . . . . yes!  Yes!"  Marc moaned.

Lance slowly worked his way down Marc's torso nibbling his way over his six-pack.  Stopping at his navel to lick up the acclimation of pre-cum.  Working lower taking each of Marc's large balls into his mouth he gently swabbed them with his tongue causing Marc to moan louder.

"Shush" Lance admonished.  "We don't want the others to hear."

"But it feels so good," Marc panted.

Lance gave a wicked smile as he licked up the underside of Marc's rock hard tool making him shutter.

"Oh, yes!  James, I want to cum so bad.  Please make it happen."

Taking the head in his mouth Lance lowered himself down the pulsating member until he reach the pubis. Reversing Lance started bobbing his head up and down making love to Marc's member.

Marc's breathing became ragged as he approached the building orgasm.  Sensing Marc was nearly ready to explode, Lance pulled back, letting Marc's organ fall from his mouth.  "Why did you stop?"  Marc asked out of breath.

"It's not time to cum yet," Lance said as he slowly started to rub Marc's inner thighs.

After a few minutes Lance noticed that Marc had calmed down enough for him to start again.  Time and again Lance would bring Marc to the edge then back off.

Justin was awakened by strange sounds coming from the other room.  Getting up he went into the sitting room trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.  Howie's door opened, he also had been awakened by something.  As they looked at each other they heard a voice coming from the other bedroom.  "James, why are you doing this to me?" Marc pleaded.  "I can't take much more.  Please make it end."

Howie looked at Justin seeing first confusion then fear on his face as he realized what was going on.

Going to the bedroom door Justin tried the door but found it locked.  Knocking loudly he shouted, "Are you two all right in there?"

"Yes," Lance called out.

"What's going on in there?"  Justin asked.

"None of your business.  Go back to bed," Lance said.

"Marc, are you all right?" 

"He's fine Justin," Lance said.  "Go back to bed."

"Marc, answer me.  Are you all right?"  Justin shouted as he pounded the door.

"Justin, go to bed," Marc said with a quivering voice. "I'm all right."

"Ok, if you're sure.  Good night," Justin said as he and Howie turned to go to their rooms.

"Please, James, I can't stand it any more," Marc pleaded.  "Please let me cum."

Justin and Howie stopped in their tracks and looked at each other.  Grins spread across their faces as they finally figured out what was going on.  Shaking their heads they bid each other good night as they went back to bed.

Marc's whole body was shaking from the build up of pressure in his nuts.  Finally thinking Marc has had enough torture Lance swallowed Marc to the base and used his throat muscles to bring him over the edge.  Marc's whole body seemed to convulse as his orgasm took over.  "Oh, YES!"  Marc shouted.  For what seemed like minutes Marc's balls gave up their stored load as he pumped load after load down Lance's throat.  Finally Marc sank back onto the bed exhausted.

Lance let Marc's deflating member slide from his mouth giving the head one last kiss before he slid up Marc's sweat covered body and gave him a kiss.  Marc responded by thrusting his tongue deep into Lance's hot mouth deepening the kiss.   Lance was lost in the sensations of the moment as he ground his groin into Marc's humping for all he was worth.  Within a minute Lance tensed up as his orgasm shot out between their writhing bodies.  Breaking the kiss Lance lay his head on Marc's shoulder as he tried to catch his breath.  "God, that was intense," Lance said.   Marc brought his arms down wrapping Lance in them and hugging him tight.

Raising his head Lance looked at Marc.  "How long have you been free?"

"About five minutes after you tied me up.  You didn't notice because you had other things on you mind."

"Boy am I tired," Lance said snuggling into the crook of Marc's neck.  "Do you still love me?"

"More than ever, James," Marc said as he pulled the sheet over them.  "More than ever." 

Marc awoke to the sound of water running in one of the other bathrooms.  He looked down at the still sleeping Lance and smiled at his angelic face.  Taking a deep breath, Marc froze when he felt the pain on his chest.  Quickly wrapping his arms around Lance Marc softly said, "James."

Lance slowly woke up feeling Marc's arms holding him tight.  Raising his head he smiled at Marc, "Morning." 

"Don't move," Marc said as his grip on Lance got tighter.

"What's wrong?"

"We have a problem," Marc said. 

"What problem?"

"We fell asleep before we cleaned up," Marc pointed out.

"Oh. . . .  What's the problem?"

"Ah, we are kind a glued together."

"We are?" Lance asked as he tried to move.

"Ow!  Ow!  Ow!," Marc cried.  "That hurts."

"What hurts?"

"My chest hair is glued to you.  When you move you pull it out."

"Shit!"  Lance said.  "What are we going to do?"

"Let me think," Marc said.

"What if we just pull apart real quick," Lance suggested.

"No!  No way!  I don't want to loose half of my chest hair when we pull apart."

"That would hurt, wouldn't it?"

"Yes big time.  And do I need to remind you even though you have no chest hair your crotch is also glued to me.  When we pull apart you will lose some of you crotch hair plus maybe some of the skin off of Lance, Jr."

"What are we going to do?  I don't want to lose any skin."

Marc thought for a minute.  "We need to scoot to the end of the bed."

"Ah, ok.  How?"

"You just stay where you are.  I'll do the moving."  Marc used his legs to move them to the foot of the bed.  "Ok. We need to roll over," Marc said.  Rocking slowly Marc managed to roll them over.

"Now what?"  Lance asked.

"Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck," Marc instructed.

Lance did as he was told.  He took in a sharp breath as the hair of his crotch was pulled.

"Ok, hold on tight."  Marc planted his feet on the floor taking several deep breaths he slowly stood up taking Lance with him.  Letting out a sigh, "We made it."

"Now what?"  Lance asked.

"The shower," Marc said.  "If we can get into the shower the water will unglue us."

"That should work.  You just have to carry me into the shower.  No problem."

"Yeah, easy for you to say.  I'm the one who has to carry all hundred and forty pound of you to the shower."

Taking one step at a time Marc slowly made his way to the bathroom.  "Boy am I glad the door is locked," Marc said. 

As they passed the dresser Lance saw their reflection in the mirror.  Lance started to giggle at the sight of Marc carrying him.

"Damn it, James.  Don't laugh."

"I can't help it.  Ow!"

"See.  It hurts doesn't it?  Just stop laughing before you get me started," Marc said sternly.

"I can't.  This is just so surreal." Lance said.

Marc placed a hand behind Lance's head pulling him into a kiss.  Kissing Lance deeply Marc continued into the bathroom.  Nudging the light switch with his elbow he carried Lance into the shower.  Turning on the water he adjusted the temperature before stepping under the spray.  Marc broke the kiss as their bodies were soaked by the spray.

Trying to catch his breath Lance said, "Shit!" 

"Lean back slowly," Marc said with a grin.  Slowly Lance leaned back as the hot water did it's work washing away the previous nights cum glue.

"I think it worked," Lance said as he leaned back in and gave Marc another kiss.

"Ah, Love.  I think you need to put me down," Lance said.

"Why?  I'm enjoying holding you like this."

"I know you are.  You are enjoying this a little too much," Lance said.  "Someone is poking me in the ass."

"Oh, sorry," Marc said as he lowered Lance to his feet.

Lance gave Marc a quick kiss.  "We don't have any time to fool around this morning.  Let's get cleaned up before someone comes knocking on our door."

"Morning, Howie," Justin said as he came out of his bedroom.

"Morning," Howie replied.

"Anything from those two?"  Justin asked pointing to the other bedroom.

"They're up.  I heard some heavy foot steps a little while ago."

"Is that all?"  Justin asked.

"No. . . it sounded like someone was in pain.  I think it was Marc.  He kept saying Ow! Ow! Ow!  Then Lance started to laugh.  Then a big silence before the shower came on."

Justin was grinning from ear to ear.  "I'm not sure what went on in there.  But I hope they enjoyed themselves."

Howie nodded in agreement as they both looked toward the bedroom door.


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