My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups 
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Last time

"Morning, Howie," Justin said as he came out of his bedroom.

"Morning," Howie replied.

"Anything from those two?"  Justin asked pointing to the other bedroom.

"They're up.  I heard some heavy footsteps a little while ago."

"Is that all?"  Justin asked.

"No. . . it sounded like someone was in pain.  I think it was Marc.  He kept saying Ow! Ow! 
Ow!  Then Lance started to laugh.  Then a big silence before the shower came on."

Justin was grinning from ear to ear.  "I'm not sure what went on in there.  But I hope they 
enjoyed themselves."

Howie nodded in agreement as they both looked toward the bedroom door.

Chapter 40

"James, hurry up you're running late."

"I still need to pack," Lance said as he ran around the room picking up clothes.

"Hey, you two," Joey shouted through the door.  "Breakfast is already here."

"Shit!"  Lance said in frustration.

"Come on," Marc said taking the clothes out of Lance's hands.  "Let's have breakfast and I'll finish packing afterward."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," Marc said.  "I need to eat something anyway.  I feel kind of empty this morning."

"Last night must have sucked a lot out of you," Lance said with an amused grin.

"Yeah, someone did suck a lot out of me," Marc chuckled as they reached the door.

Entering the living room they found everyone had already helped themselves to the breakfast cart.  Justin and Britney were sitting off in the corner feeding each other off of one plate piled high with food.  Chris and Howie were sitting together talking as was JC and Joey.

"Are we running behind this morning?"  Joey asked.

"Ah, just a little," Marc said as he piled food on his plate.

"Marc, how you feeling this morning?"  Britney asked.

"Fine, why?"

"You weren't too steady of your feet when we came in last night," Chris said.  "We were just wondering of you weren't a little hung over this morning."

"No, I'm fine.  I didn't drink that much."

"You were throwing back the beers pretty heavy there guy," Joey said.

"Nothing I couldn't handle," Marc said.  "I feel fine."

"You were tingly," Lance laughed.

Marc looked at Lance with a raised eyebrow.

"And let's not forget very relaxed," Lance said as he went into hysterics rolling with laughter.

Glaring at Lance, Marc shot back,  "Relaxed enough for you to have your way with me."

The room grew silent, all eyes turned to Lance and Marc.

"Oh, oh, someone woke up this morning a little bitchy," Joey softly said.

Marc shot Joey a dirty look.

"You didn't have any complaints last night," Lance said with a slight smile.

"Actually, we did hear some protests," Howie said with a giggle.

The color drained from Lance's face.  Looking to Marc he saw his eyes dance.  "Didn't you enjoy it?"

Marc's face broke into a broad smile.  "Yes, I did," he chuckled.

"Enjoy what?"  Britney asked totally not understanding.

"Ah, it's kind of personal," Marc said as the blush rose in his cheeks.

Justin leaned in and softly said, "It's a guy thing."

"Oh!" Brit said still not understanding.  "Whatever."

Everyone was just finishing up their breakfast when Pete came in to the room.  Pete gave Howie a wary eye before addressing the group.  "Is everyone ready to leave?"

Everyone nodded.  Turning to Marc, Pete asked,   "What do you have planned today?" 

"I'm going to take the tour bus over to the arena.  Is there something you need me to do?"

"Yeah, check with communications and see what the home office has for us.  They are still working on our L.A. stay."

"Sure, no problem.  Anything else?"

"No.  Britney will be returning to the arena after this morning's interview.  The rest of us should be back around three."

"K, see you all then," Marc said.

"Let's move out guys," Pete said.

"One minute," Lance said.  "I forgot my wallet."

Marc followed Lance into their bedroom.  Lance picked up his wallet and turned around bumping into Marc.  "Sorry."

"About what?"  Marc asked.

"What happened out there."

Marc smiled, "It was bound to come up."

Lance sighed, "I can't wait until we can have some time to ourselves away from everyone."

"I know," Marc said pulling Lance to him.  "Away from those little ears in the next room.  James, have a good day."  Their lips moved together meeting in a kiss.

"Lance, stop sucking face with Marc," Chris shouted.  "We have to go."

Breaking the kiss they both had to laugh.  "Get going," Marc said.

"K, love you."

"Love you too," Marc said as he watched Lance leave.

Howie watched Marc load the last of their bags onto the luggage cart.  "Are we ready?" Howie asked.

"I think so," Marc said picking up his backpack.

Howie and Marc rode the tour bus over to the arena.  Going first to the security office, "Hi, Bill." Marc greeted.

"Hi Marc, what's up?"

"I need security passes for Howie.   He's going to be with us through Carson City."

"It shouldn't be a problem," Bill said.  "Shall we list him as visitor or staff?"

"I think it should be visitor.  He's suppose to be on down time," Marc said.  "Besides Pearlman would have a cow if his name showed up on a staff report."

"It would be interesting to see," Bill chuckled as he strung the needed passes onto a lariat.  "Here you go, Howie.  Welcome to the tour."

Marc and Howie made their way to the temp office.  Sally, a production assistant looked up when they entered.  "Hi, Marc."

"Hi, Sally, what's happening?"

"Johnny has called twice looking for you," Sally said while giving Howie the look over.

Noticing Sally's roving eye, Marc said.  "Sally, this is a friend of mine that will be visiting for a few days."

"Hi, Howie.   Welcome to our tour," Sally said with a grin.

"Hi, Sally.  It's good to see you again," Howie said.

"You two know each other?"  Marc asked.

"I was a PA on their tour last summer," Sally said.

"How long has it been since Johnny called last?"  Marc asked.

"About ten minutes ago.  He sounded like he needed to talk to you right away."

"Thanks, I'll give him a call right away."  Marc pulled out his laptop and connected it to the communication system.  Connecting to the home office Marc downloaded the waiting messages.  As he read the messages Marc activated the speakerphone and punched in some numbers.

"Good morning, Wright Entertainment.  This is Chris; how may I help you?"

"Good morning, Chris.  This is Marc.  Is Johnny available?"

"Hi, Marc.  I'll connect you.  Johnny has been waiting for your call."


"Hi, Johnny.  What's up?"

"Ah, Marc I need to talk to you about a report I got this morning," Johnny said.  In the background the voice of Lou Pearlman could be heard, "Ask him if Howie is there."

Howie looked to Marc with sad eyes as Marc picked up the handset taking Johnny off the speaker.  Catching Marc's eye he indicated he was going for a walk.

Howie checked out the arena seeing how the setup was going.  From time to time he saw crewmembers he knew from his own tour and would stop and talk with them for a minute.  After almost an hour Howie went back to the office to see what kind of shape Marc was in.  Sally came out as Howie approached.  "How is it going in there?"  Howie asked.

Rolling her eyes Sally said, "Brutal, I've never seen Marc so pissed."

Howie hesitantly entered the office.  Marc sat frowning at his computer.  "Marc, I don't want to cause you any more trouble.  I think I'll just head back home."

Marc looked at Howie surprised at what he just said.  "Howie, there is no need for you to leave."

"But Lou doesn't want me here.  I don't want to get you in any more trouble."

"I work for Johnny, not that fat troll Pearlman.  I explained to him that you are my friend visiting me.  And that I had our room charged to me not Wright Entertainment.  There will be no added expense for the tour.  Johnny agreed that you could stay.  He said to tell you to pay your own way."

"Oh, ok."

Smiling for the first time Marc added, "Johnny suggested you use your tour credit card."

Howie frowned, "But that would charge everything to Johnny."

"Yeah Johnny is a good guy.  Besides I don't think he likes Pearlman too much either."

"Do you still have work to do?"  Howie asked.

"No, I've printed everything Pete needs."

"What do you want to do?"  Howie asked.

"Brit will be back in a couple hours.  She doesn't have anything scheduled until sound check.  How about we go shopping."

"We could grab some lunch and hit the stores," Howie offered.

"Sounds good.  What should we do till she gets back?"

"I don't know.  What are you up for?"  Howie asked.

"This place is supposed to have a weight room somewhere."

"Yeah, I saw it when I was walking around."

"Lets hit it then."

Going out to the bus they grabbed their carry on bags and headed for the weight room.  After stretching, they hit the machines running the circuit, then switched to free weights.  Howie had given out not able to do any more lifting; he just sat and counted Marc's reps as he continued to work his upper body.

"There you guys are," Britney said as she came into the weight room. 

"Hey, girl, how was your interviews?"  Howie asked.

"They went ok.  I was told you guys wanted to go shopping."

"We are planning lunch and some shopping," Howie said.

Britney looked at Marc who had not changed his rhythm of alternated arm curls.  "Does he know I'm here?" 

Howie chuckled, "Probably not."  Placing a hand on Marc's knee he tapped it.

Marc's focused concentration broke as he looked at Howie.

"Marc, Brit is here," Howie said.

Marc's rhythm slowed as he looked to Britney.  "Hey, Brit, when did you get here?"

"About ten minutes ago," she chuckled.  "You really get into your workout don't you?"

"Yeah, I do tend to zone out.  Has Howie told you our plans?"

"He sure did.  It sounds like fun."

"Give us some time to get cleaned up," Marc said.  "How about we meet you at the security station in say twenty minutes."

"K, meet you guys there."

Marc and Howie headed to the locker room to shower and change.  Making their way into the large shower room Marc stepped under the spray letting the warm water wash over his body. Taking his tube of shampoo Marc worked up a rich lather.  Taking his soapy hands Marc used the shampoo to wash the rest of his body.

Howie stood under the spray of a shower just down two from Marc's.  Watching as Marc lathered up his hair then his entire body all the while keeping his eyes closed.  The sight of Marc's pumped arms captivated Howie.  His whole upper body was really pumped from their workout, his biceps looked to be more than three times their normal size.

Marc rinsed the shampoo from his hair and body.  Making sure his face was clear of lather Marc opened his eyes and noticed Howie watching him.  Smiling Marc said, "Hey, sailor, see something you like?"

Howie blinked.  "What did you say?"

"I just asked if you liked what you see," Marc said as his eyes moved from Howie's face to some place lower.  "At least part of you seemed to like what you see."

Howie glanced down and saw he had thrown a woody.  "Shit!"  Howie said as he turned, totally embarrassed.  "Marc, I'm so sorry."

Marc laughed at Howie's reaction.  Turning his shower off he went to Howie.  Putting a hand on his shoulder he turned Howie to him.  Placing a finger under Howie's chin he raised it up until he was looking Marc in the eye.  "Thank you, my friend,"  Marc said.

"For what?"

"For the compliment.  You don't know how much of an ego boost you just gave me."

 "Marc, I'm not trying to come on to you or anything.  It's just watching you under the shower, you are so pumped, and I don't know how or why it just happened."

"Hey, don't worry about it.  If I didn't have Lance in my life maybe something could have happened.  You know you are not too bad on the eyes yourself."

"So you've noticed."

"I'm not blind.  What I'm seeing is real attractive," Marc said.

"But not enough to want to do anything," Howie said sounding disappointed.

"There is one thing I've been wanting to do since I met you."

Looking up with hope Howie asked, "What did you want to do with me?" 

Pushing Howie under the shower spray wetting him from head to toe Marc said, "I've wanted to wash your hair so much."  Squeezing out some shampoo onto his open hand Marc brought it to Howie's long wet hair.  Running his hands through the long hair spreading the shampoo out Marc began to build a lather. 

With closed eyes Howie sighed at the wonderful feeling coming from his scalp as Marc worked up a rich lather.  The longer Marc worked on his head the more into it Howie became.  Reaching behind Howies ears Marc ran his thumbs along the backside of his ears.  Howie took several sharp breaths before muttering "Shit!"

Marc guided Howie under the showerhead rinsing the shampoo out.

"Oh, God, Marc, I'm so sorry.  I can't believe I just did that."

Chuckling Marc said.  "Don't worry about it, Howie.  It will wash off. . . .  I think you should make a note of what happened with I touched that spot behind your ears.  I'm sure your next lover could make use of that little erogenous spot."

"It's still embarrassing blowing my load like a twelve-year-old," Howie said.

"I doubt that many twelve-year-old's would blow such a large load."

Howie managed to keep control of himself as Marc finished with Howie's hair.  "Let's go," Marc said turning off the water.  "If we want to keep Brit from having a hissy fit."

They both quickly dried off and got dress.  "Shit!"  Marc swore. 

"What's wrong Howie asked.

"I'm so pumped none of my shirts fit."

"Don't you have anything without sleeves?"

"Yeah this," Marc said as he held up a dark blue wife beater.

"If that's all you have," Howie said with a grin.  "We are going shopping aren't we?"

"Yeah, I guess I can pick up something that would fit," Marc said as he pulled the shirt over his head struggling to pull it down.

Howie reached over and helped Marc pull the tight fabric down.  Howie ran a hand lightly over the fabric covering Marc six-pack amazed at how the fabric molded it's self to his body even his bellybutton could be clearly made out.

Marc took Howie's hand, squeezing it gently.  "Let's go shopping."

The three of them climbed into the back of a security van along with two bodyguards and headed off for lunch and some shopping.  Howie knew of a Mexican restaurant and they all agreed that sounded good.  Brit and Marc expected the restaurant to be one of the national chains but it turned out to be a real Mexican mom and pop type restaurant.  It was quite evident that Howie had been there before,  the owners greeted him and the group was shown to a table in the back of the restaurant.  Marc took his menu, scanning it quickly, closed it and put it down in front of him.

"You know what you want?"  Howie asked.

"No," Marc said.  "I can't read the menu.  It's in Spanish."

"Yeah," Brit agreed.  "I recognize a few words but not enough to know what I'm ordering."

"I can read the menu to you," Howie offered.

"Howie, it's obvious you've been here before," Marc said.  "Why don't you just order for us all."

"You sure?"  Howie asked.

"Yeah, go ahead and order," Brit agreed.  "Just nothing too hot."

Howie spent a good five minutes placing the order.  The only input Britney and Marc had was what they wanted to drink.  Empty plates were placed in front of each of them then many plates of food were brought out.  The three of them ate family style each sampling all the different dishes.

After their lunch they headed for the mall and some shopping.  The guys were being nice as they followed Britney into two women's shops.  She was a whirlwind as she went from rack to rack holding up a blouse or jeans.  As Britney was headed into a shoe store Howie said, "Hey, Marc, a guy store.  Let's go check it out."

"You guys go ahead," Britney said dismissing them.  "I've been known to spend hours in a shoe store."

The guys headed off for some guy shopping.  They were in their third shop, you know guys, a quick walk through and if nothing captures their eye they move on to the next one.  Guys don't browse-- they power shop.  Except when it comes to tools them they look.   The third shop was a big men's store and Marc was happy to find a good selection of clothes that would fit.  Marc was in the fitting room trying on a pair of Dockers when Britney caught up with them.  Coming out of the fitting room to use the mirror to see how he looked, Marc spotted Brit followed by her bodyguard who was carrying two large shopping bags approach.  "How does this one look?"  Marc asked.

"Looks good," Howie said.

Britney stood looking at Marc's backside.  "Yeah, it does a real good job at showing off that cute ass of yours."

Marc turned in surprise, "Brit!"

"She's right they do show off your ass," Howie agreed.

Britney was looking through a rock of silk shirts when she found one she knew Marc must have.  "Here try this on," she instructed.

The shirt was beautiful; it was dark blue with a tiger painted on the back.  Marc slipped it on and as he was starting to button it up Brit said, "Don't button it, leave it open. . .  Turn around."

Howie was grinning, "Looking good, man."

"Yes definitely," Brit agreed.  "That's a good look for you."

"Thanks," Marc said as he went over to the rack looking at the other shirts.  Leafing thru the rack he stopped gazing at the one shirt he knew he must have.

Lance and the others were climbing out of their limo when one of their security vans pulled up.  Britney, Howie and Marc climbed out loaded with bags.

"We are out busting our ass' and those three are out shopping," Chris complained.

"When you have time off, Chris, you can go shopping also," Marc said.  "I'm not the one that writes your schedule."

"Looks like you guys raided most all the stores," Joey laughed.

"Only one bag is mine," Marc said.  "The most of the rest belongs to Brit."

"They are not all mine.  Howie bought some stuff also."

"Only one is mine," Howie said with his hands full of  bags.

As they entered the arena Justin took two of Brits bags and received a kiss for his gallant gesture.  Joey took some of Howie's bags and Lance helped Marc.  Dropping most of the bags at Britney's dressing room the guys headed off to their dressing room.

Since arriving Lance had not said much to Marc and the others noticed.  As Marc put down his bag Joey said, "Damn, Marc, that's an awesome shirt dude."  Marc's silk shirt was similar to the one Britney picked out for him the only difference was this one was black with the figure of a Phoenix on it.  The Phoenix was actually made of up flame.  Bright reds, oranges, golds, and yellow made up the bird.  His mighty wings spread wide, wrapping around to the front of the shirt.

"Looking good, bro," Justin said in agreement.

Chris tilted his head as he looked at Marc.  "There's something different.  I don't know what it is but you look different Marc."

Lance placed his hand on Marc's chest.  Running his hand over his pectoral muscles then down his abdomen feeling the hardness of Marc's body.  "What's this?"  Lance asked.

"Ah, we found the weight room they have here.  While we waited for Brit to get back we worked out," Marc said.

"Your workout did this?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, I had an intense workout."

"He was so pumped after his workout none of his shirts would fit," Howie chuckled. 

There was a knock at the door as Pete came in.   "Listen up, guys.  You have sound check at five.  Take this free time and try to get some rest.  After sound check you will have one hour to get something to eat before the meet and greet."

"K," JC said.  "I could use a nap."

"Marc, Brian needs you to fill in tonight," Pete added.

"Sure no problem.  When is Britney's sound check?"

"You have a half hour before her check."

"K, I'll be ready."

Lance still had is hand on Marc's abdomen lightly running his hand over the ridges of Marc's six-pack.   Taking Lance's hand in his own Marc pull him into the bathroom.

Joey and Howie looked up as they heard the door close.  Looking at each other they shared a knowing grin.

"Lance, you have to stop this," Marc said.

"Stop what?"

"Stop looking at me the way you are."

"How am I looking at you?"

"Like you want to jump my bones."

"Well the way you look right now I'd like to do just that."

"Well you can't.  I need to get going," Marc said.

Lance sighed.  "I guess I can wait. . . . .   Would you like to join me in a relaxing shower after the show?"

"Relaxing?"  Marc chuckled.  "Yeah, sure."

"In the mean time this will have to do," Lance said as he pulled Marc's mouth to his giving him a deep kiss.

Marc stepped back catching his breath.  "Wow!  Ah, I have to go."

"Ok, I'll walk you out," Lance offered.

"Ah, I think you need to stay in here for a while."


"James, the reason I pulled you in here was because while rubbing my chest out there you got excited,"  reaching down Marc rubbed the tented front of Lance's slacks.

"Oh," Lance said as his face reddened.

"I have to go.  You stay in here until something goes down," Marc said with a chuckle.  Before opening the door Marc added.  "Now don't go and beat off.  I'd like you to save it until later."

Howie sat out front for the guys sound check.  Marc was on the drums playing and causing Lance some problems.  After the third screw up Marc slammed his drumsticks down.  Pulling Lance to the side of the stage he whispered something to Lance.  Lance looked at Marc with a shocked expression then just nodded.  They both returned to their positions picking up where they left off.  There were no more mistakes from Lance the rest of sound check.  And that night Lance hit every one of his marks making no mistakes.

After the concert Marc hurried through the packing of his drums and getting them loaded on the truck.  Instead of rushing to the dressing room he made a side stop to get ready for their shower.

Joey and Howie were headed out to the bus as Marc came down the hall.  "Man, it's a good thing you're here," Joey said.  "Everyone has cleaned up only Lance hasn't showered yet.  Go take care of your guy before he blows a gasket."

"I will," Marc said. "I'll see you all on the bus."

Lance heard Marc's voice in the hall.  He grabbed both of their bags and headed into the bathroom.

"James," Marc called as he entered the empty dressing room.

"In here," Lance said as he turned on the water adjusting the temperature.

Marc walked in finding Lance pulling off his clothes.  "Come on we don't have a lot of time," Lance said as he removed his boxer-briefs. 

Stepping out of his shoes Marc unbuckled his pants and let them fall.  As Lance turned, Marc started to slowly pull his shirt up over his head.  Lance stood there with his mouth hanging open.  And as Marc's shirt moved higher Lance's arousal became more apparent.  With a wicked grin Marc slowed his shirt removal twisting and turning as he fought to remove his tight shirt.  Marc's arms were above his head as the shirt came free.  Not lowering his arms he started his abdomen muscles undulating bringing Lance to full erection.  "Do you see something you like?"  Marc asked.

Lance just nodded. 

"I wonder what that could be?"  Marc asked as he dropped his boxers.

"God, you are so hot," Lance said "I can't believe you are still pumped."

"I stopped by the weight room before I came here," Marc confessed.

Lance moved to Marc placing both hands on Marc's chest running his hands over the twin rock hard mounds of flesh.  "You did this for me?"  Lance asked.

"No, I did it for us.  I like the way you look at me when I'm really pumped.  I love your reaction to me.  How excited you get even when I have clothes on.  It tells me how much you love me and how much you want me."

"I have always told you that I love you," Lance said as he rubbed his thumbs over Marc's erect nipples.

"I know and I love hearing you say it.  But it is just such a turn on when you look at me and get hard. . . . .   James, right now what do you want to do?"

"This," Lance said leaning in and taking Marc's right nipple into his mouth.

"Oh yes," Marc moan as he threw his head back pulling Lance tighter to his chest.

"Are you sure you had your phone with you?"  Howie asked.

"Yeah," Joey said.  "I know I had it when I was switching everything to these pants."

Entering the dressing room they went over to where Joey had finished dressing.  They checked around the couch even lifting the cushions checking under them.  Getting down on the floor they looked under the couch.  "Here it is," Joey said as he spotted his cell phone.  Howie reached under the couch retrieving Joey's cell.  As they got up they both froze hearing Marc's voice.  "I told you not to touch that."

"Please Marc I'm so close," Lance pleaded.  "Just let me."

"I said no!  That belongs to me tonight.  Now close your eyes and let me do my thing."

Howie grinned at Joey who had a confused look in his face. 

"Oh Marc!"  Lance cried out.  "I'm so close."

"Are they?"  Joey asked.

Howie chuckled, "Yep and I think tonight Marc is the dominant one."

Joey and Howie got to their feet glancing at the bathroom door.  "What do you mean tonight Marc is the dominant one?"

"Last night noises coming from their room woke Justin and me.  From what we could hear Lance was the one in charge and Marc was the one begging for relief," Howie said as he opened the dressing room door.

"Oh shit!  Here it comes!. . . . yyyeeesss!"

"Finally!  We can go," Justin said as Lance and Marc boarded the bus.

"Sorry we took so long," Marc said as the bus started to move.

"We're bushed," Lance said.  "We're going to head to bed.  See you all in the morning."

As they made their way back they passed Joey and Howie sitting on the couch with shit eating grins.

"What?"  Marc asked.

"Oh nothing," Joey said.  "You had better take care of Lance.  He looks like he is really drained."

Marc knew they had been caught; urging Lance forward Marc just shook his head.  "Good night," he said as they stepped through the curtains.

The trip to Denver was a long one.  Everyone was dead tired so they slept late awaking when the need for food became too strong.  The caravan stopped for a late morning brunch before hitting the road again.  Most everyone dozed the remainder of the trip.  It was after one in the afternoon when they pulled into the venue.  Luckily there were no interviews today.  Just sound check, meet and greet and the concert.  In less than twelve hours they would be on the road again.

Pete kept Marc busy most of the day with paperwork.  Breaking only for a quick meal with the guys after their sound check.  Marc wouldn't be playing in the band tonight but he promised Howie he would be finish with his reports before show time.

After the meet and greet the guys headed for their dressing room to relax before their show.  JC was about to call Sara when his cell rang. Seeing Sara number on the ID he answered,  "Hello, beautiful."

"Hi, Josh, what are you up to?"

"I was just about to call you.  How have you been?"

They chatted for about twenty minutes before Sara asked to talk to Lance.  "Lance, phone.  Sara wants to talk to you," JC said holding out the phone to Lance.

"Hi, Sara.  What's up?"

"Hey, kiddo. How is it going with you and my brother?"

"Real good."

"Josh told me you guys will be on the road all day tomorrow," Sara started out.  "I just have a quick question.  Has Marc been acting differently the last few days?"

"Yeah, kind of.  He's just.  I don't know.  Been acting different.  But in a good way," Lance added.

"Dad and I thought you should be warned.  Tomorrow Marc is going to need all your love and understanding.  Being on the road will make tomorrow twice as hard on everyone.  You just have to be there for him and remember that you did nothing to bring this on."

"Sara, you are scaring me," Lance said.  "What's going to happen to Marc tomorrow?"


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