My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last Time:

"Oh, Marc, I don't think you have met Brian's fiancé Leighanne, and his cousin Kevin," said Howie.

Marc shook hands with Leighanne telling her he was glad to meet her.  Offering his hand to 
 Kevin Marc said.  "Kevin, it's good to meet you.  Now I have a face to go with the voice over 
 the phone."

"Marc I want to thank you for looking after Howie."

"It was no problem, I love having friends around."

 Marc turned to Brian, who had found something interesting at his feet and would not look Marc  in the eye.  "Brian."

"Ah, Marc, . . I," Brian stammered.

Marc reached out and pulled Brian into a hug.  "Have you forgot how to greet a friend?"  Marc asked in a whisper.

"You still want to be my friend?" a surprised Brian asked.

"Of course.  I have no bad feeling for you.  The only problem exists between you, Howie, and  Leighanne.  And only you three can work that out."  Marc gave Brian a pat on the back before  letting him go.  "Ah, listen.  We are all going to go and get some rest.  We are going to have a  late lunch around two.  Why don't you all join us."

"Sounds good," Kevin said.  "What room?"

"Lance and mine," Marc said as he took Lance's hand and headed for their room.  "See you  all later," Marc said as he opened his door.

 Kevin had a funny look on his face.  "Ah, Kev, I think we need to fill you in about Marc and 
Lance," Howie said with a amused grin.

Chapter 42

Howie followed Brian and into their suite followed by a slightly confused Kevin.

"Ah, did I see what I think I saw?"  Kevin asked.

"Yeah, Lance and Marc are a couple," Brian confirmed.

"And you two knew about this and didn't say anything about it?"

"There was nothing really to tell," Brian said with a shrug.

"What do you mean there was nothing to tell?  A member of our competition is gay.  That is definitely is something to let us know about." 

"What do you think you could do with that bit of information?"  Howie asked.  "Before you answer, consider that a member of our group is also gay.  And Lance and the others know about me."

"Oh. . . . They all know?"

Howie nodded.

"What was their reaction?"

"To that I was gay?  I don't know I wasn't there when they found out.  But since I showed up at their doorstep I've gotten only positive support from them."

Kevin sighed, "Is Lance the only one?"

"Gay?  In the group, yeah I think he is."

"What about JC?"  Kevin quizzed.

Smiling, Howie chuckled, "No, he just has this bizarre sense of fashion." 

"He's not any more bizarre than A J at times," Brian pointed out.

Marc led Lance into their suite.  As he closed the door Marc noticed Lance was standing with his eyes closed.  "Come on sleepy; head let's get you to bed," Marc chuckled.

"I'm not sleepy," Lance mumbled as he leaned against Marc.

Marc picked Lance up in his arms and carried him into the bedroom.  Lance wrapped his arms around Marc's neck and nuzzled close.  Placing Lance on the bed Marc removed Lance's shoes and shorts.  Pulling a blanket up to cover Lance, Marc leaned down and gave him a soft kiss.  "Sweet dreams, James."

Marc waited for their bags to arrive before heading down to the hotel's restaurant.

To give his friends the space they needed to work out their problems, Kevin went down to the restaurant to have some breakfast and read the newspaper.  After placing his order Kevin was reading his paper when a shadow fell across his table.  Looking up he looked into the dark eyes of Marc.

"Would you mind if I join you?"  Marc asked.

"Please," Kevin said indicating the seat across from him.

"Did you get tossed out of your suite?"

"Yeah," Kevin said with a slight smile.  "It seems my input was not needed."

"I understand.  If Howie and Brian are to remain friends it is up to them to work this out."

"I know," Kevin sighed while rubbing his temples.  "I just don't know how they can work this out.  And poor Leighanne, this must be tearing her apart."

"How long has she known about Brian and Howie?"

"I'm not sure.  I think she suspected something was up between those two from the beginning.  But I think Brian got a guilty conscious, he loves her so much he couldn't lie to her any longer.  He told her everything a couple weeks ago."

"And he didn't tell Howie.  It took Leighanne ambushing him about his relationship with Brian before he knew something was up."

"She shouldn't have done that," Kevin said with disgust.

"And Brian should not have treated Howie that way either," Marc curtly added. 

"My cousin has made some mistakes when it comes to love."

"Do you think what he had with Howie was a mistake?" Marc asked.

"No.  At the time they needed each other.  It was a hard time for them in the beginning.  Hell it was hard for all of us.  We were away from home so long," Kevin sighed.

"I understand.  Lance and the guys told me about their beginning.  And now it's not much better.  Most of them haven't seen their families since the first of the year......"

After a long silence Marc asked, "How do you feel about Howie?"

"He's a brother and one of my best friends.  I love him and that will never change."

"You know whatever they come up with, you're going to have to support them all the way," Marc pointed out.

"I know," Kevin sighed.  Looking up he spotted someone approaching the table.  A big smile spread across his face as he recognized Britney.

"Kevin!"  Britney bubbled as Kevin rose to greet her.

After hugging each other Kevin offered her a seat. Realizing for the first time that Marc was also at the table she leaned in and gave Marc a hug and kiss on the cheek.  "How are you doing today?" she asked with concern.

"A lot better," Marc said.  "I heard your bus broke down.  Did they get it fixed?"

"No.  Something about tie rods or something," Brit said flippantly.  "They sent your bus back to pick us up." 

"Well if they can't get it fixed in time we can just double up tomorrow it's not that long a drive to L.A.," Marc said.  "It will be a tight fit but we should be able to manage."

"Does Lance know you're down here trying to pick up another Backstreet Boy?" Britney asked with a mischievous grin.

"No he's sleeping up in the room. And for your information young lady I now have three of them hidden away."

"Who else is here?" a surprised Britney asked.

"Brian and Leighanne are here also," Kevin said.

"Oh!"  Brit said as she turned to Marc, "Is this good?"

"I don't know," Marc sighed.  "But the three of them need to work this out.  I just hope they can do it."

"I hope everything comes out ok," Brit said softly.  "What's on the schedule for today?"

 "Down time until two.  Everyone is meeting in my suite for a late brunch.  We leave for the venue at three.  Meet and greet at four with sound check at five.  Supper will be served at six.  You go on at eight and the guys at nine."

"Isn't sound check kind of late?"  Brit quizzed.

"We have to push it back as far as possible because we got in so late," Marc said.

"You playing tonight?"

Marc shook his head.  "Pete gave me the day off because of yesterday."

"What happened yesterday?"  Kevin asked.

Marc got real quiet; "I had a bad day yesterday.  I kind of had a melt down."

"Are you all right now?"  Kevin asked.

"Yes, thanks to my friends.  I slept most of the day and when I woke up there was always someone holding me."

"I know Justin was really worried about you," Brit said. 

"Did you guys get to talk?"  Marc asked.

Britney nodded, "At our lunch stop Justin moved over to my bus.  We were able to spend some quality time together."

"What did you do with your mom?"

"Pete kept her busy all afternoon.  I think Justin had something to do with Pete riding with us."

"I'm glad his plan worked," Marc chuckled.

Marc entered the bedroom to find Lance still sleeping peacefully.  Going to the window he glanced out into the city with a heavy sigh.  `This is probably is going to be the most I get to see of Carson City,' Marc thought.  Marc noticed the rhythm of Lance's breathing had changed.  Glancing at Lance he saw his eyes still closed but he was looking at him through small slits.  The skin at the side of him eyes were wrinkled, giving him away. 

Smiling, Marc reached for his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it.  Shifting slightly he pulled out first one shirttail, turning just a little more before pulling out the other.  Swinging his hips from side to side Marc started to dance to a melody playing in his head.  Dropping the shoulder of his shirt Marc started to shimmy as the other shoulder dropped permitting the shirt to slowly drift to the floor. . . . .  Reaching for the base of his wife beater he worked it slowly up his torso while continuing to gyrate to the unheard music.  Marc grinned as soft moans came from the bed.  Tossing the wife beater aside he reached for his belt.  Unhooking the clasp me pulled it out of the loops and giving it a twirl, tossed it aside.  Popping the button at the top of his pants, with one hip slightly ajar, he lowered the zipper. 

The breathing coming from the bed had quickened as Lance was turned on by Marc's impromptu strip tease. 

Standing with his pants hanging open Marc stretched his arms over his head as he flexed his abdomen muscles.  Each muscle group flexed as the motion climbed toward his fingertips. 

A soft moan came from the bed.

With a slight smile Marc turned his back to Lance and continued to flex his back muscles.  Soliciting a sharp intake of air from Lance.

Tucking his thumbs into the sides of his jeans Marc started to push them down over his hips.  Stopping as they slipped just below his butt, Marc started to clench first one cheek then the other.  Alternating back and forth he slowly increased the speed until Lance got the giggles.  With one final shove the jeans dropped to the floor.  Clad only in a pair of low-rise briefs he stepped out of his jeans continuing the slow dance.  Turning sideways Marc glanced at his wide-eyed lover.  Raising his hand to his mouth he put a finger into his warm moist mouth lubricating it with his saliva.  Lowering his hand to his left nipple he ran it around the nipple bringing it to erection.  Using his hands Marc started to caress his torso stimulating himself as he locked eyes with Lance. 

Lance was really enjoying the show as he licked his lips in anticipation. 

Turning his back to Lance he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and slowly worked them down over his hard muscular buttocks bending, he lowered them past his powerful thighs and let them drop to the floor. 

As Marc stood Lance could see that Marc was half hard from the self stimulation.  Marc resumed his dance, swinging his hips in a circular motion as he slowly turned.

Lance's eyes bugged out as he called out "stop!"

Marc froze with a frown. 

"Turn back a little," Lance ordered. 

 Marc slowly turned back. 

"Holy Shit!!"  Lance cried out.

"What is it?"

"Ah, . . .  When did you get a tattoo?"  Lance asked.

"What tattoo?  I didn't get any tattoo."

Getting up off the bed Lance moved closer to get a better look.  Placing his hand on Marc's left butt cheek he examined the markings.  Lance started to laugh at what he saw.

"What is it?"  Marc asked in frustration.

"Come with me," Lance said taking Marc's hand leading him into the bathroom.  Taking the hand mirror he turned Marc to the wall mirror and handed the hand mirror to Marc.  "Look at the large mirror with this one.  Look at your left butt cheek."

Looking into the magnified side of the hand held mirror Marc moved it around until he could clearly see his left cheek.  Marc's eyes got big as he clearly read `Property of *Nsync'.  The *Nsync logo masterly drawn with a felt tipped pen.  "Holy Shit!!"

Marc was working at his laptop when the others began to stream into the suite for brunch.  Marc was studying the guys as they arrived.  He noted Joey had a Sharpy in his shirt pocket.  `Too obvious,' Marc thought.

Chris walked in his eyes shifting around the room settling on Lance and Marc.  "You guys have a good rest?"  Chris asked Lance and Marc.

"Sure," Marc said. "We always enjoy our down time." 

All eyes turned to the group entering; the Backstreet Boy contingent arrived.  "How is it going?"  Marc asked.

Howie and Brian looked at each other and broke into smiles.  "It's going great," Howie answered.

Leighanne smiled and nodded in agreement.

The food carts arrived followed closely by Britney.  Leighanne and Britney greeted each other with cheek kisses.  Spotting Justin, Brit bound over and sat next to him.  Everyone grabbed plates and piled on the food finding seats around the room.  Marc sat quietly watching Joey and Chris as they ate.  The longer Marc was quiet the more nervous Chris became. . . . . .  As every one was stacking their dirty plates Marc approached Joey.  "Ah, Joe, can I borrow your pen?"  Marc asked.

"Sure," Joey said handing Marc the pen.

"Nice pen," Marc observed.

"It's not mine.  Chris gave it to me," Joey said.

"When?"  Marc asked.

"Just before coming to eat."

Marc smiled a knowing smile.  "Thanks, Joe." as he pushed the food carts out into the hall.

Closing the suite door Marc walked over to Chris and handed him the pen.  Leaning in he whispered, "You're busted."

The color drained from Chris' face at Marc's statement.

"Lance, I want to call a group meeting," Marc stated.

Lance's eyebrow arched at Marc's request but he had the right to call a meeting. 

"Ah, we'll go so you can have your meeting," Kevin said.

"Oh, no need," Marc said. "What we are going to discuss doesn't have anything to do with *Nsync.  It's an artistic issue."

"Ah, . . . shouldn't the girls be excused?"  Chris asked as his face reddened.

"If they wish," Marc agreed.

The girls looked at each other knowing something was up and Chris was behind it.  Shaking their heads they said in unison "Nah."

"Marc, you have the floor," Lance said.

"Thank you," Marc said as he looked around the room. "I have two items I want to address.  First I want to thank you all again for putting up with my mood swings yesterday.  The attention you gave me helped me get through a otherwise emotional time."

"Hey, we know you would do the same for any of us," JC noted.

"Thanks," Marc said.  "The other issue is connected with yesterday.  I appreciate the time each of you spent with me.  But."  Marc paused for effect. "It seemed one of you was bitten by the artistic bug."

"What do you mean?"  Justin asked.

"While I was sleeping yesterday someone gave me a tattoo."

"Really?  Can we see it," Justin asked.

Chris' eyes darted between Marc and the girls.  "That may not be a good idea."

"Why, Chris?  I'm sure the others would appreciate a look at your art work."

"You really don't have to do that, do you?" Chris pleaded.

"Yeah, let's see it," Britney urged.

"Ok," Marc said with a grin.  Turning his back to everyone he pulled his shirt up out of his jeans, unbuckled and pulled down his jeans and briefs displaying Chris' artwork.  Everyone roared with laughter.  "Oh man, I like it," Joey guffawed.

Rebuckling his jeans Marc turned to Chris.

"It's not permanent," Chris said softly.

"That, my friend, is what is going to save you," Marc said.

"I'm sorry.  I just couldn't resist.  You were sleeping so soundly and your briefs were riding real low."

"You didn't feel anything?"  Joey asked.

"No.  Chris must have a very light touch."

"How did you find it?" Kevin asked with a chuckled.

Marc blushed deep red. 

"I saw it when Marc was changing clothes," Lance volunteered.

Marc realized that calling Chris out on this matter in front of everyone was making Chris very uneasy.  Grinning broadly Marc held out his hand to Chris.  "I concede to the master.  This was your best yet."

Taking Marc's offered hand Chris meekly asked, "You're not mad at me are you?"

"No.  Right now it seems funny.  But if I can't get rid of it we may have another talk."

"What did you use?"  Britney asked.

"A Sharpy," Chris said.

"Oh, I know how to get rid of it.  Marc stop by my dressing room and I'll give you something that will take it off."

"Thanks, Brit."

There was a loud knock at the door.  JC answered it and found Pete.  Stepping into the room he froze seeing the three new additions.  Looking to Marc, Pete asked, "Can I see you out in the hall?"

"Sure," Marc said giving a shrug as he followed Pete into the hall.

Rubbing his temples Pete asked, "Why are most of the Backstreet Boys here?"

Pete walked back into the room with Marc trailing behind.  "The limo is waiting," Pete announced.  "Are you guys ready?"

"We're born ready," Justin said as he got up.

"Ok, let's move it out then," Pete snapped as he turned on his heals.

Lance went to Marc, "How bad was it?"

"I guess I should have warned Pete.  He was just surprised.  I assured him that we will BSB free by tomorrow night."

"You still not playing tonight?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, Pete doesn't want to put any more pressure on me."

"What about tonight?  Are you guys coming?"  Lance asked.

"I'll be there and I think I can get the others to come too.  We just have to be invisible."

Lance grinned, "Good luck."  Leaning in he gave Marc a quick kiss.

"See you later, James," Marc softly said as Lance headed out the door.

Kevin approached Marc as the door closed.  "I take it your tour manager wasn't too happy to find us here?"

"He'll get over it," Marc sighed.  "He just wishes I'd stop picking up strange "Backstreet" men."

"What?" Kevin exclaimed.

"So far I've made friends with three of you.  Some day I plan to have the full set," Marc smirked.

 JC was lying back in his limo seat with his eyes closed, "I'm so glad this is the last show before L.A." 

"I'm ready for a change," Chris said.

"Yes, a bed. . . . the same bed for over a week," JC said with a smile. 

"And clubs, lots of clubs, partying till all hours of the night," Joey said with glee.

"Ah, guys, let's not forget why we are going to L.A."  Lance reminded them. "We're there to work on the new album.  We've got a half dozen writers and composers meeting with us."

"But we do have some free time don't we?"  Justin asked.

"Yes, we do have some free time," Lance sighed.  "But we have to come up with twenty possible songs, and if you remember we are committed to eight original songs by us. . . .  Josh, how many completed songs do we have?"

"One.  And three partial songs."

"Is that all?"  Chris asked in astonishment.

"I have a couple other ideas I've been working on," Josh added.

"Anyone else have anything?"  Lance asked.

"I've got a couple ideas," Justin offered.

Joey sighed, "I guess there won't be that much partying after all.  We got our work cut out for us."

"Lance, what does Marc have planned for L.A.?"  Chris asked.

"He's going to be doing the same thing we are.  He needs to work on his music, so he has scheduled a rehearsal studio in the same building we will be working in."

"Now is that convenient," Chris grinned.  "Just don't get caught making out in a closet."

"We wouldn't do that," Lance protested as a blush rose.

"Look at him," Justin laughed, "The two of them must have already done it."

"It wasn't a closet.  It was a dark . . ."

"Marc, when will you be leaving for the venue?"  Kevin asked.

"Security will be by to pick me up around seven," Marc said.  "I hoped you all would want to join me tonight.  Or is it against some rule to check out the competition?"

"No.  We just didn't know if we'd be welcome;" Brian said.

Marc rolled his eyes, "Of course you are welcome, you just can't be seen by anyone."

"Darn!  I knew I should have packed my invisibility cape," Brian joked.

"You don't have to be invisible, you just can't be yourself."

"If we can't be ourselves who are we to be?"  Kevin asked.

"You just need to be more normal."

Kevin and Brian looked at each other totally confused.

"Dress down.  Jeans, and a normal shirt," Marc tried to explain.  "Ah, dress nerdy.  Nothing bright or flashy.  Don't dress to call attention to yourself. 

"Got yeah," Kevin said. "What does everyone want to do in the mean time?"

"I'm going to take a nap," Howie said. 

Brian looked at Leighanne, "We're going to rest also.  Neither of us slept too well last night."

"Well it looks like it's just Kevin and me," Marc observed.  "I need to burn off some energy.  You up for a workout in the fitness center?"

"Sounds good," Kevin said.  "I'll go get changed."

"Great! Why don't we meet by the elevator in about ten minutes."

Marc and Kevin went to get changed leaving the other three in Marc's suite sitting room.  "You remember Marc's workout don't you?"  Howie asked.

"Yes, I do.  Do you think we should warn him?" Brian asked.

Howie thought for a long moment.  "No, I think Kevin should experience Marc for himself."

Brian looked at his watch one more time.  "Relax," Howie said.  "There is plenty of time."

"How long a workout can they be having?"  Brian asked.

"What you saw last time was just a warm up for Marc," Howie pointed out. "I was foolish enough to suggest a workout the other day and he about killed me."

All attention was drawn to voices in the hall.  Brian, Leighanne, and Howie looked up as the door opened.  "Marc, I really enjoyed our workout," Kevin said with a smile.  "I'll see you in a hour."  Kevin closed the door and slumped against it slowly sliding down it until he was sitting.  "I think I'm going to die."

"What's wrong cus?" Brian said as he went to Kevin's aide.

Looking up wearily Kevin stated, "That guy is insane.  Where in the hell did you ever find him?"

Howie laughed as he held out his hand to help Kevin up.  "I take it you tried to keep up with Marc?"

"You bet," Kevin said as he rose to unsteadily legs.  "And I did, . . . . . barely."

"Come on let's get you into a hot shower before you start feeling your workout," Brian said as he moved Kevin toward his room.

Marc was coming out of his shower drying his hair when his cell rang.  Looking at his caller ID Marc smiled as he answered it.  "Hello, *Nsync insane asylum.  This is Marc, head keeper of the loonies."

There was laughter on the other end of the line.  "I see the loonies have taken over the asylum,"  Sara chuckled.

"Yep!  The loonies rule!  What's up Sara?"

"Just wanted to know how yesterday went?"

Marc sighed, "It wasn't too bad.  After my little melt down, I was well taken care of.  Each of the guys took turns holding me.  I've never felt so loved as I did then."

"I'm glad they were there for you," Sara said. "I just wish we could figure out why this happens to you."

"Sis, I think I know why it happens each year."

"You do?"

"Yeah, something different happened yesterday.  I had a dream."

"Oh!  That same dream?"  Sara asked. 

"No not the crash dream.  It was a dream about what happened before the crash."

"Is it as disturbing as the crash dream?"  Sara asked.

"No.  Just the opposite," Marc assured Sara.  "It was something I needed to see.  Sara, I saw my family.  My real family."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, in my heart I know I had a twin brother and a little brother.  I also had a mom and dad and we were a very happy family."

"Didn't you know that from the other dream?"

"Yeah, but that dream ended to horribly.  This one was of a time before the crash.  The whole family was on a picnic.   And we were all happy."

"Do you really know any more than you did before?"

"No not really.  My family still had no faces.  But the big difference was that this dream I now remember having it before."


"Each year on the 20th."

"Then it's this dream that makes you so depressed," Sara observed.

"No.  This dream shows me the happy part of my life.  It's the other dream that affects me.  On the 20th I greave for the family I lost in the crash."  Marc was quiet for a long time.

"Hey, kid, you all right?" 

"Yeah, I'm all right.  I was just thinking."

"About what?"  Sara asked.

"If I'm ever going to find out about my past." Marc sighed.  "Sara, at times it hurts so much.  I, I, don't know what to do." 

"Marc, have you told Lance how you feel?"

"Yeah, and he's tries to understand," Marc softly said.

"Marc, is Lance there with you?"

"No.  They've already gone to the venue.  I'll be going over a little later."

"I don't think you should be alone."

"I'm not alone.  I'm going to supper with some friends," Marc said.

"But you said they were working."

"They are.  But Howie, Brian, Kevin, Leighanne and I are going to supper then take in the concert."

"Who are they?"  Sara asked.

Marc laughed, "The first three are known as Backstreet Boys and Leighanne is Brian's girlfriend."

"Ah, are you changing sides?"  Sara asked.

"No!" Marc chuckled.  "They are just friends."

Leighanne was waiting with the others for Marc arrive when his door opened, "Grrrrr," Leighanne purred.  "Now that's hot."

Brian was totally shocked at his girlfriend's statement but when he looked at Marc his heart skipped a beat.  "Shit!"

Kevin followed everyone's open mouth gaze and shook his head at what he saw.  "I thought the idea was for us not to draw attention."

"Let me guess.  None of your regular shirts would fit," Howie chuckled.

"Yeah," Marc blushed.  "I shouldn't have had such an intense workout."

"Placing his hand on Marc's chest Howie gave it a pat.  "You look great.  I don't think we have anything to worry about.  With you looking so good no one will even notice the rest of us. Lets go get something to eat."

"K, let's go," Marc said as he placed his arm around Howie's shoulder and the pair went into the elevator.

Brian and Kevin gave each other questioning looks.

Their dinner went without incidents; no one noticed the BSB guys even though Marc drew some appreciative stares.  They arrived at the theater in a security van and had no problem getting backstage.  Looking up as the door opened Chris saw Marc and his group enter.  "Oh no.  Not again," Chris muttered after seeing Marc.

A smile spread across Lance's face after spotting Marc.  A low rumble came from Lance, "Oh, yeah!"

JC looked from Lance to Marc.  Grabbing Marc by the arm he said, "I need to talk to you in the hall."  Marc had very little choice as he was dragged into the hall.

"What's up Josh?"

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"  JC demanded.

"I thought I was playing host to my friends," Marc answered not at all sure what was with JC.

"Not that!  Why are you here looking like that."

"Like what?"  Marc demanded. "Did I forget to put on my pants or something?"

"You might as well have not worn any pants.  You've got Lance so distracted he's going to be of little use on stage tonight.  You come in here all pumped after your workout and you know what that does to him."

"Oh, sorry, I didn't think of that," Marc said as a blush rose.  "What can I do about it now?" 

JC rubbed the back of his neck as he contemplated the problem.  "You are going to have to take care of him.  And you only have about an hour."

Marc grinned, "Are you saying with I think your saying?"

Josh sighed, "Yes, do what ever it takes just make sure his mind is on tonight's show not on you."

Marc shrugged, "I'll do my best."

JC poked his head back into the room.  "Lance, can I talk to you please."

"Yes, Josh, what did you want?"  Lance asked upon joining Marc and Josh in the hall.

Turning to Marc, JC said.  "You have just one hour to take care of the problem."  With that said he left his friends standing in the hall.

"Do you know what that was all about?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah!" Marc said as he took Lance's hand and dragged him down the hall looking for someplace private.  Spotting an empty dressing room he pulled Lance in and locked the door.

"What's going on," Lance demanded.

"I've been ordered to take care of a problem," Marc said as he stepped close.

"What problem?"

"This problem," Marc said as he rubbed Lance's bulge.

"Oh!  And how do you plan on taking care if that?"

"Well since time is kind of short how about this," Marc said as he lowered himself before his lover.

Lance shuttered as Marc pulled down his pants and a warm moist feeling engulfed his hard member.

JC was standing off by himself rubbing his neck when Justin came up to him.  "Is there a problem?  Where are Lance and Marc?"

"I don't believe I just did what I did," JC softly said.

"What did you do?"  Justin asked.

"You saw Marc when he came in didn't you?"

"Yeah, his workout makes him look hot."

"That's the problem," JC sighed.  "When Marc looks like that Lance becomes a babbling fool.  There's no way Lance could perform tonight without messing up."

"What can we do?"  Justin asked.

"I already took care of it.  I told Marc he had to take care of Lance so he could perform."

"You mean Marc and Lance are off having. . . ."

"Yes!  I sent them off to have sex.  God, I feel like a pimp.  Sending my two friends off for a quickie."

Justin chuckled, "At times you do dress like one.  But I understand.  You did what you thought needed to be done.  I'm sure the two of them will find a way to carry on."  Justin grinned at JC with bobbing eyebrows.

JC blushed deeply and started to laugh.

That night the show was incredible, the energy level was way up and the guys nailed every number.  The fact that their main competition was in the audience had a lot to do with it also.  Marc and his BSB friends headed back to the hotel ahead of the others.  Sneaking in the back way they made their way to the safety of their floor.

Everyone was waiting in Marc's suite when voices could be heard coming down the hall.  Britney and Justin entered hand in hand followed by the rest of the guys.  Everyone sat around talking for the next hour unwinding before everyone drifted off to their own rooms for a good night's rest.

Lance had disappeared just as everyone was saying their good nights.  Locking the door and turning off the lights Marc made his way to the bedroom.  A big grin spread across his face as Marc spotted Lance leaning against the bathroom door wearing a smile and his Colonel coat.

"Is everyone gone?"

"Ah, yea, yeah.  Eve, every ow one has gone to bed," Marc said with a dry mouth.

"Good," Lance purred as he slowly walked toward Marc.  Running his hand across Marc's chest Lance brushed his fingers lightly over his left nipple feeling the nub harden under his touch.

"Tonight you looked so hot, you always look hot after you workout, "Lance seductively cooed.   "I get so turned on when I see these muscles bulging and hard," 

Marc shuttered as he felt Lance's hand move lower, brushing the front of his jeans.

"I see someone else is turned on tonight."  Reaching down Lance squeezed Marc's growing hardness making Marc gasp.  "I wonder what's causing this?"

"You know very well," Marc breathlessly said.  "That outfit is a total turn on."

"What?  This old thing?"  Lance chuckled.  "You Yankees.  It's a wonder you ever won the war."

Marc's eyes swept down his boyfriend, stopping at the bottom of Lance's coat.  "I think I may be in for a battle.  I can see the South has risen again and is ready to do battle."  Lance's erection stood proudly between the flaps of his coat.

"There is one thing I thought you Yankees would have learned by now," Lance said pulling Marc to him.  "You can't keep a southern boy down."  The first engagement began when Lance's tongue invaded Marc's mouth.  The score: southern boy 1, northern boy surrendering with pleasure.

Several hours after everyone turned in for the night the door to the BSB suite slowly opened and a figure quietly stepped out.  Moving down the hall the figure lightly knocked on another door.  As the door opened the light from the room revealed Howie looking up at Joey.  "Hi," Howie said nervously.

"Can't sleep?" Joey asked.

Howie shook his head.  "It's just strange being in the same suite with Brian and Leighanne."

Reaching out Joey said, "Come on.  You can bunk with me."

"Are you sure?"  Howie asked.

"Sure, no problem," Joey said as he let Howie in and closed the door.

Marc awoke to a very warm, moist feeling coming from his groin.  Reaching across the bed he found Lance was not there.  As he became more fully aware of his surroundings Marc looked down to find Lance giving him the most wonderful blowjob.

Looking up Lance stopped in mid stroke and smiled a cock filled smile.  "Good morning," Lance managed to mumble with his mouth full.

"I thought you southern boys had better manners than to talk with your mouth full," Marc chuckled.

Taking Marc deeply one more time Lance let Marc's erection slide from his mouth.  "You're right, that was bad manners.  My mama taught me better."  Sliding up Marc's body Lance gave Marc a deep good morning kiss.  Ending the kiss abruptly Lance rolled off Marc and out of bed.

"Hey!  Where you going?"

"To take a shower," Lance said with a smirk.

"How about finishing what you started?"  Marc protested.

Stopping at the door Lance turned back.  "If you'd like to join me in the shower, I'll see what I can do for you."

Jumping out of bed Marc followed Lance into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them.

It was almost nine when Marc got off the phone with room service, ordering up the breakfast carts.  He made a few more calls trying to juggle around the extra people.  With Britney's tour bus down, arrangements need to be made.  Marc knew that Britney's four dancers could easily ride with the *Nsync's band and dancers.  And he knew that Brit would want to ride with Justin. And adding the BSB contingent to *Nsync's own bus made it a little crowded; that was eleven people on a tour bus set up for eight.  That was not counting Brit's mom and Pete.  Marc sighed as he picked up the phone and made several calls.

After breakfast everyone returned to their rooms to finish packing.  Within twenty minutes all luggage was loaded on the baggage carts and everyone headed for the busses.  To everyone's relief Brit's mom and Pete decided to ride with one of the security vans.  The bus loaded in a secure area of the parking deck.  Knowing that there were hundreds of fans waiting to catch   a glimpse of *Nsync the BSB group moved to the lounge area to hide from *Nsync's fans.  Opening the lounge door everyone stopped as they caught site of the reworked lounge.

"I like," Kevin said as he climbed upon the large bed. 

"This is so great," Brian said with a grin.  Pulling Leighanne to him he gave her a quick kiss.  "A make out room."

Howie had to laugh.  "Actually it's Marc's and Lance's bedroom."

"Really?"  Leighanne asked.

Howie nodded.  "The bunks are too cramped to share.  They took to sleeping on the floor in here so they could have more room.  The others had their maintenance crew build this as a surprise for them."

The bus ride to L.A. was not going to be that long compared to the other day. A half hour after leaving Carson City boredom set in. 

Lance leaned in and whispered to Marc, "This is real fun."

"Yeah, we haven't had this many people on the bus at one time before," Marc said studying the group.

"I think we need to do something before everyone falls asleep." 

"I think I know what we can do."

"What?"   Lance asked.

Marc smiled as he got up, "It's show time."

Everyone followed Marc's movement as he went to cabinet above the office equipment and grabbed a stack of papers and a CD.

The *Nsync guys knew what Marc had in mind.

"Which one?"  Chris asked.

Marc held up the CD, "Paint Your Wagon."

"Oh, no!"  Justin moaned.

"Relax, Curley," Marc chuckled.  "You're not going to get stuck with the female lead again.  Britney can be Elizabeth."

"What exactly are we doing?" Kevin asked.

"It's show time," Chris said.  "With so much time to kill between cities we get bored quickly.  Marc came up with a way to pass the time."

"We do Broadway musicals," Joey said with a grin.

"And Justin and Chris have been stuck with the female parts," Marc added.

"All right, it sounds like fun," Kevin agreed.

Marc started to leaf through the papers in his arms.  "Brit, you get to be Elizabeth."  Handing Brit her music he turned to Kevin, "Kev, you are Ben Rumson.  Lance, you get to be Pardner."

"Why do they get the main parts?"  Justin wined.

"Because both of those parts are written for bass'," Joey said.

"Brian, you can be the Parson," Marc said as he handed him his part. "Joey, you are Mad Jack Duncan.  Chris, you are Clendennon.  Howie, you are Foster."

"What about me?"  Justin asked.

"You and JC are the miners," Marc said.  "Actually we are all miners."

"There's still one part," Lance reminded Marc.

"Oh yes. Rotten Luck Willie, that part is mine," Marc smirked.

George the bus driver slowly reached for the radio mic.  Keying the microphone George softly said.   "Heads up everyone.  It's show time."  Flipping a switch George activated four hidden microphones.

Most all activity on the other tour busses and semis came to a  hult as everyone listened to the combined groups worked their way threw the musical Paint Your Wagon.  Mistakes were common and because of the nature of some of the songs everyone had fun. 

Kevin really got in to his character.  The more he worked, the grizzlier he became, taking on the identity of the old miner.  Lance equally enjoyed his part as  Pardner.  This was one of the few times he got to shine and he enjoyed his solo, I Talk To The Trees.

Marc's favorite song was They call the Wind Maria which he did with the miner choirs.

Pete and Lynne Spears were intently listening to the singing coming from the radio. 

Miners choirs:   Maria.....Maria.... 
                        They call the wind Maria....... 
Marc:   Way out here 
                       They got a name 
                       for rain and wind and fire 
                       the rain is Tess 
                       the fire is Jo 
                       and they call the wind Maria

                        Maria throws the stars around 
                        and send the clouds a-flying 
                        Maria makes the mountains sound 
                        like folks were up their dying 

Miners choirs:   Maria.....Maria.... 
                        They call the wind Maria....... 
Marc:   Before I know Maria's name 
                         and heard her wail and whinning 
                         I had a girl and she had me 
                         the sun was always shinning 
                         But then one day 
                         I left my girl 
                         I left her behind me 
                         and now I'm lost 
                         Oh God I'm lost 
                         not even God can find me 
Miners choirs:   Maria...Maria... 
                         They call the wind Maria 
Marc: Out here they got a name for rain 
                           for wind and fire only 
                           But when your lost and all alone 
                           there is no name for gloomy 
                          And I'm a lost and lonely man 
                          without a star to guide me 
                          Maria blow my love to me 
                          I need my girl besides me 
Miners choirs:    Maria...Maria... 
                         They... call... the... wind... Maria 
Marc and choirs:
                 Blow... my... love.... to me...... 

"I hope someone has him under contract," Lynne stated.

"Lynn Harless is managing him," Pete said.  "But not for his voice."

"You mean he can do something better than sing?"

"He is a classical trained composer, arranger, and conductor."  Pete said.

"Then what the hell is he doing with *Nsync?"

Pete smiled, "Marc is spending the summer with his friends and falling madly in love."

"Marc and Lance do make a great couple," Lynne agreed.

Their arrival at the hotel was a mob scene.  Britney and the guys made a mad dash for the elevators and safety.  Marc stayed with the others as the bus pulled away from the front of the hotel and into the adjacent parking garage.  Entering through a side entrance the group made it up to the secure floor. 

Britney and her troop were scheduled to leave on a six o'clock flight and the BSB group was scheduled to leave a half hour later.  Good byes were said at the hotel.  There was no way that security was going to let the whole group to go to the airport to see everyone off.  Justin and Marc did go to the airport to see their friends off. 

In the VIP lounge the group waited for their flights to be called.  Brit and Justin sat off in a corner enjoying what little time they had left to them.  When Brit's flight was called Justin walked her to the lounge door.  Both were fighting back tears as they said their final good bye with a tender kiss.  Marc stood behind Justin as they watched Britney and her mom enter the jet way and disappear. 

Pulling Justin back against him Marc wrapped his arms around Justin's shoulders and gave him a hug.  "You all right," Marc softly asked.

Justin nodded as he let out a soft sob.  "Just hold me."

"Sure, bro.  What ever you need," Marc whispered as he tightened his hold on Justin.

Across the room Kevin watched Marc comfort Justin.  Kevin was awe struck at how effortless it was for Marc to show his love for Justin.  He could see there was a bond between the two of them, a bond that not many men could openly share. 

Justin watched Brit's plane take off all the time remaining in Marc's embrace.  With a sigh, Justin rubbed Marc's arm and Marc released him.

It was not long before the boarding call for the flight to Cincinnati was called.  Marc and Justin said their good byes with hugs.  Since the lounge was now empty Marc pulled Howie in for a big hug.  Not letting Howie go, Marc looked down into Howie's eyes.  "If you ever need to talk, you've got my cell."

"I'll call," Howie affirmed.

"You know I'm going to miss having you around," Marc said as his eyes started to water up.

"You and Lance have been the best friends I could have ever wanted," Howie said with a cracking voice.  "I'm going to miss you both."

Marc put a hand on the side of Howie's face and leaned in and gave him a tender kiss.  Breaking the kiss Marc said, "That was from Lance."  With a wicked smile Marc leaned back in and kissed Howie again.  This time it was a deeper almost passionate kiss.  "That one was from me," Marc whispered.  "Remember that I will always love you my friend."

Howie beamed at Marc's declaration.  As Howie steeped back he hesitated.  Leaning back in he whispered into Marc's ear.  "Will you do me a favor?  Will you give Joey this and tell him thanks for last night."  Howie gave Marc a kiss to be delivered.

Marc was grinning when Howie stepped back.  "I'll see to it," Marc said.

Howie turned and headed for the door, along the way picking up his dumbstruck friends.


** They Call The Wind Maria Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, Music by Frederick Loewe

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