My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

Last time:
It was early; light could be seen peaking in around the closed drapes of the bedroom.
Lance and Marc were snuggled together still deep in slumber. The door slowly opened and a head peered in. The door opened more as the figure crept toward the sleeping pair.  Violent movement of the bed brought both sleeping men wide awake.
"What the hell," Marc shouted.
"Come on, guys. Time to get up," Justin said as he jumped up and down on their bed.

"Justin, stop bouncing!" Lance shouted.

Justin stopped bouncing landing between Lance and Marc.

" Why are you here," Marc demanded.

"I'm here to get you two guys up," Justin said with a grin.

"Why?" Lance asked. "Today is a free day. We don't have to get up early."

"You do if we are going to get there early enough."

"Get where?" Marc asked as he laid back.

"We're in L.A. right. We can go to Disneyland," Justin bubbled happily.

Marc and Lance looked at each other and grinned. "Yeah," they both said.

"Then you agree Disneyland is a good idea?"

"Yeah, it is a good idea," Marc said. "Why don't you get everyone else up."

"I already have. You two were the last ones to get up."

"Why don't you go order breakfast while we get dressed," Lance suggested.

"Already did that," Justin stated not moving from the bed. Not saying anything Marc and Lance stared at Justin. "Oh, you guys want me to leave. Cause you two don't have anything on, do you?"

"You got it," Marc said giving Justin a push. "Get out of here so we can get dressed."

"Okay," Justin said as he headed into the other room. "Just don't take all day."
Justin dashed out of the room as two pillows came flying at him.

Chapter 44

Lance went into the bathroom to take his shower first, realizing that if they shared a shower they would probably miss breakfast. Marc laid out two outfits on the bed then entered the bathroom to brush his teeth. Marc bent down to spit out a mouth full of toothpaste, as he came back up he saw the reflection of Lance getting out of the shower.

"Your turn," Lance said as he started to dry himself.

Marc lightly brushed Lance's ass as he climbed into the shower. A small smile appeared on

Lance's face as he sighed, "You just can't keep your hands off of me. Can you?"

"That wasn't my hand," Marc said as he turned on the water.

"What was it then?"

Marc looked out at Lance and grinned, bobbing his eyebrows.

"You ass!"

"No. Your ass," Marc chuckled as he started to lather his body.

Shaking his head Lance quickly brushed his teeth, then went to dress.

Marc entered the bedroom with a towel slung low around his midriff. Lance looked up from his
laptop and smiled at the sight.

"What are you doing?" Marc asked.

"Just checking my e-mail. I have one from Angel."

"Cool! I haven't talked to her since last week," Marc said as he dressed. "Does she say anything you can share?"

"Hmm, let's see," Lance said as he scanned the e-mail. "She just asks how thing are going. . . . Wants to know when would be a good time for a chat. . . . . Asks how things was going with our visitors. . . . How did she know about our visitors?"

"I dropped her a note a couple days ago. I mentioned meeting three of the five Backstreet Boys."

"Oh! Angel says to give you her love and to please check your mail."

Marc smiled, "I'll do that while you guys are working. I'm ready for breakfast, are you?"

"While I'm thinking about it let me answer Angel's e-mail," Lance said.

"Okay, just don't take too long," Marc said as he headed for the sitting room.

"Marc, is Joey out there yet?"

Scanning the living room Marc said, "No, not yet."

"When he gets here can you tell him I need to talk to him about something?"

"Sure," Marc said as he closed the bedroom door behind himself.

Justin and JC were in the sitting room waiting for the others to arrive. "Morning, guys,"

Marc greeted them.

"Morning, Marc," JC replied. "You ready to attack the land of the mouse?"

"Yeah," Marc said with a laugh. "I'm interested to see how different this park is from the
Orlando park."

"You've been to Disney World?" Justin asked.

Marc nodded. "Twice when I was in drum corps. The world championships were held there.
The Scouts preformed at the Magic Kingdom® and Epcot® during the week of championships. After we preformed we had a couple hours to explore the parks."

"That's not enough time to see anything," Justin said.

"You're right. Just time to take in one or two rides and get something to eat."

"Well today we will be able see a lot more of the park," Justin stated.

The door to the suite opened as Chris and Joey entered. "Where's breakfast?" Chris asked.

"It's on its way," Justin answered.

"Good, I'm hungry," Chris said as he sat down.

Looking at the entering duo Marc said, "Joe, Lance needs to talk to you."

"Sure, where is he?"

"He's on the computer in the bedroom. Go ahead in."

There was a soft knock on the door as Joey came into the bedroom. Lance looked up from his laptop, "Hi, Joe, be right with you."

"K, take your time," Joey said as he sat on the end of the bed.

Lance completed his note to Angel then signed off.

Turning in his seat Lance looked into Joey's questioning eyes. "How are you doing," Lance

Frowning Joey replied, "I'm fine. Why?"

"You know Marc tells me everything," Lance said waiting to see Joe's reaction.

Fear swept Joe's face. "He, he told you about. . ."

Lance nodded. "Yes. And what happened after."

Joe stood up in shock. "I, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to know what it was like. God, Lance,
I'm so sorry. I won't do it again."

Lance moved in front of Joey as he pleaded for him to understand.

"Shit! I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Lance put a finger to Joe's lips silencing him. "You just wanted to know what it was like?"

Joey nodded.

Lance moved his hand behind Joe's head and pulled him toward him.

The breakfast carts arrived and everyone dug into the food. Marc went to the bedroom door to
let Joe and Lance know the food had arrived. The door opened as Marc was about to knock.

"Hi. Is breakfast ready?" Lance asked. Marc noticed Lance was a little flushed.

"Yeah, it just arrived. Where is Joey?"

"Oh, ah he will need a couple minutes."

"James, what are you up to?"

Lance sighed. "I thought Joe needed something to compare to."

"You didn't!" Marc whispered.

Grinning Lance nodded. "You are right, he is a good kisser."

"Ah, how far did you go?"

"There is no doubt about it. Our boy will have no problems if he and Howie get together," Lance said softly.

"How was he when you left him?"

"Kind of dazed and a little bit excited," Lance said as he brushed across the front of Marc's

Chuckling Marc shook his head. "Go get something to eat. I want to check on Joe."

Marc found the bedroom empty but heard water running from the bathroom.  Joey came out of the bathroom and stopped short seeing Marc. "Ah, Marc."

"Joe, are you all right?"

"Yeah, why did you ask?"

"Joe, I'm sorry. I didn't know why Lance wanted to talk to you. I didn't know he was going to
do what he did."

"Damn! You two really don't keep secrets from each other."

Grinning Marc said, "This kind of stuff we agreed that we would let each other know what was
going on. Too many couples break up over this kind of thing. Mainly when the other person
finds out about this from a third party."

"So you both agreed that it was all right for both of you to kiss other guys?"

"In certain circumstance, yes."

"But I was the one that started this last night when I kissed you," Joey pointed out.

"Did I not return your kiss?"


"Joe, Lance and I understand that you are having a hard time understanding your feelings toward Howie. We just wanted to let you know we will support you on whatever you decide to do."

"Ah, this is just between the three of us, right?"

"Joe, you don't have to worry about Lance or I outing you. Right now you are just exploring
your feelings for Howie. We see that a friendship with Howie is likely to happen. But anything
more is up to you and Howie to decide. If that's the way you are going to go it will be your
decision when you will tell the others not mine."

"Thanks, Marc. I appreciate you keeping this to yourself."

"Just remember, Joe. If you need to talk Lance and I are here for ya."

A light breakfast was called for; everyone remembered where they were headed and the kind of rides they wanted to go on. As everyone was finishing their breakfast there was a knock at the door. Chris answered it, "Hey, Steve. Have you had breakfast?"

"I already ate. Security and transport are ready when you guys are."

"You coming along?" Marc asked.

"Justin called me last night about today."

"You started setting this up last night?" Marc asked Justin.

"Yeah, Brit gave me the idea when we talked last night. I talked to Josh about it then we talked
to the others. We called Pete and asked if it was possible. While Pete was setting everything up I called Steve and asked him if he wanted to go."

"All this happened last night?" Marc asked. "Why didn't you let us know about it?"

"We figured you two wouldn't want to be bothered last night," Justin replied. "I saw room
service deliver dinner for two and figured you two had planned a quiet evening in."

Marc and Lance looked at each other and smiled. "Thanks for not disturbing us. We did have a quiet evening."

"That's not what I heard," Chris snorted.

A blush quickly rose on Lance and Marc.

"You two are never quiet when you're making out," Chris added as a final jab.

"Chris, stop picking on them," Joe said. "They are not loud all the time."

"You're right. There are those long periods of time when you hear nothing out of either
of them. I always wondered what they are doing then."

Clearing his throat Marc said, "That's something you will never know. Is everyone ready to go?"

Everyone grinned at Marc's attempt to change the subject and save Lance and himself from
further embarrassment.

Making their way to a private entrance of the hotel they found two Disneyland courtesy vans
waiting for them along with five bodyguards.

Looking at Steve, Marc noted, "I guess our asses aren't worth protecting."

"These guys pays the bills," one of the guards said. "You two don't."

"Well! If that's how it is," Marc said. "We'll just have to guard each other." Taking Steve's arm

Marc pulled him into the back van and sat down.

Lance gave Marc a strange look when he climbed into the van.

"Today Steve is my date and it looks like Lonnie is yours," Marc said with a grin.

The courtesy vans took everyone right into the park, past the lines of people waiting to enter the park. The group was escorted into the welcoming center to meet up with their tour guides.

There was one other group already waiting ahead of them.

An older lady approached their group, "Good morning, gentlemen. Welcome to Disneyland. It
will be just a little while before your guide arrives."

"What guide?" Marc asked.

"Pete said we could go only if we took the VIP tour," Justin said. "It is easier for our security
because we wont be waiting in any lines. On the VIP tour we go right to the front of the line."

"That doesn't sound fair."

"We offer it to all our celebrity guests," the hostess said. "This way your visit to our park will be
with less hassle from fans."

Looking across the room Marc saw a group of young boys all in wheelchairs. "What about that

The hostess sighed, "We offer the same service to our handicapped guests. Unfortunately, they have arrived early and we are trying to get enough hosts for that group."

"Why do you need hosts?" Marc asked.

"To help the boys on and off the rides."

Lance looked at the group of boys across the room. Saying to the hostess, "Will you excuse us for a moment?"

"Sure, I'll go check on the other group."

"Guys, a quick meeting," Lance announced.

As everyone gather around Chris asked, "What's on your mind?"

"I was just thinking," Lance started out. "It may take some time for the Disney people to get
together enough hosts for the first group. And while we wait for them both groups will be
wasting time that could be spent on rides."

"So what can we do?" Josh asked.

"How about we combine the two groups? Each of us can take one of the boys and be their host.

They aren't that big we should be able to help them on and off the rides."

"Sounds like a plan," Chris said.

"Just one moment," Marc interrupted. "Let me find out some things first."
Marc walked over to a lady that seemed to be the chaperone of the group of boys. Marc had an intense conversation with the lady, questions and answers being exchanged.

Returning to the guys Marc said, "Okay, here is the story. The seven boys are winners of a
contest held at their rehab center. Most of them have been in their wheelchairs most of their lives and a couple due to amputation due to accidents. Physically they have no restrictions; they have no back problems that would keep them off any of the rides.  All they need is help getting on and off the rides."

"Well guys, what do you think?" Lance asked.

Everyone kind of looked around nodding. "Sure why not," Chris said.

Across the room the boy were huddled together stealing glances at the other group.

"Guys, I know it is them," Rob a small twelve year old whispered. "That's *Nsync. I know it."

"Really? I wonder what they are doing here?" Tom, Rob's twin brother asked.

"Probably the same thing we are, dick weed," Bobby Joe, a surly thirteen year old snapped.
"They're here for the rides."

"Bobby Joe, do we have to listen to you be a butt hole all day?" Tom the youngest of the group
at nine asked.

"Eat me," Bobby Joe growled.

"In your dreams," Tom countered. The others laughed at the exchange and Bobby Joe fumed.

The *Nsync group moved over to where the boys chaperone and the hostess were in a heated
conversation. "How long will it be?" the chaperone asked."I'm not sure. As soon as we get enough hosts for your group we can begin."

"Excuse me," Lance said interrupting. "We may have a solution to everyone's problems."

The hostess looked intrigued, "What is your solution?"

"How about we combine both groups. That way we need only one guide and the seven of us can be the hosts for the boys."

"You would be willing to do that?" an astonished hostess asked.

"Sure!" everyone answered.

It only took a few minutes to pair up each of the guys with one of the boys. Marc paired off with
Bobby Joe the oldest of the group and the largest. The chaperone, Miss Thompson pulled Marc aside. "I thought I should warn you about Bobby Joe. He lost both of his legs in a car accident about a year and a half ago. He has a bad attitude and a mouth you would not believe."

"It looks like he lost his legs below the knee. Why hasn't he been fitted with prosthesis?"

"He refuses to try them. He would rather sit in his chair and be mad at the world."

"Thanks for the warning," Marc said as he approached Bobby Joe.

"Hi, I'm Marc. I guess you're my partner," Marc said offering his hand to Bobby Joe.

"Yeah, whatever," Bobby Joe said ignoring Marc's hand. "Let's get going."

Marc sighed as he fell in step with the others as their tour began. `Kid, you may think you are a hard ass but you haven't come up against me before,' Marc thought.

The boys were all in electric wheelchairs, and when they wanted could move faster then those

The tour started in Adventure Land . And the first place they hit was the Enchanted Tiki Room. The Tiki Room was easy for the boys, they were able to just roll in and park on the upper level. And being allowed to enter before the rest of the audience made it easer to get everyone settled. The bodyguards stayed at the back of the room trying to blend in. The lights dimmed and a spotlight fell on the brightly colored parrot emcee and the beginning of the tropical revue of sining birds, flowers, and Tikii poles. Most everyone enjoyed the show only Bobby Joe mumbled something under his breath.

The next stop was the Jungle Cruise and with the help from the guys everyone boarded the riverboat for their African adventure. Then the group headed for Indiana Jones? Adventure for a wild ride. The ride bounced everyone around quite a bit but Marc was relieved to see everyone came through the ride in good shape. Even Bobby Joe let his board bored facade slip and a smile appeared.

Next the group headed for New Orleans Square and the Haunted Mansion. The ride was a good change of pace from the last one and a cool break from the increasing heat of the day. Heading down the hill and around a bunch of gift shops they made their way to Pirates of the Caribbean , another cool ride.

"Okay! Enough of the kiddy rides.  Let's find something exciting," Tommy prodded.

Marc looked at their guide, "Well any ideas?"

John their guide grinned, "I know just the one."

The group followed John to Splash Mountain. Stopping at a side entrance John announced, "We can't take the wheelchairs past this point. There is too much water around for the electric chairs."

The guys looked at Marc wondering how we were going to do this.

"Bobby, lock your wheels. We're going to have to do this piggy back." Marc squatted down in
front of Bobby as he slipped off the chair wrapping his arms around Marc's neck. Marc
pulled Bobby's legs around his waist and stood up. As the group made their way to the boarding area they could see the end of the ride where the logs they were going to ride in came out of the mountain and plunged down the plumb ending in a great spray of water.

"Oh, yeah," Marc said as he watched another log full of people fall and hit bottom.
Bobby and Marc locked themselves into the front seat of the log. Marc was amazed that one of the others didn't take the front seat. Marc thought it was nice of the guys to let them have the
front seat and made a mental note to thank them later. The ride was a lot of fun but as their log
approached the last drop Marc finally realized why no one was in the front seat. Their log paused just a second at the tip of the plumb. "Oh! Shit!" Marc yelled as they dropped over the edge to a very wet landing. The first two rows of each log got drenched with water.

"Shit, that water is cold," Bobby said as he climbed onto Marc's back.

"Want to go again?" Marc asked.

"No way!"

"How was your seat?" Chris asked with a cheesy grin.

"You guys could have at least warned us about the front seat," Marc said.

"What and ruin our fun?" Joey added.

"Come on.  Let's go," Bobby prodded Marc.

Ignoring Bobby Marc walked over to a railing and watched as another log emerged from the
mountain and made its plunge.

"Marc, look out!" Lance shouted trying to warn Marc.

Marc turned as the log hit bottom sending out a wall of water that fell over Bobby and himself.

"Hey, shit head. What you trying to do drown us?" Bobby shouted as he tried to get Marc to move.

"Lighten up, kid. You'll dry off."

"God damn ass hole, move it before another one comes."

Marc set his jaw. He wasn't going to let this big mouth kid get to him. And he wasn't going to
put up with his mouth. "You know you have a dirty mouth on you, kid," Marc said as he heard
screams coming from the top of the plumb. Turning so they were both facing splash mountain
they caught the full force of the wall of water face on.  Bobby was coughing up water because he had is mouth open about to say something to Marc when the water hit.

"Please, no more."

"Are you going to be nice and watch your mouth?" Marc asked as another log came into view at the top of the mountain.

"Yes, yes I'll be nice and watch my mouth. Just no more, please."

As the log crest the mountain opening Marc made a dash to join the other in a dryer spot.

"Where to next?" Marc asked as he and Bobby joined the others.

"How about the Mark Twain Riverboat?" the guide asked.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Marc said.

Bobby leaned in and softly said, "You can put me back in my chair."

"Nope don't think so," Marc said as he followed the group.

"Why? Aren't you getting tired carrying me?"

"You don't weigh that much. Besides this way when your mouth gets ahead of your brain it will
easier to drop you in a fountain."

"Am I going to stay wet all day?" Bobby whined.

"It's up to you," Marc said as he stepped aboard the riverboat. "Myself, I'd like to
dry out and enjoy the rest of the day."

"Duck!" Bobby shouted as they approached the stairway to the upper deck. Marc ducked lower to clear the low beam.

"Hey, kid, you don't have to shout you're right next to my ear," Marc said as he rubbed his ear.


Finding seats in the sun Marc lowered Bobby into one and took the one next to him. They sat
quietly as the boat filled up. Marc noticed Lance come up the stairs.

"Here you guys are. Why are you up here?"

Marc smiled, "Just trying to dry off. The sun feels good."

"You guys really got drenched."

"Several times," Bobby added.

Lance gave Bobby a smile.

"Lance, I don't think you've met my young friend here. This is Bobby Joe Brown, a young man
of many opinions. Bobby, this is my best friend Lance Bass."

"It's nice to meet you, Bobby," Lance said offering him his hand. Bobby didn't move to shake
hands until Marc elbowed him in the side.

Hesitantly Bobby shook Lance's hand. "It's good to meet you, Lance."

Lance looked a little amused.

"See, that was not so hard was it?" Marc said. Looking to Lance he added, "He's learning fast.  By the end of the day he may be human again."

Bobby looked at Marc with a frown.

"Well I'm going to head back down," Lance said. "See you guys back on land."

"K," Marc said as he gave Lance a wink.

"Marc, what did you mean I might be human again?"

"Well, Bobby, to begin with your attitude really sucks. You show no social courtesies.  Everyone thinks you're a ass. You ignore common courtesies like a simple handshake when you meet some one new. You speak without thinking that what you may say may not be taken well or may even hurt someone's feelings. And because of that I don't think you have too many friends."

Bobby looked down at the floor. "I, I don't have any friends."

Marc put a hand on the boys shoulder. "Wrong, you've got one."

Marc and Bobby joined up with the others dockside. "Where to now?" Marc asked.
"I thought we drop in on The Golden Horseshoe Stage the next show starts in ten minutes," their guide suggested. There was a table reserved for VIP guests. Marc set Bobby down, "Do you want something to drink?"

"Yes, please, a lemonade."

Marc went to order their drinks when Lance joined him. "Did I hear a please come out of

Marc smiled, "He's trying. He's holding in a lot of anger."

"Well good luck with him," Lance said as Marc paid for his drinks.

After the show at the Golden Horseshoe everyone headed for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for a thrilling ride down a mountain.

"That wasn't too bad," JC said of the last ride.

"Hey, is anyone getting hungry?" Joey asked.

"I could do with something to eat," Justin said.

Marc turned to the guide and asked. "Of all the rides we still have to ride, what is the biggest
and the meanest?"

"That would be Space Mountain, the biggest roller coaster in the park."

"Can we do that before lunch? That way no one will lose their lunch on it."

"Good idea," everyone agreed.

Space Mountain was such a rush everyone wanted to go on it again, which they did. Then the group headed for a private picnic enclosure adjacent to Big Thunder Barbecue for lunch. It was aquiet relaxing area shaded by large trees and grassy areas.

A buffet was set up for the group, barbecued chicken and ribs, ranch-style beans, sweet corn
bread and pie. The boys eyes bugged out when they saw the *Nsync group attack the food line.

Most were wondering if they were going to leave anything for them but were surprised when their partner placed the heaping plates of food down in front of them. "Dig in, boys, there is more where that came from," Joey said.

Marc returned with his plate and sat down beside Bobby. "What's wrong? Did I forget
something?" Marc asked the stunned boy.

"Do you really expect me to eat all of this?"

"You're a growing boy, eat what you like."

"Do you guys always eat like this?"

Marc chuckled, "Not always. But with what these guys do for a living they will burn this off with
no problem."

Bobby started attacking his plate with gusto. Marc smiled as he handed Bobby a bunch of
napkins; the way he was eating the ribs he needed them.

Within forty minutes everyone had their fill and the group was breaking up as everyone sought
out a shady spot to digest their lunch.

"Marc, can you help me?" Bobby whispered.

"Sure what do you need?"

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"Sure, let me get your chair."

"No. I just need your help." Bobby climbed onto Marc's back.

Entering the restroom Marc went to the handicapped stall and placed Bobby on the seat.

"Thanks, I'll be just a couple minutes."

"K give a shout when you're done," Marc said as he went to use the urinal.

Bobby was taking quite a long time and Marc was wondering if something was wrong.

"Marc, you still there?"

"Yeah, you all right?"

"Ah, no not really. I need your help."

Marc entered the stall to find Bobby having trouble pulling his pants back up. "Oh, I see your

"With my chair I have the arm rests to hold onto as I pull everything up."

"But you don't have your chair. Why not just stand up and pull everything up?"

"Ah, I can't stand up," Bobby pointed out.

"Yes you can. Your knees still work don't they?"


"Kneel on you knees and pull your pants up."

Holding on to the handrail Bobby slipped off the toilet onto his knees. A smile spread across his face before he started to wobble.

"Get your balance first then move slowly," Marc suggested.

Moving slowly Bobby managed to get everything tucked away. Grinning he looked up at Marc.

"Ready?" Marc asked.

Bobby nodded as Marc stooped so Bobby could climb aboard. Heading back out Marc swung by the buffet and picked up a hand full of wet whips. Marc deposited the both of them under a large tree. "Here," Marc said as he handed Bobby some wet whips. "Wash your hands. The idea of your hands around my neck after you've been playing with yourself is not  too pleasing."

Bobby nudged Marc in the side, "I was not playing with myself."

"Yeah, sure. Thirteen year olds are always horny," Marc nudged back.

"No, we aren't," Bobby protested.

"Oh, than that must have been a roll of coins in your pocket I felt when I was carrying you."

A blush quickly rose. "I hoped you didn't notice," Bobby softly said.

"Don't worry about it, it happens to everyone," Marc said as he lay back on the grass.

There was a long silence as they gazed up into the tree. "Marc, why haven't you asked about my legs?"

"I figured you would tell me when you were ready."

"I, I lost them in a car accident," Bobby stammered. "And I lost my mom and dad also."

Marc rolled on his side and looked down at Bobby. He could see this was hard for the boy as his eyes welled up with tears.

"I understand, Bobby."

"How could you," Bobby snapped. "No one knows how I feel."

"I lost my family in a accident also. My mom and dad and two brothers all died in the accident."

Bobby looked at Marc with trembling lips. "I miss them so much."

Marc pulled Bobby into his arms and held tight. "I know it hurts, kid. But without the hurt there
is no healing." Bobby sobbed into Marc's chest as Marc rubbed his back.

"Why didn't I die with them?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know. I've asked myself the same question. But I think God has a plan for us. There is
some reason we were left here."

"At least God left you whole. Not like me," Bobby said bitterly.

"Bobby, God didn't leave me whole. I've lost the memory of who I am in the accident. I don't
remember much about my life before the accident. At least you have memories of your mom and dad, I don't."

Lance was looking for Marc when he heard voices coming from the other side of the tree. His
heart sank as he heard what Marc was saying. He wanted so much to go and comfort him but
knew he couldn't.

Making a wide arc around the tree, Lance came into Marc's field of vision.

Marc noticed the concern on his lover's face. He nodded recognition and gave a small smile
trying to indicate everything was going to be all right.

Lance gave a slight nod and returned to his boy.

Marc held Bobby for a long time. As they both calmed down Bobby looked up at Marc, "You
know I've never talked to anyone about the accident."

"You were just waiting for the right person to come along," Marc said

"You really don't remember your family?" Bobby asked.

Marc sighed, "When I woke up in a hospital I had no idea who I was and where I came from."

"Didn't any of your family visit you in the hospital?"

"If I have more family they didn't know I survived the crash. When I woke up in the hospital it
was some time after the accident. I was in the hospital because I had fallen in a large hole and
broke my leg and took a very bad hit on my head. When I woke up I found out I wasn't in here,"
Marc said tapping his head.

"Then you don't have anyone."

"Yeah, from my life before I woke up there is no one. But since I woke up I've gotten a
dad and a sister. Sara, my sister, was my nurse, and our dad was my doctor. And also five

"Wow! Five brothers, what are their names?"

Smiling, Marc pointed to the guys sitting under the trees, "There's Justin, Joey, Chris, Josh, and Lance."


Marc nodded, "Yep, they are my best friends and my family."


Marc looked up as Justin sat down next to him.

"Hi, guys.   What's up?" Justin asked.

"Just talking," Marc said. "Justin, this is Bobby Joe. Bobby Joe, this is Justin."

Justin reached across Marc to shake hands with Bobby, "It's nice to meet you, Bobby Joe."
Bobby didn't hesitate and shook Justin's hand. "Hi, Justin. Is it true that Marc is your brother?"

"Yep, this here is my big bro," Justin said as he threw his arm around Marc's shoulder and hugged him.

"You two don't look like brothers," Bobby stated with a mischievous grin.

"That's because he looks like the postman," Marc said giving Justin a nudge.

"Mom said you're related to the postman, not me," Justin said as he started to wrestle with Marc.

Bobby laughed as Justin managed to pin Marc's arms above his head.

"Now what are you going to do?" Marc asked smugly. "Let go on just one arm and you're

Bobby noticed Lance standing by the tree smiling. Lance looked at Bobby and pointed at Marc then made a motion of tickling someone on the side.  Bobby's grin grew as he
nodded that he understood then attacked Marc's ribs tickling him.

"Two against one is unfair!" Marc shouted as he squirmed under his attackers. Giving a mighty shove, Marc tossed Justin off. Turning his attention, to Bobby Marc grabbed him and started tickling him.

"Stop, please stop!" Bobby pleaded. "I'm going to pee my pants."

Marc stopped the attack and fell back laughing.

Lance stooped next to Marc, "You guys having fun?"

Marc and Bobby looked at each other and said in unison, "Yeah, we are."

"Come on you two the rest of us are leaving. If you don't want to miss the rest of the park better get a move on."

Marc got to his feet and offered Bobby a hand. Marc pulled Bobby up and flung him over his
shoulder like a sack of flour. "Hey what are you doing," Bobby weakly protested still giggling.
"Put me down!"

Marc swatted Bobbies butt, "Stop wiggling before I drop you on your head."

"Well I can't see anything but your big butt," Bobby giggled as he swatted Marc's butt.

Marc deposited Bobby back into his wheelchair.

"What? No more piggyback rides?" Bobby asked.

"Maybe later," Marc said as he twisted the kinks out of his back.

The tour resumed with i t' s a small world. Bobby was about to make some smart-ass
comment when Marc shot him a look and he thought better of it. In spite of Bobbies initial
feelings, he enjoyed the ride especially when everyone began singing It's a Small World.
A ride on the Disneyland ® Railroad was enjoyable. The train's circuit took them through
all five lands and deposited them on Main Street USA in time for the big parade. The boys were maneuvered to curb side so no one was blocking their view. As the parade approached the boys started to complain they couldn't see anything. The guys looked at Marc for a solution.

Marc offered, "Shoulders?" Everyone nodded as the boys were hoisted up on the shoulders of their partner giving them a great view of the coming parade.

After the Main Street Parade the group made their way to their last ride of the day, "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience". The ride was a total 3-D adventure as the audience was shrunk and the audience finds themselves in a world of giants.  Everyone found the 3-D effects totally awesome.

That was the last ride of the tour and the boys bus would be there to pick them up in less than an hour giving everyone time for some souvenir shopping on Main Street. The mouse ear hats were a must for everyone except Chris he opted for the long eared Goofy hat. While the others were finishing their shopping Marc and Bobby found the ice cream shop and stopped in for a cone.

They were making their way back to the tour center eating their cones when Lance came up to

"Ice cream! Is it good?"

"Sure is," Marc said as he took a long lick.

"Can I taste?" Lance asked.

Marc offered his cone so Lance could have a taste. Bobby gave the two a strange look as Marc let Lance lick his ice cream cone.

"Oh, that's good," Lance said smacking his lips. "I got to get me some."

"The shop's right on the corner," Marc pointed.

"Come on, Tommy let's get some ice cream."

Marc walked over to a bench out of the flow of traffic and sat down. Bobby wheeled himself
over and parked next to Marc.

"We'll wait for those two," Marc said.

After several licks of his cone Bobby looked at Marc. "Can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure," Marc answered. "If I can ask you something personal too."

"That's fair. Marc, Lance is your friend. Right?"

"Yes, my best friend," Marc answered.

"He's more than just a friend isn't he?"

Marc nodded.

"Maybe. . . . a boy friend?" Bobby softly asked.

Marc looked at Bobby in wonder. "Maybe. . . . . How did you know?"

Bobby grinned, "Friends don't share cones unless they are special to each other."

"I guess we let that one slip by us," Marc said. "Bobby, how do you feel about that?"

"I think it's cool."

"Bobby, you know you can't ever tell anyone about this," Marc warned. "If you do I'll have to
send one of the bodyguards after you."

"Don't worry I'll never tell a soul."

"Swear on a double lick of my ice cream cone," Marc said holding his cone out to Bobby.
Bobby made a face before taking two licks of Marc's cone. "I swear!"

"And I swear I won't send the bodyguard after you," Marc said as he pulled Bobbies cone up and took two licks.

The tension was broken as they shared a laugh and returned to their cones.

After several licks, Marc said, "Now my question. Why are you still in that chair? Why aren't
you walking?"

Bobby looked down at his legs and sighed, "I don't know. I think I was just scared."

Pulling a card out of his wallet Marc handed it to Bobby. "Okay, here is a deal for you. After the
tour ends I will be living in Orlando. On that card are my cell number, e-mail address and my
messenger ID. When you are able to walk, on your own two feet, give me a call. I will fly you
out to Orlando and we will go to Disney World. But we will only go if you can walk the park."

"You really mean that?"

"Yes I do," Marc said with a smile. "Do we have a deal?"

"You bet!" an excited Bobby said.

At the visitor's center every said their goodbyes as the boys were loaded on their bus.
Marc offered his hand to Bobby as he wheeled himself onto the lift. Bobby looked at Marc's hand then looked up. "Can I have a hug instead?"

Marc pulled Bobby into a hug.

"Thanks, Marc, for being my friend," Bobby said as he held back tears.
Marc lightly rubbed  Bobby's back. "You're welcome, little buddy. Remember our
deal. The next time I see you it will be standing on your two feet."

"It's a deal," Bobby said as he gave Marc a quick kiss on the cheek and broke the hug.

As the bus pulled out, Marc and the guys waved goodbye. A few moments, later two Disney
courtesy vans pulled up.

"Looks like our ride is here," Chris said.

The door to the suite opened as seven weary guys shuffled in.

"Any one up to clubbing tonight?" Joey asked.

"No!" everyone shouted.

"Good. Neither am I," Joey said.

"How about we just order in some pizzas and make it a early evening," Josh suggested.

"Yeah, we have a full day tomorrow," Lance added.

"Sounds good," everyone agreed.

After everyone left for the night Marc and Lance headed for a long hot shower. They took their
time washing each other, stopping now and them to deeply kiss and caress each other's
bodies. After drying they made their way to the bed.

Marc groaned as he climbed into bed. "James, can I ask you a big favor?"

"Sure, what?"

"I need a back rub. Would you give me one?"

"Sure, roll over," Lance said as he went to his bag and took out a bottle of oil. Grabbing several towels he returned to Marc. Straddling Marc's ass Lance poured some oil on Marc's shoulders and started massaging Marc tight muscles.

"Oh, that feels so good," Marc moaned.

Lance's hands worked wonders on Marc's tight muscles. And the longer Lance worked, the
longer Marc's cock grew under him. Marc knew he was not the only one getting aroused because he could feel Lance's cock lengthen as it rubbed his ass crack. The lower Lance worked, the harder his cock got. Taking the bottle of oil he dribbled some on his hard cock giving it some lubrication against Marc crack.

Marc chuckled, "It seems some one is liking this as much as I am."

A little embarrassed, Lance slipped off of Marc's ass. "Spread your legs so I can do your legs

Marc spread his legs as Lance climbed between them. Placing more oil on Marc's ass he started to massage first Marc's left cheek then his right. The whole time Marc would moan his approval.

Lance ran an oily finger along Marc's crack pausing at the puckered entrance of Marc's ass hole.  Lightly circling the brown bud it pulsated under his touch, soliciting a moan from Marc.
Lance hesitated not sure if he should go any further when the Marc lifted his hips forcing the tip of his finger into his hole.


"James, please, it's all right."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"I know you don't. Just go slow."

Lance slowly pushed his finger in deeper feeling the muscles of Marc's ass pulsate around his
finger. Once his finger was all the way in Lance started exploring the warm moist chamber. As
he rubbed across a hard spot Marc tensed and moaned.

"Did that hurt?"

"No, no! Can you find that spot again?"

"Here?" Lance asked rubbing over the spot again.

"Ohhhhh, yes. That's the spot."

"What does it feel like?" Lance asked.

"I don't know how to describe it. When you touch that spot it's like a jolt of electricity."

"But it doesn't hurt?"

"No. It feels good," Marc said. "James, turn around let me show you."

They moved around till they were in a sixty-nine position. Taking the bottle of oil he put some
into his hand and lubed his finger. Lying on their sides Marc lifted Lance's leg and reached for his crack and his hole. Lubing up the Lance's puckered hole Marc placed his finger at the entrance and waited.

"What's wrong?" Lance asked.

"James, when you are ready just push back."

Lance pushed back and Marc's finger slid halfway in. "Oh!"

"Take it slow, James. Get  used to it first," Marc said as wiggled his finger around massaging the opening.

Lance pushed back further taking Marc's entire finger into him. Marc turned his hand slightly and found Lance's prostate. "Oh!" Lance jumped with the contact.

"You all right?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, wow! I see what you mean."

As Marc massaged Lance's  prostate he leaned in and swallowed him to the base.
Feeling the wetness engulf his cock Lance went down on Marc taking him as deeply as he could.

The added stimulation of their prostate's brought both of them quickly to the edge and with one last flick of the finger they both cummed at the same time.

Pulling back, panting after their mind-blowing orgasm, Marc turned around and lay 
on top of Lance and shared a deep passionate kiss.

"That was incredible," Lance said still catching his breath.

"Just one more way I have to pleasure you," Marc said as he slid off Lance and cuddled up to
him. Pulling the sheet over them, Marc yawned.

"Good night, love, . I love you," Lance said as he gave Marc a soft kiss on the forehead.

"Night, James. Love you."

The next morning everyone awoke to a new day and the anticipation of working on their new
album. The plan was songwriters and producers, completing the songs that the guys
were working on and work on some completely new ideas the writers had. This week the guys
would work on nailing down the songs and doing the arrangements. When the tour ended, they were scheduled to go into the studio and record their new album.

Marc accompanied the guys to the studio they would be working at for the next week. He had
booked himself a rehearsal studio in the same building so he could work on his own music. Marc had planned to work only part time at the studio and spend the rest of the time working at his hotel room. The studio had been reserved for his use but he would only be charged for the actual time used. A  courtesy extended to Marc because *Nsync had reserved a large number of studios for their people to work in.

After making  arrangements to meet up with the guys for lunch, Marc made his way
down the hall to his little practice studio and the baby grand waiting for him.
After several hours of practice Marc was stretching his legs when his cell rang. Glancing at the
caller ID Marc smiled as he answered. "Hey, Lynn. What's up? . . . . .Yes . . . .Yes . . .
No! . . .I'll go get him. Call you right back."

Grabbing the sheet music off the piano Marc stuffed it into his backpack and headed down the hall. Entering the control booth of the studio, Marc looked out into the studio seeing the guys all off in little groups working on different songs. Marc was the only one in the control booth and after scanning the control boards he found the intercom switch. Flipping the switch, "Guys, sorry to interrupt," Marc said. "Justin, can I see you for a minute? In private." Justin nodded and headed for the control room.

"What's up?" Chris asked Lance. All the guys were watching Marc and Justin in the control

"I don't know," Lance said as he saw Marc put a hand on Justin's shoulder as he was talking to him. The color in Justin's face seemed to drain out as he slumped into Marc. They held each other for a long time then Marc hand Justin sit down and he handed him his cell phone. With shaking hands Justin placed a call. "Something's very wrong."

Marc came out of the control booth with a grave expression on his face.

"What happened?" Lance asked.

"It's Jonathon. He's very sick. Lynn called me a little while ago. She wants Justin to come home right away."

"Is, is he that bad?" JC asked.

Marc nodded, "The doctors don't know what's wrong with him but his condition keeps getting
worst as time passes. They think that they may lose him."

"Shit," Joey softly said.

"We need to take Justin back home right a way," Chris said. "Lance, can you see if you can book us a flight home?"

"Wait! You guys can't go," Marc said. "This week is too important for you to all just cancel
everything and run off home. Think about all the people you are set up to work with this week."

"But Justin is important to us, too," JC protested. "We want to be there for him."

"You guys need to be here. I'll fly back with Justin and I'll be there for him."

"Marc's, right," Lance said. "If anyone should go it should be Marc."

The door to the control booth opened and a red-eyed Justin came out.

"Justin, you all right?" JC asked.

"No. Not really," Justin softly said. Looking to Marc Justin asked, "Will you come with me?"

Marc nodded then looked to Lance.

"I'm right on it," Lance said as he dialed his cell. "Yes, I need two tickets on your first flight to


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