My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

Last time,

"What's up?" Chris asked Lance. All the guys were watching Marc and Justin in the control booth.

"I don't know," Lance said as he saw Marc put a hand on Justin's shoulder as he was talking  to him. The color in Justin's face seemed to drain out as he slumped into Marc. They held  each other for a long time then Marc hand Justin sit down and he handed him his cell phone. With shaking hands Justin placed a call. "Something's very wrong."

Marc came out of the control booth with a grave expression on his face.

"What happened?" Lance asked.

"It's Jonathon. He's very sick. Lynn called me a little while ago. She wants Justin to come home right away."

"Is, is he that bad?" JC asked.

Marc nodded, "The doctors don't know what's wrong with him but his condition keeps getting worse as time passes. They think that they may lose him."

"Shit," Joey softly said.

"We need to take Justin back home right a way," Chris said. "Lance, can you see if you can  book us a flight home?"

"Wait! You guys can't go," Marc said. "This week is too important for you to all just cancel everything and run off home. Think about all the people you are set up to work with this week."

"But Justin is important to us, too," JC protested. "We want to be there for him."

"You guys need to be here. I'll fly back with Justin and I'll be there for him."

"Marc's right," Lance said. "If anyone should go it should be Marc."

The door to the control booth opened and a red-eyed Justin came out.

"Justin, you all right?" JC asked.

"No. Not really," Justin softly said. Looking to Marc Justin asked, "Will you come with me?"

Marc nodded then looked to Lance.

"I'm right on it," Lance said as he dialed his cell. "Yes, I need two tickets on your first flight to

Chapter 45

Leaving right from the studio Justin and Marc rushed to the airport arriving just in time to catch a non-stop flight to Orlando.  Boarding just as they were closing the doors they were relieved to find first class mostly empty.  Marc found their seats and motioned for Justin to take the window seat.

"You can have the window seat," Justin offered.

"No.  I'll take the aisle seat," Marc said.

"You don't like to fly do you?"

"I'm okay with flying.  You just need to take the window seat we don't have any security with us."

Justin smiled for the first time in the last hour.  "You going to be my body guard?"

"No.  Not your bodyguard, just your friend," Marc said as he guided Justin into his seat.

It was not long before the plane took off.  Once they attained flight altitude the seatbelt sign was turned off Justin and Marc were able to sit back and relax.  Marc knew Justin had a lot on his mind so he let him have his space.   He closed his eyes, bringing up the score of one of the jazz pieces he was going to work on in his mind's eye. 

Justin looked at Marc and smiled.  Marc's eyes were closed but fingers on his hands were moving as if he were playing his keyboard.  Every once in a while he would pause them repeat a sequence of notes.  After a while Marc's fingers stopped and he seemed to relax in his seat.

Justin leaned in and asked, "Did you finally get it right?" 

Opening his eyes Marc smiled, "Of course."

"Marc, I'm sorry I dragged you away from your rehearsal time."

"J, I'm were I need to be.  No!  Where I want to be.  I'm not sure what the next few days will bring us.  But what ever happens I want you to know I'm there for you."

"Then you think Jonathan is going to die," Justin said as his voice broke.

"No; that's not what I'm saying.  Only God knows what's in store for Jonathan.  We are going home to give him what support we can and also help your parents through this."

"I wish there was something I could do for Jon," Justin sighed.

"There is.  Pray.  A little input on Jon's behalf could make the difference."

After a very long flight their plane landed in Orlando.  Pulling out his cell Marc dialed Lance.  On the fourth ring Lance answered, "Hello, Marc?"

Chuckling Marc asked, "Who else would be calling you on this phone?"

"Yeah, duh.  How was your flight?"

"We just landed.  Is anyone going to meet us?"  Marc asked.

"Yeah, Johnny said he'd have someone there to meet you."

"Do you know who?"  Marc asked.

"He didn't say.  Just said you would not have any trouble recognizing the guy."

"Ok, we'll find out who it is when we get off the plane," Marc said.  "How are things going back there?"

"We've made some progress.   It's hard to concentrate on the music when our thoughts are with you guys in Orlando."

"They just opened the door.  I'll call you later tonight after we get back from the hospital."

"Call me no matter what time it is," Lance said.

"Will do.  Talk to you later," Marc said.

"K, I love you, Marc."

"I love you too Sweetie."

Laughing Lance asked.  "You have people around you, don't you?"

"You got it, Sweet Cheeks.  Bye," Marc said before turning off his cell.  Grabbing his backpack from the overhead he and Justin was ready to depart the plane.

Justin was grinning at Marc as they walked down the jet way.  "Sweet Cheeks?"

"Behave; we're in public,"  Marc said.  As they exited the jet way they found their ride waiting for them.  "Hey, Johnny.  Didn't expect you to be picking us up," Marc said. 

"I needed to get out of the office anyway," Johnny said as he led them to the tram.   "Justin, how are you holding up?" 

"I'm okay," Justin mumbled.

Johnny looked at Marc with concern.

"Have you heard anything from Lynn?"  Marc asked trying to take the attention off of Justin.

"No, nothing new." 

As they exited the tram Johnny asked, "Do you have any luggage?"

"No," Marc said, holding out his backpack.  "We travel light."

"My car is this way," Johnny said leading the way out of the terminal.

Justin took the back seat and Marc followed him.  Marc realized Justin needed his space but he wanted to be nearby.

As they drove Johnny would glance at his rearview mirror taking in the sight of the two young men in the back seat.  Justin looked so sad as he stared out the window.  Marc was keeping an eye on him not sure what to do.

"Marc, I thought you should know Lou knows you two are in town."

"How much trouble are we in?"  Marc sighed.

"Oh, no!  You are not in any trouble.  He's actually grateful that you made everyone else stay in L.A. 

"And about Justin being here?"

"He would rather he was still in L.A.  But he understands."

"That's mighty big of him," Justin murmured.  "The fat ass-hole."

Marc shot Justin a surprised look.

"Marc, I thought I should warn you Lou has his eye on you.  Don't be surprised if he doesn't take advantage of Lynn's personal situation and try to lure you away from her."

"Why would he be interested in me?  He's not handling classical musicians."

"He's interested in you as a singer," Johnny said.

"He only heard me sing once."

"It seems he has been getting reports from people on the tour.  And Lynne Spears dropped in to talk to him yesterday.  >From what I was able to find out she said she heard you sing and was very impressed with what she heard."

"I never sang for her."

"Something about a musical you guys were doing while traveling between shows."

"Paint Your Wagon," Justin offered.

"How?  Pete wasn't even there.  They both rode with security," Marc said.

Johnny smiled, "It seems word of your little mini Broadway Musicals has spread among the other members of the tour.  Your driver reported that you guys sounded good.  It also seems the audio engineers has rigged up microphones in the front of your bus.  When the music starts the driver flips a switch and presto *Nsync's musical on the road."

"Oh," Marc said.

"I take it Lynne heard something worth reporting?"  Johnny asked.

Marc didn't answer.  He just stared out the window.

"If she heard Marc's solo, she did hear something," Justin said.

Lynn was pacing the hall when the elevator door opened, and Justin, Marc and Johnny got off.  Justin rushed to his mom and gave her a hug.  "How is he?" he asked.

"No change," Lynn sadly said.  Looking up Lynn added, "Thank you for getting him here, Marc."

"Have they figured out what's going on?"  Marc asked.

"No.  They think is it some kind of infection but they haven't been able to pin it down yet.  Right now they are pumping him full of antibiotics to try and control this thing."

"Can I see him?"  Justin asked.

"Of course.  We told him you were on your way home he wants to see you," Lynn said.

Lynn and Justin headed for Pediatric ICU.  Justin stopped and looked back at Marc, "You coming?"

Marc nodded and quickly caught up with the two of them.  Entering the Pediatric ICU the nurse gave Lynn a questioning look.

"These are Jonathon's older brothers," Lynn said.

The nurse nodded and returned to the chart she was working on.

Noticing Marc's surprise look Lynn whispered, "It's less hassle this way."

At the glass door Marc could see a small, frail, little boy lying in the bed.  Seated next to him was a man Marc presumed to be Paul, Lynn's husband. 

Paul got up as Justin entered the room.  Justin gave his stepfather a quick hug then went to Jonathon's bedside.  Marc stood outside the room and watched as Justin leaned in and softly spoke to the little boy.  Small arms flew around Justin's neck and Jonathon hugged his big brother.

Lynn's hand gently rubbed Marc's back as he watched the two brothers greeting.  "Marc, how has he taken this?"  Lynn asked.

"Not too well.  The news was a shock to him.  I don't think he has accepted what could happen."

"I know this may not seem fair but I need you to be there for him.  Paul and I need to concentrate on Jonathan.  I don't think we can handle Justin on top of it."

"You know I'll do anything for him," Marc said. 

Lynn smiled, "That's why you make such a great big brother."

Marc watched Justin putting up a brave front.  Fighting to keep thing happy and not upset Jonathan.

"Jonathan wants to see you, too," Lynn said.  "He knows you were bringing Justin home and he was excited that you were coming, too."

Taking a deep breath Marc entered the room and went to the other side of the bed.  Jonathan looked at Marc and smiled. 

"Hey, monkey boy, how you doing?" Marc said with a smile.

Jon giggled at Marc.  Reaching up for a hug Marc leaned in to give him one.  "I'm okay, just tired."

Marc and Justin stayed with Jonathan until he fell asleep.  Not wanting to leave Justin stayed and watched his little brother sleep.  When Lynn came in Marc went to stretch his legs.  Finding Paul in the waiting room they had a long talk.  He and Lynn had been at the hospital around the clock the last three days.  Taking turns sitting with Jon.

"You two look really beat," Marc said.  "Why don't you two go home and get some rest.  Justin and I will stay with Jon."

Agreeing with Marc, Paul went and told Lynn about the plan and she reluctantly agreed. 

Marc went down to the cafeteria for something to eat.  Justin didn't want to leave Jon's side and Marc agreed to bring him back something to eat. Sitting in a quiet corner of the cafeteria, Marc pulled out his cell and hit speed dial.  The phone at the other end rang six times without anyone answering before it switched to voice mail.

"Hi, it's me," Marc said. "You must be in a meeting or something. . . . Just taking a break and getting something to eat. . . .  J, is up with Jon, he doesn't want to leave his side. . . .  I don't know how long we are going to be here. . . .  I'll call you when I can. . . . .   Love, you, James."

It was just after midnight when Lynn and Paul returned, both looking better.  Justin and Marc gave Lynn and Paul some private time with Jon. 

Lynn came into the waiting room, "Come on, boys.  Lets go home."

"But, Mom, I want to stay," Justin protested.

"If you want to help with Jonathan you two need to get some rest.  Paul is going to stay with Jonathan tonight.  I'll relieve him mid-morning and you two can cover the evening shift."

Justin reluctantly agreed and the three of them headed to Justin's home.  After a quick snack in the kitchen, Justin showed Marc to the guest room.

"This is the room Lance uses when he stays over," Justin said as he opened the bedroom door.  "My room is next door."

"Bathroom?"  Marc inquired.

Pointing to a door Justin said, "My bathroom and yours are back to back.  It's a good idea to keep the doors shut.  You can hear everything that is happening in the other bathroom."

Marc smiled, "There is very little I haven't heard coming from you."

"Yeah, living with us on the bus there is very little you haven't heard."

"Yeah, Joey's morning farts can sound like brass section at time."

Laughing, Justin added, "I'm just glad the vent works in the john."

"Well I'm going to take a shower then hit the pillow.  Ah, J, I didn't bring a change of clothes. Can I borrow some things?"

"Lance has some things here.  Look in the drawer; I think you will find what you need."

"Do all the guys have stuff here?"

"Yeah, Josh's room is across the hall.  He's lived with us from the start of *Nsync.  This was Lance's room until he bought his house.  Joey and Chris lived with their families until they got an apartment together.  They each have a room here and they have clothes here, too."

"Is it the same way at Lance's house?"

"Yeah, sort of.  Lance's house is not as big as this one.  But we all have a few changes of clothes there.  If we crash at his place the guest room has a king size bed and he has a couple really nice couches."

"Sounds like a slumber party," Marc observed.

"Talking about slumber, that's were I'm headed.  Go ahead and take the first shower, I'll wait until you are done," Justin said.

"K, thanks.  See you in the morning," Marc said as Justin went to his room.

Marc jumped into the shower for a quick wash.  As he was drying off he heard the water come on in Justin's bath.  Finding a pair of boxers in the dresser drawer Marc put them on and crawled into bed.  Taking his cell he dialed James.

"Hello," a sleepy voice answered.

"Did I wake you?"  Marc asked.

"Yes, but it is all right," Lance said sounding more awake.  "You still at the hospital?"

"No.  Lynn made us leave.  We're at Justin's house."

"Good.  You both must be tired.  How is Justin doing?"

"He's holding everything together.  He's taking a shower now.  I can hear the water running."

"You in the room next to his?"

"Yeah, and guess what I'm wearing right now."

Lance laughed, "That's easy.  Nothing."

"Wrong!   I'm wearing a pair of very sexy blue silk boxers I found in the dresser drawer."

"I wonder who could have left those there?"  Lance chuckled.

"I don't know.  But right now I'm desperate.  We didn't pack anything for this trip."

"You've found my stash at Justin's," Lance said.  "Have Justin take you by our house.  There are loads of things you could wear there."

"Our house?"

"Yes, our house.  The house we are going to share when this tour ends."

"I like the sound of that," Marc softly said.  "Oh!  We can also say our houses.  Our Wisconsin home and our Florida home."

"Yeah," Lance softly said.

"James, it late.  I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm missing you and that I love you."

"I love you, too, Marc.  Give me a call in the morning."

"Will do," Marc said.  "Goodnight, Love."

"Night, Marc.  Love you."

Lynn decided to see how the boys were getting along.  She knew they had caught the first flight to Orlando and didn't have time to pack anything.  Justin was not a problem; he had closets full of clothes.  But Marc only had his backpack and she knew what he carried in it.  As she reached the top of the stairs she was about to turn down the hall to the boys' bedrooms when she heard her son come out of his room and lightly knock on the guest room door.

"Marc, it's me.  Can we talk," Justin said through the door.

Looking around the corner she saw her son was standing only in a pair of red boxers.  The door to Marc's room opened and Justin entered.  Walking silently down the hall she stopped just outside the open door.

"What's up, Just?"  Marc asked.

"I, I just needed to talk to someone."

"About Jon?"

Justin nodded his eyes welling up.  "I'm so scared," Justin managed to say before he broke down sobbing.

Marc pulled him into a hug, letting him cry out his pain.  "I don't know what to do," Justin sobbed.  "I've never had to face the possibly of losing someone I love."

To comfort Justin, Marc rubbed his back 

"I always expected it would be grams or gramps who would go first, not someone as young as Jon."

"Just, I don't know what to tell you," Marc said.  "I've only lost one person that I cared about.  It will be heard when it happens.  The way I was able to handle it was not to dwell on the lost but to cherished the good memories I had."

Sniffling Justin said, "I'm such a wuss.  Crying like a baby."

"You never get too old to cry when you're sad," Marc said.  "Instead of dwelling on what may happen, let's concentrate on getting Jon well."

"Ok, I can do that," Justin said as he stepped away from Marc.

"Feeling better now?"

Justin nodded but acted like he wanted to say something more. 

"What?"  Marc asked.

"Ah, I don't want to sleep alone.  Can I stay with you?"

"Sure.  Come on let's get some rest."

Justin smiled as he climbed into the bed.  Marc got in on the other side and turned off the night table lamp.

"Marc, thanks," Justin said while look at Marc next to him.

Marc smiled at him, "Scoot over here.  We always end up cuddling when we sleep together might as well start out that way."

"Do you think Lance would mind?"

"You should know he wouldn't mind.  Now let's get some rest," Marc said as he and Justin settled in for a nights sleep.  Before closing his eyes Marc noticed a shadow receding down the hall."

Marc smelled the coffee as he came down the stairs.  Entering the kitchen he found Lynn starting a late morning breakfast. 

Looking up Lynn smiled, "Morning."

"Morning, is the coffee ready?"  Marc asked.

"Sure," Lynn said as she poured a mug of coffee.  "Is Justin up?"

Taking the offered mug Marc nodded, "He'll be down in a bit.  He's getting dressed."

Marc sat at the kitchen table sipping his coffee when Lynn came up behind him and gave him a big hug.  Laughing Marc asked, "What did I do to deserve that?"

"That was for being such a good friend to my son.  I'm so glad you are here with him."

"Were you in the hall last night?"  Marc asked.

Blushing Lynn nodded.  "I didn't mean to eavesdrop.  I came up to check on you boys."

"Did it upset you that Justin came to me?"  Marc asked figuring she had overheard what was discussed.

"No, not really.  I was just interested in what kind of relationship you two had. . . .  Marc, I got the impression that you and Justin have slept together before?"

Marc nodded, "The week we met.  I have three large beds at the cabin.  We doubled up and Justin chose to share my bed."

"Why do you think he did that?"  Lynn asked.

"I think it was because he felt he could trust me."

"But you guys just met," Lynn said.  "I think it was more that he felt safe with you.  Justin told my about the trouble he had gotten into and how you came to his rescue."

"He told you about that? . . . It was just an awful mistake.  The sheriff shouldn't have acted without checking things out first." 

"Well thanks for being there for him," Lynn said.  After a long silence she asked, "I don't know how to put this but have you and he ever. . . ."

"No, I would never do anything like that with him.  He is one of my best friends and I would never try anything that might ruin that friendship.  Besides I had my eye on someone else."

"Ah, yes Lance," Lynn said with a grin.  "That must have been interesting.  How does Lance feel about your relationship with Justin?"

"He understands how we feel about each other.  Lynn, I don't hide anything about my relationship with Justin from Lance."

"Hide what from Lance?"  Justin asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Our relationship."

"Oh that.  Lance always seems okay with the time we spend together."

"Even when you sleep with Marc?"  Lynn asked.

Justin froze at his mother's statement.  "Ah, ah."

"Just, she knows where you slept last night," Marc said. 

"Oh.  Mom, we didn't do anything.  I just didn't want to be alone last night"

"I knew nothing would happen between you two and I understand why you went to Marc."

"You do," a surprised Justin said.

"It's normal for younger brothers to turn to their big brother when they have a problem," Lynn said with a smile.

Justin grinned, "Thanks, Mom."

"Who wants bacon and eggs?"  Lynn asked.

"Not me," Justin said.  "I just want my cereal."

"I'll take some," Marc said.

After breakfast the boys helped Lynn clean up the kitchen.  "What are you two going to do today?" Lynn asked.

"I want to go back to the hospital," Justin said.

"You can stop by for a short visit, but you are not going to stay," Lynn firmly said.

"But, Mom!  I want to help."

"Honey, you would help me better if you and Marc sat with Jonathan tonight.  I'm going in now to relieve Paul.  It would be more help if you guys relieve me around ten and take the over night shift."

"Well, bro, what would you like to do?"  Justin asked.

"I need to do a little shopping.  I can wear most of the clothes Lance has here but that won't last long."

"Why don't you take Marc over to Lance's house," Lynn suggested.

"Yeah, that would solve your problem.  He has loads of clothes there."

"Great!  This way I can check out were I'm going to live," Marc said grinning.

Lynn went to relieve Paul and Justin and Marc climbed into Justin's Jeep.  Lance's house was just five minutes from Justin's. Pulling into the drive of a nice two story, split ranch they went up to the front door.  Justin took his key and unlocked the door letting Marc and himself in.  At the security pad Justin punched in the security code.  The phone rang just a few seconds after Justin deactivated the alarm.

"Hello," Justin answered. . . .  "This is Justin Timberlake. . .  Yes, he is with me. . . .  Ok, we will be in town for several days. . . . Ok, thanks."

"What was that about?"  Marc asked.

"The security company.  Lance called them and told them we might be by the house.  He also let them know that you are to have access to the house."

Marc smiled as he started to look around.  Right off the foyer was a large living room sparsely furnished. To the right of the living room was the kitchen and dining room.  A half bath with laundry room and small den made up the remainder of the first floor.  Going up stairs there were two good size bedrooms with a connecting bath and the master bedroom with it own large bath.  Marc wondered around the bedroom and stopped to look out the window into the back yard.  There was a large patio off the back of the house and a pool.  The pool was empty and full of leaves.  The whole backyard had a high privacy fence around it.  The backyard was well screened from the neighbors only the house directly behind this one had a view of the backyard from its upper floor windows.

"Just, how long was Lance in this house before you left for your tour?" 

"Oh, about six or seven weeks," Justin said with a grin.  "Don't you love what he's done with the place?'

Marc laughed, "It does have its charm.  Kind of early cardboard box."

"It is a work in progress.  At least this room is finished."

Marc continued to look at the house on the other side of the fence.  "The house seems to be on a large lot," Marc observed.

"The house sits on three lots," Justin said.  "Keeps noisy neighbors at bay."

"With all the trees you can't see any other house except the one right behind us," Marc said.

"Yeah, Lance said he wanted to have some trees planted along the back fence to block out that house."

Marc was able to find what he needed and finding an empty gym bag he filled it with what he needed for the next couple days.  After tossing the bag in the back of Justin's jeep, Marc asked, "Do you want to take a walk?  I want to check out the neighbor hood."

As they walked Marc noticed that all the houses looked only several years old most of the about the size of Lance's and a few larger ones.  All seemed to be on large lots, a half acre or more.  As they walked on the street behind Lance's Marc saw something that peaked his interest.

Marc stopped in front of a house with a for sale sign.  Pulling out his cell he dialed the number on the sign.

Marc hung up after talking to the realtor.  "The salesman will be here in fifteen minutes.  Let's go get your Jeep."

"Are you going to do what I think you are going to do?"  Justin asked.

"We'll see," Marc said with a smirk.

They went and retrieved Justin's Jeep and waited in front of the house for the salesman.  While waiting Marc made a call to his banker in Wisconsin.  After explaining what he had in mind the banker agreed to get things set up on his end and give Marc a call back.

A car pulled up into the driveway of the house.  Marc and Justin got out of the Jeep walking toward the older, gray-haired salesman.

"Mr. Newman?" the realtor asked.

"That's me," Marc said as he shook the hand of the realtor.

"Hi, I'm Stan Rivers.  We talked just a little while ago," the realtor said in way of introduction. 

"Mr. Rivers, this is my friend, Justin Timberlake."

"I'm glad to meet you," Stan said rather nervously, recognizing Justin.

"Thank you for coming over on such short notice," Marc said.  "Shall we see the house?"

"Why sure.  This way," Stan said leading the way to the front door.

This house was similar to Lance's only it had four bedrooms and two extra baths.  And the big difference was the great room out the back side of the house.  The room was off the kitchen twenty foot wide, fifty foot deep, with sixteen foot vaulted ceilings.  French doors on the left side of the room opened onto a large enclosed pool area.  The pool area had a large pool, perfect for swimming laps, a very large hot tub, and a great barbeque setup.

Marc wondered through the house one more time looking at everything.  Then he went outside and looked over the outside of the house.  Going into the backyard he looked at the fence and could see the roof of Lance's house.  Pulling out his cell he made several calls before returning to the house where Justin and Stan waited.

"Okay, I'm ready to talk money," Marc said.  "Your firm deals with the First Bank of Orlando, right?"

"Why yes.  How did you know?"

"I've had my banker do some checking.  Well here is my offer.  I will pay the asking price and I will also pay all points and all closing fees.  But we must close within forty-eight hours."

"That is rather unusual," Stan said. "It will take some time to set up the loan."

"There will be no loan.  I will pay cash. I have just deposited enough to cover this sale in the First Bank of Orlando.   If you call your banker , you will find there are enough funds to cover the sale in my account.  He has been told to expect your call and he has my permission to verify the amount in question."

Stan went into the kitchen and made a call to his bank.  After several minutes he made a second call.

"You really don't mess around when you find something you want do you?"  Justin asked.  "Why would you want this house?  Isn't Lance's good enough for you?"

Marc sighed, "I love Lance's house and I'm sure we will be very happy there.  I'm buying this house not to live in but to work in.  I want to turn the great room into a music studio.  I need someplace to work and practice.  There is just not the room at the other house." 

As they waited on Stan they walked out into the pool area. "This is the best part of the house," Justin said.

"Yeah, I like the idea of being able to swim every day."

"And doing it without all the bugs," Justin said with a big grin.

"Are they a problem?"

"A big one.  At times you could go to bed at night with a clean pool and in the morning it is covered with bugs.  When people get tired cleaning the pool every day they do this; put a cover over it."

"It's in good shape.  I don't see anything I would change here," Marc said taking a closer look at the barbeque.

"Yeah, we'll enjoy hanging out here," Justin enthusiastically said.

Smiling at Justin, Marc was about to say something when his cell rang.  "Hello."

"Hi, Marc, it's Johnny."

"Hi Johnny, what's up?"

"Marc, it has been brought to my attention that you are trying to buy a house."

"What!  How did you hear about that.  I just made the offer."

"Well I just wanted to warn you that the house is over priced."

"I know.  But I will pay anything for this house."

"Marc, can you come into the office.  I think we need to talk."

"Sure, we'll come right over."

As Marc turned his cell off Justin asked.  "What was that about?"

"I'm not sure.  But I think he is going to try to talk me out of buying the house.  He wants to see me now."

After telling Stan that he would be in touch Justin drove them over to Johnny's office.  This was the first time Marc had been to the offices of Wright Entertainment Justin led the way to Johnny's office.  They were expected and were shown right in.  Taking seats across from Johnny, Marc nervously blurted out, "Johnny, don't try to talk me out of buying the house."

Holding up his hands Johnny said, "That's not why I asked you here."

"Why did you want to see me?"

"To save you some money."


Johnny wrote something on a sheet of paper and handed it to Marc.

"What's this?"

"The new asking price for the house."

"How can you do this?"  Marc asked.  Johnny didn't respond, just grinned at Marc.  Then it hit him, "You own the house don't you?"

"Yes.  I acquired it as an investment."

"It's strange that it just happens to be right behind Lance's house," Marc noted.

As it turned out, Johnny bought the house after Lance had purchased his.  He knew that in time the guys would hang out at Lance's place, getting away from management and parents.  Lance's new home provided a safe place for the guys to hang out.  The large lot and many trees meant that the backyard was screened from prying eyes and cameras.  The only view of the yard was from the house behind Lance's.  From the second floor windows the whole back yard could be seen.  Johnny noticed the security problem the first time he visited Lance's new home.  But he didn't have the heart to disappoint Lance with the news of a potential security problem.  Lance was so proud of his new home he just beamed as he showed everyone around.  Johnny bought the house without anyone knowing it to provide a safe place for the guys.  Johnny let the house remain empty; renting it was out of the question so he just placed it on the market at a price no one would ever consider.  That was until Marc saw it.

Johnny agreed to sell the house to Marc at less then half the asking price.  All the paperwork would be ready late the next afternoon and they agreed to meet back at Johnny's office to close the sale.

After stopping to get a quick bite Justin and Marc headed to the hospital to check on Jonathan.  Arriving at Jonathan's room, Lynn looked up from her book and smiled.

"Any change?"  Justin asked.

"No.  But he seems to be resting better."

"Mom, have you had lunch?" 

"No, not yet.  I'm alright."

"Mom, go get something to eat.  We'll sit with him."

"You sure?"

"Yes," Marc said.

"Okay, I won't be long," Lynn said as she closed her book.

"Take your time, Mom," Justin said.

Justin was happy sitting with his little brother but he noticed Marc was fidgeting.  "Marc, you don't have to stay.  I know you have things on your mind with the new house and all."

Marc smiled at Justin, "I'll be in the waiting room if you need anything."

Lynn was on the way back up to Pediatric ICU when someone came up behind her touching her arm.  Lynn turned and smiled when she saw her friend.  "Diane!" Lynn said 

"Lynn, how are things going?"  Diane Bass asked as she hugged her friend.

"Not too well.  The doctors are still trying to figure out what is going on." Lynn said as they stepped onto the elevator.

Marc stood at the window of the waiting room looking out over the city.  He was arranging tasks in is head that needed to get done.  He needed to call back home and arrange for the studio he was having built be loaded up and shipped to Florida .  He needed to contact contractors to do the work of installing the studio, maybe Johnny could recommend someone.  And what was he going to tell James?  After thinking about it he decided not to tell him about the house and surprise him when they returned to Orlando.  He was not going to lie to James; he just wasn't going to tell him about his plans.

Lynn and Diane walked into the waiting room chatting when something caught Diane's eye and she stopped.  "Is, is that?"  Diane asked looking at the young man standing at the window.

Lynn looked and smiled, "He brought Justin home."

"What is he like?"  Diane asked.

"Why don't you find out for yourself," Lynn prodded.  "He's a wonderful young man."

Marc was lost in his thoughts when he heard a voice behind him.

"I have a good idea who you're thinking about."

Smiling broadly Marc turned.  "I think about him all the time. . . .  Hi, Diane.  I didn't expect us to meet like this.  How long are you going to be in town?"

"I'm flying home tonight."

"What brings you to Orlando?"  Marc asked.

"I flew in to give Lynn my support.  Having a sick child is the hardest thing a parent can go through.  Just you wait until you have one of your own," Diane said suddenly regretting the last statement. "Oh!  I didn't mean to say that."

Marc laughed, "Actually we have talked about having a family.  We both want to have a family someday."

"Really?  So grandchildren are not out of the question?"

"How many would you like?"  Marc chuckled.

Diane and Marc sat in the corner of the waiting room talking for a long time.  Lynn was using the hospitals phone to check with her office when Justin came out looking for her.

Hanging up the phone Lynn asked, "How is Jonathon?"

"The doctor is with him now," Justin answered as he glanced across the room.  A smile spread across his face as he saw Marc and Diane.  "I see Marc has met his future mother-in-law."

Following Justin's gaze Lynn had to laugh.  "They've been talking for over an hour.  Diane must have found something about Marc she likes."

Marc spotted Justin standing across the room.  After mentioning it to Diane they both rose to join their friends.

Justin greeted Diane with a warm hug.  "It's good to see you, Diane."

"How are you doing Baby?"

"I'm managing with Marc's help."

Diane smiled as she rubbed Marc's back.  "He is a great guy to have as a friend," Diane proudly said.

"We can go visit Jonathan now," Lynn said to Diane.

"Will you boys be staying?"  Diane asked.

"How about I take you to dinner before your flight out?" Marc offered.

"That sounds good," Diane agreed.

"Oh, man! . . . . Did you get ambushed or what?"  Justin kidded Marc.

"No.  It was a good meeting.  I just didn't expect to meet Lance's mom so soon."

"Well it looks like you were turning on the charm and won her over."

"That may be how you would work it.  You have to realize we have been talking for weeks.  It's just nice to meet her in person."

"I bet you about shit your pants when you saw her," Justin said giving Marc a nudge with his hip.

"No I didn't," Marc said nudging back.

The playful banter continued with more nudging then soft punches to the arms until Marc pulled Justin into a headlock and gave him a noogie.  Laughing quite hard Justin pulled Marc into a hug as a means of surrendering from Marc's attack.  As their laughter subsided they loosen their hug but kept their foreheads together.  The laughter acted as a tonic flushing out all the negative feelings that had been bombarding them.  Reaching to Justin's cheek Marc wiped away a tear.

"Thanks for being here, man," Justin softly said.

"I'll always be there for you, Just," Marc said as he kissed Justin's forehead.

Randy Timberlake arrived at the hospital with his parents.  They had flown in from Memphis to see Jonathan.  Randy spotted Justin across the room horsing around with some other guy.  He smiled at his son's unbridled laughter until the two young men embraced.  The young man brought his hand up and caressed  Justin's face before giving him a kiss on the forehead.

Turning from Marc Justin spotted the new arrivals.  "Dad!  Grams!  Gramps!"  Justin shouted as he rush over to greet his relatives.  Hugs and kisses were exchanged all around, Justin was so excited.

"Grams, Gramps, Dad, I want you to meet my best friend, Marc Newman.  Marc, this is my grandparents and my dad." 

"I'm glad to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake," Marc said as he shook hands with them.

"How do you know my grandson?"  Justin's grandmother asked.

"I'm touring with the guys this summer," Marc answered.

"Marc is our web master, assistant to the tour manager, and a member of our band," Justin said with pride as he placed an arm around Marc.

Randy pulled Justin away from Marc.  "Keep your queer hands off my son," he spit out with hatred.  "I want you out of his life.  I'm not going to let you turn him into a fag."

"Dad!"  Justin exclaimed in shock. 

"I'm not going to let some limp wristed queer turn my son into a fag."

Marc anger quickly rose as Justin's dad continued his verbal attack. 

Justin could see Marc's face turning red with anger and Marc's hands clenched into fists.

Marc had about all he was going to take from the homophobic ass-hole and was ready to punch his lights out when Marc noticed the horrified expressions on Diane and Lynn's faces.


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