My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last time:

"Grams, Gramps, Dad.  I want you to meet my best friend, Marc Newman.  Marc, these are my grandparents and my dad." 

"I'm glad to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake," Marc said as he shook hands with them.

"How do you know my grandson?"  Justin's grandmother asked.

"I'm touring with the guys this summer," Marc answered.

"Marc is our web master, assistant to the tour manager, and a member of our band," Justin said with pride as he placed an arm around Marc.

Randy pulled Justin away from Marc.  "Keep your queer hands off my son," he spit out with hatred.  "I want you out of his life, I'm not going to let you turn him into a fag."

"Dad!"  Justin exclaimed in shock. 

"I'm not going to let some limp-wristed queer turn my son into a fag."

Marc anger quickly rose as Justin's dad continued his verbal attack. 

Justin could see Marc's face turning red with anger and Marc's hands clenched into fists.

Marc had about all he was going to take from the homophobic ass-hole and was ready to punch his lights out when Marc noticed the horrified expressions on Diane and Lynn's faces.

Chapter 46

Justin saw Marc's posture and knew Marc was about to punch out his dad.  "Marc, don't.  Please," Justin pleaded.

Marc's eyes shifted from Randy, to Justin; to Diane and back to Justin turning he stormed out of the room.

Randy snorted, "The fag boy is a coward too."

"Randy Timberlake, you are a bigoted, red-nick, ass-hole," Diane Bass yelled.

Randy's head snapped toward Diane, surprised at what she just called him.

"Dad, what have you done?"  Justin cried.

"I got that fag away from you, son."

"Damn it, Dad.  How dare you come into my life and decide who I can be friends with," Justin said in anger.  "Marc is my friend.  And nothing you can say will change that."

Placing an arm around Justin's shoulder, Lynn said, "Honey, go find Marc.  Make sure he is all right."

"No you don't," Randy said.

"Randy, shut up!"  Lynn snapped.  "Go, Honey."

Justin ran out of the room looking for Marc.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?"  Lynn shouted at Randy.

"Protecting my son.  Something you don't seem capable of doing."

"Oh I'm quite capable of protecting him.  Remember why I divorced you?  It was to protect him from your bigoted ideas."

"Well, you should be protecting him from that boy."

"Marc is no threat to Justin.  They are just good friends, that's all."

"Yeah, sure.  I know what he's after.  All queers want to get their hands on young boys."

"Marc has no desires for Justin," Diane stated.

"Yeah, sure," Randy snorted.

"He is quite happy with my son," Diane said coldly.

"He's what?"

"Marc and Lance are quite happy together.  And if you attack Marc, you are attacking the whole Bass family.  And you don't want to attack my family," Diane warned."

"But the way they were acting.  They were hugging and he kissed Justin."

"That's what brothers do when they are upset.  They comfort, and support each other," Lynn said.


"Yes, brothers.  They have adopted each other as brothers and best friends."

Justin ran down the hall looking for Marc.  Not seeing Marc, he ran to the elevators.  Finding none of the elevators were being used Justin scratched his head.  Then it dawned on him.  Going to the stairwell he saw Marc sitting on a lower step.  Sitting next to Marc Justin could see that the rage he felt had turned to tears.  Placing an arm around Marc, Justin pulled him into a tight embrace.  "I'm sorry, Marc."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for," Marc said with a sniffle.

"I know.  But my dad should never have attacked you like that."

"What in the hell is he doing here anyway?"

"He, he's my dad," Justin said softly.

"I know that."

"And he is Jonathan's dad also."

Marc looked at Justin puzzled, "What?  I thought your mom and Paul married when you were six."

 "They did.  Jonathan and I share the same father but not the same mother."

"Ok, now I'm totally confused," Marc said.

"Jonathan's mother was killed in a car accident soon after he was born.  Dad had a breakdown; actually he started drinking again.  There was no way he could take care of a baby.  Grams and Gramps are too old to be taking on an infant.  So Dad turned to Mom and Paul.  The only way they would agree to taking Jonathan was if the were able to adopted him right out.  Dad agreed to the adoption only if he could be a part of Jon's life.  And as long as dad stays clean and sober he can see Jon."

"Wow!  I didn't realize."

"Marc, I don't know how we are going to work this out," Justin said.

Marc sighed, "Your dad is the kind of man that will never accept me.  I'll just have to give him a wide berth while he is here."

"Marc, are we still friends?"

"No. . . . We are brothers, that's better," Marc said while giving Justin a hug. 

Justin and Marc returned to the waiting room to find only Diane and Lynn there.

"You okay Son?"  Diane asked.

"I'll be alright.  Where is everyone?"

"Randy and his parents are in with Jonathan," Lynn said.  "Marc, I'm sorry for what happened with my ex."

"He's the one with the problem," Marc stated.  "I'll just stay out of his way while he's here."

"Justin, your dad and grandparents will be staying at the house," Lynn said. "They will be heading over there after they spend some time with Jonathan.  Your dad wants to sit with Jonathan tonight."

"But that was the time Marc and I was going to cover," Justin protested.

Marc placed a hand on Justin's arm, "It's all right.  You and your dad can sit with Jonathan."

"But what are you going to do?"  Justin asked.

"Sleep.  There hasn't been too much of that lately," Marc said.  "I'll be all right." 

"Marc, we will need to move you into Jonathan's bedroom," Lynn said.

"No need.  I'll stay at Lance's place."

"You sure?"  Lynn asked.

"I'll be okay.  This way I'll have time to rearrange his boxes.  Give it a more lived in look."

Laughing Diane said, "Come on boys, I have a plane to catch."

"And I owe you a dinner," Marc added.

Justin and Marc followed Diane to the airport and had a good meal at one of the hotel restaurants.  Afterward they walked Diane to her gate and said their good byes.

Justin drove them back to his house so Marc could pick up his backpack.  Pulling into the drive, they noticed a rental car.

Marc sighed, "Looks like your dad and grandparents are here.  Just, would you mind getting my backpack?  I don't want to cause any more trouble."

"Marc, he wins only if you let him," Justin pointed out. 

"He wins if I stay away," Marc agreed softly.  "Let's go." 

Entering the house, Justin called out, "We're here.  Where is everyone."

"In the kitchen, honey," Lynn answered.

Marc followed Justin into the kitchen.  Justin sniffed the air as he entered.  "Something smells good."

"Have you boys eaten?"  Grams asked.

"Yes, we took Diane out to eat before her flight," Marc said while looking around the room.  Marc spotted Randy stepping onto the back patio and sitting down. 

Grams noticed Marc watching Randy.  Getting Marc's attention by placing a hand on his arm, "Don't worry about him.  He won't cause any more problems."

Marc looked puzzled.

"After you left the women-folk laid into him," Grams said.  "He can be such a ass-hole at times."

"Grams!"  Justin exclaimed.

"Don't you think I know an ass-hole when I see one?"  Grams asked.

Lynn started laughing at Justin's expression.  "I think the turning point came when Diane went after him.  He didn't expect her to attack like she did."

"What she do?"  Marc asked.

"She told him you didn't have any romantic interest in Justin because you were quite happy with Lance, and if he attacked you he was also attacking the whole Bass family and he didn't want to open that kettle of worms," Grams related with a grin.

"Way to go, Diane!"  Justin shouted. 

Lynn placed a hand on Marc's shoulder.  "Just a little warning, Marc.  Don't ever get on her bad side, she will make your life hell."

Marc was grinning as he shook his head, "I'd be stupid to do that."

The clock on the oven started to ding.  Grams went over to it and with a pair of oven mitts removed a large pan from the oven.

"All right!  Peach cobbler," Justin shouted.  Going to his grandmother he hugged her, "Thanks Grams, you made my favorite dessert."

Everyone gathered around the kitchen table as Grams dished out the hot peach cobbler and Lynn topped it with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Marc took each bowl and placed it in front of everyone at the table.  Marc looked out and saw Randy still sitting on the patio.  Picking up a bowl Marc took it out to him.

"Everyone is having hot cobbler," Marc said offering him the bowl.

Looking up into Marc's eyes and was surprised that he didn't see hate.  Taking the offered bowl he softly said, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Marc said as he turned to return to the kitchen.  "You're welcome to join the rest of us," Marc said before opening the door.

Lynn and Justin gave Marc a questioning look as he picked up his bowl and sat next to Justin.

All eyes turn to Randy as he entered the kitchen.  Eyes shifted between Randy and Marc wondering what was going to happen.  Marc smiled at him as he took his first bite of hot peach cobbler and ice cream.  "Mmmm, this is good," Marc said as Randy sat down.

After a few tense moments everyone relaxed.  Conversation was cheerful and light.  Randy relaxed and joined in, even managing to converse with Marc. 

Some time later Marc asked Justin if he would give him a ride to Lance's house.  Gathering his things they were about to leave when Randy came up to Marc.  "You don't have to leave if you don't want to."

Marc smiled at his offer.  "It's okay, I have a new home I'd like to get to know."

"I understand," Randy said.

"Honey, there's no food at your house," Lynn pointed out.  "Why don't you come over around nine and have breakfast with us."

"Sounds good," Marc said with a smile.  "Good night everyone."

Pulling up into the driveway Justin asked.  "You want me to pick you up in the morning?'

"No, I'll just run over," Marc said as he took the key Justin was offering him.

Grinning Justin said, "Hey, just don't get lost coming over."

"I won't."  Marc said getting out of the jeep.  "Good night, bro; see you in the morning."

Marc entered the house and locked the door behind him.  Going to the keypad he entered the security code.  A few seconds later the phone rang.  "Hello. . .  Yes this is Marc Newman.  Ah, I'll be staying here for a few days. . . .  Okay, thank you."

The house was stifling warm from being closed up for months.  Wandering from room to room Marc finally found the environmental controls and turned on the air-conditioning.  In the kitchen he found the refrigerator well stocked with bottled water and soda.  There was the basic condiments everyone seemed to have their refrigerator and in the crisper something brown with blue fur over it; some unidentifiable vegetables. 

Taking a bottle of water Marc went out onto the patio where it was a little cooler and sat down.  Looking around the yard his eyes fell on the back fence and the house on the other side.  A slight smile came to his face as he thought about what changes he was going to make.  He needed to call Brad about the studio.  Turning his cell on he was met with a low battery indicator.  "Shit," Marc cursed, he didn't have his charger with him and his extra batteries were in L.A. "Now where would James keep his cell charger?" Marc asked, talking to himself.  Going back into the kitchen he looked around the counters with no luck.  Grabbing his backpack he headed up stairs to the master bedroom.  On the nightstand he found what he was looking for and plugged in his cell.  The room was cooling off but he still felt sticky so he decided to take a shower and relax.

The master bathroom was large.  Everything looked like it was top notch; Lance put a lot of money into this room.  The first thing he noticed was the very large tub easily large enough for four people.  And next to it was a large shower with multiple showerheads with a large bench built into one side.  Grinning Marc thought, `I like the shower.  We're going to have lots of fun in there.' 

Removing his clothes he went to the hamper in the corner to deposit his things.  Marc noticed the hamper had some of Lance's clothes in the bottom.  Reaching in he pulled out a shirt and brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply.  He could still smell Lance's sent on the shirt.  Smiling he put the shirt aside before going to the shower.  Turning on the shower he waited for any sign of hot water to arrive.  As he waited he hoped that the water heater had not been turned off.  Slowly the water began to heat up.  Stepping under the water flow Marc let out a long sigh.

The elevator door opened and the remaining members of *Nsync stepped out. 

"I'm beat," JC said as he rubbed his temples.

"Well I'm not," Joey said.  "Anyone up for clubbing tonight?"

"I can use a break," Chris said. "I'm with you."

"Count me out," Lance said.  "All I want is a hot shower and a call from my guy."

"Well it looks like it's just you and me," Joey said to Chris.

"Do you know where you are going?"  Lance asked.  "So I can let security know."

"I want to check out the club here in the hotel," Joey said.

"K, just be careful," JC said as he swiped his key card to his room.

Drying his hair he looked into the steamy mirror.  Giving the mirror a wipe Marc looked at his reflection.  Running a hand over his chin he smiled.  "Well James did want to know with it would be like to make love to someone with a beard."

Picking up Lance's shirt from the counter Marc turned off the light and went to lay on the bed.  Picking up the phone he dialed James cell number.

Lance was just drying off after his shower when he heard his cell ring.   Rushing into the bedroom he laid across the bed as he reached out for his cell.  Glancing at he caller ID he frowned not recognizing the number.


Marc smiled hearing the question in Lance's voice.

"Hello.  Is anyone there?"

In his very best alien voice Marc said.  "J L call home."  Then Marc hung up.

"What the shit!"  Lance said looking at his phone.

A minute later the cell rang again.  "Hello.  Who is this?"

"J L B call home," the voice once again said and hung up. 

"Call home?"  Lance said still puzzled.  Another glance at the ID made him laugh.  Recognizing the number he dialed his home number.

"Hello, Sweet Cheeks," Marc answered.

Laughing Lance said, "You are a nut."

"I know.  But I'm your nut.  What are you doing?"

"I just got out of the shower," Lance said. 

"So did I.  Ah, James, is your door locked?"  Marc asked.

"Yes, why?"

"I don't want us to be interrupted."

"That won't be a problem.  Why are you calling from our house?"

"It got kind of crowded at Justin's.  His dad and grandparents flew in today."

"Oh, so you've met Randy?"  Lance inquired.

"Oh yeah.  I sure did."

Marc didn't sound right.  "What's wrong?" Lance asked.

"My first meeting with Justin's dad, didn't go too well."

"In what way?"

Marc sighed, "Justin was having a bad day and he needed a hug so I gave him one."

"You two hug all the time."

"I also gave him a kiss on the forehead," Marc softly said.

"Oh, shit!"

"Yep, that's what hit the fan."

"How bad?"

"He told me to keep my hands off his son and that he wanted me out of his life."

"That homophobic ass-hole. . . . .  What did you do?"

"I was about ready to punch his lights out when Justin pleaded with me not to. . .  I just left the room."

"God, I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone."

"Hey!  I wasn't alone.  Lynn and Justin stood up for me along with a very feisty lady from Mississippi."

"Who!  Mom?"

Laughing Marc said, "Yes.  She flew in to give Lynn and Paul her support."

"And you," Lance added.

"And me."

"So how did it go?"

"With your mom?"


"I think she likes me," Marc said with a grin.

"I hope so.  I'm not about to trade you for anyone else. . . . . .   What do you think about her?"

"She is you," Marc said not certain how to put it.  "When I was talking to her I saw so much of you in her it was scary.  You have her eyes, and smile.  And that accent, it is so southern."

"I don't have that much of an accent anymore."

"Baby, when you get turned on it comes out thick as molasses.  And that's a turn on for me."

Laughing Lance asked, "So if I want to get your attention all I need to do is slip into my little ole accent?"

"You just need to be in the same room and you have my attention," Marc said lovingly.

"I wish I was with you right now," Lance sighed.

After a long silence Marc said.  "Ah, James, your mom and I had a long talk and I may have said something I shouldn't have."

"What would that be?"

"We were talking about families and she was a little disappointed that grand kids wasn't in the picture for us."

"Oh, really?"

"I kind of told her that a family was not out of the question," Marc said then cringed waiting for Lance to explode.

The silence on Lance's end was deafening.  Marc began to get nervous.

"We've barely talked about having a family," Lance softly said.

"I know.  I shouldn't have said anything to your mom without talking to you first.  I'm sorry."

"I'd like to think that a family would be our future," Lance said.  "I take it you want to be a dad some day."

"Yeah, some day and I think you would make a great dad too."

"So.  How big a family did you commit to?"  Lance asked with interest.

"Only a dozen."


Laughing Marc said, "Calm down James.  I didn't commit to anything.  I just said grandchildren were always a possibility."

"Phew!  You had me going there for a minute.  Any idea as to how we are going to produce this family?"  Lance asked.

"Well there are several ways we could do this," Marc said.  "There is artificial insemination.  How would you feel about taking a year off so you can carry the baby?"

"Why me?  Why can't you take the time off and carry the baby?"  Lance laughed.

"Nope, won't work."

"And why not?"

"I don't think I could stand having stretch marks," Marc said.

"And you think I could?" Lance asked.  "Anyway is it possible to do that?  How would you deliver the baby?"

"It's not possible yet.  I think we may have to farm that part out to someone with the right equipment."

"Good," Lance sighed.  "I started to have cramps just thinking about it."

"There is also adoption," Marc pointed out.

"I figured you would be big on adoption," Lance said with a smile.

"How do you feel about adoption?"  Marc asked.

"I'm all for it.  I'm already in love with someone that is about to be adopted.  I've already seen what kind of relationship you have with your dad and sister."

"You do realize that when they adopt me, they will also be adopting you.  You are part of me now, we are a set."

"As long as I don't have to change my last name," Lance said.

"No only I will be changing my last name."

"So you are going to be Marc Morgan?"

"No, not quite.  It will be Marc Newman Morgan."

"I like that.  Your initials will be M N M, that's sweet."

Marc groaned at Lance's lame joke.

"When do you have to leave for the hospital?"  Lance asked.

"I don't."

"You told me earlier that you and Justin were going to take the overnight shift with Jon."

" Justin and his dad will be doing it tonight."

"Oh.  How do you feel about that?"

"I'm okay with it.  Justin needs to spend some time with his dad."

"So we don't have to rush," Lance said with a big smile.

"No. . . .  James, what do you have on?"

"Nothing, I just got out of the shower."

"I don't have anything on either," Marc said seductively.

"What do you have in mind?"  Lance asked.

"Well. . . .  I'm laying here on our bed with no clothes on.  Your on your bed with no clothes on. . . . I'm talking to this really sexy guy."

"And I'm talking to this really sexy guy," Lance added.

"And there is no one to bother us."

"Why do I get this feeling we are about to have phone sex," Lance chuckled.

"Because I'm horny as hell," Marc said as he stroked his hard-on. 

"I got hard as soon as we started to talk," Lance said as he also stroked his member.

Justin and his dad arrived to relieve Paul.  Paul told them there was no change and that Jon had not awakened his whole shift. 

Justin and his dad took turns sitting next to Jonathan's bed, the other occupying a large comfortable chair that had been brought in for them.  The time passed slowly and from time to time they would each doze off in the big chair.

Randy had been lightly dozing when he opened his eyes and gazed upon his sons.  Justin was resting his chin on the top rail of the bed while he reached through the lower rail and held Jon's hand.  He watched the boys for a long time before Justin noticed. 

"Dad, why do you hate Marc so much?" 

Randy sighed, hoping his son wouldn't bring up the earlier incident.  "I don't hate him, I just hate what he is."

"What do you think Marc is?"  Justin asked.

"He is a queer.  And I don't like him being around my son."

"He's not a queer," Justin said with disgust.  "He is a talented musician, a friend to all the guys.  He is the most honest person I know, his integrity is beyond question.  He is the most caring and loving person I have ever met.  He is my best friend outside of the group.  His love for Lance is real and passionate.  And he just happens to be gay."

"It sounds like you have some feelings for him," Randy observed.

"I do have feelings for Marc.  I love him," Justin said.  "He is my best friend and my big brother."

Frowning Randy asked, "What's with this big brother thing?  Your mom calls him that too."

"When we were on break last month we decided to check out the Wisconsin Dells, well I was driving and we got lost.  We met Marc when he crashed his bike into the side of our van."

"Was he hurt?"

"Yes, he took a nasty spill.  He cut his head open and there was blood everywhere.  We took him to the local hospital to get patched up.  While he was being worked on the sheriff walks in and places me under arrest for leaving the scene of a accident and takes me to jail."

"Why haven't I heard about any of this?"

"Because I'm telling you now," Justin said.

"I didn't see anything about this in the papers."

"If you'd let me finish you will know why it wasn't in the papers.  After Marc's dad stitched up his head."

"His dad did what?"

"Marc's dad is a doctor and he works in the local hospital," Justin explained.  "When Marc found out about the sheriff arresting me he gets pissed and heads for the sheriff's office.   Well, Marc read the sheriff the riot act for acting before finding out what happened.  Marc got all charges dropped and got me out of jail."

"Still, I can't believe the press never got wind of this."

"Dad, Marc made sure that there was no record of my arrest.  Marc hand designed and built the computer system for the sheriff's office.  He went in through a back door and made sure there was nothing with my name on it, on file."

"Isn't that against the law?"  Randy asked.

"Marc was protecting me.  And he has done so ever since.  On tour it gets to be rough after a while.  And so many times when the guys would go out clubbing I had to spend the night alone at the hotel.  Since Marc joined the tour he has always made sure I was never left alone.  He made the guys pick clubs that I could get into.  And when there was none around he and Lance would spend the night with me so I wasn't alone.  He's there to hold me when I have a bad dream and he's there to yell at me when I screw up.  When I have a problem he always listens to what I have to say, never blowing me off like the others.  And when he is having a bad day I'm there for him.  If it's a shoulder to cry on or just a hug I'm there for him.. . .   You wanted to know what kind of feelings I had for Marc.  Well I love him.  And I know he loves me.  I think of him as the big brother I never had and he thinks of me as his little brother.  He is part of my life and part of my family."

"Has there been anything. . . sexual between you two?"

"Oh, God, No!" 

Randy let out a sigh of relief. 

"He loves Lance too much to ever try anything with anyone else."

"It's just when I saw him kiss you," Randy hesitantly said.

"Dad, I've kissed Jon, and Stephen, you and gramps.  And I've kissed Marc and he's kissed me.  It is just a show of affection between two people who care for each another."

"I don't know about this," Randy said with doubt.

"Dad, just give Marc a chance.  Once you get to know him I'm sure you will change your mind."

"He means a lot to you doesn't he?"

Justin nodded then glanced at Jon.  Reaching in he lightly brushed a lock of hair that had fallen into Jon's eyes.

Marc lay in the middle of the big bed hugging a pillow to him.  He snuggled his face into the pillow smelling his beloved.  Before going to sleep he had pulled the shirt he found in the hamper over the second pillow; giving him the illusion of Lance being there.   With a smile on his face he rolled onto his back and stretched.  Opening his eyes he looked at the pillow and sighed.  Looking to the night table he saw it was just a little after six.  Rolling out of bed he grabbed his backpack and reaching into the bottom of the main compartment he pulled out a bundle.  His lightweight running shoes and his running shorts was neatly wrapped in his sweatband.  After dressing he stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and quickly downed it.  He set the alarm with a thirty second delay and locked the door behind him.  Placing the key in the waterproof pouch just inside the waistband of his shorts he used the front steps to stretch before beginning his run. 

Justin had been dozing in the big chair when he heard his stepfather greet them with a "Hello, . . . how was his night?"

"He slept through the night," Randy said.

"Well you guys go and get some rest," Paul said as he took Randy's place.

"K, see you later," Justin said.

"Justin, I saw Marc out running on my way over here."

"He said he was going to run over to have breakfast with us."

"Well, if he was headed for our house, he was going in the wrong direction.  He was headed down town." 

"Thanks Paul, we'll keep an eye out for him," Justin said as they headed out.

As they rode home Randy asked, "Should we go look for Marc?"

"No.  When Paul saw Marc it was early.  Marc loves to run and I've seen him do forty miles with no problem.  Let's go home," Justin said.  "If he's too late for breakfast I can go looking for him."

Justin was staring out the window and spotted Marc running up ahead of them.  "Looks like he found the right direction."

Randy slowed as they came up behind Marc.  The shirtless young man ran with the grace of a gazelle, with long strides he moved ahead of them.  "Should we give him a ride?"

"No.  Let's go home.  Marc will be there in a few minutes anyway."

Justin was sitting on the front steps watching Marc jog down the street.  Half a block away he slowed to a walk.  "Morning," Justin greeted Marc as he walked up the drive.

"Morning," Marc said with a big smile.

 "Have a good run?"

"Yes, great."

"Paul spotted you on his way into the hospital."

"Oh, I didn't notice him," Marc said

"He said you were headed downtown."

"Yeah, I wanted to run along one of the lakes."

"Did you?"  Justin asked having some idea what was coming.

"Hell no!  I started running along the shore.  Did you know there are alligators in that lake?"

Justin laughed, "I've seen them.  Maybe you noticed no one was down there walking their dog."

"Shit, you would have to be a fool to walk a dog near the lake."

"Some people have been foolish enough to do just that.  They'd be walking along and snap.  Fido becomes lunch for some alligator."

"Is breakfast about ready?"  Marc asked.

"You've got about a half hour.  Mom and grams just started it.  You want to take a shower before breakfast?"

"Could I use the pool?" Marc asked.

"Sure," Justin said as they entered the house.

"Good morning everyone," Marc said as they walked through the kitchen.

"Morning Marc," Lynn said looking up from the stove.  "Breakfast will still be a little while."

"That's okay Mom," Justin said.  "Marc wanted to take a swim before breakfast anyway."

"Justin you know where the towels are; grab some for Marc."

"K, Mom."

Grabbing some towels, Justin caught up with Marc as he was taking off his shoes and socks.  "You want one of my suits?"

"No, I'm fine," Marc said as he walked to the edge of the pool and dove in.

Lynn and Grams watched Marc as he dove into the pool.  "Damn, that boy has a great ass," Grams said with a sigh.

Lynn was flabbergasted.

"What?  Just because I'm old doesn't mean I don't know a great ass when I see one," Grams said.

"I just didn't expect that kind of statement from you," Lynn said.

"Dear, the nice thing about growing old is it allows you to say things that you would never have said.  Everyone is shocked, then they write it off to senility.  But I'm not too old to appreciate a good-looking ass.  And all his other parts are nice to look at too."

Marc had swum six laps of the pool before he turned over and floated on his back closing his eyes he absorbed the warmth of the sun.

Justin looked at Marc floating in the pool.  Grabbing a large towel he went to the pools edge.  "Ah, Marc, can you come here please?"

Turning over Marc drifted over to Justin, "What's up?"

"Ah, bro, look down."

Looking down into the water Marc noticed that his running shorts had become transparent.  "Oh!"

Justin opened a large towel and held it up for Marc.  "Here wrap this around you.  We don't want to give mom and grams a show." 

Marc knotted the  towel around his waste and took the second Justin offered.

Drying his hair Marc asked, "Can I borrow something to wear?"

"Sure, lets go find you something."

Randy was coming down the stairs as the boys were headed up.  "What's the rush guys?"

Breakfast is almost ready and Marc needs dry clothes," Justin said as passed his dad.

"Okay, better hurry," Randy said as he passed Marc.

At the top of the stairs Marc stopped and looked back at Randy.  Feeling a hand on his shoulder he asked, "Who was that?"

"Ah, Dad and I had a long talk last night," Justin whispered. 

"That must have been some talk."

In Justin's room Marc jumped into the shower for a quick rinse. 

"What do you want to wear?"  Justin asked.

"I don't know.  What are we doing today?"

"We're free until you have to meet with Johnny."

"How much rest did you get last night?"  Marc asked as he dried off.

"I dozed off and on."

"How about we just hang around here?  That way you can get some rest," Marc suggested.

"K, we can hang around the pool," Justin said as he went for some clothes for Marc.  "What kind of bathing suit do you want?  Speedo or boxer type?"

"What do you have in Speedo?"

Opening a drawer Justin pulled out a hand full of swimsuits.  "Well let's see.  We have this blue low-rise brief, and a red one and a green bikini.  There's also this striped thong for the adventurous."

"You wear all of those?"  Marc laughed.

"No.  We get so much free stuff.  I think we each got a full assortment of everything they make."

"Did they send anything with legs?"

"Yes, how about this," Justin said as he held up a green pair of trunks. 

"That will work," Marc said taking the trunks from Justin.

"Here this muscle shirt goes with it and this pair of snap pants."

Pulling on the pants Marc grinned, "Now these I like."

"Yeah, Lance wouldn't have any trouble getting into your pants with those," Justin laughed.

"They do have some advantages," Marc smirked.

Breakfast was enjoyable.  Marc got to know Justin's grandparents better and enjoyed the stories of Justin when he was little.  It seems the women took great delight in embarrassing Justin.  Finally it was Justin's grandfather that put an end to Justin's torture by changing the subject to sports. 

After breakfast the women pushed the men out of the kitchen so they could get their work done.  Justin and Marc went into the living room to watch some TV.  Randy came down some time later and found Justin curled up on the couch with his head on Marc's lap sleeping.

Marc looked up as Randy entered the room.  His heart quickened at the sight of Justin's dad.

Randy's smile dispelled Marc's fears.  "It looks like he is really tired," Randy whispered.

"The way he looked at breakfast I figured he wouldn't last very long."

"He must really trust you.  To fall asleep so easily like that."

"He does this with most of the guys while on tour.  But lately he seems to pick either Lance, Joey or me to use as a pillow."

"And you don't mind?"  Randy asked.

"No," Marc said shaking his head.  "It's part of our friendship."

"I was going to ask if he wanted to run to the airport with me," Randy said. 

Marc looked perplexed.

"More family coming in," Randy explained.

"I could wake him if you like?"

"No, let him rest."

After Justin woke he and Marc moved out to the pool to catch some rays.  Justin was dozing when someone started to bounce on his belly.  "Justy, wake up!" the toddler yelled as he tried to wake Justin.

Justin grabbed the small boy and started tickling him; "I'm awake, Steph, now I'm going to get you." 

The boy squealed at Justin's attack.  Squirming away he ran and hid behind Marc's chair.  "Protect me," the still giggling boy said to Marc.

"I don't know.  He might start to tickle me," Marc grinned at the boy.

"But you are bigger then he is.  He won't tickle you."

"Don't count on his protection.  I know where Marc's tickle spot is," Justin said as he advanced on the two of them.

Picking Steph up Marc held him in front of himself.  "Oh no! The tickle monster is after us!  Save me.  Save me Steph, from the tickle monster."

Justin picked up his little brother and threw him over his shoulder giving the giggling boy a pat on the bottom.  Justin sat on the foot of Marc's deck chair as he caught his breath and let Steph calm down some.  "Marc, this little tickle monster is my little brother, Stephen.  Steph, this is my friend, Marc."

"Hi Steph, it's nice to meet you."

"Hi Marc, are you in instink too?"

"No," Marc laughed.  "But I do play in their band."

"Cool," Steph said before turning his attention to Justin.  "Mommy and me flew on a big airplane to come and see Jon, Jon.  Daddy said he is not feeling good."

Justin who had been doing a good job holding it together all morning about lost it when he heard his little brother's statement.

Marc instinctively reached out for Justin pulling him into a hug. 

Steph looked up at the two men hugging.  "What's wrong Justy?  Are you going to cry?" 

"No Steph, I'm all right.  It's just . . ."

"His hay fever is acting up," Marc jumped in.  "It makes his eyes water."

"Oh, okay," Steph said with a shrug.

Standing in the patio doors watching the boys were Randy, his current wife Lisa and Lynn. 

"Who's that young man with Justin," Lisa asked.

"That's Justin's close friend, Marc Newman.  And he is also my newest client," Lynn said.

"A new singer for you stable?"  Lisa asked.

"He has the voice to make it as a singer," Lynn stated.  "But Marc is a composer, arranger, conductor, and musician first.  He is a trained Jazz and Classical musician among other things."

"How did he get hooked up with Justin?"  Lisa asked.

"That is a long story.  It started when *Nsync took a weeks vacation from their tour. . . . "

"Justy, can I go swimming?"

"We have to ask your mom first," Justin said as he got up with Steph.

Marc also got up and followed them into the house.  Justin went right over to greet his stepmother, Lisa.  "Hey Lisa, it's good to see you," Justin said as he hugged her.

"Marc, this is my dad's wife, Lisa.  Lisa this is my friend, Marc."

"It's good to meet you, Mrs. Timberlake."

"Oh, please call me Lisa.  Only Randy's mother is called Mrs. Timberlake."

"Okay, Lisa it is then."


Wow!  There is a lot in this chapter to digest.  Is Randy's feeling about homosexuals changing or is he just hiding his true feelings for Justin's sake.  Marc has now met both sets of Justin's parents.  Will that give him more insight into what makes Justin tick?  And with the gathering of the family does that mean the unthinkable may happen.  With the mounting emotions will Randy's true feeling about Marc come out?  Will Lou, wait until everyone is in turmoil before he makes his move on Marc?  So many questions.  But the answers will have to wait until the next chapter of My New Life.

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