My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

Last time

"Justy, can I go swimming?"

"We have to ask your mom first," Justin said as he got up with Steph.

Marc also got up and followed them into the house.  Justin went right over to greet his stepmother, Lisa.  "Hey Lisa.  "It's good to see you," Justin said as he hugged her.

"Marc, this is my dad's wife, Lisa.  Lisa, this is my friend, Marc."

"It's good to meet you, Mrs. Timberlake."

"Oh please call me Lisa.  Only Randy's mother is called Mrs. Timberlake."

"Okay.  Lisa it is then."

Chapter 47

"Mama, can I go swimming?"  Steph asked his mother.

"I didn't pack your swim suit," Lisa said.

"I know where there's one," Steph said as he wiggled out of Justin's grasp.

"You do!  Where?" his mother asked.

"In Jayzees room," he shouted as he ran up the stairs.

Looking at Lisa, Justin shrugged before he followed Steph up the stairs.

Going to JC bedroom Justin found Steph digging through a pile of clothes in a corner of the room.  "Why do you think your swim suit is in here?"  Justin asked.

"Jayzee, dressed me last time I was here.  He folded it and put it here," Steph grinned as he held up his suit.

"Okay, let's get you changed," Justin said.  "Do you have to go to the bathroom first?"

"No.  I want to swim!"

"I know you want to swim.  But remember you can't pee in the pool.  Now are you sure you don't want to even try to go to the bathroom?"

Steph thought for a long moment then dashed into the bathroom.

Marc was already in the pool when Steph ran out with Justin behind him.  Before Justin could react, Steph dashed to the pool and jumped in.  "Steph wait!" Justin shouted.

Steph bobbed up giggling and dog paddled over to Marc.  When Justin got to the edge of the pool he was relieved to see his little brother with his arms wrapped around Marc's neck. 

"Come on, Justy!  Let's play."

Justin dove into the pool coming up next to Marc.  "You shouldn't jump into the pool like that,"  Justin said sternly.

"Why?  Marc was already in the pool."

Marc gave Justin a `what can you say to that' look.

"Next time, just wait until I know someone is in the pool for you," Justin said before he poked Steph in his tickle spot.

The boys played in the pool for over an hour.  Lynn made them all get out after she noticed Steph's fingers were shriveling up.  They lay in the warm sun until they were dried off.

"Boys, lunch," Lisa called.

Justin and Marc pulled on tops as they went into the house.  A sandwich buffet was set up on the island and everyone just fixed their plate and went to the table.  Lisa fixed Steph's plate and took it to the coffee table for him to eat. 

"Why do I have to eat here?"  Steph pouted.

"There's no room at the table," his mom answered.

Marc took his plate and drink and went over to the coffee table.  "Is there room at your table?"

Steph grinned as he nodded.  Marc sat down next to the boy tucking his long legs under him.

Justin turned to go to the table when noticed Marc wasn't there.  He heard giggles coming from the family room along with Marc's voice.  Looking at the place set aside for him at the adult table then Marc and Steph in the family room, he decided to join them.

"Son, there's room here," his dad said.

"That's okay.  I'll eat with the other kids."

Lynn beamed at her son.  "Just be careful in there.  I don't want any spills."

"Is there room for one more?"  Justin asked, as he looked down on the other two.

"Yeah!"  Steph laughed.

"Justin sat down and grinned at Marc.  Marc gave him a wink then turned his attention to eating his lunch. 

Justin turned on the TV and they watched cartoons while they ate their lunch.  Steph got so absorbed in the cartoon that he didn't notice that Marc had slipped one of his pickle spears onto Steph's plate.  Justin watched as Marc slipped three potato chips onto Steph's plate.  With a slight grin picked up a spoon of potato salad and was about to deposit it onto Steph's plate when he noticed Marc shaking his head.  Marc pointed to the finger food on his plate, chips, pickles, olives, cheese and carrot sticks.  Justin nodded his understanding while placing the potato salad in his mouth.  Slowly the boys filled Steph's plate while at the same time cleaning up theirs.

Lisa poked her head in to check on the boys just as Justin placed a carrot stick on Steph's plate.  Justin and Marc's plates were empty but her sons had twice as much food on it then he started with.  Steph was oblivious of what was going on he was so absorbed in his program. 

Justin was putting his last potato chip on his brothers plate when he caught movement at the door.

Lisa was amused at Justin and Marc's reaction, like two deer caught in the headlights of your car.  "Son, stop watching TV and finish you lunch.  I want to see that plate cleaned up."

"K, mama.  I'm almost done," Steph said as he reached for a chip and froze. 

Lisa turned with a smirk on her face.

"Come on, Squirt," Justin urged.  "We can't play until you finish your lunch."

"But, but," Steph stammered.

"Well maybe we could help you," Marc said as he picked up a pickle and popped it into his mouth.

Steph grinned as Justin took a carrot from his plate.

Lunch was being cleared away; Lynn was loading the dishwasher when Lisa came back with the boys' plates.  Lynn noticed the amused expression on Lisa's face.  "What are the boys up to?  It's been awful quiet in there."

"Come here, take a look at what I found," Lisa said motioning for Lynn to follow.  In the family room they found Justin and Marc with their backs up against the couch both leaning against each other sound asleep.  Steph was sprawled across the two young men, also asleep.

"That's sweet," Lynn whispered.  "The pool must have worn them out.  I've got to get a picture of this."

Lynn disappeared back into the kitchen returning with a camera.  After taking several pictures they left the trio to their siesta.

"Hey Lance, we going to lunch?"  JC inquired.  "Or do you want me to bring you back something?"

"Ah, why don't you bring me back something," Lance said as he pulled out his cell. 

"K, tell Marc hi for me.  And find out if there is any change on Jon."

"I'll see what I can find out," Lance said as JC headed for the door.

Dialing Marc's cell he was met with a recording that his phone was not in service and whether he wanted to leave a voice message.  Hanging up he dialed his home phone number but got no answer there either.  "Marc, where are you?"  Lance mumbled to himself.

Lynn was getting ready to leave for the hospital when the phone rang.  Lynn's heart leaped at the sound of the phone; hoping it was not the hospital calling, she answered.  "Hello!"

"Ah, Lynn, this is Lance."

"Oh, hi, baby.   How is everything going out there?"

"We're getting there.  How is Jon doing?"

"There's still no improvement."  Lynn sadly said.

"He's in our prayers," Lance said.  "By any chance is Marc there?"

"Yes he is.  Hold on I'll get him."

"Marc, Marc, Honey."  Lynn said giving Marc's shoulder a shake.

"Hum?"  Marc drowsy asked.

"Phone, Honey, it's Lance."

"Oh, okay.  Thanks."  Taking the offer phone Marc said, "Hey, lover."

"Are you awake?"  Lance asked with a giggle.

"I'm getting there," Marc said stifling a yawn. "What are you all doing?"

"We just broke for lunch.  What are you up to?"

"Oh, just dozing in a pile of bodies."


Laughing softly, "After lunch Curly and I just nodded off.  You know how he is; I just happen to be one of his favorite pillows." 

"So he's sleeping on you again?" 

"Of course.  I guess we must have looked comfortable; Steph is laying across both of us."

"You are my favorite person to cuddle up to," Lance noted with a laugh.  "When did Lisa and Steph get in?"

"This morning.  Randy went to pick them up after breakfast."

"What do you think of the rest of the Timberlake family?"

"Lisa, is real nice, and Steph is so cute, I could just eat him up."

"Yes, he is a doll," Lance agreed.  "How was your run this morning?"

"Great, once I got off the streets and onto the trails.  Traffic on the streets here is terrible.  I'm glad you told me about the bike trails."

"There are trails all over town, you shouldn't have much trouble if you stick to the trails."

"I just have to keep my eyes open for the wildlife you have here."

"You mean dogs?"

"No!  Alligators!"

"You must have been down by one of the lakes," Lance laughed.

"I didn't figure to find them downtown.  Out in the Everglades, yes.  Not in the middle of the city."

"Hey, JC just brought me my lunch.  Are you going to sit with Jon tonight?"

"Yes, there are enough people here now that the shifts are now shorter.  I think we are taking the midnight to six shift."

"Yep, midnight to six," Justin confirmed with a yawn.  Noticing Marc was on the phone Justin smiled.  "Tell Lance hi for me."

"Justin said hi," Marc relayed the message.

"Tell him hi back," Lance said.  "Call me when you can."

"I will, maybe before we go to the hospital.  Love you James."

"Love you too, Marc.  Bye."

Marc turned the phone off and looked at Justin.  "Everyone says hi."

Justin stretched his arms and legs as he fully woke up.

"Justy, stop moving," Steph wined.  "I'm not ready to get up."

Marc has just got out of the shower.  He had just pulled on a pair of boxers when Justin came to the door.  "Marc, I don't know if any of Lance's pants will fit you."

"I know," Marc said.  " They all come up a little short.  Does Joey have anything here?"

"Let me check."  Disappearing into on of the other bedrooms he returned with jeans.  "Will these work?"

Taking the jeans Marc tried them on.  "Perfect.  Now a shirt.  Something without a logo on it."

"Now that's asking a lot," Justin chuckled as he shuffled through the hanging shirts.  "How about this?"  Justin held up a light blue dress shirt.  "It was big on Lance; that's why it's in the back of his closet."

Taking the offered shirt Marc slipped it on.  "It will work."

"Are we okay on time?"  Justin inquired.

"Should be.  It's what, twenty minutes to Johnny's office?"

"Yeah, this time of the afternoon, no problem."

"I'm meeting the banker in the lobby," Marc said.  "We just have to swing by the house for a minute.  I need my wallet and cell."

"Ready?"  Justin asked.


Arriving at Johnny's office building Marc was met by Jeff Bishop; the representative of the First Bank of Orlando.

"Mr. Bishop?" Marc inquired of the man waiting in the lobby.

"Yes. Are you Mr. Newman?"

"Yes. And it's Marc," Marc said offering his hand.

"And I'm Jeff," taking Marc's offered hand.

"Is there anything we have to cover before we go up?"  Marc asked.

"Yes.  We can take care of them before we go up," Jeff said.

They sat down in the lobby.  Jeff opened his briefcase and nervously shuffled papers.  Marc looked over at Justin, giving him a wink.  "Ah, Jeff, you seem a little nervous.  Is my friends presence the cause?"

Jeff smiled at Justin, "No, not really.  It's actually your account.  I've never been allowed to handle anything this large."

Frowning Marc asked, "What do you mean large?  How much did my banker in Wisconsin transfer?"

"Ah, the transfer from Wisconsin was for one million."

"What!!"  Marc exclaimed.  Pulling out his cell Marc dialed a number.  "Hello, Mr. Stevens please.  This is Marc Newman calling. . . . . .  Brad, this is Marc. . . . .  Yes I'm with him now. . .  Yes, that is why I'm calling.  I just needed to know why did you transfer so much? . . .  Oh!  Okay.  I haven't had any time to look it over. . . . .  Okay, I'll get back with you after I have a chance to look it over. . . . .  Thanks, Brad.  I'll get back with you soon.  Bye."

"Is there a problem?"  Jeff asked.

"No, I guess not.  What do I have to sign?"

Jeff pulled out three documents for Marc's signature.  Marc quickly read each before signing them handing the documents back to Jeff. 

"Only two more things," Jeff said.  Handing Marc a box.  "This is your check book.  I believe the address is correct?"

Marc opened the box and smiled at the checks.  The address to Lance's home was on it.  "Yes that's right." 

"And this credit card," Jeff said handing a envelope to Marc.  "Is also a debit card.  There is a pin number with it; memorize it then put in a safe place."

"Is there anything else?"  Marc inquired.

"No, that should do it for now.  Shall we go purchase a home?"

Lou Pearlman pulled into the parking lot of Wright Enterprises and recognized Justin's Jeep.  As he entered the lobby he went to the receptionist and asked, "Is Justin Timberlake here?"

"Yes, he's with Marc Newman.  Marc has a meeting with Johnny."

"Oh, do you know what they are meeting about?"  Lou asked

"No I don't," the receptionist answered.  "Are you here to see Johnny?"

"No, I'm here to work on some paper work," Lou said thinking.  Taking a business card out of his wallet he jotted a short note on it.  "Can you be sure Marc Newman gets this."

"Sure," the receptionist said placing the card on her desk.

Marc and Justin walked Jeff and Stan to the lobby.  "Stan, thanks again for pushing the paperwork through so quickly," Marc said.

"And thank you for your generosity," Stan tittered.

"It was not fair for you to lose so much commission when Johnny lowered the price," Marc said. "You deserve every cent for getting the paperwork done so quickly."

"Well thank you again.  And if you want any more properties please give me a call," Stan said as he left the building.

"Excuse me Mr. Newman," the receptionist interrupted.


"Mr. Pearlman asked me to give you this," she said holding out the card.

Marc glanced at the card.  "Is Mr. Pearlman still in the building?"

"Yes he said he would be in his office."

"Can you show me his office?"  Marc asked Justin.

"Sure."  Justin said as he led Marc to Lou's office.  "This is it.  Do you want me to go in with you?"

"No.  This shouldn't take too long.  I'll meet you in the lobby."

Justin was leafing through a magazine when Marc came stomping into the lobby.  Spotting Justin Marc said, "Let's go."

Marc exited, not waiting to for Justin.  Justin caught up with Marc at the Jeep.  "What's up?"

"Can we get out of here?"  Marc pleaded.

"Okay!" Justin said as he got behind the wheel and started the engine.  Justin drove down the street two blocks then pulled into a parking lot and stopped.

"Why did you stop here?"  Marc asked as he stared out the front window.

"Marc, what happened?"

"That fat ass-hole is trying to get me to sign with him."

"He's what!!"

"He offered to guide my musical career," Marc said rubbing his temples.  "He is offering his full finical backing and all his resources to help me launch a singing career."

"I didn't know you wanted a singing career."

"I don't.  I think he's taking advantage of your mom's problems and he is trying to lure me away from her."

"What did you tell him?"  Justin inquired. 

"That I'd think about it."

"What!  Are you crazy?" Justin shouted.

"J, calm down.  I just told him that I would think about it."

"How much time is he going to give you?  To think about it."

"I told him I needed until after the tour.  That will give me time to get things set up."

"Set up.  For what?"

Marc grinned.  "I'm still working on it."

"Okay, what do you want to do now?"  Justin asked with a sigh.

Marc thought then asked, "Do you know where the DMV office is?"

"Yes, I think so.  Why?"

"In order to use my new checks I need a Florida id," Marc explained.

Lou sat staring out his office window thinking about the meeting he just had with Marc Newman.  Reaching for his phone he pushed a button.  "Berry, get in here.  I have a job for you."

Berry Dillion; an extremely thin weasel faced man with large shifty eyes, took in everything in the room, as he stood before Lou Pearlman.  "What's up boss?" 

Lou tossed a folder at Berry.  "I want you to find out everything you can about this man.  His name is Marc Newman.  He's working as assistant tour manager, web master, and is a member of the band for the *Nsync tour."

"What kind of shit do you want on him?"  Berry asked while looking at Marc's picture.

"Something I could use as leverage.  I want to sign him.  That young man could be bigger than Backstreet Boys and *Nsync combined."

"K, boss.  I'll see what I can find.  When do you need the info?"

"Our Mr. Newman will be returning in four weeks.  I want to be sure he signs with me."

"How far do you want me to go boss?"

"Whatever it takes.  I want him!"

Marc grinned at his new drivers license.  "Just, thanks for letting me use your Jeep for my driving test."

"I don't know how you were able to convince them of your new address."

"I used my new checkbook to establish my new address.  The DMV called the bank to verify the information.  All I needed was to pass the written and driving tests."

"Okay," Justin grinned.  "What do you want to do now?"

"Well my checking account has a lot of extra money in it.  And  I'm going to need a car while I'm down there," Marc said.  "Let's go shopping."

"I can't believe it," Justin laughed.  "I take you car shopping.  Show you the hottest cars out there and what do you do?  You buy a van of all things."

"An what's wrong with the van?"  Marc inquired.

"It's so. . .so. . not cool."

"I don't know.  I did get it with bucket seats.  And they are removable," Marc pointed out.

"But why?"

"I've seen what Lance has in the garage," Marc stated.  "And I know what you drive and what Josh drives.  And none of them will carry your whole group.  So if you all go anywhere you need two vehicles.  With my van we can all go in one." 

"Yeah, I guess," Justin said as he contemplated Marc's logic.

"Besides, at times I will need to haul around my instruments."

"Why would you want to do that?"

"To make a living.  I hope to be able to get some work as a studio musician between my "big" concerts."

"I don't think you will have any trouble getting gigs.  You know you can play for us any time.  Brit likes your music so don't be surprised if she doesn't give you a call.  And Backstreet will want you, too."

"Well, I'd just like to keep busy."

"That won't be any problem.  What do you want to do now?"  Justin asked.

"Lets grab something to eat then just chill," Marc suggested.

After eating they returned to Marc's new home.  "Just, you look beat.  You didn't get much rest last night did you?"

"I was able to catch a few z's."

"And you've been running around with me all day," Marc pointed out.  "Come with me."  Marc led Justin up to the master bedroom.  "Go ahead and stretch out and try to get some rest," Marc suggested.

Justin nodded as he kicked off his shoes, and stripped down to his boxers.  "You going to join me?"  Justin asked as he climbed into bed.

"Not right now," Marc said shaking his head.  "I got a full night's rest last night.  I need to check my e-mail and make a few phone calls."

"K," Justin said as he rolled over and stopped looking at the pillow next to him.

Red-faced Marc quickly grabbed the pillow.

With a raised eyebrow Justin asked, "A Lance substitute?"

"Yeah, kind ah."

Justin grinned as he rolled over turning his back to Marc.  Softly Justin said, "I understand."

With his backpack in hand Marc went down to Lance's study.  Setting up on the desk next to Lance's computer he connected the DSL line to his laptop and powered up.  Checking his e-mail Marc was relieved to find only sixty-three new messages.  Moving the ones he needed to read into a folder Marc hi-lighted the rest and deleted them. 

Taking his cell, he checked his voice mail.  "You have six messages," the mechanical voice said.

"Hey, babe," Lance laughed.  "I know you don't like me calling you babe but since you called me sweet cheeks I think it's only fair. . . . .   We're on a break and I thought I would just check in. . . . .  Give me a call when you get a chance.  Love you."

"Hey, me again.  We're headed out to get something to eat.  Just wanted to say I'm missing you."

"Hey, it's me.  You wouldn't believe what happened after we talked last night.  My mom called.  She had to tell me about meeting you.  Oh, man.  I don't know what you said to her but she loves you.  She told me if I ever even think of breaking up with you she would disown me," Lance laughed.  "She was only kidding, . . . . I hope. . . . I don't know what got her going.  Maybe it was the idea of grandchildren?  Well hope you enjoyed your run.  I will check in later.  Love and missing you."

"Hey, little brother.  I guess you are not available.  What's this about you running off with Justin?  Does Lance know about this?  Just pulling your leg.  Josh told me what's going on.  I hope everything turns out all right for Justin's little brother.  Let us know if we can do anything.  Dad and I are praying for Jonathon.  I'll see you in a couple weeks.  Love you."

"Hum, . . .  Marc, it's me Bobby.  Hum. . . .   I just wanted to tell you something but I guess you can't come to the phone.  Well, it's just. . . . I mean I wanted to tell you that I went in and had my first fitting for my new legs. . . . .  I guess that's it. . . .  Give me a call when you're not so busy.  Bye."

Marc smiled at the message noting the phone number.

"Hum, it, its me, Bobby.  (Soft sob) I, I'm not getting my legs.  So I wont be coming to see you. (Sniff, sniff.)  Thanks for the offer.  Bye." 

Sitting up straight Marc looked at the time stamp on his cell.  The message was recorded early that afternoon.  Picking up the phone Marc dialed Bobby's number. 

"Hello, is Bobby home? . . .  Yes, my name is Marc Newman. . . .  Yes, from Disneyland. . . .  Bobby left a message on my service telling me first he was being fitted for his legs then a second message saying he wasn't getting his legs. . . . .  Do you know what happened?"

Bobby's grandmother told Marc about how the insurance company had refused to pay for the prosthesis.  Marc asked for more information and Bobby's grandmother gave him the whole story.  After several additional questions Marc asked to speak to Bobby.

"Hi," Bobby softly mumbled.

"Hi, Bobby.  I guess you're having a bad day?"

"Yeah," Bobby managed to chock out. "I, I don't understand how they can do this."

"I don't know either.  Bobby, I don't want this to get you down.  Your grandmother gave me all the information and I'm going to check into to this for you."

"You are?"

"Yes. . . .  Bobby, when do you have another appointment for a fitting?"

"Day after tomorrow," Bobby said with more hope in his voice.  `But what about the insurance?"

"Don't worry about that.  You keep your appointment.  I'll make sure you get your legs."

Marc could hear soft sobs coming from the other end of the line.

Marc softly asked, "You all right?"

Sniffling Bobby said, "Yea, I'm much better now.  I don't know how to thank you."

"Just remember our deal.  When you're ready, we hit Disney World.  That day will be my thanks."

"I can't wait.  Marc, when are you leaving L.A.?"

"The guys have concerts on Thursday and Friday.  We head out after Friday's concert.  I'm not in L.A. right now.  Justin's little brother is sick and I flew back with him."

"Where is that?"  Bobby asked.

Marc smiled as he answered, "Why Orlando.  I'm just down the road from Disney World."

"You are!  Cool!  Have you checked out the park yet?"

"No, not yet.  But I've driven past the park.  Along with Universal Studios, and Sea World."

"Really?  Are they all there?"

"They sure are," Marc said.  "We can check them all out when you come to visit."

Entering all the information Marc had gotten from Bobby's grandmother into a fax Marc faxed it to his personal attorney.  Picking up the phone he called his attorney to fill him in on what was going on.  After an hours discussion a plan was agreed upon.  Hanging up Marc closed down his computer and sat staring out the window. 

Marc was so lost in thought he didn't hear is cell start to ring.  It must have been the fourth of fifth ring before he picked up.  "Hello."

"Uh, the man of my dreams," came the sexy voice on the other end.

"Josh, you have to stop calling me like this," Marc responded with an equally sexy voice.


Laughing Marc said, "Got ya!"

"Sounds like someone is in a strange mood."

"Yeah, it's been one of those days.  Let me try this again.  Hey, lover.  I'm really missing you, James."

"Much better," Lance chuckled.  "I'm missing you, too.  What have you been up to today?"

"Oh, nothing much.  After talking to you earlier Justin and I ran some errands."

"What kind of errands?"

"Well if you must know, I opened a bank account.  Went to the DMV and got a Florida driver's license."

"You did.  Why?" Lance asked.

"So I could spend some money.  Justin took me car shopping."


"Yeah.  He must have dragged me to half a dozen dealerships."

"Did you find anything?" 

Marc looked up to find Justin leaning against the door jam with a smug expression.  "Yeah, Justin showed me all the hottest cars available, Porsche, Fiat, and Jaguar."

"Some how I get the feeling those kind of cars didn't interest you," Lance chuckled.

"No, they don't.  And do you know how embarrassing it is to have your best friend standing there drooling over some sports car?"

Justin stuck his tongue out at Marc.

"What did you end up buying?"  Lance asked.

"You guess."

"Well, though you would look good in a sports car.  That's not you.  And since I know what you already drive I'd say you got something practical. . . . .  It's probably something large enough to seat at least six."

Marc's face registered surprise.  "Okay.  Would you like to narrow it down more?"

"Sure," Lance said with confidence.  "I'd say . . . . you got a van.  Probably a Dodge Caravan."

"Did you talk to Justin before calling me?"

"No!  But I did see you looking at an auto magazine last week and when you put it down you left it open to the Caravan page."

"Ahhh.  Very good.  Now what color?"

"That I have no idea.  When will you get the van?"  Lance asked.

"I will pick it up tomorrow."

"So you bought one that they had in stock.  If it was something you ordered I'd say red.  I don't know it could be any color."

"Your right," Marc said.  "And it's maroon." 

"Cool!  What else did you do today?"

"Besides setting up bank accounts, getting my Florida drivers license, buying new wheels?  I arranged for some of my equipment to be shipped here.  I bought a building close by to set up my music studio.  And Lou Pearlman is trying to get me to sign with him.  Other then that not much going on here."

"Yeah, right," Lance said figuring his boyfriend just blowing smoke.  "What ever."

"James, Lou did call me in to a meeting this afternoon."

Lance could hear the seriousness in Marc's voice.  "What did he want?"

"To manage me."

"Shit!  What did you tell him?"

"I told him that I needed time to think about it."

"Your not considering his offer are you?" Lance asked as his voice rose in volume.

"He did bring up a lot of good points.  But I won't even consider working with someone I don't like."

"So why didn't you just tell him you weren't interested?"  Lance asked.

"I need to work out some stuff first," Marc sighed.  " If I just told him no, he would keep up the pressure.  This way it will give me time to get something set up so he will leave me alone, forever."

"Well, I want to work with you on this," Lance said. 

Marc could hear Joey calling to Lance.

"I got to go.  A group of the songwriters and producers want to go out and get something to eat then go clubbing.

"Have fun," Marc said.  "I'll talk to you in the morning.  Love you, James."

"Love you, Marc.  Bye."

Hanging up, Marc looked up at a grinning Justin.

"I thought you weren't going to tell Lance about the house?"

Marc sighed, "I don't think what I said registered with him.  He just thought I was exaggerating about my busy day.  Now I've technically told him about the house."

"Ah!  I see," Justin said.  "If he gets mad at you about buying the house and not telling him, you have a way out."

Marc smiled, "And I have you as a witness that I told him."

"Do you think Lance will be mad about the house?"

"No.  Once he understands it was easier and quicker than building an addition to this one he will understand."

Laughing Justin added, "And it will give you some place to go when you two do have a fight."

"I hope I will never have to use it for that purpose.  I thought you were getting some z's."

"The phone woke me," Justin said with a yawn.  "I'm going to head back there now."

Marc got out of his chair stretching.  "I think I'll join you for a while."

The ringing of the phone awakened Marc.   When he went to reach for it on the nightstand he found he was pinned down by Justin's arm around him.  Pulling his arm free, Marc answered the phone.  "Hello." . . . .Oh hi. . . . .  Has anything happened? . . . . .  Oh, good. . . .  Yeah, he's here, just a minute I'll get him for you."

Holding a hand over the mouthpiece Marc nudged Justin.  "Hey, Just, wake up."

"What?"  Justin sleepily asked.

"It's your dad.  He wants to talk to you."

Justin's eyes shot wide open.  "Shit!  Did something happen to Jon?"

"No.  There is still no change.  He just wants to talk to you," Marc said handing Justin the phone.  Glancing at the clock Marc got up.  It was almost time to get ready for the hospital anyway.  "I'll grab a shower while you two talk."

Marc came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.  Justin was just staring into space.  "Is everything all right?"  Marc inquired.

"Yeah, he was just worried that we didn't go back to the house."

"Oh, okay.  He didn't go off on you about being here did he?"

"I thought he would when I stupidly let it slip we were napping when he called."

"Shit!  Did he say anything?"  Marc asked.

"No.  He just apologized for waking us."

"That's weird."

"Yeah, it is weird," Justin softly said.

"You want to take a quick shower before we head out?"  Marc asked, breaking Justin's stare.

"Yeah, I'll take a quick one.  How about we grab something to eat on the way to the hospital?"

"Sounds good."

Walking down the hall their footsteps seam to echo off the walls.  The hospital was quiet this time of the night.  Most all the patient's rooms were dark, everyone settled into a night's rest.   The Pediatric ICU nurse looked up from her desk smiling at the two of them.  Going to Jon's room they found Lisa and Randy waiting for them.

"How is he?"  Justin softly asked.

"No change," Randy said.  "He's sleeping all the time now."

"Has the doctor been in tonight?"  Marc asked.

Randy nodded.  "He was in about an hour ago.  They still haven't figured out what's causing this.  Now they are looking into his kidneys.

"Is there a problem?"  Justin asked.

"The doctor said his kidneys are starting to shut down.  They are talking about possible dialysis if he doesn't improve."

Justin let out a sigh of defeat.  "Damn!"

Marc placed a hand on Justin's shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Son, lets not think the worst.  All we can do is wait and see what happens."

A low rumble could be heard.  "Thunder?"  Lisa queried.

Marc nodded, "There's a tropical front moving in."

"Hurricane?"  Lisa asked nervously.

"No.  Just heavy rain and some wind," Justin added.

"Well let's get a move on," Randy said to Lisa.  "I want to be back at the house before the storm hits."

Justin walked his dad and Lisa to the elevator leaving Marc with Jon.  Marc stood at the bedside running the back of his hand down Jon's pale cheek, feeling the cool skin.

Justin returned and took the chair next to the bed.  Taking Jon's hand he caressed it as he said a silent prayer.

"You going to be all right?"  Marc asked.

Justin nodded.  "I'm fine."

"I'm going to take a walk," Marc said.  "Be back in a bit."

Marc strolled around the ICU stretching his legs.  On the far side was the nursery.  Marc stood at the window looking into the nursery gazing at the tiniest infants he had ever seen.  All of a sudden an alarm went off at one of the bassinets.  All the nursing staff responded to the alarm.  Marc watched the staff work on the infant for a minute before resuming his walk.  As he passed each room Marc noticed that the chart for each patient was sitting on the writing stand out side each room.  Going to Jon's room Marc looked at Jon's chart.  Flipping the pages Marc read the results of each test and all the notes entered by the doctors and nursing staff.  Marc paid particular attraction to the medication Jon had been receiving.  Closing the chart Marc stood and stared through the glass wall into Jon's room.  Something didn't feel right but he was not sure just what it was.

Justin looked up when Marc entered the room and sat in the big chair.  Marc had a frown on his face, "Is there something wrong?"

"Yeah, . .   No . . .  I'm not sure," Marc said hesitantly.  "Just, I need to do something."

"Okay, are you going to leave?"

"No.  I'll be right here physically.  It's just I need to search for something and I don't want you to freak out."

"I don't understand."

"I need to go looking for some information.  Information that is stored up here," Marc said tapping his head.  "I need to tune everything out when I do this.  I won't hear you if you try talking to me.  If you need me just tap the back of my left hand."

"Is this some kind of meditation?"

Marc nodded, "Deep meditation."

"How long with you be like that?"  Justin inquired.

"I don't know.  It depends on how fast I find what I'm looking for."

"Okay, talk to you when you get back."

Marc got comfortable in his chair; closing his eyes he looked deep inside himself gaining control of first his breathing, then his heart beat.  Willing himself to relax before plunging into his mind, searching the medical library stored in his head.

Justin kept glancing at Marc.  He was worried that Marc was all right.  He looked like he wasn't even breathing and that got Justin's imagination going.  But Justin was relieved when he noticed eye movement behind Marc's closed eyes.

Almost two hours after closing his eyes Marc's eyes fluttered open.

Justin looked up and smiled at Marc.  "You're back.  Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, I did.  But I'm not sure what to do with it."  Marc said as he got up.  "I'm going to get something to drink.  You want anything?"

"No.  I'm fine."

Returning to the pediatric unit the storm outside was getting bad.  As he passed the nurse's station a big clap of thunder shook the building.  "Oh no," the nurse moaned.

"Is there a problem?"  Marc asked.

"Thunder storm are a big problem.  All the kids get scared and that will keep us hopping the rest of the night."

"I understand," Marc said.  "Don't worry about Jonathan, I'll keep an eye on him.  If anything happens I'll come get you."

"Thanks," the nurse said.  "Can I ask you something?"


"They have you listed as a member of the family.  But you don't look like you're brothers."

"Legally, I'm not.  Justin is my best friend and we have kind of adopted each other."

"Oh, that explains it," the nurse said thinking.

"Is Jon scheduled for any more medication?"

"No not until the morning.  When his IV pump runs out just give us a shout."

"That's okay.  I know how to turn it off."

"You do?"

"My dad is a doctor and my sister is a nurse.  You might say I kind of grew up around the hospital.  I know my way around all the equipment."

"Okay, if you have any problems give me a shout," the nurse said just as another clap of thunder rumbled over their heads.  Crying children could be heard sending the nursing staff into motion trying to get everyone settled back down and back to sleep.

Marc slid the door to the room shut drowning out the cries of the frightened children.  Justin had his arms folded across the top bar of the side rail with his head lying on top; he had fallen asleep.  Rubbing Justin's back lightly Marc softly said, "Justin."

"What?"  Justin sleepily answered.

"Come on.  Go take the big chair and get some z's."

"Oh, okay."  Justin got up and moved to the other chair.  As he sat down the lights flickered.

"Relax, if the power goes out Jon will be all right.  The only thing he is hooked to is this IV pump and that won't hurt anything," Marc reassured him.

Justin closed his eyes and in no time he was softly snoring.  Marc wedged his empty soda can between the mattress and side rail.  Marc carefully removed the line from the IV pump and directed the needle into the soda can.  Placing his hand over Jon's IV shunt Marc was able to hide the fact that Jon was no longer hooked up to the IV.  Lightly stroking the side of Jon's face Marc whispered.  "Hey, Jon.  I know why you are so sick.  It's the medicine they have been giving you.  All the medicine they gave you for your chicken pox till now has had one ingredient in common.   The one ingredient that your little body can't handle.  With all the tests I don't know why no one has ever considered that you may be allergic to something.  Now you just sleep there, little buddy, and let's see if we can get you better."

The lights went out, throwing the room into darkness.  Emergency lights came on out in the nurse's area casting an eerie glow into the room.  Flashlights quickly came out as the staff started checking each room.  The head nurse shined her light into Jon's room.  Marc looked up and indicated everything was all right.  The nurse nodded then went off to check another patient.

With one more glance at Justin making sure he was asleep.  Marc closed his eyes once more looking deep inside himself centering his thoughts.  Taking total control of his body and spirit Marc reached out with his mind to Jonathan.

The rumble of thunder brought Justin back to full consciousness.  The room was dark and the only light came from the nurse's station but it was very dim.  Looking over at the bed he saw that Marc looked like he was lost in prayer.  Justin's eyelids were very heavy and he quickly returned to the land of nod.

Justin's eyes shot open when he heard giggling.  Jon was sitting up in his bed giggling.  Marc had fallen asleep on his crossed arms.  Jon was rubbing the side of Marc's face and just giggling.

Marc opened one eye peering up at Jonathan.  A smile spread across his face.  "Hey, monkey boy, you feeling better?"

Giggling Jon said.  "You're a fur face.  You the monkey boy now."  Jon just kept stroking Marc's beard. 

Marc growled at Jon and snapped at his hand causing Jon to squeal with delight.

Justin got up and came to sit on the edge of Jon's bed.  "Hey, squirt, how you feeling?"

Still giggling, "I'm all right now.  My headache is gone.  Justin, I'm hungry.  Will you get me something to eat?"

Hearing the commotion coming from Jonathan's room the nurse looked in to find her patient sitting up and laughing.

Marc noticed the nurse watching them.  She came into the room with a big smile on her face.  "I see someone is awake."

"Yes and I'm hungry.  Can I have a bowl of cereal?"  Jon asked.

"I'll let the doctor know you're awake.  If he says it's all right I'll order you some breakfast," the head nurse said as she strolled out of the room heading back to the nurses station to make a call.

Lynn and Paul walked into ICU to start their shift with Jon.  The head nurse grinned broadly, "I was just going to call you."

"Has something happened?"  Lynn asked.  But before the nurse could answer laughter rolled out of Jon's room.  Lynn and Paul rushed to Jon's room to find the three boys sitting on the bed making ridiculously funny faces at each other.  "Jon," Lynn called out.

"Mommy," Jon squealed holding out his arms to his mom.

Justin and Marc steeped back so Lynn and Paul could get to their son.  "Jon, honey, are you feeling better?"  Lynn asked as she squeezed him.

"Momma, not so hard.  I can't breath."

"Oh!  I'm sorry," Lynn said releasing the vice like grip on her son.

"Jon, how do you feel?"  Paul asked while rubbing his sons back.

"Ok, my head doesn't hurt any more.  But I'm hungry," Jon complained once again.

"That's a good sign," Jon's doctor said grinning from the door.

Lynn got up to let the doctor examine Jon.  Justin and Marc stepped out of the now crowded room.  "Just, why don't you give your dad a call and let everyone know about Jon," Marc suggested.

"Good idea," Justin said as he went to the nurse's station to make his call. 

The doctor came out and was jotting down some notes in Jon's chart; all the while shaking his head in disbelief.

Marc walked up to the doctor and slipped a piece of paper in front of the doctor.  On it was an unpronounceable thirteen-letter name.  "What's this?" the doctor asked.

"It's what was making Jonathan sick," Marc said.  "You will find it a trace ingredient in all the medication he has been given."

"What!  How!  How do you know this?"

"The chart was left right here last night.  I read it and something just didn't seem right."

"Are you a doctor?"

"No.  My dad is head of internal medicine at my hometown in Wisconsin.  I spent most of my early life with him there and over time I managed to read most all of the hospitals medical 
 library.  One of the things I liked to read was the report from pharmaceutical companies."

"And?" the doctor urged.

"All of Jon's medication was made by the same company. . . .  And all of the medicine he was given was in liquid form."

"And this?" the doctor asked holding up the piece of paper.

"That is the only common ingredient for all the medicines," Marc pointed out.   `It's used as a suspension agent in all of them. . . .  And if you check you will find that Jon will have a reaction to it." 

"All right I'll check into it.  But I still don't believe the change in that boy is such a short time," the doctor said.

"Doc, do you believe in God?"

"Yes, of course."

"Well last night he was believing in that boy in there.  I guess you could call it a miracle," Marc said with a sly smile as he went back in to Jon's room.


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