My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last Time:

"Morning," JC greeted Joey and Chris as he grabbed a glass of juice.

 "Morning," the two answered from behind their newspapers.

Looking at the door JC nodded, "How is his mood this morning?"

"We don't know," Chris said.  "He hasn't come out yet."

"Who hasn't come out yet?"  Justin asked as he came into the room.

"Scoop," JC answered.  "I don't think I can take a third day of his bad mood."

"How long can a person sleep?"  Joey asked with a mischievous grin. 

"Let's see," Chris said thinking. "I think Marc is coming up on your personal record JC.  Isn't 

"No he won't," Justin said. 

"Won't what?"  Chris asked.

"Beat JC's record."

"How do you know?"

"The shower in their room has been running for over an hour," Justin said with a grin.

Justin's grin was infectious, as each of the guys realized what that meant.

"Oh, God, Marc!  Yes!"  Lance's shouts could be heard from their bathroom.

"Shit!  Marc's back," Chris laughed.

Chapter 49

Lance stood facing they mirror with a big grin on his face, as Marc dried his back.  "There," Marc said as he completed his task.  Turning to Marc, Lance pulled him in tight and kissed Marc deeply.

Placing his hand on the back of Marc's head, Lance pulled him deeper.  Running his hands through Marc's still wet hair Lance came upon something sticky.

"Icky!"  Lance said when they broke the kiss.

"Well I'm sorry if you didn't like my kiss," Marc said hurt showing in his voice.

"It's not that," Lance quickly said.  "Let me see the top of your head."

Marc's brow furrowed as he lowered his head.

Lance ran his hands through Marc's hair again confirming what he knew.  "Marc, you have cum in your hair."

"What!"  Marc felt the top of his head.  "How did it get there?"

Lance laughed.  "Well let's see.  Could it be when you were washing me I kind of shot off." 

"You did!  What was I doing?"

"You were kissing up the inside of my thigh.  Very near my balls."

Marc grinned.  "I guess I should wash my hair again."

"That's a good idea," Lance agreed.  "I'll lay out some clothes for you."

"Thanks," Marc said as he gave Lance a quick kiss.

Lance stepped into his boxer briefs as he heard the water in the shower come on.  Opening Marc's suitcase he found an outfit for him. 

Bending down Lance picked up Marc's t-shirt off the floor.  Raising the shirt to his nose he inhaled deeply; enjoying the distinct smell of Marc.  A smile spread across Lance's face as he thought about the last couple days. 

Lance Remembers;

Lance had talked to Marc for an hour the night he and Justin was due to fly back to L.A.  Lance had offered to meet them at the airport but Marc had insisted that he not come to meet them.  Something about Lance needing his sleep with the upcoming concert.  Soon after hanging up Lance set his alarm and went to bed.  Marc didn't want him to meet their plane but he didn't say he couldn't ride along with security.  Lance waited patiently for Marc in the van, he didn't go into the airport to meet him.  So technicality he didn't go against Marc's wishes. 

After Marc's initial surprise at finding him in the van, Marc seemed pleased to see him.  Especially after the van started moving and it was safe for the two of them to kiss.  Time stopped as they lost themselves in their greeting.  If it wasn't for a smart-ass comment from Lonnie about the windows steaming up Lance was sure the kiss would have continued a lot longer.  They cooled it the rest of the way to the hotel and just held hands. 

Between the van and the elevator they had to drop their hands to their sides.  As soon as the elevator doors closed Marc reached out for Lance's hand.  Giving each other a gentle squeeze Marc leaned against Lance resting his head on his shoulder.  Marc looked exhausted as they entered their bedroom.  Giving Marc a choice of to take a  shower or to go right to bed, Marc chose to go straight to bed. 

Marc shed his clothes as he headed toward the bed.  Dropping his boxers just before climbing into the bed.  Scrambling out of his own clothes Lance joined Marc hoping for some loving.  Loving that was not meant to be, for Marc was fast asleep.  Greatly disappointed that there wasn't going to be any loving, Lance turned his back to Marc.   Feeling Marc shift next to him Lance felt Marc's arm wrap around him and Marc pull him tight against his body.  A warm feeling swept through him as he joined Marc in his slumber.

The wake up call came way to early for Lance.  Deciding to let Marc sleep in, Lance pried himself from Marc's grasp and headed for his morning shower.  After dressing Lance sat on the bed next to Marc giving his shoulder a gentle shake trying to wake him.  Not getting a response Lance leaned in and said, "Marc.  Marc are you in there?"  Getting a grunt from Marc Lance asked, "You going to sleep all day?"

Lance's question must have gotten through because Marc grunted then mumbled, "Sleep.  Need sleep."

Lance sighed as he leaned in and gave Marc a kiss on the cheek.  "Sweet dreams, my love.  I'll check back with you later."

As Lance got up to leave he heard Marc make kissing sounds and mumble, "Love you." 

When Lance joined the others for breakfast his mood darkened when Chris and Joey started harassing him about wearing Marc out.  Taking as much as he could Lance exploded telling them that he hadn't gotten "any" because Marc was so exhausted. 

The rest of the day didn't go much better.  Lance did his job but he kept to himself most of the time.  Returning to the hotel to change before going to get something to eat before the concert, Lance went into their bedroom to find the bed empty.  Returning to the lounge Lance said.  "Ah, guys, Marc's not in our room.  Can you check your rooms?"  Quick search of the other bedrooms turned up nothing.   Lance started getting worried when JC asked if he had checked the whole room. 

JC went with Lance to check out his bedroom, thinking Marc may have rolled out of bed and may just be asleep out of sight on the floor.  Not finding any sign of Marc Lance glanced at the bathroom door noticing the door was closed.  Going to the door Lance knocked calling Marc's name.  Getting no answer Lance warily opened the door.  Marc was sitting on the toilet, sound asleep.  Marc's head was lowered to his chest and soft snores could be heard. 

Chris called in asking if everything was all right?  JC went out to tell everyone they had found Marc and he was all right.  Returning to the bathroom JC asked, "I wonder if he managed to do his business before he fell asleep?"

"There's only one way to find out," Lance sighed.  "Will you help me get him up?"  With JC's help they managed to get Marc standing and sure enough Marc had managed to do his business before he fell asleep.  "I need to clean him up," Lance told JC. 

"You going to need help?" 

"If you wouldn't mind.  Hold him up while I get undressed."  Lance shed his clothes and with JC's help they moved Marc into the shower.  JC quickly undressed and joined them to help keep Marc from falling over. 

"How can I help?"  JC asked.

"Stand on his side not in front of him while I get the water temp set," Lance said while turning on the water.

"Why not in front?"  JC asked but soon Marc answered his question when Marc started to pee. "Oh, never mind."

Lance had JC hold Marc while he washed him.  Marc rested his head on JC's shoulder as Lance washed his back and worked his way down.  Marc started to moan as Lance scrubbed his back.  Lance was washing Marc's lower legs when he heard a muffled cry from JC.  Looking up he saw Marc kissing JC.  JC had a definite look of panic in his eyes.   Lance pulled Marc off JC.  It was obvious Marc was still asleep when he continued to kiss the air.  JC and Lance had to laugh at Marc.  Lance asked if JC would wash Marc's front while he held Marc up.  JC looked down the front of Marc before declining and switched places with Lance.  Lance understood when he saw that Marc had gotten excited during his kiss.

After drying Marc off they led him back to bed.  Marc curled up and was deeply asleep in seconds.  Lance ordered up room service for JC and himself and ordered something for Marc also.  After eating their meal they tried to get Marc to eat something.  As hard as they tried Marc would not fully wake up.  With JC's help they got Marc sitting up and to their delight they found Marc would eat anything put into his mouth.  Lance fed Marc macaroni and cheese, apple sauce, Jell-O and chocolate pudding.  Putting a straw to Marc's lips they found he would drink.   Tucking Marc back in bed Lance headed out with the others for that night's concert.

The next day it looked like it was going to be a repeat of the previous day with Marc.  He wouldn't wake no matter how much Lance tried.  Giving up, Lance joined the other for breakfast. 

As everyone was finishing up their breakfast the door to the bedroom opened and Marc walked out and headed for the food cart.  Everyone sat with their mouths agape watching Marc.  Marc's eyes were barely open as he walked to the food cart and picked up a sausage and put in into his mouth.  Oh, need we mention Marc was also naked and sprouting his morning erection. 

Lance must have turned every shade of red possible for a human.  Getting up Lance rushed to Marc and led him to a chair.  Covering Marc's erection with a towel Lance went a fixed a plate for Marc.  Finger food was what Marc could handle.  He just sat there shoving food into his mouth.  Everyone else just sat there watching Marc eat.  It was Chris what made the statement that he thinks Marc was not really awake but kind of sleepwalking.

When Marc was finished eating he got up and walked back to the bed.  Luckily for everyone Marc's erection had deflated while eating.  Lance followed Marc into the bedroom stopping him before he climbed into bed and turned him into the bathroom.  Lance cleaned up Marc's face and hands and made sure he had some underwear on before he put Marc back to bed.

Later that morning, while on break, Lance made a call to Wisconsin; wanting to talk to Doc Tom about Marc.  Doc Tom wasn't available to talk but Sara came on the line.  Lance told her what had been going on with Marc.  She asked to talk to Justin asking him questions about their visit to Orlando.  Lance got back on the phone with Sara and she assured him that there was not anything drastically wrong he was just exhausted.  This has happened with him before and she said Marc should be his old self in another day or so.

Returning to the hotel after their morning interviews, the guys met for light lunch before loading everything on their bus so they could head for San Francisco right after the concert.  With Joey's help, Lance managed to get Marc dressed.  Josh offered to feed Marc while Lance finished packing.  Chris was captivated watching Josh feed Marc.  Chris wondered if Marc would eat anything put into his mouth.  Looking around the table he spotted an olive on the edge of Justin's plate.  Knowing Marc hated olives Chris picked it up and popped it into Marc's mouth.  Marc chewed it twice, made a nasty face and pushed the chewed olive out of him mouth.  Lance saw what had happened as he came out of their room with bags in hand.  "Chris, why the hell did you do that?" Lance shouted.

"I just wanted to see if he'd eat anything."

Josh was cleaning up the front of Marc's shirt.  "You got your answer, didn't you?"

"How are we going to get Marc on the bus?"  Justin queried.

Everyone was scratching their heads when Joey came out with is bags and put them on the luggage cart.  An idea popped into everyone's head at the same time.

The five members of *Nsync headed down the hall followed by two luggage carts.  Marc was on top of the first cart held in place with a couple belts.

Once they had gotten Marc settled into his bed, their bus headed to the concert site.  That night Lonnie sat with Marc while the guys were on stage.  After a quick shower and change into clean clothes everyone headed for the bus and the drive ahead of them.  Marc continued to sleep through the whole trip.  When they got to their hotel they used the same trick with the luggage cart to get Marc up to his room.

Marc woke up with a start.  Sitting up in bed he looked around the room.

Lance felt Marc stir.  As the bed moved Lance woke finding Marc sitting up looking around.  Placing a hand on Marc's back he asked. "What's wrong, babe?"

"I'm not sure. . . .  Did we move to another room?"

Lance laughed softly.  "Something like that.  We're in San Francisco, a whole other city."

"Really?"  Marc asked in confusion.  "Where was I?"

"My dear, you have been sleeping for the last two days," Lance said as he pulled Marc back into his arms.  "Welcome back to the living."

Marc shot up and out of bed.  "What's wrong?"  Lance asked once more.

"I have to pee so bad," Marc said as he danced next to the bed.

"Well go," Lance said with a chuckle.

"Which one?" 

"Which one what?"

"Which door is the bathroom?"  Marc urgently asked.

"That one," Lance chuckled, pointing to the bathroom door.

"Thanks."  Marc rushed into the bathroom closing the door behind him. 

A heavy stream of water could be heard as Marc let his bladder empty.  Lance listened to the flow go on and on for what seemed like minutes.  "Damn!  You did have to go," Lance softly said.

The toilet flushed and Lance could hear the water running in the sink.  After many minutes Marc emerged from the bathroom. As he was climbing over Lance he leaned down and planted a kiss on Lance's lips.

"No fair," Lance said.  "You brushed."

"I really needed it.  After two days my mouth was kind of funky."

Marc was wide awake and feeling frisky.  Lance didn't need much coaxing as he acted on almost a week's worth of pent up desires. (They were both horny.) 

Marc started kissing Lance working his way down twisting around into a sixty-nine position.  Trying to keep as quiet as possible they managed to bring each other off twice before they had to take a break and drifted of to sleep in each other's arms.

Back to the present;

Marc came out of the bathroom finding Lance staring off into space with a goofy smile on his face.  "Are those for me?"


Marc pointed at the underwear in Lance's hands, "Are those for me?"

"Oh, yeah," Lance blushed as he handed Marc his boxers.

Lance watched as Marc dressed. 

As Marc was putting on his shoes Marc asked, "James, what are you thinking about?"

"Just how much I love you."

Leaning in Marc gave Lance a gentle kiss.  "I love you, too.  I hope I wasn't too much of a pain the last two days?"

Lance cringed at the last statement.  "Why the look?"  Marc asked.

"Ah, how much do you remember about the last two days?"

"Nothing much.  Just bits and pieces of dreams."

"Okay.  There was a couple incidents you should be aware of before we join the others for breakfast."

Marc got a worried look.  "What did I do?"

"Well the first one has to do with you trying to make out with Josh,. . . . . . "   Lance went on to tell Marc about the incident with Josh in the shower and then his appearance at breakfast yesterday morning.  The more Lance told Marc, the more embarrassed Marc became.  Marc's face looked like he was about to burst into flames, he was so embarrassed.

"James, I don't remember any of that.  I'm so sorry that I kissed Josh in front of you."

"You mean it would have been all right to kiss Josh if I wasn't there?"

"Oh, God, no!  That's not what I meant.  Shit!  Shit!  What must Josh think of me.  I must totally disgust him." 

"Oh, no!  Marc he knows you were asleep.  He just happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.  I don't think Josh is going to give you too much hassle about it."

"But what about breakfast?"  Marc asked.

"Considering who was there.  Nope.  There is no way Chris is going to let that just slip away without some harassment.  Sorry, love, but you are going to get nailed for that one."

Marc sighed, "I guess so.  Let's get it over with."  Marc pulled Lance up with him as they headed to the door.  Stopping at the door Marc leaned in and gave Lance a deep kiss.

Lance grinned up at Marc, "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's do it," Marc said as he reached for the doorknob.

The food cart had arrived, and everyone was eating when Marc and Lance came out of their room.  "Morning, all," Marc greeted everyone.

"Hey, Scoop, who's your friend?"  Joey asked with a big grin.

"Yeah, he looks familiar, just can't place the face," Chris added.

"Could it be the last time you saw me you weren't looking at my face,"  Marc quizzed.

Chris's mouth hung open as his face turned red.  Marc looked over at Lance as Lance drew the number one in the air; chalk one up for Marc.

"Maybe it's the face fur," JC injected trying to get Chris off the hook.

"Yeah, the face fur," Chris agreed.

Sitting down across from Chris Marc sighed.  "Sorry, Chris.  I just expected you to make some comment about yesterday morning."

"Yesterday morning?  Did something happen yesterday morning?"

Marc grinned, "Thanks."

"I can't remember that much about yesterday's breakfast," Chris said.   "Because I was blinded when someone flashed me and I couldn't see anything since I had to look past the morning wood."

Marc lowered his eyes as the blush rose in his face.  "I really don't remember anything I did the last couple days."

"We already figured that out," Chris said.  "You were kind of sleepwalking.  I don't think you realized we were even there."

"I vaguely remember dreaming.  Someone was taking care of me." 

"You were easy to take care of," Lance chuckled.  "You ate most everything we fed you."

"Almost everything," Chris snickered.

"You were the one!"  Marc accused pointing at Chris.

"What one?"  Chris innocently asked.

"The one that fed me the olive!"

"You must have been dreaming," Chris ventured.

"Chris," Lance warned.

"What?"  Chris asked as Lance gave him the look. 

"Yeah, I did it.  I just wanted to see if you would eat anything."

"You do know I'll have to get even for that," Marc said with a evil grin.

"I'd think yesterday's breakfast would have been enough payback," Chris said.  "After seeing you in all your glory I lost my appetite for my sausage links."

Glancing down at Chris' plate Marc noticed two uneaten sausage links.  "It's a shame to waste these," Marc said as he speared one of the sausages.  Looking at the sausage on the end of his fork Marc slowly slid it into his mouth, sucked on it then slowly withdrew the sausage.  Marc's eyes were locked on Chris as he slowly moved the sausage in and out of him mouth.  Chris' mouth slowly started to fall open as he watched Marc.  Laughter could be heard from everyone in the room as Marc gave the sausage a blowjob.  Just as Chris' jaw dropped all the way open Marc bit down on the sausage. 

Chris cringed, "Man, you are sick."

Everyone had finished breakfast when there was a knock at the door.  Justin jumped up and answered the door.  "Hey, Pete."

"Hi, guys," Pete greeted everyone.  Spotting Marc he grinned, "Well if it isn't Rip Van Winkle."

Marc grinned, "Hi, Pete.   How's it going?"

"It depends if I'm going to get any work out of you."

"I'm fine.  What do you need?"

"I'm behind on my reports," Pete stated.  "I could sure use your help."

"Sure thing.  When do you need me?"

"I need to get Justin, JC, and Lance to an interview.  We should be back in a couple hours.  I'll get you set up then get these guys to a autograph signing."

"Sounds like you are going to be running most of the day," Marc observed.

"We are free after the autograph singing aren't we?"  Lance asked.

"Yep, you all are free tonight.  But if you all want your free time tonight we need to get going."

"I think we're all set," JC said after looking at the other two.

"Oh, Joey and Chris, be ready when we get back," Pete warned.

"No problem," Chris shot back.

Marc walked Lance to the door.  Leaning in he gave Lance a goodbye kiss.  "Have fun.  See you later."

Lance ran his hand along the side of Marc's face, "I'll be back soon.  Love ya."

"Love ya too," Marc said as he let Lance go.

Justin stepped up to Marc and hugged him before he gave Marc a kiss.  "Love you, bro.  See you later."

Marc chuckled at Justin's goodbye, "Love you, too."

Justin followed Lance out the door as JC came up.  Marc held out his arms, "Do you want a goodbye kiss too?"

JC stopped and thought for a second.  Tilting his head JC said, "Yea.  I'd like that."  JC pulled Marc into a hug.  "Welcome back," JC whispered to Marc.

"Thanks Josh," Marc whispered back then he kissed Josh on the cheek.

JC gave Marc a surprised look, "Is that all I get?"

Marc blushed, "I didn't want to freak you out again."

JC smiled then leaned in and gave Marc a quick kiss on the lips.  "Love you, Marc.  Talk to you later." 

"Bye, Josh."  Marc said as he closed the door.

Marc joined Joey and Chris as he finished his coffee.  "What are the plans for tonight?"  Marc asked.

"Nothing different," Chris answered.  "Josh said something about going out to eat then doing some clubbing."

"Oh!  Did he find a place we all could get into?"

"Yeah, Josh has a friend who manages one of the hottest clubs in town," Chris added.  "As long as Justin stays away from alcohol there shouldn't be any problem."

"Yeah, Chris.  That sounds like it might work," Marc said with a slight grin.  "Do me a favor.  Keep an close eye on Justin tonight."

"Why me!"

"Because I have a date with Lance tonight and I think it's your turn," Marc stated.

"This is so unfair," Chris protested.

"Do I need to remind you of an incident that happened last month?  And didn't the three of you agree to certain conditions for going out?"

"Well, yeah."

"Well tonight Justin is your condition," Marc stated.

"Cheer up, Chris.  As long as Curley is on the dance floor you don't have to worry," Joey pointed out.

"I'm not saying you can't have any fun," Marc added.  "You just need to know what's going on with Justin when he's not on the dance floor."

"K, I'll keep an eye on him," Chris said as he got up.  "I'm going to make a couple calls.  Talk to you all later." 

Joey finished his coffee and was about to leave when Marc spoke up.  "Joe, you got a few minutes?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"I need your help with something," Marc said as he scratched under his chin.

A grin spread across Joey's face, "Let me guess.  Something itches."

"Yes!  And it is driving me crazy.  Will you help me trim my beard?"

"Sure, let me grab my shave kit," Joey said as he headed for his bedroom.

"I'll meet you in my bath," Marc said as he headed to his room.

Marc was pulling off his shirt when Joey arrived with his shave kit.  "Where do you want to do this?"  Marc asked.

"The bathroom," Joey said.  "It makes it easier to clean up."

They moved into the bathroom.  "What do you want done?"  Joey asked.

"I need to get rid of this hair on my neck.  It's itches and I can't stand it any longer."

Joey pulled out his electric clippers.  Marc placed his hand on Joey's before he started.  "Joe, I'm trusting you to not make me look like a fool."

"Thanks Marc I'll do my best."  Joey walked around Marc looking at him from all sides.  "Okay, I know what to do." 

"Joe, why don't you remove your shirt so you don't get hair allover it?"

After removing his shirt Joey picked up the clippers.  "Lift your chin."

Marc did as told as Joey started cleaning up the area on his neck.  "Have you gotten a chance to talk to Howie this week?"

"Every night," Joey said with a smile.

"Oh!  This sounds serious."

"It's not what you're thinking.  I called him last week after their show and we talked for about an hour."

"Was it just one time?"

"No.   Howie called me the next night.  We've been switching back and fourth calling each other."

"How is he doing?"  Marc asked.

"He said he's doing all right.  But. . . "

"His voice betrays his feelings?"  Marc hinted.

"Yeah.  I knew he was keeping something in.  I didn't want to push.  So I just started talking about our day.  The longer we talked the more open Howie became."

"Did you find out anything that first night?"  Marc asked.

"No it took three calls before he opened up to me."

"That's good," Marc said.  "So. . .  How are you feeling about what's going on?"

Joey stopped trimming Marc's beard and thought, "I'm not sure.  I like Howie and at the least we are going to be good friends."

"What would you like to see happen?"  Marc asked.

Joey smiled while he thought.  "For real or fantasy?"


"I want Howie and I to be real close."

"Like brothers?"  Marc asked.

Joey blushed, "No!  More like what you and Lance have."

"Joe, you're serious, aren't you?"

Joey nodded.  "I've been thinking about this for a long time."

"Joe, have you ever been with another guy?"

"Not really.  I fooled around some when I was younger.  Mainly jacking off with a buddy."

"Circle jerk?  Or did you help each other out?"

Joe turned even redder.  "Helped each other out."

"Did it ever go further?"

"No.  My buddy's family moved across town.  He ended up going to another school."

"There was no way to get together?" Marc asked.

"No we were both just fourteen.  And my parents wouldn't let me go across town alone."

"So you never got together with your friend again?"  Marc asked.

"No.  There wasn't anyone else until. . . ."

"Until what?"  Marc asked intrigued.

Joey blushed as his eyes studied the pattern in the tiled floor.  "He was someone I have a crush on."

Marc grinned at Joe's uneasiness.  "Do I know him?"

"Yeah, he was my room mate at one time."

"You have a crush on Chris?  Does he know?"

"Marc, will you quit jerking my chain!"


"Do you know how hard it has been?  Being around you everyday and knowing I couldn't have what Lance has."

"Joe, I'm sorry.  I didn't realize you felt this way."

"Hey, don't worry about it.  I still have you as a friend and every once in a while I get a little bonus."

Not quite understanding Marc asked, "Bonus?"

Blushing again, "When you kiss me."

Marc grinned.  "If you do a good job trimming my beard you may just get a little bonus."

A grin spread across Joey's face.  After shaking the can of shave cream Joey squirted out a glob and spread in on Marc's neck and cheeks.  Picking up the razor Joey asked, "Do you want to do this part?"

"Go ahead and finish what you've started," Marc said.  But taking Joey's shaking hand, "But first take two deep breaths and calm down."

"Okay."  Closing his eyes, Joey took two deep breaths.  "Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"I trust you," Marc said as he closed his eyes and raised his chin.

Joey started to shave Marc cleaning up the hair on his neck.  Taking slow strokes Joey worked his way around Marc's neck.  Marc flinched at one upword stroke.  "Damn!  Did I get yeah?"

"No, just a long hair.  I think you pulled it out instead of cutting it."

"At least there's no blood," Joey observed.

"Good.  If you manage to not draw any blood I'll double your bonus."

"You know you are totally evil.  You tell me your going to double the bonus and you expect me not go get excited.  Especially when I'm shaving your throat."

Marc eyes shot open.  "Ah, Joe, how about taking a few more deep breaths."

"Good idea," Joey agreed.

After wiping Marc's face with a warm cloth Joey took a small pair of scissors and did the final trimming.  Standing back Joey folded his arms and studied his handwork.

"Well?"  Marc asked.

"I like it," Joey said.

"Will Lance like it?"

"Turn around and look," Joey suggested.

Marc turned around and looked at his reflection.  A smile spread across Marc face.

Joey looked over Marc's shoulder pleased with his handy work.  "Kind of Steve Reeves,  early Hercules period."

"I like it," Marc said as he turned to face Joey.  "Thank you."  Leaning in Marc gave Joey a tender kiss.

Joey sighed when Marc broke the kiss.  Marc started to brush the cut hair off the front of him.  "You might as well take another shower," Joey suggested.  "It's the only way to get all the hair off you."

"You're right."  Turning on the shower and adjusting the temperature Marc removed the rest of his clothes and got in the shower.

Justin, JC and Lance got back from their interview.  "Damn, that room was hot," JC complained.

"You would think they would try to get another studio," Justin bitched.  "But no!  They had to jam all of us into that little room with no air conditioning."

"Well I need a shower and clean clothes before we head out again," Lance said as he headed to his room.

Marc felt a draft as someone steeped into the shower.  "Can I wash your back?"

"Joe, what are you doing?"  Marc asked as his naked friend closed the shower door behind him.

"I'd thought I offer to wash your back."

"It's not my back that needs washing."

Lance heard voices coming from the bathroom.  Going to the bathroom door he slowly pushed it open.

"I'm willing to wash your front," Joey offered.

Lance's mouth dropped open as he could make out two figures in the shower.  `What the fuck?'  Lance thought.


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