My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last Time:

Marc felt a draft as someone stepped into the shower.  "Can I wash your back?"

"Joe, what are you doing?"  Marc asked as his naked friend closed the shower door behind him.

"I'd thought I offer to wash your back."

"It's not my back that needs washing."

Lance heard voices coming from the bathroom.  Going to the bathroom door he slowly pushed it open.

"I'm willing to wash your front," Joey offered.

Lance's mouth dropped open as he could make out two figures in the shower.  `What the fuck?'  Lance thought.

Chapter 50

"Joe, what the fuck are you thinking?" Marc asked as he pushed Joey back.

The color had totally drained from Joe's face.  "I, I, I don't know.  I'm sorry.  I just wanted. . . "

"Wanted what?"

Hanging his head Joey said, "To know what it feels like to be close to you."

"Joe, I'm flattered.  But I'm not going to do anything that will jeopardize my relationship with Lance."

"But you've kissed me."

"You must have noticed I'm pretty free with whom I kiss," Marc pointed out. 

"But I thought you had some feelings for me," Joey said dejectedly.

Placing a hand on Joe's cheek Marc brought Joey's gaze back to his.  "Joe, I do have feelings for you.  You are my friend, and I love you."

"But not in the same way you love Lance," Joe said softly.

"Yes.  Not in the same way.  What I feel for Lance is special.  I know in my heart we were meant to be together."

"Will I ever have that feeling?"  Joey asked.

"When you find that right person you will," Marc said.  "But to find someone you must first go looking for him." 

"I may not have to look to far," Joe said with a sly smile.

"You won't know until you spend some time together.  Do you have any plans to make that happen?"

"Yeah, Howie's tour ends two weeks after ours.  We've talked about getting together for a weekend.  We've not planned anything special we just kind of want to hang out together."

"That's a start," Marc agreed.  "Now what are we going to do about this situation?"

Joey sighed, "Finish up our shower without helping each other?"

Marc nodded in agreement as he finished washing his chest.  Handing the soap to Joey Marc turned to rinse.  As he stepped back from the shower spray Joey stepped under. 

Joe turned the water off after rinsing and turned into Marc.  "Sorry," Joe mumbled as his eyes locked with Marc's.  After an uneasy silence Joey gulped, "Ah, . . .  Don't you still owe me something for trimming your beard?"

"Yes I do."  Marc leaned in and tenderly kissed Joey.

Joey closed his eyes as Marc kissed him.  The kiss was tender, not meant to be arousing in any way.  A kiss of friendship and that's the way Joey accepted Marc's kiss.  Joey smiled, satisfied with the kiss.  Opening his eyes Joey glanced over Marc's shoulder and saw Lance standing in the doorway.

Joey's eyes grew big as saucers as he gasped.  Marc looked at Joey's face and knew what had happened.  Turning around Marc saw Lance turn from the door.  "Shit!" Marc muttered under his breath.

Getting out of the shower Marc and Joey grabbed towels and quickly dried themselves. Pulling on their clothes they rushed out into the bedroom.  Lance turned from his suitcase with an outfit in hand.

"James, I. . ." 

 Lance stopped Marc from saying another word with a raise of his hand.  "I need to take a quick shower."  Lance looked from Marc to Joey before adding, "We will talk about this later."

Lance went into the bathroom and shut the door.  Marc went to the door but found it locked.  Resting his head against the locked door Marc sighed.

"Marc, I'm so sorry."

Marc shot Joey a look that could kill.  He was so pissed at Joey it took all of his self-control to not lay into Joey for his stupid actions.  The more he glared at Joey the more upset Joey became.  Marc's heart softened when he realized Joey was on the verge of tears.  "I'm sorry, Joe.  It's not all your fault.  It's just as much my fault as yours."

Lance stepped out of the shower and quickly dried himself.  He wasn't sure what his feelings really were.  He did find Marc and Joey in the shower together.  Even though nothing really did happen he was a little pissed that Joey had offered to help Marc wash.  Wiping the mirror of the steam Lance looked at his reflection and sighed.  Reaching for his hairbrush he noticed the vanity top was covered with hair clippings.  It dawned on Lance what Marc and Joey were doing in the bathroom together.  Joey was helping Marc trim his beard.  Then Lance remembered something Joey had asked Marc, `Don't you still owe me something for trimming your beard?'  Was the kiss Lance had witnessed just payment for helping Marc.  But why was Joey in the shower with Marc?  Thinking back Marc seemed a little upset to have Joey in the shower with him.  A smile grew across Lance's face as he remembered what Marc had said to Joey.  `What am I going to do with those two,' Lance thought.  Glancing at his watch Lance said, "Shit!  It's almost time to leave."

The door to the bathroom opened and Lance walked out.  Lance had to stifle a laugh at what he found.  Marc and Joey were sitting on the end of separate beds both looking at the floor.  Lance dropped his dirty clothes in the laundry bag then turned folding his arms over his chest and looked at the two. 

Lance hadn't said anything since he came out of the bathroom.  Marc and Joey both stole quick glances at Lance trying to judge his mood.

"Joe," Lance flatly said.

"Lance, I'm really sorry.  It's not Marc's fault.  He didn't know I was going to join him in the shower.  It was my stupid idea.  I don't know what I was thinking."

"What did you want for Marc?"  Lance asked.

"I don't know. . . .  I just wanted to get close to someone.  I keep thinking about Howie and how nice it was when we spent the night together."

"So you were lonely and thought you would just get close to my boyfriend?"

"Yes. .  No. . Yes," Joey fluctuated.  "Yes, I'm lonely. . .  No, I didn't plan to do anything.  But yes, I want to be close to Marc and you also." 

Lance arched an eyebrow at Joey's last revelation. With furrowed brow Marc glanced over at Joey.

"I need to think about what happened, or almost happened," Lance said.  "We need to leave soon, Joe, you need to get ready."

"Ah, Lance, are we all right?"  Joey asked.

"For now we are," Lance said.  "We'll talk later tonight."

Getting up Joey headed for the door.  Joey stopped and turned to Marc.  "I'm really sorry for this, Marc.  I didn't mean for it to go this far."  Marc looked up at Joey and nodded.

After Joey left Lance turned to Marc.  "Well, mister.  What do you have to say for yourself?"

Marc looked up at Lance with sad brimming eyes.  "I love you.  And I hope you can forgive me for this stupid situation.  There is no way I would have done anything sexual with Joey.  I just hope you will believe me."

Stepping in front of Marc Lance looked down at him.  "You need to stand up and look me in the eye when you ask for my forgiveness."

Marc stood looking into Lance's emerald green eyes.  Swallowing once he said, "James, I'm sorry for what happened here.  Can you see it in your heart to forgive me?"

Lance reached up and wiped a tear off of Marc's cheek.  "Yes, love, I forgive you."  Leaning in Lance lightly brushed Marc's lips with his own.  Pressing forward, Lance deepened the kiss.  Marc hesitantly brought his arms up around Lance as he returned the kiss.

There was a loud banging at the door.  "Lance, Marc, we need to go," Chris shouted through the door.

"We're coming," Lance shouted back.

"Thank you, James," Marc softly said.

"Hold on there, hot lips," Lance said placing a hand on Marc's chest.  "I may have forgiven you but you're not going to get off that easy."

"I've been a bad boy," Marc said with a mischievous smile.  "Are you going to punish me?"

Lance thought for a second.  "I think some kind of punishment is called for."

Marc's grin grew.

"Tonight, when we get back from the club.  We will discuss what punishment is appropriate."

Marc smile grew bigger as they went to join the others.  In the sitting room the others were waiting.  Joey gave Marc a questioning look.  Marc gave Joey a thumbs-up sign.  Joey visibly relaxed.

Pete was waiting for everyone at the limo.  Everyone climbed into the limo with Pete sitting with Lance and Marc. 

"Marc, the driver will take you over to the venue after dropping us off," Pete said as he handed him his briefcase.  "The figures are in here.  My laptop is locked on the bus.  I need you to get July reports done and have them ready to send in later today."

"I've never done those reports," Marc pointed out.  "I've only seen the printout."

Pete handed Marc a sheet of paper.  "You will need to use my password to log on to the mainframe.  The first three weeks sales you will need to get from the mainframe.  Here is a list of the accounts you need to check.  Everything else you should find in the briefcase." 

After dropping the guys off for their interview the driver took Marc over to the arena.  Marc was dropped at the entrance to the secure parking area.  The gate was opened for Marc before he even got to the checkpoint.  Going to the tour bus Marc was relieved to see it had power and the communication dish was set up.  Unlocking a compartment Marc took out his and Pete's laptops out and set them up on the table.  Opening Pete's briefcase he pulled out the instructions for the task at hand.  Reading as he grabbed a couple bottles of cold water he thought this didn't look too difficult.  Connecting both computers to the communication system he first logged on Pete's computer connecting to the mainframe.  As he was gathering the first batch of numbers he needed, his cell rang.

Glancing at the caller ID Marc recognized the number of the hospital.  "Hello."

"Hey, you're awake."

Chuckling to himself, "Hey, Sara."

"How you doing, kiddo?"

"I'm fine.  Just needed some rest."

"Marc, that wasn't just a little nap you took."

"I know. . .  How is Dad?"  Marc asked trying to change the subject.

"Dad's fine.  And stop trying to change the subject. . . . .  How is Jonathan doing?"

"Justin said he is back to his old self."

"He was really sick, wasn't he, Marc?"

"Yeah, he just kept getting worse," Marc said softly as he thought back to the hospital.

"It looked like he wasn't going to make it. Right?"  Sara asked.

"I don't think he would have made it through the night," Marc said softly.

"So you helped him.  Didn't you?"

"What do you mean?"  Marc asked.

"Marc I talked to Justin the other day.  He said that he had fallen asleep that night but awoke after the power went out.  He saw you with Jonathon."

"What did he see?"

"He said that the power had gown out because of the thunderstorm.  He said the room was dark except for the emergency lights at the nurse's station.  Even though the room was dark Justin said he had no problem seeing you and Jonathan.  Justin said you were glowing."

"He must have been dreaming," Marc said with a laugh.

"No, Justin wasn't dreaming and you know it."

After a long pause Marc softly spoke.  "He was so sick. . .  I just helped him."

"Marc, . . . Justin saw your aura.  And he saw you give Jonathan part of yourself.  Even though he doesn't know what he saw."

"I thought he was asleep," Marc said as he remembered that night.  "Do you think I'll have a problem with Justin?"

"No.  He has no idea what he saw," Sara pointed out.  "Unless Lance. . ."

"Unless Lance, what?"

"Lance called me about your lack of consciousness.  He was there when I talked to Justin."


"Are you going to have a problem?"

Marc sighed, "I don't think so.  He hasn't said anything to me yet."

"What will you tell him if he asks?"

"I'll try to explain what happened and hope he doesn't freak."

"Do you really think he would?"  Sara asked with some concern.

"No.  If I do it right he should be all right with it."

"Good. . .   Marc the reason I called was to let you know some guy his been snooping around town, asking questions about you."

"What kind of stuff?"  Marc asked.

"He's been asking people if they knew you and a bunch of personal questions about you."

"Oh! . . .  Is anyone talking?"

"You know the people here.  No one is going to say anything to an outsider.  He talks funny and dresses funny too. . . .  Do you have any idea who he is and what he's up to?"

"I don't know who he is but I have an idea who sent him. . .  Sara, can you do me a favor and ask Bobby Lee to check him out for me?"

"Sure, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Sheriff hadn't already checked him out."

"If he finds out anything have him drop me an e-mail.  In the mean time I think I need to increase security around all my information.   Sara, is Jeanne Hooper still working the diner?"

"Yeah, everyday.  Why?"

"Jeanne fancies herself a good actress.  I think I have a part for her to play."

"Oh!  Sounds like you have a plan."

"Just the start of one," Marc said.  "I'll let you go now.  Be sure to give Bobby Lee a call for me."

"I will," Sara agreed.  "Before you hang up, what's this I hear about you putting the moves on my man?"

Marc felt his face get warm.  "Now how did you find out about that?"

Sara laughed, "Josh told me what happened.  He had to admit even though you caught him off guard, you are a pretty good kisser."

"I've had lots of practice lately."

"Just don't get into the habit of kissing him."

"Well, maybe you need to talk to Josh about that also."

"Did you two kiss again?"  Sara asked.

"Well. . .  Kind of. . . .  This morning Lance, Justin and Josh had an interview.  I walked Lance to the door and gave him a good-bye kiss.  Then Justin comes up to me and pulls me into a hug and kisses me good-bye.  When Josh walks up, I hold out me arm and ask him if he wanted a good bye-kiss, too.  He said yes he would like that so I gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He wasn't satisfied with that so he kissed me on the mouth."

Sara laughed, "Was it a good kiss?"

"It was a simple, sweet good-bye kiss, nothing more."

"You have been a busy boy.  Who else have you lip locked with?"

"All of them."

"What?  Even Chris?"

"Yes, even Chris.  And a couple Backstreet Boys too."

"Damn, you have been a busy boy this summer. . .  How has Lance reacted having his boy friend having roving lips?"

"He doesn't seem to mind as long as I don't do it behind his back or let him know who I've been kissing."

"He's very open-minded."

"To a point.  He also expects equal action."

"I would hope more than equal action," Sara laughed.

"Always more than equal," Marc laughed.

"Well I'll let you go.  I'll see you in a week.  Is someone going to meet my plane?"

"I'll be meeting your plane.  I'll be coming on ahead with security."

"When will the others arrive?"  Sara asked.

"Late that afternoon.  Tell Dad hi for me and I'll see you in San Antonio."

"K, bye.  Love you, Marc."

"Love you, too, Sara.  Bye."

Marc's attention was drawn back to the figures on the computer monitor. Taking Pete's instructions Marc collected the needed numbers and started plugging them into the report.  After double-checking the figures Marc felt satisfied with his work.  To be sure everything was all right Marc brought up the last couple months reports to compare his numbers.  As he looked over the numbers he noticed that there had been a twenty percent increase in revenues over the last couple months.  Management should be very pleased with these numbers, Marc thought.  Noticing that the reports went directly to Lou Pearlman's office Marc wondered what he did with the reports.  Using Pete's password Marc had no problem getting into Perlman's system.  The more Marc probed deeper into the system  the more firewalls he hit.  Frowning Marc wondered what Lou was hiding.  Pete's password should have gotten him deeper into the system.  Connecting his computer with Pete's he started to use some of his own programs to probe Lou's system.  One of the first things Marc was able to determine was who wrote Lou's program.  "Ah, Billy my friend.  I thought I recognized this program.  Now if you didn't rewrite my original engine program."  Typing in a set of passwords Marc gained entry to the security program.  "Billy I'm glad you are such a lazy son of a bitch.  It never dawned on you that I would put a more than one back door into something I wrote."

Using Lou's own password Marc started probing the system.  The more he probed the more incensed he became.  He realized what Lou was doing.  Making a separate internet connection with his own laptop Marc started transferring the account information to one of his out of country storage sites.  With the information safely stashed away Marc backed Pete's computer out of Lou's system.  Taking every effort to make sure all traces of his hacking was removed from Pete's computer.  Marc also did a clean sweep of his own system in case anyone got a hold of his laptop and checked where he had been surfing.

Marc sat there staring at the report on Pete's screen.  He wasn't sure what to do.  He knew he should say something to the guys about what he had found.  But he also knew he would be breaking his non-disclosure agreement. `What should I do?'  Marc asked himself.   `I can't do anything with it until the tour is over. . . .  And even then. . .  I'll have to be careful how I use it.'

Marc was brought out of his pondering when his instant messenger chimed "you've got mail."

Logging onto his e-mail account Marc found an e-mail from Bobby Lee


Sara called me about the guy snooping around town.  I was able to get an ID from the motel he is staying at.  The guy's name is Berry Dillion.  I did a check on him and found he has a rap sheet.  Minor stuff, robbery, extortion that kind of thing.  He is doing some kind of investigative work for a Orlando company,  Trans Continental.

I don't know if this helps any.  If you'd like I could make sure he spends some time as a guest of my jail.

Let me know what you'd like to do.

Bobby Lee

Marc quickly shot off a note to Bobby Lee thanking him for the information.  Picking up his cell Marc made a few calls then went and logged into a few accounts moving accounts and replacing them with false data.

"That was brutal," Chris said as he fell into his seat in the limo. 

"I thought they agreed to what questions they could ask," JC stated.

"They did.  And they are going to pay for that," Pete said still fuming.

"What can you do?"  Justin asked.

"That station will never get another interview.  They are also off our promo list.  Every other station in the area will get advance releases of your new singles not them."

Lance closed down his cell disappointed at not being able to contact Marc.

"Scoop, why so down?"  Chris asked.

"Can't get a hold of Marc.  His cell is busy."

Lynn was working on some contracts when her secretary buzzed.  "Yes."

"Marc Newman on line two."

"Thanks, Janet."  "Hey, baby, how you doing?"

"A lot better.  Thanks for asking.  How is Jon doing?"

"We can't keep him down," Lynn laughed.

"That's great," Marc laughed.

"Why the call, honey?"

Marc sighed, "There is something going on I think you should be aware of."  Marc went on and told Lynn about Lou's offer and someone looking into his affairs.  Marc assured her that he had no plans of switching management and filled her in on what changes he had made as to his personal and business finances.

After making one more call to Wisconsin, Marc shut down his laptop and tilted his head back closing his eyes as he contemplated the first phase of his plan.  Marc heard the chattering of his friends as they approached the tour bus.

As they climbed aboard the chatter ceased.  "Awe, how sweet.  Sleeping Beauty," Justin kidded.  "All he needs is a Prince Charming to wake him." 

"Chris, give him a kiss," Joey prodded.

"I'm not going to give him a kiss, you give him a kiss, Joe."

"I'm not going to give him a kiss," Joey played along with the routine.

"I know.  We can get Scoop to kiss him," Chris and Joey both said.

Lance rolled his eyes at the almost comic duet.  Marc's expression had not changed during the whole routine, he must really be asleep.  Leaning in he pressed his lips to Marc's lightly brushing over them before pressing in harder.  Flicking out his tongue he lightly probed Marc's lips.  With a moan Marc's lips parted permitting Lance to enter.  Lance realized Marc was not asleep when his tongue started brattling his own.  Lance deepened the kiss, grinding his mouth into Marc's.

"Shit," Chris muttered.  "He must be unconscious again."

Joey glanced at Marc's lap and started to laugh.  "Well part of him is awake," indicating Marc's tented pants.

Returning to the hotel everyone went to change for their night on the town.  Marc had been quiet on the ride back to the hotel.  Locking the door to their room Lance turned and asked.  "Is there something bothering you?"

"I've got a lot of stuff on my mind," Marc said with a shrug.

"You care to share?"

"Not right now."  Looking at Lance Marc sighed.  Cupping Lance's cheek he ran his thumb along his jaw line.  "James, there are things in our lives we have to work out on our own.  In time I'll be able to tell you everything but until then you just must trust me."

Lance looked deep into Marc's dark eyes.  Marc's eyes betrayed nothing, showing only his love for him.  "Will you tell me when you can?"

Marc nodded as he pulled Lance into his arms.  "Want to save water and shower with me?"

Lance grinned as he nodded.  "We don't have a lot of time to fool around."

"That can come later," Marc said as he released Lance.  "Besides I was a bad boy.  And I think you said something about punishing me."

Lance shot Marc a questioning look.  "That's right."

Marc undressed as he went into the bathroom.  Lance heard the shower come on.  Picking up the phone Lance made a quick call.

Dinner was at a trendy restaurant.  One of those no matter how you are dressed you feel underdressed.  The maitre d' was almost sickening as he fawned over the guys.  Complimenting them on everything; their music, their dancing, how they were dressed, and even their hair styles.  But what topped it off was the disgusted look he gave Marc, a no one in his book, not worth the bother.   Lance picked up on the way Marc had just been treated and was about to say something when Marc took his hand under the table and gave it a gentle squeeze.  Lance glanced at Marc and got a slight shake of his head telling him to let it pass.

The maitre d' excused himself when the waiter approached.  The waiter who identified himself as Edward was a very pleasant man in his early thirty's.  You got the feeling Edward had been doing this for many years, he knew his menu and was able to offer suggestions when needed.  After everyone has placed his order Marc excused himself to go to the restroom.

Several pairs eyes watched Marc make his way to the restroom.  JC's head snapped around to Lance, "What just happened?"

"The maitre d' has really pissed me off.  He treated Marc like scum."

"Really!"  Chris asked in surprise.  "I didn't notice."

"That's because he was so busy kissing your ass for you to notice," Lance said.

"Do you think Marc is going to say anything?"  Joey asked.

Shaking his head Lance said, "I know I want to say something but I don't think Marc want's to cause a scene."

All conversation ceased as Marc came back to the table.  Lance saw that Marc's mood seemed to have changed.  There was an amused glint to his eyes.  Lance leaned in, "What are you up to?"

"Oh nothing," Marc said as he kept glancing at the front door where the Maitre d' stood.

Lance followed Marc's gaze seeing the Maitre d' answer several phone calls. `Must be taking reservations,' Lance thought.  The Maitre d's reaction to one call caught Lance's attention.  The color seemed to drain from the Maitre d' face as he turned to look at their table.  His eyes narrowed as he studied someone at their table.   After nodding several times the Maitre d' wrote something down.  After he hung up the Maitre d' picked up his phone and made a call.  After several minutes with a dejected look he hung up.

Everyone was finishing up his meal when the Maitre d' approached.  Nervously the Maitre d' cleared his throat, "I trust you found your meal to your satisfaction?"   All eyes turned to Marc for his reaction.

Marc looked up at the Maitre d' and solemnly stated, "The food was great and Edward did a superb job."

Fidgeting with a sheet of paper in his hands he cleared his throat once more.  "Mr. Newman, I have a message for you."  Offering Marc the sheet of paper. 

Marc took the note and glanced at it before putting it in his pocket.  "Thank you," was Marc's only comment.

Their waiter returned with the check that Marc quickly snatched up.  Adding a generous tip for the chef and waiter Marc placed his charge card on top.

As they were leaving the restaurant the Maitre d'once again accosted the group.  Gushing all over them he invited them to return.  As Marc passed he reached out his hand to the Maitre d'.

"Thank you," Marc said as he left.

Settling back into their seats in the limo all eyes turned to Marc. 

"What?"  Marc asked, looking around the limo.

"Marc, what was in the note?"  Lance asked.

Pulling the note out of his pocket he handed it to Lance.  Lance looked at the note, his brow knitting.  "Why would Kevin Richardson leave you a note at the restaurant?"

"Because I asked him to."

"What does the note say?"  Chris asked.

Lance looked at Marc.  Marc nodded for him to go ahead and read it. 

"The note says.  Mr. Kevin Richardson called to confirm his acceptance to be your guest at your Lincoln Center concert.  He said he was looking forward to hearing your new symphony."

Chris started to laugh.  "You beat that son of a bitch at his own game."

"What do you mean?"  Justin asked.

"The Maitre d' snubbed Marc when he thought he was a no one.  After Kevin's call he all but kissed his ass."

Tilting his head Justin asked, "When you went to the restroom.  Did you make a call?"

Marc grinned and said nothing.

JC chuckled shaking his head.  "When you shook the Maitre d' hand did you pass him something?"

Marc nodded.  "I wanted to thank him for his service.  I passed him a dollar bill."

"Ouch!" Joey laughed.  "That will be the last time that guy looks down his nose at anyone."

The club turned out to be a huge place covering four floors.  The group was led to a VIP room overlooking the largest of the dance floors.  Looking out over the dance floor Marc stated.  "This place is too big."

Everyone's face fell.  Was Marc going to say we couldn't stay?

"Everyone stay on this level.  I don't want anyone wondering off by himself.  If you have to go to the bathroom use the one here. . . .  Have a good time and remember the world is watching so don't screw up."

"Have a good time but don't screw up," Chris muttered under his breath.  "Fat chance."

Marc nudged Lance and nodded toward the dance floor.  Lance joined Marc as they made their way to the dance floor.

One of the first things Marc noticed about the people around them was the crowd was made up of a mixture of couples.  Straight and gay couples danced side by side. 

Lance noticed Marc was getting a lot of attention from the girls and some of the guys.  The attention Marc was getting from the girls was striking a nerve.  One after another would dance with Marc getting closer and closer to him until they were rubbing up against him.  Marc would step back but the girl would move with him.  The happy expression left Marc's face as disgust took over.  Marc stopped dancing pushing the girl off him and walked away. 

"Fucking fag," the girl spat.

Marc froze.  Turning around he glanced at his former dance partner.  Looking past her he spotted Beth and Ed, two of *Nsync's dancers.  Marc moved toward Beth and as he passed his former partner Marc stated, "Come see me when you learn how to dance."

Tapping Ed on the shoulder Marc said loudly, "Why don't you have a rest.  Let a man show you how it's done."  Ed had a shocked expression on his face when he saw who had just tapped his shoulder.  Marc grinned and gave Ed a wink as he offered Beth his hand.

The music changed from Rock to Latin as Beth took Marc's offered hand.  With a series of twirls Marc lead Beth to the center of the dance floor.  Marc and Beth had been working out together during the tour.  They both loved Latin and had worked out some very elaborate steps.  It only took minutes for the center of the dance floor to open up as the other dancers watched the new couple.  Spotlights were pointed at the couple drawing everyone's attention to what was taking place on the dance floor.  The DJ saw what was going on and cued the next song changing from one Latin beat to another.   The change in tempo didn't faze Marc and Beth smoothly changing from one dance to the other.

As the set ended Marc walked Beth back to Ed, kissing her on the hand before handing he over to Ed.  Marc left the dance floor with over a hundred eyes following his every move.  Heading upstairs to the VIP room Marc grabbed a bottle of beer off the bar and drank it down. 

Lance and Justin burst into the room as Marc finished his beer.  "Damn! That was some mighty fancy dancing," Justin said with pride.  Marc looked at Justin and just shrugged..

Reaching for another bottle Marc was stopped by Lance's hand on his arm.  Frowning Marc looked at Lance.  "Babe, don't do this when you're pissed at someone," Lance pleaded.

Marc realized that Lance was right.  This day had not gone well.  First the incident with Joey, then finding out someone was looking into his personal life back home.  Discovering what Lou Perlman was doing to the guys, the ass-hole of a Maitre d' at the restaurant and now all the slutty girls throwing themselves at him tonight really pissed him off.

Marc sighed, "You're right.  I'm not in the mood to dance anymore.  Do you think we could leave?"

Joey came into the room just as Marc asked if they could leave.  "What's up?"  Joey asked.

"Marc's ready to leave," Justin sadly said.

"I'll tell the others," Joey offered.

"No.  Wait!"  Marc said.  "You guys stay and have fun.  I'll send the limo back after it drops me off."

"But what about the rules?" Justin asked.  "We can't go out unless you're with us." 

As Justin asked his question JC and Chris walked in.  "Marc, you leaving?"  Chris asked.

"Guys, I'm not having a good time here.  I'm going to go back to the hotel and call it a night."  Marc tiredly said.  "If you promise to stay out of trouble you all can stay longer.  I trust your body guards will keep an eye on you."

One of the guards pulled out his cell and made a quick call.  "Marc, we have the security van at the side entrance if that's okay?"  Jimmy on of the security guards asked.

"That's fine," Marc said.  Taking Lance's hand Marc said, "Wake me when you get in."

Lance frowned, "No!"


"I'm not going to wake you.  Because I'm going with you."

"James you don't have to," Marc protested.  "Stay and have fun."

"How can I have fun if you aren't here?  End of discussion!"

Lance and Marc followed one of their bodyguards out to the waiting van.  As the door was about to close Joey dashed into the van.  "Room for one more?"  Joey asked.

To Marc's surprise Lance answered, "Sure, Joey.  I was hoping you would want to come along."

The ride back to the hotel was a quiet one.  Lance was trying to figure out what put Marc in his bad mood.  Marc was trying to figure out why Lance was hoping Joey would return to the hotel with them.  Joey was worried that Marc's mood swings may have been caused by his stupid actions this morning.

Arriving at their hotel they entered from a side entrance bypassing the throng of fans out front.  On the elevator ride up everyone was quiet as they watched the numbers above the door change.  The doors opened but the way was blocked by Bubba, one of the biggest guards they employed.

"Hey, big guy," Marc said in a way of greeting.  Bubba didn't move but instead held out a gym bag to Lance.

"Thanks," Lance said.  "I take it everything is all set?" 

Bubba nodded as the door slid close.

Joey and Marc looked at each other as Lance pushed a button.  The door opened on the top floor of the hotel.  Lance got off the elevator and walked down the hall to what was labeled as penthouse 2.  Marc and Joey followed Lance down the hall wondering what was going on.  Lance slipped the card key into the lock and the door opened.  Turning to the two behind him Lance said, "Joey, you have a decision to make.  Marc was bad this morning and he is going to be punished.  You were also bad.  And if you come in this door you will also be punished."

Joey glanced to Marc but his reaction to Lance saying he was going to be punished was not what he expected.  Marc seemed amused at the idea. What ever Lance had in store for Marc, he seemed to enjoy the thought of it.

"You can go back down to your room or. . . .  If you enter this room one of your fantasies may come true."

Marc looked at Lance.  `What is he up to?'  Marc asked himself. 

Lance opened the door and walked in followed by Marc.  Joey stood there chewing on his lower lip trying to decide.  As Lance was about to close the door Joey jumped in.    After locking the door Lance headed over to the bedroom.  "Marc, Joey, in here," Lance ordered.

As Lance put his bag on the bed he turned to find Marc and Joey standing behind him.  "Both of you take your clothes off now.  Take everything off but your boxers," Lance ordered them.

Marc quickly removed his clothes while Joey was slower about it not sure what he had gotten himself into.

Looking at Joey Lance smiled, "Good.  Joe, now stand next to the bed post and put you hands behind your back."

"James?"  Marc questioned.

Lance reached into the bag and withdrew two silk ties.  Handing the ties to Marc Lance said "Tie Joe to the bed."


I wonder what other goodies Lance has in his bag?  And what kind of punishment he has in mind for Joey and Marc?  Are we going to see a dark side of Lance? 

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