My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

Last Time:

The ride back to the hotel was a quiet one.  Lance was trying to figure out what put Marc in his bad mood.  Marc was trying to figure out why Lance was hoping Joey would return to the hotel with them.  Joey was worried that Marc's mood swings may have been caused by his stupid actions this morning.

Arriving at their hotel they entered from a side entrance, bypassing the throng of fans out front.  On the elevator ride up everyone was quiet as they watched the numbers above the door change.  The doors opened but the way was blocked by Bubba, one of the biggest guards they employed.

"Hey big, guy," Marc said in a way of greeting.  Bubba didn't move but instead held out a gym bag to Lance.

"Thanks," Lance said.  "I take it everything is all set?" 

Bubba nodded as the door slid close.

Joey and Marc looked at each other as Lance pushed a button.  The door opened on the top floor of the hotel.  Lance got off the elevator and walked down the hall to what was labeled as Penthouse 2.  Marc and Joey followed Lance down the hall wondering what was going on.  Lance slipped the card key into the lock and the door opened.  Turning to the two behind him Lance said, "Joey, you have a decision to make.  Marc was bad this morning and he is going to be punished.  You were also bad.  And if you come in this door you will also be punished."

Joey glanced to Marc but his reaction to Lance saying he was going to be punished was not what he expected.  Marc seemed amused at the idea. Whatever Lance had in store for Marc, he seemed to enjoy the thought of it.

"You can go back down to your room or. . . .  If you enter this room one of your fantasies may come true."

Marc looked at Lance.  `What is he up to?'  Marc asked himself. 

Lance opened the door and walked in followed by Marc.  Joey stood there chewing on his lower lip trying to decide.  As Lance was about to close the door, Joey jumped in.    After locking the door Lance headed over to the bedroom.  "Marc, Joey, in here," Lance ordered.

As Lance put his bag on the bed he turned to find Marc and Joey standing behind him.  "Both of you take your clothes off, now.  Take everything off but your boxers," Lance ordered them.

Marc quickly removed his clothes while Joey was slower about it -- not sure what he had gotten himself into.

Looking at Joey Lance smiled, "Good.  Joe, now stand next to the bed post and put you hands behind your back."

"James?"  Marc questioned.

Lance reached into the bag and withdrew two silk ties.  Handing the ties to Marc Lance said "Tie Joe to the bed."

Chapter 51

Marc whispered, "James, what are you doing?" 

"Don't worry.  Now move your ass and tie him to the post."

Marc took the ties and went to Joey.


"Joe," Marc said as he nudged him back against the bedpost.  "Just go with it."

"But!" Joey started to protest.

Marc put a finger to Joey's lips.  "I won't let anything happen."  Moving behind Joe Marc looped the tie around Joe's wrists tying it loosely.

Lance removed his clothes as Marc tied Joey to the bed.  Going to Joey Lance walked behind him and pulled the knot binding Joe's hands tight.

"Marc, would you go into the bathroom and bring me a hand towel?" Lance asked.

Marc returned with a towel and handed it to Lance.  Lance stepped in front of Joey and reached for the top of Joey's boxers.  Pulling the top of Joe's boxers out Lance stuffed the towel down the front of his boxers. 

"What is that for?" a now nerves Joey asked.

"I don't want you to make a mess on the carpet," Lance said nonchalantly.

Moving to the other side of the room Lance called Marc over.  Crossing his arms over his chest Lance asked, "Do you know why you are here?"

With head lowered playing his part Marc said, "I was bad.  I let my weakness cloud my judgment. And I allowed myself to be put in the position of losing your trust."

"But you were not alone in your actions.  Were you?"

"No sir."

"And what should I do about your actions?"

"You should punish us sir," Marc said with a slight smile.

"And how should I punish you?"  Lance demanded.

"I don't know sir.  I trust you will come up with the appropriate punishment."

Lance studied Joey for the longest time. 

Joey was nervous.  He didn't know what he had gotten himself into.  He didn't think Lance would really harm him.  Lance was never the physical type.  He'd seen him get mad at someone but he never took a swing at anyone.  But. . . no one had ever tried to make a move on his boyfriend before.  Now he was really getting nervous. . . . . .  And Marc was a puzzle.  He knew Marc would never let Lance go too far.  Marc would protect him. . . .  As long as Lance didn't tie him up too.

Lance looked back to Marc.  "Joey said he wanted to get to know you better, didn't he?"


"Marc, you must punish Joey," Lance announced.

"What! . . .  How?"

"By giving him what he wants.  You are to show him what it feels like to be with you."

"What?  James, I don't know about this."

Lance reached up and grabbed Marc's left nipple giving it a pinch.  "You will do this!  Your job is to make Joey cum.  You can use your mouth and hands.  But you can't go below his waistband." 

Marc asked, "Are you sure about this?" 

"Yes, I am. . . . .  Oh.  One more thing.  You are not allowed to cum yourself and when I tell you to you must step back from Joey until I tell you to continue."

Marc realized what Lance was doing.  Lance knew that he could get Joey excited enough to cum and at the same time Lance knew Marc himself would become excited also.  Not being able to cum meant that he would be torturing himself until Lance decided when and how he would be allowed to cum.

Lance moved a chair near the bed so he could watch what Marc was going to do to Joey.  To get things going Lance pulled Marc to him and started kissing him.  Lance deepened the kiss probing Marc's mouth with is tongue.  In no time Lance could feel Marc's erection pressing against his own. 

Joey watched as Lance pulled Marc into a deep kiss.  The sight of them kissing started some stirring in his boxers.

Breaking the kiss Lance stepped back and sat in the chair.  Giving Marc a nod he instructed,.  "You know what has to be done."

Marc nodded as he turned to Joey.  Walking up to him Marc placed a hand on Joe's chest.    "Joe, look at me."

Joey shifted his gaze from Lance to Marc.

"I need you to look at me and only at me," Marc started out.  "You know that I love you and would never hurt you.  Don't you?"  While Marc was talking to Joey Marc's hand rested on Joey's hairy pec.  The pad of his thumb softly rubbing across Joey's nipple caused it to harden.

Joey gulped before nodding.

Smiling, Marc moved his hand up to Joe's cheek, running that same thumb along Joe's jaw line.  Tilting his head slightly Marc drew closer and gently kissed Joey.  At first Joey was surprised that Marc was kissing him in front of Lance.  But the kiss was soft, with no force behind it and that made Joey relax some.  "Trust me, Joe," Marc softly said before once again kissing him.

Joey was getting into the kiss and he knew he wanted more.  Joey opened his mouth slightly and probed with his tongue.  But Marc would not let him enter; Marc's teeth were blocking the way.  Joey was persistent, as he continued to probe.  Slowly Marc's mouth started to open and Joey pressed on trying to force his tongue into Marc's mouth.  Just as it started to slide in Joey jumped when he felt Marc bite the end of his tongue.  Marc didn't bit hard, just hard enough to let Joey that tongue right now was a no-no.  Breaking the kiss Marc whispered, "Slow down."

Being close to Joey's ear Marc started to nibble on it.  Starting on the earlobe Marc slowly pulled the whole ear into his mouth using his tongue to caress every fold.  Joey closed his eyes as he let out a soft moan.  Moving below the ear Marc kissed his way across Joey's neck to the other ear giving it the same treatment.  While Marc's mouth was working on Joey's ears, his hands were moving across Joey's chest running his hands through his chest hair, kneading the well formed pecs.  Lightly brushing across the now hard nipples Marc could feel a shutter pass through Joey.  Moving off the neck Marc attacked Joey's right shoulder with soft kisses while kneading the muscles with his hands.  Working his way down to the furry pictorial mound and it's rock hard nipple, Marc latched on to it licking, and sucking on it like a starving infant.

Lance watched as his best friend became more aroused by Marc's well-trained mouth and tongue.  Joey's breathing had become ragged and Lance knew Joey was getting close.  "Marc!  Step away."

Marc hesitated a second before he pulled away from Joey.  Joey's eyes shot open his eyes pleading with Marc not to stop.

"Marc, look at me!"  Lance demanded.

Marc turned to face Lance with his hands behind his back knowing he dare not touch himself, he was not allowed to cum yet.  Lance sat in the chair wearing only his boxers.  His legs were spread and Marc could clearly see the outline of his erection.  Lance didn't say anything, just sat there staring into Marc's eyes.

Slowly Joey's and Marc's breathing returned to normal.  Lance cocked his head slightly and said, "Continue."

Marc turned back to Joey and softly kissed him once more.  Repeating what he had done the first time, Marc worked his way down to Joey's chest but was once again stopped as he was working on Joey's other nipple.

Assuming his position before Lance, he found Lance with his hands on his boxers running his hand over his erection, pushing the fabric of his boxers against his erection.  Slowly running his fingers up and down his bulge.  This time it took them longer to calm down as both of them watched Lance. 

Once again Lance sent Marc back to Joey.  "Please!" Joey pleaded.  "Finish me off."

Again Marc started with a soft kiss but quickly escalated to shoving his tongue into Joey's mouth and down his throat.  Marc had both hands on Joey's nipples as he pinched them getting a low moan from Joey.  Tweaking the nipples repeatedly Marc could feel Joey start to stiffen.   Marc pulled himself completely against Joey's chest wrapping his arms around him and kissing him deeply.  A roar came from deep inside Joey's throat as his body convulsed repeatedly.  Breaking the kiss Marc held Joey tight as his friend writhed in his arms.  Marc didn't let go of his friend for fear his legs would collapse from under him.  Slowly Joey's strength returned as his breathing returned to normal.

"Marc!  Step away."

Stepping back and turning Marc sucked in a sharp breath.  Lance had pulled his boxers down and tucked them under his balls.  He had his rock hard member in his fist and was slowly stroking himself.  Lance looked down the front of Marc his eyes resting on his tented boxers.  He smiled as he saw the wet spot.  "You've done very well," Lance cooed.

"James, . .  Please."

Locking eyes with Marc, Lance grinned as he continued to stroke himself bringing himself to the edge before giving Marc a nod.

Joey watched the strange interplay between his friends as with out any words they both arched their backs.  Lance's eyes rolled back in his head as he shouted, "Yes!!"  Long ropes of cum shot out of his cock, shooting high in the air coming down with loud splats on his chest and face.

Marc cried, "Oh, James!" as he shuttered repeatedly.  The wet spot on the front of Marc's boxers quickly spread. 

Finding the sight of his friends' orgasms a total turn on, Joey cummed for the second time in minutes. 

Lance stood up letting his boxers drop to the floor.  Marc chuckled, "You're a mess."

Giving Marc his mischievous smile he asked, "Do you want to clean me up?"

With a grin Marc took Lance's head between his hands, tilting his head forward a little he licked the cum from his forehead, then his right cheek.  Pausing briefly Marc kissed Lance sharing his prizes.  Moving on to his neck then shoulders Marc licked up the cum.  Working his way down Lance's chest he retrieved each and every splatter.  Dropping to his knees Marc cleaned every trace of cum from Lance's deflating member.  As Lance's deflated member slipped from Marc's mouth Marc looked up into Lance's green eyes and smiled.  "I love you, James."

Pulling Marc to his feet Lance dropped to his knees as he pulled Marc's boxers down releasing Marc's engorged cock.  Burying his face in Marc's pubic patch he licked the area clean.  Working lower he cleaned Marc's ball sack of cum before slowly licking up the shaft.  Cleaning under the ridge of Marc's cock head he was rewarded with a fresh shot of precum.  Marc pulled Lance off his sensitive member.  "James, please not right this moment."

Lance stood and pulled Marc into a tender kiss.  Pressing his body against Marc's Lance laid his head on Marc's shoulder.  Wrapping their arms around each other holding each other tight.  Marc could feel Lance's member once more rise. 

Marc softly chuckled.  "This is so hot."

"Yeah, having someone watching is a real turn on," Lance said.

Pulling back Marc looked Lance in the eye.  "Are you game?"

A grin spread across Lance's face.  "Take me stud."

Joey had managed to turn himself enough that he could sit on the end of the bed.  Joey watched as Marc and Lance started kissing deeply, hands flying over each other's bodies as they explored their hot bodies.  Marc slowly laid Lance on the carpet as he worked him over with his mouth and hands.  Working lower Marc kissed the end of Lance's rock hard member before taking it into his mouth sliding down most of the way before coming back up.  Lance was clearly enjoying Marc's attention as he moaned deeply.  Patting Marc's shoulders Lance said in a husky voice, "Turn around."  Marc swung around, not losing his grip on Lance's member he positioned himself above Lance's head.

Joey gasped as Lance nudged past Marc's hard cock and went for Marc's low hanging ball sack.  Taking each of Marc's balls into his mouth Lance sucked on them causing Marc to let out a muffled moan.  Grabbing Lance's hips Marc turned them on their sides. 

Joey knew he was going to cum again he was so turned on by his friends lovemaking.  Slowly a rhythm was set up as the two lovers sucked each other off.  As the rhythm increased their heads stopped moving up and down as their hips took over.  Joey watched as their hips pounded into each other's hot and hungry mouths.  Joey knew they were close and so was he.  All of a sudden all three boys froze as their backs arched and their orgasms erupted.

Marc and Lance rolled onto their backs as they tried catching their breaths.  Sitting up Marc looked down at his flushed boyfriend and said, "That was so hot!"

Lance sat up and kissed Marc softly,  "I agree." 

Marc helped Lance to his feet.  Going to Joey, Marc untied his hands.  Helping Joey to his feet, Marc and Lance led him into the bathroom and a hot shower.  After drying off Lance pulled out three pairs of boxers from his bag and the three of them climbed into the big bed, with Joey in between them they quickly fell asleep.

The phone was ringing when Marc reached over and answered it. "Good morning.  This is your wake up call," a perky voice said.

"Thank you," Marc mumbled.  Turning back over, Marc returned his head to the warm hairy chest.

"Was that the wake up call?"  Lance asked with a yawn.

Marc still had his eyes closed when the end of his noise was tickled by soft hair.  Opening his eyes he looked into the bright green eyes of his lover.  Separating the two was a field of soft brown hair.  They both started laughing.  "Good morning, James," Marc said leaning across giving Lance a kiss.

"Good morning love," Lance replied.

Looking up they saw Joey with a silly-assed grin on his face.   Lance leaned up and kissed Joey, "Good morning, Joe."

Before Joey could answer Marc also kissed him good morning.  "Morning, guys," Joey finally managed.

Marc got a serious look on his face.  "Joe, are you all right with what happened last night?"

Joey realized that Marc was concerned.  "I think so. . .  At first I didn't know what to think.  When Lance told you to tie me up I about shit my pants. . . .  Ah, do you guys always do that stuff?"

Lance looked at Marc and they both started to laugh.  "Do you mean the dominance thing?"  Lance asked.  Joey nodded.

"No," Lance chuckled.  "It's just a game we play."

"Are you always the boss?"  Joey asked Lance.

"Boss?"  Lance asked not understanding.

"He means the dominant one," Marc clarified.

"No," Lance said with a shake of his head.  "We take turns."

"Joe, in our relationship Lance and I consider ourselves equals.  We are equal in our giving and equal in our receiving."

"And we share equally in controlling our love life," Lance added.  "You were safe last night because Marc could have stopped everything with just a single word."

"That's the way it is with everything we try," Marc added. "We both have to agree with what's going to happen or we don't do it."

"But I don't think you knew what Lance had planned last night."  Joey pointed out.

"I didn't.  But I do know Lance, and I trust him."

"But what if he was really mad at you?"

"He wasn't," Marc assured Joe.

Joey was silent for a while thinking about something.

"What?" Lance asked.

"I was just wondering. . .  What you two did together after. . .  Is that all you do?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Marc answered.

"So you guys don't. . . .  You know."

"Fuck?"  Marc asked.  Joey nodded.  "We haven't gotten to that point in our relationship yet."

"I always thought that's all, hum, gays fuck like rabbits."

"Some do, I imagine," Marc said. 

"But not you two?"

"No, not yet," Lance said while looking at Marc. "When the time is right it will happen."

Marc smiled at Lance giving him a little nod.

"Well if you two will excuse me," Joey said as he sat up.  "I'm going to grab a shower."

Climbing over Lance Joey headed for the bathroom.  Turning back briefly, he added.  "I feel like a long shower this morning.  In case you wanted to do something," Joey grinned.

Lance scooted over next to Marc.  Hearing the shower come on Marc rolled onto his side and smiled down at Lance.  "You do know what he's doing there.  Don't you?"

Lance grinned, and nodded.  "He was hard when he walked into the bathroom."

"Well, he said it was going to be a long shower. . . .  You in the mood?"

Lance looked away for a moment then turned back to Marc blushing.  "Ah, I think I'd like to try something."

Marc grinned at Lance.

Joey turned on the water in the large shower letting it warm up before getting in.  Picking up the small bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner Joey entered the shower stall.  Placing the bottles on the small shelf on the wall Joey stepped under the spray.  Letting the hot water run down his body, Joey realized he was feeling things he never felt before.  The way the water ran over his chest running over his hardening nipples before dropping onto the floor.  Every drop of water felt like tiny fingers massaging each hard nipple.  Joey let out a soft moan as he shifted slightly and the water moved down to his abdomen then lower to his groin.  The warm water enveloped his half hard cock causing it to lengthen once more.  Sighing Joey reached for the shampoo pouring a small amount into his hand and started shampooing his hair.  After rinsing his hair he worked a little conditioner into his hair then Joey picked up the body wash squirting some onto a body sponge.  Running the sponge over his chest Joey built up a rich lather as he worked lower.  Lathering up his balls and fully erect cock Joey closed his eyes as he switched from the sponge to his slick hand.  Running his left hand up to his right nipple he twisted the nub between his fingers while slowly stroking his hard member.

Joey was too into his self-stimulation to notice the door to the shower quietly open and his two friends slip in.  Joey was rolling his nipple between his fingers when his other nipple was pinched.  Joey's eyes shot open, looking into Lance's smiling face.  "Need some help?"  Lance asked.

"What! What are you doing here?" Joey asked.

"Taking a shower," Marc answered as he handed Lance the bottle of body wash.  Using the gel in his head Marc lathered up Lance's chest working lower to his ridged cock.  Lance did the same for Marc giving his hard member loving attention. 

Joey continued to slowly stroke his cock with one hand while squeezing his balls with the other.  Lance reached over and moved his hand over Joey's as he stroked.  Joey realized what Lance wanted and removed his hand, letting Lance to continue to stroke him.  Marc continued to stroke Lance.  Turning slightly Marc offered his hard spear to Joey.  Reaching out Joey tentatively grasped Marc's rock hard lance and began to slowly stroke it.  Nothing was said as the three friends looked into each other's eyes as they continued to beat each other off.  Joey knew he was very close and Lance must have picked up on it because he stopped stroking Joey and squeezed the base of Joey's cock tight forcing back the approaching orgasm.  After a minute Lance continued to stroke Joey.

The speed of their strokes increased as they all moved closer to orgasm.  "I'm close," Joey panted.

"So am I," Lance gasped.

"Let's do it!" Marc shouted.  Two strokes later Joey shot off, followed by Marc then Lance.  With knees bent the three friends shot their loads into the air then as their convulsions subsided cum ran down their cocks onto their hands. 

Letting go of their now deflating cocks the three friends stood trying to catch their breaths.  Marc looked at Lance, "That was so hot!"

"Yeah," Lance agreed.

Joey was looking at his cum covered hand, Marc's cum.  Bringing it up to his nose he sniffed at it then stuck out his tongue and licked some of it off.  Liking what he found he licked more of it off his hand.

Marc smiled at Joey's actions as he brought his own hand up and licked Lance's sweet seed off his hand. 

Lance did the same tasting Joey's offering.  Lance could see the longing in Marc's eyes as he offered him a taste of Joey.  Taking two of Lance's fingers into his mouth he sucked them clean savoring the unique taste.  Joey had pretty much cleaned all the cum off his hand when Marc offered him a taste of Lance.   As Joey lapped up the last traces of cum from Marc's hand the three of them started to laugh.

"Morning, Chris," Justin said with a yawn.

"Morning.  Is JC up yet?"

"Yeah, he's dressing now," Justin said as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  "Are the others up?"

"I don't know."

Justin went to Marc and Lance's room and knocked.  "You guys up?"  Justin called out.

"That won't do you any good.  No one's in there."

"What do you mean, no one's in there?"

"They didn't come back to the suite last night."

"Does Joey know why they didn't come back?"

"I couldn't ask him.  He didn't come back either."

"What!  We need to call security," Justin said.

"Why do we need to call security?"  JC asked coming into the room.

"Joey, Lance and Marc are missing," a concerned Justin stated.

Folding the paper he had been reading Chris said,  "They're not missing.  They're just not here."

"Where are they?" JC asked.

"I don't know," Chris once again stated.

"I think we should still call security," Justin said again.

"I already did," Chris said. "When I went to bed and Joey was not in our room I went to ask Marc if he knew where Joey was.  After all they left together so I figured they may know where Joey went."

"And?"  Justin prodded.

"They weren't there either.  I went and asked Bubba if anyone had heard from them.  Bubba said not to worry that they were in the hotel and had taken other rooms."

"Why?"  Justin asked.

"Thank about it Curly.  What happens when Lance and Marc get some free time to themselves?"

Justin smiled at the thought of what always happens.

"Yeah, and when it happens we give them grief the rest of the day because of how loud they get," Chris sighed.  "So they got a room away from us."

"What about Joey?"  JC asked.

"He must have met someone at the club," Chris said.

Justin and JC nodded in agreement.

"We got everything?"  Marc asked looking around the bedroom.

"I think so," Joey said.

Lance hung up his cell.  "They know we weren't in our rooms.  Chris noticed Joey wasn't in his bed and found we were also missing.  When he checked with Bubba he was told we were all accounted for and were safe."

"I take it you talked to Bubba?"  Marc asked.


"Okay, Chris knows we weren't in our rooms," Marc mused.  "And by now so does Josh and Justin."

"What are we going to say?" a concerned Joey asked. 

"We can tell them the truth," Marc suggested.

"No!  We have to come up with something else," Joey almost shouted he was on the verge of panic.

"No, Marc is right," Lance said.  "We just won't tell the whole truth."

Joey wasn't convinced. 

"Joe, Lance made special arrangements for us to have some quality time together and not disturb anyone.  Which is true.  And you met up with an old friend and got lucky.  Which is also somewhat true.  Since we were getting another room you thought it was a good idea and got one too.  That way you didn't have to disturb Chris with your guest."

"We just won't divulge who your friend was," Lance said with a sly grin.  "That wouldn't be the gentlemanly thing to do."

Joey thought about it for a minute before he started to grin.  "That should work.  And it won't hurt to build up me rep as a lady's man."

Lance and Marc looked at each other and snickered.  "No it wouldn't hurt."

As they exited their elevator Marc could see the breakfast carts coming down the hall.  Marc signed for the food before knocking on the door.  Marc called out, "Room service."

As the door opened Justin could be heard, "It's about time."

"I'm sorry sir."

Justin's head snapped up at the voice.  "Well if it isn't our wandering friends."

Pushing the carts in Marc chuckled at Justin's remark.  "Were we missed?"

"Of course," Josh said.  "Curly was ready to send out search parties until Chris told us you had gotten other rooms."

Justin went to Marc.  "Did you two have fun?"

Marc smirked, "Definitely."."

Everyone dug into the food carts.  Joey, Lance and Marc had extremely large appetites that morning.  Conversation centered on what was on tap for today.  As Chris was returning from the food cart with another helping he glanced down at Joey's neck.  "Damn, Joey!  Who ever she was she must have been part vacuum cleaner.  She got you good.  Be sure you get some makeup on that tonight."

Joey's hand went to his neck.  "Where?"

Chris touched a spot on the back of Joey's neck.  "Yea, she got you good."

Joey blushed at the attention his hickey was getting.  Glancing to Marc he saw the unmistakable glint in his eye.  Marc did it.

It was getting close to the time they needed to leave.  Lance and Marc went to their room to change and Joey did like wise.

Bags were pulled out into the hall.  This was a show day and they would be hitting the road right after the show.  And it was going to be a long trip; they were heading for Montana.  The tour bus was waiting for them at the back of the hotel.  Once loading they headed for the venue.  Marc was quiet on the ride over and Lance noticed. 

Leaning in Lance asked, "You all right?"

Marc sighed, "Yeah, just thinking."

"About what?"

"What I need to do today."

"Oh, okay.  Will you be playing in the band tonight?"  Lance asked.

"I won't know until I talk to Brian.  I hope so, I need to get back onto practicing my music."

The bus pulled into the venue and a limo was waiting to take the guys to their interview.  Grabbing his backpack Marc went into the theater after saying his good-byes to the guys.

After talking to Brian Marc knew he was free until sound check at three.  Finding a quiet dressing room Marc set up his laptop and made a few calls.  Marc called home and talked to his dad for a long time them made a few more calls setting his plan into motion.  After a light lunch he gave Lynn a call letting her know what was going on.

The guys returned mid afternoon and got ready for sound check.  Marc was on keyboards that night and the guys rocked the house.  As soon as everyone got their shower the bus was loaded and they headed out.  It didn't take long before everyone turned in for the night.

Marc slept fitfully that night.  Lance woke once during the night to find Marc sitting up in bed reading.  "Can't sleep?"  Lance asked as he sat up next to Marc.

Lowering his book Marc shook his head. "I just can't get to sleep."

"Something on your mind?"

Marc stared at the wall for a few minutes before answering.  "Can you reach my backpack," Marc asked pointing to the far corner of the bed.

Lance grabbed the backpack and handed it to Marc. 

Marc reached in and pulled out the sketchpad, placing it on his lap Marc sighed.  "While I was in Orlando I had a dream."

Lance placed his hand on Marc's.  "Was it the crash dream again?"

Marc shook his head, "No and it wasn't the picnic dream either.  That night I dreamt something new."

"Was it upsetting?"

"A little."

"Damn!  I should have been there for you," Lance said in distress.

"James, there is nothing you could have done," Marc tried to reassure Lance.  Reaching into the sketchpad he pulled out the first set of drawings.  "That night I dreamt about this."  Marc handed Lance the drawings.

Lance looked at each drawing.  He could tell it was drawings of the same person at different ages.  Lance gave Marc a questioning look.

"That is my little brother, Ryan."

Lance looked from the drawings to Marc just realizing what Marc had said.  "You remembered him?"

Marc nodded as a single tear slid down his cheek.  "Yeah, after I woke up I went into the study and drew those."

"And his name is Ryan?"

"Yeah, I don't know how I know, but his name is Ryan."

Lance put his arms around Marc pulling him tight.  "It's wonderful that you can remember your little brother.  Is there anything else you can tell me about Ryan?"

"No, not really.  Other then he was ticklish and he loved for me to tickle him. . . .  James, after I drew those I fell asleep at the desk.  I don't remember doing it but when I woke there was another drawing."  Marc pulled out the other drawing and handed it to Lance.

Lance studied the drawing of the dark haired boy with the sad eyes.  "Who is this?"

"I don't know.  He was never in any of the other dreams."

Lance and Marc slid down into their bed and held each other.  "Marc, is there something else bothering you?"

Marc nodded.

"Can you tell me?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, but not now."

Lance was about to protest.

Putting a finger to Lance's lips.  "James, I need to talk to all the guys about this.  How about after our breakfast stop?"

Lance nodded.  "Let's try to get some sleep."

Marc nodded as he snuggled with Lance.

It was after nine when everyone was up and ready for their breakfast stop.  It was a subdued group that morning that stumbled off the bus.  Lack of sleep was the main reason for the mood of the group.  Hot food and strong coffee perked everyone up.

As the bus pulled out of the truck stop after fueling Marc call the guys back to the lounge for a meeting. 

Once everyone was comfortable on the big bed Marc looked around the room at his friends.  "Guys, there is something I need to talk to you about. . .  The other day I got a call from Sara.  She told me there was someone in town asking questions about me."

"Someone was looking for you?"  Josh asked. 

"No.  I don't think so," Marc said.

"Maybe someone from your past is looking for you," Chris suggested.

"No.  It's no one from my past.  He's from my present. . . .  Guys, when Justin and I went back to Orlando something happened."

"What?"  Joey asked.

"I had a meeting with Lou Pearlman.  He wants to manage me."

"Shit!"  Joey said.  "What the hell does he want with you?  He doesn't know anything about classical music." 

"It's not that part of me he's interested.  He wants to manage my singing career."

"I thought you weren't interested in a singing career?"  Chris asked.

"I'm not," Marc said.  "But he is putting pressure on me to sign with him.  This guy in Wisconsin works for Lou.  I think he is trying to get some stuff on me to force me to switch with him."

"What kind of questions has this guy been asking?"  Lance inquired.

"Personal things.  School records, financial information, and even my medical records."

"That stuff is secure, isn't it?"  Justin asked.

"Not really.  A good hacker could get all that stuff."

Lance studied Marc for a few moments.  "He's not going to find anything.  Is he?"

Marc smiled.  "Oh, he's going to find some stuff.  Yesterday he gained access to my financial records and my school records."

"Shit!"  Joey murmured.

"What did he find?"  Lance asked.

"What I wanted him to," Marc smirked.

"I don't understand," Joey said.

"I've been able to go in and substitute my records with fake ones.  I buried my real information in dummy accounts when no one will be able to find them."

"If Lou is really set on getting something on you he won't stop until he has something," Chris pointed out.

"That's why I've given him what he wanted.  He thinks he has something that will force me to go with him."

"Why did you do that?"  Justin asked.

"To give me time.  Right now he has given me time to think about it."

"How much time?"  JC asked.

"Until after the tour."

"That's not much time," Joey pointed out.

"But it does give me time to set up my defense," Marc said.

"So what ever Lou throws at you, you have a way of countering it?"  Chris asked.

"If he works with the information I've provided him yes.  But there is always a trump card."

"What trump card?"  Lance asked.

Marc smiled, reaching out he cupped Lance's cheek.  "You, love."

"How!"  Lance asked stunned.

"He could use my love for you against me.  All he needs to do is threaten to out me as your lover."

"He wouldn't do that," Chris said.  "He would be cutting his own throat if he did that."

"That's what I'm hoping," Marc said.

The guys remained quiet for a time thinking about what Marc had told them.

"Marc, have you talked to mom about this?"  Justin asked.

Marc nodded, "I told her about it when we were down there.  And she knows what I'm planning."

"That ass hole," Lance muttered. 

"Lance, our contract with Lou.  How much longer does it run?"  JC asked.

"I'm not sure.  I think it is to be renewed the first of the year."

"Will you check into it?"

"Sure Josh.  But I won't be able to do it until we get home.  I don't want to go through our legal department.  They will just report it to Lou."

The rest of the day was spent on the quiet side.  Chris and JC slept most of the day.  Justin and Joey spent the day playing video games.  Lance and Marc did a lot of reading, lounging together while their friends played their game.

The evening meal stop was a long one so the buses could be fueled and serviced.  While the others were browsing the gift shop Joey went out to the bus to make a call.

Dialing Howie's number he got his voice mail.

"Hey D it's me.  I know you guys have a show tonight.  We are still on the road.  We should be getting into our hotel just after midnight.  If you're up give me a ring.  I need to talk to you. . . .   I miss talking to you. . . 


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God bless you all.


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