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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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My New Life
by James

Last Time:

Loud knocking woke Lance and Marc.  Looking into each other's eyes they both smiled.

"Hey you guys, are you up?"  Joey shouted through the door.

"Yeah, we're awake," Marc called out.  "Sorry, we over slept.  Joe will you call down for breakfast?"

"I will," Joey shouted back.

Lance groaned, "How bad did we over sleep?"

Glancing at the clock on the nightstand he said.  "We have time for a quick shower."  Rolling out of bed Marc offered Lance a hand.  Pulling Lance into his arms they kissed deeply.

"Come on," Lance said.  "We don't have time for that now." 

Walking into the bathroom Marc reached into the shower turning on the water adjusting the temperature.  They both dropped their boxers at the same time then froze.  Both of them were covered with cum.  They both started laughing, "We really do need a shower," Lance pointed out.

Marc took Lance's hand pulling him into the shower with him.  "Have I told you how much I love you this morning?"  Marc asked.

"Yeah, you just did," Lance said.  "And I love you too, Boo."

Chapter 53

Breakfast had been delivered and everyone else has started eating when Lance and Marc joined them.  "Good morning, all," Marc called out.

"Morning, guys.  Forget to set your alarm?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah, something like that.  Just overslept," Lance said.

"You two do know that a bed can be used for sleeping," Joey chimed in. "You should try it some time.  Instead of keeping us awake."

"We weren't loud," Marc shot back.

Joey laughed, "I didn't say `you' were."

The blush rose on Lance's face, "I didn't make that much noise."

Joe got out of his seat to refill his plate.  "I know you didn't, Scoop," Joey said.  "I was just pulling your chain."  Leaning between his two friends he whispered, "Until Marc found something to gag you with."

Marc looked at Joey with an arched eyebrow.  "You were still up?"

Joey nodded sheepishly.

"Reason?"  Marc asked.

"Phone call," Joey said softly.

Marc glanced at the others behind them.  "Want to take a walk after sound check?"

Joey grinned as he nodded.  The three joined the rest at the table.

"What's on our calendar for today?"  JC asked.

Lance's eyes met Marc's as they both smiled.  "We have to be packed and ready to leave by eleven," Lance answered.  "Local TV interview at noon.  Rehearsal right after.  Sound check at four.  Meet n' greet at five with concert at eight."  Looking to Marc, he got a nod.

Chris frowned, "What is this?  Did you two switch bodies or something?"

Justin found Chris' comment hysterical.  "What?"  Lance asked.

"Scoop, it's been weeks since you knew what we had scheduled," Justin laughed.  "What happened?"

"I've taken up ventriloquism," Marc said dryly.

Lance shot Marc a nasty look.  "I looked over Marc's day planner while he was dressing."

Marc frowned as he replayed what had just happened in his head.  The more he thought about what just happened the madder he got.

Josh, noticed the change in Marc's mood.  Josh placed a hand on Marc's arm getting his attention.  Marc looked questionably.

"Marc, what's wrong?"  Josh asked.

"I'm pissed."

All eyes turned to Marc.

Almost afraid of the answer Lance asked.  "Pissed at who?"

Marc looked into Lance's eyes.  "I'm pissed at myself. . . .  I'm pissed because I made a statement that gave the impression that made someone; I dearly love, was not capable of speaking for himself."

"How's that?" Lance asked. 

"When I said I'd taken up ventriloquism."

"So what," Lance shrugged.  "You were having a smart ass moment."

"By saying I was the ventriloquist, I was saying you were the . . . . . "

"Dummy," Lance said softly, hurt showing in his eyes.

"James, I never meant to imply that.  I'm sorry.  You're right.  I was having a smart ass moment not realizing who it would effect."

Lance was quiet for a long time.

"Please, James, it was a stupid remark.  Will you forgive me?"

"I'll forgive you," Lance said with a mischievous smile.  "But it's going to cost you."

"Anything you want," Marc said relieved. 

Lance leaned in and gave Marc a quick kiss.  "Tonight, after the show.  Shower.  Be there!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Does anyone get the feeling those two staged this so they'd have a reason to have make up sex?"  Chris observed.

The bus was loaded without any problems from fans.  It looked like it was going to be a quiet day for a change there were only a handful of fans at the hotel.  Everyone was laid back enjoying the scenery as they made their way to the MetraPark Arena   Until they were two blocks from the venue.  The roar that met them was deafening.  There must have been two thousand screaming girls waiting to get some glimpse of *Nsync.  The driver had to slow to a crawl when the fans surged into the street.  Locking down the bus, the driver radioed for help.  The fans started pounding and rocking the bus as they tried to get the attention of their favorite Nsyscer. 

"Damn!  These girls are insane," Joey observed.

"Someone is going to get hurt," Marc said under his breath as he made his way to the lounge.  Pulling the drapes open he noticed the girls looking up at him.

"This is getting scary," Justin said with some concern.

"Guys, we need to do something," Marc said.  "Joey, Lance, take the left side.  You three take the right side.  Wave at the fans then make your way to the lounge.  We need the girls to follow you all back to the lounge."  The guys did as they were told getting the fans' attention then moving to the back of the bus. Marc went to the driver, "Dave, I know you have the bus wired for sound.  Can you turn on the microphones in the lounge and pipe it to the bus' outside loudspeakers?"

"It will just take a minute to set up," Dave said.  "What's the plan?"

"I'm going to get the guys to start talking to the fans and maybe do a song.  I'm hoping the crowd will move to the back of the bus. . ."

"Clearing a path for us to move forward," Dave finished Marc's thought.  "It might work."

Making his way back to the lounge Marc stuck his head in.  "Guys, in a minute the fans will be able to hear you.  Talk to them, get their attention, sing to them if you have to."

"How will they hear us?" Justin asked.

"It seems Dave has the lounge and front table area bugged.  When we are playing with our little musicals the others on the busses and semis have been listening."  Marc looked toward the front of the bus.  Dave gave the singal.  "You're on, gentleman."

The guys did a great job.  The fans moved to the back of the bus and Dave was able to slowly move the bus forward.  "Keep it nice and slow," Marc said over Dave's shoulder.

As the bus approached the arena *Nsync's security moved in opening up a corridor for the bus to enter the secure parking area. 

The back of the bus was quiet for a long time.  Slowly the guys made their way to the front of the bus.  Marc looked up as Lance sat next to him.  "That was interesting," Marc said.

"It could have been worse," Lance sighed.

"What happened to our security?"  Chris asked.

"There wasn't too much of a crowd here at the arena," Marc stated. "No one thought of checking our route for security problems."

"Marc, will you check with Bill and see this doesn't happen again?"  Josh asked.

"I'm already on it.  Come on, guys, you have an interview to do."

Marc filled in Pete and Bill on what happened.  They discussed some changes that needed to be made and Marc made arrangements to go ahead with security to San Antonio.  After the meeting Marc made his way back to the bus.  Dave had set the communication dish up and had it waiting on his return.  With four hours before sound check Marc started making phone calls.  His first call was to Johnny Wright with an idea for the final concert.  Johnny liked the idea and gave Marc the nod to go ahead and do it.  Next he called Lynn to find out how things were going and how Jon was doing.

The final call was to Marc's dad.  It was a long call and his emotional state was like a roller coaster.  His dad could feel something wasn't right.

"Son, you're talking a lot but you aren't saying what you need to say."

Marc sighed, "Dad, something happened last night.  I've found that I have a new ability."

"What kind of ability?"

"I can control my dreams.  In my dreams I can make things happen."

"That sounds like it could be fun," his dad chuckled.

"Yeah, at times it has been fun.  Last night I tried something new.  I brought James into my dream."

"You dreamt about James?"

"No.  I brought James' spirit into my dream.  He knew and understood what was happening."

"Why did you do that?"

"Earlier yesterday I showed James some drawings I had done of Ryan."

"Your little brother?"

"Yes.  Last night I wanted to show James how I saw Ryan.  In my dream we were walking on a beach and we came upon this kid playing in the sand."


"Yes, my memory of him.  He looked real but he wasn't to have any substance."

"Something tells me you did too good a job on your little brother," Tom mused.

"Actually it turned out some higher power had an hand in my dream.  It was Ryan there on the beach."

"How?  Why?"

"He was sent to me.  It seems the big guy felt I needed a visit."

"Oh, my god, son.  I'm so happy for you.  Did he fill in some of the blanks?"

"No, he couldn't.  He came to tell me how much he loved me," Marc's voice started to break.  "And that Mom, Dad, and my twin loved me, too, and were watching out for me."

"I'm glad you were able to find that out.  It must make you feel better."

"It did, dad.  Even though the little twerp wouldn't tell me my real name.  He kept calling me Boo."

"Boo!"  Tom laughed.  "I wonder how you got that name?"

"It seems Ryan gave it to me."

"Now that's going to make some interesting speculations.  What could Boo stand for?"

"I haven't a clue.  I think I got it because Ryan couldn't say my real name.  And the only thing I have come up with is Bobby.  As a toddler Ryan may have called me Booby and it got shorten to Boo."

Tom roared with laughter, "Should I have your name on the adoption papers changed to Booby?"

"No!  Don't you dare!  I will stick with Marc."

Tom continued to chuckle, "I'm sorry, son.  Did Ryan give you any other bit of information?"

"Yes and no.  He told me that I still have family out there someplace.  I won't find them, they will find me."

"Son, with that knowledge.  Do you still want to go through with the adoption?"

"This won't change anything.  I still want you as my dad."

"But if you have family out there. . . "

"My immediate family died in a crash.  I know and accept that now.  I need my new family.  I need you and Sara in my life.  I want to be a Morgan."

"I like the sound of that," Tom said with pride.  "What has James said about your little dream excursion."

"We really haven't talked about it."

"Do you think he doesn't remember the dream?"

"Oh, he remembers.  In the shower he told me he loved me and called me Boo."  Marc could almost feel his dad smiling on the other end of the line.

"So someone from your old life will find you.  Will you get your memory back then?"

"According to Ryan, I will get my memory back but not when I find my family.  He said I won't get my memory back until I find the key."

"What kind of key?"  Tom asked.

"I have on idea.  It could be anything.  A phrase, a place, a song, a person. . . . there's no way to know."

"But he said it would happen after you find your family.  That should give you some hope."

"It does, Dad.  Knowing that it will happen takes a weight off my shoulders.  And knowing something else he said is already coming true."

"What's coming true?"

"My new family.  No, that's not right.  He said my growing family."

"Growing family?"

"You and Sara, my new family.  Of course when you get me you also get James.  I already have his mom's stamp of approval.  My big brothers, Joey, Chris, and Josh.  My kid bro, Justin.  And there's his little brothers Jon and Steph."

"You are getting quite an extended family there," Tom laughed.

"One of the best families out there." Marc said with pride.

Marc had just finished talking to his dad when Brian found him.  "Hey, Marc, I was told you wanted to see me."

"Yeah, Brian, I've got an idea for the last show.  I've already talked to Johnny about it and he gave me the green light."

"What's your idea?"

"Well, we will have only one opening act that last night."

"I know.  Pete thought we'd just have the other opening act do a couple more songs."

"How about we put together a new group made of members from our own band."

"What kind of band?"  Brian asked.

Marc grinned, "Kind of punk meets kids pop."

Brian and Marc worked with a couple other band members on their new songs while *Nsync was in a rehearsal hall at the other end of the arena.  The numbers they were going to do were tunes they would jam to while killing time waiting for the "guys" to show up.  Marc just came up with his twist on each one.

Marc was on drums for the sound check.  The guys looked tired, their rehearsal must have been a hard one.  After just a couple songs they were let go so they could get cleaned up and get some rest before the meet n' greet.

Marc walked into their dressing room coming up behind Lance as he was getting clean clothes out of his bag.  As Lance stood up Marc wrapped his arms around him.  "Hey, sexy," Marc whispered in Lance's ear.

"Hey yourself."  Lance said as he turned in Marc's arms.  "What have you been up to all day?"

"Working on a couple secret projects," Marc said as he glanced toward Josh.

Lance smiled as he picked up on what Marc meant.

"Was on the phone most of the time."

"Who'd you talk to?"  Lance asked.

"Talked with Johnny about some ideas for the last concert."

"Is he going to be able to make it?"  Josh asked.

Marc laughed, "Yeah, he said he wouldn't miss it for the world."  Casting an eye at Justin Marc added.  "I talked with Lynn also."

This perked Justin's interest.  "Did she say anything about Jon?"  Justin asked.

"He's doing great.  But you would know that if you ever call him!"

Justin started to blush.

"Get the hint, bro?"  Marc asked.

"Loud and clear," Justin said as he reached for his cell.

Turning his attention back to Lance.  "I had a long talk with my Dad."

"Oh.  How is he doing?"

"He's doing okay.  He sends you his love."

"Did you tell him about. . . ."  Lance hesitated.

"Yes, I told him about our meeting," Marc said as he gazed deeply into Lance's eyes.  "He was happy for us."

Lance wrapped his arms around Marc's neck pulling him in for a kiss.

Joey came out of the bathroom, "You two at it again?"

Lance gave Joey a one-finger salute as he continued the kiss.  Joey laughed as he asked.  "Who's next?"

"Me," Lance said breaking the kiss with Marc.

"Want to grab something to eat after your Meet n' Greet?"  Marc asked.

"Sure.  Won't you be hanging around?"

"Joe needs to take a walk," Marc said softly in Lance's ear.

Smiling Lance gave Marc a quick parting kiss.  "See you later."

Joey left the dressing room as Lance was headed into the bathroom.  Marc waited a couple minutes before excusing himself.  Marc found Joey waiting for him down the hall.  They headed to the upper bowl of the arena taking seats in the shadows.

"So Mr. Fatone, did you make the call?"

The smirk on Joey's face told the answer. 

"You did.  Didn't you?"

Joey sighed, "Yeah, I called him."

"Okay, give me the scoop."

"There's nothing much to tell.  I called him and asked when their tour was ending."

"I think they are out just a week longer then your tour," Marc said.

"That's what Howie said.  I was so nervous I almost blew it.  I started to babble but I did manage to talk to Howie about spending some time together."

"The first step is always the hardest," Marc said.

"We're going to get together after his tour is over."

"That's great, Joe.  Have you guys planned anything yet?"

"No, we're just going to play it by ear.  We'll probably just go out and eat and maybe a movie."

"That's not very romantic."

"I know," Joey sighed.  "But we both have roommates.  It's going to be hard to find a place to be alone." 

"You two can spend some quality time at my place," Marc offered.

"I don't want to put you guys out."

"You won't.  Do you remember the house right behind Lance's?"

"Yeah, the big tan one."

"That's the one.  When Justin and I flew home I bought it."

"You what!"

"I bought the house," Marc repeated.

"Why?  Isn't Lance's place good enough?"  Joey asked.

"I love his house and I'm going to enjoy living there with him.  I bought the house so I could have a studio to work in."

"A studio?"

"I was having a studio built for my home in Wisconsin.  I was going to have it put in a small barn on my property.  This house has a huge great room.  And it is large enough to hold my studio.  I had it trucked to Florida and it is being installed now."

"Does Lance know about this?" 

Marc chuckled, "Yes and no.  I told him I bought a house but he thought I was kidding."

"So you just never brought up the subject again."

"Kind of like that.  I'm going to surprise Lance when we get home."

"What else does this house have?  I know it looks bigger than Lance's"

"The usual, kitchen, dinning room, sitting room and den on the first floor.  Four bedrooms on the second floor."

"Four bedrooms!"  Joey said with interest.

"I figured that fact would peak your interest," Marc laughed. 

"Ah, are you going to furnish the bedrooms?"

"No.  I hadn't intended to."


"I thought I'd let each of you guys furnish your own room."

"Your giving us each a room?"  Joey excitedly asked.

"No.  I'm not giving you a room.  I'm going to let you each of you furnish a room that you could use when you're too tired to go home."

"Why would we too tired to go home?" Joey quizzed.

"One of the things I haven't told you about is the huge pool.  It's covered with a hot tub and an ass kicking barbeque.  It's made for partying."

"Who else knows about this?"

"Just Justin, Lynn, and Johnny."

"Why Johnny?"

"He owned the house.  When he found out I had made an offer of the property he called me in and we made a deal for the house."

"Why did Johnny own the house?"

"He bought it to protect you guys.  The back yard of Lance's house is well screened except for the house behind his.  From there anyone could take pictures of what was going on in his yard."

"Pictures of us swimming, and sunbathing."

Marc nodded.  "Or worse, if any of you were entertaining a guest."

Joey thought for a long while realizing that Johnny didn't have to do what he did to protect them.  "Are you going to tell the others?"

Marc shook his head, "I'm going to let you and Justin fill everyone in after we leave for Wisconsin.  So you see, you and Howie do have somewhere to go, if you want."

"Thanks, Marc, we may take you up on it."

After the meet n' greet the guys met up with Marc.  They ate a light supper; with plans for a pizza party after the show.  That night the audience was really stoked and the guys ended up doing an extra encore.  Marc quickly packed up his drums then headed for the guys' dressing room.

"Hey, Marc, what's up?"  Chris asked as Marc came into the dressing room.

"Nothing much.  The arena is cleared and the stage is about quarter down.  Everything should be packed and loaded in about four hours."

"When will the pizza arrive?"  Justin asked.

"In about an hour," Marc replied as he went up to Lance.  "Who's in the bathroom?"

"Joey, he just went in."

Marc picked up both of their bags and taking Lance's hand Marc started leading him toward the door. 

"Where you guys going?"  JC asked.

"To take a shower," Marc answered with a smirk.  Marc led Lance down two corridors to a set of double doors guarded by the biggest, meanest looking bodyguard on the tour payroll.  "Hey, Bubba, is everything set?"  Marc asked.

"Just like you asked, Marc."

"Thanks, Bubba.  Give us an hour."

"You got it.  Have fun, guys," Bubba grinned.

Lance followed Marc into the locker room and stopped just inside the doors.  The lights in the locker room were off and the only light came from dozens of lit candles spread around the lockers and benches. 

"You did all this for me?"  Lance asked.

Marc put their bags down and pulled Lance into his arms.  "I wanted to give my man some quality loving."

"Do you think you can live up to my dreams?"  Lance asked as he leaned in for a deep passionate kiss.  Marc returned the kiss, his arms wrapping around Lance pulling him tight against him.  Marc hands moved up under Lance's shirt feeling the hot flesh of his back.  Feeling the mounds of his back muscles ripple under silky soft flesh as Lance moved his own hands under Marc's shirt exploring Marc's hard back muscles.  Marc pulled Lance's shirt up over his head, breaking the kiss only momentarily to cast the shirt off.  Lance didn't waist any time with Marc's shirt.  Grabbing the thin material he ripped it from Marc's body.

"Oh!  My tiger," Marc moaned.  Reaching for Lance's pants he grabbed the front and gave a yank, pulling off his breakaway costume pants with one swift move.

"Oh, yeah! Make my clothes disappear," Lance growled.  "My furry beast."  Running his fingers through forest of chest hair pausing as each hand came to rest at Marc nipples.  Rolling the two nubs between his fingers bringing them to rock hardness.  Marc's eyes were closed as he enjoyed Lance's hands on his chest.  His head rolled back as Lance put more pressure on his nipples letting out a soft moan.   Releasing the nipples Lance moved his hands lower stroking the soft fur covering Marc's rippled abs.  Reaching the waist band of Marc's pants, he jerked them off.  Or so he tried.  A second jerk gave the same results.

The mood broken Marc started to laugh.  "Try removing them the old fashion way, Conan."

Lance joined in the laughter.  Unsnapping Marc's pants he lowered Marc's pants and underwear in one motion.  Lifting Marc's feet he removed his shoe, socks, and pants.  Standing he gave Marc a quick kiss.

Grinning, Marc lowered Lance's boxer shorts, removing his shoes and socks at the same time.  As he stood Marc tossed Lance over his shoulder and headed for the shower.

"Put me down," Lance laughed as he kicked his legs.

Marc gave Lance a loud slap on his bottom.  "Stop squirming."

"You slapped my bottom!"  Lance exclaimed.  Looking down he saw Marc's furry rock hard ass globes.  With two free hands he slapped each of Marc's cheeks at the same time.

"Ow!"  Marc jumped.  "That was the wrong thing to do."

Lance was laughing, "You started it." 

Marc made a right turn, not entering the shower room and stopped in front of a large whirlpool.  Marc turned to turn on the whirlpool giving Lance a glimpse of what awaited him.

"Marc, you're not going to throw me in that tub are you?"

Marc stood against the whirlpool and lowered Lance to the floor in front of him.  He could see the relief in Lance's eyes when he put him down.  Marc pulled Lance into a deep kiss.  Lance's eyes closed as he got into probing Marc's mouth with his tongue.  Marc slowly leaned back pulling Lance tight against him.  They leaned back further as their kiss deepened until they slipped into the whirlpool. 

They came to the surface laughing, "You nut!"  Lance exclaimed.

"But I'm your nut," Marc said as he gave Lance a quick kiss.  The warm bubbling water had a big effect on them.  They were both hard as rocks as Marc rubbed their bodies together.  "I've always wanted to try this," Marc said with a mischievous grin.

"Wanted to try what?"  Lance asked.

Grinning Marc slipped below the surface.  Lance let out a gasp when he felt Marc's hot mouth slip over his hard member.  Marc worked Lance's cock down his  throat several times then pulled back to the head and let the air out of his lungs.  The air bubbles surged out around Lance's hard member sending him over the top.  Marc managed to swallow all six large shots of cum before he had to come up for air.  Lance's face was flush from the heat of the water and the heat from Marc's blowjob.  "That was awesome!"  Lance finally said. . . . . . . .

Lance and Marc joined the others before all the pizza was gone.  Retiring to their bus every one turned in.  Lance stirred from his slumber as he felt the bus start moving.   The convoy of busses and trucks was heading for Dallas.  Snuggling back in Marc's arms he drifted back to sleep. 

Because of their late departure the first meal stop came just before noon.  As usual, because of little physical activity while bussing it, their diet was changed.  Lighter meals with a lot more fruit with the ordered of the day. 

When the convoy pulled out everyone made their way back to the lounge.  Justin and Joey started the first video game tournament of the day.  Josh wedged himself into the corner with his notebook working on lyrics for his songs.  Chris was propped against the back window reading the latest John Grisham novel.  Marc and Lance were on the other side of the lounge.  Marc was sitting up watching the passing scenery while Lance was lying with his head in Marc's lap, with his arm across his eyes.  One of Marc's hands was resting on Lance's stomach, lightly rubbing. 

Marc brought his hand up and gently stroked Lance's cheek.  Moving his arm slightly, Lance looked up at Marc with a slight smile.  "You aren't feeling well, are you?"  Marc softly asked.

"Just a headache."

"Is it a bad one?"  Marc asked with some concern.

"No.  Just one of those you get behind your eyes."

"You need to take anything?"

"I already did.  After we ate."

"The light hurts.  Doesn't it?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Why don't you go lay down in one of the bunks," Marc suggested.

"I want to stay with you."

"I'll go with you," Marc said.  Giving Lance a slight nudge.  "Let's move."

As they climbed off the big bed Marc reached down in Lance's carry-on bag and picked up his toiletry kit.

"Where you guys going?"  Justin asked.

"We're moving to a bunk.  Lance has a headache and the bright light isn't helping any."

"Hope he gets to feeling better soon," Justin said.  "Take care of him, bro."

"I will.  Get us up for the next meal stop," Marc asked Justin.

Lance pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed into the upper bunk.

"You still have your contacts in don't you?"  Marc asked.


Marc handed Lance his toiletry kit.  "Why don't you remove them and see if that doesn't help some."

Lance agreed; taking the kit from Marc he went into the bathroom to remove his contacts.  Marc was already in the bunk when Lance got back.  Tossing his kit in the upper bunk he climbed in next to Marc pulling the curtains closed.  Lance snuggled up to Marc laying his head on Marc's shoulder.

"Try to get some rest," Marc said softly as he kissed the top of Lance's head.

"K," Lance mumbled.

Marc held Lance for almost half an hour waiting for him to drift off.  The headache must have been worse than Lance had admitted to because he wasn't able to go to sleep.   Marc started to caress Lance's brow hoping to give him some relief. 

"That feels good," Lance whispered.  "Your hand feels cool."

Placing his hand across Lance's eyes Marc held it there for a long moment as he turned his consciousness inward.  He reached out with his mind.  Marc's brow furrowed as he felt Lance's pain. 

Marc's hand felt so good.  His cool touch made the pain bearable.  But the hand didn't remain cool.  It slowly started to warm up and as it did Lance felt a new sensation.  The area under Marc's hand began to tingle and the tingling sensation seemed to spread out moving deeper, moving behind his eyes.  Slowly the pain from his headache was replaced by the more pleasant feeling.  Before long the pain was gone completely, and the new feeling slowly went away. 

Marc removed his hand and gave Lance a kiss on his forehead.

"What did you do?"  Lance asked.

"Nothing," Marc said.  "Get some rest."

Lance raised up and looked at Marc.  "You did something to make my headache go away."

"Why didn't you tell me how bad your headache was? . . . .  And don't say it wasn't that bad, because I felt it."

"How, Boo?"

"By sending part of me into your head.  I felt your pain." 

"And you took my pain away," Lance stated.

"I just tried to help."

"You did help," Lance assured.  "How did you do it?"

"I don't really know.  It's like when we shared that dream.  I don't understand how I can do it.  It just happens."

"With a touch like that you should be a doctor."

Marc shook his head.  "It would take too much out of me if I were a doctor."

Lance thought about what Marc had just said.  Then a thought came to him.  "Is that why you slept so much after coming back from Orlando?  You helped Jon get better."

Marc nodded.  "He was getting so weak.  I don't think he would have made it the night if I didn't do something."

"How many know you can do this?"  Lance asked.

"Sara and my Dad and now you." 

"So, you've done this before?"

"To some extent.  When I was recovering in the hospital I did a lot of roaming of the halls.  I spent a lot of time on the pediatric floor."

Lance smiled, "You do have a way with kids."

"Dad and some of the nurses noticed that.  If they had a child that was upset or couldn't get settled down they ask me to look in on them.  Most of the time I would just talk to them or they would climb up in my lap and I would hold them and they would settle down.  I can't count how many times Dad would find me in the nursery rocking a colicky baby.  I would rub its tummy and he would go to sleep.  About a week after I was released I came in for physical therapy.  When I was finished I went looking for Doc Tom.  He was in the Emergency Room.  While we were talking an ambulance pulled in.  They had a little boy that had been hit by a car.  The kid was screaming his head off.  They couldn't do anything with him threshing around.  I went to the boy and started talking to him.  I held his head in my hands and got him to look at me and talk to me.  Doc went to work on the kid.  Everything seemed to be going all right until something happened.  The boy went into convulsions.  They couldn't get him stabilized.  It looked like they were going to lose him.  Then the convulsions stopped.  About the same time the lights in the hospital went out.  It took a minute for the emergency generator to kick in.  When the lights came back on Doc went to work on the boy.  One of the nurses moved me aside so they could work on the boy.  Doc found me later in his office sleeping."

"How long did you sleep?" 

"When I woke up two days later back in my old hospital room.  Doc was sitting next to my bed.  He was worried about me and had been there all of his free time."

"What did Tom say to you?"  Lance asked.

"He didn't say anything.  He asked me how I was feeling.  Later when he was taking me home he thanked me for what I had done.  I didn't know what he was talking about.  I hadn't done anything special, just help calm down the boy so he could do his job.  Tom told me when the lights went out he could still see my hands on the boy.  In the dark ER he could see my hands."

"So you have the power to heal," Lance said.  "That is a god-given gift."

Shaking his head Marc said, "I can't heal.  But I can give a little of my life force to others.  I can help calm someone and ease their pain."

"But with Jon you didn't just ease his pain," Lance pointed out.

"No, I extended myself more then I ever have."

"And you slept for three days."

"I needed to recharge my batteries," Marc said sheepishly. 

"How much of a recharge will you need for taking care of my headache?"

"I won't need to recharge.  Your love for me gives me strength," Marc said as he gave Lance a gentle kiss.  "But a nap would do both of us some good."

Lance snuggled into Marc's arms and drifted off to sleep.  Marc joined him moments later.

Berry Dillion stood nervously before Lou Perlman's secretary.  "Is the boss in?"

Giving Berry a disgusting look she picked up the phone and rang her boss.  "Sir, Mr. Dillion is here to see you. . . .   Yes sir."  hanging up she said, "Mr. Pearlman will see you now."

Berry entered Lou's office and stood before his boss.

Looking up from his paperwork Lou growled, "What have you got?"


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