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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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My New Life
by James

Last Time:

Berry Dillion stood nervously before Lou Perlman's secretary.  "Is the boss in?"

Giving Berry a disgusting look she picked up the phone and rang her boss.  "Sir, Mr. Dillion is here to see you. . . .   Yes, sir." hanging up she said, "Mr. Pearlman will see you now."

Berry entered Lou's office and stood before his boss.

Looking up from his paperwork Lou growled, "What have you got?"

Chapter 54

"Well, boss, I think I got what you wanted," Berry said nervously.  "At first I had a hard time getting people to open up about this Newman guy.  Everyone I talked to clammed up.  It's like they were hiding something.  I was able to confirm most of the stuff in his background interview."

"I know what was in that file," Pearlman growled.  "I want to know what isn't in that file."

"Well I was able to make friends with one of the towns gossips.  She had an opinion about that Marc Newman boy.  How he was taking advantage of the good Dr. Tom Morgan."

"How has he been taking advantage of Dr.  Morgan?"  Lou asked.

"That kid knows a sugar daddy when he sees one.  The doc has been forking over the bucks ever since the kid got out of the hospital.  He bought the kid his own house.  And he's paying for the kid's education."

"I wonder why?"  Lou mused.  "Newman is queer; I wonder if the doc is, too?"

"I don't think so," Berry said.  "It seems Doc Morgan always wanted a son.  After his daughter was born the doc and his wife found out she could not have any more kids.  As hard as they tried they couldn't conceive another child.  Gossip had it they tried for six years.   Admitting defeat they looked into adoption.  Things were looking good after about a year of searching.  They had two possible upcoming births that were putting the child up for adoption.  The first to deliver a healthy boy, that child would get to go home with the doc and his wife."

"What happened?"

"About a month before the deliveries, the doc's wife suffered a series of strokes.  She died before either of the babies was born."

"Were either of them boys?"  Lou asked.

"They both were.  Needless to say, they went to other couples.  Without a wife the state wouldn't allow an adoption."

"So when this poor injured teenager came alone. . . "

"Yeah, boss.  The kid had no family.  No memory of his past.  No one was looking for him.  It looked like no one wanted him."

"Except Doc Morgan," Lou sneered.

"Yeah, they seemed to latch on to each other right from the start.  My source told me the Doc wanted to adopt Newman right away but the kid kept turning him down.  It wasn't until this summer that he agreed to the adoption."

"So the doc is adopting Newman.  There's nothing about that I can use," an irritated Lou pointed out.

"I know boss.  That was just some background for what I discovered.  My contact at the doc's bank told me that Doc Morgan has been forking out the bucks for the kid's education."

"That's not unusual."

"No not unusual except Newman was awarded a scholarship for his studying computer sciences.  The scholarship covered all class fees, books and housing."

"And Doc Morgan also paid for the same thing," Lou started to understand.

"But that's not the best part," Berry said excitedly.  "It seems while at the university our Mr. Newman also managed to take out several educational loans on top of it all."

"How did you find out about the loans?"

"A loan officer at the Peoples Bank of Madison.  I told him I was doing a magazine story about student loans.  We started talking about how much in debt the students could find themselves in.  He gave several examples of student loans he had worked on.  Nothing too exciting until he started talking about this unusual student.  He had taken out some large loans.  I asked him if he thought this student was a good risk.   The guy said yes.  The student had a double major, computer sciences and music.  His grade average was 4.0.  He got the loans because his prospect of repayment was so high."

"Let me get this right," Lou said.  "Newman has a scholarship that pays for his education.  Doc Morgan is forking out paying for the same thing and the bank has loaned him money for his education."

"Yeah, this kid is working a great scam.  This kid is a pro.  He has everyone giving him money."

"How much do you think he has stashed away?"  Lou asked.

"The doc has forked over about sixty grand.  The loan officer hinted his loan was close to ninety grand." 

"Shit! You're right.  Newman does have a great scam running.  Do you think the bank or the doc knows about the other loans?"   Lou asked.

"I don't think so," Berry said.

An evil sneer spread across Lou's face.  "I like it.  Yes, I like it.  I need some hard evidence though."

"I thought you might," Berry said with a self satisfying smirk.  "I had a friend of mine do some snooping with his computer."   Placing a folder on Lou's desk, "We were able to hack into the university mainframe.  We got his transcript.  Even his scholarship records.  We got into the bank records of his home town.  Not much there.  But we found he has a second account in Madison."

"Is that the bank that made the student loan?"  Lou asked.

"No.  Actually, I guess this would be the third account.  We also found the loan account.  Well this other account has some very interesting deposits in it.  Most of the student loan had been transferred to it along with most all of the money he has gotten from Doc Morgan."

Lou looked over the stack of printouts, chuckling as he read.  "I think I have what I needed.  Marc Newman, will be signing, for me."

The evening meal break came.  Justin got the napping pair up.  This stop was to be a long one with servicing and fueling of the semis and busses.  A two hour lay over was planned and Marc wanted to take advantage of the time. 

Marc was digging around in the bottom of his carry on bag.  "What you looking for?"  Lance asked.

"My running shoes."

"You thinking of going running?"

"Yeah, I've been cooped up all day.  I need to get my heart rate up for awhile."

Lance leaned in and whispered, "I know how to get your heart rate up."

Marc looked at his leering boyfriend.  "I know what you're thinking but we can't."

"There won't be anyone on the buss for at least an hour," Lance pointed out.

"And we don't need to be putting on a show for the rest of the truck stop," Marc pointed out.

"You think we could get this bus a rocking?"  Lance asked with a smirk.

"Not so much rocking, but more like moaning and groaning.  All we need is some attendant to come checking on what is going on in here."

Lance sighed, "You're right."

"Come run with me?"  Marc asked.

"What about eating?"

"We'll only be out about an hour," Marc said.  "We'll eat after."

"K," Lance said with a grin as he grabbed his bag.

"What's holding up those two?"  Chris asked as he finished looking over the menu.

Justin looked out the window toward their tour bus and smiled.  "I don't think they will be joining us."

"How do you know?"  JC asked.

"I think the two of them are running away," Justin said pointing out the window.  Sure enough Marc and Lance could be seen running down the access road.  Not far behind them was one of their security vans.

"I don't think they're going to get away," Joey observed.  "The sheriff is on their trail."  Everyone broke up at the mental picture of the two of them escaping from jail and being hunting down by the sheriff. 

"We might as well order," Justin said still chuckling.

JC was standing in the gift shop looking out the window when he saw Marc returning from his run with the security van following behind.  `What the hell!' JC thought.  `Where is Lance?'

Chris noticed JC's troubled expression.  "What's up?"

JC pointed out the window.

"Oh, Marc's back."

"But where's Lance?"  JC asked.

"Shit!"  Chris cursed before heading out to the bus.

Marc was walking around cooling down as Chris and JC came running across the parking lot.  "Where's Lance?"  Chris gasped.

Marc was catching his breath as he pointed to the van.

"What happened?  Is he hurt?"  Chris asked as he went to the van.

"He's okay.  He just couldn't take the altitude," Marc said as he followed Chris.

The passenger side door opened and Lance stepped out.  "Are you all right?"  Chris asked.

"Sure, I'm fine," Lance said giving Marc a questioning look.

"Papa was worried when he didn't see you return with me."

"Chris, I'm really okay.  I didn't think about the altitude when I agreed to run with Marc."

"You should have known," Chris said to Marc.

"Do you have any idea where we are?"  Marc asked Chris.

"Well, no."

"Only our driver knows for sure where we are," Marc pointed out.  "It wasn't until I saw a mileage sign that I realized we're just outside of Denver." 

"Chris, really I'm okay," Lance insisted.

Chris looked from Lance to Marc and sniffed several times.  "You two need to get a move on of you're going to get something to eat before we head out again. . . . .  Oh, do us all a favor and take a quick shower."

"Are you saying we smell?"  Marc asked.

Thinking for a moment Chris answered.  "Yeah, you are getting quite ripe.  Get cleaned up and make it quick."

"Yes, Sir!"  Marc and Lance said together giving Chris a smart salute.

As the sun was setting on another day the bus held a bunch of grumpy guys.  Justin and Joey had been squabbling over a video game.  Chris and Josh were up front playing cards and their game was getting louder and louder.  Lance was in the small kitchen getting Marc and himself some cold drinks. 

Marc came up behind him wrapping his arms around Lance's waist.  "Missed you," Marc said as he nuzzled Lance. 

Loud shouts from the lounge made everyone look toward the back of the bus.  "I can't take much more of this," Lance said through clenched teeth.

"I know," Marc agreed.  Reaching into an upper cabinet he pulled out a box.  "Here, start popping these."

Lance looked at the box of microwave popcorn.  "How much?"

"All of them.  I think it's time for a movie night," Marc said.  Going to the table he sat down next to Joey.  "Can I join in?"

"Sure," Joey said.

"Can I deal?"  Marc asked.

"Sure," Joey said handing the deck of cards to Marc.

Marc took the deck and slipped it into his pants pocket as he got up.

"What's going on?"  Josh asked.

"The end of your game," Marc said.  "Both of you get back to the lounge."

The bell of the microwave sounded as the first bag of popcorn was finished.  Josh and Joey looked at Marc not understanding.

"Go back," Marc ordered.  "I'll fill you all in, in a few minutes."

Chris looked up as Joey and Josh entered with a strange look on their faces.  "What's up?"

"We're in trouble," Joey stated.

"Who's in trouble?"  Justin asked.

"I think we all are," Josh said.  "Marc looked kind of pissed."

The door opened again as Lance and Marc entered their arms loaded with snacks.

"What's up, bro?"  Justin asked.

"What's up!  I'll tell you what's up.  I'm at the end of my nerves with you four.  For the last two hours all you guys have been doing is arguing.  So no more games for any of you."

"Well, oh great leader.  What have you planned for the rest of the evening?"  Justin asked.

"Popcorn, soda, and movies."

"What kind?"  Chris asked.

"Comedies," Lance shouted.

"All right!"  Justin agreed.

A second full day of traveling took more of a toll on everyone's nerves.   After talking to Pete on one of the other busses it was decided that more rest stops were needed.  The semi's continued on as all the busses pulled off every two hours for a twenty minute stop so people could stretch their legs and get to talk to friends on other busses.  After the first stop some of the riders had switched busses.  The guys got wind of what was going on and they wanted to do some bus hopping also.  Realizing how easy it would be to leave some one behind Marc put together a roll call list and had it ready for the next stop.  JC went over to the band's bus while Joey and Chris switched to the dancers' bus.  Beth and Ed came over from the dancers' bus along as Brian from the band bus.  The new company was a breath of fresh air for everyone. 

After the last meal stop everyone returned to their own bus so they could settle in for the night.  Just before turning in Marc had a long talk with their driver.

"Where were you?"  Lance asked as Marc shut the door.

"Trying to find out when we'll get into Dallas."

"What's the verdict?"

"Around four," Marc said as he climbed in next to Lance.

"We don't have anything planned until the afternoon, don't we?"

"Yeah, a radio interview at one, then sound check at three."

"Meet n' greet next?"  Lance asked.

"No meal break then meet n' greet.  You guys will be going on an hour later then normal because of the later meet n' greet."

"At least we get to sleep in," Lance sighed in relief.

"I'm not counting on too much sleep," Marc said with a grin.

"Oh!  What will you be doing instead of sleeping?"

"I'm planning on waking my boyfriend up for some hot lovin'," Marc said as he pulled Lance into his arms and gave him a good night kiss. 

They pulled into their hotel a little after four in the morning.  Six barely awake young men make their way to the elevator.  Not even waiting for their luggage to arrive, they each heeded the call of a real bed and stripped off their clothes before climbing into the soft, but stationary, bed.

Lance woke with a strong call of nature; a call he could not ignore.  Slipping out of bed he made his way to the bathroom to relieve his bladder.  Returning he stopped short at the end of the bed.  His heart skipped a beat as he gazed down at the sight before him.  Marc was lying in his back with his right arm lying across Lance's side of the bed; where Lance's head had laid just minutes before.  Marc's left arm was above his head with his face turned into his hairy arm pit.  A smile spread across Lance's face realizing that Marc got off on his own sent just like he did.  Marc left leg moved under the sheet pulling it lower, settling on Marc's upper thigh.  Lance's eye took in every inch of the magnificent man before him.  His soft poutie lips, his strong jaw line now emphasized more by his new beard.  The short stubble on his neck; havingt not been able to shave for two days, made him look even sexier.  Lance knew the stubble would be removed when Marc got cleaned up for the day. 

Gazing at Marc's broad chest he admired the flat twin slabs of muscle making up his pecs.  Thick curly brown hair covered each pec.  His dark nipples sat at the edge of each slab of muscle.  The hair neatly trimmed around each giving Lance a clear view of two of his favorite things to chew on.  A narrow band of hair ran between his pecs to Marc's navel where his treasure trail widened to meet up with his thicker pubic hair.  Marc's flaccid member lay across his left thigh.  Marc shifter his legs spreading out more in the area Lance had vacated.  Marc's hairy ball sack was now clearly visible, hanging low almost touching the bed. 

Lance licked his lips as he reached down and slowly slid the sheet the rest of the way off the bed.  Looking up he searched Marc's face for some sign of waking.  Marc's rapid eye movement indicated he was dreaming and a slight smile indicated he was enjoying what ever he was dreaming about.  Glancing lower he knew what ever he was dreaming it was not erotic; Marc was still soft.  A condition Lance had plans of changing.  Lance slowly crawled between Marc's out stretched legs making his way up to Marc's groin.  Marc let out a soft chuckle, causing Lance to freeze.  Looking up he made sure Marc was still dreaming.  Leaning down Lance was poised above Marc's groin.  Closing his eyes he inhaled Marc manly scent. . . . 

Marc was strolling among the fluffy clouds of heaven listening to the rehearsal of the heavenly host.  Not sure why he was here he didn't think he had died.  Strolling up to the Pearly Gates Marc found he was on the inside looking out.  Just outside the gate was a large desk with a large book sitting in the middle of it.  Next to the book was a sign that read "On Break.  Will Be Back Soon."  In front of the desk was a long line of people waiting peacefully.  St. Peter approached the desk set down and opened the book.  "Next," he called out.

A frail old man approached.  "Your name?"  St. Peter asked the man.

"Jacob Stevens."

"And what did you do on earth?" 

"I was a Veterinarian."

St. Peter smiled, "Oh, yes, there you are.  Dr. Jacob Stevens.  Welcome to heaven."

An angel stepped to the Doctor's side and led him through the Gates of Heaven.


A tall well built man approached.  He was wearing an expensive tailored suit.  He had on gold Rolex watch and a big diamond pinky ring.

"Your name?"

"Melvin Cook attorney at law," the man beamed.

"Oh yes.  Mr. Cook we've been waiting for you,"   St. Peter said with a smile.  With a slight twitch of his wing two shadow figures rose from the mist and grabbed the man.

"What's this!" the lawyer demanded.

"Your escort.  You are condemned to spend eternity at the bottom of a cesspool."

"But why?" the lawyer pleaded.

"You defended the scum of the earth.  You bribed judges and jurors, and intimidated witnesses.  You got murders and rapist off.  You are the lowest of the low.  You are a pile of shit and shit belongs in a cesspool."  With a flip of his wing the man sank through the clouds screaming.

Marc smiled at the next man in line.

"Next."  St. Peter called out.

A stout man nervously steeped up.


"Louis Pearlman."

"What did you do on earth?"

"I created and managed musical groups."

St. Peter ran his finger down the page stopping at the name he was looking for.  He frowned then looked up at the man before him.  "My, my," Peter said as he shook his head.  "There is a note here indicating that I should check a special file."  Peter snapped his fingers and a file folder appeared in his hand.  "It seems the boss has taken special interest in your case."

Lou let out a sigh of relief.  "Thank God."

"For what?"  Peter inquired.  "You don't think the lord is going to let you into heaven, do you?"

Lou's face sank when he heard what St. Peter said.

"Louis Pearlman, you are condemned to spend eternity as a boy band want-a-be."

Two shadow figures appeared from nowhere grabbing Lou's arms. 

St. Peter looked through the gate spotting Marc standing there watching.  "Come here son," Peter called out to Marc.

Marc exited the gates of heaven and stood next to St. Peter. 

"You!"  Lou shouted.  "It's your fault I'm going to hell."

The sky rumbled and a bolt of lightening landed at Lou's feet.  St. Peter stood with clinched fists.  Planting them on each side of the great book he leaned forward with clinched teeth he spat, "You lived your life.  You and only you were responsible for your actions.  Your sins are of your own making."

The color drained from Lou's face.

St. Peter sat back down turning his attention back to Marc.  "I take it you know this man?"

"Yes, I've had dealings with him."

"Do you consider him a friend?"  St. Peter asked.

"No," Marc said shaking his head.  "I couldn't stand the man.  From the minute I first met the man I felt he just uses people.  He is a vampire, he drains all that is good in a person and when they have nothing else to give he tosses them away."

"Then, son, you have some vested interest in his punishment," St. Peter observed.  Glancing upward Peter silently asking for guidance.  Nodding he turned back to Marc.  "The Lord wishes you to accompany him, see to it that his punishment is up to his crimes."

"But what about . . . . " Marc hesitated.

"You need not worry.  You can return to heaven when ever you want."

Marc breathed a sigh of relief.  Moving next to Lou Marc nodded at the two shadowy figures.  One reached out and touched Marc's shoulder.  The group sank into the clouds.

"Welcome!  Welcome to your eternity," a smiling little man said.  "What's this?  I thought there was only to be one."  A sheet of paper floated down and landed in the hand of the little man.  Reading what was on the paper he glanced surprisingly at Marc.  "This is a first.  We've never had a quality assurance inspector from hum. . . . " the man gave Marc the thumbs up sign. 

"This won't be a problem will it?"  Marc asked.

"No. . .  At least I don't think so."  Looking at his clipboard he grinned.  "I see you've been assigned to the boy band want-a-be."  Giving out a demonic laugh he snapped his fingers.  Two grotesque beings grabbed Lou by his arms and ushered him away Lou screaming and kicking to no avail. 

Marc found himself in a room watching the preparation of Lou's eternal punishment.  Lou was given a set of stage clothes; leather pants and a shinny shirt.  Marc reached over and tapped the little demon on the shoulder.  "Excuse me," Marc said.


"Isn't he supposed to be a boy band want-a-be?"  Marc asked.


"Lou required all his boy band members to have no body hair."

"Oh, really!"

"Yeah, he made them remove their chest hair so they would appeal to the twelve year old girls."

An evil grin appeared on the little demons face.  "I like it.  Yes I like it."  With a flick of his head a dozen demons appeared and started plucking the hair from Lou's chest and back.  Lou writhed in pain as every hair was plucked out.  After the plucking he was forced into the leather pants that were four sizes to small.  When finally dressed he was pushed through a curtain onto a stage.

"Hello, under world," the host of the show shouted.  "Welcome to another addition of Hells Teen Idol. . . .  Before we meet tonight's contestant lets meet our judges.  Give it up for the 5th century Mongol leader, . . . . .  Attila the Hun.  (Applause came from the hellish audience).  And next we have the ultimate ladies man, let's hear it for Jack the Ripper! (more applause).  And the ultimate judge of talent, the worlds most hated man.  We give you Simon Cowell."  The audience went wild.

"Tonight for your entrainment enjoyment we have a new slab of meat.  From Orlando, Florida.  Give it up for Lou, the man, Pearlman!"

Marc watch as Lou made a pathetic attempt at singing and dancing.  Attila gave Lou one point because he liked the leather pants.  Jack gave Lou no points claiming he just was not his type.  Simon gave Lou a minus five points.  He told Lou he was the world's worst dancer and his voice would repel dogs.  Lou stood there with tears running down his chubby cheeks a broken man.  A bright flash returned Lou back stage where he was one again plucked of his body hair. 

Marc watched the scene before him play out again.  Over and over Lou would be proclaimed a no talent want-a-be.  An endless loop of humiliation.

Marc watched one last time before heading back to heaven making sure the scene played out as before.  Marc watched Lou shake his leather covered ass as he tried to dance to the music.  Feeling a stirring in his groin Marc thought `What the hell!  I can't be getting turned on by him.'

Chris was an early riser.  He called down for a pot of coffee and a newspaper.  He was sitting reading the local news when he heard a ruckus from one of the bedrooms.

"Oh, my God!"  Marc called out.  "I'm cumming!"

Chris shook his head as he laughed.  "Way to go, Lance.  Make your guy cry out."

The breakfast carts arrived, Chris signed for them.  Joey knocked on everyone's bedroom doors announcing that breakfast was here.  JC emerged dressed in boxers and a t-shirt.  He hadn't looked in a mirror yet his hair was sticking up in all directions.  Justin came out wearing only pajama bottoms.  He was yawning as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Good morning, sunshine," Joey said to Justin.

Justin grunted then mumbled, "Morning."  Picking up a box of Coco Puffs and a pitcher of milk he shuffled to the table and sat down.

Lance emerged from their room smiling and went straight to the food cart. 

"Morning, Scoop.  Did you get enough sleep?"  Chris asked.

"I slept great," Lance said as he sat down at the table. 

Marc came out carrying his backpack and a small suitcase.  Placing the two bags next to the door he made his way to the food carts.

Four sets of eyes watched every move Marc made.  Marc sat next to Lance and started eating.

"Ah, . .  You going somewhere, Marc?"  Joey nervously asked.

"Yeah, I'm going ahead with the advanced team," Marc said looking around the table at his friends perplexed expressions.  "God!  I forgot to tell you guys.  Didn't I?"

"Yeah, it looks that way," Justin said.

"I'm sorry.  The last couple days on the bus has scrambled my head.  I need to go ahead to work out some last minute details."

A smile spread across JC's face thinking about what details Marc had to go work out.    "Marc, don't we have a free day coming up?"  JC asked.

"Yeah, day after tomorrow."

"That's the eighth, isn't it?"  JC asked.

Marc thought for a moment.  "You're right.  It's August eighth."

"Do you have anything special planned?"

"No, not really.  Thought we could just use a lazy day.  Kick back and relax."

"Oh," JC said as his face showed disappointment.

"Is there something you'd like to do?"  Marc asked.

"No.  Not really."

Chris rolled his eyes.  Marc gave Chris a wink.  "I just thought you all would like to rest up before we all went out to celebrate your birthday," Marc said.

JC's head shot up and his smile returned.  "We're going out for my birthday?"

"Did you really think we'd forget your birthday, man?"  Joey asked.

"I wasn't sure," JC said.  "No one seemed to be planning anything."

"We turned everything over to Marc's hands," Joey said.

JC looked at Marc, "What have you got planned?"

"I'm not telling," Marc said as he finished his breakfast.

"Come on.  What do you have planned?"  JC pleaded.

"No way," Marc said.  "Besides, not everything is set yet.  That's one of the reasons I going ahead."

Everyone got ready to leave.  Marc went with them to the arena where he met up with the advanced team. 

After a quick private good bye with Lance, Marc tossed his bag into the back of the security van.  Climbing in the back seat he made himself comfortable.  He was traveling with three of the security team.  Derek, second in charge of security, Mike and Jim two of the guards came along to secure the floor the guys and management would be staying on.  The two guards were ex-college football linemen.  Weighing in around three twenty five they were mountains of mean looking men.  They were good at what they did mostly because the scared the shit out of any teenage girl trying to sneak onto the guys floor.  Marc had respect for the men, even though he looked upon them a big teddy bears, they seemed so laid back.  But he knew the Teddy bears could quickly change to Grizzly bears when anyone threatened their charges.

Within an hour the big city of Dallas gave way to the wide open spaces of the country side.  Conversation had pretty much died down as they made their way south.  Marc watched the passing country side dotted with oil wells and ever growing herds of cattle.  And where there are cattle you tend to find cowboys.  Marc amused himself playing a mental game of cowboy bingo.  He noted tall cowboys, short cowboys.  Cowboys with big hats and cowboys with small hats.  Cowboys on horse back and cowboys in pick em up trucks.  Cowboys wearing chaps and cowboys in worn jeans.  Cowboys in plaid shirts and cowboys in no shirts.  Sighing Marc thought, `I'm stuck in this van for another couple hours at least I can enjoy the show."

They pulled into San Antonio mid afternoon.  "Wonder what's going on over there?"  Marc asked indicating the field of vehicles.

Derek pointed at the banner up ahead.  "Looks like a rodeo."

Marc's grin was so large Jim started to laugh.  "Have you ever been to a rodeo, Marc?"

"No.  I've never seen one."

"After we check out the hotel we can all come back and take it in," Derek offered.

"Don't you need to stay at the hotel?"  Marc asked.

"There are still guests on the floor you'll be using.  It won't be cleared until mid morning.  We'll secure the floor in the morning."

About an hour after checking into their hotel the four of them headed out to the fair grounds.  Marc was having a time of his life.  Marc immersed himself in the sounds and the smells of the rodeo.  While sitting in the grandstand Marc's eye took in the wide variety of virile males before him.  There is nothing like the sight of a rugged man in tight jeans.   Men with wide shoulders, the tapered to a narrow waist.  The movement of their muscles under their tight shirts as arms moved helping to keep their balance on a bucking bull or making a toss of their lasso over the horns of a steer.  And the one thing Marc found that was a total turn on what a cowboy in chaps.  The way a man's package was just outlined by the chaps that made them look so prominent.  Marc started to imagine how Lance would look in chaps.  Then in his minds eye he saw Lance in cowboy boots, chaps, a leather vest and cowboy hat.  No shirt, no jeans.  He started getting hard just at the thought.

As the action in the arena started winding down Marc spent more time scanning the cowboys around the edge of the arena.  Two cowboys caught Marc's eye.  They were by far the best looking cowboys around Marc thought.  Both stood about six foot.  Broad shouldered, well built chest and arms.  They both had on well warn jeans covered by magnificent tooled leather chaps.  Both wore huge championship belt buckles, and the v shaped area just below those buckles gave a good indication of the equipment they carried.  Marc forced himself to move his attention away from their packages up to their rugged faces.  They had strong rugged jaw lines their smiles were genuine and broad.  And even from the distance he was sitting he could see one of them had the bluest eyes.  Their faces showed they were men who spent a lot of time outdoors.  The lines on the edge of their eyes came from years of working in the Texas sun.  The only thing that showed that their age was hint of gray hair sticking out below their cowboy hats. 

Derek was sitting next to Marc.  He noticed something had caught Marc's attention.  Following his gaze Derek smiled.  Leaning into Marc he softly asked, "Does your guy know about your roving eye?"

Marc's face immediately turned crimson.  Derek laughed. 

"I was just looking," Marc said in his defense.

Waddie Claymore leaned against the fence as he watched the younger men compete.  During the slow times he had a habit of scanning the people in the grandstands.  A group of four men caught his eye.  There were four men sitting together, three huge black mountains of men and between them one rather good looking white boy.  There was something about that boy that nagged at him.  The roar of the crowd drew Waddie's attention back to the arena.  A few minutes later he looked back at boy and his eyes locked on the boys.  The boy was looking right at him.  One of the men sitting next to the young man leaned in and said something to him.  Eye contact was broken as the young man lowered his head and blushed.  Even from across the arena Waddie could see the boy's face color.

Waddie chuckled at the boy's reaction.  "What's so funny?"  Gip Justin asked.

"Look across the arena.  About six rows up.  What do you see?"

Gip looked across and counting to himself up six rows.  "You mean those guys that look like the front line for the Dallas cowboys?"

"Yeah, that them."

Gip squinted getting a better look.  "Too much muscle for me.  But I think that guy with the beard, he looks hot."

Waddie just grinned and shook his head.  Gip liked his bears.  Any guy with a beard and a hairy chest turned him to pudding.

"Look, look they're leaving," Gip pointed out. 

As the group made their way down the row the young man turned his back to them and bent over to pick something up.

"Damn, what a great ass," Gip said softly.

Waddie watched the group make their way down to the end of the row then disappear down the exit ramp.  That feeling was back.  There was something about that young man.  A nagging feeling that lay just out of his grasp.

Lance called after they returned to their hotel.  They talked for almost two hours before Marc put an end to their call because Lance began to ramble about nothing he was so sleepy.  After wishing each other a good night Marc hung up.  Sleep evaded him for a long time.  He just couldn't get the image of those two cowboys out of his head.  Especially the older one.  There was just something about him that kept nagging at him but Marc couldn't figure out what it was.  Sleep finally over took Marc but it was not a restful sleep.

Marc was drying his hair after his shower when his cell began to ring.  Glancing at the caller ID he answered, "Morning lover."

"Morning, Boo."

"What are you up to, James?"

"Waiting for Justin and Josh to get on the bus."

"So you guys are ready to head out."

"In about an hour."

"Than why are you already on the bus?"  Marc asked.

"To get away from Josh.  He's in a real bad mood this morning."

"Why?  What's his problem?"

"I think it's Sara withdrawal.  They talked for just a little while last night.  She told him she had to get some sleep because she had a long drive ahead of her.  She told him she had to attend a nursing seminar this weekend.  She wouldn't be able to talk to him until she got back."

"Oh," Marc said understanding.  "How is he taking it?"

"At breakfast he hardly ate anything.  He's real quiet.  And I think he's really depressed."

"Poor Josh."

"Poor Josh!  Poor us!  We have to be with him most of the day not you.  I only hope he crawls into his bunk and sleeps the whole trip.  He's in such a down mood he's bringing the rest of us down." 

"You guys only have to put up with him until he gets here.  His surprise will take care of his mood," Marc pointed out.

"When are you picking up his surprise?"

"As soon as I get dressed."

"Then I'll let you go," Lance said.  "See you soon."

"K, see you all soon.  I love you, James."

"Love you, Boo.  Bye."

After dressing Marc met Derek at the van and the two of them headed for the airport.  They arrived about thirty minutes before Sara's plane was scheduled to arrive.  Marc was waiting outside the jetway when Sara emerged.  She scanned the crowd looking for her brother.  At first she didn't see him until she noticed someone holding up a sign with Miss Morgan on it.  As she approached the person holding the sign she recognized the person holding it. 

"Marc!" she shouted as she rushed into his arms.

Marc picked her up and spun her around as they kissed and hugged.

Putting her back on her feet Sara took a step back and looked at brother.  Placing a hand on the side of Marc's face she smiled as she stroked his new beard.  Grinning she said, "I love the new look.  What does James think?"

"He likes it also," Marc said as the blush rose in his cheeks.  "It's kind of made him a little more aggressive."

Sara raised a questioning eyebrow.

Marc quickly changed the subject, "Let's get your bags."

As they waited by the baggage carousel Sara asked, "How long before the get in?"

Looking at his watch Marc said, "They should be arriving around two."

"I can't wait to see Josh," Sara bubbled.

"I know he will be happy to see you," Marc said.


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