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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

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My New Life
by James

Last Time

After dressing Marc met Derek at the van and the two of them headed for the airport.  They arrived about thirty minutes before Sara's plane was scheduled to arrive.  Marc was waiting outside the jetway when Sara emerged.  She scanned the crowd looking for her brother.  At first she didn't see him until she noticed someone holding up a sign with Miss Morgan on it.  As she approached the person holding the sign she recognized the person holding it. 

"Marc!" she shouted as she rushed into his arms.

Marc picked her up and spun her around as they kissed and hugged.

Putting her back on her feet Sara took a step back and looked at brother.  Placing a hand on the side of Marc's face she smiled as she stroked his new beard.  Grinning she said, "I love the new look.  What does James think?"

"He likes it also," Marc said as the blush rose in his cheeks.  "It's kind of made him a little more aggressive."

Sara raised a questioning eyebrow.

Marc quickly changed the subject, "Let's get your bags."

As they waited by the baggage carousel Sara asked, "How long before they get in?"

Looking at his watch Marc said, "They should be arriving around two."

"I can't wait to see Josh," Sara bubbled.

"I know he will be happy to see you," Marc said.

Chapter 55

Chris joined Joey, Justin and Lance at the table where they had been playing cards.  "What's he doing?"  Lance asked.

"He's sleeping finally," Chris sadly said.  

"Did he say anything this morning?"  Joey asked Justin.

"Not much.  He talked to Sara last night when he hung up he seemed down.  I asked him what's wrong."  

"What did he say?"  Chris asked.

"Sara was leaving today to attend some nurses' seminar.  Told him she'd talk to him in a couple days."

"I hope nothing screws up Marc's surprise," Lance said.  

"Yeah," Justin agreed.  "I'd hate to spend this last week of tour with JC in a shitty mood."

Marc met the tour bus at the side entrance of the hotel.  After quick greetings Marc ushered everyone into the elevator.

"What's the plan for today?"  Chris asked.

"Quiet time until seven," Marc said.  "A limo will pick us up to take us to the Tower of the Americas where we will have dinner at the Tower Restaurant.  Then we'll hit a couple clubs along the river walk."

"Sounds good," Justin agreed.  "Where are our rooms?"

"We got a suite with four bedrooms," Marc said turning to JC.  "And birthday boy gets a room of his own."

JC looked up a little confused.

Placing an arm around JC's shoulder Marc led him to a door at the far end of the hall.

"Why isn't my room with the others?"  JC asked.

"Well, bro, we will be out partying away the night and when we get back I want you to have a good night's sleep without a roommate or a wake up call.  Sleep all you want, we won't disturb you until it's time for your birthday party."

"That's awful nice of you guys," JC said sadly.  "Thanks."

Giving JC his key card Marc patted him on the back.  "Get some rest.  We'll meet in our suite at six thirty."

JC nodded before swiping his door open.  Marc turned back to the others and stopped when he heard the door close.  Looking back he smiled.  Motioning for the others to come quietly he walked past JC's door and stopped at the next door.  Everyone silently caught up with Marc as he lightly knocked on the door.  A grinning Sara opened the door letting everyone in.  Rounds of hugs and kisses followed as they each quietly greeted Sara.  Picking up her cell phone she dialed a number.

JC sat on the edge of his bed staring off into space.  The ringing of his cell brought him back to his room.  Pulling his cell out of his pocket he glanced at the ID and smiled.
"Hey, Sara," JC happily answered.

"Hey, Josh.  How's it going?"

"We just got in.  How was your trip?"

"It was okay.  You're at the hotel right?"


"Have you talked to my brother?"

"Yeah, he met our bus."

"So you've talked to him?"

"Yes.  Why?  Was he supposed to tell me something?"

Sara laughed, "No.  He was supposed to give you something."

"He was?"  What was he supposed to give me?"

"Your birthday present for me," Sara giggled.

"A birthday present?  But my birthday isn't until tomorrow."

"I know.  But he was to give it to you today.  It can't wait until tomorrow."


"Marc said he'd leave it outside your door," Sara giggled.

JC got up and went to the door.  Opening it he looked up and down the hall.  "There's nothing outside my door."

"Really?  He said he'd do it. . . . .  Is there more than one door?"

"Just the door to the adjoining room."

"He could have left it there, it's not that big."

JC went to the door prepared to find a package between the doors.  Opening the door he froze.  "Sara!!!"  JC shouted as he dropped his phone and pulled Sara into his arms.

Sara brought her hands up to the side of his face and leaned in giving him a kiss.  Breaking the kiss she smiled and said, "Happy Birthday, Josh."  

JC grinned the biggest grin possible.  "How?"  

"It was Marc's idea."

JC looked past Sara into the room and saw his five friends standing there with silly grins on their faces.  

Marc walked up to the two.  "Josh, I'm sorry.  I know your birthday is tomorrow but your gift couldn't wait."

"My gift?"  

Marc gave a nod toward his sister.  "Sara's my gift?"  JC asked.

"Hey, Marc, do I get a girl for my birthday?"  Chris piped in.

"Sorry, Chris.  I only have one sister."

"How long?"  JC managed to stammer.  His head was reeling from all that was happening.

"She is going to be with us for the rest of the tour," Marc said.

JC released Sara and pulled Marc into a hug.  "Thanks, Marc.  Thank you so much."

"Any time, bro, any time," Marc said as he patted JC's back.  Turning back to the others Marc said, "Come on guys.  Let's let these two be."  Everyone nodded as they all headed for their own rooms.  As Marc was pulling the door closed he stopped.  "Sara, do me a big favor.  If you are in Josh's room and the phone rings, please don't answer it.  It just may be his family calling to wish him a happy birthday.  I don't really want to deal with his mom calling me to complain her son having a girl in his room."

Sara laughed and nodded.  JC's face turned the deepest shade of red.  Marc smirked as he closed the door.

Marc showed everyone their bedroom and as soon as their luggage arrived everyone retired for some quiet time.

"I think Josh was surprised," Lance observed.

"I would hope so.  I know Sara was excited."

"What do you think they are doing right now?"

"Getting reacquainted, I imagine."

Lance grinned at the image in his head.

Marc swatted Lance on the shoulder, "Get your mind out of the gutter."

"What?  Why?"

"Remember Sara is my sister.  Our sister."

"Our sister?"  Lance quizzed.

Marc pulled Lance to him.  "Do you love me?"

"Yes I love you."

"And I love you also," Marc said giving Lance a peck on the end of his nose.  "Am I your boyfriend and lover?"

"Of course you are," Lance giggled.

"You are my boyfriend and love.  And I've given you my heart."

"And you have mine," Lance said as he gave Marc a soft kiss.

"So what is mine, is yours," Marc softly said as he looked deeply into Lance's eyes.  "My heart is yours, and my family is yours."

Realizing what Marc meant he smiled.  "Which makes Sara our sister."

"Aha, the blond sees."

"I'm not a blond!"

"Oh, I know that," Marc smirked.  "Remember I've seen proof."  

"I think you need to double check your proof,"   Lance said as he slipped out of Marc's grasp.  Taking Marc's hand he pulled him toward the bathroom.  "Want to join me in the shower?"

As they stepped into the large bathroom Marc pulled Lance into an embrace.  "No shower," Marc whispered as he nodded toward the large sunken tub.  "How about a long bath?  I'll wash your back."

"That sounds like fun.  Can I wash you're back, too?"

Marc lay with his back against Lance's chest relaxing in the after glow after one of their more quiet sessions.  Both had been super horny, their kissing quickly developed into full fledged mutual blow jobs while lying on the cool tile floor.  After catching their breath Lance rolled on top of Marc and started round two with deep kisses.  Interlacing their fingers Lance moved their hands above Marc's head.  The sweat on their bodies from their first session helped lubricate their torso's as Lance moved his body over Marc's.  Their soft members quickly swelled from the friction of their moving bodies.  As Lance deepened the kiss, their hard cocks rubbed together.  Their natural lube flowed forth taking their pleasure to the next level.  Even though they had each had a massive orgasm not ten minutes before their passion quickly brought them to another eruption.  Gobs of hot semen shot between their slick bodies.    The molten liquid spreading over their abdomens, soaking first their treasure trails, then their pubic hair, before running off the edge of Marc's ball sack to puddle on the floor.

Lance collapsed on top of Marc, spent.  Resting his head on Marc's chest he could hear Marc's heart beat slowly return to normal.  Marc's arms came up around Lance holding him as his hand softly stroked Lance's back.  "I could stay like this for ever," Lance moaned.

"Only in your dreams, James.  The tile floor is cold and if we don't get cleaned up soon we will be glued together."

Lance lifted up slightly and looked into Marc's eyes.  "Would that be so bad?  Glued together forever."

"Glued to you would be heavenly if we were in a warm soft bed."

"I know.  A cold, hard floor just doesn't cut it," Lance said with understanding.  "How about a quick rinse off, then a long, hot, soak?"

Marc's eyes twinkled as he nodded.  Lance pulled himself off Marc with a wet slurping sound as their bodies separated.  Offering Marc a hand up, they went into the large shower for a quick clean up before their soak in the tub.

They had been sitting in the warm water for almost half an hour not talking, just enjoying the closeness.  Lance used his finger to draw patterns in Marc's wet chest hair.  

Marc took Lance's hand and brought it to his lips kissing it softly.  "You ready to get out of here?"

"Yeah, I think so," Lance agreed.  "My toes are starting to prune up."

Marc picked up one of the large soft bath towels and started to dry Lance; running the towel across his back and down each arm.  Returning to his back he worked his way lower drying the twin mounds of Lance's ass.  Down the back of each leg before asking Lance to turn he continued working his way up the legs.  Nudging his legs apart Marc dried his inner thigh .  Moving to Lance's groin Marc gently dried the area without arousing Lance.  Moving higher he dried Lance's abs, ribs, and chest finishing with his shoulders.  Marc leaned in and gave Lance a soft kiss.  "There, finished."

"Thank you," Lance said with a smile as he reached for a dry towel so he could dry Marc.

JC stepped out of his shower reaching for his towel.  As he dried himself he could hear the shower in the Sara's room still running.  For the last three hours they had been talking, catching up on what was going on with the tour and what they had to look forward to in the next week.  JC still had a hard time believing that Sara was here in San Antonio, with him for his birthday and would be with him the rest of the week.

Sara and JC stood hand in hand before the door to the guys' suite.  Taking his key card JC unlocked the door.  As the couple entered they found everyone sitting in the lounge talking.

Marc got up to greet the new arrivals.  "Looking good, Sis," Marc said as he gave Sara a hug and kiss.

"What about me?"  JC asked.

"Well, Mr. Chasez, you always look good.  Especially tonight with this lovely lady on your arm."

"Thank you, my friend," JC humbly said as Marc's cell rang.

Marc answered his phone and quickly announced, "Our ride is here."

The group of friends exited the hotel to find a large limousine and an SUV awaiting them.

"Is this for us?"  Sara asked.

"One of the perks of being us," Justin said.  "We travel first class."

Clearing his throat Marc said, "Because of your celebrity status, and the security problems that goes with it.  You guys will be taking the SUV.  The limo is for Sara and I."

"We what!"  Justin shouted.  

The look on the guys' faces was one of those moments for which you wish you had a camera.  Mouths were hanging open with their eyes bugged out.  Fighting the urge to laugh, Marc took Sara's arm and led her to the open door of the limo.

"Sara," JC pleaded.  

"Marc," Lance also pleaded. 

"What? . . . .  Oh! Would you rather ride with us?"  Marc asked as his straight face finally broke into a grin.

"Yes!" they all shouted.

Turning to the guards Marc sighed, "Sorry, guys, I guess you'll have to ride in the SUV."

"Damn!"  Randy said as he stomped his foot like a little kid.  "We never get to ride in the big car."  

Laughter broke out as Marc motioned for everyone to get in.  As Chris passed Marc he muttered "Asshole."

The small caravan pulled into HemisFair Park, making their way on a service road to the base of the "Tower of the Americas."  The group climbed out of the limo, each craning their neck as they looked skyward at the tower.

"Wow!"  Sara said.  "That's magnificent."

Marc grinned as he looked at his sister's reaction.  Glancing past Sara he noticed Chris' expression.  "Shit!"  Marc said.

All heads turned to Marc. "Chris, I'm sorry.  I wasn't thinking when I made the reservations."

Chris went over to Marc punching him in the shoulder, "It's all right bro, we've been here before.  Just don't seat me next to the window."

"You sure?"  

"Yeah," Chris said.  "Come on, let's get up there.  The food is great here and I'm hungry."

The Top of the World restaurant was magnificent.  Marc talked to the maitre d' about moving their table to the second tier of tables.  Chris seemed relieved that their table was not next to the windows.  The tables sat on a revolving floor; giving the dinners a three hundred and sixty degree view of the San Antonio skyline.  Their dinner was leisurely, catching up with Sara's summer and the guys' tour.  Their meal culminated with the diners being treated to a magnificent Texas sunset. 

After their meal everyone climbed back into their limo for a short ride to a real Texas dance hall.  The place was huge; of course this is Texas, after all.  There were several dance floors, but security suggested everyone remain on the main dance floor.  Chris and Joey grabbed a large table and ordered drinks while everyone else headed out onto the dance floor.  As the evening wore on the group rotated between the table and dance floor.  Sara was kept busy dancing with JC and when a dance came up that JC didn't know Marc stepped in.  After several hours of dancing the group headed back to their hotel.

"Did anyone get the feeling we were over-dressed?"  Chris asked.

"For a country western dance hall, we were over-dressed," Marc agreed.  "Maybe it would be a good idea if everyone dressed appropriately for tomorrow nights party."

"What kind of party is it?"  Justin asked.

"We're in Texas aren't we?  It'll be a Tex-Mex barbeque," Marc said with a grin.

"It looks like we need to go shopping," Joey said.

"You all have the day free," Marc pointed out.  "If you go shopping please take your body guards."

"When are we going?"  Justin asked excitedly.

Lance looked at Marc.  "After we have breakfast."

"Great!"  Justin shouted.

"A late breakfast," Marc added.  "Make it brunch.  I intend to sleep in for once."

"Ok, just let me know when you're ready to go."

"Justin, you know you don't always have to go with Lance and Marc."  Joey stated.  "You know you could go with Chris and me."

"Yeah, let them have a day to themselves," Chris agreed as the limo pulled up to the hotel.

In their room Marc pulled Lance into an embrace.  "Did you have a good time?"  Marc asked.

"It was an almost perfect evening," Lance said.

"Almost?  What would have made it perfect?"

"Being able to dance with you would have made perfect."

Smiling Marc nodded toward their small suitcase.  "Are you in the mood for a pajama party?"

A smile spread across Lance's face.  "Yes, I'd like that."

Joey rolled over in his bed awaken by a noise.  Sitting up he strained to hear.  "Who's playing music this time of the night?"  Joey thought as he got out of bed.  Going to his door he stopped and listened.  Music was softly coming from the living room.  Cracking his door he looked out to find the room lit by a few candles and Lance and Marc dressed in matching white pajamas slowly dancing to the soft music.  Closing his door Joey returned to his bed, happy his friends were having some quality time together.

The hot sun beat down on Marc as he walked up the dusty road.  He had been walking for days, his destination now in sight.  A big old weather-beaten barn could be seen off across the field.  Turning onto a well-warn path Marc headed toward the barn.  Crossing the pasture, the path turned down a small hill as it crossed a low dam.  Continuing up the other side the path swung around another small hill ending outside the old barn.  To the left of the barn was a corral, its big gate hang open.  The big barns door was open, offering some cooling shade from the hot sun.  Marc walked into the barn to see if anyone was about.  All the stalls were empty.  Marc looked in the tack room, no one was there either.  Walking in, Marc ran his hands over the bridles hanging from the beam.  Breathing deeply he let the smell of leather wash over him.  Several saddles still sat on their saw horses, Marc counted four empty spots where saddles were stored.  A noise outside caught Marc's attention.  Going out, Marc looked around scanning the rolling hills.  Sharp whistles and shouts could be heard off to the west.  Stepping up on the corral rails trying to get a better view he noticed a cloud of dust going up from behind a rise about a quarter mile away.  Observing the dust cloud move closer, Marc watched as a half dozen horses topped the rise followed by two men on horseback.  The two men skillfully moved the small herd toward the corral.  Marc jumped down and ran to the gate watching as the herd was skillfully turned into the corral.  The two cowboys pulled up just outside the gate as Marc swung the gate closed setting the latch.

"Well, lookie what we have here," one of the cowboys said.  "You were right.  He did make his way here."

Marc looked up at the other man.  Squinting his eyes he could only make out the silhouette of the man sitting on his horse.  The man was large; his wide shoulders indicated this was a powerful man.  A broad chest tapered to a narrow waist.  With one finger of his leather gloved hand he pushed his hat back on his head.  Resting his elbow on the horn of his saddle he studied the young man before him.  "I thought you might show up," the man said.  "You all right, boy?"

Marc nodded.

"Well, what are we going to do with you?" the man asked.  

Marc shrugged his shoulders as he looked up at the big man.

"Well, I can't just turn you out.  Would you like to stay here?"

Marc nodded.

"What's that?  I didn't hear what you said with the racket coming from that rattling head of yours."

"P, p, please si, si, sir.  Ma, ma, may I stay?"  Marc struggled to get out.

"Well I'll be damn.  He does have a voice."  The other cowboy said shaking his head in disbelief.

Marc looked up at the cowboy waiting for his decision.  The area around the cowboy seemed to brighten, a figure floated behind the cowboy as what looked like a hand was  placed on the cowboys shoulder.  The man's head turned slightly acknowledging the presence of the hand and like he was being given instructions.  

With a slight nod he turned back to the boy.  "This is a working ranch.  You will be expected to pull your own weight.  Are you sure you want to stay?"

"Yes sir.  I want to stay."

"Very well," the cowboy said.  "Let's get you settled in."  Swinging his legs over his horse the cowboy stepped down out of the glare of the sun.  Now Marc would be able to see his face.  As the cowboy turned around Marc saw a faceless man.

"No!"  Marc cried out as he sat up in bed.

"Marc, what's wrong?"  Lance asked placing a hand on Marc's shoulder.
"I, I don't know," Marc said as a shiver moved up his spine.

"You're sopping wet.  Are you sick?"

"No. . .  It was just a dream.  I'll be all right."
"Do you remember what the dream was about?" Lance asked as he rubbed Marc's back.

"Only small bits.  I was walking down a road. . . .  It was hot. . . .  There was a barn. . .  
And there were horses.  And a cowboy."

A small smile appeared on Lance's face.  "A cowboy?"

"Yeah, a cowboy.  There may have been another, I can't remember."

"Was your cowboy cute?"  Lance asked.

Marc turned to Lance with a frown.  "Was he cute?  You, James, are cute.  The cowboy was a stud."

"And I'm not studly?" Lance asked.

Marc started laughing as he lay back on the bed.  

Lance rolled on top of Marc poking him in the side.  "So you don't consider me studly?"

"If your name was Dudley, you'd be studly," Marc chuckled.  "But you James, are my man.  My number one stud."   Grabbing Lance's ass with both hands he ground their groins together.  "Well, stud, we're both awake. . . .   And we're both up."

"We really shouldn't," Lance said biting his lower lip.

"Not up to it, stud?"  Marc mused.

"You know we have to be quiet?  We don't want Chris ridding our ass our last week on tour."

"Agreed.  Now what can we do that won't make too much noise?"  Marc pondered.

When Lance and Marc got up they found everyone was already gone for the day.  They went down to the restaurant for a late breakfast.  Marc had arranged for a car and driver to take them shopping.  When the driver queried about where they wanted to go Marc stated, "We need some western clothing." 

"I know of a good place not far from here," the driver said.

"No, take us someplace that has real western clothing," Marc said.

The driver looked confused.

"Take us to where real cowboys would buy their clothes.  Someplace where normal people buy clothes, not a trendy shop."

"I got just the place.  But it's going to take a while to get there."

"Let's get moving then," Lance said.

The driver took them to a Shepard's Western Shop.  Stepping out of their vehicle Marc looked around the parking lot and knew they were at the right place.  Eighty percent of the vehicles were pick-up trucks.  Upon entering the store Marc took a deep breath while closing his eyes.

Marc had stopped in front Lance.  "What is it?"

"Can't you smell it?"  Marc asked.

"Smell what?"

"The smell of leather," Marc said with a grin.

"You can smell leather from here?"

"Sure, can't you?"  

Marc headed across the store right to the shoe/boot department.  They spent over half an hour browsing and trying on cowboy boots.  They both looked at the fancy custom made cowboy boots.  

"These look good," Lance said as he held up a pair of snake skin boots.

"I can see you guys in them."


"Yeah, they would look good on stage under the lights.  You guys ever think of going a little country with your music?"

"Not yet," Lance said while in thought.  "Curley would love these though."

Marc chuckled, "It is his style."

"Have you found anything you like?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, I found a pair of Justin™ deerskin cowboy boots," Marc said as he sat down to try them on.

Lance watched as Marc tired the boots on then walked up and down the tiled aisle.

"How do they feel?"

"Real good," Marc said as he stopped then started doing some clogging dance steps.

Lance started to laugh, "Are you buying them to dance in?"

Marc grinned, "If you can dance in them you can work in them."

"Do they have any in my size?"  Lance asked.

After picking out boots Marc paid for them right away he wanted to wear them as he tried on pants.  Lance didn't understand Marc's reasoning.

"You need to wear your boots to make sure the pants hang properly," Marc pointed out.

They both found several pairs of jeans that looked good.  And a couple western cut shirts.  Marc decided on a pair of black dress jeans with a gray two tone western shirt.  Lance picked out a similar outfit but in a blue tones.  They both found leather belts with big shiny buckles they liked.  Next came a leather vest.  Marc found a black leather vest with silver and turquoise trim.  Lance found a vest that matched his new boots with silver trim.  A real cowboy needs a good cowboy hat.  After trying on dozens of hats they each found one that they liked.  

Lance thought they had finished with their shopping but Marc had other ideas.  Marc started to look through a rack of chaps.  "What are you doing?"  Lance inquired.

Marc didn't answer at first he was sorting through the rack.  Picking out two pair he held one up in front of Lance.  "Yeah, that should look good.  Here try this on."  Marc urged.


"I think you'll look hot in them," Marc said as he nudged Lance back toward the fitting rooms.  On the way they passed a rack of canvas dusters, Marc took a black one off the rack to try on. 

Lance put the chaps on then came out to see how he looked in the big mirror in the fitting room hallway.  Marc came out of his fitting room and stood behind Lance admiring how the chaps framed his ass.  Lance saw the look on Marc's face in the reflection of the mirror, and realized what he was looking at.  Turning around he watched as Marc checked out his front.  "You like?"  

"Yeah, I like," Marc said with lust in his eyes.

Lance was a little surprised at Marc's reaction.  Luckily they were the only ones in the fitting room area.  "How does yours look?"  Lance asked.  Marc had put the duster on over his chaps.

"I don't know.  What do you think?" Marc asked as he pulled the front of the duster open.  

Lance's jaw dropped open and his eyes bugged out when he saw Marc standing before him dressed in his cowboy boots, chaps, vest, duster and hat.  No shirt, no jeans, and no underwear.  His hairy chest, with his hard six pack shone between his open vest.  His dark public patch with a quickly raising cock framed by his chaps.  Grabbing the front of the duster Lance quickly closed it.  "Are you crazy?"  Lance spoke quietly between clenched teeth.

"What's wrong?  Don't you like my chaps?"

"You're going to get us in trouble if anyone sees you."

"It's safe.  There's no one around," Marc pointed out.

"What about cameras?"

"There aren't any," Marc said.  "It's against the law to put cameras in a dressing room area."

Lance just shook his head not believing what was happening.

"James, you didn't answer my question.  What do you think?"  Marc pulled back the front of the duster giving Lance a good look before closing the front of the duster.

Lance was lost for words but the reaction Marc noticed in Lances groin area told him he liked what he saw.

With a smirk Marc returned to his fitting room.  "I think I'll take this outfit."

Lance stood in the doorway as he looked at Marc.

Glancing over his shoulder Marc dropped the duster giving Lance a good view of his back side.

Lance's reaction was a sharp intake of air before he said, "shit!"  Quickly closing Marc's door he started to chuckle.  "I don't believe you did that."

Lance and Marc didn't dare look at each other when they checked out.  They each took separate checkout lanes.  Every time they would make eye contact Lance would shake his head then turn one more deeper shade of red.  Marc figured until they got out of the store he had better keep his distance, otherwise Lance's head might explode from the blood build up.  They tossed their bags in the trunk of the car.  Marc kept one large bag with him as they climbed into the back seat.

As they drove back to the hotel Marc slid over next to Lance.  Leaning close he softly asked, "Did you like my outfit?"

Lance turned his head toward the window, trying not to look at Marc.

Marc's leg was resting next to Lance's.  Marc nudged Lance's leg.  "Did you like?"

Lance couldn't look at Marc.  He fought to keep control.  Marc's leg kept rubbing against Lance.

"You liked it, didn't you?"

"Stop it," Lance whispered.

"Did you, did you?" poking Lance in the ribs.

Lance's stone mask broke.  "Yes!  Now stop!"

Marc grinned.  "I thought so."

Everyone began to gather in the suite's living room.  Lance and Marc were there when Sara and Josh came in.  After of greeting of hugs and kisses they sat down to wait for the others to finish dressing.

Marc was listening to Sara tell them about their shopping trip when the others came into the room.  Marc's eyes locked on his three friends.  A sharp intake of air alerted Lance something was up.  Following Marc's gaze Lance softly said, "Oh, my God!"

Sara turned to see what was causing the strange reaction for Lance and her brother.  There stood Chris, Joey, and Justin in the most colorful cowboy outfits.  Chris was dressed in. . . grape?  I guess dark purple with accents of lavender.  Joey was dressed in red and black while Justin was in white and silver.  All had western shirts with a ton of fringe hanging from their arms and across the front and back.  And Justin's shirt had so many rhinestones on it you felt like you needed sunglasses just to look at him.

Marc started to snicker, but Lance gave him an elbow in the side.  After a slight cough Marc asked, "Well are we ready?"

Marc and Lance stood at the door as everyone made their way to the elevator.  Marc and Lance noticed Justin's boots.  Lance gave Marc's hand a tight squeeze, indicating for Marc to keep his mouth shut.  Justin had on the same snake skin boots that they had seen while shopping.

As they locked the door Marc whispered to Lance, "Those three make me feel like I'm not gay enough.   The tabloids are going to have a field day with those three.  We don't have to worry about anyone picking up on us as a gay couple."

Lance grinned, "I wonder who they will match up?"

"That's easy.  Joe and Chris.  Our rhinestone cowboy there out shines everyone else on his own."

"Remind me not to look at Justin near sunset," Lance whispered.  "His shirt will blind all the guests when the sun hits him." 

Their limo pulled up to a large restaurant next to the river walk.  The restaurant has a large walled in patio, where Marc had arranged JC's party to be held.  Since the whole crew was invited outside security had been arranged.  Almost half if the crew were already enjoying themselves when the guest of honor arrived.

Eyes followed the new arrivals as they fanned out among the guests; especially the eyes of the feminine persuasion were locked on JC and his date.

Marc left Lance talking with Steve and his date as he went to get Lance and himself a drink.  At the bar Marc was approached by Beth.

"Hey, beautiful," Marc greeted.  "Having a good time?"

"This is going to be a great party, Marc.  We need this break before the last week of tour."

"That's what I thought.  And it is also a good way to celebrate JC's birthday." 

"JC's looking good tonight," Beth said as she eyed Sara.

Marc followed her gaze and smiled.  "Why don't you just ask?"

"Ask what?"

"Who is with JC?"

"Ok, do you know who JC's date is?"

"Yes.   Her name is Sara Morgan.  She's my sister."

"Your sister?  Are she and JC . . . together?"

"It kind a looks that why," Marc smirked.

The party was a big success.  The food was plentiful, everyone ate too much.  A pay bar was available, and everyone seemed to show some measure of self control.  Marc was uneasy about Justin and alcohol.  He seemed to control himself, and was caught finishing off a partial glass of beer Marc had left when Beth dragged him onto the dance floor.  A  Mariachi Band serenaded JC during the meal and while he opened his gifts.  All the gifts from the guy were gag gifts, having given him their real gifts before they left the hotel.

As the sun set the party continued.  The restaurant had its own river excursion boat.  Small groups of celebrants took the half hour cruise through the center of San Antonio.

As the party was running down and people were saying their good byes, Sara, Josh, Lance and Marc slipped off for an extended cruise.  The ride was relaxing and for the first time that night a normal conversation could be held without having to shout.  The night ended with the group arriving back at their hotel, tired but in good spirits.

Lance and Marc took a long soothing soak in the big tub before settling down in each other's arms for a good nights sleep.

Marc didn't know how long he had been asleep when he was awakened by heavy pounding on the bedroom door.

Lance stirred when Marc moved to get out of bed.  "What's going on?"

"Don't know.  Go back to sleep."  Walking to the door he unlocked it.  

When Marc opened the door he found Chris.  "This had better be good," Marc warned.

"Marc, I think Joey is dying.  You have to help him."


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