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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

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This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan.

My New Life
by James

Last Time

The party was a big success.  The food was plentiful, everyone ate too much.  A pay bar was available, and everyone seemed to show some measure of self control.  Marc was uneasy about Justin and alcohol.  He seemed to control himself, and was caught finishing off a partial glass of beer Marc had left when Beth dragged him onto the dance floor.  A  Mariachi Band serenaded JC during the meal and while he opened his gifts.  All the gifts from the guy were gag gifts, having given him their real gifts before they left the hotel.

As the sun set the party continued.  The restaurant had its own river excursion boat.  Small groups of celebrants took the half hour cruise through the center of San Antonio.
As the party was running down and people were saying their good byes Sara, Josh, Lance and Marc slipped off for an extended cruise.  The ride was relaxing and for the first time that night a normal conversation could be held without having to shout.  The night ended with the group arriving back at their hotel, tired but in good spirits.

Lance and Marc took a long soothing soak in the big tub before settling down in each others arms for a good night's sleep.

Marc didn't know how long he had been asleep when he was awakened by heavy pounding on the bedroom door.

Lance stirred when Marc moved to get out of bed.  "What's going on?"

"Don't know.  Go back to sleep."  Walking to the door he unlocked it. 

When Marc opened the door he found Chris.  "This had better be good," Marc warned.

"Marc, I think Joey is dying.  You have to help him."

Chapter 56

"Chris, calm down.  What happen to Joey?"

"He's sick man.  I think he's dying," Chris said as he grabbed Marc's arm, pulling him toward Joey's room.

"Chris, what's wrong with Joe?"

"He's sick.  He's barfing his head off."

Marc opened the door to Joey's room and could hear Joey in the bathroom retching.   As they walked toward the bathroom they both stopped dead.

"Oh, Shit!," Chris shouted as he flung his hand over his nose and mouth.  The stench from the open door was overpowering. 

Marc knew from the smell it was more that the smell of vomit.  The sound of Chris gagging stopped Marc.  Taking Chris by his shoulders he turned him around and pointed at the door.  "Go wait in the other room," Marc ordered.  Chris nodded and fled the room.  Lance and Justin were standing at the door in their boxers as Chris ran past them. 

"Marc?"  Lance questioned.

"You guys stay there."  Marc went to the bathroom door and gently pushed it open.  Joey was on his knees with his head over the toilet.  Marc saw Joe's body tense up as he let loose another volley of vomit.  And at the same time Joey's boxers seemed to get fuller as he also let loose his bowels.  "Oh, Shit!"  Marc said under his breath.

Going to the sink he took a hand towel and soaked it with cold water before wringing it out.  Stepping over Joey he knelt down next to him placing the cool towel on the back of his neck.

Joey slowly looked up with tears running down his face.  "Marc, help me," Joey managed to weakly say before snapping his head back to vomit again.  Joey reached up to flush but Marc stopped him.  Joey gave Marc a questioning look.

Taking the towel Marc started to clean Joey's face.  "Do you think you have everything out?"

Joey nodded as his tears continued.  "I, I've messed myself."

"I know, bro," Marc said as he rubbed Joey's back.  Glancing into the toilet Marc reached up and flushed the toilet.  "Joe, do you think you can stand?  We need to get you cleaned up."

Joey nodded as he tried to stand.  He was legs were very shaky.  Marc put an arm around him to help him stand.  "I, I can feel it running down my legs," Joey sobbed.

"Can you make it to the shower?"  Marc asked.

"I think so."

Marc helped Joey into the shower.  Placing Joe's hands on the safety bar he said.  "Joe,  just hold on."

Marc lowered Joey's boxers helping him lift each foot to step out of his shorts.  Picking up the shorts he reached over and dropped them in the toilet.

"Marc, I can feel it coming," Joe managed to get out. 

Marc could see he was trying to hold it in.  "It's all right, bro.  Just let it go."

Joe relaxed and a vile brown liquid shot out.  Joe buried his face in his hands as he sobbed from humiliation.

"Marc," Lance called out.

Joe's head shot up.  Fear shown in his eyes.  He looked at Marc pleadingly.

"What," Marc shouted.

"How is he?"

"Not to good," Marc answered.  "James, will you get Sara for me?"

Joe shook his head his eyes pleaded with him not to.

"I need to talk to her," Marc said.  "As soon as I get Joey into bed."

"Okay, I'll get her."

Marc stepped out of the shower, closed and locked the bathroom door and removed his boxers.  Entering the shower with Joe he turned on the shower adjusting the temperature of the water.   Marc sprayed down the mess on the shower stall wall then turned it on Joey's back side.  As the thick goo was washed down the drain Marc could see the irritated skin beneath.  Pulling Joe's cheeks apart he made sure all signs of feces was removed.

"How you doing there?"  Marc asked.

Joey only managed a nod.

"Joe, I need to wash you.  You were passing almost pure stomach acid there at the end we need to get it all off."

Joey nodded that he understood.  Marc took a soft wash cloth and placed a good amount of shower gel on it working up a good lather.  Starting with Joe's visibly reddening butt Marc washed him.  Working his way down the backside of Joe's legs then back up washing his back.  Taking the spray head he rinsed the lather off.  Turning Joey around so he was leaning against the wall, but his hands could still hold on to the safety bar, Marc washed Joe's front side starting at his feet and working up. 
"Joe, close your eyes while I wash your face."  Marc thoroughly washed Joe's face taking care to remove all traces of vomit from his beard.  Taking the spray head once again he rinsed Joe's face of soap. 

Joe opened his mouth to the spay letting it fill his mouth before spitting it out, removing the taste of vomit.  Marc held the spray so Joey could do this several times.  "Better?"  Marc asked.

Joey nodded, "Yes, thanks."   Joey's voice came out raspy.

"Joe, do you think you could swallow some water?  We need to clean out your throat."

Joey nodded and once again turned his face into the water flow letting it fill him mouth. 

"Just a little at a time," Marc cautioned.

Joey understood and took several small swallows of water.  The warm liquid felt good going down but when it hit his stomach he felt his stomach cramp. 

Marc was able to read Joey's reaction in his face.  Placing his hand on Joey's chest Marc reached out with is mind and pulled back quickly when he encountered a wall of pain. 

Turning the water off Marc reached out of the shower and grabbed a large towel.  "Joe, I know you are hurting.  Let's get you dried off and into bed."  Marc dried Joey and got him into clean boxers and into bed.  Taking the extra pillow he handed it to Joey.  "Joe, hold this against your chest.  It will help with the pain.  I'll go see if Sara is here yet."

"Please don't go."

"I'll be right back."  Marc slipped back into his boxers and grabbed Joey's robe.

 All eyes turned to the door to Joey's room as it opened and Marc came out.  Sara, who was sitting next to Josh asked,  "How is he?"

Before Marc could answer there was a knock at the door.  Justin jumped up to get it.  "Hey, Pete," Justin greeted their tour manager as he stepped aside. 

"What happened?"  Pete demanded.

"Joey is barfing his guts out," Chris said.

Pete looked to Marc for confirmation.

"That's pretty much sums it up," Marc said.

"Was it something he ate?"  Pete asked.

"It seems like it," Marc said.

"What did he eat?"  Pete asked.

Chris let out a snort, "What didn't he eat." 

"Yeah," Justin agreed. "After breakfast when ever we would pass anything Mexican we had to stop.  You name it he ate it."

"I lost count of how many jalapenos he had," Chris commented.

"I noticed he was packing the food away tonight," JC added.

"And he was at the bar a lot," Pete said.  "So, what are we looking at?"

"He's going to be down for a couple days," Marc stated.

"Is he that bad?"  Lance asked.

Marc nodded, "He's hurting now."

"Why is he hurting?"  Justin asked.

"When Joey threw up his body went into convulsions.  Every thing from his chin to his knees now hurts.  He has strained everything there is to strain."  Justin's face crunched up as he imagined Joey's pain.

"So he won't be able to dance," Pete understood.

"Or sing," Marc added.  "When he vomited, everything in his stomach came up including stomach acid.  His throat is now quite raw.  He's going to need to rest his voice for a couple days."

Pete ran his hand through his hair, trying to figure out what he was going to do.  Looking at the others in the room he asked.  "Can you guys do the show without Joey?  Or should we cancel the show?" 

"Shows," Marc corrected.

"More than one?"  Pete asked.

"Tonight for sure," Marc said.  "And I imagine he's not going to be ready for New Orleans."

"We can't cancel two shows," JC said.  "We'll have to work around Joey's parts."

"Do you think you guys can do that?"  Pete asked.

Everyone nodded.

Pete sighed with relief, "I'll have a statement ready for your interview and tonight's show.  Why don't you all get some rest.  We won't leave for the interview until eleven."

Pete turned his attention to Sara.  "I know you are a nurse.  Would you take a look at Joey?  If you think he needs more medical attention I'll see he gets it."

"Sure, I'll be glad to check in on him.  I'm sure if he needed further medical attention Marc would have called it in."

"It will make me feel better if you take a look at him.  I have to call upper management and it would help if I can say a qualified medical expert looked at him."

"I understand," Sara said.  "I'll let you know if he needs more attention."

With that said Pete left.  Marc sent Chris and Justin back to bed. 

Sara went with Marc to check on Joey.  Before they entered the room Sara grasped Marc's arm.  "Ok little brother, what haven't you told me?"

"Joey didn't just vomit.  It was coming out of both ends."

"Was there any blood?" 

"No.  I checked."

"Good.  Let's see what we can do for him."

They found Joey curled into a fetal position with him hugging the pillow.  Sara sat on the side of the bed.  "Joey, honey, can you let me check you out?"

"It's hurts to much." Joey sobbed.

"Can't you give him something?"  Lance asked as he and JC stood by the door.

"His stomach can't stand anything right now.  You will need a doctor for anything injected," Sara said.  Looking at Marc she gave him a questioning glance.

Marc understood the look.  Sitting down on the other side of the bed he placed his hand on Joey's back and started to rub. 

Marc's hand felt so good.  Joey felt the warmth spread from Marc's touch.  As the warmth spread he was able to relax some.  As he uncurled Sara was able to check Joey's pulse.  After a few minutes of poking and prodding Sara said, "We need to get something in him we don't want him getting dehydrated." 

"There's some sports drinks in the refrigerator," JC offered.

"That will work," Sara said.  "They need to be warmed to room temperature.  Run them under warm water."

"K, I'll get them," JC said as he turned to get the drinks.

Lance walked over and stood beside Marc.  "Boo, can you help him with the pain?"  Lance asked softly.

Sara gave Marc a questioning look.  "He had a headache the other day," Marc mumbled.

"And you helped him," Sara said with understanding.  Marc nodded.

"Can't you do the same with Joey?"  Lance asked again.

"Lance this is not like a headache," Sara pointed out.

"James, empty your mind and touch my arm," Marc softly said.

Lance closed is eyes and reached out and touched Marc's arm.  A cloud quickly came over Lance's face as he felt a dull pain in his chest.  Lance's eyes popped open as he pulled his hand away.  "I felt it."

"You felt only a small part of it," Marc said as he removed his hand from Joey's back. 

JC came back with the bottles of sports drinks.  He handed one to Sara. 

Lance and Marc moved off into the far corner of the room while Sara, with JC's help, got the liquid into Joey.

"What is it?"  Lance asked picking up on Marc's hesitancy. 

"I'm not sure."

"You can help Joe.   You helped me."

"You don't understand.  I don't make the pain go away, I share the pain.  With your headache just by taking some of the pain it went away on its own." 

"Can't you do it for Joe?"

"It would mean having to hold Joe for a long time."

"So.  He's our friend," Lance said.

"James, he hurts from here," Marc placed his hand on Lance"s chest.  "To here," touching Lance's balls.

Lance placed a hand on Marc's cheek.  "We both love him.  But I can't help him."

"Are you sure?"  Marc asked.

"I'm sure of your love for me.  And that's all I need."

Sara and JC stopped to talk to Marc on their way back to their rooms.  "We got two bottles of liquid into him," Sara said.  "What he needs now is some rest."

"The way he seems to be hurting I can't see how he's going to get any," JC observed.

Marc sighed, "I'm going to stay with him.  I'll see that he gets some rest."

Sara and Josh went back to their rooms.  Marc walked Lance back to their room.  Marc gave Lance a parting kiss.  "Try to get some rest," Marc said.

"Be sure to lock the door," Lance said.  "We don't want someone walking in on you two."

"I will.  Love you."

When Marc returned to Joey's room he found Joey curled back up and whimpering.  Removing the robe Marc climbed into bed behind Joey.  Marc started rubbing Joey's back.

"Why does it hurt so much," Joey sobbed.

"Joe, you need to calm down.  Crying will only make it worse."
"I'll try.  It, it just hurts so much."

"Joe, I need you to sit up for a moment.  Can you to that?"  Marc asked.

Joey nodded and slowly sat up.  Marc moved the pillows then moved behind Joey putting his legs on either side of Joey.  Marc had his back against the headboard as he gently pulled Joey back against his chest wrapping him a hug.  "Joe I'm going to try something that may help you get some rest."

"Will it hurt?"

"No, it won't hurt," Marc said as he placed his hands on Joey's ribs.  "Can you tell me what you're feeling?"

"Your hands feel warm.  It feels kind of good. . . . . .   The whole area around your hands feels warmer.  How are you doing that?"

"There are pressure points that I'm working," Marc lied.  "In a while you will be able to relax more and hopefully get some rest."

"Will this take away all the hurt?"

"No, I'm sorry.  Only time will do that.  But the more rest you can get the quicker you will heal."  Marc continued to move his hands over Joey's torso.  Marc could feel Joey slowly relax, his breathing evened out and Joey started giving soft moans of pleasure.  "Feeling any better?"  Marc asked as he crossed hands on Joey's stomach.

"Yes, much," Joey sighed.  Placing his hands on top of Marc's he added, "There's still an area that still doesn't feel too good."  Joey moved Marc's hands lower until they rested over the fly on his boxers.

Marc was surprised when he felt Joey's hard member beneath his hand.  "You've got to be kidding!"

"Please!!!"  Joey pleaded.

"Do you realize what you're asking?"

Joey thought for a second.  Marc felt Joey's shoulders slump.  "I, I'm sorry.  I wasn't thinking about how Lance would feel."

Leaning in Marc gave Joey a kiss behind the ear.  "That's not what I meant.  Do you realize how it will feel if you cum?"

"Great, as always."
"Joe, you have pulled most every muscle in you torso when you got sick.  And you are going to ask some of those muscles to go back into convulsions so you can have what?  A few seconds of pleasure."

Joey didn't say anything.  "Do you need to make a pit stop before we get some rest?" Marc asked.

Joey nodded, "I think so."  Joey slowly crawled off the bed.

Marc watched as Joe slowly shuffled to the bathroom.  After a few minutes Joey made his way back to the bed, Marc was waiting under the covers.  "Couldn't you do anything?"  Marc asked.

"I had a problem," Joey stiffly said.

Marc frowned, "What kind of problem?"

"I'm hard.  I couldn't get it pointed down."

Marc laughed, "What did you do?"

"I used the shower," Joey chuckled.  "I've used it for just about everything else."

"Yeah, you have," Marc laughed.  "Come on, get in bed."  Marc lifted the covers so Joey could get in.

Joey looked at Marc, he had removed his boxers.  "Ah, Marc.  What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you to get back in this bed.  Oh, and Joe, lose the underwear."

"Marc, what are you thinking?"

"You are my friend, and you need something that I can give you."

"But!  How?"

"Come on get in bed," Marc said patting a spot next to him.  "I have an idea."

Joey got into bed next to Marc.  Marc placed his hand on Joe's chest and pressed down.  Joey winced in pain.  "Joe, you are not going to be able to take my weight on top of you.  You are going to have to get on top."

Joe looked puzzled as he rolled over on Marc. 

"I've given my word to Lance that there are certain things I will only do with him.  Sex that involves taking him into my body belongs only for him."

"But what are we going to do?"

"What we did last time," Marc said with a grin.  "Remember when you were tied up?"

Joey got a big smile.  Marc reached between their bodies.  Taking a hold of Joey's erection he felt him jump.

"That's cold," Joe said.

"Sorry, I thought the lube had warmed up in my hand."  Marc rubbed the lube over Joe's and his own hard members.  "Now, kiss me, stud," Marc ordered.

Justin let out a big yawn as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  He could hear Chris moving around in his room.  And the shower in Lance's room was running.  Going to Joey's room he knocked lightly.  Not getting an answer he tried the door.  It was unlocked so he stuck his head in.  Jerking his head back, he closed the door and returned to his room.

The guys gathered for breakfast.  Josh and Sara joined them. 

"Any thing from Joey?"  Josh asked.

Lance shook his head, "I think they're still sleeping.  I don't know long it took Marc to get Joey to fall asleep."

Breakfast continued with animated conversation.  Lance noticed Justin was unusually quiet this morning.

Before leaving for their first meeting of the day Lance went in to check on Marc and Joey.  Knocking on the door he heard Marc call out, "Yes."

"Marc, it's me."

"Come on in," Marc called out.

Lance opened the door as Marc was making his way to it.  "Morning," Marc greeted Lance before he leaned in for a kiss.

"Morning," Lance said after the kiss.  "How is he doing?"

"He's doing as good as expected.  You guys ready to head out?"

"You going to stay here?"  Lance asked.

"I'll see how he is feeling when he wakes up.  If he's up to it, we'll come to the arena."

"K, I'll talk to you later," Lance said as he leaned in for a quick kiss.

Pete had a statement ready when they arrived at the radio station.  It was a little weird doing their interview without Joey.  The interview went along as usual, the same standard questions they seem to always get.  But Lance noted that their timing was off, and it wasn't because Joey wasn't there.  Justin seemed to be holding back.  He would answer questions asked of him but wouldn't take part in some of their good natured ribbing for which they were known .

Sara went along posing as Pete's assistant.  She spent more time watching Josh than taking notes of the interview.  As the group was leaving the radio station she stayed by Pete's side as the guys stopped to sign autographs.  Pete motioned for her to wait in the limo.  After a couple minutes Pete gave the signal to wrap it up. *Nsync and their bodyguards quickly made their way to the waiting limo.

When the guys finally arrived at the arena they were pleased to find Joey and Marc waiting for them in their lounge room.

"Joe!  How are you doing, man?" Chris shouted as they walked in.

"A lot better," Joe softly said, his voice raspy.

"You don't sound too great," Lance observed.

"Have you been able to eat anything?"  Sara asked.

Joey nodded.  Sara looked to Marc.  "He took it easy," Marc confirmed.  "Yogurt and a half order of French toast."

"That's good.  And you need to get plenty of liquids also."

There was a knock at the door and a production assistant called out,  "Sound check!"

Lance turned to Marc, "Are you playing tonight?"

Marc shook his head, "I'm not needed.  I'll keep Joey company." 

As Justin was headed out for sound check when Marc said, "Have fun, Justin."  Justin's response was a dirty look.

Marc looked at Lance with a confused expression.  Lance shrugged his shoulders, "He hasn't been himself all morning." 

Marc had set up his lap top and was working through his e-mails while Joey was dozing on a nearby couch.  The sound check could be heard through an open door.  As the guys worked through each song Marc's attention shifted from his lap top to what was going on out on stage.

Joey had been watching Marc as he listened to the sound check.  "Why don't you go see what you can do to help them out," Joey said with a sigh.  Marc turned to look at Joe.  "I'll be all right.  Go!" 

Marc joined the sound engineer at his mixing boards.  They worked at trying to balance the sound.  After two hours of work they got them sounding quite good.

Marc joined the guys on stage as they were taking a break.  "Sounding better," Marc said as he walked toward them.

"Not good enough," Chris said before taking a gulp of his water.

"Yeah, everything sounds weak," JC said.

"You can only work with what you got," Marc pointed out.

Chris looked at Marc for a moment.  "There is one way to make our sound right."

All eyes moved to Chris.  "How?" Justin asked.

"Marc could take Joey's place."

"No!"  Marc quickly stated.

"Why not?"  Chris asked.  "You know the music and the steps."

"Yeah, you can do Joey's part as well as he can," Justin agreed.

"Guys, you know how I feel about this.  I won't do it."

Lance moved up next to Marc and placed his head on Marc's shoulder.  "Please Marc.  Do it for me."

Marc stepped away for Lance pointing a finger at him.  "Don't, even go there."  Marc turned and left the stage.

"Well it was worth a try," Lance said with a sigh.

"Is he really pissed at you?"  JC asked.

Lance shook his head.  "No.  He just doesn't like to be pushed into something he doesn't want to do."

"So there is no chance of him joining us on stage?"  JC asked.

"No chance," Lance confirmed.

Marc returned to the mixing boards as they continued to work out that night's show. 

"This isn't working," the engineer commented to Marc.

"Yeah, I know," Marc said deep in thought.  With a sigh Marc asked, "Where is Joey's headset?"

"Are you going to take Joey's place?" the engineer asked.

The guys were getting weary of repeating each song over and over. 

"Ok, let's try it again one last time," the engineer called out.  "And this time sing your original parts.  Let's not try to cover Joey's part."

Marc was standing back by the band when the music started again.  It didn't take very long for everyone to catch on that someone was singing Joey's part.  When the song ended everyone had big grins.

"I knew you wouldn't let us down," Chris said as he gave Marc a hug.

"This is only a compromise," Marc pointed out.  "I will fill in on Joey's vocals only."

"Ok, you guys get some rest," Pete said coming on stage.  "You have a meet and greet in two hours."

As they were walking back to the dressing rooms Marc still had a feeling that there was something wrong between Justin and himself.  When they reached the dressing room Marc touched Justin's arm.  "Can I talk to you in private?"

Justin didn't look very happy about it, but he agreed.  Lance stopped at the door and watched Marc and Justin walk down the hall.

Going out to the tour bus they climbed aboard and went into the lounge.  Kicking off his shoes Marc crawled onto the bed and sat with his back to the back window.  He watched Justin as he kicked off his shoes and sat as far away from Marc as possible.  Marc watched Justin waiting for him to make eye contact.  When it looked like it wouldn't happen, Marc sighed.  "Justin, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Justin mumbled.

"Nothing?  It has to be something.  Lance said you haven't been yourself all day."

Justin remained silent.  Marc watched his face.  The muscles in Justin's face showed a lot of tension, something was eating away at him.  Marc felt it had to be something that he had said or done but couldn't place a finger on it.  Everything seemed alright yesterday.  Everyone had a good time at JC's party.  There had been no problems that he knew about.  And after Joey got sick he had been concerned about Joey like all the rest of the guys.  The guys were leaving when Lance stopped by to let him know they were leaving.  Marc pictured that exchange in his mind.  There was a knock at the door and he had called out to come in.  The door opened and Lance entered. . . .  The door opened. . . . 

"Just, I haven't thanked you for checking in on Joey and me this morning," Marc said as he watched Justin's reaction.

Justin looked up surprised at Marc's statement.  "You were awake?"

"No.  We both were still asleep."

"But, how?"

Marc didn't say anything.  He just looked Justin in the eye.  He had opened the door now it was up to Justin to step through.

"Do you have feelings for Joey?"  Justin asked softly.

"Yes I do," Marc answered.  Justin's shoulders slumped with that statement.

Justin didn't want to hear that.  "How can you do that to Lance," spat Justin, his eyes ablaze.

"Do what to Lance?"

"Stab in the back the person you say you loved.  Or what I found this morning was not what it looked like?"

"What did you see this morning?"

Justin didn't answer. 

"You found me sleeping with Joey, didn't you?"


"You found me spooned up to Joey.  Didn't you?"


"I was holding him close with my arms around him."


"Like I hold Lance."


"Like I hold you when you need to be held."

Justin remained silent.

"When you have a bad dream, are scared, or home sick," Marc said.   "I've been there for you. . . . .  Last night, Joey needed me."

"You said you have feelings for Joey."

"I do have feelings for Joe.  I thought we discussed this before." 

"I know," Justin said shaking his head.  "It's just when I found the two of you in bed together. . .  I thought. . . "

"That I was messing around behind Lance's back?"

Justin nodded.

"How could you even think that?"  Lance demanded.

Justin looked up to find Lance standing in the doorway.   "It's just. . .  The two of them have been spending a lot of time together."

"What do you mean?" Lance asked. "Spending a lot of time together." 

"I've noticed Joey would leave the room and Marc would follow a few minutes later.  Or they would just take a walk together."

"Like the two of you did just now?" Lance asked.

"Yes. . .  I mean no!"

"Justin, if I thought that Marc was messing around with anyone it wouldn't be Joey.  I'd be more suspicious of the time he spends with you."

Justin's eyes got real big.  "Lance, I assure you nothing has ever happened between Marc and me."

"Not even the week the two of you spent back in Orlando?"  Lance asked, giving Marc a slight wink.

"No!  Nothing happened!"

"So.  You didn't ask Marc if you could sleep with him?"

Justin lowered his eyes as his face turned crimson.  "Yes. . .  I did ask to sleep with him.  But nothing happened."

"You came to Marc because you were scared about Jon.  Right?"


"And what did Marc do?"  Lance asked.

"He held me and told me everything was going to be all right."

"And you fell asleep in Marc's arms.  Didn't you?"


"Last night what do you think Joey was feeling?"  Lance asked.

"He was scared and hurting," Justin softly said.

"And what do you want when you are scared and hurting?"

"I want someone to hold me and tell me it's going to be all right."

"Do you want just anyone to hold you?"

"No.  I want Marc to hold me."


"Because I know Marc loves me."

"And what do you feel for Marc," Lance asked.

"I, I love him," Justin whispered.  "He's my big bro."

"Yes he is," Lance agreed.  "I know and understand the connection the two of you have.  And I know and understand the closeness Joey and Marc feel for each other.  Marc lost two brothers in that crash.  That left a big empty spot in his heart.  But he has managed to fill that void with you, a new kid brother.  And Joey, his twin brother."

Justin started to laugh.  "They don't look too much alike.  Except they both are kind of hairy."  Justin started to laugh harder.  "Wait a minute.  Their hairy butts do look alike.  Maybe they are twins."

"My butt isn't that hairy," Marc protested.

Lance was laughing along with Justin.  "Yes, yes it is. . . . . .  But yours is way sexier."

"I would hope so!"  Marc stated, not seeing the humor in it.

Sara kept Joey company while the guys did their meet n' greet.  Marc stopped by the production office to see if their mail had caught up with them.  Marc found a large envelope Lynn had sent him.  Opening it he found the scores for Angel's recording session.  Attached to the top score was a note.


I sorry it took so long to get this to you.  We will record all these and pick the best twelve.  Look them over and if you want to change any arrangements feel free and we will take a look at them when I get to New York. 

Hope to catch you on line soon.


Marc quickly flipped through the scores making sure there were no other notes attached.  Finding none he fed Angel's note through the paper shredder.

Sara and Joey looked up as Marc entered the room.  Dropping into a couch Marc laid his head back and closed his eyes.

"Was there any mail?"  Joey asked.

"Only this from Lynn," Marc said holding up the envelope.

"It's a big envelope," Joey noted.  "What's in it?"

"Scores for the recording session I'm doing in New York."

"How many songs you going to record?"  Sara asked.

"It's down to sixteen songs.  They will pick the best dozen or so for the album."

Joey looked at Marc, "What happened with sound check?"

"It was a disaster.  Leaving your part out left a big hole.  When one of the others tried to cover your part the hole only moved."

"What are they going to do?"  Joey asked.

"They found someone to do your part," Marc said.

"They did?"  Joey noticed Marc avoiding eye contact.  "You're doing it.  Aren't you?"

"There was no other choice," Marc said softly.

"We've wanted to get you on stage with us for so long and I have to miss it," Joey pouted.

"I'm not going to be on stage.  The only way I agreed to do it is if I sing from off stage."

"Why sing off stage?"  Sara asked.

"It seems your brother is a little shy," Joey said with a grin.

"I'm not shy," Marc protested.  "Your fans come to see you guys perform not some unknown."

"What ever gave you the idea you're unknown?"  Joey asked.

"I'm known in my own field of music.  But it's nowhere near what you guys do."

"Yeah, you're right," Joey said.  "It took years of touring Europe before we got our first TV special on the Disney channel.  You managed to appear on PBS, none the less, and performing your own work.  Out of that performance, you got a CD that has gone gold; it ranked at the top of the classical charts, with talk going around about a Grammy nomination.  And after you're done with out tour you are going off to New York City for a little gig.  What is it now? . . . .  Oh, yeah!  You're appearing at Lincoln Center, performing with the New York Philharmonic. . . .  How many performances?"

Marc held up two fingers.

"Yeah, two," Joey smirked.  "And what else are you doing while in New York? . . .  Oh, yeah.  You also managed to get yourself a three week gig on the Rosie O'Donnell Show.  That's what?  Fifteen hours of television exposure.  And not to mention your little project of musical director for a . . . . . unknown artist, recording what is it?  Broadway show tunes?"

Marc grinned, "It's to be multiple artists."

"Oh, yeah, right," Joey said.  He knew Marc was up to something and given time he would figure it out.

"It sounds like we're not going to see too much of you," Sara said.

"It will only be until after the first of the year," Marc said.

"He's flying off to Japan right after Thanksgiving," Joey said.

"What about the holidays?"  Sara asked.

"The concerts in Japan are scheduled for the second and third weeks in January.  I'm going over early to get everything set so I can come home for Christmas and New Years."

"Then after the concerts?"   Sara asked.

"Back to school for my final semester."

"Are you going to do it in Wisconsin or Florida?"  Joey inquired.

"Both," Marc said.  "I need to compose and arrange an original composition which I can do in Florida.  But the presentation must be done in Wisconsin."

"Have you started this new masterpiece?"  Joey asked.

"No.  When we return to Wisconsin next week I will check in with the head of the music department and I'll be given the theme for the piece."

"What kind of theme?"  Sara inquired.

"It could be anything.  A picture, a poem, a place, a person, a rock, anything."

Joey laughed, "How do you write music about a rock?"

Marc smiled, "I'm hoping for something better than a rock."

"Lance how much time do we have?"  Chris asked as they were headed to their lounge after the meet n' greet.

"Two and a half hours before show time," Lance said.  "We need to get something to eat also."

As they entered the lounge they found Sara and Marc in hysterics.  Joey was rolled up in a ball hugging a pillow yelling at the two to stop laughing.

"What's so funny?"  JC asked.

Sara and Marc quickly regained control of themselves.  "Ah, just something we were watching on TV," Marc said.

"What are you watching?"  Justin asked.

"Touched by an Angel," Sara snickered.

Lance sat on the arm of the couch next to Marc.  "Oh, we did one of those."

"Yeah we know," Marc chuckled.

Lance frowned, "What episode are you watching?"

"Voice of an Angel," Marc answered with a smirk.

Lance rolled his eyes, "Oh that one."

"Guys, you all know I love you dearly," Marc said.  "But, can I give you all a bit of advice?"

"Sure," they all said.

"Stick to singing and dancing," Marc laughed.  "Your acting sucks."

Everyone of the guys grabbed a pillow, including Lance, and started to beat Marc with them.  Marc was in hysterics again when the show came out of commercial and Nsync's final scene came on.  Everyone stopped beating Marc so they could watch their scene they everyone broke up laughing.

"You're right," JC said.  "We sucked."

Every one settled down as the story continued and they got caught up in the rest of the story.

"She has a beautiful voice," Sara sighed.  "Josh what was it like working with her?"

Marc shifted in his seat so he could look at Lance.

"Well, we really didn't get to work with her," Josh said a little embarrassed.

"We got the call to do the show like two days before we filmed the show," Justin said.

"We flew in.  Read through our lines a couple times then filmed our scenes and left."  Joey said.

Marc had made eye contact with Lance.  Marc could see the wheels in Lance's head turning.  `Okay, James,' Marc thought.  `You almost have it figured out.'

"Did you even get to meet her?"  Sara asked.

"Briefly," Josh said.  "Kind of passing in the hall kind of thing.  And we've see her at the Grammy's."

Lance squinted at Marc.  Marc smirked as the light above Lance's head came on.

"We really haven't talked that much to her," Lance said while staring at Marc.  "But Marc knows quite a bit about  Charlotte Church! . . .  Since they have been internet buddies for years."

"What!" the rest of Nsync said.

"It's about damn time you figured it out," Marc said.

"Lance, what is he talking about?"  Chris asked.

"Marc has an internet friend he talks to all the time.  He set me up with her and we've been talking for over a month.  She goes by Almost an Angel."

"She didn't tell you who she was?"  Justin asked.

"No, she just goes by Angel," Lance said.  "She wouldn't answer any personal questions but she talked like she knew Marc real well and she had a lot of insight about the music business."

"Angel knew who my favorite musical group was and she knew I had tickets to your concert," Marc went on to explain.  "When I told her I had taken a summer job with a musical group she figured it out quite easily.  Lance found me talking to her one night and he sat in.  I had code names for each of you, we used when we were on the net.  She thought it was a great game.  She asked if it was all right if she could talk to Lance.  I set up special anonymous e-mail addresses for the both of them and they started talking."

"Angel was fun to talk to," Lance said.  "And we talked about one of my favorite subjects."

"What's that?"  Justin asked.

"My boyfriend," Lance grinned.

"How long were you going to let Lance wonder who Angel was?"  Chris asked.

"As long as it took him to figure it out on his own," Marc answered.  "Shit, she dropped so many hints.  I'm surprised it took him this long."

The concert that night sounded good.  The guys had come up with a full size cardboard Joey they brought out on the stage.  They moved their Joey around the stage putting it in the position Joey would stand for each number.  It got a lot of laughs from the audience and the guys had fun with it.  At the end of the show the guys acknowledged Marc for filling in on Joey's vocals.  They tried calling him out on stage but he refused.

Everyone was beat when they dragged themselves back to their hotel. 

"Does anyone want to do anything?"  Justin asked.

"Not tonight," Marc answered.  "I need everyone to pack before you go to bed.  Your wake up call will be at six."

Everyone groaned at this.

"We have to be on the bus by seven," Marc added.

"Where are we headed?"  Sara asked.

"New Orleans."


All right!  The mystery of Angel has been solved.  Some of my readers, Christopher, and others have been wanting more clues about Angel.  By now I thought everyone would have figured out who Angel was.  My original plan for Angel was to not have Lance discover who Angel was until Marc made his trip to New York.  But I've taken pity on my clueless readers and decided to put an end to their Angel torment.

Note: The episode of Touched by an Angel that Nsync had a brief appearance, Voice of an Angel was broadcast on November 14, 1999.  Since this story takes place in August of 1999
I have a time problem.  Marc is watching the episode three months before it is originally broadcast.  Hey!  It's my story.  And I'm the master of time and space.  So there! :-P   So no need to point out the breach in the space time continuum. 
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