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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

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My New Life
by James

Last Time

The concert that night sounded good.  The guys had come up with a full-size cardboard Joey they brought out on the stage.  They moved their Joey around the stage putting it in the position Joey would stand for each number.  It got a lot of laughs from the audience and the guys had fun with it.  At the end of the show the guys acknowledged Marc for filling in on Joey’s vocals.  They tried calling him out on stage but he refused.

Everyone was beat when they dragged themselves back to their hotel. 

“Does anyone want to do anything?”  Justin asked.

“Not tonight,” Marc answered.  “I need everyone to pack before you go to bed.  Your wake up call will be at six.”

Everyone groaned at this.

“We have to be on the bus by seven,” Marc added.

“Where are we headed?”  Sara asked.

“New Orleans.”

Chapter 57

The phone was ringing as Marc reached over to answer it.

“Yes. . . . . . Thank you,” Marc sleepily said as hung up the phone.  Pulling Lance closer to him he started to nuzzle his neck. 

Lance moaned as Marc’s kisses moved higher till Marc was nibbling on his ear.  “Do we have any time?”  Lance dreamily asked.

“No.  Just time to shower and dress.”

Turning his head Lance gave Marc a quick kiss.  “Let’s get moving,” Lance sighed as he rolled out of bed.  “You want to share the shower?”

“We’ll be late if we do,” Marc pointed out.  “You shower first; I’ll brush my teeth and shave.”

Lance reached up and stroked the side of Marc’s face.  “I like your beard.”

“I’m only shaving my neck, the stubble itches.”

“Good!  You look so hot in the beard,” Lance said giving Marc a quick kiss on the end of his nose.

Lance quickly showered then changed places with Marc.  In no time they were dressed and doing a final check of their room making sure nothing has been left behind.  All the bags were loaded on the luggage carts and everyone made their way down to the tour bus.

“So this is the infamous tour bus,” Sara said when she stepped aboard the bus.

“Our home away from home,” JC said.  “Would you like the ten cent tour?”

“Yes, please.”

“This is our couch,” JC said while pointing left.  “And across from it is our table booth where we sometimes eat.”

“Play cards,” Chris added.

“And sometimes my mobile office,” Marc said.

“The galley is next,” JC said continuing the tour.

Sara inspected the cabinets and refrigerator.  “I’m surprised.  I expected junk food.”

“That’s about all we kept in there,” Lance said.  “But your brother had a hissy fit and got us on healthy food.”

“I did not have a hissy fit! . . . . I just suggested a wider variety
of snacks, other than sugar, would be better for everyone.”

“Yeah, fruit and veggie sticks.  Yummy,” Joey said smacking his lips.

“And who seems to have become quite fond of the yogurt cups?”  Marc asked.

Everyone pointed to Joey.  Joey started to blush, “Yeah, they are kind of good.”

To get Joey, off the spot JC continued the tour.  “Just past the galley is the bathroom.”

“A warning, Sara.  No one uses it right after Joey has been in there,” Justin said.


“You have to give it about ten minutes before the air is breathable in there,” Justin said holding his nose with one hand and waving away the nasty smell with the other.

Sara laughed as Joey made a lunge for Justin but Justin ran to the front of the bus. 
“Behave you two,” JC admonished.  “Sorry about that.  They’re usually better behaved than that.

“No we’re not,” Joey and Justin said in unison.

JC rolled his eyes heavenward,
pleading for the greater power to intervene on his behalf to prevent any further embarrassing situations.

Marc sighed, “Do you think you can stand four more days of this group?”

“Yes,” Sara laughed.  “I could put up with anything as long as Josh and I get some time together.”

JC leaned in and gave Sara a quick kiss.  “Let’s finish the tour before this bus starts moving.”

Stepping through the curtains, he continued
, “This is where we sleep.  We each have our own bunk.”

JC showed Sara his bunk.  “There’s not much room.”  Looking at Lance and Marc she asked, “Don’t you find it a tight fit?”

“It was at first,” Marc said.  “But we’ve managed.”  Chris and Joey started to cough.

“What’s in there?”  Sara asked pointing to the door.

“By day it is our lounge,” JC said.

“By night it’s the den of debauchery,” Chris said before ducking from Marc’s slap in the back of his head.

Sara turned to her brother with a raised eyebrow.  Marc cleared his throat, “A little after we started this tour the guys had some modifications made to the lounge.”

JC opened the door and ushered Sara in.  “Wow! . . . Why this?”

“Those two tried to sleep together in one of the bunks.  Before we knew it they had started to pull all the cushions off the couches and were sleeping on the floor,” JC explained.  “We had our crew do this as a surprise.”

“It’s kind of large just for the two of you,” Sara observed.

“There’s room for the whole group,” Lance said.  We all hang out in here, watch a movie, and play video games.”

“It’s also a good place to read and relax,” Marc added.

“Is everyone accounted for?”  George, their driver, called back.

“We’re all here,” Marc answered. 

“I’m going to get some more shuteye
,” Chris said as he went to his bunk.

“I’m all for more of that,” Joey said.  “See everyone at the meal stop.”

“K,” Marc said giving Joe a pat on his back.

“You going to get some more shuteye?” Marc asked Justin.

“No.  I’ve got an idea for a song.  I’ll have me a bowl or two of cereal and see what I can come up with.”

“Ah, Captain Crunch.  Brain food for song-writers,” Marc kidded.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” Justin said as he made his exit.

Marc and Lance kicked off their shoes and climbed upon their bed.

“You want to get some more rest?”  JC asked.

“It was a short night.  Is there a bunk I could use?”  Sara asked.

“My bunk is available,” Lance offered.  “And the sheets are clean.”

“If you want to be close, there’s JC’s bunk,” Marc pointed out.  “But you will have to put up with Chris and Joey’s ribbing you two about sharing a bunk.”

“Or, you two can get comfortable and cuddle up here with us,” Lance offered.  “It’s more than big enough for us all.”

JC looked at Sara.  “It’s alright with me,” she said.  Kicking off their shoes they joined Lance and Marc on the big bed.

“Now you two behave,” Marc admonished.  “This room is for cuddling only.  We don’t want to be subjected to a breeder demonstration.”

“Breeder?”  JC quizzed.

“Us, making out,” Sara said.

“Oh! . . . . It can’t be any worse than watching you two go at it,” JC shot back.

“When did you see us do anything other then kiss?”  Lance asked.

JC blushed, “I was in an adjoining dressing room one night when you two snuck in for a quickie.
.  The door between the rooms was cracked open.”

“I think I would have noticed a light coming from an open door,” Marc said.

“I was just leaving and had shut the light off when I heard the door in the other room open and close.  The lights came on and I could hear a lot of moaning going on.  I kind of peeked through
the crack and saw you guys.”

“What did you see?”  Sara asked, her interest peaked.

“Just them sucking face.  And Lance undressing Marc.”

“Did you stay for the whole show?”  Marc asked.

Shaking he head, “No.  When Lance dropped to his knees pulling your pants down I got out of there.”

Sara was grinning at Lance, who was turning a deep crimson.  Marc pulled him close to his chest giving him a kiss behind the ear.  “Too bad he missed the best part,” Marc whispered.

Rolling his eyes Lance tried to change the subject, “Let’s get some rest.”

It was late afternoon when the *Nsync tour bus pulled into the parking deck of their hotel.  Everyone stretched their legs and arms as they stepped off the bus.  Security whisked them into the hotel and up to their rooms.

“What are we going to do the rest of the night?”  Chris asked.

“How about dinner then hit a jazz club,” JC suggested.

“Sounds good,” Lance agreed.

“You up to going out tonight?”  Marc asked Joey.

“Not really.  I’ll order in and take it easy.”

Justin saw the look on Marc’s face.  He knew Marc was going to ruin his and Lance’s evening out by offering to stay with Joey.  “Joe, mind if I hang out with you tonight?”  Justin asked.

“You don’t want to go out?”  Joey asked.

“I’ve been here with my parents several times.  I won’t be allowed into the clubs because of my age.  How about we order in some food and see what movies they have of pay for view?”

“It sounds good,” Joey agreed.

“Nothing spicy,” Sara warned.

“Yes, Nurse
Sara,” Joey said with a grin.  “Just, why don’t you come over in an hour.”

“K, see you then,” Justin said as Joey went into his room.

Marc put his arm around Justin shoulders giving him a squeeze.  “You didn’t have to do that you know,” Marc said.

“I wanted to do this.  Besides you and Lance deserve a night out without worrying about Joey and me.”

“Thanks.  I owe you one,” Marc said.

“No you don’t,” Justin said.  “This is just a little payback for all the things you’ve done for me.”

Security had made arrangements for the guys to visit one of the cities famous restaurants, Royal Café.   Never having experienced the cuisine of New Orleans, Marc ordered the Taste of New Orleans dinner, A great way to sample three of New Orleans's best -- spicy red beans, creole file' gumbo and followed by a main course of shrimp creole.

Afterward they were dropped at a Bourbon Street Jazz Club.

“Joe, do you want any more ice cream?”  Justin asked as he made himself another hot fudge sundae.

“No, I’m fine,” Joey said as he preceded to let out a loud belch.  “Thanks for agreeing to having ice cream for supper.”

“No problem bro.  Did the ice cream help your throat?”

“Yeah, I can hardly feel it now,” Joey said.  “How long before the movie starts?”

“We still have half an hour.”

Joey watched Justin as he finished his sundae.  Placing his dish on the cart he pushed it out into the hall.  Justin picked up the phone and dialed room service.  “Hello, this is room 812.  Can you have someone pick up the food cart please.”

“Good idea,” Joey said.  “Get rid of the evidence before the others return.”

“I just didn’t want to listen to Chris and JC ragging on us for having too many sweets.”

“Justin, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Joe.  What do you want to know?”

“What was going on with you yesterday?  Chris said something was bothering you.”

“It was nothing really.  I just got a stupid notion in my head.”

“What kind of notion?”  Joey asked.

Justin started to blush.  “I saw something yesterday that I didn’t understand and my imagination told me the worst.”

“What did you see?”

“You and Marc in bed.”

Joey’s heartbeat quickened, “When was this?”

“A half hour before our wake up call.”

“What did your imagination tell you?”  Joey nervously asked.

“That you and Marc were messing around behind Lance’s back.”


“See, I told you it was stupid.  I now realize it was more out of jealousy.”

“Jealousy of what?”

“The time Marc was spending with you.”

“Have you talked to Marc about this?”

“Yeah, we took a “let’s talk walk.”  Marc asked what was bothering me and I told him.”

“What did he say?”
“He kind of turned the tables on me.  He pointed out whenever I was scared or not feeling well, he was always there to hold me and tell me everything was going to be all right.  I would always fall asleep in his arms feeling safe and protected.  Just like he did for you the other night.”

“Marc does have a way of making you feel better,” Joey agreed.

Justin said, “He made his feeling clear on how much some of us mean to him.”

“In what way?”

“Well, Marc and I have a connection.  He’s my best friend, and I look up to him as a big brother.  I know he loves me and I love him, as a brother,” Justin added.  “And Marc said he has the same connection with you.”

“I consider Marc one of my best friends, also,” Joey said.

“He considers you a brother, too.”

Joey got a puzzled look on his face.

“Joe, Marc lost two brothers in that crash.  His kid brother.  And his twin brother.”

“And we’ve replaced them in Marc’s eyes,” Joey said with some understanding.

“Yeah, in a way we have.  Lance is so lucky in a way to have fallen in love with a man that has so much love to give.  Marc’s love for Lance is unquestionable.  His love for his family is overflowing.  He lost his family and now he is building a new one.  He has embraced Tom and Sara as his family.  It didn’t take too long for Marc to claim the five of us, as family.”

“I knew I wanted Marc to become part of my life the first day we met,” Joey commented.

“We all did,” Justin agreed.  “You should have seen Marc with my two brothers.  They both love him to death.  All my parents love him.”

Joey shot Justin a funny look.  “Even Randy?”     

“It took some time.  My homophobic dad has come around and now accepts Marc for the man he is; in spite of being gay.”

“I know Lance was always uncomfortable around Randy,” Joey pointed out.

“I think Lance will find my dad a lot easier to be around.  Dad knows he and Marc are together.  As long as the two of them don’t get all hot and heavy in front of him there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“How many of our families did Marc meet when you guys were in Orlando?”

“Well, both sets of my parents, your mom and dad, Chris’ mom and Lance’s mom.”

“What was that meeting like?”  Joey asked.

“I think Marc was surprised to meet Diane.  They had talked on the phone some, so Marc recognized her voice.  They seemed to hit it off right away.”

“That’s good,” Joey said.  “It helps of your future mother-in-law likes you.”

“Yeah, it can defiantly say Diane likes Marc.”

“How’s that?”

“I was having a hard time at the hospital.  I was scared and Marc was hugging me telling me everything was going to be all right.  While he was hugging me, my dad showed up.”

“Oh, shit!”

“Yeah, oh shit.  That’s what hit the fan.  Dad verbally attacked Marc.”

“Did Marc punch his lights out?”  Joey asked.

“No.  He looked like he wanted to.  I pleaded with him not to.”

“What did he do?”

“He ran out of the room.  Mom saw how upset Marc was so she sent me out to find him.  I found him sitting in the stairwell crying.”


“While I was trying to calm Marc down Diane got into my dad’s face and told him off.”

“Really?”  Joey grinned.

“Yeah, Mom, laid into him next.   Then Grams, put her two cents in also.”


Justin chuckled, “It seems Grams has the hots for Marc.”


“Grams has this thing for Marc’s ass.  When we were heading back to L.A. we were saying our good-byes, Grams grabbed Marc’s ass when they were hugging good-bye.”

“Way to go Grams!”  Joey cheered.

“It looks like Marc won’t have any problem moving to Orlando,” Justin said.

“Just, how big is the house Marc bought?”

Justin was surprised at Joey’s question.  “How do you know about the house?”

“How do you think?”

“Oh, yeah,” Justin shook his head.  “I admit, I’m slow at times. . . .  The house is the one behind Lance’s house.  The one you see over the back fence.  It’s larger than Lance’s, four bedrooms.  And it has an enormous great room.”

“Is that where Marc’s putting his studio?” Joey asked.

“Yeah.  He was having one built for the cabin.  He was going to have it put in a barn on his property.  Marc just had it shipped down.”

“Marc said something about a pool.”

“Oh, man, that’s the best part of the house,” Justin said excitedly.  “The pool is really big and there’s a hot tub, the patio around the pool has a big bar-b-q.   And it’s all in an enclosure,
no bugs to put up with.”

“Sounds perfect for a party,” Joey grinned.

“Yeah, it be a great place to party,” Justin agreed.  “And there is plenty of room to crash.”

“Marc said there were four bedrooms.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what he is going to do with them,” Justin said.

“Marc told me we could each furnish one of the bedrooms,” Joey said.  “That way we would have a place to sleep.”

“Really?  Oh man this could be fun.”

“Hold on, Curly.   These are Marc’s bedrooms not your own pleasure pad.  He has made arrangements for us each spend five hundred on bedroom furnishing.  They are to be used as guest bedrooms so we can’t go too wild.”

“I guess a mirrored ceiling will be out?”  Justin asked with a smile.

Joey rolled his eyes.



The happy group returned to their hotel a little after midnight.  After wishing everyone good night, Lance and Marc returned to their room for a good nights rest.

“I really enjoyed that,” Lance said as he kicked off his shoes.

“It was fun,” Marc agreed.  “I’ve found a new passion.”

Lance grinned, “Let me guess, Gumbo!”

Marc pulled Lance into his arms. “I’m hooked on the taste of “Nawln,” DAT  F'SURE”

“Oh!  My!  God!  Are Y’all turning into a southerner?”

“Nope, this Yankee just has the cravings for southern food and one southern gentleman.”

“Now which gentleman would that be?”  Lance asked as he wrapped his arms around Marc neck.

“Only my Colonel.”  Leaning in Marc found his man's lips, intent on sampling his favorite southern dish.


The group gathered in Lance and Marc’s room for breakfast.  Sara took a look at Joey, gauging his improvement.

“How is he?”  Lance asked.

“He’s doing better.  His soreness seems to have gone away.”

“Great!”  Chris said with a big grin.  “He can perform tonight.”

“No.  His voice hasn’t fully recovered,” Sara pointed out.

“I can do the interviews.  Can’t I?”  Joey asked.

Sara nodded, “As long as you take it easy.  Don’t speak too loud.”

“So you will do the interviews and the meet n’ greet,” Marc clarified.  “Ok, is everyone packed?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why we can’t stay another night,” Justin wined.  “Tomorrow is a free day, we don’t have anything scheduled.”

“You’re right you don’t have anything scheduled, tour wise,” Marc agreed.  “But the whole group is expected somewhere in the afternoon.”

“Where are we expected?”  Justin asked.

“We’re all expected at your grandparents for supper.”

“Yes!”  Chris shouted.  “Justin, I love your Grams' cooking.”

“How long have you known about this?”  Lance asked.

“I got a call from Grams last week wanting to know what you guys' schedule was like while in Memphis,” Marc said.  “The original schedule would put us in Memphis late in the afternoon.  I know how we feel after a long bus trip and I thought we would be too tired to enjoy the visit.  By leaving after the concert we will sleep most of the way and we will be in our hotel early enough so everyone could rest and be refreshed for supper at Grams.”

“I need to pack if we’re leaving tonight,” Justin said as he headed for his room.

“We need to pack, also,” Sara said.  Turning to her brother, “What are you doing today?”

“While they are having fun with interviews, I have band rehearsal.”

“Mind if I tag along?”  Sara asked.

“Bored all ready?”  Marc teased.

“I’ve already been through the interview thing.  After the third interview I knew all the answers.”

“Yeah, the shine of stardom wears off quickly once you’ve seen them in their underwear,” Marc smirked as he watched Josh blush.


Marc and Sara took a security van over to the arena.  Marc showed Sara around back stage spending some time watching the finishing touches to the stage come together.  Swinging by the management office, Marc picked up his messages.  As he flipped through the post-it notes he stopped with a frown.

“What’s wrong?”  Sara asked.

“A note from a young friend,” Marc said as he reached for his cell.  Scrolling through his address book he found the number.

“Hello, Mrs. Brown.  This is Marc Newman, how are you today? . . . . . Yes, Emma, thank you. . . . . Is Bobby there?  I have a message to call him. . . . . Oh good, can I talk to him? . . . .  Hey Sport, what’s up? . . . .  Really? . . . .  That’s great. . . . “

Sara watched her brother's face as he talked to Bobby, who ever Bobby was.  She knew most of Marc’s friends but didn’t remember any Bobby.  It could be someone from drum corps, she thought.  He knew hundreds of kids from corps alone.

“Okay buddy.  I’ll talk to you soon. . . .  Bye.”  Marc switched off his cell and dropped it in his pocket.  Glancing at Sara he grinned.

“Who’s Bobby?”  Sara asked.

“A new friend,” Marc said.  “When we were in L.A. we went to Disneyland.  Being with the guys meant we get VIP treatment.  While waiting for our personal guide to arrive we noticed a group of handicapped kids waiting for their guide and helpers.  The Disney people were having a hard time getting enough people together for the kids.  We offered to help out by being the kids helpers.  The two groups joined together and we hit the park.  I was teamed up with Bobby Joe Brown, a thirteen year old double amputee.”

“What kind of amputation?”

“Just below the knees.  He was in a car accident.  He lost his family in the accident.”

“Oh, my!”  Sara took Marc’s hand in hers.  “I take it you two hit it off.”

“Not at first.  He had an attitude.  No matter what we did he had a snide comment about it.”

“Ah, now I see.  You have never backed away from a challenge.”

“He wasn’t that much of a challenge,” Marc said with a smile.  “But I did challenge Bobby.  There was no reason he was still in a wheel chair.  I told him when he could walk on his own two feet I would fly him out to Orlando and we would do Disney World.”

“I take it he’s accepted your challenge.”

“Yeah, but there was a problem.  The insurance company tried telling him he had waited too long and they wouldn’t pay for his prosthetics.”

“Oh, my!”

“I made arrangements
for Bobby to get his legs.”

“You paying for them?”

“If I needed to, I would.  I had my lawyer make a few calls.  He has a friend in L.A. that works for a big law firm that specializes in insurance cases.  A couple phone calls got everything straightened out.”

“That’s good.  And today’s call?”

Smiling Marc answered, “Bobby wanted to tell me about joining a track team.”

Marc met three of *Nsync’s band members.   Brian, on keyboards, Ron, on guitar, Jeff on base with Marc on drums made up what would be the opening act of their last show of the tour.  After several hours of rehearsal the group knew they had it down the way they wanted.  The new music drew the attention of a lot of the support personnel
.  Everyone congratulated them on the new sound and asked what else they had planned.

Bev, head of wardrobe had some ideas about costumes.  Not to be left out, the makeup department had some ideas of their own.   Marc’s idea of an amusing opening act had taken on a life of it’s own.  Ideas were tossed around on how to make their act better.  Marc had to remind everyone that they were only doing a twenty-minute set.  Before the guys returned from their interviews, Marc and his new band visited wardrobe, trying on several possible outfits.  Makeup had some wild ideas and they had Marc in a chair fitting a wig and a few surprise they had in mind to change Marc’s appearance. 

That night Marc once more filled in for Joey on his vocals.  The whole crew kept Marc’s secret about the new opening act from the guys.  No one suspected any thing was up.  Just one hour after the end of the concert the tour bus was loaded and they were headed for Memphis.

It was midmorning when their tour bus pulled into the hotels parking deck.  The group was swiftly ushered up to their floor.  Security was waiting for them when they stepped off the elevator.  Marc was handed his and Sara’s keys.  Joey and Justin would share a room, while JC and Lance were assigned a room, leaving Chris with a room of his own.  After security left them Marc and JC exchanged keys.

“Why do we have to do this?”  JC asked again.

“Sara is my guest,” Marc said.  “Our rooms are not being charged to the tour but to me.  If anyone questions the fact that there is a female staying on the same floor as you guys, you are covered.”

“Oh!  Brother and sister having adjoining rooms are not that unusual.  You are related,”  JC said with understanding.

“But security knows who is staying with who,” Justin pointed out.

“Yes they do.  But if they are ever questioned, they can honestly say that the assigned rooms had me next to Sara.”

“That’s why you and Lance always seem to have adjoining rooms,” Chris said with understanding.

The luggage carts arrived and everyone grabbed their bags and headed to their rooms.

“What time are we leaving for my grandparents?”  Justin asked.

“Everybody needs to be ready to leave by two thirty,” Marc said as he swiped his key to unlock his and Lance’s door.  “Use your free time to get some rest and get cleaned up.”

“Is that a subtle hint that some of us could use a shower?”  Justin asked.

“Ah,” Marc hesitated.  “After our quick departure last night I’d say most everyone could use one.”

Two security vans picked up the group and four of their bodyguards to take them all to Justin’s grandparents house.  As everyone climbed out of the vans the front door opened and Justin was surprised to see both sets of parents along with his little brothers and grandparents come out to greet them.  Justin went down the line giving everyone hugs and kisses.  As with most close families the kisses came in the form of a kiss on the mouth.  Then each of the guys went down the line greeting everyone with hugs and kisses on the cheek.  Marc and Sara watched as the guys made their way through the line. 

Taking Sara’s hand Marc approached Justin’s grandparents.  “Sara, I like to introduce you to Justin’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake.  This is my sister, Sara Morgan.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake,” Sara said sweetly.

“None of this Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake nonsense.  Everyone calls us Grams and Gramps.”

Justin nudged Lance as Marc went to give Grams a hug.  As he had expected, his Grams hand slipped down to Marc’s ass and she gave his a playful squeeze.  Lance’s mouth dropped open as Grams groped his boyfriend.

Leaning in Justin whispered, “See I told you.  My Grams has the hots for your boyfriend.”

“I thought you were kidding,” Lance said.

The guys watched as Marc introduced Sara to everyone in line.  When Marc got to Randy everyone watched to see what kind of greeting Marc would get.  To everyone’s surprise Randy pulled Marc into a hug. 

Chris and Joey looked at each other not believing that Randy had hugged a gay man, and was smiling while he did it. 

Last in line were Jon and Steph.  Marc scooped them both up into his arms.  Both boys gave Marc big hugs and to everyone’s astonishment they both kissed Marc on the mouth. 

Marc looked over at the surprised expressions of his friends.  Marc understood the kiss he got from the two boys meant they considered him their big brother and in this family that’s how you greet family.  A quick glance at Randy’s smiling face told Marc he approved of the boys' gestures.

Everyone moved into the house, the men moving out to the patio while the women returned to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal.  Sara joined JC on the patio after being shooed out of the kitchen by Grams.

Marc and Lance were strolling around the pool talking.  They walk side by side, their arms touching but not holding hands, when a small body moved between them.  Looking down Marc smiled as Jon took hold of one of Marc’s and Lance’s hands.  “Hey Jon, what’s up?”  Marc asked.

“Steph and me want to go swimming.  Mom said we couldn’t until someone bigger could go in with us.  Did you bring your swim suit?”

“Yea, I have it on under my shorts.”

“Cool!” Jon started pulling Marc toward the pool, “Come on, Marc.”

Lance was laughing at Jon’s eagerness.  “What’s going on?”  Joey asked.

“The boys want to go swimming,” Lance laughed.

“Hey guys!”  Joey shouted pointing at Marc and Jon.  “Pool time!”

“All right!” everyone shouted. 

Lisa and Grams were watching out the kitchen window chuckling.  “What’s going on?”  Lynn asked.

“The boys in the pool,” Lisa said. 

“I hope they aren’t getting too rough out there,” Lynn said.  “We don’t want the little ones getting hurt.”

“They’re all right,” Grams chuckled.  “Their big brothers are taking care of them.”

Lynn stood in the door, watching Jon perched on top of Justin’s shoulders and Steph on Marc’s shoulders as they splashed and tried to dunk the other guys.  “Ow,” Lynn cringed.  “The way Steph is kicking Marc he is going to have some bruises.”  

“Come on Marc,” Steph urged.  “Lets dunk Lance.”

“Sorry little man.  I can’t dunk Lance.”

“But why?”

“He’s my best friend.”

“I thought I was your best friend?”  Steph asked.

“You are, little man.  You are my little guy best friend.  Lance is my big guy best friend.”

“I still don’t see why you don’t want to dunk him.”

“Steph, I live with Lance.  If I dunk him and he gets mad I won’t have anyplace to live.”

“Oh!  All right.  But I don’t think he will be mad at you.”  Steph said.  Leaning in close to Marc’s ear he whispered.  “Best friends can’t stay mad at you.”

Marc was distracted by Steph when they were hit by a wall of water splashed at them by Lance.

Marc and Steph coughed up mouths full of water.  Patting Steph’s leg Marc whispered, “Lets get him.”

Steph giggled as he and Marc snuck up behind Lance.  Steph put his hands on the top of Lance’s head while Marc pushed down on his shoulders, pushing Lance under the water.

Steph was laughing with glee; they had gotten Lance good. 

Marc felt Lance struggle a little under water then go limp.  Grabbing Lance under the arms Marc pulled him to the surface.  Marc turned Lance around and found him with his eyes closed.  “Shit!  James, are you all right?”  Marc asked with panic in his voice.

Justin had moved over to Marc.  “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Marc said with worry.

“Maybe he needs mouth to mouth,” Jon giggled.

Marc was pulling closer to Lance when he was hit with a stream of water Lance was shooting out of his mouth.  Lance got him right between the eyes.

“I got ya,” Lance laughed.  Everyone started to laugh at Lance’s joke except Marc.  Lance’s laughter died quickly when he noticed Marc’s expression.  The others' laughter soon followed.

“Hey, Steph,” Joey said.  “How about you and me take on your brothers in a chicken fight?”  Steph reached out his arms to Joey as Joe lifter him off Marc’s shoulders and placed him on his own.

Everyone moved to the other end of the pool giving Marc and Lance some private time.

“Boo, what’s wrong?”

“I thought I may have hurt you,” Marc said softly.

“I’m sorry.  It was just a joke.  I didn’t think you would take it that way.”

Marc touched his forehead to Lance’s.  “When you didn’t open your eyes something in me snapped.  My stomach knotted up and I couldn’t get my breath.”

“Every time you’ve gotten hurt the same thing happens to me,” Lance said.

They stayed there holding each other, heads pressed together not saying anything.

Cheers came up from Joey and Steph as they had managed to knock Justin and Jon off balance.  Jon dog paddled over to Lance and Marc.

“You two aren’t mad at each other?  Are you?”

“No Jon, we are not mad at each other,” Lance said.

“Good!  Now stop being poop heads and kiss and make up.  And come and play.”

Lance and Marc smiled.  A quick kiss brought a cheer from Jon.  “All right!  Let’s play!”

Lynn came to the edge of the pool and shouted, “We will be eating soon.  Everyone get out and dried off.”

“Oh, Mom!”  Jon wined.

“You can swim more later,” Lynn said as she departed.

The food was so great everyone kind of over ate.  A month of hotel and restaurant food made the guys ready for a good home cooked meal and Grams didn’t disappoint them.  To help work off the extra calories a volley ball game was organized.  Jon and Steph weren’t left out.  The net was lowered all the way to the ground
and the bigger kids had to play on their knees.  The ball was gently hit and the guys would set up shots for Jon and Steph.

As the sun was setting, everyone headed into the house for a spot of dessert.  Lynn, Lisa and Grams had been busy baking.  There was apple pie, cherry pie, peach cobbler, chocolate cake, pineapple upside down cake and ice cream.  There were people spread throughout the house eating their favorite dessert.

Lance was headed back to the kitchen for another slice of pie when a picture on the dinning room sideboard caught his eye.  Picking up the picture he smiled at it.

“My angels,” Lynn said looking over Lance’s shoulder.

“When was this taken?”

“After Jon got out of the hospital.  The four of them had eaten in the family room.  Lisa went to get their dishes and found them like that.”

Lance gazed at the photo of Justin and Marc sitting on the floor, their backs against the couch, leaning against each other asleep.  Jon and Steph were lying on their laps, also asleep.

“I’d like to have a copy of this,” Lance said to Lynn.

“I’ll have one made as a house warming gift,” Lynn said.

“House warming?”

“You two are going to live together.  Aren’t you?”

Lance smiled, “Yes, we are.”

Lance looked out onto the patio and saw Marc talking with Randy and Paul. 

JC joined Lance looking out the patio doors.  “Can you believe the change in Randy?”

“His attitude is totally different from the last time we met. . . .  Josh, you got a minute?”


“Not here,” Lance said.  Going into the living room they sat on the couch.  “Josh, I want to do something for Marc.”

“What did you have in mind?”. . . . . 

It was almost midnight when they returned to the hotel.  Lance and Marc went right to their room for some rest.  JC called a secret meeting in his room with the other guys.

“What’s up?”  Chris asked.

“Lance asked me to help him with something for Marc,” JC said.  “He wants to get Marc a piano for the house.”

“He’ll like that,” Chris said.  “Where is he going to put it?”

“That’s the part I’m going to need your help with.  Lance wants to turn his study into a music room for Marc.”

“What’s he going to do with the stuff from the study?”  Chris asked.

“Move it up to the bedroom across from the master bedroom.”

Joey and Justin looked at each other, grins spreading across their faces.

“We won't have to move any furniture,” Justin smirked.

“Why?”  JC asked.

“Marc already has a music room,” Joey said.

“More like a studio,” Justin added.

“What are you two talking about?”  Chris asked.

“Chris, when you look out into Lance’s back yard what do you see?”  Joey asked.

“Patio, pool, grass, trees, and a fence.”

“And on the other side of the fence?”  Justin prodded.

Chris shrugged, “Just a house.”

“Marc’s house,” Justin and Joey said together.


“When we flew back to Orlando, Marc bought the house,” Justin said.

“Why?  Isn’t there enough room at Lance’s place?”  Chris asked.

“Not really.  Marc bought the house because of the great room.  He is having it turned into a studio.”

“So we won’t have to turn Lance’s study into a music room,” Joey pointed out.

“Why do I get the feeling Lance doesn’t know anything about this?”  JC asked.

“Marc told him over the phone he bought a house,” Justin said.  “But Lance didn’t believe him.”

“So the piano goes in the studio,” Chris agreed.

“Would you all be willing to go in with Lance on the piano?”  JC asked.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”  Joey asked.

“Well, if Marc has had a studio built he must plan on recording in it.  How about we all go together and buy the best piano we can find.”

Everyone looked around and nodded.

“Should we tell Lance what we are doing?”  JC asked.

“No!”  Justin shouted.

“Marc wanted the house and studio to be a surprise,” Joey said.

The morning of the final concert of the tour had arrived.  Marc was awakened
by someone chewing on his right ear.  “Morning,” Lance purred.

Turning his head, Marc gave Lance a lingering good morning kiss.  Lance’s hand moved from Marc’s left nipple, which he had been lightly rubbing, down the ridges of Marc’s stomach.  Slipping under the waste band of his boxers Lance found Marc’s ridged tool.  “Ah, someone else is up and wants to come out and play.”

“He would love to come out and play,” Marc said.  “After he has a chance to pee.”

Lance chuckled, “And I thought I was the cause of his condition.”

Swing out of bed Marc offered Lance his hand.  “You’re ninety percent the cause.  Come with me, and I’ll let you help me aim.”

Lance grinned as he took Marc’s hand.  “I aim to please.”

Marc rolled his eyes as he pulled Lance into the bathroom.

Lance and Marc rushed into the common room where Sara and the guys were eating breakfast.

“Ah, the lovebirds,” Sara teased.  “Are we running a little late?”

“Yeah, the alarm didn’t go off,” Marc said as he assembled an egg and ham sandwich on toast.

“More like you didn’t run out of hot water,” Chris snickered.  “You two were going at it in the shower for almost an hour.”

Lance looked at Marc and shrugged.  “Looks like we’re busted.”

“Again,” Marc added as he grabbed a bottle of orange juice.  “I gotta go”

“What’s the rush,” Justin asked.

“I have a million things I need to do today.”  Leaning in he gave Lance a good-bye kiss. “I’ll see you at sound check.”

“K, have fun,” Lance managed to say as Marc headed out the door.

“Any idea what he’s up to?”  Chris asked.

“Nope,” Lance answered between mouthfuls of food. 

Arriving at the arena Marc headed backstage. 

“What have you got for me?”  Marc asked as he entered wardrobe.

Gloria, head wardrobe mistress, looked over the top of her glasses.  “To start with you can get out of those clothes.”


“You heard me, sweet cheeks, out of those clothes.”

Marc hesitated as the blush rose. 

Shaking her head Gloria asked, “What’s wrong?  Don’t you have any underwear on?”

“Yes, I have underwear on.”

“We don’t have all day,” Gloria said as she pointed to a dressing cubical.  “Here try these on.”

Marc caught the black leather pants Gloria tossed at him.

Gloria waited impatiently for Marc to come out.  “What’s the hold up?”

Marc stepped through the curtain, “I’m not too sure about these.”

Gloria’s eagle eye saw what the problem was.  “What are you wearing?”

“The pants you gave me.”

“Not that.  What do you have on under them?”


“No wonder.  Your underwear is bunching up,” Gloria said as she reached into a trunk and tossed something to Marc.

With a raised eyebrow Marc returned to the dressing room.  ‘I’m not sure everything will fit.’  Marc thought as he eyed the black jock strap.   

When Marc emerged once more Gloria was pleased at the change.  “Yes!  Much better.”

“Yes, I agree,” Tina said.  “Looking good, Marc.”

Marc blushed at Tina’s comment.

“It looks like you got your work cut out for you Tina.  The way this boy blushes you are going to have a devil of a time with his makeup.”

The girls laughed at Marc’s uneasiness.

“Finish with the man so I can have a go at him,” Tina said.

Gloria handed Marc a pair of boots.  Marc took the boots and tried them on.

“The heels are higher than I’m use to,” Marc commented.

“It gives you more height,” Gloria said.  “Here put this on.”

Marc put on a black leather vest.  “Don’t I get a shirt?”

Gloria and Tina looked at each other then said, “Nope.  You have a great looking chest so why hide it.”

“What else does he need?”  Gloria asked.

“Do you have any leather wrist bands?”  Tina suggested.  Gloria smiled as she turned to another trunk.

Sara made her way back stage after showing her security pass to the guards. 

“Hey, Sara.  You look kind of lost,” Steve Fatone said.

“Hi, Steve.  Have you seen my brother?”

“No.  Let me check for you.”  Steve used his radio to check on Marc’s whereabouts.

“He’s in makeup,” Steve informed Sara.  “Do you know the way?”

Sara nodded, “I see the signs.  Thanks.”

Marc sat in the chair as Tina tried yet another wig on him.

Sara stuck her head in the door.  “Is Marc still in here?”

“Yeah, Sis.  Come on in.”

Sara went around to look at Marc.  “Wow!  You look so different.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Tina asked with clippers in hand.

“I’ve come this far,” Marc said.  “Let’s do it.”

*Nsync’s interviews ran late so they went right to the meet n’ greet.  Afterward, the guys went looking for Marc.

“Sara.  Have you seen Marc?”  Lance asked.

“Yeah, he’s running around here somewhere.”

Marc rounded the corner.  “Someone looking for me?”

“I sure am,” Lance said as he wrapped his arms around Marc’s neck giving his man a kiss.

“We’re ready for sound check,” a voice came over the sound system.

“Already?”  Justin huffed.

“Johnny will be arriving soon,” Marc said.  “He wants to have supper with you guys.  After sound check you guys will have plenty of time to visit with Johnny.”

Everyone headed for the stage.  Lance commented about Marc’s dress.  Marc was dressed in dark blue pants and a matching long sleeve knit shirt.  “What’s with the outfit?”

“I’m filling in for your opening act.”

Sound check went without a hitch.  Johnny managed to make it in time to catch the last song.  Sara, Marc and the guys joined Johnny for a light supper.  A wrap party was planned for after the show and everyone knew there would be plenty to eat then.

Marc excused himself early from supper saying he still had a lot to get done.

The guys were rushed through wardrobe and makeup. 

“Is it me or is everyone in a rush tonight?”  Joey asked.

“It’s the last show.  Maybe everyone just wants to get this show over with,” Justin suggested.

Sara was keeping an eye on the time.  She knew the opening act was just about to go on.  “Josh, sweetie
, is it all right if we go watch the opening act?”

“Sure, but haven’t you seen them before?”

“Yeah, but Marc is playing in their band.  I haven’t seen that before.”

Josh and Sara got up to leave and all the others followed.  As they approached the stage the thumping sound of a hard rock band came to life. 

“What the hell,” Chris muttered.

The guys stood memorized at what was happening on stage.

“Who okayed this band?”  JC asked.

“I did,” Johnny proudly stated.  “Aren’t they great.”

Justin had a perplexed expression on his face.  “I think I know that song.”

Joey listened closely then burst out laughing.  “You should know that song.  We are going to do it tonight.”

Justin concentrated on the music.  Then it hit him.  “You got it?

“Bingo!”  Joey looked closer at the band.  “Shit! We’re being had.”

“What do you mean?”  Chris asked.

“That’s Brian, Ron and Jeff from our band,” Joey pointed out.

“Then who the hell is the drummer?”  JC asked.  “I’ve never seen him before.”

“Oh, that’s Mick Dundee, he’s my new find from Australia,” Johnny boasted.

Lance hadn’t said anything during the performance.  His eyes were fixed on the drummer.  Slowly a devilish smile crept across his face.  

After an encore, the band ran off the stage to thunderous screams from the audience.

The guys congratulated each member as they came off stage.   When the drummer came off he got slaps on the back for a job well done.  The drummer just said, “Thanks, mate.”  And headed back stage.

Lance, who seemed to be in a daze followed after the drummer.  Everyone got a questioning look on their faces as they watched Lance walk off.  It took only a minute before the others followed after Lance.

Turning down a hallway leading to dressing rooms they found it empty.  “Where’d he go?”  Joey asked.

Light was coming from a partly open door at the end of the hall.  Quietly the group moved to the open door and peered in.   They could only see the makeup table and the big mirror above it.  In it’s reflection they could see the back of the drummer as he took off his leather vest revealing a nicely muscled back with several tattoos.

“Damn, that guy has some awesome tattoos,” Justin said softly.

Lance looked up into the dark blue eyes of the drummer.  His long dark brown hair fell over his shoulders framing the ruggedly handsome face.   The drummer removed his vest and tossed it on the chair.  Lance’s gaze drifted down to the strong chest.  The skin looked velvety smooth, not a single hair on it.  On the right pectoral was a tattoo of a cross, just like the one he wore around his neck on a gold chain.  On the left pectoral was a magnificent tattoo of a Phoenix.  Its wings were spread wide and the whole bird seemed to be made of flame.  Hesitantly, Lance brought his hand up to touch the Phoenix, lightly running his fingers over the hot flesh.

The drummer put an arm around Lance’s waist and pulled him closer.  Lance looked up as the drummer leaned in and their lips met.

“What the fuck are you doing,” Chris shouted as the group barged into the room.

“Lance, how could you do this to Marc!”  Justin bellowed.

The kiss continued in spite of the intrusion.

Sara and Johnny erupted into laughter.

Breaking the kiss Lance stared into the deep blue eyes.  With a sigh Lace said, “It’s easy to do this, Justin.  We do it every chance we get.  Don’t we, Boo?”

“Damn right,” Marc said as he gazed into Lance’s eyes.  Turning with a grin to his stunned friends he gave them a wink.

“Shit!  It’s Marc,” Chris said in recognition. 
“Damn, bro, you had me fooled,” Justin said as he joined in the laughter.

“Okay, wait a minute,” Joey said.  “Marc, wasn’t it last month that you almost passed out when you got your ears pierced?  And what about “Don’t even think about a tattoo.”

Marc laughed, “The piercing are all fake.  So are the tatoos, they will come off with a special cream.”

“You all need to be getting ready,” Johnny reminded everyone.

“Right,” JC agreed.  “Come on, let’s get our heads ready.”

Everyone turned to return to their dressing room to prepare for the show. 

Lance made no move to leave.  He was lightly running his fingers over Marc’s chest totally absorbed with Marc’s body.

Joey was frowning when he stuck his head back in to say something to Lance.

Marc stopped Joey with a raised hand indicating he needed to give them a minute.

Marc turned and picked up the shirt he was to wear when he played in the band.  When he pulled the shirt over his head Lance seemed to snap out of his funk.

“Hey!”  Lance yelled.  “Why did you do that?”

“Because we both have a job to do,” Marc pointed out.  “I need to finish changing and you need to get ready for the show.”

“I could wait for you to change,” Lance offered.

“James, if you stay, the concert will be late starting and both of us will get in trouble.  You need to get your head out of my chest and back on tonight’s show.  And I need to get out of this makeup,” Marc pointed out as he started to remove the fake nose piercing

“Okay, I’ll go,” Lance said with poutie lips.  “But will you do me a big favor?”

“What’s that?”

“At the wrap party, will you wear that outfit?   You look so hot in it.”


Lance looked into Marc’s eyes.  “You can leave the hair and the piercing off.”

“You’ve got it James.  Now get your ass out of here,” Marc gave Lance’s ass a slap as he pushed him out the door.

The concert that night had more energy than any other before.  Johnny had a few surprises for the guys.  When the guys sang, “I Want You Back,” a gorilla in a pink tutu appeared on stage.  The she gorilla flirted with Justin and JC as they sang.  At the end she grabbed Justin and tossed him over her shoulder and carried him off as her mate.

 Everyone was having a great time, but all good things must come to an end.  Before the last song the guys introduced the behind the scenes people.  Everyone was asked to join them on stage as they sang their closing number.

While the arena was being emptied of fans everyone got cleaned up.  Marc changed back into his leathers before swinging by the guys' dressing room to pick up Lance.

Tables loaded with food and drink lined the back of the stage.  The whole staff gathered on stage waiting for the guys to arrive.  Before the party could start each of the guys made a small speech of thanks.  Justin asked Marc to steep forward to make a brief statement.

“Ah, I like to thank the guys for putting me on the spot like this.”  Taking a deep breath Marc continued.  “When I first showed up none of you knew who I was and why I was here.  To be honest, I was not sure why I was here my self.  The only thing I knew was my new friends had asked me to join them on tour.  I was offered a job as web master, but little did I know how many other hats I was destined to wear.  If it wasn’t for the friendship and help from all of you, I couldn’t have been successful in those positions.  I want to thank you all for accepting me as part of this great big *Nsync family.”

The party broke up around one o’clock.  A security van dropped Sara and the guys back at their hotel.  After making arrangements for the morning Lance and Marc retired to their room.

As soon as the door was shut and locked Lance grabbed Marc, pulling him into a passionate kiss.  Pulling Marc over to the bed he started undressing Marc.  Pushing Marc’s vest over his shoulders letting it drop to the floor.  Lance attacked Marc's neck, slowly working his way down to Marc’s erect nipples.  Marc had trouble catching his breath as Lance moved down his body kissing every ridge of Marc’s six-pack before stopping to suck on Marc’s belly button.  Unbuckling Marc’s heavy belt Lance started to unbutton Marc’s fly.  As he pulled the leather pants down Lance discovered Marc very full jock.

Smiling, Lance looked up, “What’s this?  A very big package. . . .  And it’s all mine.”

Lance took the tip of Marc’s jock in his teeth and slowly started to unwrap his prize.


Marc rolled over and slapped the annoying alarm silent.

Lance groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  “Tell me you made a mistake in setting the alarm and we still have a couple hours to sleep.”

“Sorry, love.  I set the alarm correctly.  We need to get moving if we’re to catch our flight.”

“Can we shower together?”  Lance asked with a devilish grin.

“Yes.  But not for what you have in mind.  I’ll need your help to remove these tattoos.”

“You’re no fun,” Lance said with a sigh.  “Okay, lets do this.”

As they were dressing Marc began to laugh, “I can’t believe you talked me into keeping this.”

Lance ran his fingers over the Phoenix tattoo.  “I like this one.  It’s so much you.”

“You know it will eventually wash off?” Marc pointed out.

“Yeah, I know.”  Lance sighed, leaning in he gave the tattoo a kiss.

In the VIP lounge Sara, Marc and Lance sat waiting for their flight to be called.  JC and Justin came with them to see them off.  When their flight was called Sara and Josh went off in a corner to say their good-byes.  Justin gave Lance and Marc bearhugs wishing them a good trip and he’d see them in a week.

Lance and Marc sat in the front seats of the plane with Sara behind them.  The door to the plane was shut and sealed as the plain’s engines roared to life.  Lance grabbed Marc’s hand as the plane started to move. 

As the plane's speed increased Marc leaned over as started whispering in Lance’s ear.
“James, have I told you how much I love you today?”

Lance smiled, “Yes, you have.  Time and again.”

“You know what?  For the first time since we met, we will be all alone.”

Lance’s grin widened.  “Do you have something planned?”

“Oh, yeah.  I have something planned.”

The fasten you’re seat belts sign went off as the plane leveled off.  Lance leaned in and whispered, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Taking my mind off of the take off.”

“Have we taken off?”  Marc asked with a grin.   

The both settled back in their seats and tried to relax.  Lance and Marc continued to hold hands as the flight progressed. 

Lance felt Marc tighten his grip on his hand.  Looking over he noticed a single tear slide down his cheek.  “Boo, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing really.”

“It has to be something.”

“It just hit me.”

“What hit you?”

“That my life is changing.  On Monday I’ll be changing my name then I’ll be moving to Florida to start my new life.”

“Our new life,” Lance corrected Marc. 


Oh wow!  So ends another chapter of My New Life.  In a way this is the end; the end of book 1 of My New Life.  I want to thank you the readers for your support over the last three years.  Especially those of you who voted for this story in the last Nifty Boy Band Awards.  A special thanks goes out to David my editor. 

Now this is not the end of the story.  Marc and Lance’s relationship is just starting.  In Book 2 we will find out what diabolical plans Lou has for Marc. And what plans Marc has to deal with Lou.  Marc has a family out there somewhere and it is up to them to find him.  To regain his memory Marc must also find the key.  And what is this connection to a couple cowboys in Texas.  So many questions.  So many questions. . . .

I won’t be posting any new chapters for a while.  I have a couple projects that need my attention and I won’t have the time to write until I’ve finished them.  Look for a new chapter sometime in September.  I hope everyone out there has a happy and safe summer. 

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