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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite Love

This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

Lance, Mikey, & a

Angel named Ethan

This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan.

My New Life
by James

Last Time:

Lance and Marc sat in the front seats of the plane with Sara behind them.  The door to the plane was shut and sealed as the plane’s engines roared to life.  Lance grabbed Marc’s hand as the plane started to move. 

As the plane's speed increased Marc leaned over as started whispering in Lance’s ear.
“James, have I told you how much I love you today?”

Lance smiled, “Yes, you have.  Time and again.”

“You know what?  For the first time since we met, we will be all alone.”

Lance’s grin widened.  “Do you have something planned?”

“Oh, yeah.  I have something planned.”

The "fasten you’re seat belts" sign went off as the plane leveled off.  Lance leaned in and whispered, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Taking my mind off of the take off.”

“Have we taken off?”  Marc asked with a grin.   

The both settled back in their seats and tried to relax.  Lance and Marc continued to hold hands as the flight progressed. 

Lance felt Marc tighten his grip on his hand.  Looking over he noticed a single tear slide down his cheek.  “Boo, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing really.”

“It has to be something.”

“It just hit me.”

“What hit you?”

“That my life is changing.  On Monday I’ll be changing my name then I’ll be moving to Florida to start my new life.”

“Our new life,” Lance corrected Marc. 

Chapter 58

Their plane landed at Dane County Regional Airport just before noon.  While Lance and Sara went to wait for their luggage, Marc went to claim their rental vehicle.  Marc pulled up to the curb just Sara and Lance exited with their bags. 

Lance smiled as Marc got out of the van and ran around to open the back doors.  “Didn’t they have anything bigger?”

Marc looked confused.

Sara laughed, “We don’t have that much luggage.  You could have gotten something smaller.”

Marc grinned with understanding.  “We may not have a lot now but I’ll need the room for my stuff I’m taking to Florida.”

Lance and Marc tossed the bags into the back of the van.  Getting into the van Sara asked, “Can we get something to eat before we head out?”

Marc nodded, “How about Mario’s?”

“What’s Mario’s?”  Lance asked.

“An Italian restaurant just off campus.  Remember the pizza we ordered the first night here.  It came from Mario’s.”

“The food was good,” Lance agreed.

“Then Mario’s it is,” Sara declared.

The restaurant turned out to be a good choice, the food was great and for Lance it turned out to be good entertainment, as he watched the coming and going of the students. 

“Are they all students?”  Lance asked.

Marc looked around and nodded, “Looks like it.  There’s really not that many students, the population of summer school isn’t that much.”

“Just wait a couple weeks,” Sara said.  “The new semester will be starting and this place becomes a zoo.”

“And that reminds me,” Marc said. “I have a meeting with the dean of the music department in half an hour.”

“Will you get your theme?”  Lance asked.  Marc nodded.

“We know what Marc’s going to be doing for the next hour.  What would you like to do?”  Sara asked Lance.

Lance smiled shyly, “Do you know where the business school is located?  I need to see if I passed my exam.”

Sara nodded, “It’s not far.”

“How about we meet back here in an hour?”  Marc suggested.

“Sounds good,” Lance said.  “Good luck.”

Marc was waiting when Sara and Lance returned.  Loading up they headed out for Big Bear Lake.

It was a warm day and the air conditioner just couldn’t cool the big van.  With windows rolled down they made their way north into the cooling forest of Wisconsin.

Lance’s eyes were studying the road ahead as if looking for something.  Marc slowed slightly as he approached the next intersection, a road coming off a large hill that intersected the highway.  Both Marc’s and Lance’s heads looked up the side road as they drove pass.  Lance turned to look at Marc and found him grinning back at him. 

Sara noticed the silent exchange at first wondering what had just happened, then it dawned on her they just passed the spot where Marc and Lance had first met.  A sly smile spread across her face. 

“Sis, where do we need to drop you?”  Marc asked as they pulled into town.

“My car is at the hospital.  Dad took me to the airport.”

“Will Dad be working?”  Marc asked.

“He should be.  He switched with Dr. Jennings so he could have Monday off.”

Jill looked up form the magazine she had been reading when she heard the sound of the emergency room door hissed open.  A smile spread across her face as she recognized Sara and what looked like Marc.

“Hi Sara, how was your vacation?”  Jill asked.

“It was wonderful.  Is my dad in?”

“I think he’s in his office,” Jill said.  “Do you want me to call him?”

“No, we’ll find him,” Sara said as she headed down the hall.

Jill looked shyly at Marc, “It’s good to see you Marc.  I like the beard.”

“Thanks, Jill.  It’s good to be home,” Marc said over his shoulder as he and Lance followed Sara.

As they walked down the hall Lance was grinning at Marc.  “What?” Marc asked.

“Jill has a crush on you,” Lance sang.

“I know.  But she’s not my type.”

“And what might your type be?”

Marc leaned close and whispered, “I like horny blonds with big balls, and a big hard cock.”

Lance’s face instantly turned red, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

Marc laughed as they reached his dad's office. 

Sara knocked lightly on the open door.  Tom looked up and smiled at the group standing in the door.

“Are you busy?”  Sara asked.

“No!  Not at all,” Tom said as he got up and went around to greet his visitors.  Tom pulled Sara into his arms giving her a hug and a kiss.  “Welcome home.”

Releasing Sara, Tom turned to Lance who held out his hand.  “Doc Tom,” Lance said. 

“Lance,” Tom said as he took the offered hand and pulled him into a bear hug.  “Welcome home.”

Tom looked upon Marc with a raised eyebrow.  “And who do we have here?  He looks like someone I used to know.”

Taking Marc’s now hairy chin in is hand Tom looked over the new growth.  “It looks good.”

Marc let out a sigh of relief as Tom pulled him into a hug.  “Welcome home, Son.”

“It’s good to be home, Dad.”
Tom stepped back and took a good look at his son.  Marc looked well.  Touring didn’t seem to take too much of a toll on him.  The only thing he noticed that his tan was not as dark as it was last year when he marched with the Madison Scouts.  Marc had on a blue short sleeve shirt that hung open over a white tank top. 

Tom’s eyes narrowed when he spotted something under the left side of his tank top.  “What the hell!”  Tom reached out and moved the top aside revealing a tattoo.  “Marc, what’s this?”

“Relax, Dad, it’s not real,” Marc said as he looked down at the phoenix on his chest.

Sara started to laugh.  “It’s a good thing he didn’t see the others.”

“Others!  What others?”

“Last night's concert was the last one of the tour,” Marc went on to explain.  “Some of the musicians and I thought it would be funny if *Nsync had a new opening act.  We did an kind of punk rock act.”

“You should have seen him,” Sara butted in.  “Marc looked the part of a punk rocker.  Leather pants and vest.  Tattoos all over his arms and chest.  All kinds of piercing.”

“They were fake also,” Marc added.

“And hair down to his shoulders.” 

“Did anyone get any pictures?”  Tom laughed.

Sara nodded.  “I need to have them developed.”

“Evidently the tattoos came off, but why did you keep this one?”  Tom asked.

“Ah, . . . I asked Marc to keep that one for a while,” Lance admitted as his face reddened. 

“Oh.  And why would that be?”  Tom asked enjoying Lance’s nervousness.

“The smooth chest and tattoo is a turn on,” Lance mumbled.

Sara burst out laughing.  “It doesn’t take much to get his motor running.  All Marc has to do is bend over and he’s turned on.”

“It’s not the bending over that does it,” Marc said.  “It’s what I’m wearing when I bend over that does it.”

“Or not wearing,” Sara chuckled.  Lance and Marc both started to blush.

“This is getting to be too much personal information,” Tom laughed.  “What are your
plans guys?”

“Some quiet time,” Marc said as he gazed at Lance.  “Pack up what I’m taking with me.”

“I stopped by the cabin and opened it up last night,” Tom said.  “I stocked the refrigerator with milk, eggs, bacon, and bread.  That should take care of your breakfasts.  You may want to stop and pick up some stuff for your other meals.”

“That’s a good idea,” Marc said.  “What are you working tomorrow?”

“Early shift; should be off by three.”

“Why don’t you two come over after you get off and we can grill some steaks?”

“That sounds good,” Tom said.

“Do you want me to bring anything?”  Sara asked.

“Bring dessert.”

Marc unlocked the door giving it a nudge with his knee.  Walking in with his bag he dropped it just inside the door.  “God! It feels so good to be home.”

Marc turned around to see Lance standing inside the door still holding his bag.  “James, why are you standing there? 

“I, I’m not sure.”

Marc had an idea.  Going to Lance Marc took his bag out of his hand and dropped it next to his.  Taking his hand he lead him outside the door.  Sweeping him up in his arms he carried Lance back over the threshold. 

“What are you doing?”  Lance laughed.

“I’m carrying the man I love into our home. . . . Not my home. . . .  But our home.”  Marc kicked the door shut before he leaned in and gently kissed Lance.

Breaking the kiss Lance looked dreamily into Marc’s eyes.  “You are such a romantic.”

“You can be just as romantic when we get to Orlando,” Marc stated as he put Lance down.

“Am I suppose to carry you over the threshold?”

“If you love me you would,” Marc said with a smirk.

Lance sighed.  “I guess I need to start working out.”

“James, you don’t have to carry me over the threshold.  I’ve already claimed your home as mine.”

“What did you do?  Mark your territory like a dog?”

Marc grinned while bobbing his eyebrows.

“You didn’t!”

“You know that Ficus tree in the corner of the kitchen?”


“Don’t be surprised if it has turned brown.”

Lance frowned, thinking.  Swatting Marc in the arm he said, “That tree can’t turn brown.  It’s fake.”

Marc laughed as he pulled Lance closer.  “I found that out when I went to water it.”

“With being on the road so much, having live plants is a death sentence.”

“Well, I like having living things around me,” Marc said as he looked out the patio doors.

Lance noticed where Marc was looking as he took his hand and lead him to and out onto the patio.  Looking around the yard at the forest of trees that lined each edge leading to the expanse of the lake.

Marc stepped behind Lance and pulled him to his chest.  They both took deep breaths, filling their lungs with the clean fresh air.

“Are you going to miss this?”  Lance asked.                   

“Some.  But it’s not like I’m leaving for good.  Our home in Orlando will be special because we will make it special.  And we will also have this home to come to when we want to get away from everything or everybody.”

“Quiet weekends alone?”  Lance asked.

“Or even longer if we can find the time.”

“You know the fireplace would make it very cozy on a cold winters night,” Lance suggested.

Marc smiled as he held Lance tighter.  “It would make a great place to make love.”

Lance turned to look up at Marc.  “Love, not sex?”

Marc nodded.

“Have you been thinking about. . . . “

“Making love?  Yes.  I want to very much.  Have you thought about it any?”

“Yes.  I’ve been thinking about it also.  I’m just a little nervous; I’m not sure what to do.  I know what to do.  It’s just, I’ve never done it before.”

“Neither have I,” Marc said as he placed a soft kiss behind Lance’s ear.

“Do you want to do it now?”  Lance asked, his voice showing how nervous he was.

Marc chuckled, “No.  We don’t have to do it now.  There needs to be some preparations done first.”

“What kind of preparations?”

“The person who is going to be made love to should be clean,” Marc said.

“We’ve passed our HIV tests,” Lance said.  “We are clean.”

“Yes we are,” Marc said pulling Lance into a tighter hug.  “But that’s not the kind of clean I was talking about.”

“It’s not?  What are you talking about?”

“We both had breakfast this morning.”

“Yeah,” Lance said with a nod.

“And we had lunch in Madison.”

Lance smiled, “Good pizza.”

“And when was the last time you went to the bathroom?”  Marc asked.

“When we got up this morning,” Lance said as he thought about it.  “Oh, and just before we left the restaurant, we both had to pee.”

“When we went this morning we got rid of what we ate yesterday.”

Lance nodded.

“Right now you don’t have to go to the bathroom.”

“How do you know?”  Lance asked.

Marc laughed, “Love, I’ve been with you long enough to know your bodies internal clock.  First thing in the morning you take a big dump.”

Lance started to grin.

“After lunch and supper you pee.”

“And just around seven you head to the bathroom to take a dump.”

“Am I that predictable?”

“Most of the time,” Marc said.  “Your seven o’clock visit I think comes out of touring.”

“How’s that?”

“It’s a habit you’ve gotten yourself into.  Meet n Greet is scheduled most of the time from six to seven.  Then you go right to wardrobe.  The first thing you do is go to the bathroom.”

“Yeah, I see.  I go then because once in wardrobe it’s such a hassle to go.”

“I think all the guys do it for the same reason.  Once you guys are in wardrobe, you start getting yourself psyched for the show.  The show takes all your energy and concentration.  Something like having to pee in the middle of the show would be disastrous.”

Lance laughed, “You’re telling me?  It’s happened to us.”

“And you guys have learned a lesson from that.  So no matter where we are.  Around seven you all head for the bathroom.  I’ve noticed it at the venue, and at the hotel, and even on the tour bus.”

Lance chuckled.  “Now I’ll start watching the others to see what happens around seven.”

“The point I’m making about being clean has to do with that area.  When we make love. . .  One of us will be placing his very hard cock inside of his partner.”

“That’s the idea,” Lance said.

“How much pleasure do you think you would be giving your lover if you took a very hard and some what long piece of cock and shoved it into a very tight hole.”

“Hopefully a lot of pleasure,” Lance said.

“Not if all you’re doing is compacting his last two meals.  The pressure would be uncomfortable if not down right painful.  And what about the partner?  Pounding his dick into a wall of shit.”

Lance made a face, “Eeeuuuu, that sounds nasty.”

“It is.  Now how would it be if the person had cleaned himself out before they made love?”

“They would both enjoy it more,” Lance said.  “How do you clean yourself out?”

“With an enema.”

“Doesn’t  it hurt?”  Lance asked.

“Have you ever had one?”

“When I was little.  I couldn’t go to the bathroom and my mom gave me one.”

“Normally it doesn’t hurt.  You must have been hurting from not being able to go to the bathroom before she gave you the enema.”

“Yeah, I was,” Lance agreed.

“So the added pressure of the enema just made it hurt more,” Marc observed.  “I’ve had it done for tests in the hospital.  It can be a little uncomfortable at first.  But by the second or third one it starts to feel good.”

“Second or third!”

Marc laughed, “The first two pretty much clean you out.  The third one is just a rinse.”

“It sounds like you are doing laundry,” Lance laughed.

“In a way it is.  You are making sure that your lover will slip his cock into a clean bed.  One that is clean and warm.  One that will let you and your lover feel the most intimate pleasures that you both have to give.

Lance loved being held by Marc.  His strong arms wrapped around him made him feel safe.  He knew Marc would never hurt him but the idea of Marc making love to him in that way still made him uneasy. 

Marc could feel the tension in Lance.  Moving a hand to Lance’s chest he could feel the quick beating of his heart.  “Love, it doesn’t have to happen now.   When the time is right it will .  Right now there is something I’ve been wanting to do since the first day I met you.”

“What would that be?”  Lance asked.

Taking Lance by the hand Marc lead him back into the cabin.  “Where are we going?”  Lance asked with a laugh.

“To the one room I’ve wanted to have you in from the beginning,” Marc said as he stopped at his bedroom door.

Lance grinned, “I feel honored.  To be included among the privilege to share your bed.”

“You know the others didn’t mean anything.  I had hoped you would find your way into my bed that first week.”

Lance wrapped his arms around Marc’s neck pulling him down to his lips.  Marc surrendered to Lance’s probing tongue as their kiss deepened.  Lance moaned as Marc picked him up and moved them to the foot of the bed. 

Finally coming up for air they both gasped.  “I’ve been wanting to do this since last night,” Marc said still catching his breath.

“Do what?”  Lance asked.

“I want to taste every part of you,” Marc said as he attacked the side of Lance’s neck.

Lance closed his eyes and let out a soft moan as Marc licked behind his right ear then started to move lower.

The tour bus pulled into Lou’s compound late in the afternoon.  Johnny had traveled with the guys back to Orlando getting personal feedback on the tour and what could be done to improve the next one.

Lou met the bus with a big grin on his face.  “Welcome.  Welcome home.”

“Hey, Lou.  What’s up?”  Joey asked.

“Just wanted to make sure everyone got back okay,” Lou said as he scanned the group.  “Where are Lance and Marc?”

“They flew back to Wisconsin,” JC answered.

Lou frowned, “Why?”

“Marc is moving in with Lance,” Johnny said.  “They went to pack some of Marc stuff.”

“So, Marc and Lance are going to be living together. . . .  How long will they be gone?”

“About two weeks,” Justin quickly said.  “Marc and Lance both wanted to spend some time with their families.”

“Oh, okay,” Lou said his face showing disappointment.  “Well, welcome home and enjoy your down time.”   Lou turned and walked back to his office.

Chris turned to Justin, “What’s going on?  Why did you tell Lou they’d be gone two weeks?”

“Lou is wanting to sign Marc.  He’s been pushing Marc to drop my mom and sign with him.  I was just trying to give him some extra time.”

Chris was mad.  “What is Lou trying to pull?”

“Chris, calm down,” Justin said as he put his arm around Chris.  “Marc said he wouldn’t ever sign with Lou.”

“You know as well as I that Lou won’t take no for an answer,” Chris said still fuming.

“Marc knows what Lou is like.  He has already been checking into Marc’s life.”

“Shit!,” Chris swore.

“Marc had already anticipated Lou,” Justin continued.  “He’s been two steps ahead of Lou all the way.”

“But what if Lou finds something he can use on Marc.”  JC asked.

“He already has found something to use on Marc,” Justin said with an impish grin.

Joey studied Justin for a minute, “Lou found what Marc wanted him to find.  Didn’t he?”

Justin smirked, “That was the plan.”

A collective sigh came from Joey, JC and Chris.

Lance was pushing down on Marc’s shoulders, “Please, I need a break.”

Marc looked up, letting Lance’s softening cock slip from his mouth.   “Want more,” Marc grunted like a cave man.

Lance laughed, “I don’t have any more to give you.  Oh god!  I can’t believe you sucked me off five times.”

Marc crawled up Lance’s body and lay on top of him keeping his weight on his elbows and knees.  “Ugh, good juice.  Want more.”

Lance laughed and swatted Marc’s behind.  “You drained everything I have.  You will just have to wait until later.”

“Oh!”  Marc said with disappointment on his face. 

Lance kissed Marc on the end of his nose, “You can have the next batch when it is ready.  I promise.”

Marc’s face lit up, “Hurry and make more juice.”

“You’re a nut,” Lance laughed.

“And I’m your nut,” Marc said as he rolled to the side.  Lifting his right arm Marc let Lance snuggle into his favorite position.

Lance was relaxed and very content.  Marc’s wanting to taste Lance turned out to be a very stimulating experience.  It wasn’t too long before Marc had him so turned on Lance practically tore Marc’s clothes off him.  They quickly settled into a sixty-nine position, hungrily attacking each other's hard cocks.  It didn’t take long before they both shot a load.  Instead of stopping then Marc continued to work on him.  Since Marc had not softened Lance continued to make love to Marc’s beautiful cock.  After the third time Lance rolled onto his back, trying to catch his breath.

Marc was not satisfied yet so he moved down between Lance’s legs and once again attacked Lance’s semi hard cock.  After his fourth orgasm Lance knew he had nothing left to give.  Marc changed his attack from Lance’s cock to his balls.  Spreading Lance’s legs far apart Marc started to make love to his balls and inner thighs.  The new sensations brought Lance back to life.  Marc had been evil in his work.  Time and again he brought Lance to the brink then backed off letting him cool down. 

“That was awesome,” Lance said after he had snuggled up next to Marc.   “I don’t think I could have stand being so close and not cumming again.”

“The last time you cum there wasn’t that much.  I figured I needed to prime the well, so to speak.”

“You did a great job.  But I think you may have drained it dry.”

“I hope not,” Marc said.

Lance was running his hand over Marc’s now hairless six-pack when he heard and felt Marc’s stomach rumble.  Seconds later Lance’s stomach rumbled in reply.  They both started to laugh.

“Someone is trying to tell us something,” Lance laughed.

Marc turned his head and looked out the window.  “No wonder.  It’s almost dark.”

“What do we have to eat?”  Lance asked.

“We could eat our breakfast,” Marc suggested.  “Or we can check and see what we have in the freezer.”

“Let’s check the freezer,” Lance said as he rolled out of bed.  “I hungry.”

A quick check of the freezer found a couple pizzas and a box of egg rolls.  “Yes!  We get to eat,”  Lance shouted.

Marc popped the package of egg roll into the oven first; they would be ready in only ten minutes while the pizzas were going to take longer.

The food was quickly devoured and the dishes stacked in the sink.  Marc went and started a fire in the fireplace.  Lance was watching Marc as he squatted in front of the fireplace lighting the fire.  Lance wanted to go up behind Marc and grab the twin hard globes of his ass, but thought better of it.   “Be careful.  We don’t want junior to get burnt by a wayward spark,” Lance warned.

Closing the fireplace screen Marc moved back to sit next to Lance in front of the couch.  Lance moved to sit in front of Marc between his legs.  Leaning back against Marc’s chest he was wrapped in Marc’s strong arms.

Lance sighed, “I like this.”

“The fire is nice.”

“It’s not just the fire.  I love it when you hold me like this.”

“You mean you like sitting naked in front of a roaring fire in the middle of August with all the windows open?”

“No.  I like sitting in your arms, naked in front of a roaring fire in the middle of August with all the windows open.”

“I kind of like this, too,” Marc chuckled.  They sat for a long time watching the fire not saying anything.  Marc caressed Lance’s chest, lightly brushing over his nipples then working his way down over the ridges of his abdomen, circling his bellybutton with the tip of his finger.

Marc’s finger was starting to tickle.  Lance reached down interlocking their fingers then moved Marc’s hand up to is lips kissing Marc’s palm softly.

Marc leaned down and softly kissed Lance behind the ear.  “Love you,” Marc said softly.

“Love you too,” Lance moaned.

“Listen,” Lance said.

“To what?”

“Don’t you hear it?”

“Hear what?”  Marc asked.

“The silence.  No video game.  No beat box from Justin.”

“Yes.  I don’t hear Josh talking in his sleep and Joey’s not farting.”

“Yes, silence is good,” Lance laughed.

After a long moment of silence Marc asked, “James, did you find out your grade?”


“Well, how did you do?”

“I got an A.”

“You did?  That’s great.  I’m so proud of you.”

“Come on, it only one course,” Lance said.

“It’s not just one course.  It’s one collage credit,” Marc pointed out.

Lance smiled to himself, “It is.  Isn’t it?”

Turning his head Lance looked back at Marc.  “What did you find out?”

“I found out I was one of the last to pick up their assignment.  There wasn’t much to choose from.”

“Well.  Are you going to tell me what your assignment is?”

“No, I’m not going to tell you.”

“Why?  Is it that bad?”

“How about if I just show you what my assignment is?”  Marc said as he nudged Lance up.  Getting up Marc took Lance by the hand and went to the patio doors. 

Lance stopped at the doors.  “You want to go out there?”

“That’s the idea.”

“But we don’t have anything on,” Lance protested.

Marc laughed, “I know.  Don’t worry no one will see you, besides me.”  They walked down to the dock.  Marc had Lance sit on the edge of the dock while he sat behind him wrapping his arms around Lance. 

“Okay, what do you want to show me?”  Lance asked.

“Look out.  What do you see?”

“The lake.  Some lights from cabins across the lake.”

“What else?”  Marc prodded.

Lance studied the lake looking for more detail.  “I can see fish jumping.  The reflection from the moon makes it easy to see.”

Marc leaned back on the dock, pulling Lance back with him.  “Now what do you see?”

“Wow!  Stars.  Millions of stars.”

“That’s my assignment,” Marc said.  “I get to set all that to music.”


The next morning the two of them slept in for once.  It was almost ten when they headed for their morning shower, which they took together.  They managed to finish just as the hot water was running out.  After a quick breakfast they donned clothes so they could go to the store to pick up supplies for the cookout.

When they returned Marc went about putting the steakes in marinade. 

“What do you want to do?”  Marc asked.

Marc grinned, bobbing his eyebrows.

“Other than that,” Lance stated.

Marc’s grin disappeared.

“We can do that after Sara and your dad go home.”

Marc’s grin reappeared.  “How about we go swimming?”

“Yeah, and I can work on my tan,” Lance agreed.

Marc went to get some towels.  When he returned Lance was surprised to see Marc had nothing on and was heading for the patio doors.  “Marc!”


“What are you doing?”

“Going for a swim.”

“But you have nothing on.”

“Yeah, I know,” Marc said with a sly grin.  “Aren’t you coming?”

Sara walked into Marc’s cabin to drop off a German Chocolate cake for dessert.  Not finding anyone in the cabin Sara went to check out back.  Steeping out onto the patio she quickly spotted her brother and Lance.  ‘Oh my!’  Sara thought as she looked upon the two sunbathers.  Marc and Lance were lying on their backs absorbing the suns rays.  Sara let her eyes roam over the two forms before her.  ‘Damn, little brother you do know how to pick them.’  Smiling to herself, ‘I hope someone remembered the sun screen.’
“How much time do you think we have?”  Lance asked.

Marc shielded his eyes as he looked toward the sun.  “It’s early yet.  It’s only around one.”

Sara stepped back into the cabin.  “Anybody home,” Sara called out.

“Shit!”  Lance shouted as he turned onto his stomach.

Marc laughed as he sat up and looked toward the cabin.  Sara was standing at the door grinning.

“We’re out here,” Marc called out.

“Marc!”  Lance whispered.

Sara came out and took a chair near them.

“Aren’t you early?”  Marc inquired.

“I was just dropping off tonight’s dessert.”  Turning her attention to Lance, “Enjoying the sun?  Lance.”

“Ah, oh, yeah,” Lance stammered while not looking at Sara.

Marc propped himself up on one elbow looking between his embarrassed boyfriend and his grinning sister.  ‘Sara is enjoying this way too much,’ Marc thought.  Sara was admiring Lance’s untanned butt.

“Sis, is it possible for someone’s butt to blush?”

Lance’s head snapped to look at Marc giving him a ‘what the hell are you doing?’ look.

Sara laughed, “I don’t think so.  Maybe he needs more sun screen.”

Marc took the edge of Lance’s towel and covered his butt.

“I need to get going,” Sara said as she got up.  “I’ve got some shopping to do. . . .  See you later Lance.”

Lance looked up as Sara started moving away, “Yeah, see you later.”

“Marc, you made a good choice,” Sara said nodding toward Lance.  “He has good looking equipment.  Too bad he’s gay.”

“Too bad for you,” Marc shot back.  “Great for me.”

“How can you sit there like that?”  Lance asked.

Marc frowned, “Like what?”

“You have nothing on.  You just sat there like it happens everyday.”

“Well, it doesn’t happen everyday.  But Sara has seen me without clothes before.”

Lance gave Marc a puzzled look.

“James, Sara was my nurse right from the beginning.  While I was in a coma she took care of me.  She bathed me.  And remember when I told you about all the nurses using the excuse of a sponge bath to check me out?  James, I’m not ashamed of what I got.  I know Sara looks.  But I know it’s not in a sexual way.”

“I’m just not use to this.”

“I take it not many woman have seen you naked.”

“My mom hasn’t seen me naked since I was ten.”

Marc sighed, “I guess walking around nude is out, at your parents' house.”

“I think that would be a good idea,” Lance said.

“I’ve had enough sun,” Marc said.  “How about we go shower and get dressed before Sara returns?”

Sara did return, with Tom.  Sara could see Lance was still embarrassed about what happened earlier.  She took Lance aside for a little talk and when they returned Lance was in better spirits.

Everyone enjoyed the cookout and Marc enjoyed spending time with his dad.  After Sara and Tom left for the night Lance and Marc retired to their bedroom.  The driving passion of the night before was replaced with a slow tender session of making out and just cuddling.

Lance was awakened from his slumber when something didn’t feel right.  Reaching out he felt for Marc but he wasn’t there.  The flushing of the toilet told Lance Marc’s whereabouts.  Lance sat up on his elbows as Marc came back into the bedroom. 

“I missed you,” Lance said softly.

Marc went to Lance and gave him a good morning kiss.  “Morning.”

“Come back to bed,” Lance said as he stretched.

“How about you come running with me?”

Lance’s face lit up then just as quickly a frown formed.  “We’re not going to go running naked, are we?”

“No,” Marc laughed.  “I’m going to wear my running shoes and a jock.”

Lance’s eyes got big.

“And running shorts,” Marc added.

Lance let out a sigh of relief, “I’ll go along.”

This was the first time that Lance had run with Marc here at the lake; Joey had been Marc’s victim that first week.  After stretching, they headed out side by side, down the driveway, across the road and into the forest.  Marc set a leisurely pace as they headed up the fire trail. 

“I love running here,” Lance said.  “No traffic. . . .  Fresh air.”

“No one around,” Marc added.  

“Especially, no on around,” Lance laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was worried that you’d be out here running in the nude.”

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye Marc reached down to the front of his running shorts and gave a tug.  “Like this?”  The velcro gave way and Marc was running only in his jock.

Lance shook his head as Marc ran ahead of him waving his shorts above his head laughing.

“Come on James, join me,” Marc called out.

“Newman, you are insane.  What if someone sees you?”

Marc laughed, “You’re seeing me.”

Lance caught up with Marc and gave his a smack on the butt.  “Nice ass,” then took off at full speed.

Marc took chase, not trying too hard to catch up.  As they were coming up on an intersection of two fire lanes Lance stopped short.  Coming down the other trail was jeep.

Lance turned to warn Marc but when he looked at him he was just finishing hooking the sides of his shorts back together.  Coming up to Lance Marc gave him a wink.

The Jeep pulled up to them and stopped.  The ranger said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning, sir,” Lance said nervously.

“Hey, Stick, how’s it going?”  Marc said.

“Doing great, Marc,” the ranger said giving Lance a look over.  “I heard you were back in town.”

“Stick, this is my friend, James Bass.  James, this is Stick Green, one of our local conservation officers.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Lance said offering his hand.

With a warm handshake Stick said, “Likewise.”

“I thought you might be out here.  I just wanted to warn you that they are doing some cutting a half-mile over.  Be sure to watch for logging trucks.”

“Thanks, Stick.  We'll head the other way and stay clear of the traffic.”

“You two fellas enjoy your run,” Stick said as he headed down the trail.

“That was close,” Lance said as he watched the Jeep disappear over the next small hill.

“I heard him coming,” Marc said as he headed off back the way they had come.

Returning to the cabin Marc said,   “Why don’t you go get your shower while I start breakfast.”

“Why don’t you join me in the shower?”  Lance said in a deep seductive voice.

“Because if I do we’ll not have time for breakfast before we leave for the courthouse.”

“Well I guess,” Lance sighed.  “But it won’t be the same with out someone to wash my back.”

“You’ll manage,” Marc said as he pulled two skillets out and put them on the burners to heat.

“Well, okay,” Lance said as he started toward the bathroom.  Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts he gave them a shove.  The garment fell to his feet as he left the kitchen.

Marc picked up the shorts and was going to toss them at Lance when for some unexplained reason he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Shit,” Marc muttered as he tossed the shorts through the bedroom door.

Lance strolled out of the bedroom, now naked with a towel over his shoulder.  He paused as his eyes met Marc’s.  A sly smile spreading across his face as he crossed the hall to the bathroom his hip swinging, as he entered the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Marc returned to his skillets laying slices of bacon sizzling as they hit the pan.

“Oh, this feels so good,” Lance called out.  “The hot water feels great.” 

Marc hung his head shaking it.

“Oh, god, this feels so good.”  Came the sounds from the bathroom.

Marc turned the stove knob off and moved the skillet to a cold burner.  Marc kicked off his shoes then headed for the bathroom, dropping his running shorts and jock outside the door before entering.  “I’ll wash your back if you’ll wash mine,” Marc said as he stepped into the shower.

Marc pulled the van into a parking spot in front of the courthouse.  Two spots down he saw his dad’s car.  After putting some coins into the parking meter Marc and Lance headed up the steps to find Sara and Tom waiting for them.  After quick hugs they headed into the courthouse. 

“You ready for this?”  Tom asked Marc.

“Yes.  It’s something I should have done when you first asked me.”

Tom put an arm around Marc’s shoulder.  “You weren’t ready to do this then.  I understand.”

Judge Steven Thompson sat behind his desk in starched white dress shirt with a black bow tie.  His judge's robes hung on a hook behind his desk.  He was reading through a stack of papers before him.  He looked over the rim of his reading glasses at the four people sitting before him.

“This is highly unusual,” the judge stated.  “I’ve never had an adoption petitionbefore me for the adoption of a grown man.  You’re what?  Twenty-three now.”

“Yes, your honor,” Marc said.

The judge turned his attention to Tom.  “Tom, you have partitioned the court to declare Marc Newman, your son with all the legal rights that goes with it.  Do you do this of your own free will?”

“Yes, your honor I do.”

“Sara Morgan, do you agree with this action your father is taking?”

“Yes, your honor.  Marc became a member of our family a long time ago.  This just makes it legal.”

The judge turned to Marc, “Son, how do you feel about this?”

“Your honor, you know what my life has been like.  I had no family; no home; I didn’t even have me.  I had to start with nothing.  It was hard and I was scared to death most of the time.  The only thing in my life that anchored me was the love I received from Tom and Sara.  I love them both and I can’t think of anything I’d be prouder of as to be Tom’s son and Sara’s brother.”

The judge’s gaze looked behind Marc.  “Marc, what interest does the young gentleman behind you have in this matter?”

“Your honor, this is James Bass, my best friend.  I asked him to be here with me today.”

The judge sat up straight in his chair.  “I, Steven Thompson, do hear by affix my signature to this petitionof adoption on this the sixteenth day of August in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.  Declaring one, Marc Newman from this day forward to be known as Marc Newman Morgan.  He is hereby the legal son of Thomas Morgan and brother of Sara Morgan.  And is hereby granted all legal right that comes with it.”  The judge signed the document then turned it toward Marc.

“Marc, sign here,” the judge said. 

Marc stood and approached the desk.  Taking the pen he signed the document.

“Tom,” the judge indicated the next line.

Tom signed where indicated.

“Sara, James, would you sign as witness?” the judge asked.

Sara went to the desk and signed where the judge indicated.  She then turned to Marc and gave his a kiss.

Lance stepped up and signed the document.  When he turned to Marc he could see tears running down his cheeks.  Lance reached up and whipped away one of Marc’s tears.  Marc did likewise sweeping away a tear running down Lance’s cheek.  Placing his hand behind Lance’s head Marc pulled him into an embrace.  Nothing was said just some pats on the back then they broke the embrace.

The judge handed the documents to his clerk.  They watched as she affixed the judge's seal along with her’s. 

The judge stood and offered Marc his hand.  “May I be the first to congratulate the new Mr. Marc Morgan on his new family.”

Marc beamed as he shook the judge's hand.

Judge Thompson turned to Tom.  “I have one other document for you.”  He handed Tom a document which he quickly scanned before he picks up a pen and signed it.  The judge also signed it and handed it to his clerk who also signed and affixed her seals.

“What’s that?”  Sara inquired.

“My new will,” Tom said.  “I had it updated since I’ve just become a father again.”

After leaving the courthouse they decided to have lunch at the finest restaurant in the county seat.  After placing their orders Tom held up his wine glass.  “I’d like to make a toast. . .  To my son.  I was there for your rebirth.  I watch him struggle with many issues and I watched him overcome them.  It didn’t take long for my admiration of you to turn to love.  I love you son. . .  That statement alone fills me with such joy.  To Marc, my son.”

“To Marc,” they all said.

Justin pulled into the driveway of Lance’s house.  As he got out of his car Joey pulled up and parked next to him.

“Hey, Joe,” Justin greeted.

“Hey, J.  Been here long?”

“No I just got here.”  Walking to the front door he pulled out his key and unlocked the door.  Turning to the security keypad he punched in a code deactivating the alarm.

“It’s stuffy in here,” Joey noted.

Justin went and reset the air conditioning.

Joey strolled over to the patio doors and look out into the backyard.  “Did Lance say anything about opening up the pool?”

“Yeah he asked me to see it gets set up.  But I’m going to forget about it.”


“I’ll show you,” Justin said as he stepped into the back yard.  They made their way to the back fence.  “Joe, will you help me?”

“Sure, what?”

“I want to move this fence panel.  Marc removed the screws so we didn’t have to drive around the block.”

Each taking an end of the eight-foot panel they lifted it up and moved it to the side. 

“Cool,” Joey said as he got his first look at the house.

“Come on I’ll show you around,” Justin said. 

Justin and Joey emerged from the Marc’s new studio.  “That is a great setup,” Joey said.

“Yeah it is,” Justin agreed.

“Okay, we need to go shopping,” Joey said.

“Do you know what you want to do with your bedroom?” 

“Yeah I do.  When will JC and Chris be back?” 

“Chris will be back tomorrow and JC will be back on Wednesday,” Justin said.

“Is Marc going to furnish the rest of the house?”  Joey asked.

“I think he wants to do it with Lance’s help.  Let's hit the stores.”

Lunch turned out to be a long one.  Marc wasn’t in a hurry for it to end.  They talked about the tour and filled Tom in on their plans.  The lunch crowd had dispersed and they were the only table left when they decided to move on. 

After a leisurely drive around the lake Marc and Lance returned to the cabin.  Marc pulled Lance into a kiss before the door had closed.

“Happy?”  Lance inquired looking up into Marc’s glowing face.

Marc nodded, “It’s been the best day of my life.”

“What do you want to do to celebrate?”  Lance asked bobbing his eyebrows.

Marc laughed, “Yeah, I’d like to do that too.  But. . . “

“But what?”

“If we don’t get the van loaded we can’t leave in the morning.”

“Work first.  Lovin' later,” Lance understood.

Marc would bring boxes of notebooks out and Lance would load them in the van.  The boxes gave way to musical instruments.

“Where are you getting all this?”  Lance asked as Marc brought another two large cases.

“I own a few drums,” Marc shrugged.

“You have enough to outfit the whole Madison Scouts drum line,” Lance commented.

“Not quite,” Marc chuckled as he went back for more.

After an hours work Marc came out with the last load, a couple garment bags and a small suitcase.  “This is it,” Marc announced.

Lance laid the garment bags across the boxes and pushed the suitcase into the last hole.

Marc draped an arm over Lance’s shoulder as they stood looking into the rear of the van.  “Do you think we can get any more in?”  Marc asked.

“Yeah, . . . I think we can get two sheets of paper in the top left.”

Marc pulled Lance into a headlock.  “Smart ass.”

“You seem to like it,” Lance said as he slipped out of Marc’s grip.

“Yeah, I do,” Marc grinned.   

Lance looked around, “It’s getting late.”

Marc closed the doors on the van.  Holding out his hand he said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

Lance took his hand and they walked around the cabin and down to the lake.  Marc slid his arm around Lance’s waste and Lance slid his around Marc’s.  They walked along the sandy beach not saying anything just enjoying the beauty of their surroundings and just being alone with each other.

Lance could see that ahead of them the sandy beach gave way to a grouping of large rocks that extended out into the lake about twenty feet.  Marc led the way up the rocks leading Lance by the hand.  When they reached the top Lance stopped and looked past Marc down the beach.

“What’s wrong?”  Marc asked.

“Oh, nothing.”

Marc looked into Lance’s eyes then turned to look down the beach.  A smile slowly formed as he realized what Lance had done.

“This isn’t a dream, James.”


“You looked for Eric, didn’t you?”

Lance blushed, “This is just like the beach in our dream.”

“Subconsciously, elements of my real world makes it’s way into my dreams,” Marc explained.  “I hadn’t realized it until just now.”   Marc pulled Lance into his arms and kissed him softly.

“I wanted to show you something before we left,” Marc said.


Marc turned Lance around and pointed out to the end of the rocks and the lake beyond.  That night there was no breeze so the water looked like glass.  On the other side of the lake you could see the reflection of the trees in the lake.  And sitting almost on top of the trees was this giant orange ball also reflected in the water.

Marc wrapped his arms around Lance pulling him back against his body.  Lance brought his arms up and placed them on top of Marc’s, interlacing the fingers of both hands with his. 

The sun slowly made contact with the tree tips making them glow.  Little by little the sun sank further and further into the trees the light ever changing as the day came to an end.  As the last of the sun dropped below the tree line the trees seem to be ablaze with color, color that deepened until there was no more. 

“Wow,” Lance whispered.

“That, is going to be the first movement of my symphony,” Marc whispered.

Lance turned around bring his arms around Marc’s neck.  “If that’s the first movement, what are you going to do for the second?”

Marc looked up into the night sky.  Lance followed his gaze.  Above them millions of stars shown in the sky.

“That’s my second, third, and fourth movement,” Marc said.  Lowering his gaze Marc could see the wonder on Lance’s face.

When Lance finally lowered his gaze he found Marc grinning at him.

“You like my symphony?”

“I loved it,” Lance said before pulling Marc into a passionate kiss.

When they broke the kiss they both gasped for air.  Nodding down the beach Marc said, “Let’s head back.  I want to make music with you tonight.”

“How many movements?”  Lance inquired with a sly smile.

“Oh, I don’t know.  It depends on how inspired I am.  It could be two. . .  Or four. . .  If I’m really inspired maybe it could be six or more.” 

Lance followed Marc into the cabin.  Turning on a table lamp so they wouldn’t trip Marc led them down the hall but turned into the bathroom instead of the bedroom.

“Let’s start off with a nice shower to get all the sand off us,” Marc suggested.  Marc turned on the water letting it warm up.  When he turned back he found Lance had most of his clothes already off.  “Are you in a hurry?”  Marc asked with a laugh.

Lance blushed a little.  “I like showering with you.”  Lance said as he started to help Marc off with his clothes.

Showering together was something they both enjoyed.  Lance grabbed the shampoo bottle first indicating he wanted to wash Marc.  Marc indicated his acceptance by steping under the shower getting his head wet.  Then leaning out of the water he let Lance wash his hair.

The shower had become a ritual for them; the washing and rewashing of the hair.  But this time Lance added the lathering of Marc beard.  Running his fingers up and down the sides of Marc’s face, then his chin and upper lip building up a rich lather. 

Marc started to giggle as Lance worked on his chin with all ten fingers.  There was so much lather Marc had to sputter when some of it got in his mouth.  Lance gave pity and let Marc rinse his face. 

As they would wash each other they had the opportunity to explore each other body.  Lance was always amazed that no matter how many times he had washed Marc there was always something new to discover.

There was no rush this evening.  They took their time caressing, nibbling, and kissing as they went.  But in spite of everything when they were done they found that they were only semi hard.

Marc had used the big towel to dry off Lance.  Lance picked up an other towel and preceeded to dry Marc.  As Lance was drying Marc’s back he said, “Boo, will you show me how to clean the rest of me?”

Marc turned to look at Lance.  “You don’t have to. . .”

“I want to.  Show me.”

Marc reached into the top shelf of the linen closet and pulled out an enema bag.  Lance was a little hesitant as he watched as Marc filled the bag with warm soapy water and insert the plug and tube.  At the end of the tube was a long plastic tip.  Marc spread some lube on the tip and turned to Lance.  The look on Lance’s face told Marc that he was having second thoughts.

“Here hold this,” Marc said handing Lance the bag.  “Let me show you how it’s done.”

Marc stood over the toilet and took the enema tip and reaching behind him slowly inserted it.  Reaching up he unhooked the clamp on the tube to let the water flow down the tube.  Lance watched as the bag emptied.  Marc reclamped the tube and removed the nozzle.

“Now you just sit down and let it all out.  Don’t you?”  Lance asked.

Marc shook his head.  “Not right away.”  

Lance watched Marc’s face noting some discomfort.   “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, just some cramps,” Marc said as he sat down and released his bowels.

Lance refilled the bag twice more before the water coming out was clear. 

Lance now felt he could do this.  As he inserted the nozzle the first time he kept his eyes on Marc’s face.  The love coming from Marc gave him the strength to do this.

When the water from the third bag came out clear Lance was grinning from ear to ear. 

Marc picked up the lubricant and taking Lance by the hand he led him into the bedroom.  At the foot of the bed he pulled him into a passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever.

When they finally broke the kiss Marc looked down into Lance’s loving gaze.  “Today has been the best day of my life.  I have a real dad and sister.  And I have you. . . .  There is only one thing that would make this the most perfect day.  James, will you make love to me?”


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