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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

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Infinite Love

This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

Lance, Mikey, & a

Angel named Ethan

This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan

Last Time:
Marc crawled into bed and snuggled up behind Lance.  Wrapping an arm around Lance he pulled him in tight.

“You took long enough,” Lance said as he settled into Marc’s embrace.

“It would have been quicker if you let me shower with you,” Marc pointed out.

“Not with my parents down the hall.”

Marc chuckled, “I understand.  You glad to be home?”

“Yes, I miss not seeing my family.  I love touring, but I miss not seeing everyone for months at a time.”

“Well with you all going back into the studio to record your next CD you should have more time to visit.”

“You would think so,” Lance said.  “But we are going into the awards season.  Lou will book us on every awards show.  And when it gets closer to the release of the CD we will hit the talk show circuit.”

“When do you think your CD will be ready for release?”  Marc asked.

“If everything goes well in the studio we are looking for the end of October.”

“Then you’ll go back on tour?”

Lance nodded, “That’s a good chance.”

“Can touring in the winter be profitable?”

“No.  But that’s the time of the year to do our overseas tour.  Touring countries that are warmer South America, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan.”

“Then back to the states for your summer tour?”

Lance nodded, “And Lou will throw in a European tour somewhere in there.”

Marc sighed, “It’s going to be a scheduling nightmare.”

“When does your schedule start?”  Lance asked.

“Week after next,” Marc sighed.

“That soon?”  Lance asked as he turned around to look at Marc.

Marc nodded, “I have to fly out on the twenty-ninth for three weeks in New York.”

“That doesn’t give us much time together,” Lance pouted.

“We have all next week,” Marc said.

“Ah, did you forget about our house guest?”

“Oh, yeah, Bobby Joe.  I forgot about him,” Marc sighed.  “Maybe he’d like a sleep over at Justin’s one night.”

“There’s also Joey’s,” Lance suggested.

“Or maybe we can get the guys to take him shopping for an afternoon,” Marc said hopefully.

Lance leaned in and gave Marc a kiss, “I like your devious mind.”

“Just my mind?”

“Oh, there are a few other parts I like too.”

“You have a few parts I’m particularly fond of myself,” Marc said as he gave Lance a deep kiss.  “Love you, James.”

“I love you, Boo,” cuddling into Marc he was asleep in minutes.

Chapter 61

Marc woke to delicious smells drifting up from the kitchen.  Lance was snuggled up to him with his head resting on Marc’s left shoulder and his left arm thrown across Marc’s abs.  Reaching over Marc ran a finger along Lance’s jaw line.   Lance purred at Marc’s touch, pulling himself tighter to Marc.

“Hmmm, you smell good,” Lance mumbled.

“I do?” Marc laughed.

“Yeah, you smell like bacon.”

“I think we should give that credit to your mom.”

“Huh?”  Lance raised his head and breathed deeply.  “Oh, yeah.  Smells like breakfast is almost ready.”

“Come on,” Marc nudged Lance up.  “I need to pee and breakfast smells too good to miss.”

Lance rolled away from Marc letting him up.  Swinging his feet to the side of the bed Lance watched Marc head to the bathroom.  A smile came across his face as he watched his boyfriend walk bare assed across the room.  Getting up Lance followed Marc.  Lance’s cock hardening as he came up behind him.  “Need some help?”  Lance asked as he rubbed up against Marc’s backside.  Wrapping his arms around Marc’s waist Lance let his hands slide down Marc’s abs.

“No,” Marc laughed.  “I can do it by myself.”

“You sure you don’t need help with your aim?”

“My aim is just fine.  It’s you that will have the problem from the way your cock is pointing up my ass crack.”

Lance sighed, “It looks like I’ll need some help pointing the right way.  Will you help me?”

Marc finished peeing giving himself a final shake.  Turning in Lance’s arms Marc reached for Lance’s hard member.  “You are defiantly going to need help with this.”

“Yessss,” Lance said as he leaned in and gave Marc a good morning kiss.

“There is no way either of us would hit that hole when you are this hard.  Let’s stand in the shower,” Marc suggested.

Lance nodded as he turned to get into the shower.  Marc was right behind him, closing the shower door once they were both in.  Taking up the same position that Lance had earlier, Marc wrapped his arms around Lance.  Bring his hand around Lance’s hard member he gave it a couple slow strokes.

“Oh, yeah,” Lance said as his eyes closed and he leaned back against Marc.

Marc reached for the shower control and quickly flipped it on the coldest setting there was.  Wrapping both arms around Lance he held him under the cold spray of the shower.

“Ahhhh!  You shit head,” Lance shouted as he tried to wiggle free.

It only took less than a minute for Lance’s erection to disappear.  Marc readjusted the shower setting.

“That was not nice,” Lance said as he turned to face Marc.

“You should now be able to pee without any problems,” Marc said.  “Beside we don’t have enough time to mess around.”

Lance sighed, “You’re right.”  Placing his arms around Marc’s waist he pulled their bodies closer.  Leaning closer their lips meet in a kiss.  A kiss that Marc would always remember as Lance peed down Marc’s leg.

Breaking the kiss Marc moaned, “That is gross.  But it’s only fair.”

“You just remember that buster.  I. . get. . even.”

“We’re even,” Marc said as he reached for the bar of soap, giving the end of Lance’s nose a quick lick.

“Gross,” Lance said as he wiped the end of his nose.

Diane was heading for the stairs to call the boys when she heard them come bounding down.  “Good morning, boys.”

“Good morning, Mom,” Lance said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, Mom,” Marc echoed, also giving Diane a kiss on the cheek.  “Breakfast sure smells good.”

Giggling, Diane pushed the boys toward the table.  “Sit down and get started before it gets cold.”

“Where is Dad?”  Lance asked.

“He’s already gone into work,” Diane said.  “What do you boys have planned for today?”

Marc turned to Lance with a questioning look. 

“Nothing special,” Lance answered.  “I thought I’d show Marc around town.”

“Your Grandparents would like to see you,” Diane pointed out.

Lance looked to Marc.  Marc nodded.  “We can go visit.  I’d like them to meet Marc.”

“You had better give them a call to see if they are going to be home,” Diane suggested.

After borrowing Diane’s car Lance and Marc set out on a tour of Clinton.  Lance drove past his old high school.  Marc knew about his year singing and performing with Attach’e; the schools show choir.  They drove past Mississippi College, the oldest college in Mississippi.  Then they headed down town, stopping to do some shopping in the quaint shops of Old Town.

It was just before noon when Lance pulled into his grandparents' drive.  Lance looked a little nervous as he turned off the ignition.

“What’s wrong?”  Marc asked.

“This is the first time I’ve ever brought a boyfriend over to meet them.  I don’t know what to expect.”

“Don’t you think your mom would have said something to us if she thought this meeting wasn’t a good idea?”

“Yeah, come on let’s get this over with.”

JC raised the dark sunglasses covering his blue eyes and pulled his hat down hiding his face as he exited the plane.  He made his way down the jetway into the terminal.  The terminal was packed with hoards of travelers making their way to and from the busy gates of the airport.  Unnoticed by the milling crowd JC made his way to the tram that would take him to the main terminal.  Crossing the main concourse he took the escalator down to the baggage carousel.  JC stood waiting for his bag to show up when someone bumped into him.

“Watch where you’re going buddy,” a deep voice grumbled.

“Excuse me!  I wasn’t the one who bumped into you,” JC said as he turned to the asshole that had bumped into him.  “You were the one. . . .  Chris?”

Chris grinned from under his disguise.  “How was your trip?”

“It was great.  It was good to see everyone again.”

“Did you get to visit with anyone the first day or did you sleep the whole day?”  Chris asked with a grin.

A blush rose in JC’s face.

“I thought so,” Chris laughed patting his friend on the back.

JC’s bag slid onto the carousel.  As it came around JC grabbed it and followed Chris out to his car.

As Lance and Marc walked up the sidewalk, the front door opened and a stout gray haired woman stepped out.  “Jamie,” she called out holding out her arms.

“Grandma,” Lance said as he rushed into the waiting arms.

Marc stood off to the side watching their greeting. 

A thin frail looking gentleman stepped out onto the porch.  “Grandpa!”  Lance said as he gave his grandfather a hug.

Lance held out his hand to Marc.  Marc grasped it as he moved closer.  “Grandpa, Grandma, I’d like you to meet someone.  This is my friend, Marc Morgan.”

Lance’s grandfather offered his hand to Marc.  “I’m glad to meet you, son.”

“I’m glad to meet you too, sir,” Marc said nervously.

Lance’s grandmother stood stone faced eyeing the young man before her.  With a frown she grunted then turned to go into the house.

“Grandma!”  Lance said surprised at her actions.

She turned back to Lance.  “Jamie, you are by far my favorite grandson.  I love you to death.  But why did you have to take up with a Yankee?”

Lance’s back stiffened at his grandmother's remark.  “Because I love him,” Lance solemnly stated.

Lance’s grandmother turned back to look upon Marc.  “One thing I know about my grandson is he has a head on his shoulders.  He also guards his heart.  You must be someone special if Jamie has given you his heart.”

“Marc, is very special to me grandma.”

Justin pulled into the driveway spotting Joey’s and Chris’ cars.  Going into the house Justin shouted, “Where is everyone?”

“In the kitchen,” Joey called out.

Coming into the kitchen Justin looked around.  “Where is JC?”

“In the studio,” Chris said as he pointed with his thumb.  “He’s drooling over Marc’s equipment.”

“I thought Lance was the only one who drooled over Marc’s equipment,” Justin laughed.

Chris’ hands came up to cover his ears, “I don’t want to hear this.  La, la, la, la.”

“Come on,” Joey said, swatting Chris on the shoulder.  “Let’s drag him out of there.  Otherwise we will still be working on that last bedroom when Lance and Marc arrive.”

Lunch with Lance’s grandparents could only be described as tense.  Lance’s grandfather was very friendly toward Marc but his grandmother was something else.  The turning point came when Grandpa Bass asked about Marc’s people, (his family).

Marc was quiet for a long time.  He felt the eyes of everyone on him.  Lance reached under the table and gave Marc’s hand a squeeze.  Marc looked up, his eyes brimming.  “I really don’t remember much about my family.”

This statement peaked Grandma Bass’ interest.  “How is that?”

Marc related the story of how he became Marc Newman.  His slowly returning memory.  His new adopted family and how Lance came into his life.

“Come on, JC,” Justin pleaded.  “They will be home on Saturday.  Make a decision already.”

JC picked up another bedspread and held it out at arm's length.  “I just don’t know.  Which one looks better?”

They’re both blue.  All of them have been blue.  It doesn’t matter just pick one!”

“Of course it matters,” JC said while trying to catch the eye of a salesclerk.

“Yes sir, can I help you?”

“Do you have anything in leather?  Maybe with fringes?”

Chris, Joey and Justin threw up their hands groaning.

“JC, remember the budget,” Chris reminded him.

JC sighed.  “All right.  I’ll take this bedspread, those sheets and drapes.”

"Praise the Lord!”  Joey shouted.  “He has finally made up his mind.”

By the end of lunch grandma’s heart had softened towards Marc.   Lance helped his grandmother clean up and Marc and his grandfather continued to talk.

Lance’s grandmother insisted they all take a stroll in the garden.  The whole yard was ablaze in color.  As they walked Grandma Bass had a story to tell about every rose bush in her garden.

As they were making their way back to the house a car door could be heard slamming.  A young woman came around the end of the house carrying a large dress. 

“Betty Sue!”  Lance called out when he recognized the girl.

“Jamie!” she squealed.

“Lord almighty,” grandma said.  “Give me that dress before you get it dirty.”

Betty Sue gave the dress to grandma.  She rushed into Lance’s arms give him a big hug.  “I can’t believe you are here,” Betty Sue gushed.  “How long are you going to be home?”

“We have to leave for Orlando on Saturday.”

The “we” part of Lance’s statement threw her off a little.  Betty Sue noticed a good looking man standing next to her grandfather. 

Looking between Marc and Lance she asked, “Who is we?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Betty Sue, I’d like you to meet a close friend of mine, Marc Morgan.  Marc this is my cousin, Betty Sue.”

“So, you are a friend of Jamie’s,” Betty Sue said offering her hand to Marc.  Betty Sue was the ultimate Southern Bell.  She smiled slightly as she offered her hand and batting her eyes at him.  The only thing missing was a hoop skirt and a fan.  She was flirting with Marc and Lance didn’t like it.

“Marc is actually my boyfriend,” Lance said with an icy edge to his voice.

“Oh!” Betty Sue said as she realized Marc was out-of-bounds.

Lance noticed the dress in his grandmother's arms.  “Is someone getting married?”

“Oh yes,” Betty Sue said as a smile returned to her face.  “I’m getting married.”

“Congratulations,” Lance said.  “Who is the lucky man and when is the wedding?”

“Do you remember Bradley Lee Howard?”

Lance nodded.

“He popped the question on Valentines Day.  We were planning the wedding for next spring but last week Bradley got his orders.  He’s being assigned to a base in Hawaii.  So we decided to move the date up.”

“Up to when?”  Lance asked.

“Oh, the wedding is tomorrow.  You will be able to come.  Won't you?”

Lance looked toward Marc with a questioning raised eyebrow.

Before Marc could indicate an answer Betty Sue added, “Oh, Marc, you are invited also.  That way you will meet the rest of the family.”

“Thank you, Betty Sue, for including me,” Marc said giving Lance a 'please help me' look.

Lance moved next to Marc, taking his hand in his.  “We’ll be there,” Lance said.  “Just tell us where and when.”

“I just talked to Aunt Diane an hour ago.  She knows all the details.”  Turning to her grandmother, “I need your help.  The dress is a little snug.  Will you help me let it out?”

They had just got back to Lance’s home when Diane came running up.  “Good, you’re back.  You will never guess what has happened.”

“There’s going to be a wedding?”  Marc chuckled.

Diane frowned, “How did you know?”

“We saw Betty Sue at Grandma's.”  Lance laughed.

“Oh, good.  Then you know all about it,” Diane said as she picked up her purse.

“Only that she and Bradley Lee are getting married tomorrow,” Lance said.  “Where are you going?”

“Over to the church.  Your Aunt Sally and I are going to see about flower arrangements and setting up the fellowship hall.  Oh, I don’t know how long I’ll be.  You two are on your own tonight.” taking her car keys from Lance she headed out the door.

Lance and Marc looked at each other as Diane pulled out of the drive. 

“When will your dad be home?” 

Lance looked at his watch, “Not for three hours.”

Marc got a wicked grin.  “Now what could we do for the next three hours?”

Lance bit his lower lip.  “Well. . . .  We could.”

Marc grinned as he grabbed Lance’s hand dragging him up the stairs and stopping in front of Lance’s bedroom. “James, I know this may be a bit kinky.  But I want you to do me on your bed.”


“I think it would be so hot to do it in the bed you grew up in,” Marc said.

Lance looked down and saw Marc was already hard.  Reaching down he grabbed Marc’s erection through his jeans.  “The idea really does turn you on.”

Marc reached down and rubbed Lance’s bulge, “I seems I’m not the only one turned on.”

When Jim returned home he found his son and Marc sitting in the living room reading.  “Good evening, guys,” Jim called out.

“Hi, Dad.”

Jim noticed he didn’t smell dinner cooking.  “Where’s your mother?”

“She’s at the church helping get ready for the wedding,” Lance answered.

“Ah, you two aren’t. . . “

“No,” Marc laughed.  “At least not yet.”

Lance looked at Marc with a raised eyebrow.

Taking Lance’s hand in his he gave it a gentle squeeze.  “In time it will be our turn.”


“If you’ll have me,” Marc said softly.

With misty eyes Lance leaned in and gave Marc a soft kiss.  “Of course I’ll have you.”

Jim cleared his throat.  “Since it’s not you guys, whose wedding is it?”

“It’s Betty Sue and Bradley Lee.  They moved up the wedding,” Lance told his dad.

“They aren’t getting married because she’s. . .”

“No dad.  Bradley Lee is being stationed in Hawaii.  They moved up the date so she could join him.”

They decided to make it a guy's night out.  After Jim changed out of his suit into something more comfortable they headed out for pizza.  It gave Jim time to get to know Marc better.  After their meal the three of them swung by the church to see how things were going.

When they walked in it looked like the wedding rehearsal was just starting.  Taking seats at the back of the church they watched the drama taking place at the front.  Diane spotted the trio sitting at the back of the church.  She joined them.

“How is it going?”  Jim asked.

“I think we’ll make it,” Diane sighed.

The music started as the bridesmaid made their first trip down the aisle.  Marc winced when he heard the wedding march being played over a boom box.  The two bridesmaids walked down the aisle followed by the maid of honor.  The bride to be, started down the aisle on her fathers arm.  Half way down the aisle the music stopped and Betty Sue burst into tears.

“Oh no not again,” Diane sighed as she got up.

“Again?” Jim questioned.

“The poor girl is a nervous wreck.  Every time something goes wrong she starts crying.”

Lance and Marc followed Diane over to Betty Sue.  The minister was also there trying to comfort her.

“It will be all right, Betty Sue,” the minister said.  “All we need to do is have everyone walk down the aisle a little faster.”

“If everyone wore track shoes, then they could sprint to the altar,” Marc said behind Betty Sue.

Betty Sue turned to Marc with her mouth hanging open.  Her father and the minister just glared at him.  Marc gave Betty Sue a wink and she busted out laughing.  Her laughing was infectious, soon everyone was laughing.  Betty Sue gave Marc a hug.  “If I tried that I end up falling on my face.  There is no way I could run in my dress.”

“Doesn’t the church have an organist?”  Marc asked.

“She’s out of town,” the minister said.

“So we’re stuck with what we have,” Betty Sue said with a sigh.

“I think I can come up with something a little better,” Marc said.  “Why don’t we try this again?”

The minister waved the bridesmaids back to their starting point as Marc and Lance went up front.  “We won't need that,” Marc said to the boy sitting next to the boom box.
Marc sat down at the church’s organ.  After looking over the layout he found the on switch bringing the organ to life. 

“You can play this, can’t you?”  Lance asked.

Marc nodded, “It’s not a grand theater organ, but it will do the job.” 

Lance stepped back and took a seat while Marc made some last minute adjustments to the settings.  Glancing at the minister Marc indicated he was all set with a nod.  When everyone was in place the minister gave Marc a slight nod for him to start. 

Closing his eyes Marc brought up the music in his mind he had chosen.  For the processional Marc chose Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” playing through it several times as the bridesmaids and maid of honor made their way down the aisle.  When Betty Sue and her father stepped into the entrance Marc switched to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”.

When Marc looked up as the bride and her father approached the minister he was met by a beaming Betty Sue.

The remained of the wedding rehearsal went smoothly.  Lance’s new “friend” became the center of attention with the family members. 

Marc was fussing with his hair in front of the bathroom mirror.  “How do I look?”

“For the tenth time, you look great,” Lance chuckled. 

“Just how many relatives will be coming to this wedding?” 

“We won’t know until we get there,” Lance said as he leaned against the door jam.  He knew Marc was nervous about meeting the rest of his family.  After the wedding rehearsal Marc realized they hadn’t packed any dressy clothes.  Marc decided a side trip to the mall was needed.  After over an hour of shopping Marc bought three possible outfits.  Now Marc had finally decided on an outfit; the one he had tried on four times before deciding that this was the best outfit. 

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” Lance said as Marc was putting on his shoes.

“How is he holding up?”  Jim asked his son as he came down the stairs.

“You’d think he was getting married,” Lance laughed.  “He is so nervous about meeting everyone.”

“I don’t think he knows just how big a family you have,” Diane pointed out.

“Yeah, coming from such a small close knit family, I’m afraid this family will be something he has never experienced.”

“Just stay close by,” Diane said.  “Especially when he meets Aunt Edith.”

The color drained from Lance’s face.  “Aunt Edith is coming?”

“I’m afraid so,” Jim chuckled while giving his son a pat on his back.

“Should I warn Marc about Aunt Edith?”  Lance asked.

Diane and Jim looked at each other grinning.  “That’s up to you,” Diane said.  “But do you think Marc will believe you?”

Lance chewed on his bottom lip thinking.  “There is no way to explain Aunt Edith,” Lance sighed.  “He will just have to experience her for himself.”

Marc came bounding down the stairs.  Three sets of eyes turned on him.  “What?”  Marc asked.  Uneasiness quickly swept over him.  “You don’t like what I’m wearing.”

“You look very handsome, honey,” Diane quickly said.  “Is everyone ready?”

Jim held the door open for Diane as Lance moved next to Marc.  “You really are very handsome,” Lance said softly before giving Marc a quick kiss.

When they arrived at the church they found a large crowd already gathered.  Most of them were milling around the front entrance taking advantage of a cool breeze. 

“These are all your relatives?”  Marc asked softly.

“Only part of them,” Lance said.  “The rest must be the groom’s family or their friends.”

Slowly they made their way into the church.  Lance spotted Stacy and Ford entering from a side door.  Diane and Stacy went to check on the reception hall, making sure everything was ready.  The guys found an out of the way alcove where they could talk.  Jim and Lance pointed out family members to Marc explaining how each was related.  Diane and Stacy returned, reporting that everything was ready. 

Looking around Diane frowned.  “What’s wrong, Mama?”  Lance asked.

“The wedding will be starting soon and no one is taking their seats,” Diane observed.

“Maybe if we took our seats that would get things going,” Jim suggested.

Stacy agreed, “Good idea.” 

The six of them walked down the aisle taking seats on the bride’s side.  Marc continued to the front of the church and took his seat at the organ.  Seeing little movement into the sanctuary Marc decided to see if playing some music might get everyone into position.  The music seemed to work as guests started filtering into the sanctuary.  To give the guests a nudge Marc would slip in the first two bars of the wedding march from time to time as he played.

Marc brought his playing to an end when he noticed the minister emerging from a side door.  The last of the guests were being seated a hush came over the gathering.  Glancing to the rear of the church Marc expected to see the wedding party taking their positions but instead stood an extremely frail looking woman.  She was on the arm of Betty Sue’s brother, Buddy.  As they slowly made their way down the aisle even though Buddy held her right arm she used the walking stick in her left hand for additional support.  Marc noted that the walking stick looked like one used by a gentleman at the turn of the century.  It was black lacquered with a silver tip on one end and a large silver ball on the top.  A thin claw like hand grasped the ball to provide support.

Marc watched with interest the reactions of the other guests to this new arrival.  The groom’s side of the church showed interest in this new person.  No signs of recognition showed on their faces.  She evidently was not a member of Bradley Lee’s family.  Looking to the bride's side he found a completely different story.  This woman was defiantly known, everyone on that side sat in what could only be described as stunned silent as everyone watched this old lady shuffle to the front of the church.

‘Hmm, interesting,’ Marc thought. ‘Well, Betty Sue’s family seems to know her.’  Glancing over toward Lance, Marc detected a defiant look of uneasiness along with fear on Lance and Stacy’s faces.

Lance watched his Great Aunt Edith slowly walk up to the front pew and take a seat.  Shifting his gaze slightly he saw Marc watching him with a questioning raised eyebrow.

Marc followed everyone’s gaze as the old lady took a seat in the front pew.  Lance’s eyes never left the old lady until she had taken a seat then Lance looked up at Marc.  For some reason Lance wouldn’t maintain eye contact with him.  Lance’s reaction to Marc’s questioning look seemed to be that of embarrassment.  ‘Something is definitely going on,’ Marc thought.

The wedding went off without a hitch.  Everyone made it down the aisle without tripping.  The groom was beaming as Betty Sue walked down the aisle.  The only one that seemed to have a bit of the nerves was the minister.  His voice kept cracking during the ceremony and by the end he looked really pale. 

The ceremony turned out fine even with the tension hanging in the air.  Marc was playing the recessional as the bridal party made their way down the aisle.  When the bride and groom were about half way down the aisle Marc threw in a few measures of Handel's “Hallelujah Chorus” to lighten the mood.

When Marc looked up he noticed smiles on most everyone's faces.  The only one not smiling came from the front row.  The old lady just stared at Marc.  No emotion showed on that wrinkled face but her eyes seemed to bore into Marc. 

The reception was held in the church’s fellowship hall.  It took awhile to get everyone moved from the church to the hall.  Marc made his way through the reception line then went in search of Lance and his family.  Spotting Lance, Marc made his way to him but was side tracked when Stacy latched on to his arm and started leading him in the other direction.

“What’s going on?”  Marc asked.

“Ahum, nothing really.  It’s just. . .   It’s just for right now it’s best you and my brother stay away from each other.”

Aunt Edith had taken up residence at one end of the main table.  >From there she could survey the whole room.  Small groups were chatting around the room while the rest made their way to the tables.  Aunt Edith spotted her grandniece, Stacy talking with the organist.  Something about the organist had been nagging at Edith.  She felt that there was something familiar about that young man.

The young man kept glancing over toward Stacy’ parents and he didn’t look at all happy for some reason.  Edith’s grandnephew, Lance looked equally unhappy.  ‘Something is going on with those two,’ Edith thought to herself.

“Justin, Josh, get your scrawny butts out here and help unload,” Joey shouted from the front door.

Justin and Josh came running from the back of the house.  “Did you get everything?”  Justin asked.

“You know I did,” Joey said handing Justin two sacks of groceries.

“It looks like we have liquid refreshments,” Josh noted after looking into the back of Joey’s car.

“We don’t want to run out.”

“Did you get enough to stock the other house?”  Justin asked as he looked in the bags he was holding.

“Yes, those two bags go to the other house.  Why don’t you run them over?”

“Sure, be right back.”

“Curley, be sure to put everything away,” Josh called after him.  “Don’t just drop the sacks on the counter.”

“I know that.”

Joey watched Justin head through the house.  “He was just going to drop the bags on the counter.”

“Yeah, I know,” Josh agreed.

Stacy had returned to her families table after Marc had agreed to take a seat at a table next to theirs.  Marc stopped first to get something to drink before he headed to his exile seat.  Taking a cup of punch Marc was about to go take his seat when a hand on his arm stopped him. 

“Excuse me,” a frail old man said.  “Could you help me?”

“Yes sir, what can I do for you?”

“Could you help me take a cup of punch back to my table?  With my cane it is impossible to carry two drinks.”

“Sure no problem,” Marc said with a smile.  “Just lead the way.”

Stacy had just finished telling her brother what Marc had agreed to.  Looking up all color drained from his face.  Marc was approaching the front table, and heading straight for Aunt Edith.  “Oh, no,” Lance moaned as he got out of his seat.

Marc saw where they were headed.  The old lady from the front row was watching him approach. 

“Here we go, my dear,” the old man said as he placed the drink he was carrying in front of the old lady.

“Why, thank you, Richard,” she said with a smile.

“This fine young gentleman helped me with the drinks.  I’m sorry.   I didn’t bother to get your name.”

“My name is Marc Morgan,” Marc smiled as he placed the other cup on the table.

The old lady squinted at Marc, tilting her head slightly.  “That’s not the only name you go by.  Is it?”

“Why, no.  It isn’t.”

“New, Newman,” the old lady said.

“Why, yes,” a surprised Marc confirmed.  “I also go by Marc Newman.”

“Aunt Edith!”  Lance called out as he quickly moved up next to Marc.

Edith cast an intense eye on Lance, “It’s bad manners to interrupt, boy.”

“I’m sorry,” Lance mumbled.

Marc looked at his embarrassed boyfriend trying to stifle a chuckle.

Aunt Edith eyed the two young men before her.  “Before we were interrupted by my Grandnephew. . . .  I thought I recognized you.  But you were clean shaven then.”

Marc was smiling as he ran his hand over his beard.  “This summer has been a time of discovery and a little experimentation.”

“Well it looks good on you,” Aunt Edith said.  “You remind me of my second husband.”

It was Lance’s turn to stifle a chuckle. 

Aunt Edith glared at Lance.  “You must forgive my Grandnephew.  Unfortunately even though he may be named after my first husband he does not have his good manners.”

Marc turned to Lance with a raised eyebrow.  “He’s named after your first husband?”

“Not totally,” Lance said softly.  “I was named after my dad.”

“And Lance was my first husband's name,” Aunt Edith added.

“Now that is an interesting bit of trivia,” Marc smirked.

“I take it you two know each other.”

Lance looked nervously at Marc.

“Yes, we met this summer,” Marc answered. 

“Oh, really?  That’s had to believe.   What would bring you two together?”

“We met by accident,” Marc said.  “I ran into Lance and the others in his group while they had a few down days.”

“Did you know who they were?” 

“Yes, ma’am.  I’m a fan of their music.”

Aunt Edith looked incredulous at Marc.

“May I ask, how did you recognize me?”  Marc asked.

Aunt Edith chuckled, “Last fall you gave a concert in Lexington, Kentucky.”

“A concert?”  Lance asked.

“An organ concert,” Marc said softly.

“And there was the PBS concert a few weeks ago.  I found that one interesting.”

“Just interesting?”

“Your first piece was well written. . . .”

“But,” Marc prodded.

“The second was not to my taste.  I prefer the classics.”

“That’s fair enough,” Marc said with a smile.

The wedding party started taking their seats.  Marc and Lance excused themselves and returned to Lance’s family’s table.

“Grams, I’m home,”   Bobby called out.

“I’m in here dear.”

Going into the kitchen Bobby found his grandmother having a cup of tea.  “How was your checkup?”

“It went well.”

“Good.  What do you want for supper?”  Bobby asked sticking his head in the refrigerator.

“I think Chinese would be nice for a change.  Take some money from my purse and go pick up our supper.”

“Okay,” Bobby said with a big smile.  “You want your usual?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Is it all right if I ride my bike?”

“Yes, dear.  Just be careful.”

“I will be, Grams.  I’ll be right back.”

Grams took another sip of her tea after Bobby rushed out the door.  Picking up the phone she dialed a number.

“Good afternoon you have reached the law offices of Johnson and Bloom.  How may I direct your call?”

“Yes, this is Helen Brown.  May I speak to Mr. Bloom?”

Marc slipped into the shower behind Lance.  Wrapping his arms around Lance Marc pulled him back against his chest.  Leaning in he started to nibble on Lance’s neck.

Lance brought his arms on top of Marc’s as he leaned back against him.

“You were bad today,” Marc whispered into Lance’s ear.

“I was?  How?”

“You failed to warn me about Aunt Edith.”

Lance turned around in Marc’s arms.  “Would you have believed me if I told you?”

Marc laughed, “Probably not.  I still don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of her.”

“Aside from the fact that she is crazy?”

“She is not crazy,” Marc stated.  “She is just a little eccentric.”

“If you say so, doctor.”

“Why do you say she is crazy?” Marc asked.

“No one knows what will come out of her mouth.  She says the most awful things to people.”

“James, she is what?  Ninety-six?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“She has a quick mind.  She is fully aware of what is going on around her.”

“Okay, but why dose she say those things to people?”

“Because she knows she can.  She speaks her mind and she doesn’t care what other people think.”

“We think she is crazy.”

Marc laughed.  “She knows that.  And she uses that fact to her advantage.  She knows everybody will think that old Aunt Edith is at it again.  She is senile and doesn’t know what she is saying.  But believe me she knows what she’s doing.”

“How do you know?”

“I watched her eyes.  Every time she made a shocking statement her eyes danced with glee.  She was totally enjoying herself.”

Lance looked into Marc’s eyes.  After chewing on his bottom lip for a few moments Lance asked, “I was bad today.  What do you think my punishment should be?”

“Well. . . since we have to behave with your parents down the hall. . . .  Your punishment should be to give your lover a back rub.”

“Just a back rub?”  Lance asked as he ground their groins together.

“Oh, maybe you can do the front also,” Marc said as his cock started to harden.

Lance slowly returned from his unconscious state to the smell of breakfast cooking.  Even with his eyes close Lance knew they had slept later than planned, the bright light filtering through his eye lids.  As he opened his eyes he turned away from Marc to look at the clock next to the bed.

“Oh, no,” Lance moaned.  Turning back to Marc he brought his hand up to the side of Marc’s face and began to lightly stroke his beard.

Marc stirred from his slumber and turned his head into Lance’s hand.  Marc moaned softly.  Slowly opening one eye he quickly shut it.  “We forgot to set the alarm.  Didn’t we?”

“You’re right,” Lance said as he lean in for the first kiss of the morning.

Marc smiled up at Lance as he stretched his arms over his head.  “How bad are we on time?”

“We should be pulling out of the drive about now.”

Marc sighed, “You go shower and I’ll finish packing.”

Diane had their breakfast waiting for them as they came down with their bags in their hands.  Breakfast turned out to be a family affair with Stacy and Ford joining in.  But the visit had to end.  After loading their bags into the van they spent another fifteen minutes saying their goodbyes.

Their ride was very quiet for the first hour.  Lance spent most of the time looking out the side window.  Marc felt Lance needed his quiet time and just concentrated on the road.  Eventually Marc glanced over to Lance to find him watching him drive. 

“How you doing?”  Marc asked with a smile.

“Everything is going great.  Our visit was fantastic, and my whole family loves you.”

“That’s not what I asked about.  How are you doing?”

Lance thought for a moment.  “I’m happy and sad.”

Marc gave Lance a questioning look.

“I was happy to get to see everyone.  I’ve missed not seeing everyone while on tour.  And I’m sad to leave everyone.”

“Is there anything I can do to make it easier?”  Marc asked.

Lance reached over and squeezed Marc’s hand.  “You are already doing it.  Our life together makes it all better.”

It was a pleasant sunny day not to hot and the humidity was tolerable.  With several restroom stops and a fuel and food stop they pulled into Lance’s drive around four in the afternoon. 

“I’ll get the garage door,” Lance said as he hopped out of the van before Marc could say anything.

Marc turned off the engine as Lance was punching in the code to open the garage door. 

As the door was opening Lance turned to Marc, “Why did you kill the engine?  You can just pull it in the garage.”

Marc didn’t say anything just pointed at the garage.  Lance turned to see a van already parked in the garage.

Getting out of the van Marc walked up beside Lance, whose mouth was hanging open.  “Remember, I told you I bought a van when Justin and I flew back.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Lance said softly.  “I forgot.”

Entering the house through the garage they were met by the coolness of the air conditioner.  “Good, one of the guys has been over and turned on the air,” Lance said with a sigh.

“And someone has done some shopping,” Marc said as he reached in the refrigerator and retrieved a couple sodas.  Handing Lance a soda Marc followed Lance into the hall.  Lance seemed to stiffen when he looked into his office. 

“Something wrong?”  Marc asked looking over Lance’s shoulder.  “Did I leave a mess on your desk?”

“No.  Nothing’s wrong,” Lance said flatly.

As they passed the diningroom they saw the table was piled high with mail.  Continuing on to the family room Lance went over to the patio doors and opened the drapes.

“Shit!”  Lance cursed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I asked Joey to have the pool opened up.  Nothing I’ve asked has been done.”

Marc walked up behind Lance placing his hands on his shoulders feeling the tension there.  “Relax, James.  It’s no big deal.  We’ll have it opened on Monday.”

Lance sighed as he gave in to Marc’s massaging fingers.  “You’re right.”  Lance’s eyes moved from the still covered pool into the yard.  “Son of a bitch!”  Throwing open the patio door Lance stormed out of the house.

Marc followed close behind, “James, what’s the matter?”

“Some bastard has taken down my back fence.”

Marc grabbed Lance’s arm spinning him around.

“Hey, guys, their home,” Justin called out when he spotted Lance and Marc coming out the patio door.

“It’s about time,” Chris said as he looked out across the yard.

“Something is wrong,” Joey said as he watched a very mad looking Lance stomp toward them.  Marc had caught up with Lance and had spun Lance around to face him.

“James, calm down.”

“Calm down!  Calm down!  Why should I calm down when someone has vandalized my fence?”

“No one had vandalized your fence,” Marc said.  “I had it taken down.”

“You had it taken down.  Why?”

“I had it taken down so I didn’t have to drive around the block to go to work.”

Lance got a puzzled look on his face.  Marc noticed his friends coming toward them from the new house.

“Remember when I called and told you I had bought a van?”

Lance’s brow furrowed as he remembered the phone conversation.  “Yeah.”

“I also told you I had found a place for my studio.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes he did,” Justin said from behind Lance.

Lance turned to find his band mates standing behind him.

“Marc told you about getting his new Florida driver's license.  Then about buying a new set of wheels.  And about finding and buying a place for his studio.  I was there when he told you,” Justin said.

Lance turned to Marc, “I thought you were kidding.”

Marc let out a sigh of relief, “So now that you know who the son of a bitch is who took down your fence.  Do you still want to yell at him?”

Lance looked at Marc as a nasty smile spread across his face.  “I will have some things to say to you later. . . In bed.”

Marc grinned as he pulled Lance into a bear hug and a kiss.  “That’s a date.”

Lance turned to look at the new house.  “It’s a studio?  Why don’t you show me your studio?”


Well, there you have it boys and girls.  No cliffhangers this time, it must be the holiday season sinking in.  As I’m writing this the first major snow fall of the season is raging outside.  It looks like I’m going to make it through another Christmas Season, when you work retail; this is the worst time of the year.  And this looks like this chapter will be the last one of the year. 

This last year we witness the start of a new relationship.  Visits from an alternate plane of existence and one of a celestial origin.  Bits and pieces of Marc’s past have started to surface, mostly in his dreams but also in his life.  Though the connection between the dream world and the physical world has yet to be realized by Marc.   Marc’s life has changed.  Family has become an important force in his life.  With the formalization of Marc’s adopted family and the ever increasing size of his extended family.  The deepening love between Lance and himself has also helped stabilize Marc’s life.  Oh yes I mustn’t forget them taking the next step in their love lives. 

What can we look for in the coming New Year?     I’m not going to tell.  You will just have to continue reading to find out.

I want to wish everyone out there a happy holiday season and pray that this coming year be a safe and prosperous one for all of you.


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