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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

If you are not 18 years old or it is illegal in your area to view such material please read something else.

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Infinite Love

This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

Lance, Mikey, & a

Angel named Ethan

This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan

Last time:

Marc was dozing when the door to the suite opening, woke him.  It was almost three in the morning when Lance got in.  But there were more voices than just Lance.  All the guys where out there and from their tone they were in a heated discussion.

Marc moved to the partially open bedroom door to hear what was going on.

“I tell you Lou is screwing us,” Joey shouted.

“Our tour was a success,” J.C. said.  “Why aren’t we seeing any money from it?” 

“Jive seems to know what we want to do,” Justin added.  “Lou is fighting us on every idea we have.  I say it’s time to consider their offer.”

Marc quietly closed the bedroom door.  He knew they would be at it for a while and he needed to get some sleep.

Chapter 68

Several hours later the bed shifted as Lance slipped under the covers.  Marc rolled to his side and pulled Lance to him.  Marc could feel the tension in Lance’s body.  Nuzzling Lance’s neck Marc whispered, “I love you James.”  As he rubbed Lance’s tummy he could feel the tension slip away.  Lance didn’t say anything but just let out a long sigh before he drifted off to sleep.

Marc was up and dressed when Lance finally stirred.  “Are you going somewhere?”

Marc nodded, “I have a production meeting in a hour.”

“It’s Friday.  I thought you didn’t have a show on Friday.”

“We don’t.  But I still have two shows left to do.  Even though John will be back on Wednesday I still have to have everything planned out for the week.”

“How long will you be?”

“I’ll be done around four.  Do you guys have anything planned?”

“We just have a interview at a radio station this afternoon.” 

“I haven’t asked, what are your plans?  Are you going to be able to stay?”

Lance looked away not able to look Marc in the eye.  “Lou is making us head back to Orlando in the morning.  He wants us back in the studio.”

“Damn!  Is he going to keep you from my concert?”

“No.  We’ve already told him we were coming back for your concerts.  As long as we get three more songs recorded before Thursday he said we could come.”  

The Friday production meeting was not that exciting; Marc only had two more shows to do and his mind was on his up coming concerts.  Rosie did share with everyone the great response we had gotten with the “We can’t say anything” bit.

Marc was pissed at Lou for forbidding the showing of the song he did with the guys after the show.  And as it seems that was just the start of Lou’s unpopular decisions. 

As the meeting was wrapping up Rosie was slipped a note by her assistant. 

“Marc, can you stay a moment?”  Rosie asked.  After everyone had left Rosie said, “It seems you have some visitors.”

“I do?  Who?”

“I think you know them,” Rosie said as she motioned to the other conference room.

Marc was surprised to find the Backstreet Boys and someone he didn’t know.  “Hi, guys.  What’s up?”

Kevin seemed to have been made spokesman of the group.  “We heard what Lou did to you and *Nsync.  And we thought that maybe there was something we could do to help.”

“Thanks guys.  But I don’t think there is anything you can do.  Lou is not going to let that tape be shown.  And he won’t let me sing with *Nsync again.”

“That’s what we were told.  But what if you did it with another backup group?”

“Lou threatened to sue me if I tried to perform the song.  He said he has the rights to the song.”

“That’s not completely correct,” the unknown man said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Kevin said.  “Marc, this is Richard Marx. . . .”

“The composer of This I Promise You,” Marc said completing Kevin’s statement.   “I’m glad to meet you.”

“I own the rights to that song, not Lou Pearlman.  Kevin contacted me and told me what happen.  And I have an idea I want to toss your way.”

When Marc returned to his hotel he found a note from Lance telling him that Lou was making them go back to Orlando right away.  Marc crumpled the note and flung it across the room.

“Okay guys, that sounded perfect,” the producer said over their earphones.

“Great timing,” Joey said as he looked at his watch.  “Rosie is coming on.”

“Scoop, isn’t this Marc’s last day with Rosie?”  Chris asked.

Lance nodded.  “Yes, and I’m glad.  He’s been trying to do too much.”

“Did Marc say anything about today’s show?”  Joey asked.

“No, he just said we would find today’s show interesting.  Have you heard anything about today?”

“I’m not sure.  Howie said the same thing when we talked.  I have a feeling that something is up.”

When the guys got to their break room they found Lou waiting for them.

“Hi Lou,” J.C. said.  “Did you need to see us?”

“No.  Johnny suggested that I should watch Rosie’s show.  He said Richard Marx was going to appear today.”

The guys shared the same thought, ‘Damn, they were stuck with Lou.  This really sucks.’

The room was silent when the show came to a close.  Lou had stormed out after Richard Marx had preformed.

“Wow!” Justin said.  “That takes balls.”

Chris started to chuckle, “Did anyone notice Lou having a cow?”

“Oh man, I thought I was going to die.  Lou’s face was so red when Marc joined Richard by the piano with a microphone in his hand.”

“Is Marc in trouble now?”  Justin asked.  “Didn’t Lou get some kind of court order?”

“The court order was only to keep Rosie from showing the tape,” Lance said.  “Richard wrote the song.  And he had the right to choose anyone he wanted to sing it.”

“And it so happens that Marc knew the song,” Justin added. 

“And talking about having big balls,” Chris laughed.  “Having the Backstreet Boys as his backup group was so bad!”

“I thought Lou’s head was going to explode when he saw the backup group,” Joey added.

“I bet Lou is on the phone to their management right now complaining to them about performing the song,” Lance said.

“I don’t think it will do any good,” J.C. injected.  “The Backstreet Boys didn’t perform.  Only Kevin, Howie and A.J. were there.”

“Yeah, I see your point,” Lance said as his smile grew.  “They probably jumped at the chance to get to give Lou a dig.  They hate Lou for the way they were treated by Lou.”

“Talking about how Lou treats people.  We need to make a decision real soon,” Joey said.

“Lance, when is your uncle getting in?”  Chris asked.

“He’ll be here today.  He and mom should be at the house when we get through here.”

Marc got to talk to Lance only briefly the night after his last Rosie show.  Some kind of meeting was going on at the house.  He tried again in the morning before he headed out for his own rehearsal with the symphony but got no answer.  When he returned later in the day he found he had company.

A smile spread across Marc’s face when he entered his suite.  “You guys are early.”

Lance met Marc just inside the door with a hug and a kiss.  “Are you complaining about us being early?”

“No.  Definitely not.  So you guys finished recording early?”

A look passed between Lance and the others.  “Well, we didn’t quite finish what Lou wanted us to complete.  We just left early.”

“Man, I bet Lou is pissed,” Marc said.

Joey nodded.  “Yeah, he’s pissed.  But not because of us leaving early.”

Marc didn’t understand.

“We gave Lou his walking papers this morning,” Chris said.  “Our contract is coming up for renewal.  We informed Lou that we were not going to sign with him.  We’ve signed on with Johnny Wright and will be signing with Jive.”

“Jive is going to give us the artistic control we want.  And the money end of the deal is a lot better,” Justin said.

“How did Lou take the news?”  Marc asked.

“He went through the roof,” Joey said.

“That bustard had a clause in our contract stating that we had to give notice of termination of contract by a certain date or our contract would automatically be renewed,”  Chris snarled.    

“Of course he hasn’t said a word about our upcoming renewal,” J.C. added.

“Did you terminate in time?”  Marc asked.
“Yeah, we beat the deadline by twenty-four hours,” Justin said.

“Now what?”  Marc asked.

“We meet with Jive in the morning,” Chris said.

“It sounds too simple,” Marc said.

“It is that simple,” Justin said.  “Jive is in, and Lou is out.”

A dusty black pickup; pulling a horse trailer, bounced over the rough road leading to the old ranch house.  Topping the last hill the driver was glad to see the big barn with the ranch house peaking out around from behind it.  Pulling in next to the barn he was met by two of their young ranch hands.

“Gip, welcome home,” the lanky dark haired youth greeted him.
“It’s good to be home Matt,” Gip said as he stretched his legs after a eight hour drive. 

“We’ll take care of Shadow for you,” the equally thin red head said as he lowered the ramp to the trailer.

“Thanks Rob,” glancing over at the ranch house he asked.  “How has he been?”

“He’s been a bear since you left,” Matt said.

“Has he left the house?”

“Not during the day,” Matt said.  “But we’ve seen him late at night hobbling down to the corral on his crutches to talk with the horses.”

“What has he been doing with himself during the day?”

“Miss Webster mentioned that he has become hooked on soap operas and talk shows,” Rob said as he led Shadow into the barn. 

“Give him a little grain and a good drink of water before you let him out into the pasture,” Gip said as he slung his knapsack over his shoulder and headed for the house.

>From his chair; next to the window, Waddie saw the pickup pull up next to the barn.   His head kept turning between the soap opera he was watching and the action down by the barn.  As luck would have it a commercial break came on as Gip climbed onto the front porch.  Rising onto his crutches he went to greet his son. 

Gip opened the door and found Waddie waiting for him.  Waddie’s smile broadened when Gip put down his bag and went and pulled him into a big bear hug.  Letting go of his crutches Waddie returned the hug.

“How you doing old man?”  Gip asked.

Waddie push himself back balancing on his one good leg glaring at Gip.  “Old man?  If it wasn’t for this damn cast I’d kick your ass across the county.”

Gip chuckled as he bent to retrieve the crutches.  “I’ve heard you’ve been a grumpy old man since I’ve been gone.”

“You’d be grumpy too if you had to have this cast on your leg,” Waddie said as he turned back to sit in his chair.  As he eased himself into the chair he grabbed his leg and hoisted it onto a stool.  Picking up a bent coat hanger he maneuvered the end of it into the opening of the cast when his toes stuck out and scratched the bottom of his foot.

“What in the sam hell are you doing?”

“My foot itches.”

“Didn’t the doctor tell you not to stick anything in your cast?”

“I’d like to put the damn doctor into a cast and see how he handles it when he gets an itch.”

Gip shook his head knowing there was no way he was going to win.  “When is your next appointment?”

“Next Monday,” Waddie said as he put his hanger next to him in the seat of his chair.

The two men spent a couple hours catching up on what has been happening over the last few weeks before Miss Webster called them to supper.

Gip carried mugs of coffee into the living room setting one next to Waddie’s chair.  After getting himself settled, Waddie picked up his coffee enjoying the rich flavor. 

“Rob said you’ve become a soap opera junky,” Gip said with a smirk over his mug.

“I only follow two soaps,” Waddie said in his defense.  “But I must admit to being hooked on talk shows.”

“Who do you watch?”

“Oprah is the best along with Rosie.”

“What you don’t watch Maury Povich?”

“Hell no!  Most of his guests are fake.  Besides it gets old seeing all the staged fights.”

Picking up a remote he pointed it at the VCR.  “I want you to look at something.  I was watching Rosie a couple weeks back and I spotted a new face.”

The tape showed the opening of one of Rosie’s shows.  Waddie fast forward past the monolog.  Rosie was talking with her band leader.  Waddie paused on a shot of the band leader. 

Gip studied the young man on the screen.  “I’ve seen him somewhere.”

“You have.  Do you remember where?”

Gip thought for a moment.  “The rodeo, in San Antonio.  He was sitting across the arena with a group of other guys.”

“Yeah, I think so too.  If I remember right he seemed to spend quite a lot of time looking our way.”

“He was probably checking out the young cowpokes not two old farts.”

Waddie shrugged as he fast forward the tape.  He stopped briefly on a shot of the young fellow.  This time he had trimmed his beard to a goatee and mustache.  After a few seconds he fast forward again to a shot with the guy sporting only a mustache.

Gip leaned forward in his seat to study the picture.  Fast forwarding one last time Waddie froze the picture on the band leader again, only this time he was clean shaven.

“I’ll be damn!”  Gip said softly.  “That’s the kid!”

“Yeah, that’s him,” Waddie agreed.

“I wondered what ever became of him,” Gip said.  “It’s been what three, four years?”

“Almost four years.”

“Does he have a name?”  Gip asked.

“He’s going by Marc Newman.”

“Well that’s more of a name he was ever able to give us.  Do you think he ever got his memory back?”

“From what I gather when he and Rosie talks he still doesn’t know where he comes from.”

“Do you think we should contact him?”  Gip asked.

“I thought of that, but Mr. Ural said he is looking after him and we are to wait until he comes to us.”

“Mr. Ural is involved?”

Waddie nodded as he gazed at the picture on his TV.

Because of the publicity Marc had received while on Rosie’s both shows were sellouts a third matinee was added and it sold out in twenty minutes. 

To Marc’s and Lance’s surprise the morning of the first concert Lynn, Diane and Jim came knocking at their door.  They had flown in for the weekend and they even had rooms on the same floor; having Johnny Wright booking their rooms made it possible.

Later in the day another knock on Marc’s door brought another surprise.  Tom and Sara had arrived to share Marc’s success.

After visiting with everyone for a couple hours Marc excused himself from everyone so he could get some rest before he had to leave for Lincoln Center. 

Marc had been napping when movement on the bed woke him.  Marc smiled when Lance laid down next to him.  “Did everyone leave?”

“Yeah, they went to get ready for tonight.  I need to call and try to arrange transportation for tonight.”

“It’s already taken care of.  After my driver takes me to the center he will swing back for our parents.”

“Good.  I was afraid we’d have to squeeze five more people into our limo.”

“Oh, how terrible that would be.  Having to share your ride with parents,” Marc kidded.

“What are we doing after the concert?”  Lance asked.

“There will be a cocktail reception at the center.  And everyone is invited.”

“You going to eat before the concert?”  Lance asked as Marc rolled out of the bed.

“I’ve arranged for a light meal in by dressing room before the concert.  If you want we can go out after the party.”

“That would be nice.  You want me to see if I can get reservations?”

“Why don’t you call Rosie,” Marc suggested.  “She said something about celebrating my opening.”

“I will.  Do you have her number?”

Marc smiled, “She’s on my speed dial. . . .   I’m going to take a shower.  When you’re done, you can come and scrub my back.”

Marc’s opening was a great success.  Beside presenting his two orchestral pieces he also took advantage of the magnificent instrument of Avery Fisher Hall and preformed a organ piece.  And to everyone delight Charlotte Church appeared as guest artist with Marc accompanying her on the piano.

The cocktail party turned out to be more then Marc had expected.  Everyone wanted to talk with him.  Marc managed to nurse one glass of champagne through the whole party.  The one thing Marc regretted was not being able to spend his time with his family and friends. 

After being pleasant and smiling at scores of people; who’s names he chose not to remember, he excused himself to make his way to his waiting limo.

Rosie’s party was way more fun then the cocktail party.  The best part of this party was the food.  And also being able to spend time with his friends and family.

When they returned to their hotel Marc was still flying high on his adrenaline rush.  Lance disappeared into the bedroom while Marc said his goodnights to his family.

Marc found the bedroom empty, “James?”

“Be right out,” Lance called out.

Marc was hanging up his suit coat when Lance stepped out of the bathroom only wearing a smile.  Marc grinned as Lance slowly moved to him.  Marc reached out for Lance but his hands were pushed aside. 

Waving a finger at Marc, Lance softly said, “No, no.  Only I can touch.”

“What do you have. . . . “

Lance placed a finger on Marc’s lips.  “No talking.”

Marc stood there as Lance undressed him.  Then taking him by the hand Lance led Marc into the bathroom and the big steaming tub.

Lance climbed into the tub behind Marc, pulling him back against his chest.  Marc snuggled down into the embrace as lance started to wash his chest, spending quite a lot of time rubbing over his nipples.

Marc’s heavy breathing meant Lance’s plan was working.  Working down Marc’s chest Lance felt something brush against his hand.

“What’s this?”  Lance asked as hand moved lower and beneath the surface of the water, grabbing onto Marc’s hard manhood.

Marc sucked in his breath as his hips started to thrust into Lance’s hand.  Lance squeezed hard causing Marc to freeze in mid thrust.  “Not so fast there stud.  I have plans for this.”

“Oh?  Stud?”

Lance nibbled on Marc’s ear.  “Yes, stud.  And this is mine.”

Marc woke; a little later then normal, well rested and ready to take on the day.  His last two shows were today, a matinee and his final evening performance. 

At breakfast Sara and J.C. told everyone they were going shopping and sightseeing.  The parents thought that was a good idea and they started making plans for the day.  Marc encouraged Lance to spend the day with his parents.

“What about your concert?”

“It’s just like the one you saw last night.  Spend some time with your mom and dad.”

“Can I come to tonight’s show?”  Lance asked.

“I’d love to have you at tonight’s show,” Marc said as he pulled Lance to him.

Lance did attend Marc’s last show.  The others took the opportunity to check out New York’s night life. 

After the show Marc took Lance out for a quiet late night dinner and a ride around Central Park.  Even though it was after two in the morning they managed to beat most everyone back to the hotel.

Sunday morning was a lazy morning for everyone.  Everyone's flights were scheduled for mid afternoon.  Those who partied a little too much spent the time recuperating from their night out.  Marc ordered room service for himself and Lance.  Both of them enjoying breakfast in bed.

All things has to come to an end.  With the last of his bags loaded on the baggage cart Marc walked through the rooms he had called home for almost a month, making sure he hadn’t left anything.

The ride to the airport was a quiet one, everyone lost in their own thoughts.

Marc was looking forward to some down time with Lance and getting some time in his own studio to work on his finals composition.  He was also planning to go see Bobby in L.A. 

Lance and the guys were sharing pretty much the same thoughts.  They were free of Lou and on Tuesday they were holding a press conference with Jive to announce their change of management and record company.

The parents were plotting diabolical ways to interfere in their sons lives and make life a living hell.  Actually they were comparing notes about the upcoming Hawaii trip over the Christmas, New Year holiday.

Tom’s and Sara’s plane was the first to leave.  J.C., Lance and Marc saw them off.  Everyone else was on the same plane with changes in destinations in Atlanta.

It was dark when Lance pulled into his space in their garage.  They were tired and decided to leave the bags were they were until morning.  A leisurely shower; to wash off the grime of traveling, was all they could muster before crawling into bed.  Cuddling up and a brief kiss was all they managed before sleep overtook both of them.

Monday turned into laundry day.  Sorting through his and Lance’s bags he made several piles of clothing.  He started what could be washed and set aside what needed to be sent out to the dry cleaners. 

Lance and the guys had meetings with Johnny and the lawyers from Jive.  After checking the food situation and making a list Marc headed out to drop off the stuff at the cleaners and do grocery shopping.

Marc had the laundry done and supper in the over when Lance and the guys finally showed up. 

Lance came in and found Marc at his computer.  “Hey Boo, what have you been up to?”

“Just catching up on stuff,” Marc said as he turned from his computer.  “While I was gone didn’t you do any shopping?”

“Not much.  We ate out a lot, or just grilled something.”

“Ah, that’s why most everything in the refrigerator was out dated,” Marc said with some understanding.

On Tuesday, Marc watched the guys press conference before heading into his studio for to begin work. 

When Marc took a mid afternoon break he found the guys hanging out around the pool.  Everyone seemed to be in a upbeat mood.  After the news conference they had done several private interviews to MTV and Teen Beat and they had gown well.

Johnny got the guys back into the studio on Wednesday to continue working on their new album.  Marc was on a quest, looking for the inspiration for his new work.   After staring at his computer screen for over an hour Marc sighed as he turned his computer off.  He had a idea.  It was still early in the morning so he grabbed his keys and headed out the door. 

Marc’s destination, the Kennedy Space Center.  Following the signs east out of Orlando he soon found himself at the entrance to the Visitor Complex. 

The old lady sat in her bedroom waiting for her doctors verdict.


“I’m not sure what happened,” the doctor said.  “Your heart is fine and you didn’t have a stroke.”

“I could have told you that,” she spat. 

“The only thing I can come up with is you suffered some kind of shock.  Do you know what might have brought this on?”

“No.  I have no idea.”

“Well, I want you to still take it easy for a few more days.  By easy I mean no house work and I want you to stay out of your gardens.”

“Stay out of my gardens?”

The doctor looked at his long time friend.  “You may sit in your garden.  But you may not work in you garden.  Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you,” she said with a pout.

The doctor shook his head as he picked up his bag.  As he was going through the door he stopped.  “Just take it easy, okay?”

“Sure doc,” she said with a naughty smile.

The door slowly opened as the pixie faced boy eased his head around it.  The old woman smiled at the sight.

“Nana, what did the doctor say?”

“Come here child,” the old lady called to the boy.

The boy ran and sat on his Nana’s lap.  “Are you all better?”

“I’m fine child.  Now we have some work ahead of us.”

“What kind of work?  Do you want me to weed your garden?”

“No.  I want you to bring me all of your mom’s magazines.  I want to find out how to contact Rosie.”

The guys were already back when Marc got home. 

“Hi Boo,” Lance greeted him.  “Where have you been?”

“Doing research for my school project,” Marc answered.  “I needed some inspiration.”

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

Marc nodded, “I went over to the Kennedy Space Center.”

“That’s a neat place to visit.  Did you take the tour?”

“Yeah.  But what I really wanted to see was the  IMAX® shows.” 

“Did you get what you wanted?”

“I think so.  I’m going to log onto the Hubble web site and see what I can find.”

Marc found what he was looking for on the Hubble web site.  And he spent the next day deciding what order his dozen of photographs would work in the story he wanted to tell with music.

The week that had started out so well came to a disastrous end with one phone call.  Johnny called, wanted to see the guys right away.  When they got to Johnny’s office they found Johnny and their lawyers waiting for them.  Lou was suing them for  $150 million in damages.   And he wanted to stop Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and J.C. from even using the name *Nsync.

Rosie was in her office reading the latest account of *Nsync’s troubles.  Rosie’s assistant came in bring Rosie a cup of tea. 

“Those poor boys,” Ann said as she gave Rosie here tea.

“I can’t believe Lou is doing this to them.  Taking their name from them is a low blow.”

“Is there anything we can do to help them?”  Ann asked.

Rosie thought for a moment, “Will you contact their new manager and make an offer that *Nsync can come on my show when ever and as often as they want.  They will need a way to get their side of the story out and I’d be happy to help them out any way I can.”

“I’ll get right on it,” Ann said as she finished jotting down her note.  “Oh, we’ve gotten an inquiry about Marc Newman.”

“What kind of inquiry?”

“She wanted to know how to get in contact with Marc.  I told her we could not give out that information.  I offered to forward any letters she wanted to write him.”

“Did that satisfy her?”

“I don’t think so.  She was adamant about contacting Marc.”

“With what is going on with *Nsync I don’t think Marc wants to deal with a stalker,” Rosie said.  “If she calls again get her name and phone number.  Don’t promise her anything.  Just tell her we’ll pass it along.”

“You going to do that?”

“No.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

“Hey sport, how’s it going?” 

Ryan looked up with a grin.  “Hi Davey.”  Ryan looked back into the cloud.  “It doesn’t look too good for Boo’s friends.”

“Yes, I know.  How is Boo holding up?”

“He’s not happy at all.  He wants to help his friends but he’s not sure how.”

“When the time is right he will be able to help his friends,” a voice came from behind them.

“Ah, Mr. Ural sir.  I, I know I’m not suppose to be here,” Davey nervously said.

“That’s all right Davey, I understand your interest in your brother.”

“There is so much anger down there now,” Ryan said.  “Boo is upset that James and their friends are hurting.”

“Your brother is doing all he can by loving James and supporting his friends.  Right now, that’s the one thing they need.”

Lance and the guys seemed to be constantly in meetings.  Marc saw little of Lance and when he did Lance was so exhausted he’d fall right to sleep.

It had just been a week since the nightmare with Lou started when Lance came home.
Marc had just finished his evening run and had just dropped his shorts when Lance walked in.

“Now that is beautiful,” Lance said as he leaned against the door jam.

“What’s beautiful?” Marc asked as he straightened up.

“Your ass.”

“What?  These little old things?”  Marc grabbed a cheek in each hand.

“Yes, those,” Lance growled.

Marc could see Lance’s pants start to tent.  “Well these are heading for a shower.  If you’re so interested why don’t you join me?”

Before Marc could get the temperature of the water set Lance had joined him wearing only a smile.

They showered quickly both totally aroused by their need for each other.  Each grabbed a towel and quickly dried each other off. 

Dropping their towels they embraced kissing passionately. 

“I want you,” Lance huskily said into Marc’s ear.

“Give me a minute and I’m all yours.”

Lance left Marc so he could prepare himself. 

Lance knew what he wanted and he took what he wanted.

Thanks to his preparation Marc was able to take Lance when he slid in with one thrust. 

Once he was all the way in Lance’s lust took over and he started to pound in and out of Marc.

The intensity of Lance’s thrust surprised Marc.  The fact that Lance was hitting his prostrate repeatedly also didn’t go unnoticed.  Marc moaned from the intense stimulation he was getting, his head rolled from side to side as Lance continued to pound into him.  Marc opened his eyes, looking up into Lance’s face and what he saw sent a shiver up his spine.

“James, stop!”  Marc said.  Lance didn’t stop in fact he picked up speed.

“Damn it James.  Stop!”  Marc shouted.  His ankles were over Lance’s shoulders.  Bring his legs back he was able to plant his feet against Lance’s shoulders and push him off.  Lance went flying backward off the bed.  Marc let out a cry of pain as Lance landed on the floor.

“What the fuck!”  Lance shouted from the floor.

“You wouldn’t stop,” Marc said as he pulled himself into a ball.

“What are you talking about?” Lance asked as he got off the floor.  “We were making love.”
“That wasn’t love.  You were fucking me.   No that’s not right you weren’t fucking me you were fucking Lou.”

“You’re talking crazy.”

“I saw your face.  There was no love there.  All I saw was hatred in your eyes.  You were fucking Lou.”

Lance sat next to Marc stunned.  He thought back to just before he found himself on his ass on the floor.  The thing was he couldn’t remember looking into Marc’s eyes as they made love.  Marc wasn’t there.  He only saw the fat, red face of Lou.  “Oh God! What have I done,” Lance cried out before rushing to the bathroom to throw up.

Sleep didn’t come easily to them.  A wall had seemed to have gone up between them as they lay in bed.  After a long while Marc rolled onto his side and reached over and pulled Lance to him.

“I’m sorry,” Lance said weakly.

“I know you are,” Marc said as he kissed the back of Lance’s nick.  “I love you, James.”

There was still an uneasiness hanging in the air during breakfast.  Lance still felt guilty for what happened.  Marc didn’t know how to help Lance.  This trouble with Lou was taking a toll on his lover and his friends.  He wondered how much longer this could go on.

After Lance left for the day Marc picked up the phone and dialed Johnny Wright.

“Hi Marc.  How are you doing?”

“I’m doing okay.  I’m worried about Lance and the guys.  This trouble with Lou is tearing them up inside.”

“I know Marc.  Every day there seems to be something new coming up.  I just don’t know what to do.”

“You need to get their minds off their problems.  You need to get them back into the studio.”

“You think?”

“What Lance has told me Lou is calming control of all their work.”

“Yeah it looks that way.”

“Until this gets settled there is no way they can release the new album.  How about you put them to work on new songs for the album.  Anything they record after the breakup Lou has no control over.”

“You want me to start over on the album?”

“Why not.  You never know what they may come up with.  And when this is settled they can decide what songs they want on the album.”

“You may be right Marc.  And today is as good of time to start as any.”

Things had started to settle down.  Johnny did put the guys to work.  New songs were needed for their album.  Johnny locked them in a conference room and told them they were not to come out until they had ideas for two songs.  Marc found out later that they had no ideas to start with. 

They started to bitch about how things were going and their lives in general.  Everyone had his complaints and they laid them all on the table.  Some how all the negative complaining started to turn into positive suggestions as they started to focus on what they wanted in the future.

Out of this meeting came a almost completed song they called, No Strings Attached.  And some of the lyrics to a song that was to become, Bye, Bye, Bye.

Marc was also able to get back to work.  With the photos he had gotten from NASA he set to work giving each one its own theme music.  Once he had a base theme for each one he intended to expand each theme then work on connecting each together.

Marc was working on his third theme when the phone rang.  “Hello.”

“Hello, Marc.”


“Son.  Can you come home?”

“Is something wrong?  Has something happen to you or Sara?”

“No son, we’re both fine.”

“That’s good to hear.  But why do you want me to come home?”

“Son, Sheriff Dillin, called me a little while ago.  He has received some new information.  Information about your past.”

“What kind of information?”

“Bobby Lee didn’t say.  He just asked that I contact you and let you know he is almost positive he has found who you are and that you still have some family.  He said something about a DNA test will make it certain.”

Marc felt a knot form in his stomach.  ‘Was this what he had been waiting so long for?’

“I’ll catch the next flight out.”

“Do you want someone to pick you up?”  Tom asked.

“Yes.  I’ll let you know what time I’m due in.”

“Okay.  And son. . . “

“Yes dad.”

“What ever you find out you know I will always love you.”

“I know dad.  I love you too.”

After making a couple phone calls Marc went up to pack a bag. 

Swinging by Johnny’s office Marc hoped to see Lance for a few minutes before he had to head out to catch his flight.

As Marc was approaching Johnny’s office he saw Lance and the others going into another room down the hall. 

“Hay Marc,” Justin called out.

Marc waved at the guys.  Something serious must be up for there was not a smile among the five of them. 

Lance closed the distance between the two of them.

“You got a minute?”  Marc asked.

Lance shook his head.  “We’re meeting with the lawyers.  They have Lou’s latest demands.”

“Lance,” Chris called.

“I got to go.   Talk to you later.”

Marc watch Lance and the guys disappear behind a door. 

Lynn looked up when she heard a knock. 

“Got a minute Mom?”  Marc asked.

“Sure Honey.”  Lynn pointed to a seat.  “What brings you here?”

“I stopped by to talk to Lance.”

“Good luck,” Lynn chuckled.

“Yeah, no luck.  They’re in a meeting.”

“You’re welcome to wait,” Lynn offered.

“Thanks.  But I have a flight to catch.”

Lynn was surprised.  “You going some where?”

Marc nodded, “My Dad call.”

“Is everyone all right?”

“Yes, they’re fine.  Dad called to tell me that they may have found my family.”

“Oh, Marc.  I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you.  But it’s not certain yet.  That’s why I going.  They are going to do a DNA test.”

“Well I’ll pray that everything turns out.”

“Thinks.  I didn’t get a chance to tell Lance what was going on.  Can you fill him in on what’s going on?”

“Sure, Honey.”

Marc got up to leave.  “Mom, I’m worried about them.  This thing with Lou is taking it’s toll on them.”

“Yes, I agree.”

“How about they come up to the cabin for the weekend?  There’s a chance I may know something by then.”

“That sounds like a marvelous idea.  I’ll talk to Johnny and make sure they can get away.”

Marc gave Lynn a hug before he left.

“Lance, when did you say you talked to Marc last?”  Chris asked.

“Three days ago.  He called me the night he got to Wisconsin.”

“You haven’t talked to him since?”  Joey asked.

“No,” Lance said softly.

“Here’s our turn,” Justin pointed to the mail box coming up.

“I see it,” J.C. said as he slowed the van to make the turn.

As they came around the curve of the drive they spotted Marc’s car. 

“It looks like he’s home,” Justin said.

“He may still be with Tom,” Lance pointed out.

“I hope you have a key,” Chris said as they got out of the van.

“I have,” Lance said as he got his bag out of the back of the van. 

Justin beat Lance to the front door and he found it unlocked.

“Someone is home,” Chris observed.

Entering the cabin they found no one around.  Joey was the one to spot Marc standing at the end of the dock.  “Lance,” Joey said indicating Marc.

Lance went out the patio door.  Joey blocked the door.  “Let them have some time guys.”

Marc was staring out over the water when he heard, “Boo.”  Smiling he turned and held out his arms.  Lance walked into Marc’s embrace. 

“God, I’ve missed you,” Marc said when they broke their kiss.

“I’ve missed you just as much.  Well? . . .  How did it go?”

Marc let out a large sigh, “It was a very emotional time.”

“Was it your family?”

Marc nodded.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“James, I don’t want to tell you about it.  I need you to come with me and let me show you what I’ve found.”

“Sure, when do you want to leave?”

“How about right now?”

Marc briefly greeted the others before he and Lance left.  Justin and Chris protested, they were leaving without letting them know what Marc had found out.  Marc told them that Sara and Tom would be over after they got off work and fill them in on everything.

The drive took almost three hours.  Not much was said as they drove but they did hold hands most of the way. 

As they drove down the quiet street of a small town Lance marveled at the large two story homes the lined the street.  Slowing Marc pulled into the driveway of a charming Victorian home.

“What’s this?”  Lance asked as they got out of the car.

“The home I grew up in,” Marc said as took Lance’s hand and led him to the back of the house.  “Actually it’s my grandmothers home.”

Marc held open the gate as Lance stepped into a beautiful garden.  A frail looking old lady was cutting some flowers.

“Nana,” Marc called out.

Nana turned and smiled, “My lord!  You’re back already.”

Marc pulled Nana into a big hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Nana noticed someone standing in her garden.  “Who do we have here?”

“Nana, this is James.  The one I told you about.  James, this is my grandmother; Elizabeth Hartland.  But everyone call her Nana.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Lance said nervously.

“I have some fresh iced tea in the refrigerator.  Would you like some?”  Nana asked.

“Yes, “ Lance answered.

“I’ll get it,” Marc offered.  You two relax a while.”

“You know where everything is?”  Nana asked.

“If you haven’t rearranged the kitchen since yesterday I do.”

Lance and Nana sat in some lawn chairs under a large tree.  When Marc went into the house to get the tea Nana noticed the look the young man had shot at her grandson.

“He hasn’t told you anything, has he?”

“No, not really.  Marc only said he wanted me to meet his family.”


“Yes, your grandson.  He goes by Marc now.”

“I’m not surprised,” Nana chuckled.  “He hated his first name.”


“He told you?”

“Well yes and no.  Marc had a dream and in that dream his little brother called him Boo.”

“That’s right.  Ryan did call him Boo.”

“Can you tell me?  Why Boo?”  Lance asked.

“It’s because Ryan couldn’t say my full name when he was little,” Marc said as he returned with a tray of iced tea.

Nana laughed, “Yes, Ryan did have a time with it.”

“Well?”  Lance looked at Marc.

“My full name is Booth Marcus Stevens.  I was named after my grandfather Booth Hartland.”

“Ryan had a problem with the t h sound.  He started calling him Boo and everyone else picked up on it.”

“You did say you picked the name Marc because you like how it sounded,” Lance said.

“I wasn’t too far off,” Marc said over his glass of tea.

“Nana!  I’m home,” came the high pitched voice from the other side of the fence.

A young dark haired boy entered the yard.  He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Who’s car is that our front,” the boy yelled.

“Land sakes boy you don’t have to shout,” Nana said to the boy.

The boy turned to Nana’s voice and a grin spread across his face.  “You’ve come back!” the boy shouted and ran to Marc’s open arms.

“I told you I’d be back,” Marc said as the boy flew into his arms.

As the boy and Marc hugged Lance sat there opened mouthed.  He didn’t know what was going on or what to make of it.

Marc placed the boy on his knee and turned him to face Lance.  “Shawn, do you recognize that guy setting over there?”  Marc asked.

Shawn looked at Lance and nodded.  “He looks like one of the guys in *Nsync.”
“That’s right.  Do you know which one?”

Shawn nodded again.  “He’s Lance.”

“That’s right.  Lance is the name he uses as a member of *Nsync.  You remember me telling you about my friend James?”

Again Shawn nodded.

“Lance’s first name is James and he is my special friend.”

Shawn smiled at Lance and gave him a little wave.

Lance waved back still not sure what was going on.

“James, this is Shawn Marcus Porter-Stevens, my son.”


Oh, I’m bad. 

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