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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite Love

This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

Lance, Mikey, & a Angel named Ethan

This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan

Last Time:

 It was early afternoon when Marc and Lance pulled into Helen Browns driveway.   They weren’t even out of the car when Bobby flew out the front door.

“You’re here!” he shouted before jumping into his dad’s arms.

“Easy sport,” Marc chuckled as he regained his footing.

“Sorry,” Bobby said as he let his dad go. 

Seeing Lance smiling at them he turned to give him a hug.  “Hi, Pop.”

“Hi, son,” Lance said as he returned the hug.

“How long can you stay?”

“Not very long son,” Marc said.  He could see the joy drain from the boy.

“Marc!  That’s not nice,” Lance admonished.

Bobby gave Lance a questioning look.

“We’re here just long enough to get you packed.”

“Packed?  Where are we going?”

“I wanted to spend a few days with my boys.  I figured instead of splitting my time with each of you in two different locations.  I thought we’d just pick you up and the three of us go see your little brother and Nana.”

“I get to see Shawn?  Ah, we should ask Grams if I can go.”

“That’s already taken care of,” Marc said.  “I talked to her a couple hours ago and she said it was all right to go.”

Grabbing his dad’s hand he pulled him toward the house.  “What should I pack?”

It didn’t take long to get Bobby packed and they were soon headed for the airport.  Bobby was intrigued by the plane they were to fly on.  He had flown on the big commercial jets but this smaller private jet was a totally different experience. 

Marc wondered if the attendant had a length of rope handy.  Bobby had been super hyper since they had taken off.  As soon as the seat belt sign was turned off he had been bouncing around the cabin looking out all the windows.  Thank god the attendant  managed to come up with snacks and a box containing a Gameboy with a  large selection of games to keep him occupied.

Marc had arranged for a car to meet them when they landed.  In less than an hour they were pulling into Nana’s driveway.

Shawn was playing in a neighbors yard when he saw a car; he didn’t know, pull into his drive.  He watched as a man got out the passenger side.  His face lit up when he recognized Lance.   He was halfway across the yard when he spotted his dad.  He flew into his dad’s arms, shouting, “You’re here!  You’re here!”

“I told you we’d be back,” Marc said as Shawn hugged him around the neck.

“How long can you stay?”  Shawn asked as his dad put him down.

“Only three days.”

The sound of the closing of the car door made Shawn turn around.  There was someone else with his dad and Lance.  A older boy got out of the car.  Shawn immediately recognized who it was.  “Bobby!”

“Hey, Shawn.  How’s it going?”

Chapter 74

A big smile spread across Shawn’s face.  “You’re really here!” he shouted as he jumped up and down with excitement.

Nana came around the side of the house to see what all the commotion was about.  “Marc,” she called out.

“Nana,” Marc said as he closed the distance between them.  “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good,” Nana said as she hugged her grandson. 

When Marc released her from their hug Lance was there to greet her.  “It’s good to see you again Nana.”   Lance said as they hugged.

Marc had his arms around the shoulders of his two boys.  “I think some introductions are in order.  Nana, this handsome young man is my soon to be son, Bobby Joe Brown.  Bobby, this is my grandmother; and soon to be your great-grandmother Elizabeth Hartland.”

“It’s nice to meet you ma’am,” Bobby said offering his hand.

“That’s not how we greet each other ,” she said opening her arms.  “And everyone calls me Nana, not ma’am.”

Bobby blushed as he stepped into the hug.

 “Welcome to the family,” Nana softly said.

Lou Pearlman was fuming when he returned to his office.  He had just finished meeting with his lawyers about his problems with *Nsync.  Talks between their lawyers and his had come to a standstill.  They were demanding a total break with him and he was not about to let his biggest source of income just slip away.  He had been brooding about the situation all the back to his office and he had come to a decision.  Picking up his phone he called the direct line to his lawyer.  “Rich, Lou here.  I’ve been thinking about what you suggested.  Let’s do it.  File for breach of contract.   But I think the amount we discussed is too low.  I want $150 million.”

Little did Lou know; just outside his office window, his phone conversation was overheard.

“I don’t like him,” Ryan stated.

“Now, now Ryan.  It’s not our job to judge him,” Mr. Urial pointed out.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“That’s all right.  Some day he will have to justify his life before the ultimate judge.”

“Why do people have to be so mean? 

“I’m afraid in his case, he’s just greedy.  The more money he makes, the more he wants.  And he doesn’t care who he screws to get it.”

“Mr. Urial!” Ryan said as he covered his ears just as there was a clap of thunder.

Mr. Urial looked up smiling, sheepishly.  “Sorry, bad word choice.”  

Marc and Lance was helping Nana prepare supper when he gazed out the window into the backyard.  Shawn had dragged Bobby out back to show him his fort. 

“What are they up to?”  Lance asked from behind Marc.

“They’re sitting outside Shawn’s fort, talking.” as he watched what seemed to be a one sided conversation.  Shawn kept looking wide eyed toward the house from time to time.
Then Shawn started talking and Bobby kept nodding in response.

“I think we’re about to fine out,” Marc said as the boys headed toward the house.

“Hi, Dad,” Shawn said as he wrapped is arms around is dad’s waist.

“Hi, son, what’s up?”

“Ah, I, . . “ Shawn hesitated shooting a quick glance toward Bobby. 

Bobby nodded his head as of saying go ahead.

“Ah, well, Bobby said he’s been to your house in Florida.”

“Yes, he visited for a week just before school started.”

“He told me all the neat stuff you all did.”

“We did have a good time,” Marc said not sure where this was going.

“Well, will I ever be able to do that stuff?”  Shawn asked.

Marc picked Shawn up so they were eye to eye.  “I’m sure we will be able to do a lot of the things.”

“Like what things?”

Marc frowned, “just what things did you what to do?”

“Bobby said you had a swimming pool and he could go swimming any time he wanted.”

“That’s right.  But there is a rule that he could swim only when there was an adult there.”

Shawn, thought for a second absorbing the new rule.  “We can swim only when you’re there?”

“No, I said there had to be an adult there.  Lance also lives there.  And your uncles, Joey, Chris, Josh, and Justin are there all the time.”

That answer seemed to satisfy him. 

“What other things were you wondering about?”  Marc prodded.

“Well, Bobby said there is a lot of neat rides at the parks.  But he said I can’t ride them because I’m too small.”

“He’s right about that.  I’m sorry son but there’s nothing I can do about that.”

“That’s so unfair!”  Shawn said in a pout.

“It may seem unfair to you.  But the rules are there to protect you.  I would hate to loose you because the safety equipment did not fit you and you were launched into orbit,” Marc said giving Shawn a poke in his flat tummy.

“But,” Shawn said with a giggle.  “That means I can only ride the little kid rides.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the kiddy rides,” Lance said.  “There are plenty of people that will ride with you.”

Shawn gave Lance a questioning look.

“Your uncle Chris loves to ride them,” Lance said.  “In fact I think you will find him dragging you onto all of them.”

“And I’m sure you big brother would just love riding with you,” Marc said giving Bobby a stare telling him ‘you started this.’

Bobby got his new dad’s message loud and clear.  “Yeah, it would be cool!”

Shawn smiled at his new big brother.  “Yeah, cool!  I just wish we could do it now.”

“I know.  We just don’t have the time now.  But remember, you are going to come down for Thanksgiving.  Have you been marking off the days, on your calendar?”

Shawn nodded, he had.

Seeing that Shawn wasn’t going to continue with their plan Bobby thought he would give it a try.  “Ah, Dad.  Since we can’t go to Florida, maybe we could go to that lake you told me about.”

Marc and Lance, exchanged looks.

“Yea, and we could visit Grandpa Tom and Aunt Sara,” Shawn bubbled.

“Sure, we can ride over in the morning,” Marc agreed.

The fog was hanging over Marc’s brain when he heard movement in the room.  Forcing one eye open just a slit, he saw the room was still dimly lit by the early morning light.  Glancing around he spotted Shawn, fully dressed, sitting on the chair near the bed.  Glancing at the bedside alarm he saw it was only five thirty.  “What are you doing up so early, son.”

“You said we were going to go see Grandpa, and Aunt Sara this morning.”  Shawn softly answered.

Marc lifted the covers and beckoned the boy.

Shawn leaped into bed next to his dad.

“It’s way too early to be leaving,” Marc said, as he cuddled the boy.  

The sound of a toilet flushing caught Marc’s attention.  He could feel Lance snuggled against his back so that left only one other person on the floor.

“Shawn, is Bobby up?” Marc asked.

Shawn nodded, “I helped him put his legs on.  He want’s to be ready to go see Grandpa and Aunt Sara.”

A kiss to the back of his neck told Marc Lance was awake. 

Raising his head a little Lance could see Shawn snuggling with his dad. “What’s this?”  Lance asked as he reached over Marc and attacked Shawn’s tickle spot.

“Dad!!”  Shawn giggled, “Stop!”

“It’s not me,” Marc laughed as he tired to hold on to the squirming giggle box.

“Lance!  Please, stop it.”

“Stop what?”  Lance laughed as he gave Shawn another tickle under his arms.

“I’ve got to pee, please stop,” Shawn pleaded.

Marc let the boy go and Shawn made a dash for the bathroom.

“I hope Bobby was done in there,” Lance snickered.

Marc rolled over to face Lance.  “Morning love.”

“Morning,” Lance replied before giving Marc a kiss.

“I’d like to do more of that,” Marc said with a sigh.

“I know, but. . . “

“Yeah,” Marc said softly.

 “Since it looks like everyone is awake,” Lance pointed out.  “We could be at the lake for breakfast.”

Marc smiled at Lance’s suggestion.  “Sounds like a plan.  Let’s get moving.”

Nurse Winters was working at the second floor nurses station when she heard the sound of someone running.  Looking up she didn’t see anyone.

“Excuse me,” came a high pitched voice.

Frowning she leaned over the counter.  “What are you doing here?” she growled at the dark haired boy.  “Children are not allowed on this floor.”

Shawn stared wide eyed at the prune faced nurse.  “I, I’m looking for my grandpa.”

“And who is your grandpa?”

Nurse Winters did not notice the others approaching the nurses station. 

“He’s grandpa.  My grandpa.  This is his hospital.”

“His hospital?”

“The boy is looking for his grandfather,” Marc stated.  “Dr. Morgan, the chief of staff, and I believe, your boss.” 

Nurse Winters recognized the voice.  “I believe his is in his office,” she said, glaring at Marc.

“Come on guys, down that hall,” Marc said as he ushered everyone away from the nurses station.

“I thought you were kidding,” Lance snickered.  “She, is ugly.”  

Tom was finishing up the last of his patients notes when there was a soft knock.

“Come in,” Tom called out.

“Grandpa!”  Shawn called out as the group entered.

Looking up Tom smiled at his visitors.  He barely got turned in his chair before he found himself with a lap full of six year old boy.  “What a wonderful surprise.”  Carrying Shawn in his arms, he came around his desk.  “Bobby, it’s good to see you, son,” Tom said pulling the boy into a hug. 

“Hi, Grandpa.”

Marc and Lance let out a sigh of relief as the garage door closed behind them.  They had been on the move for the last week.  Two full trips cross country and two trips halfway cross country.  But it was worth it seeing the boys bond, the first step in building their new family.

“It’s good to be home,” Lance said as he grabbed his bags out of the back of the van.

“Yeah,” Marc agreed.  “And I’m looking forward to a quiet evening with just the two of us.”

Dropping their bags at the foot of the stairs Marc picked up the stack of mail on the dinning room table. 

Lance noticed the flashing message light on the answering machine.  He pushed the play button to listen to the messages.

<beep> “Lance, this is Chris.  Give me a call when you get in.” <beep>

<beep> “Lance, Joey here.  We need to talk.  Give me a call.” <beep>

<beep> “Lance, dude, call me.  Oh, I forgot, this is Justin.” <beep>

<beep> “Lance, I don’t know if anyone has gotten a hold of you or not,” Josh’s voice came over the machine. “Something big is coming down.  We need to talk.  If it’s not too late, we should be over at Marc’s studio.”

Their gaze moved out the patio door to the lighted pool area. 

<beep> “What the hell have you got me mixed up in?” came Lynn’s distraught voice.  “Give me a call, no matter what time you guys get in.” <beep>

“So much for a quiet evening,” Marc muttered.

“Are you sure they were coming back today?” Chris, asked Joey.

“That’s what Marc said,” Joey answered as he gazed across the yard between the houses.  He had to smile as he saw Lance and Marc heading toward them.  “Actually, I think they’re back.”

The guys were sitting by the pool, with grim faces, when Lance and Marc walked in.

‘Now what?’ Marc wondered as he looked at his friends.

“What’s happened?”  Lance asked.

“Lou has filed a counter suit,” Chris answered.

“How much?”  Marc inquired.

“One hundred and fifty million.” 

“Fuck!” Lance exclaimed.

Chris held out his hand to Joey.  Joey slapped a twenty dollar bill into Chris’ hand.  “Easy money,” Chris snickered.

“Is the suit a joke?”  Marc asked.

“No.  The suit is real,” Joey said.  “I just didn’t think we’d ever hear Lance use the

“I see,” Marc said.  “And Chris thought otherwise.”

“We all had the same reaction,” Chris said pocketing his winnings.  “I figured if anything was going to get Lance to say the f-word it would be one hundred and fifty million dollars.”

“There is no way Lou thinks he can get that amount of money,” Lance growled. 

“We agree,” Josh said. 

“He doesn’t want the money,” Marc said.  “He’s going to keep you all tied up in this legal rubbish for months, or years.”

“What did our lawyers think?” Lance asked.

“They wanted to meet with us as soon as you got back,” Josh said.  “I’ll give them a call and see when they want to meet.”  Josh and Lance went to Marc’s office to make the call.

“Did you two have a good time?”  Joey asked.

“Yeah, we picked up Bobby and Shawn and spent a couple days at the cabin.”

“They finally met?”  Justin asked.  “How did they get along?”

“Great, they’ve been talking on the phone for weeks.  So they already knew each other quite well.”

“Did Mom get a hold of you?”  Justin asked.

“I got her message.  I’m going to head over there now.  Any idea what’s going on?”

“Not really.  All I know is she seems to be freaking out about something.”

“I’ll go see her.  It looks like you guys will be at it for quite a while.”

Marc had his finger poised over the door bell when the door flew open. 

“It’s about time you showed up,” Lynn snapped. 

“Hi Mom,” Marc said as he closed the door behind him.  “How have you been?”

Lynn turned back a little puzzled.

“Shawn and Bobby sends their love and this.”   Marc pulled Lynn into a hug and planted a kiss on each cheek.  His actions totally disarmed Lynn.

“How are the boys?  Did you get to spend time with both?”

“We picked Bobby and Shawn up and spent a couple days at the cabin.”

“Really?  How did they get along?”

“Like they’ve known each other all their lives.”

“Did you get pictures?”

“Yeah.  But I haven’t been able to down load them to my computer.  I’ll bring them over in a day or so.  Now, what’s got you so stressed?”

“Besides what’s happening with *Nsync?”

Marc nodded.

“It’s just a lot of little things came up this week and you weren’t around.”

“What kind of things?”  Marc asked.

“The publicist from the Tokyo Philharmonic called and asked for new publicity shots.  It seems they have seen some of your TV appearances and wanted to be up to date.”

“On my beard?” Marc chuckled.

“Yeah, I think they just want to know what to expect.”

“What do you think?  Should I keep the beard or not?”

Lynn studied Marc for a minute.  “The beard does give you a more distinguished appearance.  But I think I’d let your hair grow out a little more.”

Marc agreed.  “When do they want the new pictures?”

“They want them by the first of November.”

“Why not schedule a shoot in two weeks.”

Lynn made a quick note.  

“The New York Philharmonic has invited you back.  This time as a guest artist.”

“In what form?”

“They need an organist.”

“Did they say what is to be played?”

“Yes, they did,” Lynn said as she looked at her notes.  “Charles-Marie Widor
Organ Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.13 No.2.”

“I know that one. When do they plan the performance?”

“It’s scheduled for Friday, October 29th.  They would like you there a week early for rehearsals.”

“That week is filling up.  How about if we contact the photographer that did my Lincoln concert.”

“Yes, that could work,” Lynn said as she flipped the pages of her schedule book.  “He did a great job last time.  I’ll get a hold of him and see if we can schedule it.”      

“Okay, two down.  What’s next?”  Marc asked.

“I got a strange call from a Mr. Andrews.  He said he represented something called the Phoenix Foundation.”

“I know him, and the foundation.  What did he want?”

“Just a cryptic message for you.  The big boys, convene at the big A, on spook eve.”

Marc let out a chuckle.

“Does that make any sense?

“Yes, it does.”

“What is this Phoenix Foundation?”  Lynn asked.

Marc pondered just how much he should tell Lynn.

“You know about my publishing company.”

“Yeah, Phoenix Publishing, they publish your music.  Is it part of the foundation?”

“Yes and no.  I own the publishing company.  I got the backing for it from the foundation.  Also my schooling has been paid, by the foundation.”

“Is that what this foundation does, give student grants?”

“Yes, that part of what we do.”

Lynn gave Marc a questioning look.  “We?”                   

“I’m on the governing board.”

“So you have some input as to who gets these grants?”

“I have some input.  But there is a committee that presents the finalist for consideration.”

“How many grants have been awarded?”  Lynn inquired.

“Currently, beside myself, there are four other music majors.  We also support music programs in sixteen high schools.”

“Similar to what Justin wants to do with his charity.”

“Yeah, at least the support of the schools.”

“May I ask, the funding for the foundation.  Where does it come from?  I haven’t heard of the Phoenix Foundation, how do you raise your money?”

“In the beginning it worked on the theory of “pay it forward.  One person would sponsor a deserving music student.  And in time that student; when they have established them self, would become a sponsor.  And that’s how it went for the last fifty years.”

“What changed?”

“Marcus Long, changed it.”

“I’ve heard that name before.  Wasn’t he one of your professors?”

“Yes.  He was also my first love.  When he died, he left the bulk of his estate, to me.”

“But didn’t you say you received one of the grants?”

“Yes, I received a grant.  I also received a trust fund and control of the foundation.  Among his talents Marcus was very good in investing.  He amassed a considerable fortune, which continues to grow.  In time, I will have to choose someone to head the foundation.”   

“How many applications do you get for the grants?”

“None.  Very few people now about the foundation.  The members of the board seek out prospective nominations.”

“How many people know about the foundation?”  Lynn asked.

“The members of the governing board.  The select staff of the foundation.  My Dad and Sara, who also serve on the board.  I’ve told part of this to Nana, and Lance knows most of the story.”

“When did you tell Lance?”

“This last week.  That was why we left town.  After regaining my memory, I felt he deserved to know all the aspects of my life; past and present.  I told Lance about the Phoenix Foundation on our flight to Texas.”

“You told him about the foundation on a plane?  With other passengers around?”

Marc smiled, “Lance and I were the only passengers. . .  It was a private jet. . . .  Belonging to the Phoenix Foundation.”

“The foundation has it’s own jet?  How big is this foundation?”

“The net worth of the foundation is just over a billion dollars and growing.”

Lynn sat open mouthed, staring at Marc. 

Marc got a mischievous idea.  “How would you like a new job?”


“I’m offering you a job with the Phoenix Foundation.  It’s only a part time job.”

“What kind of job?”

“A seat on the board.  One of the seats has a limit of two years of service.  It would give you an insight into our organization.  And who knows, you may nominate one of our next grantees.”

After chewing her bottom lip for a moment Lynn asked. “Does this job pay anything?”

“Yes,” Marc laughed.

The guys of *Nsync were meeting with their team of lawyers about Lou’s counter suite when his newest trick surfaced.

“He’s said what!!” the group cried out.

“He’s now clamming the name *Nsync belongs to him.”  The lawyer said reading the latest brief. 

“That’s stupid,” Justin said.  “We were performing as *Nsync before we met him.”

“There’s no way he can prove he came up with the name.  Why is he doing this?”  Chris asked.

“It’s simple,” Josh said.  “He knows we will fight him on this.  And it will take time.  Time that will delay our new album and our tour.  He knows the longer he keeps us tied up the choice tour dates will be filled.”

“How soon can we act on this new twist?”  Lance asked.

“I’ll file in the morning,” their lawyer said.  “But it may be weeks before we can get before a judge.”

“And we still can’t make any appearances until this is settled,” Chris snarled.

“Only what Lou had scheduled,” the lawyer added.  “The Hawaii concerts are a must.  If you don’t to them he can go back on you for the lost of revenue plus all the expenses of the concert.”

“What about the publicity appearances?”  Josh asked.

“Since those appearances don’t involve income; ticket sales, Lou is not pushing that you all fulfill those appearances.”

Joey gazed out the window a plan forming in his mind.  “Were any of those dates listed in any of Lou’s suits?”

The lawyer shifted some papers on his desk.  “Yes.  Some TV appearances to promote your new album and tour.  And two charity events.”

“What if we do them?”  Joey asked.

“What!” Chris shouted.  “Are you crazy?”

“Now hear me out.  I understand we can’t comment about the impending legal matters.  But what if we go on to promote the New Years concerts.”

“But that would only play into Lou’s hands,” Chris wined.  “We would be helping him make more money off of us.”

“But these events were scheduled by Lou,” Joey pointed out.  “If we do them who will have to pick up the expenses?” 

“Lou would have to cover the expenses,” the lawyer stated.

“He could cancel the appearances,” Justin added.

“He can’t,” their lawyer stated.  “He would loose one of his arguments if he does.  He can only hold you to what he has set up before you gave him notice.  He’s betting you won’t honor the schedule.”

“And if we do the appearances, he must pick up the expense,” Chris said with a snicker.  “I love it!”

“That looks like we’ve covered about everything,” Lynn said with a sigh.

“And it looks like we worked out everything,” Marc chuckled.  “It really wasn’t that bad.”

“Marc, I’ve been getting some strange calls lately.”

“What kind of calls?”

“It seems someone has been putting out rumors.”

“What kind of rumors?”

“Rumors about what direction your career is going to take.  And who would best represent you.”

“You’re going to represent me,” Marc stated.

“Thank you dear.  I’m afraid these rumors are making it’s way to the heads of the recording studios.  It looks like someone is trying to sabotage your career.”

“Pearlman.  He must be behind this.”

“That was my first thought.  What are you going to do?”

“I think, it’s time I find out, what Lou has in mind.”

Lou was clearing his desk before calling it a day. 

“Mr. Pearlman, you have a visitor,” his secretary said over the intercom.  

“Please ask who ever it is to make an appointment.  I’m just about to leave for the day.”

“Sir, it’s Marc Newman.”

A smile spread across Lou’s face.  “Show Mr. Newman in.”

Marc took a deep breath before entering Lou’s lair.

“Marc my boy, how have you been,” Lou said as he offered his hand.

“Real good,” Marc said as he gave Lou’s hand a quick shake.

“Sit down, sit down,” Lou said pointing to a chair.  “I’m glad you could find time to meet with me.” 

“I’ve had a lot to deal with since the tour ended,” Marc said as he adjusted his arm so his wrist was pointing toward Lou.  “I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.  What do you have on your mind?”

“I’ve been following your career.  I must say you are very talented.  And with the right guidance there is no telling how far you could go.”

“Thank you.  I know I’m just starting my career.  And so far I’m pleased with how it’s going.”

“Really.  I think you’re missing a lot of the opportunities that are out there.  Opportunities that you could take advantage of, with the right management.”  
“I have the right management.  And I don’t intend to switch.”

“Don’t get me wrong.  I think the world of Lynn.  She’s good at what she does.  It’s just she doesn’t have the organization and the financial clout to move your career forward in a timely manner.”

“And you do?”

“I’m in the position to make a considerable investment,” Lou said.

“Really?  I got the impression your finances were a little, as they say, shaky.”

“Why do you think that?”  Lou asked.

“Another of your groups have jumped ship, for one.”

“Oh, yes.  I forgot you are friends with them. *Nsync is just a minor annoyance, in time they will come around.”

“Minor annoyance?  If they were a minor annoyance I don’t think you would be suing them for one hundred and fifty million.”

Lou’s face had started turning red.  “We’re not here to discuss *Nsync.  I assure you that I have enough financial resources to handle your career and a dozen groups like *Nsync.”

“No, I think I’ll stick with Lynn,” Marc said shaking his head.

“Has she been able to get you a recording contract?”

“No.  I’m not looking to record at this time.  When I’m ready I’m sure she will come thought.”

“I don’t thank so,” Lou sneered.  “Lynn is going to fine it nearly impossible, to even get a appointment, with a major studio.”

“What have you done?  Have you blackballed her?”

“Lynn is small fish.  You can’t expect her to play with the big boys.  You need someone who has the contacts with the movers and shakers of the music business. . . .  You need me.”

“I’ll take my chances with Lynn,” Marc firmly stated.

“You’ll end up being a music teacher at some Hickvill high school,” Lou spat.

A smile spread across Marc’s face.  “A music teacher.  I like the sound of that. Thanks Lou.  Thanks for pointing out I have career options.”

Lou’s face continued to turn redder.

“I think we’re done here,” Marc said as rose to leave.  “Thank you for your interest but I’m going to stick with my current manager.”

As Marc reached to open the office door Lou snarled, “Are you willing to be the reason *Nsync breaks up?  I’m sure the fact the one or more of the guys have paid you money for; let us say, your services.”

Marc spun around and glared at Lou.  “What is this shit?”

“I have proof that you have accepted money from Lance.”

“I have never taken any money from him.”

“Really?  Your bank records tell a different story.  Is that why you moved in with Lance?  Hoping to get more of his money?”

“Our relationship is none of your business.  I would be sure you have your facts right before you decide to say anything further.  One false statement out of your mouth and I will own this company.”

Marc turned and stalked out the door.

“This is not over,” Lou shouted.  “You’ll be back.  You’ll be begging me to take you on.”

Marc drove two blocks from Lou’s office and pulled into a convenient store lot.  After parking he pulled out his cell and dialed a number.

“Mr. Andrews please,” Marc said to the secretary that answered the phone.  “This is Marc Morgan.”

“Marc, it’s good to hear from you.  How was your vacation?”

“We had a good time, Ted.  I’m need the help of the special project team.”

“We’ve been waiting for your call.  Everything’s set on our end.  We just need to know when and where.”

“Week after next.  New York.  Check with my manager about my itinerary.  I believe it corresponds with the meeting of the big four.  Get everything set up I feel like harpooning a big fat whale.”


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