Nick and Brian
Chapters 76 and 77
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
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Chris kisses Lance, however Lance pulls away from the kiss and informs Chris that he could never enter into a romantic relationship with him. This is due to the fact that Lance loves Chris like an older brother, and Lance would of course never enter into a relationship with his brother, so it just wouldn't work out.

David Tom begins feeling very guilty about his recent activities. David Tom has been engaging in threesomes every night now for almost a week with Joshua Morrow and David Lago. David Tom really feels bad that he may end up being the direct cause of the breakup of Kevin and Josh, and he feels exceedingly guilty about this.

Brian and Kevin sit in the music room of Van Tassel Manor, talking about how disappointed Brian is in Kevin for cheating on Josh with Lance. Eventually Nick comes into the room to find Kevin sobbing in Brian's arms, so naturally he wants to know what's wrong. Nick finally finds outs about Kevin's cheating on Josh with Lance, and isn't very happy with Kevin about it.

And now...

Chapter 76

Quick Note: In this Chapter you will notice that time seems to be flying by at a very fast pace. This is because I really have to speed things up in this story if it is going to be the proper time, as in July 2000, in time for the wedding ceremonies in Chapter 100. Yes, for those of you who hadn't realized this, currently this story is still set in November 1999.

The Halloween weekend has finally come to an end, and now the performers find themselves on the tour busses once again, as Van Tassel Manor gets smaller and smaller, until finally it disappears, being too far off in the distance to see anymore. Chris is certainly happy to get out of there, since it seems to have triggered so many horrible nightmares for him. Of course everyone had their share of nightmares while at Van Tassel Manor, though nobody else's were quite as chilling as the nightmares that plagued Chris.

Of course there is another reason as to why the performers are more then happy to be getting away from Van Tassel Manor, and that is because they couldn't stand much more of staying in that old house with no electricity or hot running water. They're all very modern people, and they probably didn't realize just how much they depend on electricity and such until they had to go without it for three days.

Anyway, the performers are now on their way to the city of Calgary, in the Canadian province of Alberta, to perform at the Canadian Airlines Saddledome. This concert will be followed by a concert in Vancouver, British Columbia at GM Place. After which the performers have to head toward the Eastern Canadian coast to make up two concerts in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia, which were rescheduled at the end of the Canadian tour due to the bus accident. After that, the performers are looking forward to a few months off vacation time, and of course, the event which will make Nick and Brian, Mr. and Mr. Nick Carter. Not to mention the day on which Justin and JC become Mr. and Mr. Justin Timberlake.


The next evening, at seven o'clock sharp, the Backstreet Boys run out onto the stage to perform their opening song.

I may run and hide
when you're screamin' my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

Looking at the crowd
And I see your body sway, c'mon
'Cause all of your time spent keeps us alive

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

All of your time spent keeps us alive

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

Yeah, every time we're down
Yeah, you can make it right
Yeah, and that's what makes you larger than life

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger
That makes you larger
That makes you larger than life

The crowds of teenage girls, as well as the handful of teenage guys, all scream and cheer as the song ends, which is to be expected. The guys of the Backstreet Boys take a quick bow, before waving, and running off into the wings of the stage, as the music changes, and the guys of *NSYNC come running out to perform their opening song.

You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed
So tell me what to do now
When I [I,I,I,I,I] want you back

It's hard to say I'm sorry
It's hard to make the things I did undone
A lesson I've learned too well, for sure
So don't hang up the phone now
I'm trying to figure out just what to do
I'm going crazy without you

You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed
So tell me what to do now
When I want you back

Baby I remember,
The way you used to look at me and say
Promises never last forever
I told you not to worry
I said that everything would be alright
I didn't know then that you were right

You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed, yeah
So tell me what to do now
When I want you back

I want you back

You're the one that I want
You're the one that I need
Girl what can I do?
You're the one that I want
You're the one that I need
Tell me what I can do

You're all I ever wanted
[You're the one I want] You're all I ever needed
[You're the one I want] So tell me what to do now
When I want you back

You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed
So tell me what to do now
When I want you back

Once again, as expected, the crowd goes wild for the guys of *NSYNC, and continues to scream and cheer as once again the music changes, this time to "Baby One More Time" as Britney comes out to perform her opening song. After Britney performs, she stays on the stage, and the guys of the Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC run out and join her on stage to announce the newest addition to the summer tour, Christina Aguilera, as the music to "What A Girl Wants" starts playing, and Christina comes running out and begins to sing, as Britney, *NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys all dance around in the background.


Four days later, the performers find themselves in Orlando, Florida. The Canadian tour is over, and they're now home, at last. They all have off now, with the exception of a few promotional appearances here and there and some studio work, until July 23, 2000 when they leave for Europe to start their tour there.

As they all get off the plane, Nick speaks up, "So, Kevin, what's on the schedule for today?"

"Studio time," replies Kevin, simply.

"We're recording the first six tracks of the joint album today," replies Lance, "Those of us not recording are supposed to get started on writing more songs. We still need six more before we can release the cd."

"How? Josh isn't here. Neither is 98 Degrees," points out Brian, knowing that Josh, Drew, Nick L, and Jeff are needed in order to record some of the songs to be recorded today.

"Joshua Morrow is flying in later today, as are Drew, Jeff, and Nick L," replies Lance, "I guess JJ is out of the rehab hospital now and back to normal, but is going to be spending some time with his family for a few days before 98 Degrees heads off for another round of touring."

Brian looks over towards Kevin and Lance, and could see both of them flinch as Lance said that Josh was flying in later today. "Well, tonight certainly will be interesting," thinks Brian to himself, "Very interesting."

The recording session is now over. All six of the songs currently written for the joint album are recorded now, and the producers all think the performers did a great job. Howie, Drew, AJ, Nick L, and Aaron have all sat down together and apparently have another new song in the works, though it is as yet untitled, and they're refusing to share what they've got so far with anyone else.

"Well, I suppose now that the recording is done," replies Joey, "We can head home. I'm dead tired."

"What's wrong Joey? You work too hard trying to compose a song?" asks Lance, "I mean come on if anyone has a reason to be tired, it should be those of us who actually had to sing all afternoon, instead of pushing a pencil."

"Ah shutup," replies Joey, as he heads off for the limousine, knowing that Lance was right, but doesn't want to admit it.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," replies Chris, "But, I'm not the least bit tired. Anyone else up for a club?"

"Sure, Chris," replies Nick C, "Brian and I will come with you."

Kevin throws a look to Brian, and then nods his head in the direction of Joshua Morrow, as Brian gets the hint.

"Yeah, Chris, that sounds fun," replies Brian, as he walks up to Josh, "Doesn't it Josh?"

"Yeah, I guess, but..."

"Come on Josh, you're coming too."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are," replies Nick C, as he grabs Josh's arm, and leads him out, with Brian, Chris, AJ, and Howie close behind.

Before he disappears out the door he throws a set of keys towards Jeff, who catches them, and looks at Nick confusedly.

"Those are my house keys," replies Nick, "If you could please make sure that Aaron gets to bed on time, I'd be grateful."

"Sure, no problem, I guess," replies Jeff, as Nick leaves with the others who are heading for the club.

"When did I agree to take care of Aaron for the night?" asks Jeff, still confused.

"You didn't," replies Aaron, "But it would seem that management was too lazy to book you, Drew, and Nick hotel rooms. So you guys are staying with me, at my brother and Brian's house tonight."

"Oh, okay," replies Jeff, "Well, then Aaron, come on. What's your bedtime anyway?"

"2 am."

"Aaron! Don't make me call your mother," replies Drew, "You and I both know that your bedtime isn't 2 am. Now, what would your mother say was your bedtime if I called her?"

"Midnight," replies Aaron, as Jeff, Nick L, and Drew just look at him, not believing it, "Alright, alright. It's 9 o'clock."

"Well, if you're a good boy," replies Nick L, "we might let you stay up until 10."

"Gee, thanks."

"Well, don't sound so enthusiastic," replies Jeff, sarcastically, "Otherwise we might get the impression that you don't want to stay up an hour past your bedtime."

"I never said that," replies Aaron, with much more enthusiasm, as Jeff, Drew, and Nick L just laugh, as they all pile into Drew's rental car and head off for Nick and Brian's house.


"Kevin, is there any particular reason that you had Brian and Nick make sure that Josh went to the club tonight?"

"I don't know what you'll talking about, Lance."

"Don't play games with me, Kevin," replies Lance, with a smile, "I saw your signal to Brian. You had him make sure Josh went to that club tonight for a reason. Now what is it?"

"I wanted to spend some time alone with you, okay?"

"I suppose I should be flattered."

"Why's that?"

"That you would rather spend time with me tonight," replies Lance, "Instead of your boyfriend who you haven't seen in months."

"Are you complaining?"

"Hell no," replies Lance, as Kevin just smiles and pulls Lance into a kiss that is filled with passion. Despite the fact that Kevin told Brian and Nick that he wasn't in love with Lance, he has to admit that Lance is very attractive. Part of Kevin wants to stay with Lance, even if he is constantly denying it. The truth of the matter is that the more time Kevin spends with Lance, and the more times that they have sex, the more Kevin thinks that it is very possible that he could fall in love with Lance. Perhaps he should just give things with Lance some time, and then he'll fall in love with him and all will be well.

That is of course not the way it will work however, and even Kevin isn't stupid enough to think that it will. Sure, it's very possible that he could fall in love with Lance, because they're very much the same in many respects, both being the business members of their respective groups and all. However, even if Kevin does fall in love with Lance, and decides that he is the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with, there's still Josh to attend to.

Kevin would be lying if he said he didn't have any lingering feelings for Josh. The love, if one can truly even call it that, is still there, but it has weakened significantly in the time that they've been apart. Kevin still has very deep, very real feelings for Josh, and I suppose you could call it love, but then too, it could just be infatuation. I mean Kevin seemingly fell in love with Josh overnight almost. They were a couple in a matter of a few weeks of meeting each other, and Kevin has begun to think that maybe, just maybe, after spending so much time alone, that he simply reached out to the first person whom he found attractive who was willing to take him.

With Lance it's different somehow. Kevin most certainly is attracted to Lance, and has no problem getting a hard-on looking at him. Of course Kevin knows that there's much more to a relationship then sex. And that seems to be the only thing missing at the exact moment in time in the relationship of Kevin and Lance, though Kevin does think that given time, it will come. As for Kevin's highly adverse reaction to the idea that Josh might be cheating on him, Kevin isn't quite sure how to explain it. He knows that his feelings for Josh have weakened in the time that they have been apart, but he still can't handle the idea that Josh might have been with someone else. Perhaps it's that Kevin is a bit possessive of Josh, since Josh was the man he gave his virginity too. It's probably just a case of Kevin being jealous of the idea that Josh, his first true love, could find love with someone other then him.

"So, is there anything special that you wanted to do tonight, Kevy Kev?"

"Yeah, Lance, baby, there is," replies Kevin with a grin, as he reaches over to the night table, pulls open the drawer, and removes a small container of lubricant and a small silver package. Kevin has had this evening with Lance planned since about 3pm yesterday, so he had already made sure that everything was easily accessible. Lance simply smiles at Kevin, knowing immediately what it is he has planned. Kevin takes a hold of Lance's legs and lifts them up so that they're resting on his shoulders, and the smiles at Lance briefly as he puts one corner of the silver package between his teeth and rips it open. Lance catches the condom as it falls outs of the package and proceeds to put the condom on Kevin's raging, rock hard member, as Kevin lets out a small moan of pleasure from the contact.

Once the condom is in place, Kevin applies a generous amount of lubricant to his member, as well as the entrance of Lance's hole. The feel of Kevin's fingers ever so gently making contact with this very sensitive part of Lance's anatomy, and the fact that the lubricant is a bit cold, sends shivers through Lance's body. Lance closes his eyes tightly and winces in pain as Kevin begins to push his member in, but the pain doesn't last long. Lance takes a few deep breaths and works on relaxing, which makes the pain subside rather quickly, so that it can be replaced with pleasure. Once Kevin has pushed his entire length into Lance, he leans down and draws Lance into another passionate kiss, as their tongues wrestle around each other's mouths.


"Alright, Aaron, it's bedtime," replies Drew, "It's already 11:15, so we've let you stay up two hours and fifteen minutes longer then we should have."

"Oh come on, I'm not the least bit tired."

"Well, that's too bad, Aaron," replies Jeff, "Because you're going to go to bed now, so come on."

When Aaron doesn't get up from the couch, Drew stands up, picks up Aaron, and proceeds to carry him down the small hall of the living room to his bedroom. When Nick and Brian had the addition put on, the additional bedrooms were all put on the first floor, so that the master bedroom, which is now the master suite, could be added onto and expanded, so that it would remain the only room on the second floor of the house. Jeff and Nick follow along behind, as Aaron struggles to get of Drew's arms. When they get into Aaron's room, Drew sets Aaron down on the bed, and replies, "Okay, Aaron, now get ready for bed."

"No! I'm not tired!"

"Okay, Aaron, you leave us no choice," replies Nick L, "If you don't want to get ready for bed, you don't have to. We'll do it for you."

This said, Nick L proceeds to remove Aaron's shoes, socks, jeans and t-shirt, as Drew walks over to the dresser and removes a pair of light blue pajamas, and hands them to his brother, who in turn puts them onto Aaron. Once Aaron is in his pajamas, Jeff carries him into the bathroom, and sets him on the counter, as he takes Aaron's toothbrush, puts some toothpaste on it, and then begins to brush Aaron's teeth for him. Drew fills a glass with water, and puts it up to Aaron's lips after Jeff removes the toothbrush, so that Aaron can rinse his mouth out, before spitting in the sink.

Jeff then picks Aaron back up, and carries him back into the bedroom and puts him in the bed, as Nick L and Drew tuck him in. Just as they were about to turn out the light and leave, Aaron sits up in bed, and replies, "I told you, I'm not tired!"

"Okay, Aaron, you once again, leave us no choice," replies Drew, as he whispers something into Drew and Jeff's ears, as they both just nod, and get ready to sing.

Stay awake
Don't rest your head
Don't lie down upon your bed
While the moon drifts in the skies
Stay awake
Don't close your eyes

Though the world is fast asleep
Though your pillows soft and deep
You're not sleepy as you seem
Stay awake
Don't nod and dream
Stay awake
Don't nod and dream

As was the desired effect, Aaron fell asleep during the song. Drew turns off the light, and exits the room with Jeff and his brother, as he whispers, "Goodnight, Aaron."

Chapter 77

Around noon four days later, Josh gets out of his car in front of Kevin's home in Orlando, Florida. As he walks up the path to the house, he wonders what it is he's going to tell Kevin. He knows that he has to be honest with Kevin about what's been going on with the Davids, because if he doesn't say anything, and then Kevin somehow finds out later, then it will be much worse. Josh reaches the door and opens the screen door as he inserts his key into the lock, only to find that it doesn't work. Josh is slightly disturbed by the thought that Kevin had the locks changed and didn't bother sending him the new key, since last time he checked they are still boyfriends, even if Josh has been cheating.

Just as Josh was about to ring the doorbell, he hears a car horn, and he turns towards the driveway to see Brian's BMW pull into the driveway, as Brian and Nick get out of the car.

"Hey Josh," replies Nick, "If you're looking for Kevin, he's not home."

"How do you know?"

"Because he called me last night," replies Brian, "He decided to go visit his mother and the rest of the family back home in Lexington."

"Well, if Kevin's not home," asks Josh, "Why are you two here?"

"Well, Kevin asked us to stop by and pick up his mail, and water the plants," replies Nick, "Since we only live a few blocks away."

"I see," replies Josh, "Did you know that Kevin had his locks changed? My key doesn't seem to be working."

"Yeah, well, Kevin didn't have his locks changed," replies Brian, as Josh looks at him confused, "Management changed the locks."

"Why would they do that?"

"Well, I don't understand how it happened," replies Nick, "But while we were on tour, some crazy fan broke into Kevin's house, found the spare key, and started coming on a daily basis."

"What on earth would they do in Kevin's house when he's not there?"

"Go into his closet and wear his clothes, put obscene letters to Kevin on his computer, among other things," replies Brian, "It really was quite frightening when management called and told Kevin that one of his neighbors saw someone going into the house in the middle of the night. So, then, management had the locks changed, and beefed up the security system a bit, so that it wouldn't happen again."

"Well, these teenage girls can be really annoying sometimes, can't they?"

"Well, Josh that's just it," replies Nick, "It wasn't a teenage girl. The person who was doing it was never caught, but from a vague description that one of the neighbors was able to give, among other evidence, we know that it was a guy."

"So some guy was coming into Kevin's house, and putting on his clothes and leaving obscene letters to Kevin on the computer?"

"Yeah, Josh," replies Brian, "Pretty frightening, huh?"

"Hell yeah."

"We also know some of the other things this guy was doing," replies Nick, as he inserts a key into the lock and unlocks the door before going in and turning off the security system, "And some of it is just totally sickening."

"Like what?"

"I'm not sure you want to know," replies Brian.

"Tell me."

"Well, this guy left some of his things here," replies Nick, "One item was a life-size doll that was made to look exactly like Kevin. It was one of those sex dolls that you can have sex with. The hands of the doll were handcuffed to the headboard of Kevin's bed, and the sheets were all rumpled up and cum-stained."

"So this guy was making love to a Kevin doll in Kevin's bed?" asks Josh, as Nick and Brian simply nod, "Yikes, that's sickening, not to mention exceedingly frightening to think about."

"So, now do you see why Kevin's locks were changed?" asks Brian, "And before you ask, Kevin didn't send you a new key because he just got the key himself when he got back. For added security, until the tour ended, the President of Jive Records was the only person with a key to Kevin's house."

"Yikes, the idea that this could happen is just plain frightening," replies Josh, "I know I keep saying that over and over again, but it's true."

"Yeah, we had the same reaction to it," replies Nick, "So did everyone else. Kevin was really shook up by it though, which shouldn't be surprising. He's just found out after all that he's got an obsessed male fan who broke into his house, was wearing his clothes, and having sex with a look-alike Kevin doll in his bed. Not to mention the letters on Kevin's computer. God, you should have seen those. They were so incredibly sickening, describing in such detail what this guy wanted to do with Kevin, that Kevin only read about one or two sentences before running into the bathroom and vomiting his guts out."

"Damn those must have been pretty bad," replies Josh, "I hope he got rid of them."

"Yeah, after Kevin ran into the bathroom," replies Brian, "AJ took care of deleting all of the files from Kevin's computer. The letters, the QuickTime movies, and sound files."

"Whoa, QuickTime movies and sound files?"

"Yeah, the guy used the camera on Kevin's computer to record himself having sex with the doll," replies Nick, "He was wearing a mask in all of the movies, and it's obvious that he was using a voice scrambler too, but it was still all very sickening."

"Damn, I can see why Kevin wanted to get out of here for a few days."

"Well, he hasn't been able to stay in this house alone since he got back and saw all those files on his computer and that doll in his bed," replies Brian, "He's been sleeping over at Lance's house every night since we got back. Nick and I would have let him stay with us, but with Aaron, Howie, AJ, Jeff, Drew, and Nick L staying there already, we didn't have the extra room."

"Why are Howie and AJ staying with you guys?"

"The old woman in the apartment above theirs fell asleep with a lit cigarette," replies Nick, "That started her apartment on fire, and the floor gave away and fell down into Howie and AJ's apartment. So we're letting them use one of our spare bedrooms."

"Is the old woman okay?"

"Well she's in the hospital with second-degree burns," replies Brian, "and is recovering from severe smoke inhalation, but it looks like she'll be fine."

"Well, I guess that at least is good news."

"Yeah, management thinks that Howie and AJ should sue her, since everything in their apartment was destroyed by the fire. But, Howie and AJ aren't going to sue the woman, because they figure it just wouldn't be right to sue an eighty-two-year-old woman on a fixed income, when they can more then afford to go out and replace everything."

"That's true Nick," replies Josh, "It wouldn't be right."


To be continued...

Well, I had planned on including Chapters 78-80 with this installment, but I need to reorganize my notes for those chapters and possibly change some of the stuff that I had originally planned out, which might take some time to do, so I decided that it would be better to get these two chapters out, since it's been so long since the last update of this story. I will try to get Chapters 78-80 out before the end of March at the very latest.

If any of you have any original songs that you wouldn't mind seeing appear in Nick and Brian, please email them to me. I need 6 more songs for this story before the release of the joint cd, which I currently have slated for being released in Chapter 86. If I don't have enough songs by the time that I get to Chapter 86, I'll simply have to postpone that storyline.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed reading this installment of Nick and Brian, and will continue to enjoy reading it in the future. Please send any and all comments, good or bad, and any suggestions to me, as I love hearing from my readers. I want to know what you are all thinking about the direction of this story, and any other thoughts you might be having regarding it.

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