Nick and Brian
Chapters 78-79
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
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Please note: This installment takes place in late January, early February of the year 2000. I will be speeding through the months from now through Chapter 100, so that in Chapter 100 it will be the scheduled dates for the weddings of Justin/JC and Nick/Brian. In the spin-off series, Nick and Brian: A New Beginning, the time will be placed in the current time, so that at the beginning of the spin-off, the happy couples married in Chapter 100 will already be married for at least 6 months, possibly more, depending on how long it takes me to get Chapters 80-100 written.


The Halloween weekend finally ended, and everyone, especially Chris, was very happy to be leaving Van Tassel Manor. The performers go and do the remaining concerts on the Canadian tour before wrapping the tour up for the next several months and returning to Orlando for studio time to record the Joint Album, and time off.

Jeff, Drew and Nick Lachey return to town for studio time with the other guys, and afterwards get stuck babysitting for Aaron at Nick and Brian's house. Aaron refuses to sleep, so they end up singing him the reverse psychology lullaby from Disney's Mary Poppins to him, which has the desired effect.

Joshua Morrow goes to Kevin's house to see him, only to find out from Nick and Brian, that Kevin isn't home. When Josh asks Nick and Brian why his key doesn't work anymore, they fill him in on the sickening details of what was happening in Kevin's house while they were all on tour. A crazed male fan was breaking in, wearing Kevin's clothes, and leaving obscene letters to Kevin on Kevin's computer, among some other very sickening things.

Josh also finds out that Howie and AJ are currently staying at Nick and Brian's house because the old woman in the apartment above theirs' fell asleep with a lit cigarette, and their apartment was destroyed in the fire.

Chapter 78

Nick and Brian stand in the kitchen of their home in Orlando, Florida, cooking and getting things ready for the party this afternoon. Lynn Harliss and Lisa Timberlake are working on frosting the cake that they baked, as Randall Timberlake and Paul Harliss unload the groceries from Randall's car. Britney, Christina, Kevin, Lance, Chris, Joey, Howie and AJ are all in the living room decorating.

Karen, Heather and Tyler Chasez are setting out the punch bowl and plates of snacks and other goodies on the dining room table. Aaron Carter's job at the moment is to sit in the den making sure that Jonathan and Steven Timberlake don't get into any trouble. Not that Aaron is complaining, because he's playing Nintendo 64 with Jonathan, while Steven watches. Just give Aaron a video game controller and he won't complain, no matter what you ask him to do.

The party this afternoon is a surprise birthday party for Justin Timberlake. He of course doesn't know that his friends have had this planned for a month now. Truth be told Justin honestly thinks that everyone, including JC, has forgotten all about his birthday. Of course the idea that everyone would forget Justin's birthday, especially the idea of Justin's fiance forgetting, is totally ludicrous. Justin probably should have his head examined for thinking that his friends, family, and fiance forgot the anniversary of the day he came into this world. Anyway Justin is a little bit upset today because of this, but that will change as soon as JC brings him over to Nick and Brian's house later this afternoon.

"Justin and JC will be here any minute now," replies Brian, "Is everything and everybody ready?"

"Yeah," replies the group of people gathered in the house.

"Okay then," replies Nick, "Turn off all the lights, and HIDE!!"

Soon Nick and Brian's house is cloaked in total darkness, and everyone is hiding in doorways or behind furniture so that Justin won't see any of them when they enter the house. Within a few minutes, Justin and JC arrive at Nick and Brian's front door, and JC opens the door and heads inside, with Justin following him.

"Why is it so dark in here?" asks Justin, "Hello? Anyone home?"

"SURPRISE!!" yells everyone in the house as the lights come back on and everyone jumps out of hiding, "Happy Birthday Justin!"

Justin looks around at everyone, a bit shocked at first, and then gets a huge grin on his face, "How could I be so stupid as to think that you'd all forgotten that today was my birthday?"

"Forget? Justin your father and I would never forget your birthday," replies Lynn, "It was one of the happiest days of our lives."

"Your mom's right, Just," replies Randall, "Your birthday is simply not something that either of us could ever forget."

"Justin! Justin!" replies Jonathan as he runs over to his brother and pulls on his hand, "Come on, you've got presents. Lots."

"And cake!" shouts out Steven happily in his small voice, as everyone laughs.

The party goes on for several hours, as Justin happily opens up the multitude of gifts, ranging from clothes to cds, and of course thoroughly enjoys the chocolate birthday cake along with everyone else. At a little after ten, Randall and Lisa say their goodbyes and head back to their hotel so that they can get Jonathan and Steven into bed, as it is way past both of their bedtimes. The party continues for awhile after that, but by eleven-thirty, pretty much everyone is ready to call it a night. Well, more accurately, Nick and Brian are ready to call it a night and are starting to kick people out of their house.

Justin and JC are the last ones to leave, Nick telling Justin that he can just leave the gifts here for the night, and then they can get them all transported across the street to Justin and JC's house in the morning.


Justin and JC arrive at their house, and after Justin closes the front door, he is literally swept off of his feet as JC picks him up, pulls him into a passionate kiss, and carries him up the stairs. When they arrive in their bedroom, JC gently places Justin on the bed, as he looks around in awe.

The room is aglow with candles, with a few dozen red and white roses in vases around the room, and red and white rose petals thrown on the bed and on the floor. A bottle of champagne is on ice, with two cut-glass champagne flutes sitting nearby.

"Happy birthday, Justin," replies JC with a smile, as he presses play on the stereo, and the room is soon filled with the sounds of the song which Justin and JC wrote to signify their love for one another, which will be appearing on the joint album begins to play, as JC begins to dance around and strip for Justin.

I don't care who you are
Or what you say
I will always love you
Now and forever

Because you are my heart
You are my soul
Without you I just couldn't go on
Now and forever

As JC finishes removing all of his clothes, he goes over to Justin and stops him from taking his own clothes off. Justin simply smiles as JC straddles him and begins to slowly unbutton his shirt. Once Justin's baby blue button-down shirt is unbuttoned, JC pulls Justin up so that he's sitting up, and removes the shirt as the two of them start kissing each other passionately. The kiss continues while JC pulls Justin's white t-shirt upward, and only breaks just long enough for JC to pull it over Justin's head.

The two young lovers continue to kiss each other passionately, their tongues wrestling around in each other's mouths, and JC pulls Justin up off the bed so that they're standing. Their kissing continues as Justin wraps his arms around JC's back, and the two of them start dancing slowly to the music, as JC begins to unbuckle Justin's belt. JC unbuttons and unzips Justin's black jeans, as they slide down his legs. Justin then steps out of them, before JC pulls away from the kiss. Justin looks a little bit hurt, until JC quickly licks the tip of Justin's nose, which puts a smile on his face, the smile that JC loves so much and can never see enough of.

Oh baby, yes, you are my heart
You are my soul
And I will love you for all time
Oh baby, when I look into your eyes
I can see paradise, and my heart is racing.
Oh, baby, yes, you are my heart
Now and forever

JC leans in towards Justin again, and just when Justin was about to move in with his lips to touch JC's, JC turns his head downward and begins to kiss Justin's left shoulder blade. JC sucks on it for a few minutes, before moving downward, planting a kiss and swirling his tongue over both of Justin's hard pecs, as Justin lets out a small moan of pleasure. JC continues to lick and kiss his way done Justin's body until he reaches Justin's baby-blue boxer-briefs. JC plants several kisses on Justin's hard tool through the fabric, causing Justin to moan a bit. JC looks up towards Justin's face and gives him a seductive look as he grabs the waistband of Justin's boxer-briefs in his teeth, and begins to slowly and ever so seductively pull them down.

Once Justin's boxer-briefs are off, all Justin and JC are wearing are matching pairs of white socks. JC pushes Justin backwards onto the bed, and then straddles Justin's chest. JC then leans down and licks the tip of Justin's throbbing member, as Justin closes his eyes and moans in ecstasy. JC runs his tongue slowly up and down the length a few more times, before coming back up, licking the few drops of pre-cum off the tip, before going down on Justin's member, sealing his entire length within the warm confines of his mouth.

Oh, before I met you
My life was so empty
So empty that I could have died
But that all changed, the second I saw you
Standing there looking at me

You captured my heart
You captured my soul
I fell in love with you right there and then
And now our lives are intertwined
Now and forever

JC moves up and down on Justin's length, as Justin kneads the flesh of JC's back with his hands. JC speeds up his pace a little bit, as Justin moans and groans in pleasure. As JC continues going up and down on Justin's ever throbbing tool, he runs his hands over Justin's legs, which only adds to the pleasure that Justin is experiencing, and his moans of pleasure reflect it. JC speeds up his pace a bit, and soon Justin lets out several moans of pleasure as he reaches orgasm, shooting load after load of succulent warm cum into JC's mouth, who gladly swallows each and every drop.

Oh, baby, yes you are my heart
You are my soul
And I will love you for all time
Oh, baby, when I look into your eyes
I can see paradise, and my heart is racing
Oh, baby, yes you are my heart
Now and forever

Oh, yes you are my heart, you are my soul
Whenever you need me, I will be there
Cause I love you with all my heart and soul
Oh, baby, when I look into your eyes
I can see paradise, and my heart is racing
Oh, baby, yes you are my heart
Now and forever

As the song draws to a close, JC turns around so that he can look deep into Justin's eyes and replies, "Happy Birthday, Justin, I love you."

"I love you too, Josh."

The two young lovers curl up to each other, and Justin begins to drift off to sleep, as JC quietly sings the last two lines of the song to Justin.

Oh, yeah, baby, you are my heart, you are my soul
Now and forever.


Two weeks later, the members of the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC sit in a conference room, along with Britney, Aaron, and Christina. The members of 3Deep and 98 are joining the meeting via speakerphone.

"Okay, as you all know," replies Johnny Wright, "We plan on releasing the joint album within the next two months or so, since we now have all the tracks recorded. So we really need to start promoting the album, but before we do that, we're going to need a title. We also need to figure out which song we plan on releasing as the first single. But, first let's get the title chosen. Any suggestions?"

"Well, this is a joint album, with several different groups and artists coming together to make it," replies Christina, "So, what do ya'll think about 'Fusion' as a title?"

"Hmm, that could work Chrissy," replies Justin, "But, I don't know. We should get as many choices as we can on the table, so I think each and every one of us should try to think of a title, and then we can vote for which one to use."

"Yeah, that's a good idea, Nick," replies Kevin, "It would be a bad idea to just pick the first suggestion and not take some time to think of anything else. That isn't to say that your suggestion isn't any good Chrissy, because it is."

"It's okay, Kevin. I totally understand," replies Christina, "It will be much better for us all in the long run if we consider every option."

The twenty performers talk for about two hours with Johnny and the other executives that were sent over by the various record companies. Several titles are suggested, including 'Forever and Always', 'Just for You', 'Nothing to Lose', 'Reactions', and '15:01'.

"Okay, well, there's gotta be some title that we can all agree on," replies Joey, "Come on people, let's think here."

After a few minutes of silence, Aaron stands up, and clears his throat. Everyone looks at him questioningly for a moment, before he speaks up, "I think I just thought of the perfect title."

"Well, please share it Aaron," replies Nick L over the speakerphone.

"What do ya'll think of 'Differences Aside'?" replies Aaron, as the assembled people start thinking about it.

"Well, what exactly does it mean, bro?"

"Well, Nick, I've been thinking, and you know that there's tons of rumors that are constantly circulating that the Backstreet Boys hate *NSYNC and *NSYNC hates the Backstreet Boys, and pretty much that all boybands hate each other. And then there's also the fact that Britney and Christina are on this tour together, despite the problems that they have had with each other in the past. I mean of course the boybands on this tour don't hate each other, nothing could be further from the truth, but that doesn't mean that we all haven't had our differences with each other. Differences that we have put aside for the good of the tour."

"Aaron," replies Chris, "You're a genius. I think that's the best title suggestion I've heard. What do the rest of ya'll think?"

"I like it," replies Kevin.

"So do I," replies Brian.

"Okay, well, let's vote on this," replies Johnny, "I'll call on each of you, and with a simple yes or no, tell me if you think we should use Aaron's suggestion of 'Differences Aside' for the title of the joint cd."

Johnny Wright calls each performer's name, and the vote is unanimous.

"Okay, it looks like 'Differences Aside is the new title of the joint cd," replies Johnny, "Now, about the first single."

"I have the perfect song," replies Aaron, "At least, I have the start to the perfect song, but we'd have to add a thirteenth track to the cd."

"What are you talking about Aaron?" asks Britney.

"While ya'll were voting, since Johnny didn't call on me because it was my suggestion, I was thinking, and I've written the opening to a song which I think would be perfect. We just need more lyrics now."

"Well, Aaron, what type of song is it?" asks Johnny.

"I'm thinking fast-paced dance song, which we could probably use more of on the cd."

"Okay then Aaron, let's hear what you've got," replies Nick, with a smile to his little brother.

"Okay, Nick," replies Aaron, "I call this 'Differences Aside', which seems very fitting I think."

Aaron sings the first verse, and writes down a second verse as he sings.

"Aaron, you're just full of good ideas aren't you?" replies Drew, "I think that sounds great."

"Okay, let's save some time here," replies Johnny, "All those in favor of using Aaron's new song, 'Differences Aside' as the first single, raise your hand."

Almost instantly, everyone's hands shoot up into the air, as Johnny replies, "Okay, it's unanimous here. Those of you on the phone, speak your answers."

Everyone on the phone says yes, so Johnny replies, "Okay, Aaron, we're going to use your song. But you'll need to finish the lyrics for it, and you'll need to start thinking about music video ideas."

"Okay," replies Aaron, "Kevin, Lance, Brian, bro, I want ya'll to help me write the rest of this song. Also, I'm thinking that we should give each and every person on the tour a line or two to sing. It'll be like the ultimate joint song.

"Okay, Aaron, sounds good," replies Johnny, "I'll get in touch with the studio, and setup some time for ya'll to record this, and I'll make sure that some fast-paced music gets composed for it as soon as you all finish the lyrics. Meeting adjourned."

Chapter 79

Nick and Brian lie on the couch in their living room, kissing each other passionately. Nick is laying on top of Brian, and neither of them are wearing any clothes. Nick grinds his hips into Brian's as their passionate kissing continues. Brian is running his hands lovingly over Nick's back as Nick runs his fingers through Brian's soft blonde hair. Brian died his hair blonde a few days ago because he felt that it was time for a bit of a change. Well, actually it was AJ who died Brian's hair, and blonde is actually the second color that Brian's hair has been dyed in the last few days.

Aaron, always the practical joker, switched the bottle of blonde hair dye with a bottle of pink hair dye. So, Brian's hair has gone from sandy brown to hot pink to blonde in the last few days. Aaron is however paying for his practical joke, because Brian was most certainly not amused by it. So as punishment Nick has grounded Aaron and has taken away Aaron's laptop computer, his telephone, and all of his video games, which he has locked up in a case under his and Brian's bed.

Aaron is of course not putting up a fight over being grounded, because he knows that Nick could always send him home to his mother, who told Aaron that if he pulls anymore practical jokes that she will make his life hell. This is mainly because the last practical joke that Aaron played, as far as Jane knows that is, is when he snuck into the bathroom while Jane was taking a bubble bath, and slipped a small tablet into the water. The tablet made the water smell like roses, with the unfortunate side effect of making Jane's skin take on a neon yellow hue, which lasted for two days. Suffice it to say that Jane didn't take too kindly to having every inch of her skin from the neck down being neon yellow.

Anyway, Nick stops the kiss with Brian, and moves into a position to make love to Brian. Brian raises up his legs as Nick grabs the container of lubricant he had brought down from the bedroom earlier, and lubes up his tool. Brian smiles up at Nick, and nods before Nick places the head of his cock at the entrance to Brian's hole and begins to push forward ever so gently. Brian winces in pain for a split second, before pleasure and passion overtake him, as the wondrous feeling of Nick inside of him spreads throughout his body. Nick slowly pulls himself out until just the head of his tool remains inside of Brian before gently pushing forward, which makes Brian utter a moan of ecstasy.

Nick leans downward and pulls Brian into a passionate kiss, the two of them entering their own private world, where they are the only residents. Unfortunately, they're interrupted, because no sooner does the kiss begin, does the doorbell ring.

"Bri, be very quiet," whispers Nick as Brian simply nods, "Maybe they'll go away."

The doorbell rings again, and a male voice shouts through the door, "Come on guys, I know you're in there! Open the door!"

"Go away!" shouts Nick.

"No! Justin and I really need to talk to you," comes JC's voice again.

"Then talk!" yells Nick, as he thrusts himself into Brian.

"Nick, we can't talk about this through the door," replies Justin, "It's a private conversation that we don't need the neighbors hearing. Now open up!"

"Is this important?" yells Brian, who by this point is getting a little perturbed at being interrupted.

"Not exceedingly, but we do need to talk to you and Nick about it," replies Justin.

"Then come back in a few hours!" replies Nick.

"Can't." replies JC, "Justin and I will be on a plane to Memphis in a few hours."

"Brian, honey, it looks like we're not going to get rid of them," replies Nick, "I guess we'll have to cut our moment short here."

"No!" replies Brian, "I have an idea, Nick."

"What's that?"

"Just a minute, JC and Justin!" yells Brian, as he pulls himself upward and puts his arms around Nick's neck.

"Okay, Nick, move into a sitting position," replies Brian, as Nick simply does as he's told.

It takes some time, but soon Nick is sitting down on the sofa, with Brian sitting in his lap, having turned himself around. Brian reaches down to the floor and grabs Nick's oversized grey sweatpants from the floor, and begins pulling them over both his and Nick's legs, with Nick's help.

"Okay, on the count of three, stand up," replies Brian, "1, 2, 3."

Nick and Brian stand up, and Brian grabs his midnight blue terry-cloth robe from over the back of a nearby chair where he had left it, and Nick and Brian quickly put it on so that only Nick's arms are in the sleeves. Nick ties the robe shut, and Nick and Brian walk over to the door, and open it.

"It sure took you guys..." starts JC, before he looks at Nick and Brian, "Nice outfit."

"Thanks," replies Brian, "No come in here and say whatever you have to say."

Nick and Brian walk back over to the sofa, and sit down, as Justin closes the door. As soon as they're sitting, Brian, whose hands are concealed inside the robe, puts the palms of his hands flat on the sofa, and begins to push upwards very slowly, before very slowly going downward again. Brian is going to make sure that Nick continues to make love to him, even if they have to do it in front of JC and Justin. Brian is doing this as slowly as possible however to try and prevent JC and Justin from noticing it, and possibly figuring out that Nick is making love to him right before their eyes.

"Okay, now the reason we came to talk to you," replies Justin, "Is because we wanted to talk a little bit about our weddings."

"Just and I are flying to Memphis this afternoon to meet with his moms and my mom and sister to start planning our wedding."

"Okay, so what did you want to talk about?" asks Brian, as he continues to very slowly raise and lower himself on Nick's raging tool, using every bit of will power that he can muster not to let out any moans or groans of pleasure.

"Well, JC and I have been talking and we were wondering how you two would feel about a double wedding?"

"A double wedding?" asks Nick, as puts his head downward for a moment and starts kissing Brian's shoulder through the robe so that JC and Justin couldn't see him close his eyes tightly. Nick had to close his eyes tightly and make sure that his mouth was otherwise occupied in order to make sure that a moan didn't escape his lips from the absolute pleasure that he's feeling rush through his body as he makes love to Brian.

"Yeah," replies JC, "In other words we'd be sharing our wedding day. The priest would be marrying you and Nick, and me and Justin at the same time."

"Under the circumstances I really would rather not have a double wedding," replies Nick.

"What circumstances?"

"JC, I think what Nick means is that considering that Justin and I have been sexually active with each other," replies Brian, as he continues to move ever so slowly up and down on Nick's cock, "that it might not be such a good idea for us to get married on the same day. Obviously we're not marrying each other, and there's absolutely nothing but friendship between Justin and me, but still, I have to agree with Nick, I'd rather not share my special day with another couple, especially when I've had the unfortunate experience of sleeping with half of that couple."

"Unfortunate experience!?" replies Justin indignantly, "Come on Brian I wasn't that bad, was I?"

"I plead the fifth," replies Brian with a grin, "Seriously though Justin, yes you were. You're absolutely the worst lover I've ever had."

Justin frowns, and Nick smiles brightly as Brian says that, and asks, "And whose the best, Bri?"

"Hands down, no contest, it's you Nick."

"Okay, I have to say Brian that I think you're crazy," replies JC, "There is no way in hell that Nick is a better lover than Justin. It's just not possible!"

"Thanks baby," replies Justin with a smile as he kisses JC on the cheek.

"In defense of my man," replies Brian, "JC you can't honestly say that, because unlike me, you can't compare Justin to Nick, because you've only slept with Justin. And you're never going to sleep with Nick."

"Okay, we're getting off track here," replies Nick, as he once again fights the urge to utter Brian's name and tell him how absolutely wonderful it feels to have his cock buried deep inside of Brian's ass.

"Well, upon thinking about it," replies JC, "I can certainly understand where you and Brian coming from, Nick. So, how about we make our wedding two days before yours? Justin and I will have to postpone our honeymoon by two days so that we can go to your wedding, but I don't think that should be a problem."

"Yeah, that sounds good," replies Nick, "I don't care if you guys have your wedding on June 6th, but I want June 8th to be Brian's and my special day, and I don't want to share it with anyone other then him."

"Okay, that's understandable," replies Justin, as he stands up, getting ready to leave, "Oh and Brian?


"You're the worst lover I've ever had, too," replies Justin with a smile, as he and JC leave Nick and Brian's house.

As soon as the front door is closed, Nick and Brian remove the robe and the sweatpants and move back into the positions they were in before they were interrupted.

"You think they knew?" asks Nick.

"I don't know," replies Brian, "But I don't really care."

"Yeah, neither do I," replies Nick, as he speeds up his thrusts into Brian, as Brian moans in ecstasy.

"Oh Nick! Oh baby, yes! Mmmph!" moans Brian as Nick continues his thrusting.

"Oh Brian, I'm getting so close," moans Nick as he leans downward and pulls Brian into a passionate kiss as the two of them venture back into their own private world.

"Oh Nick, yes!" moans Brian as Nick thrusts himself in the final time, before he erupts, sending wave after wave of his warm juices cascading deep into Brian's body as Nick screams, "Oh Brian! I love you!"


To be continued...

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