Nick and Brian
Chapter 81
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
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Please note: This installment takes place in early to mid March of the year 2000. I will be speeding through the months from now through Chapter 100, so that in Chapter 100 it will be the scheduled dates for the weddings of Justin/JC and Nick/Brian.

At this time I'd also like to make an announcement. I've been thinking about this for quite awhile now, and I've reached the decision, and this is my final decision on this, that Nick and Brian will come to an end at Chapter 130, instead of the previously stated Chapter 125. This is because I've decided to add a second spin-off series. The first spin-off is still Nick and Brian: A New Beginning, which will be Chapters 101-120. The second spin-off will be called Nick and Brian: Remember Me, which will be Chapters 121-130. Please know that in  the spin-off story Remember Me the year will be 2017, so this will give me the chance to write about the boy band members' lives after the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98░, etc.


Kevin received a videotape from his stalker in the mail. On the tape, Kevin's stalker fucks a sex doll that looks like Kevin, and also shoots a sex doll that looks like Lance in the head, saying, "Lance is trying to take you away from me, Kevin, so he is a dead man. You are mine!"

Justin and JC have now arrived in Memphis, to meet with their moms and JC's sister Heather to plan their wedding. They both realize that they will have to make it clear that it is their wedding and they have final say on everything, otherwise they suspect that the ladies would completely take over the planning and not let Justin and JC make one single decision.

Nick and Brian are packing their luggage, because they're going up to Memphis as well. Lynn has invited them to come stay at her house with everyone else. So, Nick and Brian called their moms and told them to exchange their tickets for Orlando to tickets for Memphis, because they're all going to head up to Memphis for a group wedding planning party. As Brian heads into the bathroom to pack his and Nick's toiletry cases, Nick heads downstairs to Aaron's bedroom to see how his packing is coming along. Nick in turn catches Aaron masturbating while looking at the picture of a rather young male model. Aaron is quite embarrassed to be caught in the act by his older brother, and Nick learns that the model's name is Jean-Luc, and that he is Aaron's boyfriend.

Howie and AJ have both come to the realization that their relationship is purely sexual and nothing more. They're together only because they had both been without a date for over two years and were desperate for companionship. They've moved into their own place because they didn't want to impose on Nick and Brian any longer then necessary, but also because they didn't want Aaron, whose bedroom shared a wall with the one they were using, to hear them fucking. Howie and AJ don't make love, all they do is fuck, since their is no love between them.

Kevin talks to Bryce, their PR Director, and asks him to contact management about tripling security because of the recent threat on Lance's life.

Nick threatens to tell Jane if Aaron doesn't start talking and giving details about his and Jean-Luc's relationship.

Justin and JC arrive at Lynn's house, and are greeted by Lynn, Lisa, and Karen. Justin is knocked to the floor when his younger brother Jonathan catches him off guard and jumps into his arms. After Jonathan gets off of Justin, Steven comes waddling in and plops himself down on Justin's stomach.

Aaron begins telling Nick all the details about his relationship with Jean-Luc Phillipe Charnac. Eventually Brian comes in, and doesn't believe what he's hearing. Aaron eventually says that he's happy with Jean-Luc and there's nothing that anyone can do about it. Nick in turn blows up in anger and forbids Aaron to ever see Jean-Luc ever again, telling him that if Jane ever found out, she'd likely do much worse, such as grounding Aaron until he was 90 and killing Jean-Luc. After Nick and Brian leave Aaron's room, Nick asks if he was too harsh with Aaron. Brian says that perhaps he was just a little harsh, but also understands why, and agrees with Nick, stating that what Nick said Jane would do if she found out was likely a drastic understatement.

Chapter 81

Fifteen minutes later, Nick walks back into Aaron's bedroom to see Aaron sitting on the bed, talking on the telephone, which was given back to him two weeks ago when Nick un-grounded him for the dyeing Brian's hair hot pink incident. Nick walks over to the bed and grabs the phone from Aaron's hand and replies, "Hello, who is this?"

"Jean-Luc," replies the voice on the other end, which has a clear French accent.

"Jean-Luc this is Aaron's brother Nick," replies Nick, "He's grounded. Indefinitely. And he can't see you anymore. Goodbye."

Nick pushes the end button on the cordless phone and then puts the handset back on it's base, before unplugging it from the wall, and removing it from the room. When he comes back into the room, Aaron is staring at him with a look of such intense anger on his face that his gaze could probably melt steel.

"Come on Aaron, time for us to go to the airport," replies Nick, as he picks up Aaron's bag and heads for the door. When he realizes that Aaron isn't following him, he goes back into the room, and upon seeing that Aaron hasn't budged from the bed, Nick replies, "Aaron come!"

"I'm not a dog."

"I know that. But we have to get to the airport now so come on."

"I'm not going. You and Brian go without me."

"Ha ha. Nice try young man. Do you think I'm crazy? Do you think I'm certifiably insane? I'd have to be to leave you here all by yourself. Mom would have my head. Now come on Aaron."

"No! I'm not doing anything you say! I hate you!"

"Fine, Aaron. You leave me no choice."

Nick walks over to Aaron's bed and proceeds to pick Aaron up and then slings him over his shoulder and walks out of the room with Aaron kicking and screaming. Brian opens the front door and Nick heads out with Brian following him, closing and locking the door on his way out.

Brian turns toward the house and presses the 'ARM' button on his key chain controller twice to activate the house's alarm system, before the three of them, Aaron has finally agreed to go and Nick has put him down, walk down the driveway to the awaiting limousine. Nick and Brian can't help but notice the heightened security force, but they don't ask any questions, because Brian has already talked with Kevin, and Kevin told Brian everything. There will be three bodyguards, all armed, in the limousine with Nick, Brian, and Aaron, as well as the chauffeur, who now is also armed. There are also two black mini-vans, one parked in front of the limo, and the other behind it, each containing three more armed body guards. Management it seems completely agreed that the heightened security that Kevin suggested was indeed necessary, and had no qualms whatsoever about footing the bill. After all, if one or more of the guys gets killed, it will be pretty hard for management to continue making money.


Jean-Luc sits on his bed, tears streaming down from his eyes. Nick's words still echoing in his head,  "He's grounded. Indefinitely. And he can't see you anymore."

A few moments later there's a knock on the door and it opens just enough for Jean-Luc's Aunt Endora to poke her head into the room. When she sees Jean-Luc curled up in a ball on his bed crying, she rushes over to him and pulls him into a hug, asking in a soothing voice, "Jean-Luc what's wrong?"

"I can't see Aaron anymore."

"What are you talking about Jean-Luc? Why not?"

"His brother Nick found out about us and he's grounded Aaron and forbid him from seeing me."

"Why on Earth would Nick do that?"

"Well, Aunt Endora, I haven't been totally honest with you about Aaron and me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Aaron and I are, well, more then friends."

"Tell me something I don't know, Jean-Luc. I'm not an idiot you know. From watching the two of you together, I could tell you were more then friends, but I just didn't say anything about it. I figured I'd let you bring it up when you were ready."

"So you don't have any problems with it?"

"Of course not, Jean-Luc. While it's true that you're young, I'd be highly hypocritical to say that I have a problem with your relationship with Aaron because of your age, considering that I had Colin when I was your age. As for your being gay, again I'd be hypocritical to say that I have a problem with it. Colin's father is gay after all, and then of course Colin himself is bisexual, so Jean-Luc as long as you're happy, I really don't care whether you're gay, straight or bisexual."

"Thanks Aunt Endora."

"No problem Jean-Luc," replies Endora, as she pulls her nephew into a hug, "Now, how about the two of us catch the next flight to Orlando and talk some sense into Aaron's brother?"

"We can't."

"Why not?"

"Because Aaron is going with Nick and his fiancÚ to Memphis to plan their wedding," replies Jean-Luc, "And Nick and Aaron's mom will be there too, so we'd have her to deal with her too."

"Frankly, Jean-Luc, I don't care. Pack your bags, we're going to Memphis to get you and Aaron back together."

That said, Endora leaves Jean-Luc's room, as Jean-Luc dries his tears before jumping off his bed and running to the closet to start packing.


Two days later, Kevin and Lance lay in Lance's bed, wrapped in each other's arms, enjoying the afterglow of their recent bout of love making. The two of them have both had doubts about their relationship, but they've grown very close in recent weeks. Especially since this whole ordeal with Kevin's stalker started, and now even more that Kevin's stalker has threatened Lance's life. Kevin and Lance however are not at this moment fearing for their lives, as they know that right outside Lance's bedroom door are two armed bodyguards. They also know that there are more armed bodyguards patrolling various areas of the house. Lance's home is also surrounded by an 8 foot high brick wall with a gated driveway. Because of this, there is also a team of thirty Doberman attack dogs patrolling the grounds.

Even Kevin is rather surprised at the measures that management is taking to try and assure Lance's and everyone else's safety. He expected management to fight him until the bitter end on the idea of tripling security. Instead, they totally agreed with Kevin and immediately made sure that security was tripled, and that the police in Orlando, Memphis, and Jackson were all alerted. They also made sure to inform the management teams of 3Deep and 98 Degrees, just in case Kevin's stalker might for some reason turn his lunacy on them.

"I love you Lance," replies Kevin, for once being able to actually saying it and meaning it. For a long time Kevin couldn't figure out what his feelings for Lance were, but now he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he loves Lance a lot. Probably more than he loves Joshua Morrow. Kevin knows that he does feel something for Josh, and a few months ago he was sure that it was love, but now, Kevin is positive that it was just infatuation or a purely sexual, animal attraction.

"I love you too, Kevin," replies Lance. Lance isn't sure when he realized that he loves Kevin, but, he can't deny that it's true. Lance also knows that his feelings are returned. If Lance wasn't sure of Kevin's feelings before tonight, he most certainly is now. Tonight was probably the best and most romantic evening of Lance's life. For the last several hours, Kevin and Lance have been making love, with the room aglow in candlelight, and the sweet smell of several dozen roses filling the room. If Kevin's intent was to get Lance's mind off of the threat on his life, he most certainly succeeded. Lance hasn't been able to think about anything other than how much he loves Kevin. Lance knows that this is the real thing because he has had his share of dates and boyfriends, but with Kevin, something is different. The feelings run deeper and are so much stronger than anything Lance has ever felt in his life.


"Yes, Kevin?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, Kev," replies Lance with a grin, "But didn't we just say that two seconds ago?"

"Yes, but, I can't say it enough Lance, because it's true. I love you James Lance Bass, I love you with all my heart and all my soul. When I saw that tape from my stalker, and the threat he made on your life, a question came flooding into my mind out of nowhere. Lance that question was what would I do without you and at first I wasn't entirely sure. I was still reeling in shock from the tape and everything. And of course the first thing on my mind at that time was to call Bryce to make sure that he talked with management about added security measures to make sure that you were safe. But, now I've had a lot more time to think about that question, and Lance I know the answer. The answer is that Lance, I honestly can't live without you. In the time that we've been together, I've come to think of you as so much more then a friend, and so much more then a lover.

"You're my other half Lance, my better half, and I simply can't live without you," replies Kevin as he produces a small black velvet ring box, and opens it to reveal a men's engagement ring. The ring features a large emerald in the center, surrounded by several smaller diamonds, set in white gold, "James Lance Bass, will you marry me?"


About two hours after they talked, Endora Courbet and Jean-Luc Charnac are boarding a plane to Memphis, Tennessee. Endora and Jean-Luc are the only passengers in the first class section of the plane. Of course then too, Endora managed to use her title and her wallet to make sure that she and Jean-Luc would be the only passengers in first class. The businessmen who were scheduled to fly first class on this flight were in turn moved into coach at the last minute, much to their displeasure I'm sure.

Endora and Jean-Luc aren't actually entirely alone in first class. Sitting on four of the eight first class seats are four pet cages containing Endora's prize-winning Abyssinian cats. Endora Courbet has been breeding Abyssinians for the last thirty years, and among cat-lovers she is considered to be one of the world's finest breeders. Two of her cats, Niiki and Riiki, are quad-grands. This refers to how many winner's ribbons the cats have won from cat show to cat show. Before a cat wins a ribbon, they're known as a novice. After a cat wins it's first winner's ribbon it's known as open. Four ribbons is a champion, sixteen ribbons is a grand champion, and four-times-sixteen is a quad-grand. Very few cats ever reach quad-grand status, unless their owner is very serious about campaigning their cat.

Endora used to travel all over the country, and in some cases out of the country, attending every cat show she possibly could. But, in the last two years since her older brother, Jean-Phillipe Courbet passed away, she's cut down quite a bit on the cat shows. This is of course because after Jean-Phillipe and Virginia Courbet were killed in the plane crash, Endora Courbet was Jean-Luc's only living relative who was eligible to take custody of Jean-Luc, both physically and financially. Jean-Luc's last name is actually Courbet, but he changed it to Charnac when he started modeling, because he figured that Charnac is easier to pronounce. Charnac is the name of the estate that the Courbet family owns in France.

"Jean-Luc, my darling nephew, we are on our way to Memphis, and I don't care what we have to do, but we are going to get you and Aaron back together."

"Thank you Aunt Endora," replies Jean-Luc, "You don't know how much Aaron means to me. I love him with all my heart, and I simply can't imagine my life without him."


The following day, Nick, Brian, Justin, and JC sit in Lynn's living room going over plans for their respective weddings with Lisa, Lynn, Karen, Jane, and Jackie. Aaron and his twin sister Angel are sitting on the floor near the unlit fireplace, playing Monopoly with Jonathan and JC's brother Tyler. Jonathan would much rather be playing Nintendo right now, but unfortunately, a very intense thunder storm hit Memphis last night, and it knocked out several power lines, so until the power company can get everything fixed, the Harliss home, as well as every other house in the neighborhood, have no electricity.

"Ok, now, for music," replies Lynn, "What do you think of the traditional wedding march for the processionals?"

After a moment of thought, Nick replies, "Nope, that won't work."

"Why not?" asks Lisa, "It's a very beautiful piece of music, and it's a tradition."

"Well, tradition or not it won't work," replies Nick, "The traditional wedding march is called by two names, "Here Comes the Bride" or "Wagner's Bridal Suite". At any rate, it won't work."

"Why not?" asks Jackie, as all the other mothers, Heather, Brian, Justin, and JC all look at Nick questioning, totally not getting why he says it won't work.

"Hello? These are gay weddings. We have four grooms, but not a single bride."

"Oh, now I understand," replies Karen, "Yes, Nick, I can see your point. Now that I think about it, it would seem a little odd to playing "Here Comes the Bride" when there is no bride. So now the question is what do we use for the wedding processionals?"

"How about Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major?" asks Jackie, "I've seen it used on tv weddings a few times, it's pretty, and it doesn't have any other names that include the word bride."

"I've heard it before myself," replies Brian, "It is very pretty, so I think Nick and I will definitely use it."

"Yeah, Canon sounds good," replies Justin, "What do you think honey?"

"Fine with me," replies JC, as he kisses Justin's cheek, "Sounds good to me."

"Ok, so now that we have the processional music decided upon for both weddings," replies Jane, "We should move on to..."

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupts Jane, and Lynn gets up from the sofa and exits the living room to go answer it. When she answers the door, standing in front of her is a woman in her mid to late forties wearing an exquisitely fancy and obviously very expensive mink coat, as well as a younger boy, wearing a black jacket.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Are you Lynn Harliss?" asks the woman.

"Yes, and you are?"

"Endora Courbet, this my nephew Jean-Luc," replies Endora, "Jean-Luc is friends with Aaron Carter, is he here?"

"Yes, he is," replies Lynn, "Please come in. Everyone's in the living room."

Jean-Luc and Endora enter the house, and remove their coats, which Lynn hangs up in the hall closet before escorting the guests into the living room.

"Aaron?" replies Lynn, "Your friend Jean-Luc and his Aunt Endora are here."

Aaron is immediately on his feet, and starts running towards Jean-Luc, but Nick grabs Aaron and prevents him from getting to Jean-Luc.

"Aaron, no! Remember that I grounded you?" replies Nick, "You may also remember that you're forbidden to see Jean-Luc anymore, so you aren't going anywhere near him."

"Why is Aaron grounded? And why can't he go near Jean-Luc," replies Jane, totally not understanding.

"Are you Jane Carter? Nick and Aaron's mother?" asks Endora, as Jane says, "Yes, I am."

"Well, Nick has forbidden Aaron from seeing Jean-Luc because Aaron and Jean-Luc are dating each other. Whether Nick is homophobic or what, I don't know, but when I saw my darling Jean-Luc curled in a ball sobbing after being told by Nick that he can't see Aaron anymore, I was on the phone to the airlines immediately to come here and remedy the situation."

By this point everyone in the room has stood up, and Brian has come over and is standing next to Nick.

"What did you say your name was?"

"Endora Courbet."

"With all do respect, Miss Courbet, I am not now, nor have I ever been homophobic. I'd like you to meet my fiancÚ, Brian Littrell."

"Oh, well congratulations," replies Endora, "But if you're gay yourself, why then do you have a problem with your brother being gay."

"I don't! Aaron is just too young to be romantically involved."

"Ok, I've heard enough," replies Jane, "Nick am I to understand that while I entrusted you to take care of your brother, you allowed him to start dating Jean-Luc?"

"Honestly, mom, I didn't know that it was going on, otherwise I would have stopped it," replies Nick, "I didn't find out about Jean-Luc until..."

At this point Brian interrupts Nick and turns around to look at Tyler, replying, "Um Tyler could you please take Jonathan and Steven into the kitchen for some ice cream?"

"Sure," replies Tyler, as he takes Jonathan's hand in one hand, and Steven's hand in the other, and leads them out of the room.

"Okay, you can finish now Nick," replies Brian.

"I didn't find out about Jean-Luc until two nights ago, when we were packing to come here. I went down to Aaron's room to see how his packing was coming and I walked in on him in the act of..."

"Act of what?" asks Jane.

"In the act of masturbating, while looking at a picture of Jean-Luc in a magazine."

"My nephew is a model," replies Endora, as if to shed some light on why Jean-Luc's picture was in a magazine.

"So, immediately I started grilling Aaron for information, and the second I found out that Aaron and Jean-Luc were dating and sexually active I put a stop to it. I grounded Aaron indefinitely and forbid him to see Jean-Luc."

"You're telling me that Aaron, my twelve-year-old son, is sexually active?" asks Jane, "I'm not hearing this, I can't be hearing this!"

"Mom, Jean-Luc and I have not had any form of intercourse."

"Oh my God, I am hearing this," replies Jane, "Ok, Aaron, explain to me why your brother said that you were sexually active, yet you didn't have any form of intercourse. What does that mean?"

"It means that Aaron and I haven't had anal or oral sex," replies Jean-Luc, "We've just masturbated together and done frottage."

"Frottage? What the hell is that?" asks Jane, not familiar with the term.

"It's a way of achieving orgasm through the friction created by rubbing your body against another person's body," replies Nick.

"Ok, well, Aaron, I forbid you to see Jean-Luc."

"Mom no! I love him!" replies Aaron as he wrenches free of Nick's grasp and goes over and tightly hugs Jean-Luc, as the two of them start kissing passionately, with obvious tongue action.

"Oh my God, I am not seeing this, I am not seeing this," replies Jane, "Aaron please, I'm your mother I know what's good for you. Can't you see that Jean-Luc is using your for your money?"

This causes Endora to start laughing hysterically, and everyone in the room looks at her like she's gone crazy. When she stops laughing, she looks directly at Jane and replies, "Mrs. Carter, with all due respect I can guarantee you that Jean-Luc is not using Aaron for his money. If anyone is using anyone for money, it's Aaron whose using Jean-Luc."

"I resent that!" replies Jane, "What right do you have to say that?"

"Well, Mrs. Carter, if the truth hurts so be it," replies Endora, "But I can guarantee you that whatever amount of money Aaron may have made from his singing career is pocket change for Jean-Luc."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Mrs. Carter, your son is dating the future Marquis of Charnac!"


"Yes. Jean-Luc's father, Jean-Phillipe Courbet, was the Marquis of Charnac. Charnac being the name of the estate that our family owns in France. The hereditary title of Marquis of Charnac has been passed down from generation to generation since it was bestowed upon one of our ancestors by King Louis the Fourteenth. Along with the title, has passed a huge family fortune, which is second only to that of Microsoft's Bill Gates. When my brother Jean-Phillipe and his wife died, I was Jean-Luc's only living relative, so the title was passed to me, I'm the Marchioness of Charnac. I will relinquish the title, and control of Jean-Luc's trust fund upon his 21st birthday, seven years from now, and he will become Jean-Luc Courbet, the Marquis of Charnac."

"Wait a minute," replies Nick, "Aaron told me that Jean-Luc's last name is Charnac, not Courbet."

"It is Courbet," replies Jean-Luc, "The truth of the matter is, I only use Charnac for modeling, because it's somewhat easier to pronounce then Courbet. I just never told any of this to Aaron, because well, I was afraid that he might be intimidated if he found out that he was dating a guy who will inherit a title of nobility and a fortune in excess of fifty billion dollars in seven years."

"All of this seems rather hard to believe," replies Jane, as she sits down, unable to stand any longer.

"Well, I guarantee you that every word is true," replies Endora, "Now, I'd say it's obvious by the way their clinging to each other, that Aaron and Jean-Luc have feelings for each other that run very deep. Whether they're feelings of love, or feelings of something else, don't you think that they deserve the right to explore those feelings and to be happy?"

"Well, all I've ever wanted for my children is for them to be happy," replies Jane, "So, Aaron if Jean-Luc makes you happy, then you can see him. But, until you two get older, say sixteen, preferably eighteen, I want you to promise me that you won't have sexual intercourse. I don't mind if you two continue to do what you've been doing with each other, as long as it's safe."

"It is," replies Jean-Luc, "Anyway, there's no chance of any diseases. Both Aaron and I are virgins."

"Oh thank you God! replies Jane, "Ok, Aaron, Jean-Luc come here."

Aaron and Jean-Luc walk over to Jane, and she looks at them for a moment, "Well, I can see that you two definitely do share something together. I can't be sure if it's love, but whatever it is, it certainly is there. So you two have my blessing.

Jane now turns to Jean-Luc, and looks at him sternly, "But, Jean-Luc if you ever hurt my son in any way, I personally will wring your neck until your dead! Do we understand each other?"

"Yes, Mrs. Carter, and I won't hurt Aaron. I promise."

"Please don't call me Mrs. Carter, it's so formal," replies Jane, "Call me Jane or mom, all my son's boyfriends do."

"Thanks, mom," replies Jean-Luc and Aaron in unison, as they hug Jane, and she happily returns the hug.

"Now that this is settled," replies Justin, "Can we get back to planning our weddings?"

"Yes, let's," replies Jane.

"I hope I'm not overstepping here," replies Endora, "But, if the happy couples haven't already decided upon where to have the ceremony, I would be more then happy to open the doors of Charnac Hall up to all of you. It has a large, very lovely cathedral-style chapel in it, which would be perfect for a wedding."

"Well, what do the four of you think?"

"It sounds nice," replies Nick, as Brian nods in agreement.

"Yeah, it sounds very nice," replies Justin, as JC replies, "Thank you, um, what is it I should call you?"

"Endora is fine," replies Endora, "We don't really use the title much. But it does come in handy occasionally."

"Really?" replies Karen.

"Yes, like when Jean-Luc I flew in from New York, using the title and my wallet, I was able to get the airline to move all the first class passengers on the only flight here to Memphis to coach, so that Jean-Luc, my cats and I, could have first class to ourselves."

"Your cats? Don't pets normally travel in the baggage compartment of airplanes?" asks Lisa.

"Well, yes I suppose they normally do," replies Endora, "But quite frankly Hell would freeze over before I would put my prize-winning Abyssinians in a baggage compartment. You see I breed Abyssinian cats, and two of my cats are quad-grands, meaning they've won 64 winner's ribbons in various cat shows. My other two are kittens really, so they haven't won as many, as their parents, but they will eventually."

"I don't think I've ever seen an Abyssinian cat before," replies Lynn, "What does it look like?"

"Well, if you don't mind," replies Endora, "I can bring them in. They're outside in the car, and then you can see for yourself."

"Sure, I'd love to see them," replies Lynn, "Justin, JC, go help Endora bring in the cats."

Justin and JC follow Endora out to the car, and they each grab two of the pet cages, and in turn carry them into the house.


Later that night, Nick stands in the doorway of the guest room which was given to Aaron. Aaron is fast asleep, laying comfortably in Jean-Luc's arms. Looking at the two of them together, Nick can understand why they like each other so much. They're like two pieces of the same puzzle, and they fit together perfectly. It was very easy for Nick to forbid Aaron to see Jean-Luc ever again having never seen them together, and only seeing a fleeting glimpse of Jean-Luc in a magazine picture. But, now having seen them together, Nick seriously doubts if he would be able to forbid them from seeing each other now. They look like they truly do love each other, and even though they're so young, love is the only word that Nick can think of to describe the sight before his eyes.

Nick looks at his brother and Jean-Luc for a moment more, before he quietly begins to close the door, whispering, "Pleasant dreams," to the two sleeping boys cuddled against each other in the bed. Nick then goes down the hall to the room that he's sharing with Brian, and stripping down to his boxers, he climbs into bed with his fiancÚ, who is already fast asleep. Nick looks at the sleeping angel in bed next to him for a moment and can't help but smile. Nick kisses Brian softly on the forehead, and whispers, "I love you, Bri," before he reaches over to turn of the light. Nick then settles down, and within a few minutes, he too, like his brother down the hall, is sleeping peacefully in the arms of the man that he loves more then anything else in the world.


To be continued...

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