Nick and Brian
Chapter 82
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein.  If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, then you should be leaving now. Otherwise please enjoy the story.

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This story is copyright ©2001 by Jayson Colin Vascardi. All rights reserved.

Please note: This installment takes place in early to mid March of the year 2000. I will be speeding through the months from now through Chapter 100, so that in Chapter 100 it will be the scheduled dates for the weddings of Justin/JC and Nick/Brian.

At this time I'd also like to make an announcement. I've been thinking about this for quite awhile now, and I've reached the decision, and this is my final decision on this, that Nick and Brian will come to an end at Chapter 130, instead of the previously stated Chapter 125. This is because I've decided to add a second spin-off series. The first spin-off is still Nick and Brian: A New Beginning, which will be Chapters 101-120. The second spin-off will be called Nick and Brian: Remember Me, which will be Chapters 121-130. Please know that in  the spin-off story Remember Me the year will be 2017, so this will give me the chance to write about the boy band members' lives after the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98░, etc.


Nick walks into Aaron's room again, and finds him talking on the phone. Nick grabs the phone from Aaron's hand, and when he finds out that it's Jean-Luc, Nick tells Jean-Luc that Aaron is grounded indefinitely and forbidden to see him. Nick and Aaron then get into a bit of an argument, before Nick, Brian, and Aaron head out to the limousine which will take them to the airport. They all can't help but notice the tripled security, which Kevin had told Brian about earlier.

Jean-Luc's Aunt Endora finds him curled in a ball on his bed, crying. Concerned, she rushes to his side and consoles him. Jean-Luc in turn tells his aunt that he's gay, and dating Aaron. Endora in turn tells Jean-Luc that she has no problems with him dating Aaron, despite their young age, or with the fact that Jean-Luc is gay. She said it would hypocritical of her since she had her own son, Colin, when she was Jean-Luc's age. Not to mention the fact that Colin's father was gay, and Colin himself is bi-sexual.

Kevin and Lance enjoy a night of passion and pleasure in Lance's bedroom. They feel safe and secure, despite the threat on Lance's life, because they know that right outside the bedroom door are two armed bodyguards. They also know that there are armed bodyguards patrolling the rest of the house, and a pack of thirty Doberman attack dogs patrolling the grounds. Both Kevin and Lance were unsure how they felt about each other, but not anymore. Now, both of them can honestly say that they are in love with the other, and Kevin can honestly say that he never really loved Joshua Morrow all that much. Kevin is pretty sure that what he shared with Josh was likely just a purely sexual, animal attraction.

Two hours after talking in Jean-Luc's bedroom, Endora and Jean-Luc are all alone in the first-class section of the only flight from New York to Memphis that day. Endora managed to get everyone who was scheduled to fly first class on this flight moved into coach, she just had to throw around her title and her wallet a little. Also sitting in first class are four pet cages, each containing one of Endora's prize-winning Abyssinian cats. Endora has been breeding Abyssinians for almost thirty years, and two of her cats have won more awards then most cats ever do.

The next day, Nick, Brian, Justin, and JC are talking with their moms and JC's sister Heather in the living room of Lynn's house. JC's brother Tyler is sitting on the floor playing Monopoly with Aaron and Jonathan, since a storm knocked out the electricity and they can't play Nintendo. Music for the weddings is discussed, and both couples decide that Pachelbel's Canon would be better for the wedding processional then the traditional wedding march, Here Comes the Bride, since there are no brides taking part in the weddings. Eventually, Endora and Jean-Luc show up, and Jane finds out about Aaron and Jean-Luc. At one point she accuses Jean-Luc of using Aaron for his money, and that's when everyone finds out that Jean-Luc's real last name is Courbet, and not Charnac like he had told Aaron. They also find out that in seven years when Jean-Luc turns 21, he will inherit the title of Marquis of Charnac, along with a fortune in excess of fifty billion dollars. After this, Endora offers the Charnac family home in France for the location of the weddings, and both couples accept her offer.

Chapter 82


"Yes, Kevin?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, Kev," replies Lance with a grin, "But didn't we just say that two seconds ago?"

"Yes, but, I can't say it enough Lance, because it's true. I love you James Lance Bass, I love you with all my heart and all my soul. When I saw that tape from my stalker, and the threat he made on your life, a question came flooding into my mind out of nowhere. Lance that question was what would I do without you and at first I wasn't entirely sure. I was still reeling in shock from the tape and everything. And of course the first thing on my mind at that time was to call Bryce to make sure that he talked with management about added security measures to make sure that you were safe. But, now I've had a lot more time to think about that question, and Lance I know the answer. The answer is that Lance, I honestly can't live without you. In the time that we've been together, I've come to think of you as so much more then a friend, and so much more then a lover.

"You're my other half Lance, my better half, and I simply can't live without you," replies Kevin as he produces a small black velvet ring box, and opens it to reveal a men's engagement ring. The ring features a large emerald in the center, surrounded by several smaller diamonds, set in white gold, "James Lance Bass, will you marry me?"

Lance looks at the ring, and then back at Kevin, before he calmly replies, "No."

"No? What do you mean no?" asks Kevin, shocked and hurt that Lance is saying no to his proposal of marriage.

"Kevin, it's not that I don't to marry you," replies Lance, "Because I do, I really do. But, I really think that you should officially end things with Josh before we get engaged. I just can't say yes to your proposal when you are technically still Joshua Morrow's boyfriend. Please understand where I'm coming from Kevin. I really do love you, but can you honestly say that if the tables were turned and I was dating another guy and proposed marriage to you without first breaking things off with the other guy, that you would actually say yes to my proposal?"

Kevin takes a moment to think about it and replies, "No, I suppose I couldn't. Could you at least wear my ring though? You can wear it on your right hand as a promise ring for now, and then we can move it to your left hand when I've officially ended things with Josh."

"Well, that I can do," replies Lance with a smile, as Kevin smiles as well, and takes the ring from the box and proceeds to slip it onto Lance's right hand. After doing this, Kevin pulls Lance into a passionate kiss, as their tongues engage in an erotic dance which they only want to do with each other. After a few minutes, the kiss ends, and Kevin reaches over and turns off the lamp on the bedside table. Lance and Kevin then cuddle up to one another, and begin to drift off to sleep, totally content.


Jane Carter walks into the bedroom that was given to her son and Jean-Luc, and looks at them for a moment. She has always liked watching her youngest son sleep because he always looks so peaceful and so happy. Now, lying in the arms of Jean-Luc, Jane can't help but notice that Aaron looks even happier then he normally does while sleeping. Jane looks over the sleeping form of Jean-Luc, the boy which has captured the heart of her second-born son. Jean-Luc has shoulder length blonde hair and some of the most beautiful blue eyes that Jane has ever seen. She can certainly see why Aaron likes Jean-Luc, he is quite the good-looking young man, and Jane can honestly say that if she was Aaron's age, she would probably have a crush on Jean-Luc herself.

Looking at the two of them together, Jane now knows that there's no way she could ever tell Aaron that he cannot see Jean-Luc. The two of them look so good laying together, like two pieces of the same puzzle which fit together perfectly. If Jean-Luc truly makes Aaron happy, then that is all that matters as far as Jane is concerned. She knows that Robert would have a different view on this, but who cares what Robert thinks? He's locked away in a maximum security prison for the rest of his life. Jane does wonder though if Robert has started doing what she told him to do when she last visited him. When she told him that he had better get really close to his cellmate, because it was the only sex he'd be getting for a long, long time. If he has, then it is very ironic. He went to prison for his failed plan to try and break up the "sick" homosexual relationship between Nick and Brian, and then he ends up in a homosexual relationship with his cellmate.

Jane pushes the thoughts about Robert out of her mind eventually, not wanting to think about that bastard anymore. She then walks over to the bed and sits down on the edge, giving both of the sleeping boys a kiss on the forehead and replying, "Come on you two, time to get up," as she shakes them gently.

Aaron and Jean-Luc groan in perfect unison, to which Jane cannot help but smile at, before they blink their eyes open and look up at Jane Carter.

"Hey mom," replies Aaron, "What time is it?"

"It's 7am," replies Jane, "Mrs. Harliss has breakfast ready downstairs, so why don't you two put some clothes on and come down for breakfast."

"How?" asks Jean-Luc, in a slightly embarrassed voice, realizing that Jane somehow figured out that Aaron and him are in bed together completely naked, despite the fact that the blankets on the bed cover them both all the way up to their shoulders.

"Women's intuition," replies Jane with a smile, "Now come on you two, get up, get dressed, and come down for breakfast. I'll give you some privacy now."

That said, Jane gets up and heads out the door, closing it on her way out. Aaron and Jean-Luc share a quick kiss on the lips, before the two of them get out of bed. Just as Aaron was about to head over to his suitcase to get some clothes out, Jean-Luc stops him.

"Oh no you don't," replies Jean-Luc, "I brought clothes for you to wear."


"Because I wanted us to match," replies Jean-Luc, "So I brought two of everything."

"Oh, ok cool," replies Aaron with a smile, as the two boys walk over to Jean-Luc's suitcase and start getting dressed.


Fifteen minutes later, Jean-Luc and Aaron come into the dining room wearing their matching outfits, and sit down at the table next to Nick and Brian. Lynn Harliss smiles at the two boys and comes over, and puts a plate down in front of both of them. No sooner does she do that, does Aaron and Jean-Luc start filling their plates from the food platters in the center of the table. Lynn smiles, and quickly realizes that she needs to get back into the kitchen and make more food, what with all these growing boys in her home who seem to be bottomless pits. Lynn nods to Lisa and Karen, and the three of them head into the kitchen to make more food.

"Aaron, I'm sorry for the way I acted," replies Nick.

"It's ok, Nick," replies Aaron, as he gives his brother's arm a squeeze, "I've thought about it, and I suppose if the tables were turned and I was the older brother and you the younger brother, I'd probably have reacted the same way that you did."

"You the older brother?" replies Nick with a grin, "Now there's a scary thought."

"Ah shutup," replies Aaron, as he lightly punches Nick in the arm.

Jean-Luc looks at Aaron and Nick, and can't help but envy them. Jean-Luc is an only child, so he doesn't know what it's like to have an older brother always around to look out for you. He kinda wishes he did have an older brother though. Because then his older brother would be the one taking on the Marquis title and inheriting the money. Jean-Luc would much rather keep modeling. He knows he won't be able to model forever, because eventually he'll lose his looks and all, but modeling is something he enjoys, so as long as he can do it, he'd like to. Only thing is he probably is going to have to stop modeling in seven years from now when it comes time for him to take over the Charnac estate. If Jean-Luc had a choice, he'd choose not to take over the estate, but he knows that as the only child of that last Marquis of Charnac, Jean-Phillipe Courbet, he has no choice.

"You're lucky Aaron," replies Jean-Luc, as he spreads some blackberry jam on a piece of toast.

"Why's that?"

"Well, you have Nick," replies Jean-Luc, "I wish I had an older brother."

"You do."

"What do you mean, Nick?"

"Your dating my bro, Jean-Luc," replies Nick with a grin, "So as far as I'm concerned, you're my bro too."

"Thanks, Nick," replies Jean-Luc, with a smile, "Now, if only you could take that title off my hands for me. Oh well."

"You don't want your title?"

"Well, Aaron, it's not so much the title or the money that I don't want," replies Jean-Luc, "It's all the responsibility that goes with it that I don't want."

"What kind of responsibility?" asks Brian, as he joins into the conversation.

"Well, the families' money didn't just appear out of thin air," replies Jean-Luc, "It was made through owning several companies all over the world. And as the Marquis of Charnac, I will be in charge of running all of them, which will leave me with little time for my passion in life, which is modeling."

"Exactly how many companies are we talking about here?" asks Lynn, who has re-entered the dining room with another platter of toast and pancakes.

"Too many to name," replies Jean-Luc, "Aunt Endora has all that info with her though. Since she is the Marchioness of Charnac until my twenty-first birthday, she's in charge right now."

"Can't you like abdicate the position?"

"I wish," replies Jean-Luc, "But, as the only child of Jean-Phillipe Courbet I have no choice but to take over the estate. Otherwise, the estate will be liquidated and the money divided among over a thousand distant family members who probably don't even know that they're related to one of the richest families in the world. Oh well, it's not like there aren't certain perks to being the future Marquis of Charnac."

"What kind of perks?" asks Aaron, who is really interested in this new part of his boyfriend's life which he only just found out about.

"Well, the title can come in handy," replies Jean-Luc, "You'd be surprised how well people treat you when they find out that you're nobility. Such as you're always guaranteed the best tables in all the finest restaurants, first-class tickets on airplane flights, even if first class is booked solid, among other things. Plus, you tend to be on the guest list for all of the very high society parties. How many people do you know who have been invited to parties at Buckingham Palace?"

"None," replies Aaron, "So, you've met the royals?"

"Yeah, I've met the English royal family," replies Jean-Luc, "And you know, Wills is even hotter in person then he is in pictures. Unfortunately, he's also straighter then an arrow."

"All the really cute guys are," replies Brian, with a grin.

"Excuse me? Ah fiancÚ sitting here," replies Nick, "What I'm not really cute?"

"No, Nicky, you're not really cute," replies Brian, "You're drop-dead gorgeous."

Nick smiles at Brian and pulls him into a passionate kiss, with obvious tongue action.

"Get a room you two," replies Lynn, with a laugh, as Brian and Nick stop kissing and turn red.

"Aren't Nick and Brian just the perfect couple?" asks Aaron with a grin, "They even turn the same shade of red."

Jean-Luc and Lynn laugh at Aaron's comment, as Nick lightly punches his brother in the arm, and proceeds to mess up Aaron's hair, much to his displeasure.


Kevin Richardson walks into an Orlando hotel, and heads for the elevator. He goes up to the tenth floor, and heads down the hall until he comes to the hotel room he's looking for and knocks on the door. A moment later the door is opened by Joshua Morrow, and Kevin steps inside as Joshua closes the door. As soon as the door is closed, Joshua wraps his arms around Kevin's waist and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Joshua is quite surprised to say the least when Kevin pushes him away.

"Something wrong, Kev?"

"Joshua," replies Kevin, making sure to call him Joshua, since he hates being called Josh, "We need to talk."

"About what?"

"About us," replies Kevin, "If there even is an us anymore."

"What are you talking about Kevin? Of course there's an us."

"Joshua, I need to confess something," replies Kevin, "And I suppose you're going to hate me when I do."

"Nothing you could possibly confess is going to make me hate you."

"I've been sleeping  with Lance."

"Well, I don't blame you," replies Joshua, "Lance is pretty hot. I mean I was kinda hoping that you wouldn't sleep with anyone else, but we are in a long-distance relationship, so I can understand why you would sleep with someone else."

"You're not mad?"

"No, I'd be a hypocrite if I was," replies Joshua, "Because Kevin I've been sleeping with someone else as well."

"Oh really? Who?"

"David, my co-star on Y&R."

"Which David?" asks Kevin, knowing there's two of them, "David Tom or David Lago?"

"Both actually."

"Both? You've been sleeping with both?"

"Yeah, we've been having a threesome."

"Well, if I wasn't completely sure I was doing the right thing before I came," replies Kevin, "I'm definitely sure now. Joshua, we're over. I don't love you anymore. I love Lance, and I've asked Lance to marry me."

"You're dumping me?"

"Face it Joshua," replies Kevin, "We're obviously not right for each other. I'm cheating on you with Lance. You're cheating on me with the Davids. I'd say it's quite obvious that we should just cut our ties now before we end up hurting each other any more then necessary."

"But, Kevin, I love you."

"Well, Joshua sleeping with two other guys really isn't a good way of showing someone that you love them. I wouldn't mind remaining friends with you, because you're a nice guy. But, I just don't think we're right for each other anymore. I'm not sure if we ever were."

"Get out," replies Joshua, "Just get out."

"As you wish," replies Kevin, as he lets himself out of Joshua's hotel room, and out of Joshua's life forever.


To be continued...

Well, there was Chapter 82 of Nick and Brian. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I will try to get another installment out as soon as possible.

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This story is copyright ©2001 by Jayson Colin Vascardi. All rights reserved.