Nick and Brian
Chapters 83
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

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Author's Note: THIS IS THE EIGHTY-THIRD CHAPTER!! Wow. Whoever thought that this story would get this long? Certainly not me. I'm sure by now some of you are wondering about the longevity of this series. Well, Nick and Brian will end at Chapter 100. However, the Nick and Brian saga will not be over at that point. At some point following the release of the final chapter of Nick and Brian, I will start writing the first of two spin-off series, the first one entitled Nick and Brian: A New Beginning. As many of you know, this story is pretty far behind in time, as it takes place in the year 2000. But, once A New Beginning comes out, the story will be set in whatever year it currently is, hopefully, that'll be the current year, 2003. But, I can't make any promises. The first spin-off series will consist of Chapters 101-120.

The second spin-off series, entitled Nick and Brian: Remember Me, will be chapters 121-130. This story will take place seventeen years after the end of Chapter 120, which will give me a chance to write about the boy-band members' lives after their respective bands break up and they start pursuing other things.

Also, please note that in this chapter, Jean-Luc Courbet will be speaking a little in his native language, which is French, as he did grow up in France. I took some French in high school, but I never mastered the language and am far from fluent in it. So, since I've forgotten most of what I learned in high school, the French translations were done by AltaVista's online translator. So, if there are any mistakes in the French, I apologize, but it's not my fault. If any of you reading this speak French fluently and would like to help me in the future with translating, please feel free to contact me. I'd really appreciate the help.

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Kevin proposes marriage to Lance, but Lance says no, telling Kevin that he cannot accept the proposal until Kevin has officially ended his relationship with Joshua Morrow.

Jane Carter comes to realize just how important Jean-Luc is to Aaron, and that the two of them definitely do look good together. She wonders what Robert would say if he knew that Aaron is gay too, but she quickly pushes thoughts of her ex-husband out of her mind, because she'd rather not think about the man who could have killed both her sons. However, she does on occasion wonder if Robert took her advice and got really close with his cellmate. How ironic would that be?

Jean-Luc, Aaron, Nick, and Brian eat breakfast at Lynn's house. During the course of the meal, Lynn, Aaron, Nick, and Brian learn more about Jean-Luc's title and money, the responsibilities that go with it, and the fact that if Jean-Luc had a choice, he'd give it all up to pursue his modeling career, which is his passion in life.

Kevin goes to see Josh, who had come to Orlando for a few days. Kevin tells Josh about his affair with Lance, and Josh in turn tells Kevin about his affairs with the Davids. Kevin breaks up with Josh, before walking out of his hotel room and his life.

Nick and Brian - Chapter 83 Written by JCV

After breakfast, Nick, Brian, Aaron, and Jean-Luc head into the living room to watch some tv, as Lynn, Karen, Lisa, and Jane clear the breakfast dishes from the dining room table and take them into the kitchen to be washed. Justin and JC never did come down for breakfast, but it was decided not to disturb them as Lisa had gone up there earlier to get them and could here some rather heavy breathing and muffled moans coming from behind the closed bedroom door. Lisa chose not to disturb them, because she really didn't want to walk in on her stepson and his fiance having sex. Heather and Tyler Chasez have taken Jonathan and Steven Timberlake shopping and then to the park, so as to give Justin and JC some time to be alone, and to give Lisa a break.

Nick and Brian lay down in each other's arms on the living room sofa, as Nick picks up the remote from the coffee table and starts flipping through channels, finally stopping on HBO, on which the movie Music of the Heart is just starting. Aaron and Jean-Luc sit in a large armchair, also in each other's arms, as they too watch the movie.

Just as the movie is ending, Justin and JC come downstairs and sit down in the living room. Lynn, Karen, Lisa, and Jane all left half an hour ago to go shopping and then to a movie and Jean-Luc's Aunt Endora has checked into a hotel, so the guys have the house to themselves for awhile.

Once Music of the Heart ends, the guys decide that they've had enough television for the day, and decide to chat about Nick and Brian's and Justin and JC's upcoming weddings and the location offered by Endora Courbet.

"Jean-Luc, could you perhaps tell us a little bit more about your family home in France? Before accepting your aunt's offer to have our wedding there, I'd like to know some more about it."

"Well, Justin, it was built in 1642 by Jean-Phillipe and Sarah Courbet. That area of France was known as Charnac at the time and that's where the title came from. Despite the fact that it's been renamed since then, the title remained the same. Anyway, the estate now consists of four-hundred acres, the centerpiece of which is the family home, the Château des Rêves, or Castle of Dreams in English."

"A castle? You live in a castle?"

"Well, Brian, actually I now call my aunt's condo in New York home," replies Jean-Luc, "But, while my parents were alive, yes, I did live in the castle."

"What happened to your parents?" asks Nick.

"They were flying to London for a party at Buckingham Palace," replies Jean-Luc, "The plane went down over the English Channel and everyone drowned."

"I'm so sorry, Jean-Luc," replies Justin, "I'm sure I speak for everyone when I offer you my most heartfelt condolences. I can't even imagine what it must be like to lose your parents so tragically."

"Well, truth be told," replies Jean-Luc, "It really wasn't all that hard. You see I was never very close to my parents, because the family businesses kept my father away from home quite a bit and my mother, well, she was the classic society wife who cared more to go to high society parties then spend time with her son. They died when I was twelve and in those twelve years, on average I probably spent two hours a month with them. I'm actually closer to the castle's housekeeping staff and my private tutor then I ever was to my parents."

"I can't imagine growing up like that," replies Aaron, "Maybe it's because I come from such a close knit family."

"A family which you are a part of now, Jean-Luc," replies Nick, as he comes over and pulls both Jean-Luc and Aaron into a hug.

"Speaking of family, Nick," replies Brian, as he looks at his watch, "We should head for the airport. We have to pick up BJ, Leslie, and Angel remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," replies Nick, "Mom only reminded me about twenty times this morning that they were flying in today, so as to give Ginger and her husband a break."

"Whose Ginger?" asks Justin, "I don't think I've heard that name mentioned before."

"She's our half-sister," replies Aaron, "Older then Nick. She's Robert's daughter with his first wife."

Aaron and his siblings have stopped calling Robert Carter their father ever since the truth came out that he was behind the bus accident. The Carter children find it completely impossible to call a person who is so full of hatred and was involved in a plan that could have killed Nick and Aaron, not to mention the rest of the boy-bands, and did kill a few other innocent people who happened to be driving near the busses on the freeway their father. So now, whenever they do talk about him, which is rarely, they refer to him as Robert.

"Aaron do you want to come with us?" asks Nick.

"No, I'll stay here with Jean-Luc, Justin, and JC," replies Aaron.

"Ok, no problem," replies Brian, "They're going to be staying in a hotel because there isn't enough room here, but they'll be coming over for dinner tonight."

"Au revoir," replies Jean-Luc, as Nick and Brian leave the house.

"Vous parlez Jean-Luc français?"

"JC, celui est une question stupide. Naturellement, je parlerais français, considérant que je suis né en France."

"Vous avez raison, cela étiez une question stupide."

"Comment savez-vous le français, JC?"

"J'ai une tante qui habite en France."

"Justin do you have any idea what they're saying?" asks Aaron.

"Well, I know Jean-Luc said goodbye to Nick and Brian, as for the rest of the conversation I think it's something about a stupid question."

"Jean-Luc, perhaps we should translate for them?" asks JC.

"Good idea," replies Jean-Luc.

"You speak French, Jean-Luc?"

"JC, that's a stupid question. Naturally, I would speak French, considering that I was born in France."

"You're right, that was a stupid question."

"How do you know French, JC?"

"I have an aunt who lives in France."

"That's it," replies Jean-Luc, "You know JC, perhaps we need to teach our men how to speak French."

"If they're willing to learn," replies JC, "I'd have no problem teaching them."

"I'm willing to learn," replies Justin, followed by Aaron who replies, "So am I."


Two days later, everyone gathers at the Orlando headquarters of Jive Records, as Johnny Wright has called an urgent meeting. The performers are all a bit upset at having to cut their vacations short, but can't help but be curious what is so urgent. Johnny Wright walks into the room, met with the curious expressions of the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Aaron, Britney, and Christina.

"We'll start the meeting as soon as the others get here," replies Johnny, in a solemn tone.

As if on cue, the three members of 3 Deep and the four members of 98 Degrees walk into the room and join everyone else around the large conference table. 3 Deep and 98 Degrees are all back in town now for the joint album release concert, which is now only two days away.

"Ok, Johnny, everyone's here," replies Nick, "So what's up?"

"Well, I've received some very disturbing news," replies Johnny, "It seems that Jeffrey Reynolds has escaped from prison."

"Jeffrey Reynolds?"

"Yes, Aaron, he's the man that Robert and Roy hired to tamper with the brakes on the tour busses. He's also the man who presented false information to Brian and Justin, to try and convince them that they were married to one another. The guards at the prison are not sure how long ago Jeffrey escaped, all they know is he escaped."

"The guards aren't sure?" asks Kevin, "How can they not be sure when a prisoner escaped?"

"Well, Jeffrey Reynolds was moved to solitary confinement last October, some time before Halloween. It's now been uncovered that Jeffrey was adopted, and his biological father, James Remington, was the warden at the prison, and his half-brother, James Jr., the head guard. James Jr. is the only guard assigned to the solitary confinement area, so it's entirely possible that Jeffrey was never put into solitary, and that his father and brother allowed him to escape the prison, and they then proceeded to hide the fact that he wasn't still there."

"Well, I expect they'll both be brought up on charges of aiding and imbedding."

"Well, actually, no, they won't be brought up on charges. You see one week ago, the bodies of both James Sr. and James Jr. were found shot to death in their home. At first it was thought that an intruder had broken in and killed them, as there was evidence that James Jr. had been raped before he was killed. However, an analysis of the traces of semen which where found in his body were identified as Jeffrey's semen. It was only then that the escape was found out about, because obviously if Jeffrey could rape and shoot his half-brother four times in the chest, and then proceed to shoot his father in the head twice, he's obviously not in prison. And we also now that he's armed and very dangerous."

"Well, thank goodness for the increased security forces."

"Yes, Britney, we are all glad that the situation with Kevin's stalker required us to heighten security, now that we have an armed madman to deal with as well," replies Johnny.

"Not that I want to alarm Kevin or anything," replies Aaron, "But, do we know just how long Jeffrey Reynolds has been out of prison? I mean, can we be sure that Jeffrey Reynolds and Kevin's stalker aren't one in the same?"

"No, Aaron, we can't be sure of that," replies Johnny, "And it's a valid point. It is entirely possible that Jeffrey may be Kevin's stalker, but as we have no solid proof to link the two at this time, I suggest we keep our guards high and think of Jeffrey Reynolds and Kevin's stalker as two separate threats. Anyway, now, we really do need to turn our attention to the release concert. I know talking business may be hard after what I've just told you, but the fans are going to want a good show, and it's your jobs to provide them with one."


"You'll never get away with this."

"Oh, but I already have."

"I'll stop you."

"How? You're chained to a chair in the soundproofed cellar of a warehouse that's been deserted for the last twenty years. What could you possibly do to stop me?"

"You'll never fool them. They'll realize that you're not me."

"Oh, but I will fool them, with your help. And remember, you will help me in this, or not only will you never see the world outside this warehouse ever again, I will personally murder your entire family. Oh and it'll be women and children first, just so you know."

"You're insane."

"You know, it's probably not a good idea to insult a person who holds your life in their hands."

"You won't kill me. You need me too much, if your plans are going to work."

"Yes, of course, you're right. Now, tell me everything there is to know about you. Leave nothing out or you will regret the day that you messed with me."


To be continued...

Well, here's Chapter 83, hope ya enjoyed it. What are your thoughts? Are Jeffrey Reynolds and Kevin's stalker the same person? Or two different people? If they're two different people, which one of them is holding someone captive in the warehouse? And who might that captive be? If you think you know the answers to any of these questions, email me and tell me. I'd love to hear from you. Stay tuned for Chapter 84 of Nick and Brian, and until next time, stay *NSYNC.