Hey ya'll,

I know that I am seriously late in making the announcement as to what the title of the Joint CD in Nick and Brian will be. I've just been very busy working on the BBSA's, and some personal matters lately. But, I've now made my final decision, and am ready to make the announcement.

But, first here are all of the title suggestions that I received.

Forever and Always
Just for Them
Just for You
The Gay Bulls and Britney
Can You Repeat the Question?
The Biggest Difference
Doesn't Matter How You Do It
Differences Aside
Nothing to Lose
Hidden Chemistry
Take That
Creatively Challenged
15:01 (explanation - 15 minutes of fame plus one)
Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
Slow Motion
What Happens?
You Won't Believe the Dream We Had...



And the winner is: Differences Aside

Congratulations to Scott!! You will receive an advance copy of the chapter in which the Joint CD is released, as well as an advance copy of Chapter 100, one WEEK before I post them to Nifty and my website.

So here is the Track list of the Joint CD:

CD - Differences Aside

Track 1 - Sapphire Eyes
Track 2 - I'll Love You, Always
Track 3 - I've Fallen
Track 4 - Without You
Track 5 - How Did I Lose You?
Track 6 - Secretly Yours
Track 7 - Gone Away
Track 8 - All Over Again
Track 9 - Now and Forever
Track 10 -  Hi
Track 11 - You Knew
Track 12 - You're The Only One

C-ya'll later,

P.S. Chapters 78-80 of Nick and Brian are in the works right now, and I am hoping to have them done and ready for posting no later than April 15, 2001.

Special Thanks to:

JM - for writing Secretly Yours and Sapphire Eyes
Scott - for writing I've Fallen, Without You, Gone Away, All Over Again, Hi, and You Knew