To all of my readers,

It's done, it's finally done! Well, not quite, it still needs one more thing.

I know you're all wondering what it is I'm talking about. Well, I'm talking about the Joint CD to be released by the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98, 3Deep, Aaron, Britney, and Christina in Nick and Brian. The Joint CD now has 12 tracks, so now it is almost ready to be released in the story, except for one major key element.

A title! I need a title for this joint cd, and that is where I'm hoping that you, my readers, can help me! Email me at with your suggestions for a title for this CD. Please put "CD TITLE" in the email subject line.

Whoever suggests the title that I decide to use will get an advance copy of the installment that I release the CD in, and just to get your creative juices flowing, I will also agree to give the person who suggests the winning title an advance copy of Chapter 100 of Nick and Brian, which of course will be the Weddings of Nick and Brian, and Justin and JC. These advance copies will be issued to you as soon as they're finished and proofread, and then will not be posted on my website or Nifty for a week.

So, I do hope that you all start coming up with some title ideas and email them to me. All title suggestions must be received no later then March 1, 2001, at which point I will make my decision and let you all know what the winning title is.

And here for you now, is the complete track listing for the Joint CD:

CD - As Yet Untitled

Track 1 - Sapphire Eyes
Track 2 - I'll Love You, Always
Track 3 - I've Fallen
Track 4 - Without You
Track 5 - How Did I Lose You?
Track 6 - Secretly Yours
Track 7 - Gone Away
Track 8 - All Over Again
Track 9 - Now and Forever
Track 10 - Hi
Track 11 - You Knew
Track 12 - You're The Only One

However, please so not email me asking me for the lyrics for the songs that have not yet appeared in the story, because those I will not give out. You'll just have to wait for the installment in which the joint cd comes out in. Sorry, but I've got to keep some things about the story a secret, and this is one of them.

C-ya'll later,

Special Thanks to:

JM - for writing Secretly Yours and Sapphire Eyes
Scott - for writing I've Fallen, Without You, Gone Away, All Over Again, Hi, and You Knew