Reader-Author Forum Weekend Schedule Change

Due to the tragic events that have recently swept the United States, the Boybands forum originally scheduled for September 14-16 has been delayed by one week. This change was made in order to allow those affected by this disaster some time to deal with matters arising from this tragedy. The thoughts and prayers of all BoyBands staff are with those affected by this horrific event, and we send our condolences to the families of all the victims of these terrorist acts.

Below are the amended dates for the forum. Times remain the same.

Please note that due to the postponement of the forum, a list of the attendees will not be provided.

Dates and Times

Friday, September 22, 2001 from 9pm EDT to 1am EDT

Saturday, September 23, 2001 from 8pm EDT to 2am EDT

Sunday, September 24, 2001 from 8pm EDT to 12am EDT

Thanks you all,

Sammy and Jayson