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Nightmare Before Dawn

Chapter 17

The sound of the ringing phone woke them both. In his groggy state, Justin grappled around the night table for it. Finally feeling it under his palm, he grasped the intrusion and pulled it to his ear.

"What?" he said into the receiver. "Josh? Huh?"

"Lemme guess," JC said, the grin evident in his voice, "you forgot to set your alarm?"

Justin looked around, trying to gain his bearings. Looking over his shoulder, he found Mac looking back at him, a considerably more alert look in his eyes. "What? Oh, man ... yeah I forgot. What time is it anyway?"

"A little after six," JC said. "I figured you wouldn't remember. It's okay though, they won't mind if you're a little late."

"Oh, gee, thanks," Justin said. "Gimme time to jump in the shower and I'll be on my way over."

"That's okay," JC said, "we'll come get you. Melissa said she'd spend some time with Mac to keep him occupied while we're working."

"Okay," Justin said, rolling onto his back and looking over at Mac once more. "Don't suppose she'd wanna trade places, do ya?"

"I don't think she'd have a problem with it," JC said, snickering, "management on the other hand wouldn't be so pleased."

"Guess you're right," Justin said, sighing, "but I had to try. A'ight, see you in a few." Justin returned the receiver to the cradle and turned to Mac. "I guess I have to get up."

Mac nodded. "Guess so," he said, a half smile gracing his lips. "Well, maybe it won't take too long. Besides, I'm not going anywhere."

Justin traced Mac's hand with his finger, "You know I don't want to go, right?"

Mac nodded, gently rubbing Justin's shoulder. "I know," he said, "but I'll see you in a little while."

"Then we get to pick back up where we left off, right?" Justin said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Definitely," Mac said, then leaned over to kiss him. "It's a date."

Justin reluctantly pulled himself from Mac's arms and headed into the bathroom to shower and complete his morning routine. When he returned a short time later, a towel wrapped around his waist, he found Mac sitting on the side of the made bed in a pair of running pants.

"You're waiting for me?" Justin asked, a smile spreading across his face as he walked over to his dresser.

"You and the bathroom," Mac said, smiling, "but you mostly." He stood and came to stand behind Justin. Mac wrapped his arms around him and kissed the back of his neck, before turning him to face him.

Justin dropped the pair of briefs he held back into the drawer from which he had just removed them, as he leaned over to kiss Mac. "I think I could get used to this," Justin said.

Mac's hand slid down Justin's back, coming to rest on the crest of his hip as Justin leaned closer, reveling in the contact of their bare chests. "You better get dressed now, JC will be here any minute," Mac said, playfully swatting Justin's butt then turning to head for the door. "I'm heading to the bathroom ... anyone ever tell you that you take forever in there?"

"Yeah, yeah," Justin said, "just hurry up, I'd like another one of those before I leave."

"The kiss or the smack on the butt?" Mac asked, smirking.

"Wouldn't mind both," Justin said, grinning devilishly as he picked up the briefs once more. Justin leaned down and pulled his briefs up his legs under the towel. Remembering Mac's action from his first morning there, Justin looked over his shoulder, as Mac was just passing through the doorway and said, "but I can wait if you can."

Mac turned back at the sound of Justin's voice, just in time to catch a glimpse of Justin's bare hips as he slid his briefs over them. He bit back his smile as he caught the smirk on Justin's face in the mirror. Damn, I guess payback is a bitch, Mac thought as he continued toward the bathroom.

When Mac returned to the bedroom, he found it empty. >From the voices downstairs, he assumed that the others had arrived, so he grabbed a shirt and went down to join them. Entering the kitchen, he found them much the same as yesterday, JC, Melissa, Lance, and Justin sitting around the kitchen table sharing some coffee.

"Morning everyone," Mac said, walking to the counter to pour himself a cup.

"Hey, Mac," Lance said, "sorry you had to get up so early, too."

"No problem," he replied, "I'm used to it."

"Sorry we're stealing him," JC said, grinning, "but I'm leaving you my girlfriend in exchange. Just don't get too attached, 'cause we'll trade again when we get back."

"No problem, JC," Mac said, smiling as he propped against the cabinet. "I don't think you could handle the trade anyway."

JC laughed, then said, "Mac ... call me Josh. After yesterday, I think it's only fair."

They all laughed when Mac almost sprayed his coffee as he began laughing at JC's statement. "Okay, Josh," Mac said, wiping his mouth, "just try not to drown me anymore."

"If memory serves, Justin and I were the ones who almost drowned," JC said, smirking as he stood to go and place his cup in the sink. "Hey we'd better get moving ... you guys ready?"

"Yeah," Lance said, following JC's actions, "all set here."

Justin stood and quietly crossed the kitchen, stopping in front of Mac. He reached over and placed his cup in the sink, then wrapped his arms around Mac. "I'll be back later," Justin said, before kissing Mac tenderly. "You and Melissa don't get too comfortable. We have a date set for later, remember?" he whispered into Mac's ear.

"Yeah, I remember. See you later, babe," Mac said, rubbing Justin's back. He and Melissa then watched as the three of them filed out, headed for the studio.

"Okay, I'm all yours," Melissa said, as they heard the car pull out of the drive. "Where do you want me to start?"

Mac blew the breath from his lungs in a drawn out gust. "Well, we've got the meat and the veggies to prepare," Mac said, heading over to the fridge. He began sitting the bags which he and Chris had placed there the previous day onto the counter. "How about you clean off the vegetables while I do up the marinade for the meat?"

"Sounds good to me," Melissa said, grabbing the colander from the cabinet. "Oh, and contrary to what Josh might have said ... I can cook!"

"I trust you," Mac said, laughing, as he pulled some seasonings and a pan down from the cupboard.

Several hours later, the meal was well in hand, and all that remained was to set the table. Mac and Melissa stood back and surveyed their work.

"Damn, I don't think we did too bad," Melissa said. "How 'bout you?"

"Looks great to me," Mac said, smiling back at her. "Hey, do you mind if I head up and grab a shower now?"

"Oh, sure ... no problem," Melissa said. "You could really use one after I dumped that salad dressing all over you."

"Not to mention the garlic rub for the bread," Mac said, wrinkling his nose.

"I was trying to forget about that," Melissa said. "You won't tell Josh, will ya?"

"Your secret's safe with me," Mac said, smiling and heading for the stairs. "Be back in a few."

Melissa finished setting the table, then went to retrieve some candles from the sideboard. As she placed them on the table, her phone rang. Moving into the kitchen and grabbing it from her bag on the table, she answered it. "Hello, love of my life," she said pleasantly into the receiver.

"Hey, love of mine," JC said, a sappy grin plastered on his face. "Anyway..." he said, snapping himself from his daydream, "are you guys about done yet? Justin's had just about as much as he can take. Even Julie isn't helping anymore ... she almost afraid to come in here. Actually, I amafraid."

"Oh, man," she said, stifling a laugh. "Yeah, we're done. Mac just went upstairs to shower and change, then we're all set."

"Great!" JC said, obviously relieved. "It probably wouldn't have been so bad, but Chris and Joey came up with this brilliant plan to help out."

"Uh, oh," Melissa said, "not those two!"

"Yeah, they came up with a plan to throw him off," JC said, shaking his head. "Like having him at the studio wasn't enough!"

"What are they up to?" she asked, dreading the answer.

"They're trying to convince him to go out to a club with us to celebrate his birthday," JC said. "I think he's just about ready to strangle them."

Melissa could no longer hold back the laugh that had been building. "Just keep your head down, baby. Much farther and he's gonna snap," she said, trying to control her fit of laughter. "You are riding home with Lance, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

"Well, lets just hope he doesn't go off in the car with them on the way home," Melissa said, once more losing her composure.

"Oh, gawd," JC said. "Wait, I gotta go, he's coming back from the break. Love you, baby. See you in a little while ... if we survive!"

Melissa giggled as she disconnected the call and placed the phone back into her bag. She then went back to fixing the table.

Joey and Chris were still trying to persuade Justin to go to the club as they pulled onto his street. "Come on, man," Chris said, "just for like ... an hour. Mac'll love this place!"

"Yeah, it's great!" Joey said, looking over the seat to a pouting Justin.

"Guys, I love you dearly, but I want to spend some time with Mac," Justin said, not even attempting to hide his annoyance.

"J, you only turn 20 once!" Chris said. "Come on, we did it for Lance last year. It's tradition!"

"You know you wanna!" Joey said, wiggling his eyebrows. "You just left the teen years behind ... we've got to celebrate that!"

"Come on," Chris taunted, "don't you wanna see Mac shakin' his ass out there on the dance floor?"

Joey watched as that question sank in. Smiling, he said, "See, there you go ... you know you wanna!"

The internal battle was clearly evident on Justin's face. It was true, they did always celebrate their birthdays together, but they were usually on the road and hardly ever was there a significant other to figure into the equation. "Guys, you know I'd love to, but...."

"Just for like an hour?" Chris said, a pouting expression on his face in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, then you can leave or whatever you guys wanna do," Joey said. His attempt at a puppy dog face was so pathetic that Justin was unable to hold back a laugh. "I think he's gettin' ready to crack."

"Come on, JT," Chris said. "What'd'ya say?"

"Just for an hour?" Justin asked. "Then you'll leave us alone for ... at least a day? No ... two!" Chris and Joey shared a look as Chris pulled into the drive and placed the car in park. "And I mean no calls, either!"

"Damn!" Chris said, snapping his fingers. "Oh, okay. We won't bother you until you call us and tell us that it's okay."

"Alright then," Justin said, sighing. "But just for an hour, then we're coming home. I guess I've gotta go change now. What kinda place is this?" Justin asked, exiting the vehicle.

"Not too fancy," Joey said, hopping out himself. "I'd say just get all set like you were going out on a date."

"Sounds about right to me," Chris agreed, nodding. "You head on upstairs and get ready while we go tell Mac. You take forever in there!"

"Mac, I'm home," Justin yelled, as he came through the front door.

"Go get ready!" Chris said, swatting Justin's butt to hurry him up the stairs. "Quicker we get there, the quicker you get back."

"Good point," Justin said, grinning. "Mac, I'll be right back, babe!" Justin yelled toward the back of the house, as he flew up the stairs.

"Okay, what'd you do with him?" Mac asked, coming down the hall. His attire gained a whistle from both Chris and Joey. Dressed simply in a pair of slacks and a shirt, he looked refined, yet comfortable.

"We told him that we were taking you out on the town," Chris said, "so he's upstairs getting all dolled up."

"You didn't!" Mac said. "After all that he's been though already?"

"He made us promise that it would only be for an hour or so," Joey said, laughing, "so I think you're stuck with him."

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Mac said, smiling. "You guys heading out?"

"Yup," Chris said, looking up the stairs as they heard things being tossed about while Justin readied himself, "you two are on your own."

"Cool," Mac said. "Thanks guys."

"No problem," they both said, hugging him briefly before heading out the door.

A few minutes later, Justin came tromping down the steps. Upon reaching the bottom, he looked around for the others. "Okay, I'm ready," he called. "Did you guys tell Mac? He never came up to get dressed." Looking around and finding no one, Justin started toward the back of the house. About half way down the hall, he was greeted by a wonderful aroma wafting through the air. Mmm, that smells great, Justin thought, deciding to investigate further. "Where is everyone ... Mac?" Justin said, approaching the dining room.

There were no lights on in the house, but a faint glow was coming from the dining room. Reaching the doorway, Justin stepped though. His jaw fell slack at the sight which greeted him. The beautifully appointed table was adorned with china and silver, and light, reflected from the candles at it's center, danced within the crystal glasses. A movement from the direction of the kitchen attracted his gaze. Looking up, he found Mac staring back at him. "Mac?" Justin managed.

"Happy birthday, Justin," Mac said, smiling broadly.

"Wha..." Justin said, trying to form words which would simply not come. "You did this for me?"

"Yeah," Mac said, nodding. He moved over to the table and pulled a chair out for Justin.

"But ... I ... we were going," Justin stammered, then a grin came to his lips. "They set me up, didn't they?" Mac's grin and arched eyebrow told him without words. "Remind me to kill them all later," Justin said, walking over to join Mac. "I love you, you know that?"

"I was kinda hoping so," Mac said, sliding Justin's chair to the table after he had taken his seat. Leaning down, he kissed Justin's cheek.

"Nuh, uh," Justin said, taking the side of Mac's face in his hand. "After you got me up at six a.m. when I didn't have to be ... I deserve more than that." Justin pulled Mac's face around and kissed his lips. "Okay, that's better ... for now."

Mac's smile broadened, and he excused himself, saying, "Tonight, I'm going to wine and dine you in style. You stay right there, and I'll be right back." Dashing into the kitchen, he returned with the first course, a Caesar salad and a loaf of bread with just the slightest hint of garlic butter.

"Mm, this looks great," Justin said, as Mac took his seat across from him.

"Thanks," Mac said. "Eat up, there's plenty more to come. I hope the garlic bread's okay, I figured if we both ate it, we'd be fine."

Justin laughed, then took a bite of his salad. "Oh wow, this is great," Justin said, pointing to the plate with his fork. "Where'd you get that dressing?"

"I made it," Mac said, smiling back, through the tall slim candles. "It's my mom's recipe ... and oddly enough, it makes a wonderful moisturizer."

"Should I ask?" Justin said, before taking another bite.

"Just a little mishap in the kitchen," Mac said, tearing off a piece of bread.

"Ahh, I take it Melissa helped," Justin said, taking a piece for himself.

"I'm sworn to secrecy!" Mac said, holding his hands up.

As the meal continued, Mac brought out the subsequent courses. All of Justin's favorites, hand made for him by Mac. "My mom told you what I liked, huh?" Justin said, using his fork to scrape the last of the cheese sauce from his plate.

"Maybe just a thing or two," Mac said, grinning.

"Man," Justin said, shaking his head, "she must think we're getting married or something. You're like a member of the family already if she let you use the good crystal. No one touches her crystal."

"So that's why Josh had that funny look on his face when he saw it," Mac said, laughing.

"I really should kill them, ya know?" Justin said, shaking his head.

"Nah, cause it was my idea," Mac said. "Besides your mom helped, too, and you don't want to kill me or her, right?"

The main course finished, it came time for dessert. "Mac, what did you do now?" Justin asked, in disbelief. "You do know that I'm like used to burgers and stuff on the road, right?" Justin's eyes grew wide, as Mac emerged from the kitchen with a large silver tray with a domed lid. "Oh my God, Mac. What did you do?" Justin asked, as Mac placed the tray on the table, then slid a chair over to sit beside him.

"Dessert is served, my love," Mac said, smiling. Justin's look of shock soon dissolved into one of bemusement as Mac removed the cover from the tray, on it were two bowls ice cream. "I hope it's right," Mac said. "Chris picked it out."

"Yup, just right," Justin said, taking a bite and licking the spoon. "My favorite."

After the two finished their dessert, Justin inched his chair over closer to Mac's. Placing his arm around Mac's shoulders, Justin said, "I think this is the best date and birthday dinner I've ever had."

"I'm glad you liked it," Mac said, smiling at Justin as he looked into his eyes.

The two gradually moved closer, until their lips met. They sat a moment, reveling in the closeness, exploring one another's mouths with their tongues and tasting the remnants of their sweet dessert. They laughed as they broke apart. "Okay," Justin said, "I think I have a new favorite flavor."

"I doubt Ben and Jerry's is gonna add me to their list of flavors, though," Mac said, caressing Justin's face.

The two moved in for another kiss. As their lips met, the phone in the kitchen rang. "They promised they wouldn't call me for two whole days!" Justin said, breaking the kiss.

"Well, that was if you agreed to go out with them," Mac pointed out.

"Yeah, well I did agree," Justin said.

"Point taken," Mac said, "but they know what's going on, so I'm sure they wouldn't bother you. They'd have me to deal with, too. Besides, isn't that your mom and step-dad's line?"

"True. We'll let the machine get it," Justin said, then moved back to kiss Mac once again. Justin's hand slid from the side of Mac's face, down onto his chest. A low moan escaped Mac as his fingers traced the contours there.

Suddenly Justin froze, his eyes growing wide. He drew back from the kiss, coughing as they heard a voice in the background, "Justin? Are you there, son? Pick up if you are."

"Daddy!" Justin managed to get out, then grabbed his glass to try and quiet his cough. "Perfect timing!"

Mac sat back laughing. "At least it's just the phone," he offered helpfully. "Go on and get it and I'll clear the dishes."

"You sure?" Justin asked.

"It's your dad," Mac said, pushing him from the table. "I know you don't get to talk to him that often ... go. I was wondering when I'd get the chance to clean up anyway."

Justin ran to the phone, as Mac stacked the remaining dished onto the tray. "Daddy!" Justin said, grabbing the phone. "Yeah, I'm here."

Mac rinsed out the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, taking care to do the crystal and silver by hand. His mom absolutely hated hers in the machine, so he figured that it was a safe bet that Lynn did, too. He listened off and on to Justin's conversation. His dad and step-mom had called to wish him a happy birthday. Mac's smile grew as Justin's little brothers each got on the line. The blond's demeanor completely changed with them, clearly showing his affection for them. A short time later, as Mac was putting the detergent in the dishwasher, Justin finished his conversation and ended the call.

"Well, that was timing!" Justin said, moving over to put his arms around Mac.

Mac placed the towel he had been drying his hands on over the glasses in the drain beside the sink, then turned to face Justin. Running his hands over Justin's back, he said, "I know how to pace myself, that's all. Wouldn't have wanted to start without you." Justin's wide eyes, garnered a smirk from him. "Just kidding."

"You better be!" Justin said, pulling Mac toward the other room. "Now ... where were we?"

"Just now ... or last night?" Mac said, raising his eyebrows.

"Last night sounds pretty good to me," Justin said, pulling Mac toward the stairs.

Upstairs, Justin led Mac into his room, and once inside he kicked the door closed. Mac looked at him, his eyebrows arched. "What was that for?" Mac asked.

"Force of habit," Justin said, shrugging. "We've all been walked in on at least once, and with the way this week has gone with us trying to get together ... okay, I'm paranoid, but Josh still has a key."

Mac laughed, as he pulled Justin toward the bed. "I understand completely," Mac said, "I've met them, remember?"

Reaching the bed, they both sat down. "I still can't believe you did all this," Justin said, cupping the side of Mac's face in his hand. "You didn't have to."

"I know," Mac said, taking Justin's hand and stroking it. "Your mom had to leave, you never get to celebrate the way you want to ... you deserved it."

"You're what I don't deserve," Justin said, moving in to kiss him.

"Actually, you're right," Mac said. Justin looked at him in surprise. "You deserve a hell of a lot more," Mac said, leaning in to kiss him again.

As they pulled back from the kiss, Mac traced the features of Justin's face with the tips of his fingers. Justin's eyes closed while he leaned into the touch. His breathing shortened as each nerve ending was brought into play. Mac's hand smoothed over Justin's ear on his way toward Justin's neck, the smooth skin Mac encountered sent a shiver through him.

With the back of his hand, Mac brushed over the stubble that had grown during the day over Justin's jaw line, then splayed his fingers over Justin's adam's apple. As Justin moaned quietly, Mac felt the vibrations run up his fingers.

Gently, he changed direction and ran his palm over Justin's shoulder, easing his hand under the fabric to keep contact with Justin's flesh. While Mac continued his exploration, Justin unbuttoned his shirt and shed it, giving Mac more access to his body. Mac's hand paused its trek as the younger man's torso was revealed. A swift intake of air showed his appreciation of the physique Justin displayed.

Mac's other hand came up to cup Justin's opposite shoulder, and he rubbed them with a little more force. Before his hands could move down over Justin's chest, Justin reached up to begin unbuttoning Mac's shirt. Justin parted the shirt as soon as the last button came free, then eased it from Mac's body.

Looking into Mac's eyes, he began to speak, but was halted when Mac shook his head. No words were needed, their eyes spoke more eloquently than any writer could tell. Mac leaned down and gently kissed Justin's lips, brushing them lightly with his own before melding them with Justin's.

Slowly, Mac moved to kneel between Justin's legs, bringing his body into close contact with Justin's chest. Mac brushed his face against the smooth skin of Justin's chest, then turned so his lips could touch the warm flesh. The dark haired man moved his lips over the contours of Justin's chest, languidly making his way farther down toward his abdomen.

When Justin would have curled toward him, Mac pushed back on Justin's shoulders. His head back, Justin leaned back on his hands, allowing Mac all the space he needed and the time in which to do whatever he had in mind.

Mac eased his lips over the muscles under the soft skin, occasionally using his tongue to taste it. Air rushed in and out of Justin's lungs. As he came to the waistband of Justin's pants, Mac ran his tongue along the line where it met the exposed skin, before moving back toward Justin's pecs. Gently taking one of Justin's nipples between his lips, Mac sucked on it, then swirled his tongue around the dark ring of the hardening area.

Justin's head fell back, as a deep groan escaped his throat, then he brought one of his hands to the top of Mac's head and ran his fingers through the strands of hair. Mac moved over to the other nipple, giving it the same excruciatingly exact attention. Soon, Justin was squirming under Mac's touch.

Mac's hand moved down to the calf of Justin's leg, then ran his fingers lightly up the inside. As his hand came closer to Justin's crotch, he changed direction to move up over Justin's hip. At the same time, the dark haired man lowered his mouth over Justin's abdomen, feeling the muscles jump under his touch.

His hand came around the waistband of Justin's pants, toward the button and zipper holding them closed over Justin's straining erection. As he began to unbutton the pants, Justin sat up and put his hand over Mac's. When Mac looked up at him, worried that he had gone too far, Justin smiled and pushed him away enough to stand up.

Taking him by the shoulders, Justin pulled Mac up, then turned him so that a slight push sent Mac into a sitting position on the bed. "My turn," Justin said quietly, then kneeled down in the way Mac had, to touch him.

At the first fleeting touch of Justin's lips, Mac shuddered. Justin moved over the skin of Mac's neck, his tongue darting out to taste him from time to time. After the enticement Mac had given his body, Justin was unable to take the slow road.

His mouth caressed Mac's chest, discovering the texture of his skin and the lay of the muscles beneath, while his hands followed in the path his mouth had taken. The sensitivity created by the wet progress of Justin's tongue was intensified by the feather-light touch of his fingers.

Mac, who had already been aroused by touching Justin, was soon to the point of moaning over every motion of Justin's mouth. Mac's hand moved to the back of Justin's head, and ran his fingers through the soft, curly hair.

Justin's hands moved down over Mac's sides, then lower over his hips, while his tongue circled one of Mac's nipples. The older man leaned back on his hands, his fingers gripping the covers. When Justin's hands moved to his inner thighs, Mac's hands balled into fists in the linen.

His mouth moving ever lower, Justin caressed the taught skin over Mac's stomach with his mouth, occasionally sucking a bit of skin in between his lips. As Justin's hands came closer to the junction of Mac's thighs, Mac pushed forward into the sensation. Just when Justin would have reached his manhood, Mac pulled away and brought Justin up to the bed beside him. After kissing him deeply, he said, "This would feel even better without the rest of these clothes we're wearing."

Grinning, Justin stood before Mac, though not allowing Mac to rise yet. He slowly unbuttoned his pants, while kicking off his shoes. After unzipping them, he pushed them down over his hips, taking time for Mac to enjoy every moment.

Mac's eyes were glued to Justin's movements, taking in everything at once. When Justin's pants finally fell to the floor, Mac could see his erection straining the fabric that encased it. Though he wanted to pull the younger man into his arms and down onto the bed, he restrained himself.

Justin leaned over and shed his socks, then stood once more. His fingers teased the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs, slowly easing them down a bit at a time. Mac looked up into his eyes playfully glaring at him. Justin took the hint, and moved with greater purpose. As the fabric moved away from his manhood, the hard shaft stood proudly out toward Mac.

Mac sucked in his breath, then swallowed quickly. His hands itched to touch his love. He looked into Justin's eyes again, the matching fire he saw there had him on his feet, pulling Justin into his body. Lingeringly, Mac's hands roamed over Justin's back and buttocks while their tongues explored each other's mouths.

Moving his hands between their bodies, Justin undid Mac's pants and pushed them down over his hips, letting the fabric pool at his feet. He could feel the way Mac's boxers strained, much as his own were moments earlier. Gently he eased his fingers under the band, and cupped the cheeks of Mac's buttocks in his hands.

Moaning into Justin's mouth, he pulled away long enough to relieve himself of the rest of his clothes, then went back into the younger man's arms. As their bodies touched fully for the first time, each man's grip on the other tightened. Their steely erections touched and caressed between them as their hands roamed over the skin of their backs.

Walking backwards, Mac brought them back to the bed, then helped Justin to turn down the covers, before easing him down upon the cool sheets. Mac followed him down to cover Justin's form with his own. With his knee between Justin's legs, he gently rubbed against his balls, catching Justin's moan in his mouth.

Justin's hands moved down Mac's back, gripping the flesh in his hands during the more pleasurable motions of Mac's body on his. When his hands reached Mac's hips, he moved one of them between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Mac's cock. Mac thrust his hips into the tight ring of Justin's fingers as he moaned into Justin's mouth. With his other hand, Justin pushed Mac over onto his side so that they were facing each other on the bed.

Knowing that Mac would only go as far as he allowed, Justin took Mac's hand and wrapped it around his throbbing shaft. Justin's head leaned back at the touch of Mac's skin against and around the most sensitive area on his body.

Slowly, the two men began moving their hands up and own over the other's straining cocks. They looked deeply into each other's eyes as the feeling built between them. Their mouths came together in a passionate kiss, their moans of pleasure melding.

Their breathing was erratic and more vocal than the quiet gasps of air which had come before. Sensing that Mac was close to climax, Justin increased his efforts, wanting to see the look of ecstacy on Mac's face as Justin joined him.

Mac's hips arched increasing the sensation of Justin's hand, while his eyes remained on Justin's. Their hands touched between them, as their cocks brushed against each other. Mac's eyes widened when the familiar feeling raced through his groin. "I love you, Justin," he said, before thrusting his hips again. Orgasm overtook Mac, at the same time his grip tightened on Justin's shaft.

Seconds later, Justin hips thrust against Mac's hand, taking Justin over the edge to his own ecstacy.

The two men recovered slowly, the afterglow of their love making bringing them closer. Mac pushed himself up on his elbow and leaned down, kissing Justin tenderly, before pulling him into his arms.

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