Nights & Days: Prologue

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional based on fantasies. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities, dead or alive, mentioned.

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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......


It was almost three in the morning when he finally got home from work. He was exhausted, as usual.

He was not having the greatest job in the world, especially for its late working hours, but it paid well. Together with his part-time day job, it sure paid the bills and got him through university. It never was easy to be a working student.

Surely, being all alone did not help.

He told himself that he was used to the loneliness. Working two jobs and going to university at the same time left him with no social life. None at all. Yet he told himself it would be worthy for the education. The friendly greetings from co-workers and their invitation to hangout would be enough to keep him going. There were only two more years to finish his course.

He sighed. Tossing down on bed, he wished his loneliness could be over soon. But he knew that if he could not afford the luxury of time to get to know people, he would not be able to get any friend.

Light brown. Yeah, the hair color was light brown. Maybe a few blond highlights. Eyes... He could not see clearly. It was too dark and too far away to tell the color of the eyes. It was not like he had not seen other beautiful patrons at his work place before, yet this one was mesmerizing. How this guy move with grace in the crowd, the dimples that complimented the hypnotizing smile - all seemed to be engraved onto his mind.

He was trying to recall every details of this beautiful unknown man, afraid that it would be forgotten when he woke the next morning. Still, tiredness took over and he felt asleep.

He did not know that a huge change was going to happen to his uneventfully life.