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Classification: RPS AU
Catergory: Drama
Part: 11/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jeff/Drew
Copyright: © 2002 Jasper Jeff
Author Notes: Hey guys, thanks for bearing with me so far. I'll be taking a little break on this while I'm having other stories developing. Don't worry, 'cause I'll come back to this real soon. Check the link to my website for other stories since I haven't posted all of them here.
Summary: Secrets revealed. It's a freaking "Truman Show" going on.

Harrolds & Lacheys

I sat down on the couch after my shower. Nick was on the recliner to my right. He had two cups of coffee ready for us.

"It's a complicated story, but everything I'm going to tell you is the truth. You may have a hard time in believing all of them. But please, bear with me 'cos I'm not exactly a good story-teller." Nick said. Sipping his coffee, he continued.

"This all started from your mother, Jayme M. Timmons. Before marrying your father, she was Jayme Madeline Harrolds. The Harrolds are not a well known family. But they are rich, unimaginally so, thanks to a fortune that began with their English ancestors. From your mother's generation, there were only her and Sheila, her sister older than her by ten years."

"My dad's never told me this. If this were true, he would've told me about it. You're sure that you're talking about her but not just someone with the same name?" I asked.

"Just wait, you'll see. Your aunt Sheila was never fond of your mother. When your mother was one year away to graduating from high school, she met your father and they fell in love. With your aunt's influence, your grandfather didn't approve the couple, thinking he was only after your mother's money since your father was from a working class family. Your parents decided to run away together. They did and never returned to Florida, where they grew up and met. Your grandfather was fierce and disowned her. Your aunt Sheila was more than happy about it 'cos then she'd be the sole heir to the family fortune."

"Things heated up again after your grandfather passed away about a year ago. When his will was read, it turned out that he still considered your mother his favorite. He left five hundred million to your aunt, five hundred million to some charities and the rest to your mother - or her descendants in case she passed away. But there's also a clause in the will that if your mother or her children don't come forward, within two years, to claim the inheritance, the remaining will go to your aunt."

I was a little shocked. If Nick were telling the truth, this would be the fastest way to get the money for Drew's surgery. I held my breath, trying to control my anxiety, and asked, "How much would the remaining be?" I was hoping my never-met granddad would leave me enough to cover the medical bill.

"About ninety-eight percent of what the Harrolds owns. This includes stocks, properties, art collection, wholly-owned companies and many other things like private jets."

"Are you saying that the five hundred million to the charity is only one percent of the total?"

"Your math is pretty good."

I was about to faint.

I thought I was hyperventilating. Nick came over on my side and looked at me concernedly. "Are you alright?"

Trying to claim my breathing again, I said, "I'll be okay. I've never dreamt something like this would be happening - at least not to me. I was panicking about where to find the money a minute ago, and now I have to deal with an inheritance so large I have no idea how much that was. For Christ's sake, I was only hoping to get around seven hundred thousand."

Nick actually laughed. His hand came around on my shoulder and pulled me in for a hug. "You're only thinking about the surgery, aren't you? For ten out of ten people, I can swear that they'll only think about how they're going to waste the money on themselves after hearing all that. But you - you're only thinking about my brother. For that alone, I know I can trust you with Drew."

I was still in awe of the size of the inheritance. And frankly, I had the least idea of how much it really was. I just knew there's a lot of it.

The one thing that was clear to me at that moment was that we could get Drew the surgery he needed.

I was going to have Drew back, safe and alive in my arms.

Several minutes passed. I was starting to recover from my shock.

Questions rose in my mind. How did Nick know so much about my family? Did Drew know about this? Was this what Nick was saying about Drew lying to protect me?

A scary thought crept into my mind - Was Drew treating me so well to get to the fortune?

I opened my mouth, trying to form the question. Nick stopped me.

"That's the deal with the paper you signed earlier. It was a legal document for you to claim the inheritance. I'm sending them to the Harrolds' family lawyers. They'll be coming very soon and asking you for a DNA test to confirm that you're the heir. Inheriting such a huge fortune may not be a good thing towards you and Drew's relationship. Things are going to change, for the better or for the worse. That's why I was asking if you're willing to take the risk of losing Drew by saving him."

"And no to that question in your head. Drew knew nothing about your family background. I can swear with my life that my brother is head over heels in love with you for the person you are, not your money."

I was relieved. To me, Drew was a person too good to be real and sometimes I truly wondered why he would want anything to do with me.

"And that masked gunman, I'm pretty sure he's hired by your aunt to take you out. Your existence is the biggest threat to her inheriting the money."

Nick kneeled in front of me, said "And for that, I need you to forgive me."

"Why would you say that, Nick?" I'm even more confused now, trying to pull him up.

"This has to do with our family."

"I don't get it, Nick." Nick refused to get up from the floor. He just shifted and sat there on the carpet in front of me.

"Drew loves his work as a graphic designer. I love my job teaching and coaching swimming. But we have a traditional family business besides our own careers." Nick paused, taking in a deep breath. "Our family has been the best free agent for generations. For that, I mean 'private investigator', or 'hired hand'. Some even refer to us as mercenaries."

Drew? And Nick? As mercenaries?

That was too much.

"This is not funny, Nick. Don't make jokes like that."

"I'm not making fun of it, Jeff. This is what our family has done for generations. We have the best skills in investigation, combat - and even killing. People in the business refer to us as 'The Helpdesk', 'cos no matter how hard the cases are, we'll be able to complete the tasks. No, don't worry. Drew and I have never taken any life. We have a family rule of no killing unless it concerns the nation's safety."

"But still, why apologize? And what's Drew been doing with this secret family business?" This was too much to learn in one night but I was trying to cope with it. First, I was the heir to millions of dollars. And then Drew, the ever-cheerful guy, was one of the best mercenaries around. What's next? Shirley turned out to be some weird eight-legged alien spy?

"Your aunt couldn't locate you - or I should say 'possible descendants' from your mother. She found about us from other private detectives and I got the case. That happened a short time before Drew moved here and met you. I found you and gave her the information. I didn't know that she would try to kill you. And the guys who fought and hit you with a bottle in the club were arranged by me, to get a sample of your blood for DNA testing."

That was a shock, not as big as what I've just been through. All the time, I thought that was simply another stupid fight. However, it's carefully planned.

Could this get any more complicated?

"Then why didn't Drew know about my family?"

"We're trained by our parents from early age for all necessary skills. But in each generation, only one of us takes on the name and carries on with the business. This generation, it is me. Other family won't interfere unless it's absolutely necessary. And that's why Drew has no idea what's happening."

"So, that's why Drew is so excellent at fighting?" Finally, all the pieces came together. Drew handled the two men at the club - something I learned from my co-workers at the club - after one of them knocked me unconscious. He took on Tobey without a blink of the eyes. And he said he could do that by learning a little self-defense techniques in New York. He also shielded me from the bullet, taking another while going after the gunman and still he scared the gunman away. And Nick, that explained why he could easily break into my place and got my clothes.

"Drew was only trying to protect you. I can see that you're not a weak person. But sometimes, it's better to leave the troubles to us. We're trained for it. Please, if you need someone to be mad at, take it out on me. Drew did nothing wrong. He was only trying to look out for you," Nick pleaded.

"I don't know. This is too much to process. It just seems like my world is no longer a reality but some carefully plotted movie." I said, frustrated.

"I understand."

"Would you mind driving me home? I'd rather be alone tonight. There're some things I need to think about."

"Sorry, Jeff. I'm not letting you out of my sight. I can't be sure whether there'll be another assassin coming after you. For Drew's sake, please stay with me and let me protect you. I'm the best protection you can get until we have your aunt in jail."

Drew. Yes, I still needed to keep myself alive to get the money for Drew's surgery.

So, I stayed. Thinking would have to wait till later.

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