Nights & Days: It's A Mutual Feeling

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional based on fantasies. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities, dead or alive, mentioned.

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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Chapter 02

A sunny Florida afternoon in a huge mansion surrounded by acres of woods, a woman in bikini was lying on a lounge chair next to the pool.

Enjoying the sun, she was trying to decide which of her own body part would go next. No, she was not thinking of how she would get into he water - for heaven's sake, her pool was only for complimenting the huge yard and not for soaking in. She was actually thinking about her next plastic surgery. Who can actually look like early forties at almost sixties without some help from medical science?

Still had not made up her mind, a servant bought her the wireless phone. Taking the phone and waving off the servant without speaking sure made her feel like some sort of a queen. She enjoyed being the queen around here.

The woman pressed the talk button and said into the phone, "Yes?"

"Your most reliable servant, Ma'am." A blurry male voice was on the other end. Obviously disguised by some technology gadget. "Found what you need."

"Oh, you did?" The woman, remembering what she was trying to find, paused a moment before answering, "How accurate is the information?"

"With the price that you're paying, it's 70%. Not too conclusive." answered, the voice. "Scientific proof can be obtained to guarantee 100% accuracy. But that'll cost you another hundred thousand."

"What!" she screamed. "You must be joking me!"

"Others can't find it, so you came to 'the Helpdesk'." said the cocky voice. "It's either us, or nothing."

"Fuck! You're ripping me off!" exclaimed the woman.

Drew was installing the two shelves he got for his room. He heard the apartment's front door opening and turned to look at he clock. It was almost seven, and Nick should be home from school by then.

"I'm in my room." Drew said aloud for his elder brother.

After some rumbling in the living room, Nick appeared at the door to Drew's room.

"When'll dinner be ready?" asked Drew.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he released a sigh of stress.

"I bought us some chinese take-outs. We can have them now or you can nuke them with the microwave later." said Nick.

"No, you can't gimme greasy chinese take-outs! Do you remember you promised mom to treat me with nice home-cook meals when you offered me the room?" whined Drew.

"Come on. I'm really tired today. There're tons of things to get prepared for school's swim meet next month. I never realized there was so much to it while I was in highschool."

Drew laughed a heartly laugh. "You were just so clueless, Coach Lachey." Putting down the screw driver, he wipe the sweats from his face using his tee. Taking off the tee, he started getting into the bathroom. "Grab me a can of soda, bro. I'll be with you for chinese after cleaning up a little."

"You know, this chinese is actually pretty good. Not as greasy as they make it back home." commented Drew, while he was hungrily digging through his box of sweet and sour pork with rice.

Nick chuckled. "I know a good place for good food when I see one." Taking the last sip from his soda, he let himself fall back on the couch comfortably. "I'm beat."

"It doesn't sound like you, bro. You're always the restless, energetic one."

"Yeah, and you're the one always with the pranks." snorted Nick.

Both the brothers were full from the food, just lying there watching the TV.

"I'm glad I took up this new job here." said Drew. "Think I'm going to love it here, despite you."

"Something happened today? You're still unsure of the move last night."

"I met someone today."

"Oh, how's he like?"

"Gorgeous. Kinda shy & reserved."

"Sounds like the type you've always fallen for. Asked him out for a date then."

"I will. I don't wanna be too pushy on him. He could be the one." Drew paused. "Besides, I don't think he has any idea that I'm gay."

"How come?"

"I didn't give him any signal. I wanna get to know him, get close to him before breaking the news. For someone that is reserved, it'll be easier on him."

"Sounds like you have quite a plan there."

"Like you said, I've fallen for people like him. I know how to ease their guard down. Somehow, I feel this one is special. Need to be careful this time."

"Good luck on that!" Nick said getting up from the couch. "I'm going to bed now. See ya in the morning. Good night, bro."

"Nite, bro."

"Snap out of it, big guy!" Shirley called out to her co-worker at work.

"What?" responsed a slightly shocked Jeff.

"You're in a trance again." sighed Shirley. "You're glancing at the entrance all morning. Expecting somebody?" Shirley looked at Jeff real closely then said again, "It's that guy from yesterday, right? The guy who came asking you to show him around."

"How'd you know?"

"It's not hard to tell, Jeff. You've been acting strange since that guy showed up yesterday. So, tell me."

"Drew's his name. He's the one who from the club the night before. I didn't expect to see him again, not to mention him coming here and getting me to go out with him."

"That's a good coincidence. So, you had fun going out with him yesterday?" Shirley inquired smilingly.

"It's not that type of 'going out'. He's new in town and wanted me to be his guide." Jeff paused, took a deep breathe. "It's was not too bad. But I really should've been home studying."

"That Drew is cute. Maybe you can try going out with him, you know, as a date."

"Naw... I don't think he's gay - and even if he is, he's not interested in me. He was behaving like a straight guy hanging out with a new friend kinda way." Jeff said, with regrets in his voice.

"But you still like him. A lot, I'll say."

"No, I don't. It's not practical." Jeff protested.

"You do, and you know it. There's no other explanation to why you're looking at the entrance your whole shift here, expecting him to show up again."

"Okay, okay. I can't help it." admitted Jeff, feeling exposed. Sometimes, Shirley just knew him too much for his benefit. Probably she was his only friend since Tobey broke his heart. "He's attractive. Funny, friendly, sincere and real once you get to talk to him. It's hard not to like him." sighed Jeff.

"Well then, you sure need a good friend like this. You, are working too hard to allow any social life. Get over your crush and make him a friend."

"I'll try. Still, I'm busy with school."

"That's only your excuse. You can make time for a little hanging out with friends." smiled Shirley.

Time was around eleven. For a friday night, it was not considered extremely packed in Xan - the club Jeff worked in at nights. But still, it was quite a nice crowd there.

Going around in the club, Jeff noticed some unusual noises from a crowd formed in the entrance to the restrooms. He pushed his way through several people and saw what was going on. There were two guys arguing something over the deafening music. He could not hear what they were fighting about, but sure could see that these two were ready to get into a fist fight.

Jeff stepped forward. Trying to do what he was hired for, he was going to pull those two guys apart and stop the possible fight.

Drew did not make it to the restaurant to see Jeff earlier that day. He was held up as his SUV from New York was finally delivered. Since Drew did not ask Jeff for his numbers, he was here at Xan again to look Jeff up.

Drew got in the club for about five minutes, but Jeff was nowhere to be found. He was at the bar getting himself a drink and hoping to see Jeff going by. Hearing a commotion to his right, he moved over there to see what was going on. Just as he squeezed through the crowd there, he saw a guy holding up a beer bottle ready to smash on Jeff's head from the back...

to be continued...