Nights & Days: Dreams or Reality

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional based on fantasies. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities, dead or alive, mentioned.

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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Chapter 03

Jeff slowly came to his senses. The surrounding was dark, but he could still made up shapes of objects in the room. Two things he was sure were that he was not in his room at home and his head hurt bad. Real bad.

Sitting up and glancing around, Jeff saw something with a weak red light nearby. Kind of like those light switch in hospitals. He flipped it on and the room was bright. Yeah, he surely was in a hospital room.

Wait a minute. This looked like an expensive room. Definitely not what Jeff could afford - nor what the club would pay for an employee.

The club! Yes, the club. Jeff remembered working at the club, trying to stop a stupid fight. He got caught between two nasty people. Somehow, he turned from one to face the other and was greeted by this beer bottle. Hard was the blow that had him out cold.

Jeff felt the need to use the bathroom. He saw a private bathroom and thought to himself, "This really is going to be expensive. Whoever got me this room is going to pay for it, not me."

Trying to get off the bed, Jeff saw something that would keep him in bed - Drew was sitting on a chair to the right of his bed, leaning his upper body on the bed and using Jeff's right thigh as a pillow. The situation was unbelievingly funny. Jeff needed to release his bladder, but he would not be able to get off the bed without waking Drew up. With Drew asleep so close to him, Jeff could look at this adorable species of male all he wanted to. However, the more Jeff looked, the more blood flooded to his crotch area. And getting a hardon while needing to piss badly was not exactly a nice feeling.

Deciding to take the torture, Jeff stayed and admired the man that he was attracted to.

Drew had a smooth face but chiseled features. Straight strong nose, bright hazel eyes that seemed to sparkle, and big warm smiles. Looking closer, there was stubble on his face making him looked not as childish as the first impression seemed to be. Peacefully sleeping, hanging onto Jeff's leg. "I could get used to this." Jeff thought to himself, "It won't be easy to be just friend with this guy."

Jeff sighed lightly. Drew stirred in his sleep. Turning, acknowledging that Jeff was already up, Drew straightened himself.

"Sorry for making your leg a pillow. How's your head feeling?" Drew said Jeff, smiling a little.

"It hurts. Fortunately not too bad." Words automatically came out from Jeff. Then he realized now that Drew was awake, he could go to the bathroom. "Excuse me... I need to take a leak."

Drew just sat there and watch Jeff climbing off the bed and rushing into the bathroom. Before the bathroom door was closed, Jeff shouted. "I'll be out in a minute. I got something to ask you."

"How come you're here?" Jeff asked. Both Drew and him were sitting on the couch in the hospital room. Jeff noticed it was already two in the morning.

"I came looking for you at the club. Just got there in time to see you getting smashed." Drew said looking deep into Jeff's blue eyes. "The club manager told me you have no immediate family to call, so I volunteer to come here with you. Oh, and some police officers said they'll be over here in the morning for your statement."

Drew came to see him at the club! Not only that, he wanted to spend the night at the hospital just to keep him company. Jeff was surprised. That did not seem to be something ordinary friends did to each other. Well, maybe very close best friends. But they just met the day before.

Reading the expression on Jeff's face, Drew continued, "I didn't plan to tell you so soon. But since you're obviously wondering, I'll let you know now -"

"I like you."

No response from Jeff.

Drew went on, "From the first night at the club, from the first moment I set my eyes on you, I liked you. I was thinking of visiting Xan more when I settle down, just to see you and hopefully getting to know you. 'Cause I think I'm attracted to you."

"Seeing you again at the restaurant was quite a big surprise to me. I got bold and asked you to show me around. I'm glad I did. That gave me a chance to learn that you're more than just another good-looking guy. You're someone with a beautiful personality too - caring and sincere. My mom always says it's my gift to tell people's personality in a short time. I guess it's true."

"I can see you're quite reserved about yourself. At first, I planned to take it slow. Let you see who I am before acting on my crush on you. This may be a awkward moment, but oddly an appropriate time to say this to you."


"Please, say something." Drew pleaded. His hazel eyes growing with hope and uncertainty.

Jeff saw it all. He heard Drew perfectly.

"I wonder if I'm dreaming now." Jeff said. "Or maybe my head got hit worse than it appears to be."

"That means you like me too?" Drew teased.

"Right from the moment you stepped into the club."


"No, thank you. I'd never have the courage to tell you first."

Drew reached out, holding Jeff's hands in his. It was a comfortable moment. Telling each other that mutual attraction sure lifted a burden off their minds.

"Jeff, Jeff... "

Jeff woke up lying down in a dark room. It was the club's employee break room. He was on the couch with his head in somebody's lap. That somebody was Drew.

Jeff's head hurt. His heart ached.

It was just a dream after all. It did seem too good to be reality.

"How come you're here?" Jeff asked.

"Looking for you." Drew simply answered.

"Me? Why?" Jeff was intrigued.

"Nothing special. Just wanna see how you're doing today."

Jeff's heart sank at that comment. He never had his hope high. But that brief dream made him desiring more. He now was surely disappointed.

"Are you feeling alright? You've been out cold for couple of minutes. Need to go to see a doctor or something?" Drew said with concern.

Straightening up, Jeff sat up on the couch. "Yeah, I guess I'm doing okay. What's happened to those two guys?"

"Your colleagues took care of them. Your boss said you can take an early leave tonight. I can give you a lift home."

"Sure, thanks. Gimme 5 minutes to get changed. Could you wait for me in the parking lot?"

"'K. I'll be outside. It's a dark blue SUV."

Drew turned and left the room. Jeff let out a deep sigh. He was never good at dealing with guys he had a crush on. It was worse when that guy decided to hang around. Jeff had no idea which way things were heading to. It sure was easier when his life was only work-study-work-and-sleep.

It was a quiet ride. Jeff was deep in his own thoughts and Drew decided not to interrupt him.

Drew kept glancing sideway while driving. "Damn! He looks so sexy when he's thinking." Drew cursed to himself.

It did not take long to get to Jeff's place. Getting off the car, Jeff said his goodnight. Before he could turn and walk away, Drew called out to him, "You doing anything tomorrow night?"

Jeff stopped.

"I asked your boss at the club. He told me you'll be off tomorrow. Just wondering if you wanna hangout or not."

Jeff turned, looked at Drew for a moment. Finally, he said, "Sure. You driving?"

Jeff looked into the mirror. The cut was not too bad. The broken pieces of the bottle cut an opening of about half an inch in length right above his left eyebrow. Well, if this left a scar, maybe he could use it to make his good look more intimidating. It helped working at the club.

Dropping himself onto his bed, Jeff's mind wandered back to the dream he had. It felt so real. It felt so right. And it felt so scary. In fact, he had not considered the possibility of being with someone for a long time. Now, he could not help but think of the wonderful idea of spending his life with the sweet adorable Drew.

Slowly, Jeff drifted to dreamland again.

There was heavy pounding on the door. It startled Jeff from his sleep. A look at the clock said it was five in the morning. He cursed and dragged his half-asleep body to answer the door.

It was Tobey on the other side of the door.

to be continued...