Nights & Days: Kiss & Tell

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional based on fantasies. There is no implication on the true sexuality of the celebrities, dead or alive, mentioned.

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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Chapter 05

"Tobey!" exclaimed Jeff.

Drew heard Jeff. There was fear in his voice. But Drew could not understand why Jeff seemed to be afraid of this guy. Tobey had an innocent smile on him - a nerdy, strange, but innocent-looking smile.

"Excuse me." said Tobey. He walked past Drew into the apartment. Drew closed the door and turned around, seeing fear in Jeff's eyes.

"Where's the money?" asked Tobey.

"I told you, I don't have any." Jeff answered a little shakily.

"It's been a whole day and you couldn't get any? Don't use that excuse on me."

"Hey, the man said he hasn't got any. Would you just leave him alone?" interrupted Drew. Now he realized this Tobey was the ex-boyfriend that Jeff was talking about, he got angry. Still, he was puzzled at how this small, seemingly harmless Tobey could have beaten up the much bigger Jeff.

Of course Drew did not know that Tobey used to be two times state champion for wrestling. Jeff might look intimidating with his built, he was actually the type of guys who was against violence. When one looked mean and built like the non-speaking Jeff, it was mostly enough to prevent fights. So, he never got into any fight - not even with working as a bouncer. But Tobey could be considered as an except of fist-fight comparing to Jeff.

Tobey turned his head sideway, glared at Drew. "Who's this whining pussy here? Someone you've been fucking lately?" Tobey snorted. Facing Jeff again, he said "Kinda cute. We could use him to whore himself and earn some money - or maybe even for your college fee as well."

Jeff just had his eyes opened wide with that comment. "No, we aren't..."

Before Jeff finished, Tobey pushed him in his chest causing him to tip over. Jeff fell onto the floor bumping his back on the coffee table. "Don't you dare say 'No' to me again. I want money - you know, little green pieces of paper with presidents' heads on them - and you're giving me just that. No argument."

Drew was shocked! Maybe it was true that one should not judge a book by its cover. He would never have guessed Tobey to be the cruel cold-blooded bastard that he was seeing right in front of him now.

"Hey, leave Jeff alone." Drew said. Rushing to Jeff's side, Drew helped Jeff to stand up. "You don't have the right to come in and order him to give you money. Who the heck do you think you are?" And now, he finally saw the evil in Tobey's eyes, Drew was not going to let Jeff get hurt - physically or emotionally - again.

Tobey stared at Drew. "He's my bitch and I can tell him to do whatever I want to. You wanna fuck him? Go ahead, but pay for it."

"Are you kidding me?" Drew could not help but laugh. That was absolutely ridiculous! What was Tobey thinking to come and claim Jeff his? This had to be the most hilarious thing Drew had heard in his life.

"Do I look funny to you?" Tobey asked in a low voice. Jeff knew that voice. It meant Tobey was getting impatient and would end the conversation with his fists.

"No, Tobey! Don't!" Jeff shouted. Tobey launched for Drew.

Things were happening too fast, it was a blur to Jeff.

A second later, Drew was still standing tall in front of Jeff. Tobey was miraculously flat on his back, down on the floor.

"What the fuck!" cursed Tobey. He recovered and started for Drew a second time. Again, Jeff could only see bodies moved. This time, Tobey ended facing down on the floor, his left arm twisted behind his back. Drew was kneeling on the small of Tobey's back, holding him down. Tobey was trying hard to break free from Drew. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not get loose.

"Don't even try." scowled Drew. "Now you listen to me carefully. Jeff - he's my friend and I want nobody giving him trouble. You - go some place else and don't ever come back. If I learn that you come bothering him again, I would take care of you personally if the cop don't. You understand me?" Drew's voice was monotonic - drastically different from his normal cheerful tone. He was a completely different person when he spoke those words. It was a commanding voice - not one to make a demand but to force thing s his way.

"Yes." Tobey sounded completely defeated. The mere words Drew's was enough to have Tobey sweating cold sweats.

"Good. I'm going to let you up and let you leave. Don't try anything funny." Drew commanded.

"Are you alright?" Drew asked full of concern. His voice now returned to the usual soulful one after Tobey left.

"I'm okay, really." Jeff said. "How did you do that? You were so fast I couldn't see how you had him down."

"I was from New York," Drew said explaining, "and you had to know some self-defense living in the neighborhood I was."

Jeff was not convinced. It would take more than just a little self-defense technics to put Tobey away. It seemed so effortlessly for Drew to do it.

"Why are you treating me so good?" said a frustrated Jeff. How Drew was able to send Tobey away with ease was not the main concern for Jeff now. He felt bad. And "bad" really was a bad word to describe.

Needing Drew to stand up against Tobey for Jeff was a good thing and a bad thing. Jeff's heart almost bursted with joy the moment Drew told Tobey that he cared. He liked that idea a lot. But being the biggest guy among the three of them, he was afraid that Drew would look down on him for being bullied by the much smaller Tobey. Drew was treating him very well. Maybe too well. Jeff had no idea how much Drew really liked him. Drew was someone Jeff thought he could never have. Nonetheless Jeff was falling fast and hard for Drew. All these mixed emotions were eating up Jeff.

"Because I like you." With that said, Jeff looked up from his staring on the floor. A warm grin was brought onto Drew's face, he continued, "I can't stand the idea of my friend I care to be taken advantages of. That's what friends are for, right?"

Friends. Jeff's heart sinked again. It was all Drew thought of him, obviously. The frustration was too much to bear for Jeff.

"Why do you care? You're just a passing by. I'm only the first person you get to know here. Once you've made more friends, you'll move on and I'll be all alone again." Jeff was fighting hard not to tear up. He had not cried for a long time and he did not want to start again now.

The loneliness in Jeff's words was heavy in the air. Drew swore he could taste the sour bitterness - it was worse than he imagined in the beginning. He could tell that Jeff was lonely and needed somebody to be with, but he could not have known the depth of hollowness in Jeff's solitaire.


"Don't say a word. Please go. Leave me alone." Jeff stood up from where he was sitting on the couch. He moved to indicate that he wanted Drew out of his apartment. And out of his life. If he could not have Drew in his life the way he wanted to, he would end the suffering of seeing Drew around right that moment.

"Please don't make me go." Drew begged. He wanted Jeff to know who he was before tell him how he felt. It was not the perfect time. But Drew knew if he did not tell Jeff then, he would never have the chance again. Jeff would be shutting him out.

"I like you, Drew. From the very first moment I saw you in the club. And since I got to know you, I'm falling for you. I know we can never be something romantic since I don't even think you could be gay. If you really care for me as a friend, please stop torturing me by treating me nice. I don't think I can go on living with you in my life, without you wanting me the way I want you to. So, please go now, while I can still bear the pain of not having you." After spilling out his heart, Jeff dropped back onto the couch. His head hanging between his knees, fighting the battle of not shredding his tears which was getting harder by the minute. It seemed the weariness from the events in the past twenty four hours was getting to him all at once.

Drew was captivated. He knew Jeff had a feeling for him. But he had no idea that his plan of taking it slow was causing Jeff to go through such misery. It was unbelievably hard for the reserved Jeff to expose all his feelings.

"Jeff..." Drew said softly, kneeling down in front of Jeff. "Look at me, please."

Jeff would not look up.

Drew reached out both of his hands to cradle Jeff's head. Gently, he lifted Jeff's head and looked intensely into Jeff's eyes. Hazel to blue. Drew moved his head slowly closer to Jeff's. It was all in slow motion - like Drew was afraid that he would scare away Jeff.

Time moved slowly to a halt - when Drew's soft lips pressed onto Jeff's sensuous thin lips. It was soft and gentle, but persistent and passionate. A tear rolled down Jeff's face to where their lips met. Tasting each other's velvet smooth lips and tasting Jeff's bitter tear of loneliness, Drew's heart ached for Jeff.

It was only a brief kiss. Drew pulled back half an inch still looking into Jeff, he whispered, "I like you - right from the minute I saw you - more than you can think of. I want you just the way you want me to. I was wrong for putting you through so much suffering by wanting to take it slow, for thinking it would be easier to let you get to see the person in me before telling you how much I want you in my life. Will you forgive me? Will you give me a chance to treat you right?"

Another tear fell from Jeff. This time, it was a tear of relief and joy. Jeff brought Drew into his arms.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming this again." Jeff said, releasing the breathe of air he did not know he was holding.

Drew again pulled back a little. Staring into Jeff's eyes again, he smiled a bright smile. "If we were dreaming about this, I wished I would never wake up again."

Jeff moved forward, catching Drew's lips with his own. Again, they kissed. It was a slow, non-urging kiss filled with passion. And they both got lost in their soul-uniting kiss.

to be continued...