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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Nights & Days: A Secret Admirer

He was in a dimly lit bedroom. A large king-size bed dominated the center of the room. The occupant seemed to value his time in bed highly. Sitting on the bed, atop of the dark rosy red satin sheets, leaning again the headboard, he listened to the running shower.

The shower in the adjoining bathroom stopped. Moments later, a lean muscular man came out of the bathroom in a matching dark rosy red silk morning robe. The dark brown hair of his still damp from the shower, he smiled a seductive smile to the visiting man on his bed.

The silk robe was thin, cascading on the man's well-defined form showing every curve on his five foot eight body. His face was squared yet soft and handsome. His eyes showed his fascination and hunger for the other man.

Slowly, the man walked with feline-like grace towards his visitor. The visitor watched with a smirk on his face. He liked such little mating ritual. It built the tension and made each experience all the more enjoyable. Reaching out, he grabbed the host's robe and pulled him into his embrace.

The visitor attacked the host's neck and shoulder, kissing and nipping with occasional small bites, drawing satisfied groan from the host.

Busy with his own hands, the host simply torn and ripped all buttons off from his visitor's shirt. Grabbing the visitor's square firm pecs and punching a nipple in the process, the host pushed the taller man onto his back landing on the bed.

Climbing onto his visitor, the host whispered with a voice coarse by sexual desires, "Let the fun begin."

The kiss lasted only a minute, but Jeff and Drew felt as if time stood still for the eternity. Not just any other kiss, it meant much more to the both of them.

To Jeff, it somehow explained why he was drawn to Drew like a paper clip to a magnet. Of course, there was Drew's attractiveness. Most would rate Drew attractive without any second thought. Yet, there had to be more for Jeff. And now they had kissed, Jeff felt with all his heart that Drew would understand - his loneliness, the longing of sharing himself with someone. It was not all too believable knowing that from merely a kiss, something was telling Jeff that his instincts were to be trusted.

To Drew, he felt Jeff was opening up to him. They were connecting. The wealth of passion in Jeff could drown him any day. Drew had yet met any individual who could show so much love in a kiss. If this was what Drew was in for by getting into Jeff's life, he could hardly wait.

"Maybe, I just want to be loved as much as Jeff does." Drew thought to himself. Cheesy it may sound, but love gives the strongest strength, and Drew was not to turn down the offer if it was coming from Jeff.

When they broke off the kiss for some fresh air, they still could not take their eyes off each other. There were many great possibilities between the two of them.

None of them said a word for several minutes. It was all good though - the silence was actually comfortable.

Finally, Drew found his voice. "Are you hungry? I bet you haven't eaten anything all day."

Jeff might not notice his hunger, but his stomach hurriedly agree with Drew on the mentioning of food. The two broke into laughters with the grumbling noise from Jeff's stomach.

"They always said the man's genital has a mind of its own. I didn't know there's one for the stomach too." Drew got up from the couch. He said, "What do you have in the fridge? Maybe I can make us some dinner with whatever you have. Can't let my man starve, can we?"

"You don't have to. It's still pretty early, We can go out and grab dinner." Jeff said. He did not want Drew to see his almost empty fridge and lack of cooking utensils - it would be embarrassing. Jeff was never the cooking type. The only things he could ever make edible were sandwiches and chicken soup. However it was only a weak protest because Drew calling him "his man" is enough to make him agree with anything Drew had to say.

Drew, grinning, said to Jeff, "I want to. Besides I don't feel like going out. I want to spend more with you here, to talk to you. Can we do that? Please?"

When Jeff saw that innocent puppy look Drew was trying to pull, he laughed. "Ok. You can have it your way. But don't say I didn't warn you, my fridge is pretty poor."

"You know, I like to see you laugh. You ought to do that more often." Drew commented. He then continued walking to the small open kitchen of the apartment.

Jeff blushed.

"Go and watch some TV or just rest." Drew said, looking in Jeff's direction. "You have bruised at many places and I don't want you to get in pain by moving too much."

"Can I sit here and watch you? That is... if you don't mind..." Jeff stammered. If he had a video camera, he would be taping it down the cute Drew cooking dinner in his kitche. But since Jeff did not own a camera, he would settle for watching it and memorizing the sight.

"Of course! Don't bore yourself though." Drew answered. Thinking to himself, "I'd be out of my mind for not wanting him around. Maybe I should wear nothing but an apron. That, would be fun!"

It smelt of sex in the room. There was no mistaking of what the two had been doing there in the past hour. The host was staring at his guest who was just lying in the bed and looking up at the ceiling.

"Something wrong?" the host asked.

"Is it obvious?"

"I just can tell."

"I have a crush on somebody."

"Aren't you a little too old for that? Go tell him!" said unbelievingly the host.

"He doesn't know me. He's the target of my recent job."

"Oh... Not much difference there. You can arrange to run into him. It won't be that hard." suggested the host.

"It'll not be professional, Jay."

"I think you're worrying too much. But I'm kinda glad you don't want to go after him."

A little bit taken aback, the guest stared at his host, Jay. "Why would you say that?"

Putting up a serious face, Jay said, "You know I always have a thing for you. Although we agree this would be nothing but just convenient sex for the both of us, but I do want you anyway I can. If you're not going for that guy, it'll mean you're coming back to me."

"I don't know what to say. But I guess it's a compliment in a strange way."

"It is." Jay looked at his guest's exposed muscular upper body covered in sweats, his desire rose again. "So, Mr. legendary 'Helpdesk', ready for round two?"

"Don't you ever get enough?"

"Guess not when it's with you." Tearing away the covering sheets, Jay lean down and attacked his guest's glistering chest.

Dinner was simple. Drew actually made quite a nice meal considering the inadequacy of materials. Jeff's mind was on cloud nine and having a huge problem believing all these were happening. He would not want to wake up the next morning and discover it was all a dream. The disastrous Tobey brought the ever-cheerful Drew to him in less than twelve hours. It sure was one hell of a emotion roller coaster ride for Jeff.

They washed the dishes together, had some more tea, sat down together and made small talks. Both of them trying to avoid the more important subjects of conversation. Drew would want to know what exactly was going on between Tobey and Jeff, but he knew better not to press the subject since Jeff might not want to talk about it.

"Jeff, can I stay for the night?" Drew asked, out of the blue in the middle of their conversation about baseball.

It would be an understatement to say Jeff was shocked to hear that. Of course he would want Drew to spend the night. But it was all going at lightning speed. Jeff's protective nature was starting to kick in and he started to protested the otherwise undeniable offer. "Yeah, but I don't think..."

Drew cut Jeff off, with his fingers lightly dancing on Jeff's lips. "Shh... I just want to spend the night with you. The furtherest we'll go will be holding each other to sleep, and nothing more. I promise. You can follow your pace in this thing we're starting here. But please, I want to be close to you. Can't we do that?"

Jeff laughed again. "Okay, ok! Please, don't do that face again. You're cute, but that innocent puppy eyes thing doesn't fit you at all."

"See, I know I can make you laugh." Drew planted a light kiss on Jeff's cheek. Jeff blushed again. He smelt the mixture of Drew and his shampoo - it was intoxicating.

"Let's get ready for bed then, I'm all tired."

Drew took a shower first. He got down to his boxers and waited for Jeff in bed. It took Jeff much longer than usual to finish his shower. The bruises on his body keep having him wincing in pain whenever he tried to raise his arm over shoulder level.

When Jeff got out of the bathroom, he stood at the end of his own bed and paced a little. He was nervous of sharing a bed with Drew. And having Drew in only boxers, in his bed, looking at Jeff grinning like a kid was not helping. Jeff cursed under his breath that it was a stupid decision he has made.

"Come on and get some sleep. I don't bite." Drew laughed. Jeff sighed and took a deep breath and get in the bed.

Lying flat on his back, Jeff kept staring at the ceiling. He heard Drew release a long breath then he felt Drew moved closer. Drew snuggled to Jeff's left side, resting his head in the crook of Jeff's shoulder. Jeff did not dare to move a nerve.

Drew placed another light kiss on Jeff's chest and whispered "Goodnight, dear". It sent an electric shock through Jeff's whole system. He asked himself again, "Is this really happening?"

Before Jeff knew it, Drew started to snore lightly.

"Damn! Even his snoring is adorable!" Jeff thought.

Feeling the warmth from Drew next to him, the tiredness claimed Jeff. And soon, he was off to dreamland as well.

Few strokes of sunlight came through the curtains. Jeff woke to the bright morning light shining on his face. He felt around his bed. No Drew.

He shot up to a sitting position. Fear came over him. Was it really another dream?

Jeff wanted to die. He swore he could still smell the freshness of Drew after a shower on his pillow.

Right that moment, his bedroom door open. There was Drew, in nothing but his boxers, holding a tray of breakfast.

to be continued...

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