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In an alternate timeline, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Nights & Days: New Beginning

"I've made us breakfast. We need to do groceries later 'cos your kitchen is practically empty now." Drew said with a silly grin. He set the tray at the end of the bed and sat down next to Jeff.

Jeff put his hands around Drew's waist and pulled him in for a tight hug. "You have no idea how miserable I was waking up without you next to me." He paused, drew in a deep breath. "I thought you've never been here. And it was all another dream of mine. My heart almost stopped."

Drew kissed Jeff's forehead, his hands lightly caressing the back of Jeff's neck. "I'm not going anywhere. And this is really happening. I'm real. You're too." Suddenly, something dawned on Drew. "Another dream? You mean, you had similar dreams about me before? When?"

"Only once on friday night when I passed out. It was so real."

"That's sweet. I mean, you were hit but you were dreaming about me." Drew's grin grew wider. He planted another kiss on Jeff's chin. "Now, let's have some breakfast. We'll go out for some shopping after I check your bruises."

They did not talk much over breakfast. Jeff was full of thoughts, and Drew was temporarily consumed by his enthusiasms in breakfast.

Things sure were moving fast in Jeff's favor. He grew attached to Drew in record time, feeling an intimacy he has never felt with other people before - not even his own loving father. Drew was very expressive about his feelings. Little kisses here and there whenever he felt like so. He seemed to have so much energy in him he almost seemed to enlighten Jeff whenever he was around. He was the sunshine personified. Jeff, on the other hand, was not at all good at expressing himself. He stammered when it came to his feelings. He did not know the words to say it out right. For that alone, Jeff admired Drew. He wished he could be like Drew in that aspect. But he liked it just as much to be close to Drew, even if he could not show his feelings as easily and carefree.

Jeff looked at the grinning Drew downing his poached egg like a kid do to chocolate, he could not help but wonder what Drew saw in himself. But no matter what it was, Jeff decided that moment for as long as Drew wanted him, he was going to make things work no matter how hard he had to try.

It was sunday evening when Drew got home. He spent the day with Jeff. It was the best day in Jeff's life so far and Drew was there to share with him. The little escapade with Tobey was all forgotten. Jeff was opening up, gradually. Still, he was not ready to share his past with Drew. He was not even telling Drew about his parents and siblings. Not that something Drew really cared much, he only thought it would help to know Jeff - the one person he cared most that moment - better.

"Well, well, well. I was about to get your picture on some milk carton to search for my missing brother." Nick said to Drew as the latter came into the living room of their apartment. "How was your date with Mr Bouncer? Got lucky?"

"What a filthy mind of yours!" exclaimed Drew. He hit the back of Nick head on his way into his room. He yelled, "What's for dinner?"

"You know that a man yelling at his wife 'What's for dinner?' is equivalent to telling her 'I love you'?" Nick asked.

"And what're you saying here, scholar?"

"I'm not your wife here. It would be more appropriate to say you love your brother - me - rather than asking me what's for dinner." said Nick, with a fake stern face.

"Yeah, I love you bro. But I'm hungry and I want dinner."

"How about pizza?"

"I thought you were cooking."

"It's sunday, day off for me."

"Can't imagine how I can put up with you." Drew walked into the living room. "I want pepperoni, salami and Monterey Jack cheese for the pizza."

"You're so weird. Nobody likes Monterey Jack on pizza." Nick commented.

"I'm not weird. I'm just unique. Call already! I'm taking a shower first."

"Why would I ever offer to live with you?!"

"Mmm... 'Cos you're my bro and you love me." smiled Drew.

"Go find someone else to love you and move out of here! I'm going to killing myself if I haven't killed you first."

"And mom will be pissed 'cos you'd be killing her favorite son."

"Yeah right! Go clean yourself, you mud-pig. Next time you go out with Mr Bouncer, bring a change of clothes with you and shower over in his place. You're making the apartment smell like sewage." Nick retorted.

"Order the pizza!" Drew yelled again from inside the bathroom. And before he closed the door, he threw a roll of toilet paper out, squarely hit on Nick's head.

"Stop that, you retard!" Nick swore. He liked it though. It has been several years since he moved to L.A. for work. He missed his family. Although he visited every chance he had, it was not the same. And now that Drew moved in, it was like old times again. Sometimes, he hated his parents for putting this responsible family man in him. It made him feel incomplete without family. Maybe, it was the time for him to get a family of his own.

Maybe Nick just should.

Approximately three months later...

"Promise that you'll drop by to visit frequently, or else I'm not letting you out this door."

"I'm not moving out of state, dear. I'm just not working here only." Jeff told Shirley. She was somewhat upset of his decision.

"I know... But harassing you makes work fun!" Shirley said. Jeff made a face at her. "I'm only kidding! You know I'm just missing you. I'm so happy for you, Jeff. Drew's very nice - maybe too nice to be real. But you deserve him. You two deserve to be happy together."

"Thanks... It means a lot to me hearing this from you. You're like the sister I've never had." Jeff's voice cracked a little saying the words. "But like I've just said, I'll still be around, only not on the same shift with you."

There came a soft knock on the door. "Come on in." Jeff said.

Drew poked his head into the employee break room. He looked at Jeff and Shirley, a bright smile came up on his face.

"Damn! Can't you come by later? I'm trying to make Jeff to change his mind before you get here and take him away from me." Shirley joked.

Drew simply walked over an gave her a hug. "You've had him for yourself long enough. He's doomed to rot in hell with me. Step down gal!"

"Stop it, you two. I don't understand you. Why do you have to fight like little girls?" Jeff rolled his eyes.

"'Cos I AM a girl. And, we both agree it's cute to see you getting annoyed about it." laughed Shirley.

"Hey, handsome, let's go now." Drew said taking Jeff's left hand in his right. "We have a lot to do today."

"I'll see ya around, gal." Jeff gave Shirley a hug and kissed her cheek.

"You bet!" said Shirley as she hugged him back and bid goodbye to the duo.

Drew and Shirley became fast friends in the few months he and Jeff were dating. Probably because Drew was constantly showing up at the small cozy restaurant for breakfast, or maybe it was because they shared the same strange sense of humor.

Despite the dramatic beginning of their relationship, things have settled down nicely for Jeff and Drew. They dated as everyone else - well, maybe not exactly. Since Jeff was working morning and night, having classes and studying most of his time awake, they did not exactly have much time to see each other. Drew thought of a somewhat clever way to solve the problem.

Jeff would attended classes and studied in the library. When evening approached, Drew would drive to pick him up from the library after work. And they would go back to Jeff's apartment where Drew would make dinner for the two of them with Jeff attempting to help. After dinner, Drew would drive Jeff to work before going home. On weekends, when Jeff had his day off from the club, they would catch a game of baseball or go jogging together after doing groceries. They were like a married couple. A strikingly goodlooking and matching couple.

And one day, Jeff did something unexpected by Drew. Jeff asked Drew whether he would like to move in with him.

Drew was exhilarated. He was trying to figure out how to ask Jeff to bring forward their relationship, to be closer. Never in his mind would he imagine that Jeff was the one to bring that up first. It sure was a big step for Jeff in accepting Drew into his life. Starting to live together would be a milestone in their relationship.

Jeff's job as a bouncer paid quite well. In fact, it was enough to pay for his tuition fee, the apartment rent and his living expenses. He waited tables to earn a few extras, in case for any emergency. By moving in to share the rent, Drew succeeded in persuading Jeff to quit his morning job. Jeff agreed right away.

And this saturday, the last working day for Jeff at the restaurant, Drew was moving his things to Jeff's place. Since it would be Jeff's night off from the club, it would give them more time to settle in and had the first night in their new home together.

Things were looking good for the both of them.

It would be a new start for them - a beginning of something wonderful.

to be continued...

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