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In an alternate universe, where our familiar 98 Degrees do not exist and other celebrities are simply common people with common jobs......

Many Firsts

I looked over to Drew - the wonderful man that I met about three months ago and soon fell in love with. He's moving in with me. It was a sudden urge. I asked the question even before realizing it. He agreed readily. Was I happy? No.

I was beyond joy.

We're standing in the parking lot, just got out from his SUV. The vehicle was packed, considering its size. However, there was rather not that much for just one person.

"That's all you have?" I asked, puzzled more than amazed. With all there was, he seemed more like a frequent traveller than a home-brewer. I was looking for a man to settle down with and he appeared to be someone who's going to stay. This particular moment, I couldn't be so sure.

"Yeah, I'm a poor guy who doesn't own much." he giggled a little. "Of course not, you dork! I still have tons of books. About a quarter of them are at Nick's. The rest and some other minor things are still in New York. And some childhood stuff back home in Ohio."

"Oh... Why're you keeping them in New York." I couldn't help but ask. Was he planning to move back there? If he did, then what would happen to us?

"No particular reason." He looked at me. Maybe my worries showed on my face, 'cos he stepped closer and pressed his lips on mine. It's a very reassuring kiss. "I'm not going anywhere. I just didn't know if you want to keep me around for that long."

My face felt flushed. "Are you implying that I'm going to dump you?" He had me there. He knew I would give up everything just to be with him.

"I don't know. Will you?" He turned serious. He might be a headstrong type of guy, but when it came to a blossoming relationship he was just as insecure.

"Not unless I'm dead."

"I won't let you die. I want you to suffer being with me as long as I live." He grinned and gave me another perk on the cheek. "We should get started. I wanna try that japanese place we drove by for dinner. We're going to celebrate!"

"Celebrate? What for?"

"Nothing special. I just feel like a celebration." He grinned. I knew he want that for our moving in together. That's so sweet of him. It sure was a date to be remembered.

"Silly you." I leaned over and rummaged through his hair a little. This was me way to show my affection. Yeah, I was still getting used to this.

"Let's get started, muscle."

Finally, all the things have been put away. Suddenly the apartment felt more alive, more like a home. Both of us have taken off our shirts while moving the stuff. The summer was getting here and the air-con in my apartment didn't work too well. And the result? I was going to see a lot of shirtless Drew.

It might seem strange, we did lots of jogging and basketball together in the past months but today was the first time I've ever seen him without a shirt. He was always wearing sleeveless or tank-top. He's got a stunning physique to admire. Lean and well muscled, broad shoulders, small waist, ripped six-pack... That should make a good pillow.

Oh, there was that time he stayed the night after he got rid of Tobey for me. My mind wasn't working properly with this man around me half naked anyway.

Me? I was kind of self-conscious around him. Yeah, this was also the first time I didn't have a shirt on in front of him - that was, if you didn't count the few times he tended to my bruises by Tobey.

It didn't matter - since I didn't care and nobody else was counting.

We were sitting on the floor leaning back against the couch, sharing a can of soda. The fact that we were going to live in the same apartment, sleeping together on the same bed finally got to me. I got nervous like hell.

"You know, I don't intend say this, but I'm going to - I'm the luckiest man alive to have you with me." he said casually, drinking the remaining of the soda.

"Are you going to get all sappy now?" I asked him. I was trying hard to ignore the sincerity in his voice. He might mean what he said, but he'd make fun of me if I blushed or anything. Both Shirley and he loved to see me uncomfortable. I was not about to give in for his fun.

With Shirley, I could live with her mocking.

With Drew, I could not live without.

Not quite yet, but I was getting there.

"Can't you just believe me for what I've said?" he said. Looking at me, he put a fake hurt look on his face. I was starting to be able to tell which one was real or not. I was getting good with this man.

Looking at him, I smiled. "I do. I just don't want to give you your fun."

Then, I saw it in his eyes. It was an innocent delicate soul longing to share himself. I was hypnotized by that pair of hazel eyes, and the emotion coming through them. I couldn't break away from his eyes.

I reached out and wiped a drop of sweat rolling down his temple. Leaning forward, I brought my lips to his forehead. Kissing southbound onto his nose bridge, then his lips. We held it there, tongues dancing. His eyes closed slowing, giving in to the kiss.

His arms came around my neck. One of them reaching up, fingers lancing through my hair, cradling my head. The other went down my back. My hands went out around his back and waist urging him closer, until his tight compact body was squeezing against mine. He moved until he was sitting on my laps, legs wrapped around my waist.

When we broke the kiss, it left us breathless. Our foreheads touching, we looked into each other's eyes. There was love and desire.

"Jeff, would you make love to me?" Shyness was all in his request.

I was nervous, extremely. My heart was pounding in my chest like it's ready to burst any moment.

Because, this would be the first time we share ourselves with each other.

Drew was moving himself up and down. I was nibbling on his firm chest. His manhood was rubbing back and forth between our abs. I was holding onto him for dear life. He kissing everywhere on my face and muttering sweet nothings.

In a second, everything stopped.

Bliss was everywhere.

We were lying on the couch, catching our breaths. I had my head lying on Drew's incredibly sexy eight-pack abs, his fingers swimming through my short hair absentmindedly. It was an amazing memorable first time for us. I was hoping there would be many more to come.

And I was right - he made a perfect pillow.

I just didn't see he had a eight-pack instead of a six. But I wasn't complaining.

Not at all.

I was enjoying my shower when I heard the bathroom door opened. It had to be Drew.

"You have room for this small guy in there?" He asked as he slid open the glass door. He then squeezed in next to me without me answering.

I gave a him kiss. Then I felt his recharged masculinity poking me at my thigh.

"Pervert. We just had our first." I laughed at him.

"Hey, it's not my fault that you're so damn sexy."

"So, I'm the one to blame?" He made me so cheerful that I didn't think I've ever talked like this before.

He looked up, gave me the warmest smile I've yet seen on him, much less anyone else. And those dimples - I could fall in love with him just for those dimples.

"Yes, you're. And you're to blamed 'cause you're so beautiful that it makes my heart bleeds just looking at you." He kept looking into my eyes and continued, "Jeff, I love you. I'm hopelessly in love with you."

His words stunned me. I felt that he was someone special. He probably felt that about me too. We were comfortable together. I knew this would be something wonderful. Yet I was not prepared for his sudden confession of love. The depth of his love overwhelmed me.

I was lost for words. So I did the only thing I could think of - I brought him into my arms and held him close and tight, kissing on his forehead like it was my last moment alive. He was shaking a little while giving into the embrace. He was sobbing quietly. I wished those were his happy tears.

"Thanks, Jeff. For taking me. I don't think of anyone more suitable to make me a man." He was shy. Very unusual for him.

Made him a man? Did it mean......


"I'm glad I've waited till now. I'm glad that it's you." He just rubbed his face on my chest. "Don't say a word. Don't ruin the moment."

I've heard his words of love. Now I felt it.

We were getting ready to go out for dinner. A celebration, no less. We had many firsts to celebrate and to be remembered.

We changed in silence, stealing glances at each other. Smiling non-stop. Drew was happy. So was I - for being capable to make him happy.

There was only one problem.

I didn't know how to tell him I was in love with him.

I could've told him while we were sharing that long embrace in the shower. I didn't because I was afraid he would think I said that just because he said it. I wanted him to know it was from deep down my heart too. I needed to figure out a way. I couldn't ruin this.

Dinner was great. The japanese restaurant was small and cozy. The food was great considering my dislike of uncooked food. Probably, it was because Drew was there with me. He was his old cheerful, energetic and confident self again now. But I still saw that shy soft side of him. Maybe, he just wanted to find someone as badly as I did.

I was doing lots of talking over dinner, another rare happening for me. He giving me his undivided intention. I was telling him about my parents, about my growing up, about my studies and sports, about my work, even about Tobey.

I was going to tell him that I love him. Words came to my mouth and but just stopped there. Instead, I kept on pouring out my heart out about everything. Except for the three words I was so desperately trying to get out of my mouth.

When I finally did, then we would be perfect. Maybe not everything about us would be, but Drew sure was for me.

The night was quiet, with light breeze everywhere. It was a nice summer night. Drew suggested taking a little stroll in the park before heading back to our apartment. I was not about to disagree with him.

We walked awhile, his hand in mine, then sat down on a bench simply enjoying each other's company.

I figured this was the time.

"I have something to tell you, Jeff" He spoke up before I did.

"What's that?"

"I'm grateful for what you've told me over dinner. I know it's not easy for you. It must've been hard for you all these years. I want to be there for you from now on." He paused, looking at me. "Also, there's something about me I have to tell you. Something I've never told anyone before. No one except my family knows."

I brought his hand to my face and kissed it. Yeah, another first. "You know you can tell me anything. But don't feel obligated."

"This is important to me, Jeff. It's important for you to know this about me. It's about me and my family." He took in a deep breath and was ready to continue.

Before Drew did, a man wearing a ski mask appeared out of nowhere, standing about 30 feet in front of us. He had a gun with him.

Towards us, the man fired his first shot.

to be continued...

From the author: As you might have noticed, I switched to first-person narrative from Jeff's point of view. You'll see the benefits of it later on.
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