I gave you all the love I got...I gave you more than I could give...I gave you love...I gave you all that I have inside And you took my love...You took my love...I keep crying...I keep crying...I keep trying for you...There's nothing like you and I baby...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love -- Sade?

No Ordinary Love
Chapter 4, Part D
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

April 7 (Early Morning) -- Orlando, FL -- The Poole-Kirkpatrick House

Sam's POV

Things around here have been going great. I found a job around here at a promising firm and I get to spend time with the boys anytime I like. Since I decided to move in, my life has been a barrel of fun. If I'd known that I would've been surrounded by cute and single men, I would've moved in with big bro a long time ago when he and Chris asked me to.

Since Christmas, things have been a little bit shaky between JT and Chris. I know bro was upset with Chris about talking to his doc behind his back and all, but he needs to get over that crap already. Sometimes I wonder about J, he knows Chris loves him and will do anything to keep him safe and healthy. I don't even know why J bothers to get upset when doctors are involved. He used to do that junk when we were kids, but he's a grown man now and he needs to let old habits die already.

I've been sitting down here in the kitchen now for over an hour just thinking about all the things we have now that we didn't have when we were growing up. Coming up, we didn't have the inspirational influences we needed to push us along, but we made it anyway. I'm a successful lawyer and he's a successful choreographer with a nice family. Who could ask for more than that? I'm so content right now I don't think anybody or anything can change that.

It's an early Friday morning and I'm sure the boys will be up and running through the house soon. With all the stuff that went down with Kate and Bev during Christmas, I'm surprised that the boys are happy as they are these days. With support from me, Jamie and Nikki, we seem to be doing what we can to hold this dysfunctional family together. I just hope what we're doing is good enough to keep us all together.


God it's too early in the morning to be getting up. I know it's my turn to get things ready for the boys, but I need more sleep. After the love making session me and JT had last night, I can barely move. Last night was some of the best sex we've had in a while since things went down at Christmas. With the way we were carrying on, it was like we had just discovered each other and just figured out what sex was all about. Next time I think we should think about what we're doing and take things slow and easy, my legs are too wobbly to hold me up and my arms are too sore to move things. That'll teach me to be standing up with him in my arms as we're sucking each other off. I think what really got me sore was when we switched around and I started holding him up as I fucked him against the wall. Talk about leg cramps.

Oh well, I'm down here now and I might as well get started on things. Walking around the corner, I see Sam sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee. Walking over to her and kissing her on the cheek, she pats the chair next to her as I shake my head. Walking around the table and heading over to the stove, I stop at the fridge to grab some things I'll need to get the day going. Placing items on the counter top, I could already hear movement upstairs.

"They sure are noisy in the mornings," Sam says, taking another sip of her coffee.

"Yep, that's our noise factory," I say, rinsing a pot out so I could start the oatmeal. "In a few seconds you'll hear one of them fall down, trying to get out of bed."

"I heard that yesterday," she says, giggling a bit. "Skyler was trying to get out of his jammies and came crashing down hard. I walked in and tried to help him, but he didn't want my help. He's a big boy now and told me he could do it himself."

"Yep, that's our little Skyler. He's a big boy and he doesn't want any help," I tell her as she giggles again. "You sound like a giddy animated cat."

"Yeah whateva," she says, getting up to help me at the stove. "So how are things going this morning with you?"

"I'm fine," I tell her, checking the oatmeal to make sure it doesn't burn. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just worried about you and bro," she says, placing two glasses on the table. "Charis told me about the argument you two had the other day."

"I'll just have to thank her for running her big mouth yet again," I say, turning the oatmeal off and walking over to the fridge to pull out some fresh fruit. "What all did Miss Charis say to you Sam?"

"She only told me about some of the things she heard you and bro say is all," she says as I shake my head.

"You've only known the girl for two months and you're already listening to her like her word was gospel. You don't know the girl Sam, she's trouble. God, that heffa needs to get her own life or something," I say as she smacked me on the arm

"Don't get flip Christopher," she says, looking at me the way JT would when someone uses God's name in vain. "I know something's going on between you two. You two haven't fully gotten over what was going on during Christmas have you."

"Sam it's too early in the morning to be arguing about stuff from the past," I say to her, walking past her as she grabbed my arm.

"What's going on with you two?" She asks, turning me around, causing me to drop the bowls I was holding.

"Sam, I'm not in the mood," I tell her as she glares at me. "Maybe next time you should come to us instead of going to Charis the Runny Mouth."

"Boy don't make me smack the taste out of your mouth," she says, standing there looking at me with her hands on her hips.

"Do it and draw back a stub," I tell her as she sucks her teeth and turns around.

"Yeah whatever," she says, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Sam I'm not about to argue with you. I'm just trying to tell you that you can't always trust what Charis says," I tell her as she looks up at me. "Since the day the girl started working with JT and Nikki, she's been a whole lot of trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Sam asks, walking back over to where I was.

"The kind of trouble that has kept our business in the tabloids for too long," I tell her as she stands next to me. "We can't prove it yet, but those of us that know the tramp have reason to believe that she's the one responsible for talking to the press and the tabloids. And she's also been sending pictures of us to the press exposing our personal lives to the world."

"Why didn't you guys tell me this?" She asks as we both could hear the boys bouncing down the stairs.

"Because like I said, we can't prove it," I tell her as Skye was the first one down.

"Morning daddee," he says, climbing into his chair and taking a sip of his juice.

"Morning buddy boy," I say as Brad was next and he sat down in his chair. "Good morning Bradley."

"Morning dad," he says, taking a sip of his juice as I placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of him.

"You two sleep well?" I ask them as they both nod at me. "Good then. I will drop you guys off today and Auntie Sam will pick you up."

"Okay," the both of them said in unison.

"Daddee, do I gotta go to Scouts today?" Skye asks as I walk past him.

"Yes you do son," I tell him as I look over to Bradley. "Don'tcha wanna go to Scouts today?"

"No, I wanna stay with you and dad," he says, taking another sip of his juice.

"Well sorry buddy, you can't stay with us. We're both going to be working," I tell him, wondering when his clinginess was going to end.

"Please daddee please," he says, bouncing in his seat.

"No son, you can't stay with us. You'll see us later on today when we're back home and you get back from your Eagle Scouts' meeting," I tell him as a few tears escaped his eyes.

"No Daddee, I want to go with you and dad," he says, hitting the table now.

"Boy, have you lost your mind?" I ask him as he stops and sinks back into the chair a little bit. "You're going to your scout meeting after school and that's final."

"Yes sir," he says as he looked down at the table and started to eat again.

"Chris calm down," Sam says, walking over to where I was and pushing me back against the wall. "Get a grip man."

"I have a grip," I tell her as she shakes her head.

"Why don't you go up and get your husband up. I'll drop the boys off at school," she tells me, rubbing my shoulder as I turn and walk up the stairs.

"Okay boys let's get finished up," she says as I get to the top of the stairs and let a few tears fall.

Damn what`s wrong with me? I was close to loosing it back there and now I don't know what it is I'm feeling. I know Skye's worried about me and JT, but that's not helping anyone right now. I've done everything I can think of to assure him that we're fine and JT is too. Since Christmas, things have been a little bit shaky between us, but that's no reason for him to be scared and upset that something is going to happen to us. He's just a little kid; he shouldn't be worried about what's going on between the two of us, that's not his place to do.

Since before Christmas he's been a jumble of emotions and all of them are starting to tick me off. I know I've been out of sorts for a while, but what just happened is a clear sign that I'm getting close to losing it and soon. I'm starting to think that maybe it's time for me to go see Doctor Lansing for myself again. If I'm snapping at my son just for being concerned and wanting to spend time with me that's not good. Maybe the doctor can up the dosage on my medication or something. I can't be going off like that. I'm starting to act like I used to a long time ago and that's very bad. None of us need a repeat of what happened between me and Justin back then.

"Good morning baby. Is there something wrong?" JT asks me, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around me. "Have you been crying?"

"Y-yeah I've been crying baby," I tell him, looking up into his eyes. "I did something very bad baby."

"Something bad? What did you do Chris?" He asks, looking at me closely now.

"I just snapped at Skye," I tell him as he raises an eye at me.

"Why did you snap at him?" He asks me, pulling me closer to him.

"He was having a tantrum about going to scouts today and wanting to stay with me and you. I told him no, that he had to go to scouts and he got more into his tantrum and I went off," I explain to him as he hugged me to his chest.

"Okay we all snap at some point, but do you know why you snapped at him?" He asks me as I shook my head no.

"I...I don't know why I went off on him, but that's a sign that maybe I need to go see Doctor Lansing," I tell him as he frowns at me. "Baby don't do that. I need to see him. If I'm snapping at our son for wanting to spend time with us, that's not a good thing."

"I know Chris, but...but I don't know what to say right now," he says, kissing me on the forehead.

"I don't either, but I think I'll call and make an appointment," I tell him, leaning up to kiss him. "We have a little bit more time together now that Sam is taking the boys to school."

"Oh? How did you rope her into doing that?" He asks, looking at me.

"She had to calm me down a few minutes ago," I tell him as his eyes went wide. "Yeah I was that far gone. She pushed me out of the room and decided she would take the boys to school."

"Okay baby. Why don't we go back to bed for a bit," he suggests, taking my hand. "I don't have to be to the studio until after ten."

"Well I have to be at the studio at eight," I tell him as he frowns.

"Well I guess you have time to get showered up and on your way," he says, kissing me again. "Chris I love you."

"I love you too baby," I tell him as I pull him towards the bathroom with me. "We can both shower you know."

"Oooohhhhh, someone's getting freaky," he says, smiling at me as we walk back into our room to our bathroom.

A Little After 10 AM -- Jive Entertainment -- Studio Level

Nikki's POV

"Hey baby," I heard behind me. I turned around, slower than usual thanks to a certain baby invading me for space. Jamie was moving toward me with a huge smile on his face. "What are my two favorite people doing here?"

"We came to find Daddy and take him to an early lunch," I replied as we hugged around the baby lump. Jamie kissed me tenderly, hand coming to rest on my tummy almost like they were made to be there. "So come on sexy--let's get out of here before anybody sees me and wants to rub my belly."

Jamie fought the smile I knew he was dying to let lose, but I didn't really care. Ever since I'd announced that I was having our little one, and especially since I've begin to show, people have been almost obsessed with rubbing my tummy. Now this would be cool with me if they asked first, but I have been having complete strangers coming up to me on the streets and doing that crap! I don't think so!

"I'd love to go with you guys, but I still have some work to do on the tracks for the greatest hits album," Jamie stated, tugging on my bottom lip which was poked out about a mile. "Come on baby--it's just for a few more days and then I'm all yours until Jive comes up with something else for us to do. But enough about that; How was your doctor's appointment?"

"It was okay," I replied as he took my hand and we walked back to the studio the guys were using. "It would have been better if you'd gone with me, but I digress."

"I know... but this is almost over," he stated as he held the door open for me. I stepped inside the studio, grinning at the rest of N Sync sitting around the room. "Hey guys... look who's here."

Joey and JC came over and hugged me, sneaking a belly rub in before I smacked at their hands. I sat down on the small love seat between Jamie and Joey, snickering as the two of them bickered back and forth about absolutely nothing, and wondering which one of them would be the next to take the plunge into fatherhood.

"What are you thinking about?" Jaime whispered, nuzzling the side of my neck. I smiled and looked up, grimacing as Lil Bit (what I'd christened the baby since neither of us wanted to know what the sex was) gave me a little shot in the side. Jaime noticed that look, hand automatically going to my tummy to feel. "That was in her boot heel. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I replied, standing and stretching, surprised when I heard voices yelling somewhere in the vicinity. I stopped mid-stretch, listening again as the yelling got louder and foul scowling as I recognized JT's voice as the one doing most of the yelling. "I'll be back!"

"I'm coming with you," Jamie stated, following as I headed towards the source of all the yelling.

A Few Minutes Earlier -- Down the Hall


This morning is getting off to a terrible start and I don't know what to actually say or do about anything to get things back on the right track. With the revelation of what happened this morning between Chris and Skye, I'm starting to agree with Chris that maybe he does need to talk to Doctor Lansing. I know that we've been having some problems and all since before Christmas, but that's no reason for all of this. I don't see a reason for him to be getting upset and then snapping at Skye the way he did. Chris snapping that way isn't a good thing at all because we don't need another repeat of what happened between him and Justin. We all know that Skye can get a lil rambunctious at times, but that's still no reason to go off on him the way he did this morning. I didn't think that issue was that big of a deal until after Sam cornered me down in the kitchen a bit ago and told me what went down. I'm a little bit shocked about all of this really. Chris is normally the one in control and I'm the one that almost always loses it. Something is certainly strange about this whole situation.

I'm at work now and I wish there was a way that we could've bypassed work today and just spent the day together. Since before Christmas, things have been on edge with us because of that thing with him talking to Doctor Lansing behind my back about me and with him finding out about my plans to kill myself. I know he was concerned about me, but I still blew things out of proportion and made him feel...feel like I no longer loved or cared about him. To say the least, I didn't make things better for us and Kate didn't either. I wish she'd never dropped that bombshell on us about her and her husband moving back here. That was info we really didn't want or need to hear about. If someone's to blame for all of this, it's me and I feel that my original plan would've taken care of all of these problems, only if he hadn't found out what I was going to do.

Oh well, that stuff's in our past right now and we need to concentrate on the present. Right now I feel that we're absent from each other's lives and we're only going through the motions of a marriage. I know he's here with me physically, but emotionally, I think he's miles and miles away. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's how I feel about us right now. Many times I've thought about just getting my shit and leaving, but every time I put a plan into motion, something happens that makes me want to stay. He's not the only one that needs help, I need some too and right now, that's how I feel about the whole situation. I might as well try to put that stuff behind me and concentrate on work. These dancers have to be in tip top shape for the guys' new tour and I don't think they or Johnny will appreciate me half-stepping right now. Grabbing bottled water and a towel I head out to the exercise mats only to see Charis and some of the other dancers laughing and playing around. Walking closer to them, two of the dancers spot me and move away from her, leaving her with her back turned to me as she talked to Tandy and Michelle.

"Yeah I bet those two are on the rocks as we speak. I don't even get what Chris sees in him anyway. If I was him, I would've chose someone that was decent looking and not crazy," I hear her say as I stopped behind her and tapped her on her shoulder.

"Well hello Miss Charis," I say as she turned around quickly with her mouth open, ready to catch some flies and shit. "You might want to close your trap before a fly buzz and you die."

"H--How long have you been standing there?" She asks me, looking at me with a scared expression.

"Long enough to think that if Chris was here right now, he'll tell you what it actually is he sees in me," I say, getting pissed now. "Is there any reason why you're talking about Chris and me?"

"Who says I was talking about you and Chris?" She asks, stepping back away from me.

"The look on your fucking face tells me you were talking about us," I say, stepping closer to her.

"Your Chris isn't the only Chris in the world," she says, glaring at me.

"Well my Chris is the only one I know that's married to me!" I scream at her, causing her to flinch and step backwards again.

"Whatever JT," she says turning around.

"Don't whatever me heffa!" I scream at her. "You're one lucky wench today."

"Excuse me?" She says, turning back around to look at me.

"If I was a bitch, I'd put my foot so far up your ass, you'd shit my toenails for months!" I scream out. "I'm getting tired of you and your crude comments. If you don't like the fact that you're not man enough for Chris keep that shit to yourself! I don't want to hear it and others in here shouldn't want to hear it either. From this point you're on notice. If I ever hear anything more about Chris or my relationship with him, you won't be around here anymore. You got that?"

"Yeah I got it," she says, glaring evilly at me as she walked off towards the locker room.

"Did I miss something here?" Nikki asks, walking over to me.

"Just Charis spouting off again as usual," I tell her as she shook her head.

"When is that ho gon learn not to cause trouble around here?" Nikki asks, walking past me. "She is so lucky..."

"Don't worry about her right now Nikki, I put her on notice," I tell her as she smiles and starts stretching.

"Well you might have her on notice for her job, I have her on notice for a beat down," Nikki says as I got down on the floor and started stretching too.

"Yeah maybe so, but that heffa lucky I ain't a woman, if I was, I'd beat her ass like she owed me for a child support overpayment," I say as she starts laughing at my comment.

"Well you're not a woman so let's not worry about that right now. Come on let's get this show on the road. W got a lot to do so let's hurry up so I can go eat," she says, looking at me as I smiled at her, wanting to laugh really.

Since she told us she was with child and started showing, I've been scared to eat around the girl. Eating around her is like signing your own death certificate or something. Like yesterday, I was getting ready to eat a honey bun and she nearly broke my arm trying to get the thing away from me while I was trying to get the plastic wrapping off. Talk about greedy; I know she's eating for two, but dang, let a brother have his sweets.

"Okay people let's get to it," I call out as Charis walked past me and Nikki and took her place on a mat. "We're going to start with the numbers we worked on yesterday. Come on ladies I said get to it!"

"Dang, now he's trying to be a slave driver too," Charis says as I walked past her. "It's one thing that he bosses Chris around now he's trying to throw his weight around in here."

"Miss Standhope, are we going to have any more problems today?" I ask her, standing behind her again.

"Is it just me or is it you're always around in us girls business?" Charis asks, glaring at me now. "I sometimes wonder do you really wish you were a girl."

"Oh here we go again," Michelle says as she grabbed Tandy's hand and the two of them stepped back.

"Right now I do wish I was..." I say as Nikki pulled me back and stepped in front of me and smacked Charis in the face.

"I've had just about all I'm going to take out of you," Nikki tells her as Charis held her face. "Now how you gon act? We don't need that stress and drama in here! You girls are here to dance and put on a good show for the groups you'll be dancing for. We don't have time for these petty comments Charis. Again I ask how you gon act?"

"You fucking hit me!" Charis screamed as Nikki didn't flinch a bit. "You bitch!"

"I'll do it again if you keep this crap up heffa!" Nikki screamed this time, scaring Charis a bit as we both looked down to see that Charis had wet herself.

"Well damn, looks like you got the water works started but the water coming out the wrong end," I say as Nikki starts laughing and Charis takes off running from the room.

"Lawd naw," Nikki says, holding her stomach as she starts laughing too.

"Lawd you made the girl pee herself," I say as we high-fived and got ready to get things started again.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.