hi , here's the last chapter in these two parts stories " objection ( no more dancing tango ) and  " A new day has come " I oughta say that I ain't know anyone of the Celebes in this story ,and that I'm not saying anything about their real sexuality , and that all of this is pure fiction , If you are a minor ( under 18 ) or offended by homosexuality just don't read this story , otherwise I wish you read it and like it , if you wanna send any feedback , comment or anything else to me mail me on ( mhmdshwky@netscape.net )

" things are so different now you're gone I thought it'll be easy I was wrong , and now I'm caught in a middle , even though I'm with someone new all I can think about is you and now I'm caught in the middle "

AS soon as I had finished writing that new song for our upcoming album I heard  my cell ringing , when I answered it I found out it was our manger that wanna talk to me in private , I went to see him and I was shocked when he told  me that Chris is putting me in a choice either I leave the band or he will , I was freaked at the thought of me leaving the band  and more freaked to the thought of Chris leaving the band more , so I decided to go and talk to him some serious talk .

" what the hell are you doing here ? " Chris asked me furiously

" Chris , damn you , why the fuck are you so stone hearted ? , you always keep putting it up on me , it's always my mistake , Ben the traitor , I'm tired of that shit , please Chris , just let us have a new begining , just let go of the past , let's consider tonight as our birth date and forget your faults as well as mine " I said

" no Ben , you did me wrong twice , I won't be standing waiting for the third time , no Ben it's either me or you in this band " he said

" Chris I love you and I don't wanna see the regret in your eyes , and you'll regret this , Chris you'll regret it and when you try to go back in IT you may not find me because I'm sick and tired of loving this way " I said

" Ben , I love you , I can't deny it but I'll never want be with you again , ever " he said

" fine , I'll leave the band , tell our manger that my lawyer will pay him a visit to finish it , excuse me " I said as I ran in tears , I went straight to Paul , cried for ages in his arms , he advised me not to let go of it , but I was so out of love  out of hope , out of life , Chris had hurt me more than anyone had ever done to me , I hate him ..... and love him , it's a strange feeling , anyway , next day Paul came to my room to tell me that he had arranged me a blind date , at first I didn't wanna go but then I thought it'll be nice just to go and enjoy myself with that mysterious date so I said yes Paul then told me to wait for my date at 7 in the hotel restaurant .

At Chris' room ( that part I knew later ) Mark was there convincing Chris to accept a blind date from him , it took him quite a long time but finally Chris was convinced he told him to wait for his date at 7 in the hotel restaurant .

At 7 in the hotel restaurant , I was there waiting for my date and when he came I found out he was one of the mixers we work with , we talked for a minute then Chris entered the room with a blonde guy I don't know he sat in front of me we had an eye contact for a second but it was enough , enough for me and obviously him to be jealous , we tried to resist it but it was more than we can bear then that sly Mark was on stage singing

"  You're telling me how sorry you were leaving so soon
And that you miss sometimes
When you're alone in your room
Do I feel lonely too

You have no right to ask me how I feel
You have no right to speak to me so kind
I can't go on just holding on to ties
So now we're living separate lives

Well I held on to let you go
And if you lost your love for me
You never let it show
There was no way to compromise
So now we're living separate lives

Ooh, it's so typical
Love leads to isolation
So you build that wall
Yes, you build that wall
And you make it stronger

You have no right to ask me how I feel
You have no right to speak to me so kind
I can't go on just holding on to ties
So now we're living separate lives

You have no right to ask me how I feel
You have no right to speak to me so kind
Someday I might find myself looking in your eyes
But for now we'll go on living separate lives
Yes for now, we'll go on living separate lives
Separate lives " ( by stephen bishop )

At that instant I knew that this was a plot the guys did to get me and Chris back on track and I appreciated it and I decided that I have to be the first , so I got up and while I was walking towards his table , he came up towards me too , we hugged in the middle of the place kissing for hours , we then went to my room where we had sex for the first time for real without any fear , it's me and him for the first time , he was very lovely and innocent , he kissed me and held me tight while we entered the room , as we were in I got crazy , tearing my clothes off me doing the same to him , we kissed for hours and then I got thirsty to his tasty cum so I got on my knees kissing his hairy chest tickling his hair to my target his lovely man cock I had it all in my mouth in less than a sec , I sucked on it  , he then got down to my cock sucking on it , we ended up in a 69 position , I milked his cock to the last drop , he did mine too , we paused for a sec to catch our breath , then I reached to my drawers , got a condom out of it and a lube , I then lubed my cock and wore the condom , and I entered Chris , he moaned in pleasure and asked for more which I was willing to give .

After we were through , I was on cloud # 9 , he too was very happy , I told him that I never had  a dream came true until this night , he wrapped his arms around me and we slept like that till the morning I woke up on Mark And Paul in the room giglying about us , saying " morning champs , nice member Chris , I bet you were fucking that baby really hard " Paul said but Chris told him " no fellow , it was him who did the fuck "

After we had our breakfast we went to the recording studio , we recorded our new single , ( caught in the middle ) as the day went by I get more happy but the happiest time was when I went to sleep with that blonde guy at night putting Celine dion 's new album in the cd player I 've heard her saying " A new day has come " and I felt exactly the same as the night is over and my new day is coming , I slept for I don't know how much time but when I was up again Chris was asleep and Celine was still singing , it was the last song , the last phrase in the whole album and it was fascinating