hi here's another fictional story about the great guys of a1 and 98 degrees , as usual i have to say that this is mostly a work of fiction and i don't really knew either of the two groups' members and i don't imply anything about their sexuality , if you are a minor or in any how offended by such a homosexual material just don't read this cause it contains some explicit homosexual material , otherwise enjoy this story , i'll love to take any feedback or comments on ( mhmdshwky@netscape.net ) , so mail me your opinion , plz  RICK DANIELS

" objection i don't wanna be the exception to get a bit of your attention , i love you for free and i'm not your mother ".

I was just sitting there listening to shakira singing this great song thinking about what had just happened to me , a week ago I was just fine , the word "love" was just another word I either listen to or sing in a love ballad , but that was over now , as I fell in love , you might be asking , with whom ?? , I'll be telling you that for my wonder , I fell for my best friend and my band mate Ben , I've never meant to fall in love with him , but how could I prevent the inevitable , I knew for as long as I can remember that I was no normal , but It wasn't until my 20 Th. birthday that I realized I was gay , yes I was , though I had some dates with a lot of girls but , it never felt right , never had a shiver down my spin when any of them 'd touched me  , but it was the normal thing for a guy to be hanging out with girls , so I followed the normal and I went on with my dates during high school , but in all these dates , I've never did anything with girls , I mean sexual , not even a kiss , but after I'd finished my high school and left my homeland " Norway " to the " UK " after  a music career , I'm not gonna talk about any of my journey to fame , all I'll be saying is that I settled down in the " UK " , met my three band mates , made the band , got a record contract with the best record company " sony music " , but what I'll tell in details is my first night on the road with guys , we , a1 band boys are in order of age , Christian ( me ) , Paul , Mark and the young and restless pretty boy Ben , my first crush , I oughta say I had crush on him since the first second I'd seen him ,I loved him at the first sight , I realized too the thing I was ignoring which is me being gay , I knew that since I was 20 but I'd never acted on that fact , I just ignored it for as long as I could , but having Ben in my life had changed everything , now I'm ready to blow my life , coming out and spoil my music career for just a word from that boy , but it was not something to be expected , he was straight , he even had a girlfriend , it was like , I can't really have the words to say it .

Anyway , let's get back to the main subject which is my first night with the guys on the road , it was after our first single's releasing " summer times of our lives " and we were heading to a big gig , we were supposed to sleep in that elegant but busy hotel and we'd to share one room each two of us , so , though I didn't want to have Ben in with me the whole night and though Mark wanted to be sharing the room with me but Ben wanted it , so I had to say yes , then we headed to our rooms , each with his mate.

when we got into our room ( me and Ben ) , he excused himself and went to the bathroom getting prepare to go to bed , in a minute I was sleeping in my bed without even having a shower , I wanted to sleep before he got out of the bathroom , but I simply couldn't , it was much more than I ever thought , so I got out of bed , wore my clothes , left the room , before he was out of the room  I went  to a bar and got drunk  and  ended up unconscious.

The next day we went to the rehearsals room and we had our trainer giving us his last advises in our dance routine , then an hour later we had our first official gig , we had our first single hitting the whole european charts selling like crazy , it was obvious that the people liked our music , still we were in the beginning of it and the last thing I needed was to the world is to know that I'm homosexual .

After we'd finished our gig we went each two their room , Ben was very cheerful , he smiled to me a lot , but I ignored him completely and asked him to move in with paul and let mark come with me .

He said " but why chris , If it's about last night , I swear it will never happen again ".

I didn't knew what he was talking about , I assumed he was annoyed with my departure last night so I said to him " no Ben , it's just that I'll be more comfortable with mark , me and mark had developed into best friends , he's the only one on earth that I came out to.

Ben said with a voice full of disappointment " ok , chris whatever you wish "
I was too stupid doing that to Ben , but if only i knew what I was doing to the only man I'd ever loved .
" but you don't even bother , I'm tired of this of this triangle , gotta dizzy dancing tango ".

As the song goes on I remembered how I was so stupid to treat Ben the way I did , but he'd never given me a sign that he's gay.

The next day I went shopping in the town and guess whom I met there , although the disguise he was putting on , the baseball cap and the very large coat he was wearing along with the big sunglasses ,I did recognized him.

" oh my gosh ! Jeff timmons , no way " I was yelling

" shish , don't shout it , I'll sign you whatever autographs you need but just keep it down please " he said that as he took off his sunglasses " oh holy shit , aren't you the cute boy of a1 , you're the norwayan one , right ?"

" christian , that's me , I'm really flattered that you recognized me " I said in a very happy and cheerful voice

" how could I not do while you guys are everything that everyone in the whole europe is talking about , you hit like magic in blink of an eye , with only one single , it took us the 98 degrees 3 singles to do that "

" oh you're exaggerating , we can't be that famous , what are you doing here jeff ? , where are the rest of the band ? " I said anxiously

" they're in the hotel and I'm here doing some fur shopping , man this country feels like a big fridge , care to join me " he said in a melodically tune that you simply can't say no too

" oh definitely I will love too , It'll be my pleasure , but wait a minute I think you owe me an autograph " I said giggling

" oh yeah , like you care for one blondie boy " he said in the same melodically tune

" I do , I do , I do " I sang it giggling again

" I'll prefer the summer times in this winter " he answered in a giggling voice

" oh damn , let's just go shopping " I said surrendering to him

We had the whole morning shopping for him and me too , I had to admit it he was a very nice guy , not arrogant like all the famous guys , no he was so natural , so friendly , I kinda of liked him , he then invited me to dinner in his hotel and since he's very famous , we had dinner served in his a special room in the dinning room at the hotel

He said " you better get used to that that , briefly you'll be recognized and you'll have to do it like that, you'll miss the days when you were one of this no ones guys that can wonder around without being camera caught or chased by a bunch of stupid high school girls "

I asked him " you're married Jeff , aren't you ?"

He then replied " I was , but I had a divorce years ago , I even have a little girl , but I keep her away from the media so that she can lead a normal life "

I was very touched by the sorrow in his voice , disappointed too that he's straight I asked myself " why does everyone I love ended up to be straight ?"

" so what about you , lovely blonde guy ? , any lovers ? , anything in the way?"
he asked anxiously

" nothing really matters , I loved someone but this someone didn't have the same feelings " I answered in a voice that reveals my pain

" so I'm falling apart in your hands again , no way I've got to get away "

I was back again to this night I spent with jeff in his room , after dinner  he took me up to his room so we can try on what we bought , first he went to the bathroom , put on the new fur he bought , it was a tight one that can make you warm in less than a minute , then he told me to go and try on my new suit , I did that at once , when I came out from the bathroom

He said " oh gosh , awesome , you really look sexy in this suit , you oughta do a video wearing a suit like this , you'll get as many chicks as you can count "

" but what if I don't really care for chicks " I answered angrily

But he ignored my note and got in the bathroom , came out in a very tight cut sleeved shirt that revealed his well built great body , every single muscle was very clear to me I couldn't help to stare

He then caught me off guard and asked me " chris are you gay ?"

I was speechless I tried to deny it but my eyes couldn't bear his blue eyes and to my surprise , he leant on me and kissed me a very passionate kiss , he let his tongue got into my mouth , embrace my tongue and when he let me go I was completely under his spell

I asked " but you were married ??!!!"

" yeah , we got divorced because of that " he replied

" oh Jeff , I love you , I want you , will you make love to me " I replied with unison in my voice

" yeah , I love you too , I'll certainly will make love to you but " he replied in a voice full of love

I threw myself on top of him and started to kiss him all over his face , He then got my tongue again in his mouth and sucked on it for what seamed forever and when he let me go I took off my shirt together with my pants , leaving only my undertakes on .

He said " oh god you're too much hairy for your age " and tickled on my hair chest with his teeth , I let a moan out of ecstasy he then sucked on my nipples
I let another loud moan out , that was when I took off his shirt admiring his muscles.

" oh gosh , you're a stud " I said

" I love you baby , you're my everything " he said

" me too Jeff , please make love to me now " I asked

" he then got to his closet and got out a condom before he wear it , I told him "no , I want you all in me "

" oh chris , I'll love to do so , but let's just take it step by step , ok " he said while he was wearing his condom , he then entered me , it pained like hell in the beginning but after a moment I was moaning of ecstasy . things even got better when he cum inside me , it felt cool after all the thrusting , practically I was having my very first sex and with whom , with Jeff , oh god , that's too much for me , but then I became afraid of what gonna happen then , will he consider me as one night sex , or what ?

I asked him " Jeff , where do we go from here ?"

He answered " oh chris love , we'll be on the right track , don't think of us as a one night stand , no we're to last , like it or not you're now my boyfriend and you'll have to hang around the old Mr. Timmons "

" oh Jeff I love you , you're the sweetest thing that happened to me but we don't even live in the same country , how we're gonna make it " I wondered

He said " soon your band we'll be hitting the american chart and you'll be in america a lot of times to promote your albums , me too I came here a lot don't worry about that and let's get dressed so I can introduce you to the rest of the guys "

" had you come out to them yet ?" I asked him

" yeah I did , they're great and they completely understand it , you'll love to hang out with them , they're cool " he said

" oh I'll love to , you oughta meet mine too but I won't be introducing you as my boyfriend cause I haven't come out yet for them all but for mark only " I said

" anything you want will be fine with me baby , let's go now that we're done with our clothes " he said

" ok let's " I replied

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