hi here's chapter two of this  fictional story about the great guys of a1 and 98 degrees , as i said before that this is mostly a work of fiction and i don't really knew either of the 2 groups' members and i don't imply anything about their sexuality , if you are a minor or in any how offended by such a homosexual material just don't read this cause it contains some explicit homosexual material , otherwise enjoy this story , i'll love to take any feedback or comments on ( mhmdshwky@netscape.net ) , so mail me your opinions

" Next to her cheap silicon I look minimal , that's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible , but you gotta know small things also count , better put your feet on the ground and see what it's about , so objection ......."

I knew it was wrong to sleep with Jeff while I'm in love with Ben , but I liked Jeff too much that I thought I really loved him and that with him I'll be over Ben but now I know I was wrong , anyway , let's get back to what happened next .

" oh man , how had you caught that cutie blonde ?? " said Nick

" he was the one that caught me , not the opposite " Jeff replied

" oh don't believe that sly fox , he was the one who caught me and begged me to do it with him " I said giggling

" oh yeah , I sure did " replied Jeff , " and I'll go through it all over again " he sang it giggling

We ended up laughing for ages , he was right , the guys are very cool about us , they actually congratulate us for our relationship , I wished I could tell Ben and Paul about us but at that time it sounded really so awful , I was afraid they may reject me knowing that I was gay , I was so naive , anyway , I asked Jeff to give me some time so that I can tell the boys about me and him , but he told me that if I was unsure about that we can keep it to ourselves but I told him that I wanted the whole world to know about us , so I'll be telling the guys tomorrow and with a kiss I said good bye and left to my hotel , to find a very worried Ben and mark .

" where the hell were you chris ? , we were so worried you might have been in  any problem , you said you're going shopping , but you've been out for at least 10 hours " said Ben in a very worried voice

" I was really shopping and then you won't guess who had I met there ? " I said

" who ? , Jennifer lopez ?! " Ben said mockingly

" no , not J.lo , Jeff Timmons " I said

" oh , no you didn't " said Mark

" you're not telling us you'd spent the entire day shopping with thee Jeff Timmons , oh my god !" said  Ben

" yes I did " I said mysteriously

Back then I didn't really know what was wrong with Ben , but I thought , he was jealous of my day with this great celeb , If only I knew that he was in love with me I could've given up the whole world for him , but we could've never read through future ,at this point Ben left suddenly leaving me alone with Mark.

" Mark , we made love " I said

" what ? , are you telling me that you and Jeff slept together " he said

" yes Mark we did , and we're having now a commitment " I replied

" but you'd only seen him today , do you think you're ready for that commitment or is it just a flip "

" no Mark , you knew I loved Ben , I still do but , he's not gay and we'll never be while I do love Jeff too and he's gay and he loves me" I said

" so , do you really love him ? " Mark asked in disbelief

" yes I do , he's cute , cool , funny , handsome , and he fucks really good , so he's every guy or girl fancy " I answered

" but is he yours ? " Mark wondered

" yes he is , now stop making me uncertain and tell me how to tell the guys " I said

" just go out and tell them , it's simple , I told you thousand times you oughta tell them , Jeff must have a great influence on you to convince you to come out to Paul and Ben , while I'm your best friend had failed to do that " he said

" he didn't , it's me , I wanna tell them , I wanna tell everybody that I love Jeff " I answered

Then I gathered everybody and told them that there's something really important that I wanna tell them right now , they all freaked out and came really quickly wondering what has gotten to the calm Christian that make him gather them all like this .

" hey Chris , what's up , bud ?" said Paul

" you scared the shit out of me , what is it ? " Ben asked

" sorry guys to get you like this but I'm sorry that I wasn't honest with you from the start , but I was just too scared to tell you guys , I was afraid that you might not want me anymore with you , I didn't tell this to anyone but mark , you know he's like a bro. to me " I said

" what is it chris ? " Ben asked

" I'm gay " I said

" I knew " Ben answered

" how did you ,I never told you that " I said

" I guessed it , guess my gaydar is good " said ben

" but why had you kept it from us  , you thought what ? , like we're two homophobic or something , I still likes you Chris , gay or not , you're one of us " said Paul

" thanks , bro. , I knew I could count on you  " I said

" I share Paul his opinion  and , I got something I wanted to say to you too , but first I wanna know what made you say that today " Ben asked

" because I slept with Jeff " I said

" huh ! " Paul exclaimed while Ben just ran away

" Ben , wait " I said as I ran after him , I found him in his room crying

" why are you crying Ben ? " I asked anxiously , the last thing I wanted to see is Ben crying , god he looked so sexy , so perfect , so sad , I wanted to kiss him more than anything else in the whole world but I couldn't do that , so I just hugged him tightly , but he pushed me strongly

" Ben , what is it ? " I demanded an explanation

" nothing , you really don't remember anything of last night ? " asked Ben

" no Ben , I was drunk , is it about last night ? , have I  done anything wrong " I asked

" no Chris , you didn't , I'm just annoyed that you didn't tell me before that you were gay  " Ben replied

" I'm sorry Ben , I was afraid that you might not wanna hang out with me anymore " I said in a very shameful voice , saying to myself " if you knew how much I love you Ben "

" congratulations Chris , I wish you good luck with Jeff , so when are we gonna meet the guy ? " Ben asked , I sensed some pain or grief in his voice but I just ignored it

" tonight , at dinner , I was supposed to dine with the 98 degrees tonight , so we'll expand it and will make it a meet the parents dinner " I giggled

By the night the guys were dressed waiting for me to come , Ben was wearing a black toxido that made him even sexier than he is ( if that is possible) on the other hand Paul was just wearing a mere suit with no tie on , he looked cool  Mark was wearing a red jacket and a leather pants and for me I was wearing the same suit I bought with Jeff today .

" objection I don't wanna be exception to get a bit of your attention , I love you for free , I'm not your mother but you don't even bother "

When I go back to that dinner I think how idiot I was , it was obvious but ?I was a fool , as soon as we reached the restaurant , and I led my eyes on Jeff I knew I loved that guy , but when I think of Ben I knew that he'll remain in my soul , in my heart forever , it's a mater of fact that Ben is my first crush , my first love but I have to move on , so when we were off with the introductions , we had a perfect dinner , it was great , Nick , Drew and Paul got along very good while Justin and mark were in another world talking about their high school crushes , while Jeff and I were playing toes under the table and giving one another looks that melted me and him as well , the only one that was not going along with us was Ben , oh what's wrong with that guy , he'd behaved strangely for 2 days , I was too concerned with Ben trying to hook him up with any one of the 5 guys sitting on that table , but he was too much closed on himself .

" what's wrong with your friend Ben ? " Jeff whispered

Before I could say anything , I was just screaming as I saw a blonde girl entering the dinning room " holy shit ! , Jessica simpson , what is this place a hotel for Celebes " I screamed

" oh , no it's not , Jessica 's here for me " Nick said to me as he turned to the great and beautiful Jessica simpson " oh Jess , you made it , what about your gig in New York ? " Nick asked

" I called it off , Nick , I wanted to spend Christmas with you here in the UK and I have to do the promotions to " sweet kisses " here as well and don't forget that we need to shoot the video for " where you are ? " so let your agent talk to mine , ok ? " she asked

" ok , mum " he giggled

" so , aren't you gonna introduce me to these lovely a1 guys ? " she asked

" oh , here's Paul , Chris , Ben and Mark " Nick said to Jessica then he faced us " as you all knew guys here's Jessica simpson , my girlfriend " he addressed us

" hi guys , I liked your single , it's cool , so what is your next step ? " she asked

" it'll be a new single called ( ready or not ) " I replied

" I'll be the first to buy it when it's out , so who is your man Jeff in all these lovely guys " she asked Jeff

" oh , you take a pick " he answered with a devilish look in his eyes

" ok , ummmm , I think he's Ben " she said looking to Ben and Jeff

" no , he 's Chris " he said

But at this point Ben just took off and ran away ,this time it was Paul who ran after him .

" was it something I said " Jessica asked

" no Jessica , Ben has been acting strangely for almost 2 days now , I think Paul will help him , don't worry " I said to her and I then added " but I think we should be going now , right mark ? " I asked mark

" no way , I 'm going , but you should stay with your boyfriend and have some quality time together , ain't it so ? " Mark said

" yeah mark , he will , won't you baby ? " Jeff asked me

" if it's what you want Jeff I'll love to stay the night with you " I answered

" are you kidding me , if that what I want ?! , no Chris it's not , I want to spend my lifetime with you , I wanna grow old with you , I wanna die with you " Jeff said giving me one of his long lovely looks

" I love you  Jeff " I said

" I love you too Chris " Jeff answered

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