hi here's chapter three of this  fictional story about the great guys of a1 and 98 degrees , as I said before that this is mostly a work of fiction and I don't really knew either of the 2 groups' members and i don't imply anything about their sexuality , if you are a minor or in any how offended by such a homosexual material just don't read this cause it contains some explicit homosexual material , otherwise enjoy this story , i'll love to take any feedback or comments on ( mhmdshwky@netscape.net ) , so mail me your opinions

" ok Chris , we're alone now , can you tell me what's wrong with you ? " Jeff said as he leaned on me and gave me a kiss on my forehead

" oh nothing Jeff , it's just that I'm so concerned about Ben , he's so depressed , I think he's missing his ex , but it was him who wanted the break-up , so this is pointless , I'm so confused , but I can't help thinking about him , you know this feeling , don't you ? " I asked him

" yes I knew it , god , if anything had happened to discourage either Nick , Drew or Justin , I'll be concerned , but we need to do something more than just sitting here with concerns , let's try to hook him up with any chick , I'm sure Nick or Jessica might knew someone good for Ben , let's ask them tomorrow , ok baby ? " he said to me

" ok baby " I said to him while saying to myself " oh my god , I hook Ben with someone else , I love him , but I'll do it for his happiness "

" ok honey , time for us to go bed , tomorrow is our gig with Mariah Carey , for the song " thank god I found you " so I'll use the sleep "

" oh no , not Mariah too , you guys happen to knew a lot of celebes  , you must introduce me to her , she's the best , I love her " I said

" how much ? " he said giggling

" oh you greedy , what do you have in mind ? " I asked

" ok , let's say , a blow job , right now , right here " he said

" no way , I thought you were supposed to get a nap , aren't you ? " I giggled

" so no Mariah Carey tomorrow , uha , what do you say ? " he asked laughing

" ok greedy bastard " I answered as I grabbed his pants down got his hard cock out and put it in my mouth very quick that he was surprised , I did quick and savage that he enjoyed every single second of it , first I licked the pre cum from the huge purple head of his member , then I took it all again in my mouth and started to suck on it as I was sniffing his pubic hair , it smelt like man smell , he was very clean ( thank god ) then when he was about to shoot his load I stopped for a sec and begin it all over again , I did this 3 times and in the fourth he begged me to let him shoot so I did and drank it all in my mouth I was like a vampire , thirsty for cum , he then leant on me giving my a full tongue kiss licking his way through my mouth tasting his own cum drove him wild that he grabbed me too close to him and he took my hard cock in his mouth started to kiss him and blow him until I came in his mouth too , we then hugged and slept together.

The next morning we got dressed , I went back to my hotel trying to catch my band mates while he went to rehears with Mariah and his mates .

" hot night " Mark asked

" excuse me " I played dumb

" don't gimme that innocent face , you spent the night there , oh my ! , oh my ! , the shy Chris had finally found love " he said

" stop it , stop it , you're making me feel like a 16 years old girl " I giggled

" ok , so was he good ? " he asked curiously

" curiosity killed that cat " I giggled

" come on tell me I'm your best mate " he said

" he's sooooooo good , relieved ? " I said

" no details ? " he said

" let's just drop it  , how's Ben ? , had you known what's wrong with him ? " I asked

" nothing he was just tired " he said in a strange voice that made me doubt he's keeping something from me

" what is it Mark ? , is Ben good ? , is he in trouble ? " I asked

" no Chris and you ought stop that or Jeff will be noticing this " he added

" stop what ? , you know that I'm over ben now , he just a mere friend , just like you and Paul " I said

" ok , let's put this off now , we need to do our Christmas shopping " he said

" oh I have a surprise for you , we will be doing the shopping this year with a surprise celeb , other than Jessica and the 98 degrees guys " I said

" gosh , this sounds like a dream holiday , who is it ? " he asked

" you say " I said

" ok , gimme a clue " he demanded

" she's american " I said

" fuck you Chris , there are like 1000 american She , gimme more " he demanded

" ok , she's a diva , in her 30 Th. , and I'm not saying any thing more " I said

" ok , is she Celine dion ? " he said

" no idiot , Celine is canadian " I answered

" gimme her initial " he asked

" ok it's " M " " I said

" Mandy moore " he said

" oh no this is hopeless , mandy is only 17 and I'm talking about a 30 years old woman , it's MARIAH CAREY " I sceamed

" OOOOOH no , Mariah , oh god , oh god , Chris I love you , you're the best , oh Mariah , oooh " he said , then he yelled in the guys " come out , Beeeen , Paaauuul , Chris is here and he's saying we're doing our shopping with Mariah Carey "

" WHAT ???? " Paul said as he came out of his room

" we're meeting her , Jessica and the guys in 30 minutes " I said

" are we talking about the same Mariah ? " Ben excitedly asked

" yeah " I said happy that I garbed his attention

He then smiled his sexy sweet smile his famous with and asked me " oh , my gosh , you think I should be dressed up or just wear something cool ? "

" oh Ben , you're cute and sexy in either , so do whatever you think you want to do " I said failing to hide my appeal towards him

" thank you Chris " he said while leaning on me giving me a kiss on my cheek it was a brotherly kiss but it set a fire in my body ," god why is he straight ?" I asked myself in pain .

We then all got dressed and went to the hotel where the guys were staying , we found Jessica waiting in the lobby .

" hi guys , hi Ben , I hope you're better today " she said

" yeah I'm , I mean we're meeting one of the greatest female divas , I can't wait to meet her " Ben said

" me too " Jessica added

" you mean , you've never met her before ? !" I exclaimed

" yeah , America is very big , and it never happened that me and her met and remember I'm not that famous , I'd only recorded one album " Jessica said

" yeah right , you're very famous even with only one album " said Mark

" thanx , that's sweet " as Jessica had finished her phrase Mariah was here , wearing a kinky over bra ( which she's very famous of ) , and a cool blue jeans that made her look very sexy , I said to my self " Ben , if you make it with her you'll be one of the luckiest guys on earth "

" hi guys " Mariah said and she added " hey , Jess , you looks very good "

" oh ,hi MRS. Carey " we all said at the same time

" oh , it's Mariah , Jeff which is your boyfriend ? , is he Ben or Chris ? " she asked

" it's that sweet blonde lil guy " Jeff said with a very proud tune

" nice choice " she said

" are you guys ready for the shopping " I asked

" sure let's just put on some caps and sunglasses and we'll all be ready " Mariah said then she added " though I think it'll be hard to disguise 10 Celebes in one place , so I think we should divided into groups as we reach the mall "

" ok that'll be great , so allow me to set the groups , me and Jeff and MArk will be together , while Nick , Jessica and drew will be together , Justin and Paul will be fine together , and that leave the lucky Ben with the hot Mariah , ok ? " I said

Everybody were ok with it , we then separated each group in a car as we agreed on meeting for lunch after 3 hours , I was glad that I hooked up Ben with Mariah , and I was very pleased for my time to be with the man I loved and my best friend . Time went by and it was almost 5 p.m. , we had to go back to meet the rest of the guys , I was on cloud number 9 when I saw Ben , he was very happy , his cheeks were red , at first I was happy but then I was jealous of Mariah , I thought they were in love and that my plans went right but then I told my self , I have to move on , not to dwell in it , Ben is straight , I have to accept it , and I have Jeff now , we all had our lunch and again we all separated , Mariah and Ben went to his and Paul room to show her his cds collection , while Paul , Justin , Mark and Drew went to see a movie , Nick and Jessica decided to do something they didn't say what it was , so that left me and Jeff alone , we agreed on doing some tour in my car , we then took off and while I was driving the car I said "  Jeff , do you think that Ben and Mariah are a fit ? "

" Yeah they are , they're both cute , good looking , famous , cool , so they're alike " he said

" yeah , you're right , I think that when it comes to Ben I became overprotective , I knew that , but he's just too young , innocent and inexperienced " I said trying not to be obvious about my crush on Ben

" ok let's just go back to your hotel and have some suimming  in the pool , ok ? " I asked him

" what about we have a shower instead " He said in a very kinky voice

" oh no MR. Timmons , I'm not gonna get in the shower with such a stud like you " I answered him with a kiss on his lips pushing my tongue in his mouth exploring everywhere in .

We then went to his room in the hotel to change our clothes to have a night in the disco with the guys , Mariah and Jessica , but instead of changing our clothes we ended up in bed , me on top of Jeff pushing his full 8 " in my hole which gave me more than pleasure ,  I moaned of ecstasy , he felt my happiness so he gave more to the thrust of his cock in my hole and each time he thrust in I give a groan or moan of ecstasy until we were caught in the bliss , he then said " ooooooh , I'm gonnnnna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum " and he exploded in my hole , " oh what a love we had " He said giving me a kiss after a minute of rest he got up and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck hard on it , he eased on it a sec and then get harder with it until I shot my cum in his mouth , we then laid in bed for a while and with a kiss he got me up and we both went to the bathroom , separately , took a shower then we went down to the restaurant where we met Maria and the rest of the guys , they were all there but Ben , I asked Mariah about him , she said " he won't make it to dinner because he needed some rest , we spent the whole eve talking with each others , then Mariah said " it's a wonder why you and Ben didn't make a thing "

"  what are you saying Mariah ? , Ben is straight " I said

" oh my gosh , you really didn't know " she said

" know what ? did he tell you anything ? " I asked

" he doesn't have to , it's obvious , I mean , he can't take his eyes of you , you too can't seem to do that " she said

" are you sure ? " I asked

" yeah , I am , I'm not saying that you and Jeff aren't a match but , you're obviously head over heals into Ben , I'm sorry if I revealed too much but you two guys seem too shy to work it out " she said

" excuse me , gotta go for a minute , Jeff sweety , I will be back in a minute " I said

" where are you going Chris " he asked

" to Ben's room in my hotel , I have to grab something from there " I answered

" this is pathetic and sardonic , it's sadistic and psychotic , tango is not for three was never meant to be "


I wish you like this chapter , I think the " Ben - Chris - Jeff " love triangle is on the verge of getting messy sorry my sex scenes aren't very hot but I just can't do better than that in the sex field , I wish I'll be better with time , send me ideas or comments on the Email mentioned above . ( RICK DANIELS )