hi here's chapter three of this  fictional story about the great guys of a1 and 98 degrees , as I said before that this is mostly a work of fiction and I don't really knew either of the 2 groups' members and i don't imply anything about their sexuality , if you are a minor or in any how offended by such a homosexual material just don't read this cause it contains some explicit homosexual material , otherwise enjoy this story , i'll love to take any feedback or comments on ( mhmdshwky@netscape.net ) , so mail me your opinions

" ...... but you can try it rehearse it , or train like a horse but don't you count on me , don't you count on me , boy "

" Ben , suit heart , I knew , I knew ........" I said breathlessly

" what had you known ? " he asked in a voice full of pain

" Ben , I love you , I loved you the first moment I met you , I 've been loving you for almost a year now , silently , Ben you're my dream , oh , Mariah told me you're gay , aren't you ? " I asked

" yes Chris , I'm gay , I didn't knew until I met you , so I left claries , I knew you were gay but , I never thought you loved me , so I kept it to myself until you slept with me while you were drunk and then the next day you came with Jeff as your boyfriend , why Chris ? , why are you toying with my emotions ? " he asked

" oh Ben , I was drunk , I didn't knew we had sex , oh god that's what made you upset all this time , oh Ben , I loved nobody else but you , oh lord , than you " I said

" and what about Jeff ? , you said you loved him ? , now you're caught in the middle of us , you have to make a choice Ben , either it's me or Jeff " he said

" Ben , I don't really remember that incident , I was totally drunk and I regret it " I said

" you regret sleeping with me " Ben said horrifically

" no Ben , I regret being drunk while doing it " I said

" OH Chris , I love you " Ben said as he leaned on me and gave me a kiss on my lips , he entered my mouth with his tongue exploring my mouth licking all the way to my throat but I broke the kiss

" Ben , I love you too but I need time to think it all through , I mean the last thing I need is being in a love triangle , I know I love you but this also involves Jeff , I have to think about him , I can't dump him this way " I said

" ok Chris you do whatever you think is right , I'll be completely cool about it " he said

" oh Ben , that's very sweet from you " I said

Oh good I was on top of the world but still there was that bitterness for leaving Jeff , he 's been good to me , I can't be mean to him so I put it off to next day and went to sleep , Next day I went to rehears with the guys then Jeff called and said he wanted to have lunch with me , I told him yes , and at 3 I went to him .

" hi Jeff " I said

" hi sweety , you look gorgeous , you look tired , come and grab a chair " he said

" thanx Jeff , there is something i oughta say it to you " I said

" no Chris , let me tell you something first " he said

" ok Jeff , go on " I said

" Chris , since the minute I led my eyes on you , I loved you , you lighted my life and gave me a reason to wake up every morning , Chris , will you marry me " he said

I was totally surprised and he took me by surprise with that polite proposal , I couldn't help but to say yes , so he was on cloud # 9 , I was shocked , the next thing I remember was Jeff gathering the 98 degrees guys along with a1 guys and announcing our engagement , at that point Ben was running in tears , but this time no one had followed him , I felt guilty and the word " tango is not for three was never meant to be " was in my head , Jeff then was wondering about what's wrong with Ben , I couldn't tell him anything , we were having our engagement party tonight in the hotel , with all our friends that knew we were gay , they were the 98 degrees guys , a1 guys , Jessica simpson , Mariah , our manger , his manger , and two of my old friends .

At night in the party , I thought that Ben won't make it , but he came for my shook with a date to my jealousy , and the worse thing was that this date was Justin , it was the first time for me to know that justin was gay , but I found out that Jeff knew that , I was very sad seeing Ben hugging , kissing and dancing with Justin and me with Jeff , this was it I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to tell Jeff about me and Ben .

" Jeff , I love Ben , I'm sorry , I can't marry , you , I'm sorry Jeff " I said


ok , that's it for today I wish you like my story , if so drop me an Email , if not tell me why you don't like it , no sex scene today but I promise there'll be in the next one .