I shivered at the thought of me telling Jeff this , but I had to , even though it broke his heart but , the sooner the better , that is my opinion now but back then , I was very miserable that Jeff was very furious , he said that I made him believe that I loved him , he said that I'm a cheater and that he don't wanna see my face again and he left the place , leaving me to the eyes of all the guests , his band mates followed him then Jessica came and consoled me a little and then left after that Mariah left too , now when I'm alone with the a1 guys I told Ben that I loved him .

" Chris , I fell for you and ended up in trouble , then you fell for me and I ended up again in trouble , I'm tired of being in trouble , it's just not worth it "
Ben said

" Oh Ben , I love you , I dumped Jeff for you , Ben please be my man " I asked him

" no Chris , I'm with Justin now , and you made your choice this morning , sorry Chris let's just remain friends and mates " Ben said

" but Ben I left Jeff for you , Ben what about us ? " I asked

" Chris there is no us , accept it " Ben said

" oh Ben " I said as I ran away


A year now had passed since my conversation with Ben , we remained as he wanted mates but the friends part wasn't even existed , lovers can never be friends , unless their love's gone and mine is still filling my heart , during this year we had our second and third singles out , then we had our debut album
( here we comes ) which went platinum in the UK , now we were having our new single out from our second forthcoming album , ( take on me ) , our version of that old song ,I still can't forgive Ben what he did to me , I envy him too for having Justin who was very good to me , he tried to ease me , by not making me feel that he stole my man , he tried to hook me up with a lot of guys he knew but I refused , for me it was always Ben , meanwhile Mark was having it with his new mysterious girlfriend , so it was only me and Paul that still single , I oughta tell that me and Paul were never a friends but these days we'd became more to bros. , he was great handling my pain , he made me laugh again ,if it wasn't for him I was to be dead by now .

We were sitting this day writing and making themes for our new album  , it was only me and Paul sitting there alone writing love songs when I turned to Paul .

" Paul , what do you think is wrong in me ? , am I not sexy ? , not handsome ?
is there a sign on my forehead saying DUMP ME , or what ? " I asked

" no Chris , you're very sexy , you're the most handsome guy among us , and you're funny , you're cool , you'll soon find the right one for you , it's a matter of time " he said

I didn't tell him that during these days we spent together , I loved him , yes I did , I know that some of you may say that this is a crush not love but at this time I didn't care , avoiding to do the same mistake I did with Ben , I leant on Paul giving him a kiss on his lips , oh my god , he kissed me back , we stayed like that for quite a time then he broke the kiss saying " Chris , this is wrong , I wanted to do this but I'm not even gay , and I don't wanna be , Chris I can't help it , loving you , but I won't be sleeping with you "

" Paul , I love you , I want you to make love to me but I can live with the fact that you'll never do it , just let me love you " I said

" no Chris , this is wrong , promise me you won't do it again , I knew you still loves Ben , and I'm not gay , so let's not make it worse than it is and let's focus on our new album , ok baby ? " he asked

" Ok , Paul but don't leave me alone , just stay with me as a friend " I said

" I'll never ever walk down on you , so , let's finish this song " He said

Meanwhile Ben was having the time of his life with Justin , the guys were having some kind of a break , so Justin was here to stay a long time this one  and this really hurt me but I stood tough as long as I could .

Three weeks later , Justin dumped Ben , he was in pain , the same pain he put me in a year ago , but this time Justin left Ben to Jeff , I think Jeff had his revenge from Ben and restored his gone with the wind pride , for me it was my chance for happiness , I had to take it , but I didn't , I could never forget the past year and the pain I endured , no Ben , I can never forgive you  , we're never gona be as you said before.

" objection I don't wanna be exception , to get a bit of your attention , I love you for free and I'm not your mother , objection the angles of this triangle , got dizzy dancing tango , so I'm falling apart in your hands again , no way , I got to get away , get away , get away "

And the song was over .


I think this is an open ending which I hate to let it open  so I'll be making part two continuing this story , mail me with opinion please , see you in part two