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})i({ Chapter 2 })i({

    I awoke to the sound of the shower running. I heard the showerdoor open and close and then the water turn off. I sighed and looked at the clock on the night stand it said 11:00 AM. I groaned and got out of bed, I walked to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Nicky can I come in?" I asked him.

"Just a minute," I heard the muffled answer. You see Nicky and I have seen each other naked lots of times but not by our own will, since we have been together. We have been together for about 8 months. I know your all thinking we should have made love a long time ago but Nicky is a virgin and he asked to wait for his wedding night weather it be with me or (god forbid) someone else. We had been off the tour for about 2 weeks, we had about 3 weeks before we had to start writing and playing around with melodies and songs for the next album.
    The door opened to the bathroom and I saw Nicky in his forest green bathrobe with shaving cream on his chin and upper lip. I smiled at the sight. Seeing him shave brought back interesting memories I had been the one to teach him to shave we had been on our european tour and he was 17. He must have cut himself a dozen times, the poor guy. Once he finally got it he did a good job, now he rarely cut himself. I smiled and hopped on the bathroom counter so I was sitting there watching him.
    I started thinking about my son it seemed so weird to say that, my son. I wondered if he looked like me. I was started to fall into my thoughts more and more. My baby must have realized because when he finished shaving he looked at me and noticed my brow creasing and my mouth frowning, I did that when I was deep in thought. I felt Nicky gently kiss my lips. This brought me from my thoughts I smiled into the kiss and gently kissed him back. When we broke apart Nick questioned me with his eyes.

"What will it be like?" I wondered aloud. Nick moved to stand between my legs and hugged me laying my head on his shoulder.

"Sweety I love you and if this kid is anything like the sweet, caring, loveable, cute, nice, friendly man you are then everything will be fine." He said rubbing my back lightly. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks but since I had my face nuzzled into the crook of Nicky's neck he couldn't see me.

"What if he doesn't like me?" I asked , I really was scarred that he wouldn't like me.

Nick sighed," Like I said I love you and if this kid is anything like the sweet, caring, loveable, cute, nice, friendly man you are then everything will be fine." I had to smile at that, my baby always knew how to cheer me up.

Nick pulled me off the counter, pulling me out of the hug. He pushed me toward the shower and smacked my butt. "Go take a shower stinky."

I laughed and looked at Nicks retreating form."Oh, and another thing," he started, walking into the bedroom,"Stop looking at my ass."

    I chuckled, it was true I was looking at his ass. I turned and closed the bathroom door before striping. I turned on the shower and made sure it was the right temperature before getting in.


I sighed as I walked into the closet and got some clothes to wear. I wasn't sure what to think about Kevy having a son. I wondered if he would tell the public. But most of all I was scared of what it would be like to have a son. I mean he was 4 years old, had a recently deceast mother, and a famous bi-sexual father who happens to love and live with his gay band mate. That was a lot to deal with, especially for a little boy.
    I sighed and reached for my favoriot baseball jersey and a pair of jeans. I laid them on the bed and went to the dresser for boxers. I heard the shower stop and smiled as I thought of my Boo Boo in the shower. It was true I was still a virgin and wanted to wait I just wanted it to be so perfect. I knew I was going to be with Kevin the rest of my life so I wanted our first time to be romantic.
Boo Boo came out of the shower in his bathrobe it matched mine except it was dark blue. I grabbed my clothes and kissed Boo Boo.
    I walked into the bathroom and set my clothes on the vanity.I smiled when I saw the last remains of shaving cream in the sink. ~ 'No wonder Kevy's cheek was so smooth' I thought. ~ I looked in the mirrior at myself, the tie on my robe was slowly undone by my fingers. I slipped the robe from my sholders and watched it fall to the ground. I stared at myself in the mirror. I wasn't that bad looking was I? Sure my arms were to skinny and my stomach wasn't like a washboard. I looked at my legs, chicken legs. My feet were too big and thighs were to big. My face was to fat and my head was too big. I sighed and shook my head. How could Kev love me I was so ugly, he must think I'm a whale. I am overweight, I should go on a diet. Yeah! Thats what I'll do, a diet.


I smiled as Nicky kissed me on the cheek. I walked to the closet and fished around for clothes, finally deciding on a pair of khaki's a white wife beater and a sleeveless basketball jersey. I quickly got dressed and pulled some socks out of the dresser. As I was finishing putting them on Nicky came out of the bathroom. I smiled and pulled him into my lap. He giggledadn wrapped his arms around my neck and shoulders.

"I love you." He said kissing my nose.

I chuckled and kissed him. When we broke apart I hugged him and whispered in his ear, "I love you too."

He smiled and asked, "Sweety are we going to tell the guys soon?"

"I started thinking about that in the shower, but I want to hear your opinion."

"I think we should tell your mom, the the guys, then managment." He stated playing with my hair.

I smiled. "Thats what I was thinking."

"Sweety, I... I'm going to tell my parents." My baby stated, looking at the floor and droping his hands into his lap."

I smiled and hugged him close, cradleing him like a small child. "I love you sweety and your parents do to. Have they ever said anything that is mean towards homosexuals, bisexuals, or lesbians?"

Nicky thought a minute then quietly answered; "No."

I smiled, "Well there ya go."

Nicky got off my lap and walked down stairs. I finished putting my socks on, then grabbed my shoes, and followed him. When I got down stair's I saw my babay making a bagel. I smiled and made one also. Later we were siting on the back porch eating our bagels and some fruit salad and coffee when I spoke up.

"Nicky I was thinking, I think that I should make a room for Tyler." I said sipping my luke-warm coffee.

"I think thats a good idea." I smiled at my baby's answer.

"I want to paint his room and get furniture and toys." I stated.

"Why don't after breackfast we go furniture and room shoping?"

"Room shoping?" I asked

"Like wall paper or paint, a ceiling fan stuff like that." Nick said squinting as the sun fell in his eyes.

I smiled and finished my coffee.


    I collapsed in a heap on the floor. Kev and I had just finished painting Tylers room. We both had wanted the same color Blue. we laughed at the fact that it was the exact same shade.(an: This color or sky blue ) The room was the closest room to Kev and mines. I twas the second biggest Bedroom and it had a huge closet, a bay window and a balcony. We knew that Ty ler was too young to have the balcony but we also knew he would appreciate it when he was older. To prevent him from going out on it we padlocked it. We went furniture shopping and baught him a queensize bed with the most beautiful wood frame. we baught that size so we could keep the frame. We also baught a hand made dresser and rocking chair, 2 night stands, a desk and a table for a tv. We baught the matresses and a sofa and chair and a desk chair. Tomarrow we were going to go shoping for bed sheets and toys and lamps and all the other stuff. Then on Thursday (the day after tomarrow) the furniture was being delivered in the morning and Tyler was going to be here just barely in time for dinner.
    I rolled over to my side and looked at Kevin. I laughed when I saw him, he had paint on his nose and right cheeck, along with in his hair streaks down his front and legs. This made Boo Boo turn and look at me.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked.

"You!" I laughed out.

    Kevy rolled over on to his knees and started to tickle me. I was giggling like crazy, when out of no where i feel lips on mine and a tonge on my own. I stoped laughing and closed my eyes. I wrapped my arms around Boo Boo's neck and shoulders eventually runing one hand to the small of his back and in his hair. The kiss was Amazing it started off slow but became an intense dueling of tounges. Before I knew it, it was a full on make-out session.
    My hands, had started roaming however they were now squeezing Boo Boo's butt. I sighed and broke the kiss. Kev opened his eyes and looked down at me wondering why I broke the kiss. I giggled and removed my hands from his butt. He laughed when I did. He looked down into my eyes and I could feel the love. I smiled and he gave me a light, sweet kiss with no tounge.

"I love you Nicholas Gene Carter." Kevin said while smiling at me.

"I love you too Kevin Scott Richardson," with that I leaned up and kissed him.

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