This story contains graphical descriptions of homosexuality between consenting adult males. If this is not your desire to read such kind of articles, or you are not of consenting age in wherever you are residing, please do not continue.

This story is written completely based on fantasies. The author does not know, or own, the celebrities, establishments, cities or countries mentioned in the story, hence has no knowledge on the sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. It is of pure coincidence if the story should resemble any real life experience of any individual.

Classification: RPS AU
Catergory: Drama
Part: 1 & 2 of 2 (Completed)
Series: None
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jeff/Drew
Copyright: © 2002 Jasper Jeff
Author Notes: There's unprotected oral sex in this story. That's for the drama of the story, whereas in the real world even oral sex needs to be safe.
Summary: He wanted so badly to get to know his new neighbor, until that friday night...

Inspiration: "Trick" featuring the wonderfully attractive J.P. Pitoc & adorable Christian Campbell. (Yeah, I know I've watched the movie way too many times. But it indeed is a sweet movie that I can't get enough of.)

Dedication: J.P. Pitoc & Christian Campbell
To Lee - for continuing "Tamed" and that makes me happy.
To Drew - who wrote "This Gift"
To Rin - for disallowing me to gang up on him with the others

Perfect Neighbor

Part 1

I was nervous and a little disappointed.

Nervous because my friends were forcing me to a strip club tonight, in the name of me moving into a new apartment and my upcoming birthday which would be the month after next. Although I came out rather early when I still was in high school, seldom did I go to clubs or bars let alone strip clubs. Truth was, I've never been to one. Josh, my best friend in the world, knew about it. But he was helping the others, determined to embarrass me. I swore that he would pay for this later.

I moved into the new place on a sunday afternoon. It got late when I was done with unpacking and ready to get in bed. Probably because I was too tired, I overslept about half an hour the following morning. As I was rushing out of the apartment building, I ran into the most beautiful specimen of the male species.

This guy looked to be in his mid to late twenties, about five feet eight, short brown hair, attention-catching blue eyes, perfect physique. He was in a pair of tight running shorts, showing off that tight muscular butt. It looked like he was back from some running, since he had his tank top taken off and was wiping sweats from his face with it. He had a set of perfectly formed smooth pectoral muscles topped with small, pointed, delicious looking nipples. There was a tattoo on his chest and I was trying to take a good look at it.

I had to be staring. The guy cleared his throat, looked at me and smiled. He said "Morning," then walked past me to the elevators.

I was absolutely, unbelievably embarrassed. Second day in the new apartment and I was caught drooling over a neighbor - a mostly like straight neighbor. And that smile of his gave me goose bumps all over. He almost had me creaming in my pants with that sexy smile of his. They should made it against the laws to have guys that sexy.

Anyway, I felt guilty for being about forty-five minutes late for work. Even though my boss was a very easy-going divorced woman, I decided to work late somehow to compensate for being late. I got home around seven that evening. Still thinking of what I would have for dinner, I didn't realize I was walking without watching. I bumped into someone solidly built as I was heading into my apartment building. Looking up, and I saw the same guy from that morning. He had on him a plain A&F sleeveless and a pair of torn old jeans.

"Be careful." He gave me another smile and walked off.

Bumping into this sex god and having him smiled at me again was enough to send me to a blissful coma. I could still smell his cologne from the brief contact. At that moment, I decided desperately that I needed to find out who this guy was, and most importantly whether he was gay and single.

So every morning afterwards, I intentionally left for work late. It was bad to be constantly late for work, so I was working an extra hour every night to lessen my own guilt. With this new office schedule, I ran into this guy every morning and evening. We would say hi to each other. He would give me that dazzling smile and I would try my best not to faint from over-excitement there in the lobby.

A few more days of this, and I would be brave enough to ask for his name and maybe make some small talks. So, I was disappointed for missing the chance to see him that night because of Josh.

I swore that I would make Josh pay for this.

I was waiting for Josh on the sidewalk in front of my office building. Usually I drove to work, but since Josh insisted that I needed to be drinking that night, I made Josh to be the DD for me. We were meeting up some others for dinner. But since only Josh, Denis, Ted and me were gay, the others wouldn't be joining us at the club after dinner.

On the way to dinner, Josh gave me a briefing on the etiquette of a gay strip club.

"The waiters - you can tip them, but no touching or groping. The dancers - tip them, touch them, feel them up. No groping, and no touching at the crotch. There're isolated rooms for private dances. You can name a price for everyone working there to give you a private dance. Generally, that ranges from 200 and up, but it's not a must for them to take up the offer. So the higher the price, the easier you get a dance. Any question?"

"Can I go home after dinner?"

"What's going on in that head of yours, Drew?!" Josh slapped my head playfully. "This would be fun! Sometimes, you need to put down your inhibition and be wild. You're too young to stay home on a friday night!"

"I like being home with my books."

"Honey, that's why you haven't got a date in ages. Now, stop whining and let's enjoy the night."

I knew there was no use in arguing with Josh when he was hitting his party mood, so I just sat there thinking about my beautiful neighbor not muttering another sound.

The strip club was dark, like any other clubs. We sat at a table a little off the side from the main stage. Shirtless guys were everywhere. Most of them being the waiters, others were the dancers. The waiters were in tight pants and dancers in shorts only. They all have their names written with some kind of marker on their shoulder blade. I assumed that was for people calling them for private dances. And probably for the same reason why those dancers were on the floor going around but not preparing at the back. Everyone just wanted to make more money.

Denis and Ted were having a good time themselves enjoying the show. The dancers danced quite well, but I wasn't paying much attention. My mind was still fixed on my neighbor. He was going out every night in very casual clothing. It didn't seem like he was going out for dates the way he dressed. Where could he be going?

I glanced around those half naked bodies around me and decided if my neighbor worked in this club, he would be the hottest guy around.

As soon as that thought came up, I saw a dancer who looked exactly like my neighbor. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. No, I was not hallucinating. It was my hot neighbor there in flesh!

I kept looking at my neighbor and at the same time trying to keep up with the conversation at my table. It was rather difficult to do so. Just the sight of my neighbor there almost naked was enough to distract me from anything else. I saw the name at his back saying "Jake".

However when Jake walked into a better lit spot, I began to doubt if he was really my neighbor. The tattoo on his chest wasn't there now. Could there be two people who looked so much alike? I could swear that they even have the same body and same smile. Could Jake and my neighbor be twins?

It seemed like I was concentrating on this Jake too much to realize how much beer I was giving myself. Nature called and I excused myself from the table to relief my bladder in the toilet.

When I came out of the men's room, I noticed a row of doors on at the back of the club right outside of the men's room. I believed those were the private rooms that Josh was telling me earlier. Curiosity rose and I took a turn to pass the front of the doors before heading back to our table.

Suddenly the door closest to the bathroom swung open, and a strong muscular arm reached out to me pulling me inside.

I was thrown onto a big sofa on my back. The guy who pulled me inside climbed on top of me before I had a chance to see who it was. The weight on me told me that it was quite an impressive mass of muscles on me.

The guy had his cheek rubbing against mine and he whispered into my ears, "Your friends paid me a thousand to give you a private dance. Sit back, relax and enjoy it."

Then he pulled himself away. In a flash, before I could get a look of how this guy looked like, he turned his back to me and bent down to slide off his shorts, slowly and seductively. There he was giving me this great view of his incredible tight butt in merely a thong. I could only tell that he had a hot body.

The guy rose up and turned around simultaneously. Finally showing his face, I gasped in both shock and delight.

It was Jake.

Part 2

To say the least, Jake was dancing all over me. He would rub his hot, muscular body against mine. The heat from his body passed onto mine. Suddenly, the room felt like the inside of an oven.

Not knowing the proper way to react, I just sat there on the sofa and let Jake do what he was paid to do. I had a hard time keeping my hands to myself. It took a hell lots of self-restrain not to reach out and touch that beautiful and willing body.

A couple of minutes into this, Jake got aggressive. He took my hands and guided them over his chest. Slowly, he moved my hands down to his abs, then on his hips and around to his butt. His skin was burning against my palm. Hot, smooth skins over tight bulging powerful muscles. I didn't even realized I was already panting heavily from the excitement. This man surely was good with his job.

Jake brought my right hand up to his face, and sucked two fingers into his mouth getting them wet. Then he took those fingers, traced his jawline down his Adam's apple. Down his collarbone... Down his chest... And finally stopped at his left nipple. We both moan at the contact - he just let it out loud while I tried to suppress mine. It seemed there was electricity going through my fingers from his nipple.

I could see that Jake's cock was bulging hard and trying to break free of his thong's confine. Raw passions were shown in his blue eyes clouding with lust. Grabbing both of my wrists, he slided down on my body until his face was in front of my crotch. What his next move was became clear to me.

Using his skilled mouth and teeth, Jake had my jeans opened and pulled them down to mid-thigh along with my brief in less than no time. With his simulating body dance earlier, I was already hard. He looked up to my eyes and licked his lips. That alone almost had me cumming instantaneously.

Without further ado, Jake plunged down on me. I almost screamed but thankfully I didn't. He simply held it there with me completely engulfed. Then he started alternating to tighten and release his throat muscles causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through my whole body. It felt so good that I almost passed out from the beatitude.

I didn't know what it was - his fantastic foreplay dance, his never-seen before oral milking skills or my complete lack of sex in these several years - I came long and hard before I could even warn Jake. He didn't seem to mind at all though.

Jake released me from his wonderful mouth and moved up facing me again. I could smell myself in his mouth with him only inches away. He whispered again, "You're really something. Hope you've enjoyed the dance."

Abruptly, Jake pushed himself away from the sofa and put his shorts back on. He licked his lips again and gave me a satisfying smile before turning to leave the room.

I pulled my jeans back on and waited a minute to catch my breathe before heading out. My knees were still threatening to give out on me when I reached our table. The guys didn't seem to notice I was gone for longer than necessary.

A round of applause came up and there was a dancer dressing up as fireman on the stage, ready to start his performance.

"This fireman guy is the hottest number in here." Ted leaned over and yelled over the cheering and applause.

When I looked, it turned out to be Jake.

I was right about his eligibility of being the hottest guy in the club.

Jake's dance was quite memorable to say the least. Though I haven't been paying much attention to the other dancers, I could tell that he was into the show the most. With every step and every twist and every swing, Jake showed off his magnificent body without holding back. Each move of his was powered by pure sexual energy.

Maybe I was looking too hard, 'cause I thought Jake stared in my direction, gave me a wink and put up a ultra-sexy grin. He gave me an instant hardon, again.

After his performance, Jake went backstage and we resumed our conversation. However, my mind couldn't focus on the subject being discussed. Instead, it seemed to drift back and forth between Jake and my neighbor. It wasn't easy to tell if they were indeed two different people. Jake was confident of his sex appeal while my neighbor was a little on the shy side. Yet, the face, the hair, the eyes, the pecs, the body and the smile were like cloned from one onto the other - except for the tattoo. The only possible explanation would be them being twins.

Probably I was too deep in my thoughts, Josh gave me a gentle push to pull me back to reality. I heard another performance starting.

"Was he good?" Josh asked.

"Huh?" Puzzled I was.

"That fireman dancer."

"Yeah, he's a great dancer."

"No, Drew! I was talking about the private dance he gave you."


"I saw you came out from that room after he did. And you kept saying you're not into this kind of shit."

Wait a minute... It didn't seem right. Josh was talking like he didn't know about the private show. "I really ain't into this. He dragged me into the room!"

"Yeah, right... And he gave you a free show forcing you to watch." Josh snickered. "Do you know how much that guy makes for one private section of five minutes? He won't dance if you aren't paying at least a thousand. If you don't wanna tell us the details, that's fine. Just don't take me for a fool."

Josh was a little pissed off which I couldn't blame him. If Jake was such a piece of high-priced hot meat around, I wouldn't believe myself neither. With the way Josh spoke, I was pretty sure that they didn't pay Jake for the show. Then why did Jake said it was paid by my friends?

I moved closer to Ted, and asked in a whisper, "Do you know what the dancers do in a private show."

Ted gave me a strange look like he was judging whether I was thinking of getting one. Then he grinned and said, "Well, they usually do a lap dance for you. If they like you, or how much you're paying, they may get completely naked. They may even allow you to touch the family jewels if you're nice enough."

"No... sex?" I stammered.

Ted laughed. "Hey man, we're in a mid-class strip club of the city. They're selling dance, not men. The owner here has a rule for the staff and customers - no sex in the club. If you wanna bang one of the dancers, you'll have to arrange it yourself at some place else. I can take you to some sleazy joints next time if that's what you need."

Okay, I was even more confused then.

Walking up to my apartment building, after Josh dropped me off, I was recalling a few facts I learned that night. Josh, Denis and Ted didn't pay for the private dance. The club didn't approve their staff having any sex of any kind in those private rooms. Jake and my neighbor looked too much alike. And Jake swallowed - a thing I didn't expect someone to do when that someone wasn't my lover. I was trying to figure out what adding up these few things could imply.

Then I saw something which stopped me from any rational thinking.

There was Jake leaning on the wall next to the building's entrance. He was wearing a checkered sleeveless shirt, all buttons undone. I could see the reflection of light from the perspiration gathering on his exposed chest. Looking down at his own feet, he seemed to be uncertain of himself. This man looked stunning every time I saw him.

Jake noticed my presence. He walked up to me, giving me another intoxicating smile of his. Suddenly, I wondered if he really was my neighbor or not. There was no way he could know I lived there except for the possibility that he just stalked me or he lived there as well. Or was it a fake tattoo I've been seeing these days?

"What're you doing here, Jake?" I asked, a bit nervously.

"I was... mmm... waiting for you." He said, a little sheepishly. "I... I forgot to ask your name."

It seemed a little strange for him to want to know my name. Wasn't this against their professionalism in which the client should be anonymous? But I simply said, "Drew. Everyone calls me Drew."

"Listen Drew, my name isn't Jake. It's only an alias I use at the club. I'm Jeffrey, or Jeff for most people." He said apologetically.

"Jeff, huh? So how did you find out I live here?" I should be worrying, but I felt a little excited as well. He was telling me his real name. Would that mean he wanted to know me in a more personally level?

"I live here, Drew! We see and greet at each other every morning and evening this whole week. I have the hots for you." Jeff said, kind of bemused.

"You... have the hots for me?" I asked, amazed.

"I do. Why else do you think I was practically throwing myself all over you at the club? There's a rule of no sex in the club. They'll fire my ass off if what I've done is found out. From the way you're looking at me all these times, I can swear you want me too." Jeff sounded like a defeated warrior - once proud and confident, but turned weary. "Ok, I get it... You now know what I do for a living and feel I don't worth your attention anymore. Damn it! I shouldn't have given you that blowjob but I wanted you so bad. Now I feel like a whore."


"What?!" Jeff half yelled. He didn't know I was too stunned to react and he was taking my shocked state of mind as a sign of rejection. But I learned something, he wasn't as cocky a person as he appeared to be in the club.

"You have the hots for me..." I was repeating and acting like an idiot. That definitely didn't help the situation.

"Don't you try to humiliate me more than you've already done." Jeff's feeling was hurt. He turned and was about to leave.

"I fancy you. Never would I've thought that you like me too." There, I said it out loud.

Jeff turned, looking at me. There was a glimpse of hope in his eyes but he wasn't fully convinced of what I just said. "You do?"

"I swear I do." Walking the few steps towards Jeff, I said, "Sorry for acting like a jerk. But I was taken by surprise and wasn't sure if you were the same guy I've been seeing these few days."

"Why would you think so? Do I look different?"

"It's the tattoo." Pointing to his chest. "You don't have the tattoo that I so badly want to have a good look at. I thought you were someone else - like a twin or something."

Jeff smiled like I was finally making sense to him. "It's the makeups." He reached up and rubbed his chest where the tattoo was. The makeups started to thin out and I saw something black underneath. "They won't hire anyone with tattoos. So I have it covered whenever I work."

"You really have the hots for me?" I asked again, still not fully believed in my ears.

"Yes and stop repeating what I've said. It's true but embarrassing. How many times do I have to tell you before you'll believe in me?"

"It's hard to understand why a perfect guy like you find me appealing."

"Just consider that you're my dream type." Jeff relaxed and smiled. His face was sweet like sugar and the smile on his thin sensuous lips was making my knees tremble. I would need some place to sit down if I was going to carry out this conversation with him smiling all the time.

"I wanna grab a coffee around the corner. You want something?" I suggested.

"Only if that means I get a date with you this weekend."

"I thought you'd never ask."

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