Author: Zarah

Rating: R

Pairing: Lance Bass/Joey Fatone, JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake

Note: At first, I wanted to write a pure Jo/La story, just because the plot seemed to fit way better. And then I started to write, and well... I just can't stay away from Joshtin. So it's become both now.

Summary: Wherein Joey should be locked in the kitchen, JC isn't ticklish while he's sleeping, Justin has grooves engraved in his skin, Lance recognizes a crush when he sees it and Chris thinks that Joey and Lance would look great together.

Disclaimer: It's true. I paid a lot of money to install exactly 21 camcorders all over the *NSYNC house. They recorded everything that was going on. Yep. - You don't believe me? But it would have been nice, right? But sadly, I don't know, own or imply anything in this story. Well, not much.


"What's he doing?" Justin was watching Joey out of the corner of his eyes

JC, shuffling through some music magazines, glanced at the Italian. "Looks like he's buying groceries, isn't it?"

"Why's he buying groceries?"

"Said something about having to get the ingredients for what he wants to cook."

The blonde shook his head. "Joey doesn't cook."

JC shrugged. "Only when he wants to impress someone."

"Only when he wants to get laid." Justin pulled a face.

Chris, having heard part of the conversation, joined them. "It's only us five this evening. *NSYNC only. No guests."

"Lance is part of *NSYNC." Still lost in an article about some new jazz singer, JC wasn't really paying attention to his two band mates.

"Yeah, so?"

"Lance is there, too, this evening." The brunette stated.

Chris frowned. "Lance is... Oh. I forgot."

Justin grimaced. "I wish I could take back my 'when he wants to get laid' comment."

JC finally decided to get the magazine and looked up. "So do I."

"Why?" Chris watched them with interest. "I think it would look great."

"Excuse me?"

"Hey, I'm talking about the aesthetic aspect here. You know, the contrast between them. Dark and light. It would look good."

"Yeah. Maybe it would."

"I still won't try to imagine it."


Justin was staring at the TV screen, his lips slightly parted. "He didn't really say that, did he?"

JC tugged at Justin's earlobe. "I'm afraid he did."

Lance, sitting on the floor and leaning against their legs - Justin's left and JC's right one -, shook his head. "That's impossible."

"Maybe it's actually a comedy show and we didn't know because we didn't see it from the beginning?" Justin leaned his head against the back of the couch, not caring in the slightest bit about what JC was doing.

"No, it's a quiz show." Studying Justin's ears closely, the brunette was leaning in now.

"That was my only hope, Josh. Did you have to shatter it?"

JC came even closer, nuzzling Justin's cheek and ear. "Sorry."

"'s okay. I just refuse to believe that someone's answer to 'What's the name of the organ that is responsible for most of the blood transport in our bodies?' could be..."

"...spleen!" JC and Lance chimed in.

Lance started humming the melody of Tearing Up My Heart, after a moment, Justin started beatboxing along with him, therefore adding the rhythm. JC began tapping his fingers on Justin's thigh along with the beat, then, when hearing his cue from Lance, started the song, the other two soon joining him.


"Why are they singing 'It's tearing up my spleen when I'm with you, but when we are apart, I feel it, too?'"

Joey glanced up, shrugged. "How would I know?"

Being the one who had drawn the shortest straw, Chris was condemned to help Joey prepare the pizza in the kitchen while Justin, JC and Lance were puttering in the living room watching TV. Chris finished cutting his mushrooms, then strolled over to peer through the door into the next room where the singing had stopped. For a while, he watched his three band mates talking animatedly, then he turned around, shaking his head.

"Take perfection and multiply it by three. What do you get?"

"Lance, JC and Justin." The answer came without any hesitation, let alone thinking.

"Does it ever bother you?"

Joey stopped kneading the dough and looked up. "That they're perfect? No. Why? Does it bother you?"

Chris thought for a moment. "No. It might if they were trying to act superior, but I don't think they even know how perfect they are, so that's not likely to happen."

"If they were trying to act superior, they wouldn't be perfect." Joey pointed out, eyes skimming over the recipe.


There was silence for a moment, Joey was busy with the dough, Chris was watching the three men in the living room, then the silence was disturbed by Chris quiet exclamation.

"Whoa, JC's molesting Justin."

"What's he doing?" For the first time since he had started cooking, Joey's attention was fully on Chris.

"Caressing his thigh and kissing his cheek."

"And that's molesting? JC does that all the time to Justin. We do that all the time to Justin. Justin's the baby, after all. The one we're always hugging and touching."

"Yeah, but..." Chris shook his head. "Not like that."

"Like what?"

"Like... Well, I can't remember kissing Justin on the cheek and looking as if I'm either in seventh heaven or about to come in my pants."

Recipe forgotten, Joey joined Chris at the door. A low whistle left his throat. "Holy shit. JC's molesting Justin and Justin doesn't even notice."

"Told you so."

"Hey, we should spread pictures of JC having an orgasm in the magazines. From what he looks like right now, I'd say that the little teenyboppers would love that."

"Their parents wouldn't. Besides, how would we get a picture of JC having an orgasm?"

"We could ask Justin to strip."

Chris pulled a face. "I don't think so. I don't want to think of the baby doing a striptease in front of JC. That's just wrong."

"Why? Justin's got a great body. We've seen it lots of times."

"Yeah, but I've never seen him doing a striptease. Some of us are still straight, so have some merci, please."

Joey turned to look at Chris. "And I'm not?"

"If it weren't for your crush on Lance, I'd say you were."

"You think JC's got a crush on Justin?"

Chris grinned. "Isn't that obvious? - By the way, smooth change of topic, Fatone."

"I try."


"Joey, that was good."




"Didn't know you could cook like that."

"Didn't know you could cook at all."

"You should do that more often."

"Like every day."


"Let's forget about our deal with McDonald's."

"Sounds good."

"Can we lock Joey in the kitchen for the next few years?"

"Some people might notice that we're one member short."

"Sorry, Johnny, but we have to do it without Joey from now on, he's become our personal cooking slave."

"That might not go very well."

"It would be worth it."

"It definitely would."

"Oh yes."

It wasn't that Joey didn't appreciate the praise he got. But it was Lance's smile that made the hour he had spent in the kitchen worth it.


Lance was in the kitchen, helping Joey with the dishes. Chris was jumping up and down on the sofa. Justin was trying to find out how far he could go without JC waking up.

He had already found out that a sleeping JC wasn't ticklish.

Tugging at JC's hair didn't get him any reaction.

Licking JC's nose didn't wake the brunette up, either.

Nibbling his earlobe...

JC rolled over, trapping Justin's body under his own, got comfortable and went back to sleep.

What was that? Oh.

Justin grinned.

JC sure seemed to be having good dreams if the bulge in his pants was any indication.

The blonde blinked up at the ceiling, blew one of JC's strands of hair out of his face and decided that a little sleep couldn't hurt.


It was true that Lance, Justin and JC were perfect. Different, but perfect.

Justin was angelic in the way only little children were. Not that Justin was acting like a child, it was just the boyish charm, the innocence, the enthusiasm in everything he did that gave him the perfection of a six-year-old.

JC... If sex ever decided to become human, then it could look at JC to see how it had to be done. Because JC was sexy. In everything he did. JC just needed to exist, and it was enough. JC was sex in all it's glory.

And then, there was Lance.

Joey sighed a little, glancing at the blonde.

Lance was perfect.

So were JC and Justin, but Lance's perfection...

It was different.

Joey couldn't describe it.

Maybe that was what made Lance perfect. That it was impossible to describe him.

Because Lance was just Lance.

Nothing else. Just Lance.



"This carpet is not very comfortable."


"I think I have grooves engraved in my skin now."

"Sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to force you to spend the night on the floor in the living room."

"My back hurts."

"I'm sorry. Want me to massage it and make it all better?"


"No. Let's go search a bed. Or the couch. Something comfortable."

"I always liked your bed."

"Want me to give you a massage there? I give good massages."

"I know."

"Want me to give you one?"



"That means you'll have to get off of me."

"Oh." JC laughed sheepishly. "Sorry."


Joey came into the kitchen. "Why did JC sleep on top of Justin?"

Turning a page, Lance resumed reading the newspaper. "Probably because he has a crush on him."

"Why did Justin let JC sleep on top of him?"

"That's something I can't answer."

"How do you know JC's crushing on Justin?"

"I recognize a crush when I see it."

Lance didn't see Joey's lips twitch into a sarcastic smile.


"That's...oh,... Good..."

JC smiled, sliding a little higher on Justin's back in order to have better access to the blonde's shoulder area. "Told you I give good massages."

Justin made a sexy, gasping noise and JC's hands faltered for a moment before he caught himself.

"God, JC..."

JC wanted to make Justin sound like that while he came.

He wondered if Justin could feel his erection. Considering JC was straddling him, Justin probably could.

Well, he would feel ashamed of that later. Right now, he would just enjoy.


Chris, eyes wide, almost knocked the table over when he came running onto the kitchen. "JC is doing Justin."

Lance's chair fell over as the Mississippian jumped to his feet. "What?"

"They're in JC's room, and Justin is moaning and JC is saying that he has to relax more and stuff like that."

Joey was already half out of the door, yelling a "I have to hear this!" over his shoulder.

Chris and Lance followed.


By now, Justin was almost pushing himself into JC's touches, and the brunette couldn't help but wonder if Justin was that responsive in bed.

Okay, technically, they were in bed, but that wasn't what he was thinking about.

Because what JC was thinking about would require that Justin would get rid of more clothes than only his shirt.

Justin under him, naked, writhing, moaning like this...

It was a tempting image.


Joey watched Lance crooking his head to one side, listening to the sounds coming from JC's room. Maybe Lance looked eager or turned on?

Joey wanted to help him out.

Preferably immediately.

He wished he could be sure that Lance would like being kissed.


"Did you know that they think of us as perfect?"

JC, hands no longer able to fulfill their duties by now, had collapsed on Justin's back a few minutes ago. He raised his head at Justin's question. "Who?"

"Joey and Chris. I heard them talking one day. They think that you, Lance and me are perfect."

"They're insane." JC dropped a kiss on Justin's shoulder, and the younger man giggled in response, then grew serious again.

"I don't know. I mean, I'm not perfect, but Lance? Maybe. And you are perfect."

"I'm not.


"No. I'd agree with everyone who's saying that you're perfect, but me? How would I be perfect?"

"You're sex in all its glory. At least that's what Joey said."

"Sex... Oh." JC grew silent, keeping his lips pressed against the sensitive skin of Justin's back.

"You are, you know?"

"But I'm not. You are, maybe, but not me."


"You really think so?"

Justin rolled them over, getting comfortable on JC's chest before answering. "Yeah. Yeah, I think so."


"You're sexy. In everything you do." Justin shrugged.

JC kissed him.




"You're staring."

"Sorry." Joey smiled apologetically, but couldn't bring himself to keep his gaze away from Lance.

Sighing, the Mississippian closed his laptop and turned to face Joey. "What is it, Joe?"

The Italian shook his head. "Nothing."

"Then why are you staring at me."

Joey shrugged.

Lance sighed. "Will you give me any real answer anytime soon?"

Joey shrugged.

"Okay. Then not."

"I love you."

The Mississippian looked at him, raised a brow. "I love you, too, Joe. You know that. That's no reason to stare at me."

"I'm in love with you."


Justin blinked, gaze locking with JC. Blue eyes wide and questioning.

"JC? Was that just the typical Justin-is-the-baby-so-of-course-we-hug-and-touch-him-all-of-the-time sort of kiss, like you're kissing me on the cheek all of the time, except that it was on the mouth?"

JC kissed him again, prying Justin's lips open, thrusting his tongue in.

When he pulled back, both were gasping for air.

"That answer your question?"

Justin moved in for another deep, hungry kiss.


"I know. I thought you'd never say something."

Joey gaped at Lance. "You knew?"

"Told you I recognize a crush when I see it." Lance turned back to his laptop, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder that turned him around.

"Oh no. You're not just going to turn away from this. Isn't there anything you have to say to me now?"

"Like what?"

"Like, I don't know. To get lost or something like that."

"I don't want you to get lost, Joe."

"Then what do you want?"

Lance reached up, his hand brushing over Joey's lips. "You."

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