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Part of this work is based on the awesome RPG Vampire: The Masquerade owned by White Wolf

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This is fiction, not reality.............

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NOTE: To prevent mis-understandings and confusion let me explain this: I use italic letters to represent thoughts, "normal quoted" letters to represent speaking, and normal letters without (") to explain things as in:

Nick was exited thinking: Now Kev is suposed to be able to read minds. I wonder if i can test that. "Kevin can you try and read my mind and and tell me what I'm thinking?" Kevin is a queen, Kevin is a queen!!!...

"Sure, no problem Nick" Kevin responded and started to probe Nick's mind "NICOLAS!!!, you are the queen in this group!"

Can you see the use of the diferent type of writing?, I hope this little note helps to make you understand better the story, I know it's a silly example but well my brain is drained right now.


Last chapter:

Dear God, a monster did a massacre here. That man is killing another. Were are Kevin, Brian and AJ? "Stop!" Howie screamed, but when the blood covered man turned and he saw his red eyes and fangs, Howie's body acted before his mind could react and he fired four shots at the man.

Kevin just felt four impacts in his body and was thrown back, and to the floor, not before completely pulling out Marcus' heart.

"NOOOOO!!! KEVIN!!" Brian screamed at the top of his lungs.

And now chapter 3:

It all happened too fast, and yet it was like a slow motion. The shock in Howie's and Nick's eyes evident, but how could they have known that the fierce blood coated man was Kevin?, He looked totally ood and alien, bestial.

Brian was almost in an hysteric breakdown. All this was too much for him, for anyone, to cope in just a couple of hours. His body was sore because of the treatment of the now gone trio. Then anger polluted his blood and his mind. He felt as he was loosing his cousin 2 times in a row. He moved faster than anybody and reached Kevin's prone body, trying to get some life signal to make things better, get some hope. AJ ran after him and did the same, but Kevin's body was cold, lifeless, with no breathing, no pulse, and with four holes in his chest. Brian needed some release so he directed the anger to a target: Howie.

"You! YOU! killed my cousin" Brian's tone and body language were dangerous.

Howie was drained of all color, he felt heavy "K...Kevin?".

Before Brian could reach him, Howie let loose his grip on the weapon so it fell to the ground, but never touched the ground. It was has if some force suported it, Brian stopped angrier than before.

Son of a ... "Cain! CAIN! You son of ... you were here all this time?".

Howie and Nick were glued to the nearest square like two little balls, repeating like a mantra "oh Shit, oh shit".

From nowhere a tall shadow appeared, in a matter of seconds the shadow became Cain. Brian was beyond anger, making him forget that Cain wasn't a normal person. With all his fury Brian tried to punch Cain, who simply stopped the punch with a finger.

"Don't be a foul. Do you really think that you can hurt me, never the less with this simple punch?" Cain felt amused and offended.

"...!" Brian was speechles, in awe.

"Why did you let them hurt us?, Why did you let them hurt Kev? "AJ tried to be calm "We are just peons in your game right?".

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE?" Howie and Nick where already out of their shock, but in need of answers. Both seemed clueless. "AJ, B, please explain this mess" Howie begged.

"In a minute. First I want to know why he let Kevin die" Brian returned to a somber calm.

"Who said he is dead? In fact you can ask him to get up!" Cain walked in front of Kevin's body. He sat by his head and give him gentle slaps in the checks. "Kevin wake up, this is nothing for you. Come on. It was just a test of you character".

Kevin was conscious all the time, but the shock and fear prevent him for reacting or even trying to open his eyes. He thought that he was dead because in seconds he ceased to feel the pain of the bullets. In his mind that was proof that he had ceased to exist, for good this time. But the last words coming from Cain enraged him to the core, What? Just a TEST! Son of ... Kevin sat up in a quick motion, his eyes set on Cain.

"A TEST? HOW DARE YOU ..YOU PUT MY FRIENDS IN DANGER JUT TO..FEEL ...FEEL POWERFUL...OR WHAT?" Kevin's muscles where already tight, prepared for a fight, and his face contorted with rage.

The silence was deafening. Brian and AJ where already on the floor. The rage induced stupor already cooling off, and their bodies registering the pain of their bruises and broken bones. Howie and Nick were trying to understand everything, with the small information they had. Cain was calm as if were having coffee with his best friends. He stood up and walked to Brian and AJ, touched each one and, their pain ceased. The wonderment in both young faces registered instantly.

"They will survive, just give them time to heal. Of course my or your blood could accelerate that process." Cain turned to look at Kevin, his calm was disturbing.

Kevin's rage suddenly mixed with worry. "NO! They will not become like me. That's not an option. Dont you EVER suggest that. They will never become murde....rer..s ... like me" his voice becoming a whisper at the sudden realization that he had killed already "oh my God, I .. I killed three people. I'm a murderer!" Kevin returned to the floor and adopted a fetal position and sobs escaped from his mouth "I have blood all over me! I never wanted to kill anybody, but they where hurting them! God ...oh God".

TBC ....


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