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Last chapter:

Kevin's rage suddenly mixed with worry. "NO! They will not become like me. That's not an option. Dont you EVER suggest that. They will never become murde....rer..s ... like me" his voice becoming a whisper at the sudden realization that he had killed already "oh my God, I .. I killed three people. I'm a murderer!" Kevin returned to the floor and adopted a fetal position and sobs escaped from his mouth "I have blood all over me! I never wanted to kill anybody, but they where hurting them! God ...oh God".

And now chapter 4:

Cain understood Kevin's reaction, after all he haven't chosen a heartless killer, but he must make him understand that in some way they where already dead people and by the look of things they didn't care about life. But Cain didn't have the time to be patient and understanding, not even for Kevin, in no time the ruling prince in this city and all vampiric society will know that 3 of their own perished trying to get a hold of BSB. That would usually be an easy task. They would suspect and send more and stronger agents. Not to mention the other risk of being an undead, like the others supernatural creatures, specially werewolves a natural enemy of the kindred, a formidable and dangerous one to say the least.

And there where also the hunters, usually human beings with natural talents like mind powers, dedicated to erase the dark creatures from the face of earth. He needed a focused and controlled Kevin to train ASAP in martial arts, to be able to defend himself and the others, with or without weapon. As an added bonus it would bring him a more calm and focused state of body and mind to control his disciplines, his vampiric heritage, and the cursed blood running freely trough his body. It would give him the power to be compared to a demigod, making him the most perfect 'living' weapon on earth.

But in order to get this, Cain needed for Kevin to realize his full potential and all this dangers and treats that not only where there for him, but also for his loved ones. Most of the times humans and kindred acted so alike, both could be so machiavelian in order to get whatever they wanted. One of their biggest mottoes was 'the end justifies the means', so it was a given that they would try to get ahold of anyone dear to Kevin in order to control him, or worse, destroying him, and stealing his powers and soul.

In all his 'life' Cain had learned that kindness was a gift that could leave deep and lasting marks, but it was usually slow. It needed time and patience. A little coldness could bring people out of their shock ASAP, and then redirect the anger in constructive ways. But also could leave lasting imprints in a heart, and since most of the times heart's and minds didn't have good communication or contradict each other, it could make Kevin and all of them hate him. It would be a risk to take in order to bring the best in Kevin, and release his true potential for everyone's sake.

Also Cain was weighing the possibility of embracing or letting Kevin embrace the other four of them, but that could be dangerous too. For starters, Nick was too young and needed more maturing. AJ was more mature than nick but still young. Although he looked appealing, since most of the time he was concealing his true self. He was a performer, and his life was the stage in wish he performed 'the wild one' for the masses, showing his true colors only to few people.

Then there was Brian, who already possessed a good weapon against kindred, his 'true faith', embracing him would possibly strip him form that shield. It would be best for him to be trained in a way to channel that faith against the desired target, preventing harm to the 'good guys'. Last but not least there was Howie. The other one with strong faith, but not as strong as Brian's. Old and mature enough to be embraced, his demeanor suggested a pacifist, so he would try his best in diplomacy before engaging in a brawl or any more physical approach.

Or they could become Kevin's ghouls, infusing them with just a tiny part of the vampire power making them superior to normal humans, but not as good as a vampire. Giving them more endurance and stamina and some degree of healing factor and basic disciplines without the downsides of true vampires since they would be alive but ageless. Of course, to maintain that state they needed a scheduled basis of vampire blood. One way or another, Kevin and the others must make some choices. Being simple humans would present a danger for any of them. He and Kevin couldn't be omnipresent and be there for them any given time.

Sure mentally he could link with almost any living creature in the world, but that's it, not physically. Also he was able to posses another's body and mind, suppressing the guest conscience and replacing it with his own, taking full advantage of the guest abilities. Cain was so deep in his train of thoughts, when one of them suppressed all the others for an instant. 'How did Brian know my name?' I never told them, only Kevin knew! Could it be that Kevin unconsciously deposited that knowledge in him? If that was the case, then it would became imperative for Kevin to his mind powers because they could cause troubles if they went ballistic and out of control, not just for them but probably for a whole city, or even a whole state.

I must go, I'm a monster, a dangerous monster. A spawn from hell. I can't be near them. Why? why me? Kevin's sobs came in full force, but in a move ignited by fear, guilt, and shame, Kevin stood up and ran to the door leaving a set of screaming band mates in hot pursuit. Brian on his heels, but at the time Kevin crossed the door frame, he became a blur and disappeared in increasing speed leaving an empty dark corridor.

"Kevin stop, where are you?" Too late. Damn! Brian was frustrated, quickly reaching desperation, knowing full well that his cousin was suffering and also desperate and frightened.

When the other 3 reached him, they tried to get from him a direction, somewhere to start searching, but Brian just explained that Kevin just disappeared from his sight leaving him clueless of the possible location of Kevin, then Cain stepped in the discussion.

"Silence!, I must search for him, but need total silence. I need to open my senses to the sounds, and aromas of him, in order to track him. Am I clear?" Cain didn't let his authority leave. He was secure and commanded attention. Four heads nodded acknowledging his petition. Cain proceeded to enhance his already sensitive senses, immediately taking the smells of the four people in front of him, along with the sounds of every breath they took, then searching for the aroma of his child. He just had to remember the embrace to recognize the smell of his skin. He quickly picked his scent, but it was the sound of his muffled sobs, directing him to the source of the sounds, promptly followed by the other guys.

Kevin was cornered in a tight ball on one side of the laundry system, effectively shielding him from prying eyes, where can I go?, what can I do?, they must be scared of me, disgusted of what I become, but have not choice on it, why me?, why now?, I already have enough troubles, enough secrets. Suddenly he heard the voices of his friends and tried is best to became still and quiet.

"Kev, please where are you?" Brian tried.

"Come on man don't play games" AJ added.

"Silence!" Cain ordered.

"Could you at least say please?" Nick stated exasperated at the commanding mood of the stranger "We already have one like you, I'm not ready for other.

"NICK" Howie scolded.

"What?, It's true Kev al-" Nick was stooped in mid-sentence when a hand gripped him from his front and literally levitated him effortlessly. He came face to face with Cain.

"It seems like you speak English, but can't understand it, or I haven't been clear enough for you Nickolas?" the commanding speech along with the red glow in the tall Vampire made Nick suddenly mute, scared, drained of facial color. "I asked your silence mainly for two reasons. When I enhance my senses I become really sensitive to anything around me, like your very breathing, and because I need to focus on Kevin in order to find him. A task that I almost succeed before you choose to scream and whine". Resting him on safe ground I looked in everyone's eyes asking the same from all. Obviously the lack of light made them uncomfortable, but their eyes where adjusted enough to see my face. Then I resumed my quest. When the sobs became audible again, really near, and his smell filled my nostrils. We reached the laundry room and didn't spot him, but his whimpers gave him away, reaching the corner beside the machine was a man in turmoil.

"Kevin" Brian tried in a soothing voice, but let out a gasp of surprise when he made contact with his eyes.

"Don't touch me! get away from me I'm dangerous! I'm a spawn!" Kevin whispered in a heart breaking tone, catching all his friends off guard.

"Kevin, we know you'd never hurt us. On the contrary, you always tried to help us and protect us" Howie tried to calm his hurting friend, not knowing what else to say.

"NO!, I almost kill you, remember? When I saw you, I just could not contain the urge to jump on you, I tried so hard, but it was too damn strong and I was scared and alone. I felt so weak I couldn't fight it, and if Cain didn't stepped in and stoop me, ..." The defeated and scared reaction of Kevin moved Cain's heart, but at the same time coaxed him to take forward actions to stop this at once.

"Then why you didn't attacked your friends when you attacked the trio at your bedroom? You could easily take them, then and there, and leve them totally dry" Cain stated. Hoping to bring some common sense on them.

"That's true Train" AJ stepped in "you protected us, in fact you was scared and confused at first, giving them the time to put their paws on you. The moment you saw the way they attacked us, you became an unstoppable machine. You did everything necessary to protect us.

"Kevin, when you where overpowered by the first hunger and the beast inside you and you where too weak to fight it because you where a new born, a neonate, needing his first feed to recover, I stopped you on time and then fed you enough to give you the strength needed to fight and control your beast and your inner demons. When you drank from one of the vampires you recovered and magnified your blood resources. In the mean time you and your friends are safe from a sudden outburst. I'm here to stop any unexpected issue that could arise. That's why we need to start your training ASAP, to let you know your powers and weaknesses. Besides, I need you all to calm down and address you with an other issue..." Cain's commanding tone stopped and softened, letting down a little his image of heartless self-centered asshole "Kevin... all of you listen. Even when Kevin finish his training, he and I could not watch over all of you all the time, any time" he stopped in order to let it snick in their brains. That's when Kevin awakened from his state of pity and reacted with renewed conviction.

"No!, you are not saying that they need to be transformed like me...do you? I will not allow it. I already told you, that's out of question. If I have to become omnipresent in order to watch over them, then I will. " Kevin's conviction was welcomed by all, it matched the force in Cain's.

"But you can't my child. I can't. That's the way it is. Besides, I'm not suggesting that you or I embrace them. There are other ways to lend them some of our powers with out stealing the life out of them". Cain explained.

"Then why you didn't used those options on Kev?" Brian whispered, trying to understand why Cain had to take Kevin.

"Because Kevin was already dead. In a way, you see, those vampires where sent for him, and any of you. He would be the first one, and as you could feel first hand, they were not kind. They would play with him before taking him to their masters. I reached him just in time to prevent that. If I didn't embraced him, they would try until they succeeded or they killed him. It was just a question of time. Then they would come for all of you, and if Kevin where embraced by any of them, he would be under their power. At least this way I can give him most of his free will. Things are not that bad. As I was telling you, instead of becoming vampires you could become ghouls".

"Ghouls? What's that?, does it hurt?" Nick questioned.

"In general, it is a really pleasurable experience like the embrace, because the act of feeding has a mystic quality that lets the creature being sucked, receive and unexplained level of pleasure. Am I right Kevin?" Cain's question was meant to get a reaction from Kevin, and it succeeded.

Kevin's pale skin turned crimson, remembering the ecstasy he felt when Cain drink from him, but then he remembered the sudden pain at the end. "Yes, but just at first".

"Kevin, at the end of the embrace, you felt pain because you where dying. You where drained from all your blood. That's necessary in order to become a vampire. To become a ghoul, you just have to drink a little, and then let them drink from you. They don't loose much blood, and gain some abilities beyond their human status. They stay alive, are unaffected by sunlight, become ageless, and their stamina and healing factor escalate, not to mention that they can gain some vampiric power in a basic level. Some ghouls can be as powerful or more than some lesser vampires, without their inconvenience. To maintain that power they need to feed in a regular basis from vampire blood. It depends of the vampire you feed the power you can gain, so in your case, they can be powerful enough to outperform lesser vampires. That could mean that they could be less dependant of you Kevin. It's an option that you have to make in order to survive, because you will be hunted for your power, or just for vengeance. Most of them will not stop with moral issues. They will try anything to get to you. There are two main factions in the vampiric society, one still has ties with their human heritage, it's called camarilla a conjunction of vampire clans. They try to pass unnoticed by the human world, so they can do they things in secret. They try to mediate with humans since you are more than them, and had developed weapons capable of destroying all kind of life. They still remember the inquisition that destroyed many of them. They are not willing to repeat that mistake, to live in the open doing their will openly because of the ignorance of the people at that time. Now it's different. They are everywhere. They have people of their own in every level of the society, they have political, and economical power, but still they manage to live 'normal lives' in the eyes of humans. Then there are the others. Clan's of revels called Sabbath, the ones that only see humans as walking food bags. Do I need to say more? That's only about vampires. There are hunters, and other inhuman creatures that pose danger to you. Tomorrow we will start your training Kevin, and you all will give me the answer about your ghoul transformation. You need to sleep and regain your strength, and be focused. If not, you would suffer more than necessary on your training. Lets go it's almost dawn".

"How come that there weren't any patrols around, the destruction in Kevin's room and the shots could be enough to send a SWAT team here?" Howie asked.

"That's because no one heard anything" Cain answered full of confidence confusing the others.

"No way, it was too noisy for being not noticed by any on the neighborhood" AJ countered.

"Believe me, no one heard a thing because I put a sound force field that ensures that any sound in it's perimeter became muted to the outside. It comes handy sometimes" Cain retorted. "prepare yourself Kevin, because the training won't be pain free, and I would not stop to take pity on you. I will be watching the house just in case.

With that Cain walked away and disappeared, leaving them with their thoughts.


TBC ....


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