The Reformation

Chapter 1


If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. If  you couldn't accept themes in the likes of homosexuality, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. 

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys and a fictitious character, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys personally. I do know that Brian Littrell is married with Leighanne Wallace (rolls my eyes), so let's just assume that they didn't. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...



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It's official. I hate my life. Harsh as it sounds, it's the only thing I could muster. Well, actually I don't have any terminal ailments or something that would kill me. People don't hate me, I think. I have a steady job in an Internet cafe being a receptionist of some sort. But it's just too hateful in my eyes.

I live alone at the tender age of 23. I have no friends that I can call except one who lives miles away from me. Well, it's just because I'm not the convivial type and just an introvert by personality and by looks. Looks? Let's just say I'm not the apple of your eyes because I really look like a dork... literally. With these thick black-framed glasses that my mom gave me a couple of years back when we were in good terms because of my poor eye vision. And with this attire that Joan Rivers would die insulting. It just accentuates my geekness. Hateful isn't? 

Some might say that I can change it myself, right? 'Coz I do know that how I look sucks but money is something I don't want to waste in life. It's like I have to please someone. Like I said, I live alone. What's good enough to shield of the cold or heat, it's okay with me.

"Will you stop daydreaming and return to work!" I snapped from my state of self-pity from the venomous voice of my manager, Alfred Watson. He's a good guy really but when it's time for work... it's really time for work. 

"Yes, Mr. Watson." I said with my goofy smile that he hates the most. Alfred just turned away from me. I dunno why he was so bitchy at the time, there are only two clients today and they're so engrossed in the websites of some boyband of which I don't know and don't care. Well these two guys are actually cute. Wow, that's a thought.

I can still dream, right? Okay, I'm gay. Shoot me. It's not the end of the world for me if they do know that I am gay. We're in the new millennium. New minds work this society now... liberal minds. But of course I'm not a flamer or some sort. I guess normal is the appropriate term.

"Back to work or forget that you ever worked here!" shouted again by Alfred. He's getting on my nerves but what can I do? He pays me to pay my daily stuff. I have no support. It's just me against the world. Better get back to work or my job will be waving bye-bye to me as well like everything else in my life.

So I walked towards my counter shuffling some stuff there so that I would appear that I'm actually doing something within 'office hours' so to speak. It's actually unclear in what I do here. Alfred just said that I watch the cafe and entertain those who want to use the computers or just take the orders of those who want to buy something. I guess he's just being his old bossy self.

The chime of the door opened signaling that there was a person who entered or exited the room. The two cute guys are still there engrossed in the screen not even noticing the sound heard in the room. It prolly means that I have a new customer. Great.

I looked at the approaching guy. Cute. Wait, that's completely an understatement. Hmmm... striking. Well, I dunno. With the ball cap he's wearing and those dark shades, I can only see his nose and his smile.

The smile.

Wow, look at that smile. I can watch that smile for ages and never run tired of watching it. It's so... indescribable. It's just a sight that you have to see for yourself 'coz words can't describe it.

"Um, hello?" the guy said looking confused at my dreamy state. I quickly snapped at my trance to that smile in a little abrupt manner that made him chuckle.

"Good morning sir. What can I get you?" I said blushing with embarrassment with my slip off in emotions there. I can't blame him. The smile is just too damn irresistible.

"I just want a cup of coffee and a computer I can use." He said. Is that a voice or what? I think I just talked to an angel. His voice is just so soothing and serene that it could lift any burden that you're carrying when you hear it.

"Feel free to choose which computer you want to use sir. I'll just bring your coffee to you when it's ready." I said with a smile to cover my slip up earlier. He smiled back to me and walked towards the computer nearest to me. 'He smiled at me!' I want to scream, but for my sake, let's not.

I walked towards the counter behind me to get a cup for his coffee. I place it under the nozzle of the container of the coffee. I smelled the enticing aroma of the coffee. The same coffee that my angel would drink after a few minutes. I giggled. Wow, I'm giggling with just a simple thought. I'm becoming more pathetic by the minute with this guy here.

I approached my angel and placed the coffee beside the computer monitor. "If you need any assistance or anything. Just look for me. I'll just be there." I pointed at my 'station' and gave him my warmest smile. He returned a smile that could melt the polar icecaps and...

Those eyes. Those blue eyes.

Those eyes are like sapphires glowing. This guy is really something. I walked back to my station and just gazed at him from afar to not catch any attention or something. I wish he could be mine. A lover with those angelic features.

Minutes passed and he stood from the computer. He walked to my direction with the cup on his hand. He placed it on the counter. "How much is everything?" He asked. Again, that angelic voice.

"Um, it's $5." I said reluctantly. He pulled a $5 dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to me. I want to scream 'he touched me!' but for my sake again, let's not. "Thank you and please come back again." I said with an uncomfortable smile. Is it right that I'm drooling with this guy that's practically the first and last time I would see? I'm so embarrassed.

He walked out of the room leaving me with a stupid grin on my face. Talking about pathetic. Anyway, no one could ruin this day. It's the day I found my angel.

My day flew by and it's closing time already. Time really flies when you're in cloud 9. I walked towards the computer terminals to shut down everything and make sure that everything was indeed in order. Then, I stumbled into something black on top of one of the tables there. It was a cellular phone. Who owns this? 

I walked back to my 'station' and looked at the log. The last one who used it was a certain Brian Littrell. I really don't have any idea who this Brian guy was but I thought that it's best if the cellular phone was with me so I could return it to this guy if he wants it back. Well, that's the day for me.

Ring. Ring.

The phone is ringing. He probably noticed that this piece of contraption was missing. I took the phone from the counter and answered it.

"Hello?" I said in my most polite manner.

"This is the owner of the phone. May I ask who is this?" He said. Then it struck me... that voice. The same person who walked in this very room with those piercing blue eyes, melting smile and angelic voice. It's him! Excitement was rising in me but for my sake; let's not explode here with him on the other line.

"I'm the guy in the computer cafe. I just found it in one of the computer stations here. Apparently you left here." I said to him as calm as possible. Well, I really didn't want to embarrass myself. "When can you get this or do you want I'll bring it? Brian right?" I offered him.

"Brian it is! Thank God it's you who got it. Is it possible if you could bring it to me? I'm really tied down here and we have to leave soon as well." Brian said to me with a little pleading manner.

"When and where can I bring this to you Brian?" I asked him.

Brian gave me the name of the hotel he's staying. He's gonna be leaving tomorrow and he has no time to get out of his 'business'. "Anytime would be okay?" Brian chimed.

"Okay. I'll be there around..." I looked at my watch and it read that it's 7:30 pm already. "Is 10:00pm okay?" I asked him. What? I have to look good for him.

"That sounds fine for me. I'll be waiting for you... um..." Brian trailed off. Oh my God, we talked for a while and I haven't given my name to him. I feel so stupid.

"By the way it's Martin." I said to him. Good thing we were talking on the phone because I was so blushing like a tomato with embarrassment. "I'll see you then." I said to him. He bid his goodbyes to me and we hang up the phone. "Martin, you're so pathetic!" I said out loud and just shook my head.

I locked the front door of the cafe and drove away from my little hellhole. I drove for a while thinking of how I would carry myself when I'm with him. I passed by a clothes store. Clothes. I have to look good. I parked my car in a space and walked in the store. I looked for something that would shout me and I saw this blue button shirt. It was simple but it's really good. I paid the shirt with my debit card because I really don't want to carry money with me. 

Going home was as quick as the wind. Maybe my mind is just elsewhere. I walked inside my house and ran to my bedroom and stripped down to my boxers to take a bath. I walked towards the answering machine and it was blinking. Wow, a message. I played the message.

"Marty, Rich here. How's everything? We haven't talked for ages. And when I say ages... it's really, really a long, long time! Do you have a guy there in your bed? Hey guy! Please let my little Marty here talk to his bestest friend. Or you could talk to me and I want to share lots of lil things about our baby Martin here. Aah... ring me! I am demanding it *BEEP*...

Rich is the ONLY friend that I was talking about. One thing that still confuses me is why he's my friend. Not that I'm questioning his friendship, but we're just too different. I'm the introvert geek while he's the convivial jock-of-some-sort. We've been best friends forever. Okay, mental note... call him! But anyway, forget him for the moment; I have an angel to meet.

I rushed to the bathroom and started to do my business. After a while, I was fresh as ever. I took the shirt that I bought and wore it. I think I looked good with the shirt. I walked towards my closet and looked for a pair of pants that would look good with my shirt. I guess it would be just a pair of khaki pants would do. I don't want to raise any notion that I did dress up to meet a guy.

I looked at my watch and it read that it was 9pm already. Wow, time flew quicker that I expected. I locked my house and walked back to my car to go to my angel. I drove nervously towards the hotel that Brian directed me earlier. Wow, this hotel was exorbitant... and filled with people? Why they're lots of people, especially young girls screaming, I have no idea and don't care. I parked my car on the parking area and walked in the hotel. The people there are really polite with customers... I should rest here some time in the future.

I spotted the desk of the receptionist and walked towards there. I smiled at her and said, "I am expected by Brian Littrell." She just looked at me with no expression.

"What's your name?" She said in her expressionless manner. How rude.

"Martin. He knows me already." I said still in a polite way. I'm a polite person but step on my dignity and I'm not that polite anymore.

"For a while." She said to me. She picked up the phone and dialed a bunch of numbers. "Mr. Littrell?... There's a certain 'Martin' here wanting to see you... Okay sir." She talked with Brian with respect and warm, which she didn't show a hint of to me earlier. "He's in room 821." She told me with a smile.

"Thank you." I said to her and walked towards the elevator. The nervous feeling was really trying to get the best of me. I was feeling nauseous already with the thought that I would see Brian again. I really wanted to scream, but let's not. The last thing I need is to be dragged out of this hotel called crazy.

The elevator stopped on the floor Brian is in. As the door open, a big guy stopped my way, talk about intimidating. "Who are you and why are you here?" He said to me. I could piss in my pants at that moment with the fear crawling up my spine.

"I'm here to see Brian Littrell. I'm expected. The name is Martin." I said to him trying to hide my fear. He looked at me from head to toe and he nodded signaling me that I could continue my journey. Talking about relief, thank God.

I'm more nervous meeting Brian. I was stopped at the reception area because I was looking for him. Then, this big guy scrutinized me because I'm looking for Brian. This Brian is certainly a biggie. The next thing I know, I was in front of room 820 and my hand was knocking on the door. Weird, it didn't even register in my mind.

The door opened and peered my angel. Wow. This is the first time I saw him without any thing on his face like his shades and the cap. He is truly something that I could look at and never be satiated. He smiled at me and opened to door for me to enter and I did.

"Thank you for coming. I really don't know what I would do if that phone got lost or something. I'm surely in deep trouble." He said with a chuckle. I smiled at him warmly and handed him the mobile phone in my pocket. Brian took the phone and threw it on the sofa.

I stood there uncomfortably trying to think of something to say or do but there was none. "Do you want anything to eat or drink? It's on me for your trouble going here." He asked me.

"No thanks." I said to him shyly but my stomach decided that it's time for it to let its presence known. A grumble was heard that made Brian laugh and me blush. But after a few sec, I was laughing as well with Brian.

"I think that you're tummy tells a different story here." He said in between his fits of laughter. He walked towards the counter and handed me a menu. "Feel free to choose anything you want. It's on me. Wait, actually it's on management." He said laughing at himself. I just gave him a confused look not knowing what he's talking about with management and stuff.

I shrugged it off and just looked at the menu. "Join me please. I'm really feeling uncomfortable just eating something alone." I said to him. He just looked at me with a smile and he slumped down on the sofa. He motioned me to sit beside him and so I did. We shared the menu on my hand and soon after that we have made our orders. For me it was a pasta dish and for him, a chicken something.

Brian excused himself and stood up from where he was sitting. Brian walked towards the phone and placed our orders. After a few words, he returned back to his place beside me... closely. "Food will be for awhile so let's get to know each other first. All I know about you is that you're Martin." He said to me.

"And all I know is that you're Brian Littrell." I shot back. He smiled at me. "I guess we really need to get to know each other then." I said. That we did. We talked and talked about all stuff that we do. Where we were from. What are our dreams. Our fears. This is truly unusual for me because like I said I'm an introvert and not that open but when I'm with Brian, I feel like a different person.

"How about your family? You didn't say anything about them." Brian asked. Here it was, the big ones. I just sat there silently thinking if I should tell him my life story or not. My mind tells me that I shouldn't because this is a guy you've just met. My hearts says a different thing because the feeling when I'm with him was just comfort. "If you don't want to tell me, it's okay." Brian said prolly sensing my apprehension to tell him about it.

"No, it's okay. It's just me and my parents are really not in good terms." I tried to say it the least painful as possible. "We've lost in touch since I was 18 when I came out to them." I looked at Brian's eyes looking for any discomfort with my revelation, but there's none.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Brian said to me while giving me a pat at my shoulder and he stood up. He walked to the door. Oh my God. He doesn't want me. I was trying not to hyperventilate but I was losing the fight. He opened the door and a guy pushed in a cart of food. I must have not heard the knock at the door. I sighed a relief one.

Brian gave the guy a tip, a big one I think because of the big grin pasted on the guy's face when he walked out of the room and closed it as well. Brian walked to my direction with the food we ordered earlier. He gave me my pasta dish, which smelled so delicious. He took his and sat beside me again... closely.

"What do you do? You know I work in a computer cafe but I don't know what you do." I asked him while I ate. I chuckled a little when I saw the surprised look on his face. "What?" I inquired.

"I really don't get that much of a question these days." He said with a grin. "I'm in the entertainment business. I sing with a group for years now." Brian said with a little hint of sadness in his voice but I disregard that... for now.

"Oh I see. That's an interesting job you got there. So you must be really big to have those VIP treatments with the receptionist downstairs and the big guy by the elevator that almost made me piss in my pants." I said with a laugh remembering the face I had when I saw the guy.

"You really have no idea who I am?" He asked me. I just gave him a shrug and then next thing I know was something I didn't expect. "Thank you for that!" Brian said with a smile but it did leave me in confusion.

"Thank you for what?" I asked him trying to hide the laughter building in me with his sudden remark.

"Do you know the Backstreet Boys?" He asked me. I thought for a while who the Backstreet Boys were. Who are they? I then remembered one time when a bunch of girls entered the cafe screaming that Backstreet Boys are coming to town.

"They're a big singing group, right?" I said with hesitation that made Brian laugh. "What? That's the only thing I heard with the girls one time in the cafe. Other than that, I really have no idea." I said to him.

"I'm part of that big singing group." Brian said trying to suppress his laughter. "I'm sorry for that." Brian said when he regained his composure. Then, a knock interrupted us when we were about to start another conversation, which I really find to be very easy. "Who is it?" Brian shouted.

"Nick!" Someone shouted from the door. Brian sighed and walked to the door to open it and to let a young blond enter the room. The guy who is prolly Nick was a hottie. His blond hair almost covered his blue eyes that were beautiful but different with Brian's. Brian's eyes were calm and innocent but his has a little aggression in it. Nick caught me giving him the eye that made me so embarrassed that I blushed. Okay, I'm a 'blushy' person.

"You have a visitor?" the tall blond asked Brian.

"No, the guy sitting in the sofa is just a pigment of your wild imagination." Brian said overflowing with sarcasm in it. I chuckled with that remark that prolly made them gaze at me but I was just staring at my food at that moment to cover my reddening face. "Nick that's Martin, a friend I gained here. Martin, this is Nick from the group." Brian finally introduced as both. Wow, 'friend'. He considered me a friend.

"Nice to meet you." I said politely and gave him a warm smile. Nick just gave me a smirk that irritated me. He's the biggest ass I have ever seen.

"Where did you pick him up?" Nick asked Brian as he sat at the sofa far from me while Brian sat beside me again. Where did he pick me up? I was really so close in losing my temper. Brian gave him a stare that could melt the icecaps but Nick didn't budge.

"I met him in the computer cafe earlier. I left me phone there and he was kind enough to bring it to me. You know I can't get out of this dump." Brian said. Brian secretly reached for my hand and gave it a comforting squeeze that really made me feel better.

"Oh okay." Nick said nonchalantly.

"What are you doing here?" Brian asked coldly. I got the hint that it won't be good so I excused myself from the two and walked towards the bathroom to take a leak. I closed the door but I can't help hearing the two in their heated conversation. "You're really a prick!" Brian said.

"Brian, you just met the guy who you don't know. He could be one of those who wants to be with you for your money." Nick defended himself. So that's why he's hostile with me.

"Nick, he's not that type and you know it. You're just being your fucking self again." Brian said with clenched teeth. I can sense the anger in Brian's voice that made me both scared and happy. Brian is there defending me but that's the side of Brian I don't want to meet, ever. I think it's my signal to walk out of this room to cool them down.

"Yeah right Brian! That's what you said with that Larry a few months back and what did he did to you? All you know he's prolly taking one of your underwear and sell it to EBay or something." Nick shot back. I walked back to the room and the two were still talking with each other not noticing that I was there already hearing their exchange of unpleasant words. Now that does it!

"Martin is different Nick." Brian said. Nick just rolled his eyes with Brian's words that made me more furious.

"If you find it a problem that I'm here then just say so. I'm not the type of a person you fucking piece of shit! I respected you as a person and that's was I was hoping you give me asshole!" I said breaking their conversation. I walked towards the door feeling angrier than ever. "By the way, thank you for the meal and the time Brian. Good look with your group. Bye." I said politely at Brian and closed the door behind me.

Once I was in front of the elevator, I sighed trying to ease the anger that was building inside me. Wow, did I just do that? I can't believe my mouth said those words. The elevator door opened but I heard Brian calling my name. I looked at him and he rushed towards me. 

"Sorry for what Nick did. He's just a prick sometimes but he's actually a nice person. Let's just say I have a history of picking wrong friends." Brian said to me.

"It's okay. I'm so sorry for saying those awful words. I don't know that I have that in me." I said with a chuckle.

"I was shocked as well but don't feel sorry for what you did because he deserved it. He's becoming a bag of hot air anyway. Maybe that will pull him down from his high." Brian said.

"I really do need to go. It's 12 already and I have work tomorrow." I said sadly to him.

"Do you have to?" Brian pouted. I looked at those sad puppy eyes he was giving me. "Please stay. I really want to be Brian the person for a while not Brian the Backstreet Boy. You can sleep here if you want. Please." Brian pleaded.

"How can you say 'no' with that face." I said with a laugh and Brian just made a victory dance that made me laugh harder. "Stop it!" I said. Then, Nick walked out of his room and he gave me a very hostile look that made me stop from laughing.

"I guess he got you." Nick said to Brian as he walked away to go to his room. Before we could say a word, Nick slammed his door shut that could be heard miles away. Three doors opened after that and three peeking faces rose from the door.

"What was that?" A longhaired guy asked who appeared to be sleeping already.

"Nick and his moods." Brian sighed. The others moaned upon hearing that. This must not be the first time that it happened.

"Who's your friend?" A guy with a pair of shades asked.

"This is my friend Martin. That's Kevin." Brian pointed at the guy with the long hair with a beard. "That's Howie." Brian pointed at the guy with the longhaired Latino. "And that's AJ." Brian pointed at the guy with the shades. "Those are the other guys in the group." Brian said.

"Good evening guys. I'm glad to meet you." I said politely. They just grumbled some hi's and closed their doors shut.

"Sleep is really something that we treasure here. We tend to be very grumpy when our sleep is disturbed... especially Nick." Brian laughed. I laughed as well with his words. I think I should take note of that in future reference. Once we stopped our laughing, Brian held my hand and pulled me to his room. "So you can't escape." Brian said with a grin.

We returned to his room and back to the sofa to talk more. "Tell me about being a..." I thought hard for their name. "Backstreet Boy?" I asked him.

"Being a Backstreet Boy is sometimes cool and sometimes not. We get to travel a lot and meet new people but that hinders us from being with our family. We get lots of fans out there but they sometimes get out of hand and invade our privacy, which I am not pleased of. My private life is for me alone but they keep looking for information about us." Brian sighed out his frustrations. "You don't get to have real friends while on the road. You're alone out there trying to give them the smile they are awaiting for, or the songs they loved to hear. Even if you don't feel like it, you must do it because like they always say, the show must go on." Brian added.

"I really didn't know that popularity could do that to a person." I said to him trying to comfort him but I really didn't know how. "Thank God I didn't accept the offer a few years back." I whispered to myself that made Brian look at me quizzically. "Nothing." I defended immediately.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" He asked me. Wow, blunt and straight to the point.

"Nope. Like I said, I'm extremely shy and I really don't have lots of friends out there." I said to him. "How about you? Any relationships?" I asked him trying to squeeze out the answer I was hoping for. Please none, please make him single. Wait, is he gay?

"Me? No boyfriends." Brian said that made me snapped my head to his direction. At first, he looked at me with confusion but it changed to a shocked one. I think he noticed that he slipped out there. Brian is gay? Brian is gay. Brian is gay!

"I think my secret is out." Brian said with watery eyes. I dunno why he was acting such but I'm with him with the moment, I have to comfort him.

"Not to worry. Your secret is safe with me." I said while giving him a comforting embrace. Sobs escaped his mouth. He was crying at my shoulder. I kept telling him it was okay but he kept on going, and going, and going like the Energizer bunny.

"It's not it. I know that I can trust you. It's just... it's the first time I ever admitted it and I'm scared shitless." He confessed to me while still wrapped around looking for comfort.

"The first time is always difficult. First, you have to come into terms with the truth. You should admit who you really are." I said to him. Brian broke the embrace and wiped away the tears that flowed out of his eyes.

"I... I'm gay." Brian croaked out but it was clear enough for me. I gave him a nod.

"Is that hard? Oops... no pun intended." I tried to lighten up the mood. He just gave me a weak smile that changed to a full laugh.

Once he was settled, he looked at me intently to the eye. It was like he was searching something in me which I have no idea of what. "Thank you." He said as his face closed in to mine. Brian's eyes closed as he neared my face. I waited for the coming moment... our lips met for the first time.

At first, it was like your lips is just pressed with something but our mouths opened and we welcomed each other's tongues. It was like home for me. Something that was void for a long time was filling up quick. I dunno how long we kissed but I know that the passion was becoming hotter and hotter and it could lead to something I would regret. I broke the kiss.

Brian looked at me and it dawned to him of what he did. The next thing I knew he was saying sorry a lot of times and rushed to the bathroom. I laid there stunned at first but Brian should know what I really feel. I stood up and tried to open the door; it was locked. "Brian?" I knocked at the door.

"I'm so sorry Martin. I shouldn't have done that. You should prolly hate me for that." Brian cried in the bathroom.

"No Brian, I don't hate you and don't ever be sorry to something wonderful that has happened. To tell you the truth, from the first time I saw you. Equipped with the dark shades and that ball cap, I was mesmerized with you. I felt that I was on cloud 9 and I realized why I felt like that. You know why I felt that?" I asked at the closed door hoping that Brian would hear. There was no response. "I realized that I love you." I continued as tears began to flow down from my eyes. I removed my glasses and placed it in my pocket to not wet it or something. 

The door slowly opened and Brian's face peeked out of the bathroom. He looked at me searching if what I confessed was true but all I know that the guy in front of me was someone I love. "I love you too." Brian whispered to me as he walked out of the room and gave me a loving embrace, which was different from earlier because it was filled with love.

With the kiss, a thought kept lingering in my mind. Why? I couldn't think of anything that made him love me. Brian loves me? Everything is so unbelievable. Brian prolly noticed that I have other thoughts running in my mind because he looked at me quizzically. "Brian, why?" I asked.

"Why what?" Brian questioned back.

"What's with me? I'm ugly, pathetic and a geek. I don't get why you wanna be with me." I said sadly. Was he just using me to get a quick fuck? Is this true?

"Martin, don't ever say that. You're one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. You are not pathetic. You are an amazing person. You're the one who makes my heart beat faster. You're the one that makes my knees weak. You're the one that gives me butterflies in the stomach. You're the one that made me love a beautiful person." Brian stroked my cheek trying to wipe away the tears.

"But you know that we can't keep this. You're on tour and I'm stuck in my hellhole in the cafe. Long distance relationships never work." I said. Being a pessimistic is one of other bad things in me. Always see the negative stuff and forget the positive ones. 

"It will. We can do this." Brian said eagerly. "It's late, let's rest for the day and let's do this day by day. Step by step." Brian said as he motioned me to the bedroom. Once we reached the bedroom, Brian started removing his clothes. I followed his lead and stripped down to my boxers. Once I pulled out my pants, he was staring at me.

"You're so beautiful." That's the only words that came out of his words as he ushered me to lie beside him. It was pitch black but I know he's there beside me. His body heat making me warm, his hands stroking my hair, and his love making me love him more. After a while, I drifted off to a dreamless sleep beside my angel, Brian.

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