t h e R E F O R M A T I O N

Chapter 7


If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. If  you couldn't accept themes in the likes of homosexuality, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. 

Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or it's not true!!! Even if this story involved the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and a fictitious character, all that happens here is fictional... again, it's not true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far as the world knows, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC personally. I do know that Brian Littrell is married with Leighanne Wallace (rolls my eyes), and Justin Timberlake is attached to Britney Spears so let's just assume that they didn't. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...


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Justin and I totally just clicked together. It was like we were made for each other but I'm not sure if that's in an erotic or platonic way. But I think it's platonic. True that we have some differences but do you get the feeling that when you're with somebody, you're comfortable being with him and not feel any discomfort. That's the exact feeling that I was having. It was same as when I'm with... Brian.

"You know, you're totally different from the Marty I know in the net. You seemed to be more outgoing coz I pictured you to be someone who is introvert or something like that." Justin said as he was driving along the highway to God knows where. We decided to let fate decide where we would go so if we think that it's the place, then it's the place.

"I was. Boyfriend changed my mind." I said that left poor Justin in confusion. "It's a very very long story and we agreed that no boyfriends remember." I said to him sternly and he left it there. After a few more laughs and stories, we arrived to a place that seemed to be a karaoke bar. Karaoke! I love those. "C'mon! Show me your moves there." I said to him as we pulled over to a parking space. I get to hear Justin sing.

We entered the little bar and there were only a few patrons staying there. Thank God, no mob. I'm so tired of those mobs screaming when they see a pop star. Well, I guess seeing them everyday and having an intimate relationship with one of them removes the magic in seeing them. We picked a chair near the stage and we ordered a few drinks to warm us up. It's been ages since I have sung so I was so excited to sing.

"You go ahead, Mr. Pop Star." I said to him giving him a bow similar to those one gives to royalty. Justin just held his head high like a real royal. We were laughing afterwards. 

"What am I gonna sing? Any requests?" Justin asked me. I have no idea what their music was actually? I've just started to explore the magical world of MTV. Wait, he's the Pop guy! So, that's their group. Hmmm... what if? Sure, what the heck.

"How about More than That?" I asked him seriously. Well, I was serious at that moment. Justin looked at me filled with disgust. I dunno if that's real or just a joke but still, he did choose the song. Are they really rivals or what? I have to ask that later on.

I can see that you've been crying
You can't hide it with a lie
What's the use in you denying
That what you have is wrong
I heard him promise you forever
But forever's come and gone
Baby, he would say whatever
It takes to keep you blind
To the truth between the lines, oh...

I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby, listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

Baby, you deserve much better
What's the use in holding on
Don't you see it's now or never
'Cause I just can't be friends
Baby knowing in the end, that..

I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby, listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

There's not a day that passes by
I don't wonder why we haven't tried
It's not too late to change your mind
So take my hand, don't say goodbye

I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby, listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

The few patrons there were applauding with Justin's little performance of a Backstreet Boys' song. "Wow, you're amazing!" I said to him. Justin just gives me a grin and a look that screams 'I told you so'.

"Now, it's your turn." Justin said smugly. I sat there waiting for what song he's gonna pick for me whatever it is. After a few more seconds, a mischievous grin appeared on his face. "You've heard of Gone?" Justin asked me. Gone? Where did I hear that? I think it's one of their songs but I have no idea about that.

"Sorry Justin. No idea. I just learned a few hours ago that there's a band called NSYNC remember?" I said to him sarcastically. Well, it was true. Maybe I heard a band called NSYNC but what do I care about it, right? "How 'bout Alicia Keys' Fallin?" I suggested. That song is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. I know it was quite a difficult song but I have sung it already in the past. Justin looked at me with surprise and then agreed. He must be thinking that I can't pull it off. Yeah right.

I keep on fallin'
In and out of love with you

Sometimes I love ya
Sometimes u make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used
Lovin you darlin'
Makes me so confused

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you

Oh, oh ,
I never felt this way
How do you give me so much pleasure
And cause me so much pain
Just when I think
I've taken more than would a fool
I start fallin' back in love with you

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you

Oh baby
I, I, I, I'm fallin'
I, I, I, I'm fallin'

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you

I'm fallin'
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you

I'm fallin'
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
The way that I love you

After I finished my little rendition of Fallin', I noticed that the people were all applauding as well and a look of shock in Justin's face. I walked to our table and gave him a nudge and the same look he gave me earlier. "I can't believe that." Justin said in awe.

"Believe it." I said to him and laughed at his pathetic expression. We did a couple more songs separately and together and I couldn't believe how our voices blended together in one perfect harmony. This was unbelievable. After a few more songs and a few more drinks, we decided to leave. The patrons didn't want us to leave yet, but come on! We are tired. I was sporting a little buzz and I think Justin was a little tipsy as well. I hope we get home in one piece.

The drive in the car was still filled with laughter and stories. We just didn't care about our problems at that point. Everything was shunned from our little world and only happiness existed there. Once we reached Justin's home, Justin rushed to his answering machine to check his messages and there was one and I heard it clear and all.

"Hey Justin. It's Josh. Well, I've been thinking a lot and I think that we should just remain as friends. I know this is hard for you but this is also hard for me. I hope we remain friends and everything. Always remember that you'll have a special place in my heart."

Justin didn't speak for a while. I just stared at him looking at the answering machine. I have no idea what is going on his mind, but I think it was pure devastation. Who wouldn't? Your boyfriend who you love just breaks up with you. That's definitely a painful jab in the gut. I approached him carefully with a little hesitation going on in my mind. It was a debate if I should leave him at be or comfort him. My nosy self won.

"Justin? C'mon, let's get you upstairs and we'll just deal with this tomorrow." I said to Justin who didn't reply. It was like he heard nothing and felt nothing. I motioned him to his room and once inside I arranged the bed he'll be lying and stripped him down to his underwear. "Are you gonna be okay?" I asked him as I put the covers unto him. When I looked at his face, the stoicism was gone but a depressed one showed up. I sighed and started to walk away to my own room. 

"Marty, please stay with me. I need someone right now." Justin croaked. My heart totally melted with the pure sadness that was evident in his voice. The cheerful Justin that I met earlier was gone.

"Sure Justin." I said to him. I closed the door of his room and stripped down to my boxers as well. I lay down in the bed and Justin shifted closer to me. I could hear his sob escaping his mouth. I know he was trying to muffle it but it was impossible due to the heavy emotions he must be feeling. I spooned him closer to me and after a while, the sobs were gone and Justin was asleep. I was soon asleep as well.

The suns' rays were pouring on my face and when I opened my eyes, Justin was still lying in my embrace. The feeling is just so amazing and I think that I won't get tired of it. It just makes sure that I'm protected from the world and everything. I just wish that it were Brian. 

I carefully slid off the bed to not wake up Justin but I doubt he'll wake up. He just looks so peaceful. I went downstairs and started fixing breakfast for the both of us. Yes, I can cook. I've been living alone for 5 years and I learned a few things through those years. The phone began to ring. Am I gonna answer that or not? Again, my nosy self got over me and answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said to the phone politely.

"This is Justin's house right?" A man answered me.

"Yeah it is but he's sleeping right now. Do you have a message?" I asked.

"Tell him that Josh called." Josh said to me. Ooh, Josh, josh. As in, Justin's boyfriend... or ex-boyfriend. Whatever. I noticed that there was a change in Josh's tone. I thought he broke up with him last night but why could I feel a tinge of jealousy in Josh's voice. 

"Sure thing. And Josh, for the record, I'm here as Justin's friend only." I stated to him. Well, I still think that they are so meant for each other. I could still remember how Justin describes their special moments with me. It was surely heaven. Actually, that made me so envious of him. Josh didn't answer my last words and just decided to end the call after I bid him goodbye. 

I walked to Justin's room to wake him up and finally have breakfast. I peered into Justin's room and found Justin still tangled in his sheets asleep. I nudged him once. No answer. I nudged him again. Still, no answer. "Justin, wake up." I said to him. Again, no answer. He really sleeps like a log. My mischievous part began to think of how to wake Justin up. How about the Brian-wake-up-call? I rolled him off the bed and he's awake.

"Why did you that?" Justin asked with a trace of irritation in his voice as he tried to sit up.

"Well, I've been trying to wake you up but you're not waking up. Breakfast downstairs." I said to him as I started to walk away. "Why are pop stars so hard to wake up?" I mumbled to myself. Well, it's true.

"You cook good food. Can I keep you?" Justin asked me as he stuffed his mouth with more French toast. How can I possibly eat watching him pig himself out?

"No you can't." I said to him as I tried to ignore his gross eating. I was definitely having fun here but I can't understand why I was worrying that much. Is it Brian? Do I call him? "Do you think that I should call my boyfriend?" I asked Justin.

"Why not. I know you're worried like hell and he's prolly worried with you too coz you haven't called anyone since you arrive here. You can use the phone here." Justin said to me. That makes sense. I walked to his phone and dialed Kevin's number.

After a few rings, Kevin answered groggily. Oops, I forgot about the time zones. "Sorry to wake you up Kev. But I just wanna check on you guys." I said to Kevin.

"Thank God Martin! We've been trying to call you for how long." Kevin said. Oops, I forgot about my phone in my bag. Wait, why on earth did they want to call me? Oh my God.

"Is it about Brian? What happened?" I asked filled with concern. If something would happen to Brian, I can't forgive myself ever. 

"He's been drinking again and we can't stop him. Alcohol is bad for him because of his heart and you're the only one who can stop him. Please talk to him or forgive any stupid thing that my cousin ever did." Kevin pleaded with me. This is big time and I have no idea Brian had a heart disorder.

"Okay. I'll call him now." I said to Kevin and called Brian's number. There was no answer. Shit. I'm gonna lose my mind now. I tried to call Brian's phone again and still no answer. This is scary. I dialed Kevin's number and asked him why Brian wasn't answering his phone.

"I'll see." Kevin said as I heard him knock on Brian's door. "Open up. Martin wants to talk to you." I could hear Kevin say. After a while I heard the door open. "Martin, here's Brian." Kevin said to me.

"Brian?" I said on the phone. At first there was no answer. My heart was pounding like crazy. What on earth is happening with Brian? "Brian, are you there? Please talk to me." I said on the phone. I was just answered with faint sobs.

"I'm sorry." Brian said softly. "I just can't afford to lie anymore." Brian continued. What on earth is Brian talking about? Wait, this started with the interview. I hate reporters.

"Bri, I don't mind that you have to hide me. When I chose to be your lover, I know all the stuff that's included in it. And I accept all of it because I love you Brian. I'll give my life for you if it's needed." I said to Brian with full sincerity. Brian just continued to weep on the phone.

"I don't know why I deserve you Martin. You're too perfect for me." Brian voiced out through his cries. Me perfect? Please.

"No Brian. I'm not perfect and so are you. Always remember that I love you for what you are." I said to him as tears began to fill my eyes. I felt that someone was watching me and there was. Justin approached me and gave me a hug. "As soon as I can come back, I'll be there, okay? Don't give problems to the others." I said to him with tears cascading down. 

"Okay, Marty. I love you." Brian said lovingly and we ended our conversation. I wiped away the tears that flowed down from my eyes. I looked at Justin who looked like he was worried or something, but I think it's worry.

"I'm okay now." I said to him with a smile. It was like a burden was lifted from my back. No more couple problems. Thank God.

"So, your boyfriend is Brian." Justin said with a grin. Uh-oh. I am in big trouble. "Don't worry. I'm not saying anything. Even if they are the competition and everything." Justin said nonchalantly.

"You really don't like them?" I asked Justin. Justin didn't answer me for a while like he's searching for an answer. "Don't worry. I won't get mad if you don't like them." I reassured Justin.

"It's not that I don't like them. I actually like them and their music. We are in the same record label." Justin started but I could sense that there is big but afterwards. "But, I'm really not comfortable around them coz of the stuff they said about us and everything." I was right. There was but I have no damn idea what on earth he was talking about.

"They said bad things about you?" I asked curiously. That was so out of character of the guys. Justin just nodded. I'll certainly have a word with them. "Changing the subject, I think I have to go back on tour." I said with a sigh. The face of Justin just spelled out sadness.

"Do you have to?" Justin asked me.

"I have a job there. I haven't started anything yet but if you want, join me." I said to him. He looked shocked. "What? Okay, you're gonna go to the Backstreet Boys' tour. So what? You're gonna go there coz of me not them and I think a change of scenery and people will do you good." I supported my offer. Well, I really don't want to leave Justin at this state. God knows what he'll do when he's alone especially now that Joshua broke up with him.

"Okay but if they started to bash me or anything. I'm out of there." Justin said. I think he knows that it won't happen coz they will really have a big piece of my mind. I agreed.

"Start packing. I'll call the airlines if they have tickets." I said to him. Justin nodded and raced to go upstairs. "And don't forget to tell your friends that you're leaving!" I hollered and took the phone to reserve our tickets.

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